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APRIL 6, 2018
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Podcasters to perform live
in Tenafly to mark
Israel's 70th birthday
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Teaneck, NJ 07666
1086 Teaneck Road
Jewish Standard
The Jewish Home Family and Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
will host

What’s New in
Parkinson’s Research
Updates from The Michael J. Fox Foundation
Samantha J. Hutten, PhD
Senior Associate Director, Research Programs

This event is open to physicians, medical professionals and members of the community.

April 16, 2018
6:30 p.m. Light dessert fare
7 - 8 p.m. Presentation and Moderated Q&A with
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center physicians
and The Michael J. Fox Foundation
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, 350 Engle Street, Englewood, New Jersey
RSVP required: or 551-444-3183

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Does Google know
your hummus taste?
l Google Israel has announced an application that
Nils Lofgren, left, on stage with Bruce Springsteen. Kevin Winter/Getty Images detects what kind of hummus its customers enjoy.
“We’re extremely excited to share with you our
latest Google Cloud groundbreaking technology:

Springsteen’s guitarist After enabling our customers to address senses
through Speech & Vision API, we are now releas-
ing a subset of Taste APIs starting with a dish we
saved by an old bar mitzvah gift all love — Hummus!” the YouTube video tells us.
It was released on April 1.
The video purports to show how Google re-
l Bruce Springsteen’s longtime guitarist Nils Lofgren searchers came up with the a “taste stick” to de-
found himself in a pickle last week. Just hours before termine the variety of hummus that Israelis would
a sold-out solo show in Dallas, he discovered that his most enjoy based on an analysis of their taste
four vintage guitars had been stolen. buds, and then pinpoint a local hummus restau-
Lofgren, who also has toured with Neil Young and rant, one of 20,000 in the country, that serves the
Ringo Starr, tweeted that he was “devastated” by appropriate variety of hummus.
the robbery, but he promised fans that the show One woman who speaks in the video said she did
would go on. not feel Israeli enough because she had not been
Thankfully the search for a replacement didn’t take able to find a hummus she enjoyed before she used
too long. Lofgren remembered that his old friend How- the Hummus API technology. Another praises the
ard Kweller — now a doctor, formerly Lofgren’s band- API for helping her find a spicy hummus.
mate in middle school — lives in north Texas. A little Even Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai gets in on the
more than two decades ago, Lofgren gave Kweller’s act, saying that his city is a “culinary and techno-
son Ben a guitar for his bar mitzvah. Ben Kweller — logical center which embraces smart, innovative
who is a noted indie rocker himself — was more than new ideas. Therefore, it was natural for us to in-
happy to let Lofgren borrow the old bar mitzvah gift. tegrate the great hummus API in our city. People
“Nils knows that guitar and he’s played it before,” find the hummus they need easier, they are hap-
Howard Kweller told CBS DFW. “He’s the ultimate per- pier, the hummus industry is blooming.”
former. I have no doubt he’ll have an amazing show.” Other Google videos released on April 1 — April
Ben Kweller has talked about his Jewish identity, Fools’ Day — include a Where’s Waldo for Google
notably to the UK’s Jewish Telegraph in 2004. He said Maps, the “Bad Joke Detector” that clears space
that his family was the only Jewish one in Greenville, on your phone by deleting all the bad jokes sent
Texas, where he grew up, and that he became friends From left: Ben Kweller, Niles Lofgren, a Kweller to you by family and friends, and a redesign of
with his local rabbi. granddaughter, and Dr. Howard Kweller. Google in Australia called Googz. JTA Wire Service
“Being a Jew in a small town helped me form my
identity,” he told Mike Cohen. “I am proud to be Jewish.” middle name is Lev, or heart in Hebrew.)
On his 2002 song “Lizzy,” Kweller sings the Hebrew In the end, the police found Lofgren’s guitars, just a ON THE COVER: Yochai Maital tells a story onstage
word “Dayenu” (“it would have been enough”), and few days after he enjoyed the company of an old friend. for the Israel Story. Avishag Shaar-Yashuv
his son’s middle name is Zev, or wolf in Hebrew. (Ben’s  Gabe Friedman/JTA Wire Service

PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT: (USPS 275-700 ISN 0021-6747) is pub-
Eight crazy fire hazards
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Some 1,800 menorahs were handed out last December on Jewish Heritage real estate��������������������������������������������������48
Night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif. According to the CPSC alert, the
glue holding the orange basketball-shaped candleholders to the frame could
melt under the heat of a flame, “causing the candleholders and lit candles to
fall off, posing fire and burn hazards.” For convenient Friday, April 6, 7:08 p.m.
While technically dubbed a recall, the CPSC announcement urges those in home delivery,
Shabbat ends:
possession of the menorahs to dispose of them. call 201-837-8818 or
Dan Pine/The Jewish News of Northern California Saturday, April 7, 8:09 p.m.

Jewish Standard April 6, 2018 3
“An earlier version of this article incorrectly
stated Benjamin Netanyahu said Moses
brought water from Iraq. He said the
water was brought from a rock.”
HITS AND MISSES: — Correction appended to Wall Street Journal article,
“Sheldon Adelson Facilitated EPA Connection for Israeli Firm.”
Major league
2018 edition
The following VALENCIA, 33, Baltimore, the brains of dead
Jewish players first base/outfield. The people. She has access to
were on a major much-traveled Valencia these brains by working
league roster as of had an okay 2017 season at the medical examiner’s
opening day, 2018: with Seattle. A free office. As a bonus, her
RICHARD BLEIER, 30, agent, he was signed by diet allows Liz briefly to
Baltimore, relief pitcher. Baltimore and earned a take in some things that
He appeared in 23 games spot with the club in the dead knew. So she
with the Yankees in 2016 spring training. ZACH helps solve murders.
and pitched well but was WEISS, 25, Cincinnati, Bloom plays a murdered
in the minors last year. relief pitcher. This rookie actress.
RYAN BRAUN, 34, came back from surgery You should really check
Milwaukee, outfielder/ on his elbow late in 2016. out the new now-stream-
first base. This six-time Richard Bleier Ryan Braun Ike Barinoltz ing HBO documentary
All-Star and National At the movies about the late playwright
League MVP (2011) had a “Blockers,” which ARTHUR MILLER. How-
decent 2017 season, opens on April 6, ever, since it’s Passover, I
during which he hit his is a light, quite will relate one anecdote
300th home run. ALEX raunchy comedy. Basic appropriately NOT in the
BREGMAN, 24, Houston, plot: when three parents film. The late TONY RAN-
shortstop. Bregman had stumble upon their DALL loved to tell this
a very good 2017 season, daughters’ pact to lose story on talk shows, while
hitting especially well in their virginity at the admitting it was probably
the second half. He prom, they launch a made up. When MARILYN
turned in a stellar covert one-night opera- MONROE, who was fa-
performance in the tion to stop the teens mously married to Miller,
World Series, which the from sealing the deal. IKE first was served matzah-
Astros won. IAN KIN- BARINOLTZ, 41, plays the ball soup, she said: “What
SLER, 35, Los Angeles father of Sam, one of the Gina Gershon Taika Waititi Rachel Bloom do they do with the other
Angels, second base. three pact daughters. parts of the matzah?” In
Kinsler, a four-time The daughters are played for GINA GERSHON, 55, any film he wants. First, has ever had. a related Pesach vein, I
All-Star, had a weak bat by three relative un- in a particularly raunchy he made several films recently stumbled on a
in 2017 and was traded knowns, including subplot. in New Zealand — com- TV news and a little
2006 Jay Leno/Robin
from Detroit to the GIDEON ADLON, 20, as SCARLETT JOHANS- edies and dramas — that holiday humor Williams interview. They
Angels in the off-season. Sam. This is Adlon’s first SON, 33, reportedly has had one thing in com- RACHEL BLOOM, discussed the dangers
JOC PEDERSON, 25, Los big part. She is the signed to play a non- mon: they made money 30, the star of the of giving your kid an
Angeles Dodgers, daughter of actress/ Jewish German woman and also were critical CW series “My unusual name. Williams
outfielder. Always a writer PAMELA ADLON, who is hiding a Jewish hits. So he was tapped to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” will provided this example,
streak hitter, Pederson 51. Pamela had three girl in her home. Things direct “Thor Raganorok” guest-star on the CW “GWYNETH PALTROW
saved his major league daughters, including turn dicey when her son, (2017), a big-budget horror/detective show named her baby Moses,
career with a great Gideon, with her ex-hus- a Hitler Youth member, Hollywood flick. It was a “IZombie.” Her episode which means every few
performance in the band, director Percy discovers her secret. monster box-office and will air first on Monday, years he has to go to
playoffs and World Adlon, and raised them The film is directed by critical hit. His name is April 8, at 9 p.m. This Israel and say, “‘Okay
Series. KEVIN PILLAR, mostly alone. She turned New Zealander TAIKA pronounced TIE-CO WA- series has a very strange everybody, out of the
29, outfielder, Toronto. her experience as a very WAITITI, 42. Waititi, the TEE-TEE. Say that name premise, even for a water.’” (Paltrow really
Pillar had a very good busy single mother into son of a Jewish mother aloud a few times — sort zombie film or movie. has a son named MOSES,
hitting season in 2017, the hit FX series “Better and a Maori (native of chant it, Hawaiian The main character, Liz, is now 12, and boy do I miss
with a career high 16 Things.” Gideon looks a Polynesian) father, has style. It’s among the cool- a zombie, but maintains Robin Williams.)
home runs. DANNY lot like Pamela. Also, look the juice now to make est names a Jewish guy her humanness by eating –N.B.

California-based Nate Bloom can be reached at
Want to read more noshes? Visit



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of winemaking has instilled a deep

appreciation for our growing regions and

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Herzog SR ad 2017 1 btl sizes.indd 2 9/4/17 5:11 PM
Hadassah Lieberman’s story
Daughter of survivors tells how her family
went from death camps to the U.S. Senate
JOANNE PALMER It’s an issue she knows firsthand. the point, which was very strong, that we

She will be speaking at the Jewish Feder- as Jews have always had difficult memo-
adassah Freilich Lieberman is ation of Northern New Jersey’s Holocaust ries, hard things to remember, and that we
the daughter of survivors. commemoration in Fair Lawn on Wednes- have simultaneously stood up and flown,
She is the Prague-born wife day. (See box.) with our wings, despite how low we have
of a retired United States sen- “I am a representative of the Shoah’s been on so many occasions.
ator who became the first Jewish vice pres- next generation,” Ms. Lieberman said. “What I want to talk about, what is so
idential candidate (that’s former senator “My parents were survivors, my mother of important to me to talk about, is that my
Joseph Lieberman, first Democrat, then Auschwitz and Dachau — she was liberated mother survived the worst of horrors. I
Independent, from Connecticut); she is from Dachau — and my father from slave found a diary after she died in 1970, telling
the mother of two children, one of whom labor camps. me that she could write only a few pages, Hadassah Freilich Lieberman
is a rabbi revolutionizing Jewish egalitar- “I really have no bigger message than that and therefore prayed that her children
ian intellectually focused learning (that’s I come to talk as a person who is a daugh- could tell more of the story. not striking in his or her own way, she
Rabbi Ethan Tucker of Hadar), and the ter of survivors, and who wonders how we “We” — that’s Ms. Lieberman and her asked.) “We must remember, repeat, and
stepmother of two children, and she also is can pass things on,” she said. “I was talking brother, Ary Freilich, who lived in Tenafly listen. And at the same time, we have chil-
a powerhouse of charisma, charm, social to my machetuniste, Ruth Wisse” — that’s until a few years ago and continues to be dren and grandchildren, and we have to
advocacy, and professionalism. Dr. Ruth Wisse of Harvard, the mother of active in local Jewish institutions — “had move forward with memory and strength.
She’s also a frequent speaker on issues of Hadassah’s stepdaughter Rebecca Lieber- striking parents.” But their obligations are And now we are very lucky because we
American Jewish life, particularly the Holo- man’s husband, Jacob Wisse — “who was the same as those all children of survivors have the state of Israel.
caust and its effects on the next generations. speaking about her memories. She made confront. (And really, which survivor was SEE LIEBERMAN PAGE 8

Days of darkness, years of light
Israeli artist’s memories of German labor camps
are on display at Holocaust commemoration
JOANNE PALMER said. “But he knows that it saved his life.”
He kept drawing, from camp to camp to camp.
Shmuel Leitner always wanted to be an artist. “There were no pencils and no paper, and no drawing
It seems that one of the truths of the Holocaust is that boards, so he drew with the little stubs of pencil that
even as people were tortured and demeaned and dehu- he could find, and on scraps of paper.” Those scraps —
manized, robbed of love and hope, sometimes they most of them lost and recreated by memory — make up
were able to hold onto shattered bits of the people they “Days of Darkness 1938-1945,” Mr. Leitner’s book.
had been. Sometimes they used those shards to slash Mr. Leitner was liberated in 1945. “He went back to
an escape, or to cut calluses from their hearts once they his town and he found that there was nobody there.
were liberated. There were no Jews left. And nobody who was there
Shmuel Leitner always wanted to be an artist. Eventu- knew anything about his family.”
ally, he succeeded; some of his work will be on display He had been a Zionist before the war, so he tried to
at the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey’s Holo- get to Palestine by ship, but the British stopped the ship,
caust commemoration on Wednesday night. (See box.) called “Lanegev,” and sent its passengers to detention
Mr. Leitner was born in 1925 in Bendjin, Poland, to a in Cyprus. He waited from 1946 to 1948. While he was
secular family, “integrated into Polish life,” as his daugh- there, he studied art with a famous Israeli artist, Naftali
ter-in-law Ruth Leitner said. Bezem, who also was detained there. He met his wife,
“His father was a barber, the family had been barbers Miriam, who was born in the town of Auschwitz and
for generations, and the center of their lives was the had been imprisoned in concentration camps, and they Shmuel Leitner’s rendering of the entrance to
barber shop. Shmuel had a brother, Felix, who was four married there. In 1948, the Leitners got to Israel, where Auschwitz and the thousands of slave laborers.
years younger. Shmuel was supposed to be a barber – they remarried; the next year, their only child, Ruth’s
but the Holocaust happened.” husband Gaby, was born. after it was created — until the 1970s, it welcomed large
Mr. Leitner was not sent to a death camp or a concen- The Leitners were among the founders of Kibbutz numbers of Argentinian immigrants, who changed and
tration camp. Instead, he “was sent to seven different Gazit in the northern Galilee. Although Miriam -- who also strengthened it.
labor camps, starting when he was 16 years old,” Ms. had been weakened by her ordeal by torture at the Like so many survivors then, “those Polish survivors
Leitner said. All of them were in Germany. Nazis’ hands, never fully regained her health -- has died, never spoke a word about their experiences when they
“He was talented as a draftsman, and the Germans Shmuel still belongs to the kibbutz, and Gaby was the arrived in ’48 and ’49,” Ms. Leitner said. “They had one
used his skills to make roads. He claims that what saved kibbutz’s first child. goal – to regain stability and a healthy family. Gaby
his life was these skills.” How did the Germans know that Gazit’s founders were almost all survivors from never heard a word about the Holocaust growing up.”
he could sketch? “He doesn’t know,” his daughter-in-law Poland, Ms. Leitner said, but from the 1950s — soon SEE DARKNESS PAGE 8

