LONG QUIZ IN THEO 4A SACRED SCRIPTURES Name: ____________________________________ Date: _______________________ Score

A. Multiple Choices (on Samson): 10x2 = 20 pts. 1. The Birth of Samson was announced by an angel of the Lord to his Mother. His story is similar to that of ________________ which can be found in Luke 1: 5 ² 25. a. John of Damascus b. John the Baptist c. John the Author of the Gospel 2. Samson was to be consecrated as a Nazirite, which obliges him to abstain from drinking _______ or having his _______ cut. a. Beer, limbs b. Beer, head c. Wine, hair 3. His serious encounter with the Philistines happened after his wedding with a Philistine woman in Timnah a. True b. False 4. The riddle that Samson told to the Philistines was about the _____ and the ______. a. Bees, Lion b. The bees, Honey c. Honey, Lion 5. Samson·s strength comes from God, but only when his _____________. a. «eyes are not blind. b. «hair is not cut. 6. Samson fell in love with a woman in the Wadi Sorek, whose name was _______. a. Delilah b. Deborah c. Deliborah 7. Before Samson lost his strength and was eventually captured, he told the woman (in no. 6) three ways, albeit false, in order to make him weak. Which of these does not belong to the three? a. Binding him with 7 fresh bowstrings which have not dried. b. Binding him with new ropes. c. Fastening his arms with a pin 8. After Samson was captured, the Philistines ________________. a. Treated him as a hero b. Cut his hair c. Gouged out his eyes 9. He killed many Philistines by pushing hard the Temple __________, and thus made the temple fall down upon them. a. Columns b. Door c. Roof 10. Samson is arguably one of the most popular judges. a. True b. False B. Enumeration and Identification (30 pts) 11-20 - The Ten Plagues (Exodus 7:12 ² 11: 10) 21 ² 22. The names of Moses· brother and sister by blood 23. Moses· Assistant was ___________. 24. Moses was the adopted son of the Egyptian __________. 25. A king of Egypt during the ancient times is called ____________. 26. The Egyptian sun-God was called _____. 27. Moses got infuriated by the abusive Egyptian officer and broke his _____ with a piece of stone. 28. The name of Moses· wife was ______________. 29. The name of the king during Moses· return to Egypt was ______________. 30. Moses· older sister was ___________. 31. The mouthpiece of Moses, who was also his brother, was _____________. 32. Yahweh introduced Himself to Moses as ____________________. 33. Which came first: ( ) Moses· staff turned to a snake or ( ) Moses turned the waters of Egypt into blood? 34. The ____ plague killed every firstborn Egyptian. 35. The angel of death passed over the doors of the Jews on which was smeared the blood of the lamb. 36. The passing over of the angel of death and the eventual freedom of the Israelites from slavery is being commemorated even until now as the _______________ feast. 37. The Israelites crossed the sea after Moses raised his _________ and divided it into two. 39. A pillar of ________ accompanied the Israelites during the night in the desert. 40. When they left Egypt, the Jews also brought with them the remains of _________, son of Jacob. Bonus


41. ____________ : Moses· brother in the Royal court. 42. Write in Hebrew language the word that must be treated with utmost respect by the Jews: 43. Moses· father-in-law was _________________ 44. The mountain on which Moses encountered God in the burning bush: _____________. 45. Moses· son was ______________.

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