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Checklist for Access Control System Installation

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A. Pre Installation checks

1 Building door location according to the design. Visual check
2 All Access control items available Visual check
3 Lock type according to the design. Visual check
4 Door Type according to the design Visual check
Door Lock installed on the protected side of the door (inside building /
5 Visual check
6 Camera installed in the correct location and facing the door. Visual check
7 All items installed solidly on the wall / door frame. Visual check
8 All pipes / cable tray / tracks are installed straight Visual check
9 All holes are sealed with mastic / paint if required. Visual check
10 Box mounted to the wall/above false ceiling Visual check
11 All screws in the control box. Visual check
12 All cables are present in the box as per the design Visual check
13 Visually check box external labels.
B. After Installation Checks
1 Power cable enters the left side of the box. Visual check
2 Communication cable enters the right side of the box. Visual check
3 All cables glands tighten the cables. Visual check
4 All screws in the control box are tightly secured. Visual check
5 Visually check for the labels on controller and cables. Visual check
6 Correct Gland for Cable/IP rating & Earthing Visual check
7 Unused glands sealed with plug. Visual check
8 There is no crossing between the cables. Visual check
9 Power cable feed Visual check
10 Communication cable feed Visual check
11 Cable to card reader Visual check
12 Cable to bio reader Visual check
13 Cable to Door lock Visual check
14 Cable to break glass Visual check
15 Cable to push Button Visual check
16 All copper cable power / control terminated with pin legs. Visual check
C. Access Control Test
1 Bio reader.
2 Card Reader
3 Push Button.
4 Door Lock.
5 Push button.
D. Document and Reports
1 Wiring drawing document inside the box. Visual check
2 This Report. Visual check

General Remarks:

Declaration: “I hereby confirm that the above checklist has been completed with the attached approved drawings and specifications. I also confirm that I am fully
qualified to perform the above tasks.”
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