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Free electricity water pump

Objective : to build a water ram water pump using simple parts with no electricity and no

Theory : Ram pump works with the basic working principle - the gained momentum of the
flowing water due to gravity and the flapping of the two valves.

Apparatus : 2-ball valve, 2-swing check valve, 1-spool, 8-male thread adaptor, 2-cap, 1-90o elbow,
2-straight tee, PVC glue

Working principle : The key is the waste valve. This valve is open before the flow starts. Water runs
downhill through a long pipe and out the waste valve, picking up speed. The valve is a check valve
oriented so that the flow of water tends to close it. Once it closes just a little, it catches the water
much more which suddenly slams it shut. Now all that running water behind it has no where to go, so
pressure increases immensely. It increases so much that it opens the other check valve, which has
been held closed until now by the pressure in the pressure chamber (or the weight of the water going
uphill if you have no pressure chamber), allowing the pressure to push more water to the output. But
the pressure pulse is momentary, pressure drops, the upper check valve closes to prevent backflow,
and the waste check valve opens by gravity or a weak spring. Now water can run downhill to waste
again. As it picks up speed the waste valve closes again, and cycle repeats.

Mechanism of free electricity water pump/water ram