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My Final Story Project Planning Document

Instructions: For the My Final Story Project assignment, you will share a "snapshot" of where
you will be eight to ten years from now. In the spaces below, provide detailed responses to the
prompts. Your responses are key points to address in your presentation and will be helpful in
developing your My Final Story Project.
1. What is the setting for your presentation?
The setting for my presentation is a TED Talk about my life
2. Who is your audience?
Graduates of my old college and colleagues present for the TED Talk
3. Explain the background for your presentation.
TED Talk
4. What type of visual aids/media will you use in your presentation? Select all that apply.
☐ PowerPoint Presentation
☐ Prezi
X Video
☐ Other (if selected, please list what will be used): Click here to enter text.
☐ None

5. List any props you will use to assist with telling your story.
6. Describe the attire you will wear for your Presentation?
Business Professional
7. What is your purpose? State your purpose statement.

To explore the world and to learn and create all that I can along the way, to heal the
broken, and to be a light in the dark.

8. Explain how you came to understand your purpose.

I came to understand my purpose through my strengths as well as my feelings towards events
in my life and the world
9. Explain how your purpose is related to your values, goals, interests, and/or strengths.
My Purpose is related to my values, strengths and goals because my purpose is what drives
me. It is what is my compass through life
10. Explain how your purpose is related to your career goals.
It is related to my career goals because my career goals allow me to fulfill my purpose

Career Pathway
11. During your presentation what is your career?
Engineer at Google
12. During the final semesters in college and following graduation from college, what was your
career pathway? Provide details as to certifications, licensures, internships, and promotions that
occurred. What was your starting point that led to the moment of the presentation?
Finished my AA Degree at Valencia, Went to the Air Force for 4 years worked for Intel, Went to
UCF got my Masters, Got an Internship at Lockheed Martin, Went to MIT for Masters in
Science, Got an Internship at Google, Currently Working for Google X as an Engineer
13. Describe your profession including job duties and daily routines. Include details and
vocabulary that are unique to this career.
Research and Develop technologies in order to push the boundaries of Man
14. Explain the general workforce skills that are needed for your profession. Discuss what skills
are needed to perform your job.
Computer Programming and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Software Design
15. Who did you select to conduct your career interviews? Provide their name and title and
explain why you selected them. From each interview identify at least one valuable piece of
information that you obtained.

Interview #1:Name/Title: Click here to enter text.

Reason for selection: Click here to enter text.
Valuable Information: Click here to enter text.

Interview #2:Name/Title: Click here to enter text.

Reason for selection: Click here to enter text.
Valuable Information: Click here to enter text.

Academic Pathway
16. During the presentation, what degree(s) will you have completed? Include degrees from
Valencia and transfer institutions, if applicable. Also include majors.
17. Explain how your academic program is related to your goals, interests, strengths, and/or
My academic program is related to my values because it is what allows me to do what I see as
good in the world by creating and helping people
18. Share the overall cost of your education and the sources for funding your degree(s). Provide
specific names of grants, loans, or scholarships. Provide evidence that you have considered the
immediate expense and the future cost of your education.
Click here to enter text.
19. What steps did you take to ensure that you successfully complete your degree(s)? Include
Valencia resources, including people, places, and course lessons, which you utilized for
academic success and career planning.
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20. In the space below, provide a detailed outline of how you plan to organize the information in
your presentation. Remember, your final presentation should be approximately 5-8 minutes in
I plan to begin by stating my Purpose Statement and how it has driven my life forward and how
it has been a compass and light through the dark times in my life, how I became interested in
creating, what I did to nurture that interest, and what I did to push myself through my purpose
and interests to do good and get to where I am now
21. My Final Story Project will be presented on: April 12th
I will practice presenting My Final Story Project on the following dates: April 1st, April 5th. and
April 10th