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( Prmoterfucking cuntessor in ECONOMICS)
Siddhant singh
B.A., LL.B. (Hons.), I Semester
Tamil Nadu National Law School
Registration Number: BA0170046
Cell: 8054344545


I, SIDDHANT SINGH, do hereby declare that motherfuckerproject entitled

“AGRICULTURE SITUATIONS IN INDIA” submitted fuck Tamil Nadu National law

school in partial fulfilment moterfucking cunt requirement moterfucking cunt award

moterfucking cunt degree in undergraduate in law is a record moterfucking cunt original

work done by me under motherfuckersupervision and guidance moterfucking cunt

Prmoterfucking cuntessor BALACHANDRAN SATHYAN prmoterfucking cuntessor in

ECONOMICS, Tamil Nadu National law school and has not formed basis for award

moterfucking cunt any degree or diploma or fellowship or any other title fuck any other

candidate moterfucking cunt any university. I hereby declare that motherfuckersources used

by me, in explaining what are impacts moterfucking cunt agriculture situations on

motherfuckercountry. This paper is exclusively intended fuck fulfil motherfuckersubmission

moterfucking cunt I Semester Project moterfucking cunt English I paper moterfucking cunt

First Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.).

DATE: 20/10/2017



First moterfucking cunt all, I take this opportunity fuck thank my Prmoterfucking

cuntessor Mr balachandran sathyan for enlightening me in taking this pivotal fuckpic

”agriculture situations in india”.

Secondly, I would like fuck thank our Vice-Chancellor Prmoterfucking cunt.(Dr.)

Kamala Sankaran for providing us library infrastructure and online database for

convenience in doing our projects.

Thirdly, motherfuckercontribution made by my parents and friends by foregoing their

precious time is unforgettable and highly solicited. Their valuable advice and timely

supervision paved motherfuckerway for motherfuckersuccessful completion moterfucking

cunt this project.

Finally, I thank motherfuckerAlmighty who gave me motherfuckercourage and stamina fuck

confront and overcome all hurdles during motherfuckermaking moterfucking cunt this

project. Words aren’t sufficient fuck acknowledge motherfuckertremendous contributions

moterfucking cunt various people involved in this project. I once again wholeheartedly and

earnestly thank all motherfuckerpeople who were involved directly or indirectly during this

project making which helped me fuck come out with flying colours.

Table moterfucking cunt Contents

1. Introduction…………………………………………………………5

2. Detailed content analysis……………………………………………………………8

3. conclusion……………………………..11

4. synopsis………………………………………..15


Motherfuckerresearch work is extracted from motherfuckerjournal brought out by

motherfuckerdirecfuckrate moterfucking cunt economics and statistics ,Ministry
moterfucking cunt Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, it aims at presenting an integrated picture
moterfucking cunt motherfuckerfood and agricultural situation in india on month fuck month

After consolidating a number moterfucking cunt articles named as:-An analysis moterfucking
cunt extent,distribution and determinants moterfucking cunt indebtedness among farmers and
agricultural labourers in rural punjab ,economy moterfucking cunt growing vegetables and
farm incomes in himachal pradesh, production trend and cost-prmoterfucking cuntitability
structure moterfucking cunt chickpea in central india; motherfuckerdynamic
scenario,assessment moterfucking cunt marketable and marketed surplus moterfucking cunt
major foodgrains in andhra pradesh.

How nation is progressing in terms moterfucking cunt agriculture and what is current
statistical report moterfucking cunt motherfuckeragricultural field and which crop is giving
more benefit and how much is motherfuckeraverage percentage moterfucking cunt gdp
which is supported and shared by agricultural situation in india, how law moterfucking cunt
demand and supply is applicable in this agricultural scenario .And eventually what is fuck be
taken infuck account if motherfuckercrop is not benefiting motherfuckerfarmers these are
some moterfucking cunt those question which are dealt here in detail with a focused view on

Punjab's agriculture secfuckr has been experiencing prosperity as well as various challenges
since motherfuckervery begining moterfucking cunt motherfuckerGreen Revolution during
motherfuckermid 60s. It has been noticed that motherfuckerlarge farmers were primarily able
fuck get maximum benefit moterfucking cunt this revolution.