From our family
to yours

A Happy, Sweet
and Pleasant



children is strength, not weakness.” situation. Rabbi Freilich was Orthodox by been, while also always remembering to
Lieberman Her father, Rabbi Samuel Freilich, was background and early education, Conser- be grateful for where they find themselves
active in postwar Czechoslovakia, work- vative by smicha, and not well versed in now. And it’s not an abstraction for Hadas-
“My husband and I just recently went ing with the government to help get Jews American Jewish life. The shul was nomi- sah Lieberman, as the life story she tells to
back to Ukraine — he is on the board of out of the country. “There still was ten- nally Conservative but that affiliation make that point demonstrates.
Babi Yar — since both of our ancestors sion between eastern and western Jews,” wasn’t very deep, and the Jewish commu-
are from that area,” she said. “There she said — in rough, hugely overgen- nity was tightknit but small and not Jew-
were no Jews left. I really wanted to get eralized terms, between the more and ishly knowledgeable. Who: Hadassah Lieberman
out of there quickly. less modern, more and less educated, It was a learning experience on both What: Will give the keynote talk at the
“As Jews, I don’t even want to have the ones who had been fairly affluent sides, their daughter reported. Jewish Federation of Northern New
memories of the town that marked our until the Nazis struck and the ones who Her mother was an always-elegant Jersey’s annual Holocaust commemo-
families’ exodus from those areas. As never had been comfortable. “It always woman, attractive and poised, who taught
difficult as it is to remember, to go back is sickening to hear about any tensions Hebrew school and took a leading role in Where: At Temple Beth Sholom, 40-25
to those places — difficult because we between Jews, when you look at how the shul’s women’s club. Fair Lawn Ave., in Fair Lawn
are no longer there, we are in another difficult everything was for Jews,” Ms. Ms. Lieberman had a happy childhood When: On Wednesday, April 11; the art
place, and we are strong, and we want Lieberman said. but it was not without its challenges. exhibit begins at 6 p.m., and Hadassah
Rabbi Freilich had a yeshiva back- “Thank God we were where we were,” Lieberman will speak at 6:30.
to remain strong — we have worked
really hard to maintain that. We want ground; when he got to the United States, she said. For more information: Go to www.
no part of the societies that have ousted he was ordained at the Jewish Theologi- Now, her goal is to ensure that Jews or call either the main number,
(201)797-9321, or Roz Melzer at (201)
us. And what comes out of the memo- cal Seminary. He took a pulpit in Gard- remember the terrible places where many
ries that we want to pass on to our ner, Massachusetts. It was an interesting of them, including her parents, have

Communist, and “they were afraid that if he got pack-
Darkness ages from Israel, then Stefan would be discovered as a
Jew. So they sent packages, but through Vienna.”
Mr. Leitner taught art on the kibbutz three days a week; In 1989, when it was safe, Stefan visited his family in
he also worked in the kitchen, “paying his dues,” Ruth Israel. “He was a Polish gentleman,” Ms. Leitner said.
Leitner said. And he became a prolific artist. “He does “He gave us three kisses on the hand. He didn’t know
amazing ceramics and paintings,” his daughter-in-law any language that we knew, but Gaby’s parents spoke
said. “Colorful paintings of nature, and of families.” The Polish with him. They were just glowing from the visit.
work about the Holocaust came much later. And his expe- “And then he went back to Poland, and we never saw
riences have come out only in his art. “I have known him him again, and we know that he died.”
for more than 50 years, and I have never spoken more Gaby Leitner went on to earn a doctorate in immunol-
than 10 words to him at a time. He is not communicative ogy, and become “world-renowned as a scientist,” his
at all – except in his art. It all goes into his art.” wife said. “This is a guy whose parents never finished
Mr. Leitner knew that his parents had died, and he grade school.” They never had that opportunity. But the
believed that his brother had as well. “And then, in 1983, Leitners kept their pain from their son and daughter-in-
he found out that his brother was alive and well and law, and even when Gaby and Ruth — who is American-
living in Poland, under the assumed name of a Polish born and has many family members in the United States
person,” Ms. Leitner said. There was a Polish man living — left Israel to study, “they never said anything. They
near the Leitners’ town whose son had died. “He gave never tried to influence us to stay.”
his Polish son’s papers and identity card to Felix Leit- But by the time they were grandparents, the Leit-
ner, and Felix became Stefan Something, a Polish boy.” ners were ready to talk. Their grandchildren all went to
Felix/Stefan was 11 then, and he became purely Stefan, Poland on the March of the Living. “And in the 1990s,
a Pole. “He married a Polish woman, and he became a after 40 years, they started telling the stories — and
Polish man with a Polish wife. that’s when Shmuel started creating his Holocaust art.
For 40 years he lived that way, and then — this was There are now 17 Leitners; “second, third, and fourth-
35 years ago — he came to the kibbutz. He was walking generation Holocaust survivors,” Ms. Leitner said. “We
around, alive and well.” were at the memorial in Berlin, standing over Hitler’s
The two men rediscovered each other, and Shmuel bunker, and we had the feeling that the Leitner family Mr. Leitner painted a Europe in flames with
visited Stefan in Poland. He also sent Stefan packages, beat the Nazis. Literally and figuratively. And that is the bombings and dispossessed populations.
because Poland was very poor then. But it still was message of the exhibit.”

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Marching for justice in Paris
Teaneck-born rabbi joins protestors marking
the murder of Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll
Joanne Palmer

hen Mireille Knoll was
about 7 years old, she
escaped a roundup of
French Jews in Paris;
those Jews who did not escape, including
her family, soon were slaughtered by the
Nazis and their eager allies.
We are told that one of the two young
men who the French police arrested for
her brutal murder — “brutal” might be a
tabloid word, but it is hard to know what
more gentle word could be applied to a
death that involved being stabbed 11 times
and set on fire — knew Ms. Knoll since he
was 7; she was kind to him, we are told.
She was a kind woman, we are told, as
well as chic in the Parisian way that elderly
women can maintain with such apparent
ease in that capital of chic.
She was 85 years old, and in failing
health, when she was killed on March 23.
But she was Jewish, and apparently that
was enough to provoke her murderers,
according to French officials.
It also apparently was enough to pro-
voke an anti-Semitic murderer to kill
Sarah Halimi, a 66-year-old retired physi- Alain Ndigal, left, and Ruth Grammens wrap themselves in Israeli flags at the memorial march in Paris for Mireille Knoll.
cian and kindergarten teacher who lived  Cnaan Liphshiz

a few blocks away from Ms. Knoll, in 2017.
Ms. Halimi was beaten and then thrown off my mother’s mother, Miriam Wolkenfeld
her balcony, apparently by a young man Cohen, and I realized that I had to go.
who lived in the apartment beneath hers “I called my rabbi, Avi Weiss, who usu-
in Paris’s gentrifying 11th Arrondissement. ally goes on missions like this, but he
It is easy to draw parallels between now and the other rabbis who usually would
and World War II that are more sweeping do it couldn’t, because it was so close to
than they should be. Jews were murdered
wholesale by government decree then; now
these murders are more retail, individual,
by killers who apparently are psychotic.
(There is much room for study on the differ-
This woman, who
ences between people made into murderers was 85 years old,
by the surrounding culture that encourages
it, and people who are psychotic because
had escaped the
their brains are wired badly.) Nazis 76 years
And the reaction to the deaths have
been different.
ago, only to be
Despite some initial reluctance to label murdered in her
them, as well as other similar murders
of Jews, as anti-Semitic (and with a very
own home.
real need to make sure of the truth of Rabbi Avram Mlotek
that claim before making it), the French Pesach. But they were all supportive of
government has acknowledged the prob- was among them. the brutal murder, and I just felt called to me, and Rabbi Weiss connected me to the
lem and denounced it. French politicians Rabbi Mlotek grew up in Teaneck — his go there,” he said, in a phone call from head of the chevra kadisha,” the burial
showed up at Ms. Knoll’s funeral, and at parents, Debra and Zalmen, the artistic the airport in Paris last Thursday, the day society, “there.
a memorial march and vigil that followed. director of the National Yiddish Theatre before Pesach started, as he waited for his “My wife and I had just spent seven
There has been a great deal of outrage at — Folksbiene, still live there — and now flight home. hours cleaning, and we were going to wel-
the murder and the anti-Semitism that is the rabbi of the downtown New York’s “I had been in New York, I had just come come more than 50 young Jews to our
seems to lie behind it in France, and its Base Hillel (he and his wife, Yael Kornfeld, from a beit din where we had squeezed home for the seder, but I hopped on a
politicians are reacting. co-founded the growing millennial Jewish in two conversions,” Rabbi Mlotek said. plane.” No worries — he got back home in
The Jewish community turned out in group). He is strongly motivated by the “And I thought of my grandmother, who is time to cook and prepare.
force, and some Jews from outside France need for justice, and the competing pulls Ms. Knoll’s age, a Holocaust refugee from “But I met with the organizers of the
took action as well. Rabbi Avram Mlotek of history and the future. “I heard about Germany who is living in Connecticut, See justice page 12

10 Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018
Isaac Shulman, Mathematics Major, Class of 2017
YU Master’s Candidate in Mathematics 2019
RIETS Semicha Candidate 2019



Six months after graduation, 95.2% of our
alumni are employed, or in graduate school.


Learn more about Isaac and other dynamic students at

n | 646.592.4440 |

Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018 11

escaped the Nazis 76 years ago, only to be who was looking for community. She the Exodus, and to ponder what freedom
Justice murdered in her own home. found it at Base — “she’s coming to us for means, but it is also the commemoration of
from page 10
“We lined up and lowered the aron” seder,” Rabbi Mlotek said — and in return the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. I think about
rally, and I went to the funeral, and it was — the casket — “into the grave. It was so she connected her mother, still in Paris, how my children won’t know what a Holo-
just so powerful.” powerful, the chesed shel emet,” the obli- with Rabbi Mlotek, and Rabbi Mlotek got caust survivor’s voice sounds like by the
The president of France, Emanuel gation to take care of the dead with tender- to meet her rabbi, Tom Cohen of Kehilat time they grow up.
Macron, was at the funeral. So too were ness and respect, an obligation that by its Gesher in Paris, an American expatriate “Yes, we can talk about how genocide
somewhere between 100 and 200 mourn- nature can never be repaid, at least by its who is “married to the first woman rabbi continues to be perpetrated, and we can
ers, Rabbi Mlotek reported. “I introduced recipient. “And there were these people, in France,” Pauline Bebe. chant ‘never again,’ but now there still are
myself to the officiating rabbi and the fam- the president of France, Israel’s ambassa- Talking to Rabbi Cohen, Rabbi Mlotek survivors living. It is a sacred responsibility
ily after the ceremony,” he said. “She was a dor to France, all the mourners, standing “heard about the vibrant Jewish life in to ensure that they can live in peace during
widow and had two sons — I think her hus- in the mud and the rain, because before Paris, juxtaposed with these horrific their last years on this earth.
band had been a survivor as well. Both the death everyone is equal.” attacks.” There has been “a decrease in the “The parallel to Passover is almost over-
sons are married, and one has a daughter Because the Jewish world is so con- number of anti-Semitic attacks in France, whelming. We say that in every genera-
who made aliyah; one of the sons and that nected, Rabbi Mlotek was able to meet but those attacks have become more vio- tion they rise up against us to annihilate
granddaughter spoke. with other Jews through the inevitable lent,” he said. us. This is nothing new. There are pha-
“I met Macron, and I met the ambassa- although often improbable networks The march and the vigil that followed raohs and there is Hitler. They have much
dor from Israel,” he continued. The funeral that link just about everyone. “I met attracted many non-Jews, Rabbi Mlotek in common. Anti-Semitism is a plague like
was at graveside, “and it was raining, so we with a local rabbi in Paris,” he said. “It said; still, “there must have been 10,000 any other plague, like racism or misogyny
were all stuffed together under the tent. was crazy.” He had led a group from Base people there, and the core was Jewish stu- or homophobia. It is our responsibility to
Right after the ceremony it poured even Hillel to the Women’s March that filled dents. It was driven by these youths, who combat anti-Semitism by raising awareness
more rain, so we were all pushed together Manhattan on the Shabbat in January want a different reality, a different France, and holding the bigot accountable, and it
even closer.” Somehow, Rabbi Mlotek 2016 that immediately followed Donald a different home.” is also our responsibility to try to build a
ended up as one of the pallbearers. Trump’s inauguration, and on that unsea- It also is important to remember the world of compassion and love.
“It was unfathomable to me,” he said. sonably warm, oddly hope-filled, day, he reality that Passover is not only an “oppor- “It is that responsibility that brought me
“This woman, who was 85 years old, had ran into a young French Jewish woman tunity for the Jewish people to remember to Paris.”

Paris vigil for murdered survivor brings together
family, politicians, and Muslim rescuer of Jews
Cnaan Liphshiz “The minister is here and Mayor Anne Hidalgo is also Marine Le Pen, the far-right politician who CRIF Presi-
here, and that’s important because their commitment to dent Francis Kalifat said was not welcome at the rally,
French Jews mourning a Holocaust survivor murdered the values of the French Republic is imperative for the showed up anyway. Dozens of her supporters shouted
in her Paris apartment welcomed the presence of survival of Jewish life here,” David Mechal, a Jewish man “Marine is with us” as others shouted “N for Nazi,” refer-
France’s interior minister, Gérard Collomb, at a vigil in from the suburb of Sarcelles, said. “But real change is encing the first letter of her National Front party. French
her memory. not up to them. It’s up to people like Lassana, so it’s mov- Jews believe it is a hotbed of anti-Semitism, though she
“We appreciate authorities’ swift action for justice ing to see him with us here, standing with us in solidarity denies the assertion.
and continued support,” Joel Mergui, the president of in our hour of need.” Jean-Luc Melenchon, a far-left politician whom CRIF
a Jewish group, the Consistoire, said last week during a For Bathily, who has consistently rejected assertions said engages in anti-Semitic rhetoric, also showed up
vigil at the Tournelles Synagogue in Paris in memory of that he was a hero, attending the vigil was “an act of soli- despite being asked not to.
Mireille Knoll. darity,” but also a message, he said. Attendance by non-Jews at commemorative events for
Prosecutors said she was murdered, partly because “I want to tell the Jews of France, you are not isolated. victims of anti-Semitism is a major issue to many French
she was Jewish, by a Muslim neighbor and an accom- You are not abandoned. This is your country,” said Bath- Jews, who feel their society is more likely to focus on
plice. Knoll’s son Daniel eulogized his mother before an ily, who became a French citizen by power of an exec- Islamist violence when it is directed at non-Jews.
audience of hundreds at the vigil. utive decree weeks after the bloodbath at the Hyper- “It’s an impressive mobilization, for sure,” Vincent
Earlier that day, President Emmanuel Macron Cacher store in recognition of his role in saving people Cohen said at the march. “But I look around and I see
attended Knoll’s funeral, where he embraced one of her from the perpetrator. “Do not leave France, he added. around me the same people who came to the Hyper-
children and vowed to fight anti-Semitism. “Stay here. There are many like me who support you.” Cacher vigil, the same people who showed up at the
But for many Jews at the vigil, which followed a memo- Bathily was among many non-Jews who showed up for march for Sarah Halimi.
rial march through Paris, Collomb’s presence seemed commemoration events in memory of Knoll, whose kill- “I see mostly graying Jews. This place looks like a CRIF
secondary in importance to that of a young African Mus- ing shocked many Frenchmen because of its brutality — conference and it slightly depresses me.”
lim man who unceremoniously entered the synagogue she was stabbed 11 times before her body was torched — Daniel Knoll touched on this point in a highly emo-
and sat in the back row. Within minutes, all eyes were but also because she survived the 1942 roundup of Jews tional eulogy he delivered for his mother at the
on the man — Lassana Bathily, a 27-year-old from Mali by French police working for the Nazis. synagogue.
whom many consider a hero because he hid a dozen Some non-Jews at the march, which had at least “I look around and I want to see everyone, not only
people from the jihadist who killed four Jews at a kosher 10,000 participants, were holding signs reading “don’t Jews, but people of all colors, all faiths, at these events,”
store in 2015. touch my buddy.” Others, like Alain Ndigal, a 48-year-old he said.
After the vigil, dozens of people huddled around Bath- mechanic of African descent, wore Israeli flags. Referencing how hatred of Israel sometimes morphs
ily — some to hug him, others to shake his hand, and “I am here to support French Jews, sure, but I’m also into hatred of Jews in France, he asked: “But why hate
several to pose for selfies with him. here to support myself and other Frenchmen,” said Ndi- Israel in the first place? It’s a good place, based on jus-
Some women crossed over from their section of the gal, a devout Christian. “We know by now that what tice. Why hate Israelis? My daughters are Israelis. They
synagogue to greet Bathily and thank him for coming, begins with the Jews never ends with them. We are also are wonderful, compassionate women.”
addressing him in the familiar “tu” pronoun rather than in the crosshairs.” Visibly grief-stricken, Daniel Knoll told the crowd that
the “vous” that they normally would use with strangers. Notwithstanding, French Jews appeared to have been “he has no answers for those questions,” or the question
Several people said his presence offers hope amid the overwhelming majority at the march, despite calls by with which he concluded his speech: “How do I go on
growing despair over the proliferation of anti-Semitic organizers of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish now, without a mother, with this terrible pain?”
violence and authorities’ apparent inability to stop it. communities for non-Jews to attend. JTA Wire Service

