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‘CMS Bus Drivers Meeting Agenda August 24,2017 © Introductions/Breakfast ‘© Bus Driver Expectations ° Arrive by 7:15 am daily Create assigned seats and require that students sit in them daily (Ex. Younger students In the front and older students in the back OR girls on one side and boys on the other side} Review student expectations with bus riders, Practice emergency drills with students, Distribute and collect the Student Bus Forms from each student and return them to Mr. Saunders, Be on you bus when the students are dismissed, if you need to use the restroom walk around to the side of the € Building and ring the bell. Do not knock on the door. Wear your badge when entering the building. Pay close attention to Ms. Emanuel when buses are leaving campus. Please come straight out of your row. Please don’t cross into other lanes unless directed to do so by flags. Please don’t return to a school unless itis a safety issue!!! Students are not to be taken off of buses without due process. ‘* Student Expectations ° Follow the instructions of the bus driver. Sit in your assigned seat. Do not throw objects inside or outside of the bus. Do not open the emergency door, Get on and off of the bus at your approved stop. ‘No food, drinks, weapons, or drugs are allowed. © Bus Referrals ° After you have reviewed student expectations with bus riders and they refuse to comply, submit a bus referral to the transportation office, The bus referrals are sent to me daily via email ‘When using a bus referral, be sure to include the name, grade level, a detailed description of the student behavior and your response to student behavior. Be sure to write for each student involved and do not include another student's name on the referral, Review the referral before submitting it and check for grammar/spelling errors. State only the facts about the student behaviors (keep personal feclings off of the referral). Please note that students will not be removed from the bus immediately. An administrator must talk to the child and thelr parent/guardian first We will give you 2 copy of the referral after disciplinary action has taken place.