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WILL of Anabelle Beatrice Clark

I, Anabelle Clark of the City of Lawrence, Kansas, declare this to be my will.

My spouse, Adelle Coletti, and I have one child, Wyle Rice.

ARTICLE 2 Payment of debt and taxes

I direct my executor to pay my funeral expenses, my medical expenses, the costs of administration, and
my debts.

ARTICLE 3 Distribution of the Estate

I direct that my estate be distributed to my spouse, Adelle Coletti. If my spouse predeceases me, my
estate shall be distributed to my trustee, to be managed as explained in Article 4.

ARTICLE 4 Trust for Children

4a Purpose This trust provides for the support of my child, Wyle Rice, and any other children born to me.

4b Use of Funds The Trustee shall use as much of the trust income and principal as necessary to care for
my child (or children), under the restrictions of only being used for their clothing, food, and education.
When the youngest of my children reaches the age of 18, the assets of this trust shall be split equally
among the children.

4c No survivors If no child of mine survives until age 18, all assets of the trust shall be liquidated and 100
percent of the proceeds will go to my spouse. If my spouse and all children proceed me, 15 percent of
the proceeds shall be donated to the Battered Women’s Shelter of Russellville, Arkansas, 25 percent
distributed evenly between my friends, Keilly Andraca, Ronan, Chloe, and Harrison. The remaining 60%
will be distributed between all my Prather cousins (Caden, Devin, Nora, Zevian, Blaise, and Foundry), my
two Rice cousins (Desi and Xearianna), by brothers (Christian McMullen and Elijah Clark).

4d Nomination of trustee I appoint my aunt, Stephanie Shock, to serve as Trustee. If he is unable or

unwilling to serve, I appoint my cousin, Caden Prather, to serve as Trustee.

ARTICLE 5 Executor
I appoint my grandmother, Kathy Prilliman, to serve as Executor. If she is unable or unwilling to serve, I
appoint my aunt, Jenelle Prather to serve as Executor. If she is unable or unable to serve, I appoint my
friend, Keilly Andraca, to serve as Executor.

ARTICLE 6 Guardian
If my spouse does not survive me, I appoint my cousin, Nora Noelle Prather to serve as Guardian of my
children. If he/she is unable to serve as Guardian, I appoint my friend, Briley Wetzel, to serve as
Guardian. If neither of them are willing or able to serve as Guardian of my children, this will go to my
family and friends to decide in terms of adoption before open adoption is allowed.

ARTICLE 7 Power of Executor

My Executor has the right to receive payments, reinvest payments received, pay debts owed, and
liquidate assets.

ARTICLE 8 Power of Trustee

My Trustee has the right to receive income generated by the trust, reinvest income received by the
trust, sell assets in the trust, and use the proceeds to invest in other assets.

ARTICLE 9 Distribution of Assets

The following assets will be distributed as outlined below:
Childhood stuffed dog(Cookie) -- my cousin, Nora Prather.
Car (blue Corolla) –
Wedding ring – Spouse, then child
Wedding dress – With wedding ring

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereby sign and declare this document to be my Will.

The above-named person signed in our presence, and in our opinion is mentally competent.

Signatures of Witnesses Addresses of Witnesses

Anabelle Clark
Briley Wetzel
Candace Freeman
Danyel Riley