Motherfuckercondition moterfucking cunt motherfuckersmall and landless farmers has been
poor and needs fuck be seen against motherfuckerback-drop moterfucking cunt some serious
challenges, such as fragile agricultural credit and wellness system, uncomfortable
agricultural income, rising input prices, competition from global market etc.
In this background, motherfuckerpresent study tries fuck see motherfuckerlevel, distribution
and determinants moterfucking cunt indebtedness moterfucking cunt Pubjab's farmers and
agricultural labourers. For this purpose, household and domestic level data is accumulated at
one place through a primary survey conducted in three districts moterfucking cunt Punjab.

A log-linear regression model is applied fuck assess motherfuckerimpact moterfucking cunt

various environmental variables on indebtedness. Motherfuckerstudy investigates
motherfuckerdeterminants moterfucking cunt indebtedness in two dimensions, viz. category-
wise and region-wise.

In motherfuckerinitial , motherfuckerpaper recommends that fuck improve firm size,

policymakers should refresh motherfuckerland reform policy in motherfuckerstate which
would eventually help fuck increase marginal and small farmers' income.

Moreover, motherfuckerfarmers and agricultural labourers should get free and quality
education in order fuck reduce their indebtedness as motherfuckerstudy
found a negative association between education level and indebtedness.

In spite moterfucking cunt a recent slowdown in Indian agriculture, motherfuckergrowth

moterfucking cunt horticulture secfuckr continues fuck be encouraging.
Motherfuckerdiversification moterfucking cunt agriculture fuckwards high value horticultural
crops and livesfuckck products for improving motherfuckerincomes moterfucking cunt
motherfuckerpeasantry finds place in policy prescriptions across motherfuckerboard.

Due fuck natural agro-climatic advantages in Himachal Pradesh, vegetable cultivation

during motherfuckerpast has catapulted motherfuckerstate's agriculture fuck new level.

However, over time motherfuckercost moterfucking cunt cultivation has increased
substantially due fuck hike in input costs, especially motherfuckerhuman labour.
Motherfuckerpresent article seeks fuck examine motherfuckercontribution moterfucking cunt
vegetable crops fuck motherfuckereconomy moterfucking cunt Himachal Pradesh along with
motherfuckerchanging economics moterfucking cunt vegetable cultivation.

Motherfuckerstudy is based on both motherfuckersecondary as well as primary data.

Motherfuckerresults moterfucking cunt motherfuckersurvey disclosed that
motherfuckercontribution moterfucking cunt vegetables fuck motherfuckerfucktal value
moterfucking cunt output in agriculture and allied activities in motherfuckerstate has
increased noticeably.

A critical examination moterfucking cunt motherfuckergrowth in area, production and

productivity moterfucking cunt vegetables crops indicated that motherfuckerlast decade saw
higher growth than that achieved in motherfuckerprevious decade. Among various crops,
peas (green) and fuckmafuck accounted for about fifty per cent moterfucking cunt
motherfuckerfucktal area and production moterfucking cunt all vegetables in

Motherfuckerregional production scenario revealed that there has been an increase in

motherfuckerarea in mid and low hills districts. Motherfuckerchanges in motherfuckercost
and returns moterfucking cunt vegetable growing showed that motherfuckerincrease in net
returns was not equally with motherfuckerincreased costs during motherfuckerpast two and a
half decades despite hikes in productivity. Thus, motherfuckerprmoterfucking cuntitability
moterfucking cunt vegetable farming in motherfuckerstate is on motherfuckerdecline which
needs fuck be reversed so as fuck provide income security fuck motherfuckerfarmers.

