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* * My Quick Links <#> o Books </books> o Rough Cuts </roughcuts> o Short Cuts </shortcuts> o Tools </tools> Search:criteria: Advanced Search <#> Sign In </login> Start Your Free Trial </home?subpage=hometab4> This Book </0-201-75081-3> Understanding Web Services: XML, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI </0-201-75081-3> Understanding Web Services: XML, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI </0-201-75081-3> Search </0-201-75081-3/ch01?bookview=search> search in search for Contents </0-201-75081-3/ch01?bookview=contents> * Table of Contents </0-201-75081-3> * Copyright </0-201-75081-3/copyrightpg> Preface </0-201-75081-3/pref01> Acknowledgments </0-201-75081-3/pref02> Introduction </0-201-75081-3/pref03> Ch. 1. Introducing Web Services </0-201-75081-3/ch01> Ch. 2. Describing Information: XML </0-201-75081-3/ch02> Ch. 3. Describing Web Services: WSDL </0-201-75081-3/ch03> WSDL Basics </0-201-75081-3/ch03lev1sec1> WSDL Elements </0-201-75081-3/ch03lev1sec2> The Extensible WSDL Framework </0-201-75081-3/ch03lev1sec3> Importing WSDL Elements </0-201-75081-3/ch03lev1sec4> WSDL-Related Namespaces </0-201-75081-3/ch03lev1sec6> Extensions for Binding to SOAP </0-201-75081-3/ch03lev1sec6> Summary </0-201-75081-3/ch03lev1sec7> Ch. 4. Accessing Web Services: SOAP </0-201-75081-3/ch04> Ch. 5. Finding Web Services: UDDI Registry </0-201-75081-3/ch05> Ch. 6. An Alternative Approach: ebXML </0-201-75081-3/ch06> Ch. 7. Web Services Architecture: Additional Technologies

adobe. Click here to visit m. <http://get. Implementing Web Services </0-201-75081-3/ch08> Bibliography </0-201-75081-3/biblio> * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Safari Books Online Create BookmarkCreate Bookmark Create Note or TagCreate Note or Tag DownloadDownload Email This PageEmail This Page PrintPrint Not available for anonymous users Thumbnail View (Key: v) <#> Zoom Out (Key: -) <#>Zoom Out Zoom In (Key: +) <#>Zoom In Fit Page (Key: q) <#>Fit Page Fit Width (Key: w) <#>Fit Width Toggle to Full Screen (Key: f) <#> Previous (Key: p) </0-201-75081-3/xv>Previous Next (Key: n) </0-201-75081-3/2>Next URL <#> Show search terms Help <#> Chapter 3. <http://m.safaribooksonline. The mobile version does not require Flash.</0-201-75081-3/ch07> Ch.safaribooksonline. Describing Web Services: WSDL </0-201-75081-3/ch03> > The Extensible WSDL Framework . 60 You are viewing the content on this page in Preview> Title=*Bold* Reference Entry=/Italic/ .com. Sign In < ch01> or Subscribe </subscribe> to access full content of this> This version of Safari Books Online requires Adobe Flash. 8.Pg.

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