12 Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018

You're Invited
Vegas-style Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament • Sensational Dinner Fare
Silent and Live Auction • Scotch and Stogies • Blackjack

May 24, 2018 @ 6:30 pm 1st Prize: $7,500 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Prize: $3,500 Amazon Gift Card
Alpine Country Club, 80 Anderson Avenue, Demarest 3rd Prize: $1,500 Amazon Gift Card
500 Player | $200 Guest Couvert
100% of net proceeds will fund
Jewish Federation’s hunger relief efforts.

Noah Garden, Daniel Herz,
Steve Rogers, Jason Schwartz

Paul Brensilber, Jon Cogan, Dan Cohn,
Clive Gershon, Mark Goldstein, David Graf,
Michael Halper, David Harris, Evan Heller,
Andrew Jacobs, Andy Jacobs, Eric Kanefsky,
Eric Kleiner, Mitchell Lieberman,
Erik Maschler, Marc Nadel, William Rose,
Barry Slivka, David York

For more information, contact Andi Lewittes • • 201-820-3930


Anything but robotic
Yeshiva High School team competes for championship — but not on Shabbat

or the 14 members of
the Yeshiva University
High School for Boys
rookie robotics team,
winning the New York City cham-
pionship in the FIRST Tech Chal-
lenge absolutely was a dream
come true.
The team — Lionotics 2 — made
history as the first yeshiva high
school team ever to qualify for
the FIRST Tech Challenge East
Region Super-Regional Champi-
onship, held at Scranton Univer-
sity in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Yet the boys’ elation was tem-
pered by a little problem they
already were discussing on the
bus back from their victory
— the next step. The regional
championship would take place
March 16 to 18, with matches
scheduled on Saturday. Shab-
bat. That was out of the ques-
tion for the Orthodox team.
“We weren’t sure we’d even
be able to go,” Lionotics 2 team Lionotics 2 team members, from left, Zack Mankowitz, Hannan Berger, Benny Jacob, Aryeh Greenberg, Netanel Tager, and Elishama
member Zachary Mankowitz of Marmon. Not pictured: Sammy Cohen, Yakov Kagansky, David Kohanchi, Ezra Muskat, GJ Neiman, Dovi Pfeiffer, Akiva Richman, and
Teaneck said. Dov Tuchman. YUHSB

After an initial request to
change the date of the competi- software part of the robotics “Even though we lost, the The other local members of started in September. “We
tion was rejected, YUHSB admin- team. They spent Shabbat in the experience was really incred- the team were GJ Neiman of Suf- remade the entire robot three
istrators and Yeshiva Universi- dorm of the Yeshiva of Scranton. ible,” Zachary said. “Everyone fern (captain for the hardware times over,” he said. “It was
ty’s Department of Legal Affairs Lionotics 2 won its first match, was so nice and accommodating part); Dov Tuchman of Passaic; hard to get the claws to work
worked closely with FIRST rep- but the tight schedule presented when they found out we had all and Sammy Cohen, Benny Jacob, right; we needed two, one for
resentatives to reach a resolution disadvantages for the team, nine games in a row. One oppos- and Netanel Tager of Teaneck. the blocks and one for the relic.”
that would enable the team to which had no prior competi- ing team even came and offered FIRST (For Inspiration and Each year the participating
participate without compromis- tion experience. The boys did us extra batteries in case ours Recognition of Science and robotics teams must build their
ing their religious observances. not have a lot of time to strate- died. We were all trying to have Technology) was founded in robot specifically to carry out
And so, while other participat- gize or make required improve- a fun, good time.” 1989 by inventor/entrepreneur the tasks assigned by FIRST,
ing teams played their matches ments and repairs to their robot Tom Zawislak and Dave Hack- Dean Kamen. The not-for-profit so it isn’t possible to reuse the
over the course of the full three- between matches. ett of Pennsylvania FIRST Robot- public charity offers programs previous year’s entry. However,
day event, Lionotics 2 played all Indeed, issues began to arise ics, the East Super Regional — including the Tech Challenge Aryeh said “next year maybe
nine of its matches back-to-back as the day wore on. hosts, were instrumental in — designed to motivate teams they’ll start from the drivetrain
on Sunday in order to avoid des- “In one match, one of the making arrangements for the of middle- and high-school stu- and build up from there.”
ecrating Shabbat. robot’s critical components YUHSB team to compete. dents to pursue education and He said that FIRST “is a great
“Our team worked tirelessly to was smashed by another team’s “As soon as we met the boys career opportunities in science, organization because it allows
advance to this level of the FIRST robot and bent, and our team we knew they had the passion technology, engineering, and for integration of real-world
Tech Challenge competition,” didn’t realize until the next for robotics, but more impor- math (STEM), while building use of the STEM skills you learn
Rabbi Joshua Kahn, YUHSB’s round when it didn’t work right tant, a thirst for learning and self-confidence, knowledge, and in school, like circuitry and
head of school, said. “We are due to the rush from match to experiencing new challenges, life skills. hardware design. I like to see
grateful to FIRST for promoting match,” Lionotics 2 team mem- such as this competition,” the This year’s Tech Challenge when my work comes to life
cultural diversity and making the ber Elishama Marmon of Ber- men said in a statement after required the robots to pick up and that’s what robotics lets
accommodations necessary to genfield said. “The robot also the event. and stack blocks in “crypto- you do. Being part of Lionotics
enable our team to compete.” had connectivity issues, and “We were thrilled to see them boxes” (rails) and also to fetch 2 reinforced my love for STEM
The team members and there were several matches engage with so many other a “relic” from a corner of the and computer science.”
accompanying adults arrived where it was unresponsive due teams and create fun for them- 12-foot-square playing field and With the Super-Re gional
in Scranton on Friday. “We did to unplugged wires or glitches.” selves and share their fun with move it off the field onto a mat behind them, the boys now are
our inspection and talked to Ultimately, the yeshiva team others. They truly came ready to score points. focusing their efforts on pre-
the judges and then said, ‘We’ll finished 23rd out of 36 teams to play and were competitive on Zachary helped work on the paring the robot to compete in
be back on Sunday,’” reported in its division. Still, the young the field throughout all of their robot’s hardware during weekly the second annual Yeshiva High
Aryeh Greenberg, a senior from men came away with a positive matches. Very impressive per- (and sometimes twice-weekly) School Robotics League compe-
Teaneck who captained the feeling. formance by a rookie team!” after-school sessions, which tition next month in Flatbush.


Celebrating Israel’s 70TH
Don’t miss the biggest and best Yom Ha’atzmaut
event of the area! Celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday
with music, arts and crafts, food, games and a lot of
community spirit. Co-sponsored with IAC NJ.
Sun, Apr 22, 1-4 pm,
$18 per family in advance/$25 at the door

Celebrating Israel at 70 Art
Don’t miss this month-long exhibit featuring over
80 works of art by 27 local artists. Enjoy unique
pieces that express their appreciation for Israel, its
history and its people! Artwork has been curated
from a communitywide open call to artists.
ON DISPLAY: Apr 2–30
Tue, Apr 10, 6:30-8:30 pm


A communitywide Yom Hashoah ceremony led
by the Israeli Scouts. Ceremony is in English
and Hebrew.
Wed, Apr 11, 7 pm, Free and open to
the community

Join us as we commemorate the fallen soldiers
and victims of terror in a ceremony organized
by community leaders and youth movement
representatives. Ceremony is in English and
Hebrew. Event is organized with IAC NJ and
the Israeli Scouts.
Tues, Apr 17, 7 pm, Free and open to
the community



WITH HAROLD CHAPLER Fashion & Lifestyle Fair Happy Birthday, Leonard Bernstein!
An Egyptian band arrives in a remote Israeli 20 top Israeli designers will feature all the Celebrate Bernstein’s 100th birthday with music.
town by mistake on the last bus of the day. latest trends in Israeli fashion, décor and Join us for this concert featuring Bernstein’s
During their forced stay, the townsfolk and everything lifestyle for you to purchase for piano trio, Meditation from Mass, songs from West
band members discover a common humanity your home and family! Side Story, and more! Series made possibly by a
(with humor). generous contribution from Eva Holzer and the
Fri, Apr 20, 9:30 am-3:30 pm
Thur, Apr 26, 11 am, $8/$10 Konikow Chamber Music Fund.
Sat, Apr 21, 9-11 pm
Sun, Apr 22, 4:30 pm, $16/$20
Sun, Apr 22, 1-5 pm
Visit for tickets


KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades TAUB CAMPUS | 411 E CLINTON AVE, TENAFLY, NJ 07670 | 201.569.7900 |

Flinging Frisbees for peace
Jewish and Arab kids to show ultimate skills in Teaneck

A group of Israelis and Palestinians will
visit Teaneck on Sunday, as part of an
American trip whose high point is a pil-
grimage to Maplewood.
The high school students are travel-
ing under the aegis of Ultimate Peace, an
organization seeking to bring about Middle
East peace, or at least friendly coexistence,
through the sport of ultimate Frisbee.
It was at Maplewood’s Columbia High
School that the sport of ultimate Frisbee
was invented. That was back in 1968, when
Joel Silver — who would grow up to be a
producer of “The Matrix” and many other
films — brought the idea to the student
council. The game combines the general
principles of soccer — but instead of kick-
ing a ball, players throw a disk. (Please
note that Mr. Silver did not
invent Frisbee. He just made
it competitive.)
Fifty years later, the World
Flying Disk Federation is rec-
ognized by the International
Olympics Committee and has
dozens of national affiliates.
The most recent rankings for
ultimate Frisbee place Israel
at spot number 30, between
Portugal and the United Arab The competition is fierce but friendly among Israeli and Arab competitors in
Emirates. (The United States ultimate Frisbee.
is number one.)
Ultimate Frisbee is a child
of the 1960s, and its acolytes
still boast of its hippie-like
ethos. Most notably, its play- Happy coexistence is evident during the matches.
ers eschew umpires and ref-
erees, replacing them with negotiated con- make friends, talk, and have fun.”
flict resolution. Ms. Abrams has a personal connection
It’s within that context that Ultimate to Ultimate Peace: Her son, Scott Graber,
Peace seeks to bring together Jews and has been involved with it for nearly seven
Arabs, girls and boys, from Israel and the years, first as a coach at its summer camp,
West Bank for Frisbee, fun, and friend- and then as a full-time staff member.
ship. Seventeen high school students from Mr. Graber’s Ultimate Frisbee career
Ultimate Peace’s Leaders-in-Training pro- began at Tenafly High School, where he
gram are on a 10-day trip to America that took charge of what had been a pickup
includes stops in Maplewood, Paramus, club and led the team to state tourna-
Brooklyn, and, on Sunday morning, Tem- ments. He was on the school team at Car-
ple Emeth in Teaneck. leton College in Minnesota, and it won its
Temple Emeth’s president, Amy Division III championship.
Abrams, is a fan of Ultimate Peace. “The He got the call to help Ultimate Peace
work Ultimate Peace does is truly amaz- in 2011. A Carleton College alum was head
ing,” she wrote in an email. “The com- coach at the organization and reached out
munities in which they work would not to the head of Carleton’s Arabic depart-
interact with, or even visit, each other ment — “a Jewish guy from Haifa,” Mr. Gra- A helping hand up is a big part of Ultimate Frisbee as played by ultimate Peace
under normal circumstances. With a staff ber says — for skilled Frisbee players willing participants.
mix of Israelis, Arabs, and Americans, to coach at Ultimate Peace’s summer camp.
UP coaches about 300 kids weekly in 20 The professor passed the request to Mr. are different. “Mostly it sounds like I was included Jewish Israelis, Arab Israelis, and
different communities and brings them Graber, who was studying Arabic, and the speaking Latin and they were speaking Palestinians from the West Bank. “There
together for local tournaments and leader- Tenafly native spent the summer in Israel Italian,” he said. “It wasn’t super.” was a big language divide,” he said.
ship training sessions during the year. The helping out at the ultimate Frisbee camp. His Arabic was good enough to coach He came back and coached again the
program culminates each year with a one- He found that two years of college Ara- the group of middle school girls he was next year.
week residential summer camp where the bic was not good preparation for under- assigned — particularly because English was After college, he wanted to keep work-
kids live together, play on mixed teams, standing Arabic as it was spoken; the two their shared neutral language. The campers ing on language learning. He spent a year

More than
Local 411,000 likes. Sandi M. Malkin, LL C
teaching in France. The week he finished, Ultimate
Like us on
Interior Designer
Peace had an opening for a coach. (former interior designer of model
“I was 22,” he said. “I wanted to learn more Ara- rooms for NY’s #1 Dept. Store)
bic. I got to live in Israel and work on my Arabic
and Hebrew. I came for a ten-month fellowship
and that turned into four years,” he said. For a totally new look using
Besides his work with Ultimate Peace, he is a your furniture or starting anew.
player and coach for Jerusalem’s ultimate team,
the J City Titans and he plays on the men’s’ Staging also available
national team.
Mr. Graber said Ultimate Peace succeeds in its jewishstandard 973-535-9192
goal of bringing together children who would
ordinarily never cross paths, despite the language
“When you get them in a game and the game
gets competitive, there’s not that much talking Hackensack Branch
going on,” he said. “Whatever kid is on the field
will grab the kid who seems the best. Their goal is
to win the game.
“At the same time, Jewish kids going to the north
to an Arab village for the first time get nervous,” he
said. “The camp is a more neutral space, which is
70 Hackensack Avenue • Hackensack, NJ • 07601

very helpful.”
Rachel Winner runs Ultimate Peace’s Leaders-
In-Training, a three-year program for high school
students. The trip to America is the highlight of
the second year. Receive up to $3001
“We had a lot of kids who were passionate about
for opening an Investors
the program and connected to the other kids,” she
said. But while they were deeply committed to the YourStyle®Checking Account.
program, they were not necessarily as interested
in the athletics. “We expanded how they can lead

