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Florida House of Representatives

Representative Kimberly Daniels

District 14
For Immediate Release
April 2, 2018

In the August 2016 Primary Election, I was proud to earn the Democratic nomination
DISTRICT OFFICE making it possible for me to serve my District 14 neighbors in the Florida House of
11565 North Main Street Representatives. Over 61% of the people in House District 14 are minorities. Over the past
Suite- 106 two years racial tension has plagued our state. Several political leaders have been forced
Jacksonville, FL 32218 to resign as a result.
P: 904-696-5928

TALLAHASSEE OFFICE Recently, a pattern of disregard for minority people has landed on our front door in the
1102 The Capitol Duval County Democratic Executive Committee. DNC Member and State Committeeman
402 South Monroe Street
John Parker allegedly referred to African Americans as “colored people” and offered other
Tallahassee, FL 32399
P: 850-717-5014 disgraceful comments about integration at a restaurant in January 2018. Preceding this
instance, he allegedly referred to the Working People Caucus as the “Poor Black People
Working Caucus” and called a constituent the “mayor’s mammy.” Unlike, other leaders in
COMMITTEE Florida, even after a request from the Florida Black Caucus, Mr. Parker has not resigned.
Education Committee

SUBCOMMITTEE Several DEC members appealed to party leadership for an investigation. DEC Chair Lisa
PreK-12 Quality King, who is married to Mr. Parker, denied these appeals, even though she was present
Subcommittee when the alleged remarks were made. It is my opinion that Mrs. King did not address the
situation in a timely and proper manner.
PreK-12 Appropriations
While I believe Mr. Parker should apologize, an apology alone will not suffice. The purpose
of this letter is to respectfully request that John Parker and his wife, Lisa King, immediately
Erin Shields
Legislative Assistant resign. Our city deserves unwavering leadership that is sensitive, inclusive and responsive
to the concerns of the people. Mrs. King’s silence on the matter, until released in the media,
Consqailla Toney demonstrated her complicity. The Democratic Party of Duval County is ready to move
District Secretary forward. This obstacle can no longer be an impediment.

Kimberly Daniels
House District 14