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( call or data).
Handover the process / Handoff:

Handover the process / handoff is most popular term in cellular communications. He refers to the transfer of a mobile phone from
cell to cell without separate audio call or data. This happens when the mobile device is moving in a vehicle and contact use
cellular wireless both contact (call or data).

Causal factors for handover / Handoff In Wireless System:

1. Signal Strength.
Signal strength.
2. Fast move the device in the vehicle.
Speed of the device/mobile.
3. Weak signal in the BTS related device and power in the neighbouring BTS.
weaker signal from serving Base station and strong signals from neighbour base station.
4. Error.
Bit error rate.
5. Overlap of adjacent channels.
Interference from adjacent channels.

Types of handover / handoff in terms of channels:

1. Delivery in same bts one channel to another.

2. Extradition process bts to other BTS (BSC) within.

3. Delivery of BSC TO BSC MSC (among others).

How do the handover / Handoff:

When the signal received from the base station below the threshold required nor support appropriate radio frequency to hand ber
or EB / no.. then be sent a letter from the base station to report on the level of phone signal strength to begin the process of
delivery To another cell.

Basic types to handover the / Handoff:

There are two main types of delivery process:

1. Hard Handover/Handoff.
2. Soft Handover/Handoff.

- the hard handover / handoff.. separates from the network (Channel) relating thereto (BTS / BSC) before contact network
(Channel) new goal (BTS / BSC).
(break before make)..

- the soft handover / handoff.. stay contact channel (BTS / BSC) while continuing to contact the new channel (BTS / BSC).
This is the type used in cellular network not facing any glitch in communication, and will continue to receive better service.
(break after make)..

- Soft handoff /handover >>> CDMA.
- Hard handoff /handover >>> TDMA.