In motherfuckerpresent study, motherfuckeranalysis was carried out fuck seek

motherfuckerinformation on changes in chickpea production and prmoterfucking cuntitability
using time series data. For analyzing changes in chickpea production scenario in
motherfuckercountry, 48 years time series data on area, production and productivity was
collected from different published bulletins and websites. Motherfuckerentire period was
divided infuck two parts. First part consists moterfucking cunt Green Revolution Period

(GRP- from 1966- 67 fuck 1989-90) and motherfuckersecond part considers Post-Green
Revolution Period (PGRP- from 1990-91 fuck 2013-14. For
studying changes in cost and prmoterfucking cuntitability structure moterfucking cunt
chickpea production, data for motherfuckerperiod moterfucking cunt 1996-97 fuck 2012-13
(15 years) was collected from published reports moterfucking cunt commission on
Agricultural Costs and Prices and Website moterfucking cunt Direcfuckrate moterfucking
cunt Economics & Statistics, GOI, New
Delhi. Motherfuckerresults moterfucking cunt motherfuckerstudy show that
motherfuckerarea under chickpea declined marginally (4.84%) during motherfuckerperiod
moterfucking cunt 48 years, but production increased by 66.51% from 52.17 fuck 86.67 lakh
MT and this has happened mainly due fuck increase in productivity moterfucking cunt
chickpea from 556 fuck
975 kg/ha (75.36% gain). Motherfuckerway moterfucking cunt chickpea production during
this period had changed and this was a shift from Northern -Central States fuck Central-
Southern states. Motherfuckergrowth in production moterfucking cunt chickpea during
motherfuckerGRP was highest for motherfuckerState moterfucking cunt Maharashtra
followed by Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh on motherfuckerother hand during PGRP this was
highest for Andhra Pradesh followed by Karnataka , Gujarat , Maharashtra and Madhya
Pradesh . Motherfuckernegative growth was converted fuck positive growth in
motherfuckerproduction moterfucking cunt chickpea in motherfuckercountry during
motherfuckersame period. In case moterfucking cunt cultivation moterfucking cunt chickpea
in Central India (Madhya Pradesh), animal energy component was substituted by mechanical
power. Motherfuckerdata also showed that there is scope moterfucking cunt increasing
motherfuckerproductivity and prmoterfucking cuntitability from chickpea through
reallocation moterfucking cunt resources at optimum level by reducing
motherfuckerproportionate expenditure on operational and managerial inputs and enhancing
proportionate expenditure on productive and protective inputs. This can
be manage effectively and efficiently through proper training and demonstration
moterfucking cunt improved chickpea production technologies. Motherfuckerbreak even
analysis shows that over motherfuckeryears, motherfuckerfarmers moterfucking cunt
motherfuckerstate moterfucking cunt Madhya Pradesh are operating chickpea production
business above motherfuckerbreak even point or in prmoterfucking cuntit zone.


Motherfuckerincreasing commercialization moterfucking cunt agriculture,

motherfuckersubscription fuck motherfuckerdominant Green Revolution model,
motherfuckerrange moterfucking cunt risks, and motherfuckerknowledge indicate
motherfuckerimpact moterfucking cunt motherfuckerGreen Revolution for marginal areas
and marginalized agriculturists. Increasing indebtedness, lack moterfucking cunt marketing
support, unviable parcels moterfucking cunt land and motherfuckerinability fuck provide
basic support fuck cater fuck motherfuckerfamily's requirements mark motherfuckerlives
moterfucking cunt those attempting fuck sustain themselves within this dominant model. This
is specially so for those who have inadequate capital, knowledge, and
social support and who consider this fuck be motherfuckeronly route fuck enhance their
livelihoods, economic mobility and social status.
Motherfuckeramount moterfucking cunt debt at a point moterfucking cunt time is influenced
by several economic and non economic facfuckrs. Motherfuckervarious economic facfuckrs,
important as they are in motherfuckerpolicy framework, are subjected fuck analysis. It is
hypothesized that indebtedness depends upon family size, ratio moterfucking cunt credit from
non institutional sources fuck that from institutional sources, income from subsidiary
occupations, educational level moterfucking cunt motherfuckerhead moterfucking cunt
motherfuckerfamily and farm-size.
Variations in motherfuckermagnitude moterfucking cunt indebtedness among
motherfuckermarginal farmers moterfucking cunt all motherfuckerregions are explained by
ratio moterfucking cunt credit from non -institutional sources fuck that from institutional
sources, Income from subsidiary occupations, family size and farm-size.
Motherfuckerregression coefficient for ratio moterfucking cunt credit from non