2.10 1,000
beyond the sport itself,” she said.
“The organization is very apolitical. We teach 30-Month CD 2 or IRA CD 3 Take the Investors Bank
these young leaders that they have the power to
envision something completely different and then
act upon it. Creating peace is work that comes
from within first, and then spreads outward in
building something different.”
The program for the young leaders includes crit- For Consumer & Business Business Banking Challenge! 4
ical thinking exercises, conflict resolution skills, Minimum balance of $10,000.00 New Money to receive this APY If we can’t save you money
IRA CD minimum balance of $5,500.00 New Money to receive this APY we will pay you up to $1,000!
and negotiation techniques — along with learning
how to make calls on the field.
Plus, when you open an account, Investors will donate $25 to Bergen Volunteer Center!
The summer camp is where Ultimate Peace
began, as the offshoot of another organization
that did sports for peace work. But after a couple
Chance to Win Great Prizes Weekly! 5 Enter at the branch
for a chance to win!
of years, the coaches realized that between cul- WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 WEEK 6
ture shock and language barriers, they needed to DRAWING DRAWING DRAWING DRAWING DRAWING GRAND PRIZE!
develop a community of local coaches. FRIDAY, APRIL 13 FRIDAY, APRIL 20 FRIDAY, APRIL 27 FRIDAY, MAY 4 FRIDAY, MAY 11 FRIDAY, MAY 18
That’s where the high school students who are IPAD 32GB $2000 CRUISE
touring New Jersey and New York this week came in. GIFT CERTIFICATE
“It started as an opportunity for deeper inter-
action among community members,” Ms. Winner For more info, contact Maricela Martin, Branch Manager: 201.881.0190
said. “The high school kids come together once a
month and really learn how to coach.”
Mr. Graber offers tips for those interested in
exploring ultimate Frisbee.
“The best thing you can do is just throw a lot,”
he said. “Find a pickup game. The community in
ultimate is very friendly and welcoming. People Investors would like you to know:
were very welcoming of me as a kid. I was play- INSTITUTION ACCOUNTS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THESE OFFERS.
1. Open a new YourStyle® Checking Account between 4/2/2018 and 5/31/2018. New Money required to open this account. Offer not available to any account owner
ing two days a week at Van Saun park in Paramus. with an existing personal checking account. Bonus is up to $300, $25 per month for 12 months. Reward payments will cease at the earlier of reaching $300 total or 13
There’s still a pickup game there Monday and consecutive cycles. To be eligible to receive monthly bonus you must satisfy the following transaction activity requirements: have an ACH deposit to your account of $500
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4. Some restrictions may apply. Speak with an Investors Bank Representative or visit for complete details.
What: Presentation, Q&A, and — weather per- 5. Enter the contest at the branch during business hours from 4/2/2018 through 5/18/2018. The weekly drawings are held before close of business on each Friday during
the contest period. No purchase necessary and no account to open to participate or win. Employees and family members of employees of Investors Bank, its affiliates and
mitting — an outdoor Frisbee demonstration subsidiaries are not eligible. Must be 21 years of age or older. Must be a New York or New Jersey resident. Limit one entry per person per week. One winner per prize will be
selected each week by random drawing from all entries received. Odds of winning will be determined by the total number of entries received. Winner(s) need not be present.
Where: Temple Emeth, 1666 Windsor Roads, Value of the prizes will be reported on form 1099-MISC. Consult your tax advisor. Please see Official Rules at the Branch for complete details.
When: 11:30 a.m., Sunday, April 8

Briefly Local

BCHSJS name honorees for celebration on April 26
The Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies, Ber-
gen County’s only weekly Hebrew high school, will hold
its annual gala on Thursday, April 26, at Temple Israel
and Jewish Community Center in Ridgewood. Heidi and

Seth Seigel-Laddy of Fair Lawn, Rabbi David and Alla
Fine of Ridgewood, and Debora Propper Lesnoy of Fair
Lawn are the honorees.
This year’s parent honorees, Heidi and Seth Sei-
gel-Laddy, are active members of the Fair Lawn Jew-
ish Center/Congregation B’nai Israel. Heidi, a BCHSJS
board member, is a member of several shul commit-
tees, while Seth sits on the FLJC/CBI board, is a Men’s Heidi and Seth Seigel-Laddy Alla and Rabbi David Fine Debora Lesnoy
Progress Club past president, and chairs several pro-
grams throughout the year. Their oldest daughter, 2011 as a liaison between the school and the community sons, Laurence, a BCHSJS student, and Ariel, an eighth-
Alyssa, graduated from BCHSJS in 2016, and her sib- rabbis. He is now the board treasurer, and he is among grader at Schechter Westchester.
lings, Kayla and Spencer, are students there now. “We the Bergen County rabbis who teaches at BCHSJS. He Debora Propper Lesnoy, a Jewish educator for more
are grateful to BCHSJS for enriching and cultivating the is also president of the New Jersey Rabbinical Assem- than 35 years, will be recognized as the BCHSJS Edu-
Jewish lives of our children,” Heidi and Seth said. “We bly, past president of the Ridgewood Interfaith Ministe- cator of the Year; in 2014, she received the Grinspoon
thank BCHSJS for this honor and hope that our partici- rial Association, secretary of the North Jersey Board of Award for Excellence in Jewish Education. She is the
pation will encourage others to get actively involved in Rabbis, and an opinion writer for the Jewish Standard. director of the Helen Troum Nursery School at Temple
our school and in the Jewish community.” Alla Fine, a conference and event planner and fund- Beth Sholom and has been teaching at the Fair Lawn
Rabbi David and Alla Fine will receive the inaugural raiser, has organized several events for Jewish commu- Jewish Center’s religious school for 19 years. Many of
Walter Ramsfelder Exemplary Service award, created to nity organizations in Bergen and Westchester counties the students from her seventh-grade classes continue
honor the late Walter Ramsfelder, who was on the BCH- and is on the BCHSJS gala committee. At Temple Israel their Jewish education at BCHSJS. She has five children
SJS board from 1974 to 2014. David Fine has been the and JCC, she has coordinated the community seder, and five grandchildren.
rabbi of Temple Israel and Jewish Community Center in annual karaoke parties, and outings to Russian night- For more information on the dinner or to place an ad
Ridgewood since 2009; he joined the BCHSJS board in clubs to share her native culture. The Fines have two in the green journal, go to

JTS lauds 20 cantors at convocation
The Jewish Theological Sem- Resnick, dean of the Rab- Dr. Ben Chouake,
inary awarded honorary binical School, and Cantor Congressman Ron
doctorates to 20 cantors for Nancy Abramson, director Estes, Susan Estes,
their distinguished service of the H. L. Miller Cantorial and Dr. Munr Kazmir.
to the Jewish community at School and College of Jewish COURTESY NORPAC

a convocation on March 12. Music, sponsored the honor-
All are members of the Can- ees. There were musical per-
tors Assembly. Through the formances throughout the
degrees it conferred, JTS cel- program.
ebrated the cantors’ achieve- Cantor Carey Cohen, who
ments and their contributions Cantor Carey Cohen is retired and lives in Hacken-
to Jewish life.
This is the first time that JTS has awarded
sack, was among the honor-
ees. He tutors Judaic studies and does bar
Norpac hears Kansas congressman
honorary degrees to female cantors. and bat mitzvah training for Cantor Bar- Last week, the Kazmir family hosted a billion in public funds. Mr. Estes now
The ceremony was at Sutton Place Syn- bara Lieberstein and her students in Ber- Norpac pro-Israel private dinner for Con- fills the seat vacated by CIA director
agogue in Manhattan. Marc Gary, JTS’s gen and Rockland counties. gressman Ron Estes (R-Kan.) in Closter. Mike Pompeo, who has been nominated
executive vice chancellor and chief oper- For more than 35 years, he served as Ron Estes, a freshman member of the as Secretary of State. He is running for
ating officer, presided, and its chancellor, cantor and educator at Congregation Beth House, sits on the Education and Work- re-election this year.
Professor Arnold M. Eisen, conferred the Israel in Milwaukee, and he was on the force and Homeland Security commit- Join Norpac’s Mission to Washington
degrees and delivered the convocation board of the Cantors Assembly of America tees. He was elected Kansas state trea- 2018 on April 25. For information, call
address. Rabbi Daniel S. Nevins, dean of and Canada for 20 years. surer in 2010 and re-elected in 2014; (201) 788-5133.
the Division of Religious Leadership, Pearl in that job, he oversaw more than $24

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for the Jewish Standard SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY

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Briefly Local

Israel’s founding
A gala Teaneck-area Orthodox community-
Rishad Patel, wide celebration of Israel’s 70th anniver-
left, with Lewis sary is set for Yom Ha’atzmaut — Wednes-
Feldman, Howard day, April 18 — at 7:15 p.m., at the Jewish
Barmad, Dave Center of Teaneck.
Kronick, Lou The evening begins with Mincha, fol-
Adler, Peter lowed by a Yom Hazikaron presentation
Cafasso, Marty from an Israeli soldier, and Ma’ariv. It
Rotella, Barry continues in the shul’s social hall, which
Weiss, and Tracy will be transformed into a shuk Yisraeli,
and Carol Adler. with Israeli food, music, and experien-
PHOTO PROVIDED tial activities focusing on Israeli culture,
geography, and history. It concludes with
Shirei Eretz Yisrael — classic Israeli folk
songs — in the sanctuary.
Local synagogues sponsoring the cele-
bration include Beth Aaron, Beth Abraham,
Bais Medrash of Bergenfield, Bnai Yeshu-
JWV Post 76 entertains vets at East Orange hospital run, Jewish Center of Teaneck, Keter Torah,
Netivot Shalom, Ohr Hatorah, Ohr Saadya,
Jewish War Veterans Zweiman-Grover Post 76 of North Bergen Day Dawn Group, featuring Dawn Botti, David Botti, and Elo Rinat Yisrael, Shaare Tefillah, Shaarei Orah,
recently presented a two-hour, three-act program at the East Hernandez, played rock music. Young Israel, and Zichron Mordechai.
Orange Veterans Hospital. The post commander, David Kronick, thanked its senior vice The event, sponsored by Nathan and
The program included inspirational songs by Marty Rotella; commander, Barry Weiss, for arranging the performance. Shari Lindenbaum, is geared for everyone
Peter Cafasso performed a tribute to Frank Sinatra; and New in sixth grade or older.

JFNNJ speaker series to open
Sivan Ya’ari, the founder and CEO of Innovation:
Africa, is the guest speaker at Jewish Federation
of Northern New Jersey’s Israel speaker series on
Thursday, April 12, at 7:15 p.m. A wine and cheese
reception follows. Innovation: Africa so far has trans-
formed more than a million lives as it has provided
villages with Israeli solar, agricultural, and water
. technologies.
Lee Lasher chairs the evening; the committee
includes Martha Cohen, Andrew and Leah Harary, Rob
and Irene Gottesman, and Ronnie and Marc Schlussel.
Jason Gewirtz, who is a CNBC executive producer Sivan Ya’ari
and a writer, and Shai Kivity, an IDF Talpiot officer
from 2007 to 2016, will speak on Thursday, April 19, at 7:15. For more information,
go to

Holocaust survivor Sam Bradin addresses the high school students.
Teaneck High School to host
Valley Chabad launches fifth year commemoration of Holocaust
of its Eternal Flame program The Jewish Community Council of be read.
On Sunday, March 25, Valley Chabad’s the loss of his entire family to the Nazis; Greater Teaneck will hold its annual A pre-observance reception for sur-
Eternal Flame began its fifth year in Wood- his older brother died just 10 days before Yom Hashoah observance on Wednes- vivors and their families will take place
cliff Lake. The teen fellowship program, a the British liberated his camp. Parents day, April 11, at 7:30 p.m., at Teaneck in the high school’s media room, begin-
project of Valley Chabad and the George were invited to join their children for Mr. High School. The keynote speaker is Dr. ning at 6 p.m. Light refreshments will be
and Martha Rich Foundation, is for high Bradin’s talk. Moshe Avital, who survived six concen- served and Hebrew and Yiddish music
school students. The next Eternal Flame session, on Sun- tration camps and eventually was liber- will be provided by Yitzy Glicksman.
Holocaust survivor Sam Bradin of Suf- day, April 15, will focus on Israel and anti- ated at Buchenwald. Traveling illegally This month, the Teaneck Public
fern, N.Y., who will be 89 next month, was Semitism on college campuses. to Palestine, Dr. Avital fought in Israel’s Library will feature a special Holocaust-
the guest of honor. He told the story of his For information, email Rabbiyosef@ wars from 1947 to 1956. inspired exhibit by students of Ma’ayanot
life as a teenager at Auschwitz, including or call (201) 476-0157. The program will feature vocalist Jon- High School for Girls in Teaneck. The
athan Rimberg, accompanied by violin- same artwork will be exhibited in Ber-
ist Stephanie Kurtzman and the Yeshivat genfield’s Public Library during May.
More than 411,000 likes Noam Choir. A multigenerational candle- For information, go to teaneckyo-
lighting ceremony, led by Holocaust survi- or call Steve Fox at (201)
Like us on Facebook vors and their families, will highlight the
ceremony, and the names of Holocaust
362-6776. To attend the reception for
survivors and their families, call Annette victims with ties to the community will Prager, (201) 638-5621.

l Briefly Local

Three generations of the
Rak family, Noah Rak,
Sam Rak, and Miriam
Rak, light a candle at
last year’s Holocaust

Woodcliff Lake marks the Holocaust Yeshivat He’Atid third-graders, from left, Aaron Hartstein,
The Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel of the children, and the grandchildren. Diana Ros- Eitan Toledano, Noam Toledano, Benjamin Sichel, Tani
Pascack Valley and Pascack Valley/North- ner and Ronnie Silver are event co-chairs. Fleischmann, Nathan Sichel, Eli Benzel, Lily Mezei, Yoni
ern Valley Hadassah will hold the annual Erwin Ganz, the speaker, will talk about Toledano, and Levi Mezei made a significant contribu-
community Holocaust commemoration on growing up in Nazi Germany, before, dur- tion to the Mega Food Drive. They put up posters at the
Wednesday, April 11, at Temple Emanuel in ing, and after Kristallnacht. He emigrated school, and Benjamin Sichel emailed his classmates to put
Woodcliff Lake, at 7:30 p.m. to the United States with his family when their chametz to good use by donating to Bergen County
The evening incudes a candlelighting he was 9 and settled in Newark. food pantries. The students packed supplies for the pan-
ceremony that honors survivors, their For information, call (201) 391-0801. tries, including the newly opened one in Fair Lawn.

Ron Rosensweig, Susan Benkel, Simone Wilker, Assemblywoman Vicki Monaloy, Linda Cohen, Jane Levine, Lori Daugh-
Holly Schepisi, JCRC chair Bruce Brafman, JCRC director Ariella erty, and Sheila Packer of the Jersey Hills section of the
Noveck, and government relations chair Stan Goodman. National Council of Jewish Women sorted and packed
food to benefit northern New Jersey food pantries.

