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E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Cathedral Heights,

Quezon City, Philippines


In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, this
thesis proposal entitled,

“Effective Communicating Strategies of Nurses to Factors that Hinder

Nurse Communication with Geriatric Patients”

Has been prepared and submitted by: Lizaine Ivan Y. Aguinaldo, Irma Joy M. Agustin, Charlane
A. Asuncion, Roxanne Mae S. Austria, Marolyn B. Ayyong, Juna R. Baduria and Roselle
Vianney Marigold A. Bagaipo.

Has the following ethical considerations and guidelines –

A. Safe guards against Potential Ethical Dilemmas

1. Beneficence

Freedom from Exploitation • The study do not exploits the

participants. The said research includes the
provision of information and on how to
avoid, recognize and report instances of
exploitation, violence and abuse of the said
participants. The study takes appropriate
measures to promote the physical,
cognitive and psychological aspects of the
participants and so as the social
reintegration of persons.

Freedom from Harm • The researchers make it sure that no

damage will be done to the respondents by
collecting the data without forcing them.

Risks to Participants • The research post no risk to the

participants involved

Benefits to Participants • This study promotes general

knowledge for nurses and for the readers
in handling a geriatric patient and
constructing an effective coping strategy
to overcome hindrances.

Risk – Benefit Assessment • The study may have a risk that tend to
focus only on potential harm that may arise
from a future event, which may accrue
either from incurring a cost ("downside risk")
or by failing to attain some benefit But it has
more benefits compared to risks. It is not
just for the benefits for the nurses but also
for the geriatric patients. This research
could help improve the situation or the
outcome of the patient through using
therapeutic communication and overcoming
hindrances to nurse – geriatric patient
Right to Self – Determination • The researchers will give details with
regards to the research for thorough
Right to Full Disclosure interview to a much better result of
gathering data.
• The researcher would eventually
explicate the procedure to the following
participants prior to the interview and notify
that the data gathered will be used as a
research project.

2. Respect for Human Dignity

3. Justice

Right to Fair Treatment No names will be mentioned upon doing the

Right to Privacy research. Anonymity will be maintained.

Personal information given by the participants

are well protected and restricted for research
purposes only

B. Safeguards against Research Misconduct

Plagiarism The researcher certifies that this study is

Fabrication independently made and citations are
Falsification appropriately documented.
Authorship The researchers did not change anything
Data Management regarding the outcome of the study or the result
of the interview or anything with regards to
gathering of the data.
Conflicts of Interest N/A
Financial Arrangements N/A
Use of Information N/A
Which were reviewed by

Ms. Bea-Gracia Cruz


Approved by the Committee on Oral Examination on March 4, 2010.


_____________________ _____________________
Panel Member Panel Member

Accepted and approved,

Gisela D. A. Luna, RN, MAEd (SPED), MAN

Dean, St. Luke’s College of Nursing