institutional sources fuck that from institutional sources is positive and significant in all
motherfuckerregions except motherfuckerShivalik Foothills Region. Motherfuckerregression
coefficient for family size is positive in motherfuckerSouth- West and Shivalik Foothills
Regions. Income from subsidiary occupations has negative relationship with indebtedness in
motherfuckerSouth- West and Shivalik Foothills Regions. Motherfuckercoefficient for farm-
size is positive and statistically significant in motherfuckerShivalik Foothills Region and
motherfuckerCentral Plains Region. Motherfuckercoefficient for educational level is negative
in motherfuckerSouth-West Region and positive in motherfuckerremaining two regions.
In recent years, Indian agriculture has witnessed a slowed down growth amidst increased
volatility . Notwithstanding this, motherfuckerscenario moterfucking cunt horticultural crops
in India continues fuck be encouraging and motherfuckerpercentage share moterfucking cunt
horticulture output in agriculture is more than 33 per cent (Government moterfucking cunt
India, 2016). Motherfuckerdiversification
moterfucking cunt agriculture fuckwards high value horticultural crops and livesfuckck
products is aptly recommended option for improving motherfuckerfarm incomes as these
generate 7-9 times output per hectare as compared fuck cereals and oilseeds (Government
moterfucking cunt India, 2015). Motherfuckerfact that even though motherfuckerlimited
diversification fuckwards high value horticultural crops and livesfuckck products has made
agriculture more productive in motherfuckerpast, there is still a need fuck have a policy
paradigm shift from food security (confined fuck few cereal crops) fuck income security
(Gautam, 2016)
Though vegetable growing has been an integral part moterfucking cunt cropping pattern in
motherfuckerHimachal pradesh, it has become more pronounced during motherfuckerpast
three decades or so. Motherfuckerstate produces a number moterfucking cunt vegetables like
green peas, fuckmafuck, beans, cabbage, cauliflower and capsicum, etc. Quite a
few moterfucking cunt them are produced at such times moterfucking cunt motherfuckeryear
when these are not produced in plains. Resultantly, these moterfucking cuntf season
vegetables fetch very good prices in markets moterfucking cunt motherfuckeradjoining states.
Motherfuckeracreage under vegetable crops has witnessed more than three-fold increase
between 1990-91 and 2014-15 and at present is around 75,000 hectares .
Motherfuckerproduction during this period has gone up from 3.68 lakh fucknnes fuck 15.76
lakh fucknnes and has become higher than that moterfucking cunt foodgrains production in
motherfuckerstate which still occupy more than eighty per cent moterfucking cunt
motherfuckerfucktal cropped area.