JFNNJ food drive a ‘mega’ success
Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey held a community-wide March Mega
Food Drive on Sunday, March 25 to benefit five northern New Jersey food pantries
whose stock often is low this time of year.

Teaneck shul invites rabbi
as weekend scholar-in-residence
Bruce Brafman, Ariella Noveck, Susan Benkel, State Senator Gerald Rabbi Dr. Aaron Adler of the Ohel Nechama community
Cardinale, Stan Goodman, and Simone Wilker. PHOTOS PROVIDED Synagogue in Jerusalem is the scholar-in-residence at Con-
gregation Rinat Yisrael, in Teaneck, beginning Friday, April
13. After Mincha at 7 p.m., he will give a brief dvar halacha.
Legislative Advocacy Day Shabbat morning, there will be a drasha at both the 8:30
features two lawmakers and 9 a.m. minyans. At 6 p.m., there will be a “Mimamakim”
shiur to honor Yom Hashoah. After Mincha at 7, Rabbi Adler
The Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Northern
will discuss “Rambam’s Enigmatic Position on Yishuv Eretz
New Jersey held its monthly Legislative Advocacy Day on March 28, meeting with
Yisrael.” There will be a kumsitz at the shul at 9:30, with “Al
New Jersey Senator Gerald Cardinale and Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi, both
Eileh Ani Bochi’ya,” songs for fallen soldiers. The weekend
Republicans from Legislative District 39.
ends with a Sunday morning shiur, “Kol Dodi Dofek Revis- Rabbi Dr. Aaron Adler
For information on the April Legislative Advocacy Day, email Ariella Noveck at
ited,” at 8:45 a.m. The shul is at 389 West Englewood Ave.
For information, call (201) 837-2795.

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Below, Israel Story’s core team:
Hannah Barg, Yochai Maital, Shai
Satran, Mishy Harman, Zev Levi,
Yuli Shiloach, and Maya Kosover.
Right, Peter Fogel, Hannah Barg,
Ari Wenig, and Mishy Harman stand
on Tell El Ful, the subject of the
episode called “King of the Hill.”

Popular podcast’s live performance
celebrates Israel@70 in Tenafly

JOANNE PALMER The Israel Story does that. first one was the news narrative — Israel is a place of vio-
It’s a radio show that became also a podcast that lence and conflict and Bibi and Iran. The other narrative
eople love stories. became also a live show — that live incarnation will be at was classic Israel advocacy, hasbara — look at how homo-
There seems to be a primal urge the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades later this month, spon- sexuals love living in Tel Aviv! Look at how many Israeli
toward stories; the desire, the need to sored by Congregation Beth Sholom of Teaneck (see box) companies there are on the Nasdaq! Look at Israelis saving
know what happens next just propels — and it tells stories from Israel. Not, despite its name, people in Haiti and Nepal.”
us forward. THE Israel story; there is no one Israel story, its founders It’s not that neither of these narratives are true. They’re
Stories can be disarming. They’re would tell you. No, there are many stories in Israel, each all true. But “having all spent time abroad, we all felt that
so much more personal than speeches authentically Israeli. neither of those narratives was capturing the real com-
or position paper or rants or talking And, they say, their work is not at all political. The show plexity of what was going on. And it wasn’t engaging
points. They can allow you, the reader or listener, to meet is deeply smart, but it is apolitical. people — or at least it was engaging only the people who
someone, a person, with a history and parents and a birth- “We position ourselves very carefully in that regard,” would be engaged anyway.
place and a set of physical and emotional characteristics, Mishy Harman, one of the show’s four founders, said. “The majority of young people, the Jews I went to col-
and to react to that person. They can go around or under- “Israel Story really was kind of born out of the realization lege with” — Dr. Harman, 34, graduated from Harvard in
neath or blithely above people’s usual defenses. that there were these meta narratives about Israel. The 2008, after three years in the IDF — “were Jew-ish. Those

22 Jewish standard aPriL 6, 2018
are the American Jews who found it increasingly hard to Their Israel is a real, deeply
reconcile their interest in Israel or engagement in Israel human, infinitely quirky place,
with their general world view and their politics. where various shades of reli-
“It’s hard enough for a lot of Israelis,” he added. gious beliefs and practices and
“So these young Americans don’t have their parents’, different religious traditions and
or even more their grandparents’, emotional attachment cultural assumptions butt up
to Israel, and as a result they just weren’t inter- against each other. Sometimes
ested. So we thought that if we could tell they mix. Sometimes they don’t.
human interest stories that portray the “We try to humanize Israel,”
rich human tapestry that is Israel, Dr. Harman said. “Israel is like
then perhaps we could get these peo- any other place — but maybe
ple on board. even more so, because there
“We have no hasbara preten- is such a diversity in terms
sions whatsoever,” he added; like of where people have come
Israel Story, Dr. Harman is earnest, from and what traditions they
have, and all of this is boiling in
extremely close quarters.
“We want to tell the stories
about what life truly is like in
Israel. The stories of a differ- Yochai Maital and Mishy Harman tell an Israel Story onstage.
ent Israel, stories that people
aren’t likely to hear in the news.” outside North America.) They’ve been friends ever since,
About five and a half years ago, when the idea for through high school and the IDF and college and gradu-
the project first germinated, the stories were the ones ate school, sometimes in close touch, sometimes not so
they knew about, Dr. Harman said. “Originally, they close, sometimes in different dyads within the quartet, but
were mainly from our own social network, our always in touch.
families, and so forth. And then we started div- Although Dr. Harman does not put it in these terms, it
ing into all kinds of local newspapers and is also clear that all four of the Israel Story founders are
blogs, and following up on Facebook. We comfortably upper middle class. They are all now in their
also embarked on these conceptual proj- mid-30s. They each had begun an academic career before
but not too earnest. ects, where we would go outside of the Israel Story engrossed them. They all speak the kind of
“Israel Story has no meta our bubble and search for stories.” utterly fluent and colloquial English that makes the utterly
goal of getting people to think So who is this “we”? Israel fluent, entirely Israeli-accented Hebrew they speak when
that Israel is a wonderful place, and Story was started by four guys, they use place names, say, in a sentence almost shocking.
in many of our stories Israel comes four men who have been How do they do that? But they do.
across as a horrible place, but we do have friends since they met in a Dr. Harman’s own story is very Israeli, and the way he
a goal of getting people engaged in what’s going camp sponsored by Noam, the describes the details makes it clear that he is a storyteller.
on there. But we carefully avoid being grouped together Masorti movement’s summer First — this part he didn’t talk about, but Google does —
with hasbara efforts. The Foreign Ministry wants to use program in Israel. (Masorti is there is his grandfather, Avraham Harman, the London-
our material, but we are very careful not to do that.” the Conservative movement born, Oxford-educated third ambassador from Israel

Jewish standard aPriL 6, 2018 23
Cover Story

to the United States. (He followed Abba — went back to Hebrew University. His
Eban and was followed by Yitzhak Rabin.) doctoral dissertation is a biography of
One of his children — and therefore one the first Protestant missionary to work in
of Mishy’s aunts — is Naomi Chazan, the Ethiopia (or Abyssinia, as it was then). “He
Israeli legislator, champion of women’s was Swiss, worked for a British missionary
and human rights and liberal causes, and society, and I spent so much time with him
general public intellectual. that I felt that we were dear friends,” Dr.
Mishy Harman was in an intelligence Harman said. Of special interest to Jews,
Fawz and
unit in the IDF, and then he went to Har- this missionary, Samuel Gobat, who later
vard, and then to Cambridge University for Muhammad
a master’s degree in archaeology. There, Qutob told their
he looked into ancient Middle Eastern pig story to Mishy
Harman — and
bones. “The question is why did the proto-
Israelites stop eating pig?” he said. “The he told it to us. We try to
short answer is I really don’t know. humanize Israel.
“This is a question that has been fasci-
nating researchers for decades,” he said.
Israel is like any
So, the longer answer involves the Philis- other place —
tines, because “it seems that there is at
least some archaeological evidence that
but maybe
the pig prohibition was a reaction against even more so.
the Philistines’ diet.” The Philistines abundant is peculiar behavior. Prior to the main narrative.
recently moved into the area, and started arrival of the Philistines, there was pork “But once the Philistines arrived and became the bishop of Jerusalem, “was the
pushing eastward, away from the seacoast. consumption in the proto-Israelite sites — started moving inland, and settling right first outsider to interact with the Falasha”
“The evidence of the pig bones was not a ton of it, but about 10 percent of the next to the local inhabitants, you see a — the Jews of Ethiopia — “and to a large
pretty dramatic,” Dr. Harmon said. “Wild bone assemblages contain pig bones. dramatic drop, to literally 100 percent no extent he was the one who got that story
boars do exist in the area, in that period “There is a lot of literature about pig bones. It looks like a differentiation going. He went back to Europe and pro-
— 13th, 12th, 11th centuries — it’s not like whether you should call those people strategy.” posed a mission that would be directed
today. Then, you would eat what you proto-Israelites or Canaanites,” he said Next, Dr. Harman — Mr. Harman then, primarily at Falasha Jews.”
could hunt, so not eating something that is parenthetically, before resuming his or more likely Mishy to almost everyone So it is clear that Dr. Harman is a man of

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Jewish Standard
STANDARD - CD-GRAND 2018SAVINGS - EFF DATE 3-21-18.indd 1 3/20/2018 2:16:08 PM
Cover Story
widely ranging interests. But until about “Nothing like this at all existed in
six years ago, those interests did not Israel, even though there is a high inter-
include podcasts. est in radio here, because a lot of Israelis
“The truth is that this whole project have cars, even more than in most other
was entirely accidental,” he said. “No one Western countries, so a lot of people lis-

of us had any inclination that we were ten to radio all the time, but it’s mainly
going to become podcasters. Right before talk or news or music. We wanted to
I came back to Israel, in 2011, I went on a change that.
really long road trip across America with “So I came back home and talked to
my dog. My friend, Ro’ee” — that’s Ro’ee some of my closest friends, and we all ‫סיטי פילד‬
Gilron, one of the other founders, who got excited about it.”
went to Brandeis, did a project at NASA,
and is working toward a doctorate in
They worked, at first at night, after
their other jobs and obligations were
SUNDAY APRIL 29 2018, 8:45 am - 6:00 pm
neuroscience — had downloaded This finished, teaching themselves, with help
American Life — the Ur of storytelling from This American Life’s mastermind FEATURED SPEAKERS
radio and podcasts, the model and goal Ira Glass, among others, learning the
of so many newer, younger podcasters — technology and tradecraft they needed.
“because he assumed I would spend a lot Eventually, they realized that Israel Story
of time in my car. was a full-time, all-consuming thing. Not
“I had never heard of podcasts a hobby. A passion.
before. Ro’ee had been my best friend At first, Israel Story — in Hebrew,
for about 20 years. I knew he had kind it’s called Sipur Israeli — was made in Rabbi Judah Rabbi Yonason Rebbetzin Dr.
of far-out ideas about what is enjoy- Hebrew. That was logical. But soon, Mischel Sacks Adina Shmidman
able, so I didn’t listen to his podcasts. “we realized that we wanted to start
Instead, I turned to books on tape and doing episodes in English, so that peo-
some music. Once I reached the Bible ple can get more engaged in conversa-
Belt, I found Christian radio, which I tions about Israel.” The team started a
found fascinating, and I couldn’t get still-ongoing partnership with Tablet,
enough of it — and then at some point I the online Jewish magazine. “That was
got enough of it, and I started listening a real leap for us, because in Israel we
to these podcasts. were kind of pioneers in the field. There Mrs. Esther Wein Rabbi Dr. Rabbi
“And then I had this really magical wasn’t anybody who was doing the kind Jeremy Wieder Mordechai Willig
experience, where I was sitting in my car of radio we were doing, so we knew that
with my dog, and suddenly, in my ears, if we continued to do it well, people
with my headphones on, I found myself would be interested in it. IMAGINE... Citi Field overflowing with
being transported to all sorts of commu-
nities all over America and all across the
“But we knew that in America, we
would be competing for the ears of peo-
2,000 of your Jewish neighbors
world, meeting people I would never ple who were used to listening to This

IMAGINE... the unity of people
otherwise meet, hearing their most inti- American Life and Radio Lab. It required
mate stories, in their own voices. a whole new level of production.
“It was a dizzying whirlwind. One
story is about a billionaire in a Wall
“But Tablet had an existing platform,
and it already had a podcast, and we
gathering from 70 communities
Street board room, and the next is about worked with their wonderful audio edi-
an illegal avocado farm in California, and
there is also everything in between.
tor, Julie Subrin.
“At first, we thought that we could take
IMAGINE... a day of compelling Torah
content from 30 renowned scholars

Free parking Lunch available for purchase

American Sign Language interpreters available

Lely Shemer shows
Mishy Harman CDs
and books about
her mother,
Naomi Shemer. $36 By April 15 Sponsorship opportunities available.
$50 Walk-ins, from April 16 - April 29 or email

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Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018 25
Cover Story

To serve our communities… our best stories from Hebrew and trans- because there are so many Herzl Streets
late them, but we realized that unlike the in Israel, going to the building at #48 on
Our Blow Out Bar way it works in films, radio doesn’t work each of those streets would be likely to
will be open Sundays that way. We had to go back to the inter- produce a huge range of stories. It did.
viewees and record them again, in a new Other live shows told love stories or
and Mondays language — sometimes in a language that women’s stories, and “there was a live
Starting April 8th - 10-6pm they don’t have. show where we selected little things
“In the end, when you do that, some- that happened on Yom Ha’atzmaut” —
Blow-Outs from $35 times the stories get better, and some- Israel Independence Day — “at 10-year
times they fall apart. intervals that illuminated Israel’s larger
“But we also realized that the audi- story. We had another show with inter-
1643 Schlosser St. ences were different enough so that tribal couples — Jew and Arab, secular
Fort Lee the stories were different, and today and religious.
201-944-8011 the operations are different. We are the Mishy Harman lives in Jerusalem now,
same one organization, but most of the with his fiancée and two dogs. One of
stories in Hebrew aren’t in English, and those dogs, Nomi, a Vizsla, is the one
vice versa. Maybe only about 10 to 15 per- who went on the road trip with him,
cent of the stories are shared. and the other, Golda, is Nomi’s daugh-
“A lot of people listen to the English sto- ter. When you call him, you hear them
ries in Israel, but the majority of people in the background.
who listen to Israel Story in English are Yochai Maital, on the other hand,
not in Israel. They are in North America.” now lives on the Upper West Side, at
A word about radio and podcasts — least until his wife finishes up her mas-
many radio shows, particularly the ones ter’s degree in environmental science at
with highly produced, scripted narra- Columbia; after that, the plan is for the
tives, are available as podcasts, which two parents and their two young chil-
are unlike radio in that you can listen dren to move back to Israel.
to them whenever you want to, and Mr. Maital is another of Israel Story’s
you can go back and hear what you’ve four founders. After the IDF, where, like
missed or go forward should you hit a the other Israel Story founders, he was in
boring patch. But Dr. Harman and his intelligence, he studied creative writing.
friends seem often to use the words “I think that really our mission is sim-
almost interchangeably. ple,” he said. “To tell people stories, and
After the move from radio to podcast- on a deeper level to create an environ-
ing — and with a much bigger staff and ment that lets people listen to each other,
budget, thanks at least in part to the Ste- and to different perspectives on life.
ven Spielberg’s Righteous Persons Foun- “You get a prism, where you are trans-
dation — the team next began live per- ported to a different experience and
formances. (Many podcasts now offer look at the world in a different way. It is
live performances, but unlike many of a powerful and transformative experi-
those, these are not unscripted discus- ence. It can be very personal.”
sions. They are stories, Israel Stories, It is not political, Mr. Maital said. “We
read onstage.) are not necessarily trying to be an advo-
Israel Story’s first live show was at the cate for Israel. This is not hasbara. But
JCC in Manhattan — most of their per- we bring stories from Israel. We bring
formances are at JCCs and other Jewish the Israeli perspective, whatever that
institutions, and to primarily but not means — both broadening Israelis’ per-
entirely Jewish audiences. spectives and broadening the world’s
At first, Dr. Harman said, “We were perspective on Israel.”
quite concerned. Here we were, com- The fourth founder is Shai Satran,
ing to New York to perform, but people who was working on a graduate degree
could just choose to see “Hamilton” in clinical psychology when the Israel
instead. It didn’t seem that we were Story bug bit.
really offering something that could be a Israel Story’s new production, Mix-
viable option. But then it went very well, tape, tells Israel’s stories through music.
and the audiences were very receptive, “We are exploring underlying tensions
and we came back with that first live within Israeli society through the lens of
show, Herzl 48, many times.” some of Israel’s most iconic songs,” Dr.
The conceit of that show is that Harman said.
NOw airiNg ON pbs stations nationwide
pbs world Channel Thursday april 12th 8:30pm ET/5:30pm pT Who: israel story
CheCk loCal listings or visit www.trezoros.Com What: will tell stories of israel in a live performance, “Mixtape: the stories Behind
israel’s Ultimate Playlist”
for additional airdates & times
Where: at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, 411 east Clinton ave. in tenafly
When: On tuesday, april 24, at 7:30 p.m.
Why: as part of the community’s celebration of Yom ha’atzmaut and israel’s 70th
More than 411,000 likes anniversary

Like us on Facebook How much: tickets start at $18; $12 for students; sponsorship-level tickets are $36,
$180, $360, and $720. What else: the lead sponsor is Congregation Beth sholom in teaneck, which has
provided the inspiration and work that brings this program to Bergen County.

