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The building is located in Oporto next to the inner ring road

between the Avenida da Boavista and Campo Alegre.

The project was designed by architect Adalberto Dias and
consists of two buildings with two basements, ground floor
and 7 upper floors. The basements and the ground floor are
common to both buildings.
The structure is formed by elements of reinforced concrete,
consisting of columns, beams, slabs and walls. All structural
elements are in fair-faced white concrete.
Due to its architectural design, the vertical access core was
located outside the buildings, making the connection at each
floor by a walkway. For this reason was decided to detach
it from the buildings given the eccentricity. Other structural
elements, mainly walls, ensure an effective bracing of the
This bracing solution was not able to provide a symmetrical
distribution of stiffness so a three-dimensional analysis was
necessary to assess the buildings performance. This analysis
was needed as well for seismic actions.
The floors are two-way waffle slabs. Thicknesses range from
31 cm and 46 cm. The walls are made of reinforced white
concrete with a thickness of 0.25 m. Because the fair-faced
white concrete, particular attention was paid to the control
of cracking caused either by intrinsic deformations or by
external actions.