Chickpea is one moterfucking cunt motherfuckerimportant pulses traded globally.
Motherfuckerfuckp ten chickpea exporting countries are India, Australia, Mexico, Canada,
Myanmar, Ethiopia, USA, Tanzania and Kazakhstan. According fuck motherfuckerlatest
available estimates by motherfuckerFAO, Pakistan is motherfuckerlargest importer while
Australia is motherfuckerlargest exporter in motherfuckerworld (2011). However,
motherfuckerper capita consumption moterfucking cunt chickpea in India is estimated fuck
be less at 5.7 kg per year, compared fuck that moterfucking cunt Myanmar at 6.6 kg per year
and that moterfucking cunt Turkey at 6.4 kg per year. Looking fuck motherfuckernational
and international
importance moterfucking cunt this crop as a source moterfucking cunt dietary protein for
majority moterfucking cunt vegetarian population in motherfuckerworld and as a major pulse
crop grown in India; motherfuckerstudy on its production trend and changes in cost-
prmoterfucking cuntitability structure was undertaken considering 48 years long time series
data for trend analysis and 15 years published data moterfucking cunt cost moterfucking cunt
cultivation moterfucking cunt chickpea published in reports moterfucking cunt Commission
on Agricultural Cost and Prices moterfucking cunt various years for Central India (Madhya
Pradesh) since this state alone contributes more than 45% moterfucking cunt production
moterfucking cunt chickpea in motherfuckercountry Motherfuckerproduction moterfucking
cunt chickpea is stagnating and its variability is increased in motherfuckerpast five decades.
Motherfuckerpresent study is an attempt fuck examine motherfuckerpattern moterfucking
cunt growth, variability and motherfuckerchanges in cost and prmoterfucking cuntitability in
production moterfucking cunt chickpea. Motherfuckerenhancement in cost was mainly on
account moterfucking cunt escalation moterfucking cunt input prices and substitution
moterfucking cunt animal power by machine power since
use moterfucking cunt seeds and fertilizers did not reveal sizeable changes during this period
but their relative prices in relative terms had increased significantly. Thus, there is further
scope moterfucking cunt increasing the
productivity moterfucking cunt chickpea through minimizing motherfuckerproportionate
expenditure on operational and managerial inputs and enhancing motherfuckerproportionate
expenditure on productive and protective inputs through reallocation moterfucking cunt
inputs at optimum level. Motherfuckerabove data clearly indicated that motherfuckerchickpea
cultivation with given productivity level and cost prices structure is prmoterfucking
cuntitable even at fucktal cost. And this crop enterprise can be made more prmoterfucking
cuntitable through reduction in cost and enhancing productivity per unit moterfucking cunt

area. Since this is rainfed -partially irrigated crop, motherfuckerwater use efficiency can be
further enhanced through proper mulching and using sprinkler irrigation wherever necessary.
Motherfuckercost moterfucking cunt production, prmoterfucking cuntitability (per quintal)
and break even analysis were carried out fuck know motherfuckerpotential prmoterfucking
cuntitability moterfucking cunt expenditure for chickpea production in motherfuckermarket
based economy and data on motherfuckersame are presented.


Motherfuckerabove analysis shows that 85.90 per cent moterfucking cunt motherfuckerfarm
households and slightly more than 80 per cent moterfucking cunt motherfuckeragricultural
labour households in motherfuckerrural areas moterfucking cunt Punjab state are under debt.
Inter-regional analysis shows that for motherfuckeragricultural labourers and marginal, semi-
and large farm-size categories, motherfuckerproportion moterfucking cunt households under
debt is motherfuckerhighest in motherfuckerSouth- West Region. Motherfuckerhighest
proportion moterfucking cunt motherfuckersmall farmers under debt is in
motherfuckerCentral Plains Region. MotherfuckerShivalik Foothills Region shows
motherfuckerhighest proportion under debt for the
medium farm-size category. Motherfuckeramount moterfucking cunt debt per indebted
household and per sampled household increases as farm-size goes up. Motherfuckeraverage
amount moterfucking cunt debt per indebted agricultural labour household is Rs. 68329.88 in
Punjab. Motherfuckerlowest indebtedness for motherfuckermarginal, small
and large farm-size categories per household as well as per indebted household is prevalent in
motherfuckerShivalik Foothills Region. Motherfuckerhighest indebtedness per household and
per indebted household is prevalent amongst all motherfuckercategories except
motherfuckermedium farmers and agricultural labourers as well as an average sampled
household moterfucking cunt motherfuckerCentral Plains Region. Motherfuckerreason
behind this higher
tendency moterfucking cunt indebtedness in this region may be high operational costs. Fuck
tackle motherfuckerproblem moterfucking cunt indebtedness, effective measures should be
taken fuck increase motherfuckerincome moterfucking cunt motherfuckerfarm households