26 Jewish standard aPriL 6, 2018
Jewish World

Donald Trump wants out of Syria.
Why Israel thinks that’s a problem
RON KAMPEAS “There is a concern” in Israel “that the
mixed messaging right now is revealing a
WASHINGTON — Meeting last month certain confusion at a minimum, perhaps
with Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister a lack of will to remain in Syria,” he said in
Benjamin Netanyahu came away satisfied an interview.
that he and the American president were How are the messages mixed?
in agreement on a wide range of issues, “We’ll be coming out of Syria like very
including Syria, where Israel wants to soon,” Trump said last week, just hours
limit Iranian influence as the Syrian civil after a Pentagon spokeswoman told
war wraps up. reporters in a briefing that the United
“We don’t have any limits on our action States was committed to its role in the
in Syria,” Netanyahu told reporters. “We region at least until the terrorist group
see eye to eye,” he said of Israeli and U.S. Islamic State was defeated.
policy. On Monday, U.S. defense officials said
A few weeks later, Middle East watchers they would send dozens of troops to
are wondering which eye bears watching: Syria to add to the 2,000 troops already
Trump keeps saying he wants out of Syria, there assisting U.S. allied rebel forces. On
while U.S. defense officials and diplomats Tuesday, Trump said “it’s time” to get out
say the United States remains committed of Syria.
to its role in pacifying the country after “It is very costly for our country, and it
seven years of a devastating war. helps other countries more than it helps
The equivocation is unsettling Israel, us,” he said. “I want to get out, I want to
said Jonathan Schanzer, a vice president bring our troops back home.”
of the Foundation for Defense of Democ- Daniel Shapiro, a former U.S. ambassa-
racies who travels frequently to Israel and dor to Israel who now is a visiting fellow at A view of a U.S. military base in Syria between Aleppo and the northern town of
meets with its officials. SEE SYRIA PAGE 28 Manbij on April 2, 2018. DELIL SOUEIMAN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Roundtrip transportation to DC from NY-NJ. Glatt Kosher meals included.
Additional Information and Registration at or call (201) 788-5133

Rates*: Adults - $185
Students and Young Professionals (Under 30) - $75
College Students: $36
Call about special Clergy rates. Minimum age: 12

NORPAC, the nation's largest nonpartisan Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to a strong US-Israel relationship, invites you to
join us on our annual Mission to Washington to be part of this most important day of advocacy.

Paid for by NORPAC

Jewish World

proposition absent a U.S. presence, said north and the regime and its allies from regime, which Russia and Iran have been
Syria Moshe Maoz, Israel’s pre- eminent the south. The concern that this could propping up in the Syrian civil war, trusts
Syria expert. create a vacuum for I.S. to regain some Russia more than Iran; Assad and his
the Institute for National Security Studies “Israel will have to bomb Iranian posi- strength is not unjustified.” clique remain secularists and are wary of
in Tel Aviv, said Trump’s pronouncements tions in Syria” if Iran establishes a weap- Heather Hurlburt, who directs the New Iran’s religious posturing.
were stirring turmoil in the region. ons supply line to Hezbollah, the Leba- Models of Policy Change initiative at New “I’m not convinced for Iran this is sus-
“It raises fundamental questions not nese militia allied with Iran that is assisting America, a liberal think tank, said the tainable,” he said of Iran’s ambition for
just for Israel, for our Kurdish allies, even Syria, or if it establishes a permanent pres- United States remains too entrenched in a permanent stake in Syria. “They don’t
our adversaries, about whether the United ence in Syria, said Maoz, a professor emer- the region though its various alliances to have allies.” Still, he said, Israel had rea-
States plans to remain in Syria to complete itus at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. fully disengage. son to be alert to Iranian efforts to transfer
the fight against ISIS and to help prevent “And the danger is that the Russians will “What I assume is happening is that the weapons to Hezbollah, which launched a
an Iranian takeover of those areas that intervene, and Israel needs the backing of connections between the Israeli military war with Israel in 2006.
ISIS has vacated,” he said. The U.S. forces the United States.” and the Pentagon are incredibly tight,” Hiltermann said Israel had cause to be
in Syria are advising and assisting Syrian Russian officials reportedly have told said Hurlburt, a foreign policy speech- unsettled by Trump’s pledges. “The Irani-
Kurdish rebels. ISIS is an acronym for their Israeli counterparts that Israel likely writer in the Clinton administration. ans would benefit most were the United
Islamic State. will have to put up with a permanent Ira- “Those folks are talking to each other; States to remove its footprint.”
Israelis fear that the defeat of the Islamic nian presence in Syria. in terms of what the Israelis need I’m Schanzer said Trump’s promises
State, while welcome, leaves in place Iran, Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, a fellow at the sure that line is open,” she said. “The to pull out were especially jarring for
an enemy, and Russia, a country that is Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum, people in the administration who under- Israel and other allies, who expected
friendly to Israel but whose interests are said a U.S. withdrawal could embolden the stand Israel’s security concerns are Trump to reverse the policy of his pre-
not as aligned with it as the United States’. Islamic State. consoling themselves that they’ve got decessor, Barack Obama, of limiting U.S.
Russia, notably, has been Iran’s de facto “I think the consequences at this stage all the firepower in place if and when involvement in the Syrian conflict — not
ally in Syria. would be very negative for the SDF-held they’re needed.” to advance it to its logical conclusion
The U.S. presence, comparatively, is areas where the U.S. maintains a pres- Joost Hiltermann, the Brussels-based and leave.
limited, but simply by maintaining a pres- ence, particularly as no peace plan has Middle East and North Africa director at “From the Israeli perspective, this is
ence, the United States signals that it has been devised between the SDF and Tur- the Crisis Group, an international think handing over the keys to their backyard to
Israel’s back, thus freeing Israel to take key,” he said, referring to the U.S.-backed tank, said Iran’s influence in Syria may be their mortal enemies,” he said. “Across the
action, as it did in February with airstrikes rebel alliance, the Syrian Democratic overstated. Russia, he said, is in Syria as board this would be an unmitigated disas-
on Iranian targets in Syria after an Iranian Forces. “Indeed, it is possible that there a means of leveraging its influence else- ter and also an unforced error.”
drone entered Israeli airspace. could be an attack on multiple fronts where in the world, and is not invested  JTA WIRE SERVICE

T h a t b e c o m e s a mu c h sh a k i e r against SDF areas by Turkey from the in advancing Iran’s interests. The Assad


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Jewish World

Gaza border clashes and casualties yield
a Hamas PR victory and Israeli internal debate
MARCY OSTER a domestic or international inquiry into
Israel’s reactions to “orchestrated vio-
JERUSALEM — When the smoke from lence” is unjustified.
the rifles of Israeli sharpshooters and the Plans for the March of Return were not
firebombs thrown by Gaza Palestinians a secret. Hamas announced early on that
cleared in the wake of the Palestinian it would bring 100,000 Gaza Palestinians
March of Return, there were at least 15 to the border on Land Day, March 30, and
Palestinians dead and hundreds of pro- that thousands of them would remain
testers injured. there, living in tent cities, until May 15, the
Israel, meanwhile, had a huge PR mess. anniversary of the day when Israel became
Israeli troops “overreacted” Friday in an independent state, which the Palestin-
confronting thousands of Gaza demon- ians call the Nakba, or Catastrophe. It also
strators gathered at the security fence is the date by which the Trump administra-
that separates Israel from Gaza, former tion has pledged to move the U.S. Embassy
presidential candidate Senator Bernie to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.
Sanders (I-Vt.) said in an interview on Palestinians around the world have
CNN. Israel’s diplomats and pro-Israel observed Land Day since 1976, when six
groups went into overdrive defending the Israeli Arabs were killed and another 100
soldiers’ response. injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers and
But the criticism and defense in the police during protests when the govern-
international arena was nothing com- ment expropriated Arab-owned land in
pared to the debate at home, where northern Israel to house Jewish citizens.
parties on the far left have accused the Israel, in turn, made it clear before
Israeli military of having a “trigger-happy the march that it would be prepared for A Palestinian protester burns tires during clashes with Israeli forces near the secu-
policy” and the government insisting that SEE GAZA PAGE 30 rity fence that separates Israel from Gaza on April 2, 2018. SAID KHATIB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

We believe every moment is a teachable moment—
a time for exploration and discovery. We invite you
to learn more about our year-round offerings for
children from four months to five years of age.

Enrollment is now open for
our summer program.

Find it here.

For more information, contact Director of Early Childhood Education
Risa Tannenbaum at

201.568.6867 | 1 Engle Street, Tenafly |

5 x 6.5" EC Ad for Summer.indd 1 3/20/18 1:38 PM JEWISH STANDARD APRIL 6, 2018 29
Jewish World

gear, with photos on social media showing
Gaza crying Palestinian women holding bloodied Our soldiers precisely
targeted the specific terrorists
family members and Palestinian protest-
anything and everything should the pro- ers running from Israeli snipers. One video
testers attempt to breach the Gaza border showed a young Palestinian man being shot that attempted to carry out
fence or if it was determined that Israeli
lives were in danger. Two days before the
in the back and killed by an Israeli shooter
as he fled from the border.
these acts of terror, some of
march, the Israeli army’s chief of staff, Lt. At the same time, the IDF Spokesper- them known terrorists to our
Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, said in interviews that
his soldiers were prepared to use live fire
son’s Office released videos to counter the
images, including one nearly two minutes
security forces.
to quell violent rioting and that 100 Israeli long, narrated by the head of IDF Public
snipers would be put into place around the Diplomacy, summarizing Friday’s events celebration of Passover and Easter Sunday, In the United States, tweets from Sanders,
border to assist in the task. and showing clips of Palestinian protesters Israel’s Foreign Ministry told the Times of in which he called the Palestinian deaths
In retrospect, violent clashes and the throwing burning tires and firebombs and Israel that it believed it handled the public “tragic,” gained traction. So did calls by the
casualties among the about 30,000 Pales- attempting to breach the security fence. diplomacy well, saying that it did not want European Union and Human Rights Watch
tinians who converged on the border were “Our soldiers precisely targeted the spe- to call more attention to the situation, which for an “independent and transparent inves-
inevitable. cific terrorists that attempted to carry out it determined was not getting much interest tigation” into Israel’s use of live ammunition
“The violent march on Israel’s southern these acts of terror, some of them known around the world. to quell the rioting.
border is another deliberate provocation terrorists to our security forces,” Maj. Keren But Israeli lawmaker Michael Oren, the The United Nations also swung into
by #Hamas, which intentionally endan- Hajioff said in the video. former Israeli ambassador to the United action, calling an emergency Security
gers #Gaza civilians, including women and On Saturday, the IDF released photos of States who is now the deputy minister in Council meeting on Friday night as Israeli
children, while trying to put the blame on 10 Palestinians killed in the previous day’s the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for diplomats were sitting down to their first
Israel,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry tweeted. clashes, along with information about their diplomacy, told the news website that “Isra- seder. France later called on Israel to show
“It’s simply a part of Hamas strategy.” terrorist activity. Earlier in the day, Hamas el’s public diplomacy wasn’t ready. “restraint.” Turkey’s president, Recep
If it was deliberate, the policy paid off publicly acknowledged that five members of “It always goes wrong,” Oren told The Tayyip Erdogan, and Israeli Prime Minister
quickly and dramatically. As the body count its military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Times of Israel. “We don’t lay the ground- Benjamin Netanyahu traded barbs: Erdogan
and the number of injured rose, the Pales- Brigades, were among those killed. work, we don’t prepare the media about referred to Netanyahu as a “terrorist,” while
tinian publicity machine kicked into high After a long weekend that included the what’s about to happen.” Netanyahu said Erdogan was a “butcher.”

an evening with Annual Patron of the Arts

Program Premier Speaker Event
Join us for an evening of laughter and
conversation with Alan Alda, seven-time
Emmy & Golden Globe award-winning actor,

director, author, and science advocate, on the
art of improv, the role of empathy, and the
importance of communicating.
VIP $360 Exclusive for Patron of the Arts
Subscribers. Reserved VIP seating, meet
and greet with photo opportunity,
dessert reception
Sunday, April 15, 7 pm Preferred Admission $100 Priority seating

General Admission $50

All attendees will receive Alan’s
latest book, If I Understood You,
Would I Have This Look On My Face?

INFO: Nina Bachrach,

This event is
supported in part
by The Henry
Photo Credit: Alan Alda
and Marilyn Taub

KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades TAUB CAMPUS | 411 E CLINTON AVE, TENAFLY, NJ 07670 | 201.569.7900 |
Jewish World

Things were not any better at home. On Forces and the members of the security
Saturday night, Netanyahu released a state- forces who this night are protecting the The debate in Israel over the
ment praising the country’s soldiers for
“guarding the country’s borders and allow-
citizens of the state and are required to
be away from their family Seder tables,”
Palestinian protest and the IDF
ing Israeli citizens to celebrate the holiday he wrote. response is likely to remain at a
quietly.” The following day, Defense Minis-
ter Avigdor Liberman asserted that the sol-
Yair Lapid, head of the centrist Yesh
Atid party, asserted on Facebook that
rolling boil for the next several
diers “did what was necessary” and asserted Israel “has no war with women and chil- weeks as March of Return
there would be no international inquiry into
their actions.
dren. We’re doing everything we can to
avoid hitting civilian populations.”
protests continue and increase.
But an inquiry is precisely what the left Lapid also said that a commission of
wants. Tamar Zandberg, the newly elected inquiry should ask “what would have did not plan the Friday march, but just protests, and three Gaza Palestinians were
head of the left-wing Meretz party, called on happened if instead of investing in ter- joined in as a supporter. arrested Sunday evening for attempting
the government to open an independent ror and death, the Palestinians would Meanwhile, Army Radio host Koby to breach the security fence. Large-scale
investigation into the violence on the Gaza have spent the last 12 years building Meidan grabbed some attention in Israel, protests are in the works again for Friday,
border. She called for “a probe into the rules their economy, civilian life, education, and was suspended, for a Facebook post on and some have threatened that they will go
of engagement and the military and political a health system? Why are they willing Saturday in reference to the previous day’s beyond Gaza. Israeli-Arab lawmaker Ahmed
readiness for the events.” to make their own life, their children’s, violence saying “Today I am ashamed to be Tibi told Army Radio last week that Palestin-
“We must not allow a ‘trigger-happy’ to an ongoing hell just because the most Israeli.” Liberman responded in an inter- ians would breach the fences of West Bank
policy to lead to the loss of innocent important thing to them is to try to kill view that he is “ashamed to have a radio Jewish settlements during the weeks-long
lives,” she also said in statements posted Jews?” host of the type on Army Radio,” and called protest — though “without weapons, in a
on social media. The head of the Arab Joint List party, on Meidan to resign. peaceful way.”
Isaac Herzog, the leader of the Israeli Ayman Odeh, had a different view. He The debate in Israel over the Palestin- And while Hamas has appeared to
opposition and head of the Zionist Union, asserted in an interview on Israel’s 10 ian protest and the IDF response is likely endorse a nonviolent march, Ismail Hani-
was more circumspect in a Facebook post News that Hamas is “under occupa- to remain at a rolling boil for the next sev- yeh, the head of its political bureau and a
on Friday night. tion” and that Israel “closed Gaza, threw eral weeks as March of Return protests con- former Palestinian Authority prime minis-
“Sending strength and encouragement the key into the sea and said ‘We’re not tinue and increase. Clashes continued over ter, indicated that it has not given up its ter-
to all the soldiers of the Israel Defense responsible.’” Odeh also said that Hamas the weekend following the large Friday rorist ways. JTA WIRE SERVICE


for the 6,000,000
April 11, 2018
Exhibit by artist
Shmuel Leitner at 6:00pm
Program 6:30pm

Temple Beth Sholom
YIZKOR – Remembrance Service
40-25 Fair Lawn Avenue, Fair Lawn
for the 6,000,000 JEWISH MARTYRS
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 / 26 Nisan 5778Speaker

Temple Beth SholomHADASSAH
40-25 Fair Lawn Avenue, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Program at 6:30 pm - Exhibit by artist Shmuel Leitner at 6:00 pm
Keynote Speaker: Hadassah “From Child of Survivors, to Immigrant,
to Partner, to National Campaigns”
“From Child of Survivors, to Immigrant,
Sponsored by
to Partner, to National Campaigns”
information call Dr. NORTHERN Greene at 201-873-3263
For information call 201-638-9622.
For carpooling within Fair LawnFEDERATION OF NORTHERN NEW JERSEY
call 201-220-4876.

Jewish World

Bank of Israel chief warns Netanyahu freezes deal to resettle African migrants in West
U.S.-China trade war is In a dramatic turnaround, Israeli Prime Minister Ben- an unprecedented deal with the UNHCR to resettle-
jamin Netanyahu has frozen a plan reached with the ment some 16,250 migrants, mostly Sudanese and
‘bad news’ for economy United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on Eritrean illegal immigrants living in Israel, to various
The governor of the Bank of Israel warned on Thursday the deportation of African migrants just hours after Western countries, with another 18,000 being allowed
that a trade war between the United States and China it was announced. to remain in the state.
would be “bad news for the Israeli economy,” in an inter- “In the last few weeks, following tremendous However, he faced significant criticism from mem-
view with Bloomberg TV. pressure on Rwanda by the New Israel Fund and bers of his right-wing coalition, who said the new deal
Central Bank of Israel Governor Dr. Karnit Flug said, “I elements in the European Union, Rwanda has with- would award those who have broken the law.
think if we go back from free trade this is bad news for drawn from the agreement and refused to absorb Education Minister Naftali Bennett said that “grant-
the global economy, and it’s certainly bad news for small, infiltrators from Israel who are forcibly removed. ing legal status to 16,000 infiltrators will turn Israel
open economies such as Israel’s … I think we all benefit Due to this, I decided to strive for a new agreement into a paradise for infiltrators and is a surrender to the
from free trade.” that would allow us to continue deporting the infil- false campaign spread in the media in recent months.
She also referred to the strengthening Israeli shekel, trators,” Netanyahu said in a Facebook post. By signing this agreement, we are sending a danger-
which she said was a reflection of the fundamentals of “However, I am attentive to you, and first and ous message to the whole world: Whoever succeeds in
Israel’s economy. foremost to the residents of southern Tel Aviv,” infiltrating Israel illegally will get a prize of legal resi-
According to Bloomberg, the shekel grew 3.6 percent in the Netanyahu said, referring to the neighborhood that dence here or a Western country.”
final quarter of 2017. It further attributed the shekel’s strength is home to many of the migrants, which has been The previous plan, which was due to go into effect
to the monetary policy of the European Central Bank. plagued by crime and complaints from long-term on Sunday, would have seen Israel expel migrants to
While the U.S. Federal Reserve has begun to raise inter- residents. “Therefore, I decided to meet, together African countries such as Rwanda. That earlier pol-
est rates, Flug noted that Israel’s policy would only be with Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, with representa- icy, which offered each migrant $3,500 and a plane
guided by local conditions. tives of the residents of southern Tel Aviv tomorrow ticket, was widely condemned by activists and the
The Bank of Israel has kept its key interest rate at an all- [Wednesday] morning.” United Nations, and had been delayed by a Supreme
time low of 0.1 percent for the past three years “In the meantime, I am suspending the implemen- Court ruling.
“I think that tighter monetary policy, to the extent that tation of the agreement, and after I meet with the According to a report by the Population and Immi-
it reflects better economic performance in the U.S., is representatives, I will bring the agreement to a new gration Authority, some 34,187 Sudanese and Eritrean
good news for the Israeli economy,” she said. “But gener- examination.” nationals are illegally in Israel, some of whom are
ally, our policy is based on developments here.” JNS.ORG Earlier on Monday, Netanyahu’s office announced seeking political asylum. JNS.ORG


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Jewish World

Holocaust museum ‘hidden’ in Brooklyn
tells story through the eyes of Orthodox Jews
JON KALISH space. Visits are by appointment only.
Amud Aish is Hebrew for “pillar of
Like Holocaust museums the world fire,” a reference to the flames that
over, the Amud Aish Memorial Museum guided the Jews at night as they wan-
in Brooklyn focuses on European Jew- dered the desert during the Exodus from
ish communities that thrived before the Egypt. The museum’s mission statement
Nazis came to power, the killing machine declares that “the lessons of the Holo-
that led to millions of deaths, and the caust are a guiding light for us.” Fried-
resilience of survivors both during the mann, a Detroit native who completed a
war and in rebuilding their Jewish lives fellowship in Holocaust education at the
in the aftermath. Imperial War Museum in London, came
But the small museum also has a par- up with the name.
ticular focus: telling the story of the The museum is staffed mostly by the
Shoah through the eyes of Orthodox children and grandchildren of Holo-
Jews. Its current exhibit, for example, caust survivors, including Kleinman, its

focuses on Jews who escaped to Shang- founder, and Friedmann, the son of a
hai in the 1930s. It is a familiar story, in Belgian Holocaust survivor. Other mem-
which 20,000 Jewish refugees fled to bers of the nine-person staff include
the Japanese-occupied area, one of the acquisitions curator Chavi Felsenburg,
few safe havens in the world that did not whose grandmother was a hidden child
require a visa. and whose grandfather
But the Amud Aish survived six concen-
display includes pho- tration camps; collec- A set of tefillin and diary pages that belonged to Isaac Avigdor, a young Polish rabbi
tos and documents tions manager Perachya imprisoned at Mauthausen, are on display at the Amud Aish Memorial Museum.
from the Bais Yaa- Sorscher, whose grandfa- Avigdor shared the smuggled tefillin with other inmates during his imprisonment.
kov school in Shang- ther managed to get extra
hai, an affiliate of the food to the Satmar rebbe
Orthodox girls school in the Bergen-Belsen
movement that origi- concentration camp;

nated in Europe and and chief curator Henri
spread to America. Lustiger-Thaler, whose
The exhibit also docu- mother was liberated
ments how students Rabbi Sholom Friedmann from Bergen-Belsen.
from the famed Lub- is the director of the Amud “I feel like I’m doing
lin Yeshiva in Poland Aish Memorial Museum. something that they
made a month-long would be very proud of
walk to Vilna, Lithuania, before proceed- and very, very meaningful to our fam-
ing to Shanghai. ily,” said Felsenburg, whose acquisitions
“I felt that the Orthodox communi- include a rescue plea written on a piece
ty’s story throughout the Holocaust is of coat lining and smuggled out of a
really not that well-documented and ghetto in southern France.
there’s a lot to be mined in that story,” “We actually had known that such a
said the museum’s director, Rabbi Sho- plea was sent out,” she said of the docu-
lom Friedmann. “We’re looking at how ment, which was rolled up and disguised
these Jews during the worst of times as a cigarette. “We were re-housing a col-
looked to their faith, looked to Jewish lection, putting it into sheet protectors
law as a means to make some sort of and there it is. I did not expect to see it
meaning out of their experience, and to just like that, by flipping pages.”
be able to move forward and have the Friedman said Amud Aish has a large
resilience that they did.” collection of documents pertaining to
Located in the decidedly non-Ortho- Orthodox rescue efforts. This includes
dox neighborhood of Mill Basin, Amud the Schonfeld Collection, which docu-
Aish is housed in the headquarters of the ments the rescue activities of Solomon
Americare Companies, a home health Schonfeld, a British rabbi who saved
care provider owned by Elly Kleinman, thousands of Jews, many of them chil-
who also is the museum’s president. dren, by arranging for South American
There are no visible signs in or on the travel papers, kindertransports to Eng-
five-story office building alerting visitors land, and temporary refuge in various
that they have arrived at the museum. A British territories. His efforts were con-
receptionist in the lobby buzzes people ducted under the auspices of the Reli-
into the ground-floor museum, which gious Emergency Council, which was
includes a 1,000-square-foot exhibition SEE MUSEUM PAGE 34

Manhattan-based radio journalist Jon Kalish has reported for NPR since 1980.
Newspaper articles, audio documentaries, podcasts and radio stories are at Twitter: @kalishjon

d Jewish World

created by Schonfeld’s father-in-law, Joseph Hertz,
the chief rabbi of England.
Friedmann concedes that museums do not play
a big role within the Orthodox community.
“We’re introducing the legitimacy and the
power that a museum can bring as an educational
resource,” he said.
Amud Aish also has the papers of Mike Tress, a
Brooklyn businessman who was the grandfather of
Rabbi Dovid Reidel, a Bobover chasid who serves
as the museum’s director of research and archives.
The Tress Collection, like some of the other dona-

tions, had been sitting in an attic or basement for
60 years.
“After the invasion of Poland, he gives up his

business, he throws himself full force into trying to
rescue Jews,” Reidel said of his grandfather. “He’s
using his personal money, he’s selling his stocks to
put that money into those rescue efforts.” Yehuda and Breindy Gelbfish of Lakewood, who recently A small suitcase taken to the Budapest ghetto by

Tress made weekly trips from his home in Brook- visited the museum with four of their 10 children, loaned a a family named Horowitz, which holds family pho-
lyn to Washington, D.C., where he met with first number of items that belonged to Yehuda’s father, Benjamin, tos, postcards and a challah cover, is on display at
lady Eleanor Roosevelt and officials at the State a Lublin Yeshiva student who fled to Vilna. the Amud Aish Memorial Museum in Brooklyn.
Department. Reidel said his grandfather violated
the prohibition against travel on the Sabbath Breckenridge Long, an assistant secretary at the State heroic job of reuniting these children with the Jewish
because his mission involved “pikuach nefesh,” the saving of Department, was convinced of the gravity of the situa- people, there is what he termed “an interesting value
a human soul. tion because these Orthodox Jews were willing to violate tension” when considering what was in the best inter-
One Saturday Tress joined Jacob Rosenheim, president of their Sabbath, and he intervened. Kotler made it out of ests of the child in such situations.
the umbrella group for Orthodox Jewry, Agudath Israel, at the the Soviet Union and went on to found Beth Medrash Another challenge is grappling with the dynamics of
State Department. They were desperate to get a visa to the Govoha in New Jersey, also known as the Lakewood the Holocaust’s impact on religious belief.
U.S. Embassy in Moscow for Rabbi Aharon Kotler, an Ortho- Yeshiva, which is thought to be the largest yeshiva in “If they tell the story of Jews who preserved their faith
dox Jewish leader in Lithuania. The way Reidel tells the story, the world. in a moment of darkness, they may not tell the story of
One of Amud Aish’s most precious objects is a book in the Jews who lost their faith in a moment of darkness,”
which the Chevra Kadisha, or burial society, at Bergen- Berenbaum said. “If they do it correctly, they will pres-
Belsen recorded deaths and burials of the concentration ent the dilemma.”