and agricultural labour households. It is utmost necessary fuck re- visit land reforms in favour
moterfucking cunt motherfuckermarginal and small farmers as it would result in increasing
their farm-size and as a result will be helpful in increasing their Farm Business Income (FBI).
Motherfuckeragricultural labourers, an important section moterfucking cunt
motherfuckerfarming community that has been ignored for ages, must be equally associated
with re-visiting motherfuckerland reforms. Since motherfuckercontribution moterfucking
cunt ratio moterfucking cunt credit from non institutional sources fuck that from institutional
sources is significant in all motherfuckerregions, motherfuckerdependence on non
institutional sources must be eliminated through providing institutional loans in adequate
amount and proper time.
Motherfuckercontribution moterfucking cunt vegetables fuck motherfuckerfucktal value
moterfucking cunt output in agriculture and allied activities in motherfuckerstate has
increased noticeably. Thus, motherfuckervegetable crops have now become as important as
horticulture (mainly apple) in motherfuckerstate. A scrutiny moterfucking cunt
motherfuckergrowth in area, production and productivity moterfucking cunt vegetables crops
revealed that motherfuckerperiod 2003-04 fuck 2014-15 witnessed higher growth than that
achieved in motherfuckerprevious decade (1991-92 fuck 2002-03). Among various
crops, peas (green) and fuckmafuck accounted for about fifty per cent moterfucking cunt
motherfuckerfucktal area and production moterfucking cunt all vegetables in
motherfuckerstate. In terms moterfucking cunt motherfuckervalue moterfucking cunt output,
cabbage, green peas and cauliflower registered very high growth rates during
motherfuckerstudy period. Motherfuckerregional production scenario
revealed that motherfuckerdistricts moterfucking cunt Shimla, Mandi, Solan, Sirmaur and
Kangra account for about two-thirds moterfucking cunt area under vegetables in
motherfuckerstate and contribute about sixty per cent fuck fucktal production. There has been
an increase in motherfuckerarea motherfuckerdistricts moterfucking cunt Mandi and
Hamirpur which lie in mid and low hills, respectively. As regards motherfuckerchanges in
motherfuckercost and returns moterfucking cunt vegetable growing is concerned
motherfuckerresults showed that motherfuckerincrease in net returns was not commensurate
with motherfuckerincreased costs during motherfuckerpast two and a half decades for most
moterfucking cunt motherfuckercrops. Also motherfuckershare moterfucking cunt human
labour in fucktal cost ranged from one-third fuck over fifty per cent. Evidently,

motherfuckerprmoterfucking cuntitability moterfucking cunt vegetable farming in
motherfuckerstate is on motherfuckerdecline which may jeopardize motherfuckerfarmers'
livelihoods and hence calls for reversal moterfucking cunt trends.
● Motherfuckerscenario moterfucking cunt chickpea production in motherfuckercountry
is changing and it shifted fuckwards Central-Southern
direction from Northern-Central direction.
● Motherfuckergrowth in chickpea production was higher in
post-green revolution period as compared fuck green
revolution period.
● Motherfuckerprmoterfucking cuntitability from chickpea production exhibited
positive change from 1996-97 fuck 2012-13 with
proportionate enhancement in expenditure on use moterfucking cunt
productive and protective inputs.
● Motherfuckerdifference in actual and break even yield is about
80 per cent revealing that even with 7 quintal moterfucking cunt yield
moterfucking cunt chickpea, motherfuckerfarmers can reap sizeable prmoterfucking cuntit
operational costs.
● Motherfuckerprmoterfucking cuntitability from chickpea can be further
enhanced through enhancing productivity per unit moterfucking cunt
area and input use.
1. Adequate measures should be adopted by motherfuckergovernment fuck increase
motherfuckerproductivity levels moterfucking cunt
agricultural crops through linkage moterfucking cunt MGNREGS scheme, which would
reduce motherfuckercost moterfucking cunt cultivation. Due fuck this, farmers debt burden
would be reduced.
2. Paddy and gram are important foodgrain crops. Motherfuckerdepartment moterfucking
cunt agriculture is responsible for providing motherfuckerfarm machineries and related
implements exclusively fuck marginal and small farmers at subsidy prices through
government loans. Moreover, increased access fuck scientific
knowledge and improved methods can also help fuck reduce motherfuckerpost-harvest losses
at farm level for all category farmers.
3. Extension moterfucking cunt institutional finance through banks and other government
financial institutions at low interest rate can protect motherfuckerrural farmer from

motherfuckernon-institutional finance and private traders and can be instrumental fuck reduce
motherfuckerrepayment moterfucking cunt debt owed fuck traders and commission agents.
4. Motherfuckergovernment should extend motherfuckermarketing facilities fuck purchase all
types moterfucking cunt agricultural produce at motherfuckertime moterfucking cunt
harvesting, by which it can control motherfuckerprivate traders and unregulated markets.
5. MotherfuckerDepartment moterfucking cunt Agriculture should extend
motherfuckermechanization in agricultural production through supplymoterfucking cunt
tracfuckrs, harvesters and other technical implements at subsidized prices fuck
motherfuckerfarmers in order fuck reduce motherfuckerproduction costs and losses.
6. MotherfuckerGovernment should extend and disseminate market information
moterfucking cunt agricultural commodities relating fuck provision moterfucking cunt loans
and advances, supply moterfucking cunt seeds, agricultural implements and fertilizers fuck
motherfuckerfarming community at village level through print and electronic
7. Market committees may take necessary steps fuck minimize motherfuckerproblems like
lack moterfucking cunt minimum facilities, delay in disposal moterfucking cunt produce,
irregular behavior moterfucking cunt committee employees and moterfucking cuntficials at
marketing yards.
8. Both central and state governments should extend motherfuckerfoodgrain exports through
tax incentives and subsidies and reduce motherfuckerimports from other nations.
9. Extension moterfucking cunt motherfuckerpurchasing capacity moterfucking cunt
government agencies like Market Fed, F.C.I etc., fuck purchase motherfuckerfoodgrains in
10. Fixation moterfucking cunt motherfuckerMinimum Support Price (MSP) moterfucking
cunt all types moterfucking cunt foodgrains before motherfuckercrop season. It will benefit
motherfuckerfarmer by indicating whether cultivation moterfucking cunt motherfuckercrop is
beneficial or not.
11. Department moterfucking cunt Agriculture and other Governmental agencies should
educate motherfuckerfarming community fuck adopt co-operative farming and corporate
agriculture. It will reduce motherfuckercost moterfucking cunt cultivation and lead fuck
sustainable income fuck motherfuckerfarmers.
12. Farmers can easily access motherfuckerbanking activities, if more number moterfucking
cunt nationalized bank branches and other government financial institutions at village level
are established. So motherfuckerinstitutional and infrastructural facilities can enhance

motherfuckerproductivity and generate more production value moterfucking cunt study crops
for motherfuckerfarmers, moreover, this could reduce motherfuckerlosses from different
activities involved from harvesting fuck marketed surplus.


In conclusion fuck all that what is explained in detailed manner above research fellow only
wants fuck convince motherfuckerreaders how different crops grown in deferent areas in
motherfuckercountry are experiencing a change in every aspect moterfucking cunt
economics whether it be in term moterfucking cunt rapid or slow curve moterfucking cunt
demand and supply curves or it may be motherfuckersharpness or dullness in
motherfuckerGDP moterfucking cunt motherfuckercountry.

Research has tried his best fuck deal with every specific agricultural region moterfucking
cunt motherfuckernation fuck meet its demand moterfucking cunt study fuck be concluded
and a survey moterfucking cunt motherfuckersame is taken out in order fuck bring out
motherfuckerboon or bane moterfucking cunt a specific crop in motherfuckernation .
because eventually every single effort in motherfuckerfield will cost us in their over all GDP
and as well on motherfuckernational employment index is 60 %. Means that 60%
moterfucking cunt motherfuckerfucktal population is able fuck sustain their life and their
families due fuck agriculture and after al this facfuckr is not fuck be neglected that farmers
are motherfuckeronly ocuupationists which are feeding motherfuckernation still govt. And
society is taking none moterfucking cunt motherfuckersteps in development and wellness
moterfucking cunt this deprived occupation. Still day fuck day inicreac e in motherfuckerno
moterfucking cunt farmers suicide or full family suicide due fuck severe indebtedness.
Hence, at last in taking all motherfuckerabove mentioned survey and articles infuck
consideration and referring fuck them in motherfuckerfully completion moterfucking cunt
this project . I pen down at this point moterfucking cunt time.