S aam m yy’s’s camp’s survivors who died after the camp was liberated. Like many Orthodox institutions, the museum neither
S m m The Chevra Kadisha at Bergen-Belsen, established right endorses nor formally rejects Yom Hashoah, or Holo-
after it was liberated, was organized by a rabbi who caust Remembrance Day, which begins this year on the
served as a chaplain in the British Army. The book was evening of April 11. Friedmann says the museum will
donated by the relative of a camp survivor who was part participate in other people’s Yom Hashoah events.
North Jersey’s Premier Italian of the burial society. The Shanghai exhibit drew Yehuda and Breindy Gelb-
North Jersey’s Premier
Steak, Seafood & Pasta Eatery Italian
Steak, Seafood & Pasta Eatery Also of great value in the museum’s collection are the fish of Lakewood, who brought four of their 10 children.
Join Us every tuesday only
Us and
any style also
hundreds of responsa — rabbinical decisions in response
to legal and moral questions submitted by Jews.
“The responsa tell us what questions [observant]
Gelbfish is the son of the late Benjamin Gelbfish, one of
the Lublin Yeshiva students who fled to Vilna.
Yehuda Gelbfish has loaned Amud Aish a number of
And don’t
Tuesday andforget
Thursday every
Our don’t
are Delmonico
for and
Steak Nights
Jews were struggling with,” said Michael Berenbaum,
who served as the project director during the creation
items, including a yellow receipt good for a meal at a
soup kitchen in Vilna in 1939. The ticket went unused
Come by byMon.
through Sat., only of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washing-
napoli because Benjamin Gelbfish was called in by Russian
Come by Mon.for
for ourour
through awesome
Sat., ONLY
with drink
bird, complete
for our meal
bird, complete meal
awesome only $19.95
ton, D.C., and was involved in the establishment of Ste-
ven Spielberg’s oral history project, now known as the
Shoah Foundation — The Institute for Visual History
authorities for questioning about his visa application.
The Gelbfish patriarch compulsively held on to docu-
mentation, including a ticket booklet for the Trans-Sibe-
with drink
You asked for it for the last 20 years and carrol/BB
now and Education. rian Railway and a laundry ticket. The elder Gelbfish did
You it’s
it forSam’s Basil20Vinaigrette
the last years and carrol/BB
Jersey Asked whether
This ad is copyrighted by North
a separate museum is needed to make it to Shanghai. After the war, Benjamin Gelbfish
nowHouse Dressing
bottled to go. Media Group and may not
it’s here! Vinaigrette be reproduced in any form, or
This ad is in
replicated a on
copyrighted Holocaust
by North
version, through the eyes of the Ortho- made a living as a watchmaker and jewelry manufac-
Bring this
Bring Dressing
this inis now bottled to go.
Ad Ad Jersey Media Group and
without approval from North

dox incommunity,
be reproduced
in any form, or
Media Group.
Berenbaum replied: “A museum is turer. He died in 2008.
in to receive
to receive
Bring this Ad in a a replicated

not an
a similar version,

encyclopedia, therefore it has to tell a certain
without approval from North
“God was always on his lips,” Yehuda Gelbfish said of
Free Bottle
Free Bottle
Jersey Media Group.

to receive a
min. $40
story. And by virtue of telling a certain story, it omits his father. “God gave him the ability to persevere.”
Free Bottle
$40 purchase other stories. This” — Amud Aish — “is a corrective part Asked why he lent his father’s documents to Amud
of the story.” Aish, Gelbfish replied, “We’re transmitting not only
min. $40 purchase
Expires 4/20/18
Expires 6/30/13 Berenbaum does see some thorny issues the new the lives of those who perished but more than any-
museum may encounter, including the matter of Jew- thing else we’re transmitting the way life continues.
Expires 6/30/13

116 Main Street, Fort Lee ish children who had been living as gentiles with gentile And the way survivors rebuilt their lives. That’s what
116 201.947.2500 families. Although he praised the Orthodox for doing a this museum’s about.”

Main Street, Fort Lee JTA WIRE SERVICE

Jewish World The Rutgers Hillel Board of Directors Cordially Invites You to the

Briefs 2018 ANNUAL

In Passover message, British
prime minister acknowledges
fight against anti-Semitism
“Of course, the Exodus from Egypt did not mark Sunday, May 6, 2018
the end of anti-Semitic persecution. For millennia, the
descendants of those Moses led to freedom have con-
21 Iyar 5778
tinued to face hatred, discrimination and violence,” 11:30 AM | Lavish Buffet
British Prime Minister Theresa May said in a message
marking Passover, “It’s a situation that continues to
this day, including, I’m sad to say, here in Britain.”
“It’s something I have consistently taken action to
tackle,” she added, “both through investing in secu-
rity to protect our Jewish communities and through
education, with the creation of a National Holocaust
Memorial to remind us all where hatred can lead if Eva and Arie Halpern Hillel House on the Wilf Family Campus
left unchecked.” 70 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ
“The story of Passover teaches us that, while
wrong may triumph for a time, the arc of history Honoring
always bends to the righteous. So at this special time Student
of year, let us all pledge to stand up and make our Rising Stars
voices heard in the face of anti-Semitism. After all,
Ben Bass ’19,
as Elie Wiesel said, ‘Silence encourages the tormen- Westfield, NJ
tor, never the tormented,’” May concluded, wishing Max DuBoff ’19
Cherry Hill, NJ
the community “a very happy and peaceful Pesach
Jenna Kershenbaum ’18
— chag kasher v’sameach!” Charon and Mark Hershhorn ’71 Steve Darien ’63 Teaneck, NJ
Last week, some 2,000 people rallied at Parlia- Media, PA Bridgewater, NJ Fedline Saintina ’19
ment Square in London to protest anti-Semitism Rutgers University, Rutgers University, Union, NJ
Board of Overseers, Trustees Board of Overseers, Trustees Sam Snyder ’19
within the Labour Party. JNS.ORG Visionaries in Partnership Champion Against Anti-Semitism Cherry Hill, NJ
Brittany Yesner ’19
Cherry Hill, NJ
Public security official
calls for Netanyahu to New
recognize Armenia genocide Directors
Susan Kheel
With tensions between Israel and Turkey on the ’67, ’72, P’94
rise, Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has Dr. Robert Benedon ’77 Bryce Diamond ’13 Hilary and Harry Platt P’18 Dr. Michael Wasserman
and Pamela Benedon ’79 New York, NY Voorhees, NJ
called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to rec- Cherry Hill, NJ Young Alumni Award Parents of the Year
’67, P’95, ’02

ognize the mass murders of 1.5 million Armenians by Rabbi Julius Funk Alumni Award
the Ottoman government in 1915 as genocide.
While Turkey denies that the mass killings consti- Honorary Gala Co-Chairs
Sherry and Henry Stein Audrey and Zygi Wilf Jane and Mark Wilf
tute genocide, some 29 countries and 48 of the 50 Honorary Gala Committee
U.S. states have officially recognized them as such. Susan Antman Rabbi Arnold Gluck P’07 Keith Krivitzky Jason Shames
In the past, the Foreign Ministry had assessed that Beth and Marty ’79 Aron
Dov Ben-Shimon
Hannah ’73 and Bruce Goldman ’72
Mary and Carl ’67 Gross
Phyllis Bernstein and Bob Kuchner
Bryna and Joshua ’84 Landes
Rona and Jeffries ’62 Shein
Lynn and Barry ’81 Sherman P’08, ’10
such a move was likely to lead to the expulsion of Harriet and George Blank
Arthur and Nanette Brenner
Abbi and Jeremy Halpern
Bat Sheva and Murray Halpern
Jill and Eric Lavitsky
Barry Levine
Karen Small P’17, ’20
Frema and Ivan Sobel
Israeli Embassy staff in Ankara and the recalling of Shari and Mitch ’87 Broder
Rene and Seymour Bromberg
Cheryl and Fred Halpern
Gladys Halpern
Alina Lipkin ’07
Leonard Littman
Dr. Beth Leiderman and Martin Statfeld
Sherry ’71 and Doron ’70, ’72 Steger
Turkey’s ambassador from Israel. Jennifer and Dr. Richard Bullock P’08,’16 Sharon and David Halpern Lanny and Lee Livingston Ben and Susan Stein
Frankie and Mark ’64 Busch Moran and Jack Halpern Rabbi Eliot Malomet Dr. Gary Steinbach ’74, ’75
Erdan’s call to recognize the mass murders of 1.5 Dr. Dorothy ’76 and Gerry Cantor Judi Harrison and Stephen Gross Paulee Manich ’18 Stanley Stone
Laura and Aaron Cohen P’03, ’06, ’11 Dr Lynne B Harrison Rabbi Bennett Miller Brenda and Roy ’73,’76 Tanzman P’00,’03
million Armenians by the Ottoman government in Leonard and Ruth Cole Dr. Milton Heumann JoAimee and Gerry Ostrov Elana and Brett ’03,’07 Tanzman
Jean and Richard ’74 Corman P’04, ’06 Pnina and Anatol Hiller Jaclyn and Gonen ’02 Paradis Debra and Peter Till
1915 as genocide follows a war of words between Michael Elchoness ’96 Barbara and Joseph Hollander Shelly and Josef Paradis Jacob Toporek
Dr. Renee Gross ’76 and Stuart Feinblatt ’76 Debbie and Allan Janoff Sam Pepper ’74 Gina and Philip ’73,’76 Brod Vinick P’04,’07
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Lori and Michael Feldstein Howard Joffe ’76 Judy and Bernie Platt Amy ’99 and Chanan ’99 Vogel
Joan and Aaron Fischer Sharon Karmazin ’67 and Dave Greene Lauren and Nathan Reich Peter Waldor
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, includ- Elana ’99 and Ariel Fishman Dr. Barbara Reed and Dr. Michael Kesler Leslie ’80 and Stuart ’77 Reiser Marsha and Dr. Michael ’67, P ’95, ’02 Wasserman
Mina and Dr. David Frank Susan Kheel ’67, ’72, P’94 Terri and Michael ’75 Rosenberg P’06,’11,’16
ing Erdoğan calling Israel a “terrorist state.” Arlene ’78 and Mitchell Frumkin Marina ’97 and Alex ’98 Kershenbaum Betty and Arthur Roswell
Dr. Eric Wallenstein ’02,’09
Jennifer Dubrow Weiss
Jonathan Funk ’79 Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner Bella and George Savran
Erdoğan also has accused Israel of using “dispro- Ellen and Dr. Richard Gertler ’74, P’07 Robin and Brad Klatt Mindy and Alan ’97 Schall
Robin Wishnie
Scott Wittenberg ’05
June Getraer Gabrielle Kleyner ’18 Heidi and Marc ’77 Shegoski
portionate force” against the “peaceful protesters” Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz Lori and Steve Klinghoffer Sharon and Jimmy Schwarz
Warren Zimmerman ’84

during the March 30 Hamas-orchestrated march in
the Gaza Strip. To order tickets, place a journal ad or make a donation, go to
He later called Israel a “terrorist state.”
On Monday, Erdan said the 2016 reconciliation
or contact Barbara Cohen at or 732-545-2407
between Jerusalem and Ankara may have been “a
mistake.” JS-1*

Once close regional allies, Israel and Turkey froze AMBASSADORS page 6
GOTTHEIMER page 10 Sign up for the
diplomatic ties after the 2010 Israeli Navy raid on a
JANUARY 12, 2018
17 $1.00 86 7

Jewish Standard daily newsletter!


flotilla trying to breach the Gaza blockade, in which An immigrant’s tale
10 Turkish nationals were killed. JNS.ORG
Visit and click on
Jonathan Lazarus
remembers his
grandfather’s journey
Teaneck, NJ 07666
1086 Teaneck Road
Jewish Standard

Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018 35
Yom Hashoah

Now, more than ever,
T a Passover meal for our time
his Wednesday evening, luck in any person’s survival to
we begin the commem- and through adulthood.

oration of Yom Hashoah We know that anti-Semitism
— Holoc aust Remem- never dies; sometimes it’s just onight (Friday, April 6, 2018), families when we invite the invisible prophet Elijah to
brance Day. a blistering ember, sometimes and friends will gather in many Jewish enter our homes to sip some wine from “his”
For the next week or so, the it’s full-on hatred, but it’s always homes around the world to drink four cup. While people usually sing the “Eliyahu Ha-
community will offer a range of there. It’s resurfacing in Europe — cups of wine, eat some matzah and navi” song at that moment, it does not appear in
speakers and exhibits. read about the hideous murder of other special foods, sing some songs, and pray traditional haggadot. The words that do appear,
It used to be that it seemed to Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll for our redemption finally to be complete with and should be recited and discussed, are these:
be easy to get survivors to speak. elsewhere in this paper — and even the coming of the messianic age. “Pour out Your wrath, O Lord, on those
But perhaps easy is the wrong in the United States. (Remember No, this column is not being published a week nations whose actions and deeds deny Your
word to use in this context. Many Charlottesville, and its chant of late. For possibly as long as the last 200 years ways, as they demonstrate a total disregard for
survivors could not talk about “Jews will not divide us.”) It is not or so, the beginning of the eighth day of Pesach, human life and human dignity, and as they seek
what happened to them for the main current running through Passover, has been marked in chasidic com- to subdue and dominate and enslave. Pour out
decades. Later, some of them did this country — it’s just a tiny munities worldwide by a special meal known Your anger upon them and let Your raging fury
begin to tell their stories — some shunted-off line leading to some as se’udat ha-mashiach, the “messiah’s feast,” catch them. Chase them in anger and vanquish
kind of internal dam broke for godforsaken wilderness — but it’s which includes elements of the seder. Tradition them from under God’s heaven.”
some of them, and they found here. We can’t afford to forget it. attributes the origin of the feast There are other words in the
some momentary balm in talking. Something else that we get from to Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, the seder that also get short shrift, or
For others, it hurt every time they the importance of stories on Yom founder of chasidism known pop- no shrift, that relate to the “Pour
told the story, but it hurt even Hashoah is the importance of ularly as the Ba’al Shem Tov (the out Your wrath” text:
more to think about them going stories. We understand far more “master of the good name”). “In every generation, a person is
untold. It was a debt they owed about the horror of the Holocaust As Yitzchak Schochet, rabbi of required to see himself [or herself ]
the dead, some of them came to from highly specific first-hand Mill Hill United Synagogue in Lon- as if he [or she] personally came
feel; passing the story on is the accounts than we do from larger, don, explained it, “while belief in out of Egypt.” That is because we
only way to make its happening more impersonal histories. Stories Mashiach is a cardinal tenet of the must forever keep up our guard.
again less likely. (Never impossi- give us the chance to imagine what Jewish faith…, abstract belief is not Our redemption was not complete
ble, we all know. But significantly we would do, how we would react, enough. Our awareness must be Shammai when we left Egypt. The universal
less likely.) how we would feel. It is not at all translated into action.” Just as the Engelmayer message of the Exodus is that injus-
But there used to be many sur- comfortable to imagine yourself seder’s special foods and rituals are tice and intolerance have no place
vivors — particularly here, in this as a Jew during the Holocaust, in meant to help us recreate the Exo- in our world, yet they are still with
area — and there always were a concentration camp, in a death dus vicariously, he wrote, “by partaking of this us. Also still with us — although people do not
some who could and would talk. march, and the truth is that none special meal on the last night, and ingesting the want to acknowledge it — are the specific acts of
Now, though, that’s changing of us who has not been there can food, [it] helps to internalize the … yearning for injustice and intolerance that Egypt directed at
again. There are fewer and fewer know what we would do. There Mashiach…. Having recited the words ‘Next year us, the People Israel, the Jewish people. If we are
survivors left, and none of them are some things whose reality we in Jerusalem’ at the conclusion of the Seder, it is not prepared to stand up against the anti-Semi-
are young. Eventually, there will cannot imagine, and in fact we incumbent upon us all to turn that dream into tism that seems to be getting more pronounced
be none. Then all we will have should not try to imagine, because reality.” every day, God certainly will not act for us.
left is the stories they have told if we really were capable of imagin- The custom derives from the haftarah, the That is one of the messages in the Torah read-
us, the evidence they left behind. ing them as they were, in their full prophetic reading we recite on the morning of ing in synagogues this morning, Pesach Day
We will have their voices archived horror, we would go insane with the eighth day (meaning tomorrow morning). 7 (and it, too, gets short shrift nowadays). The
in the institutions founded and terror and despair. It would be Taken from Isaiah (10:32-12:6), it describes the Egyptian host is bearing down on the Israelites.
funded by such visionaries as Ste- the flip side of Moshe shielding his age of the messiah, when “the wolf shall dwell The people cry out for deliverance, but God says
ven Spielberg. But we won’t have eyes and sheltering in the rock lest with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the to Moses, “Why do you cry out to Me? Tell the
them, their physical presence, he see the full glory of God as God kid…, with a little boy to herd them.” Israelites to go forward.”
the unassailable truth of their passed by him. There are things The theme of this “messiah’s feast” originates In other words, tell them to go forward into
experiences and their losses and that human beings should not see. in the seder itself, however, although that text the not-yet-parted sea.
their pain, and also their indomi- A s t h i s Yo m H a s h o a h is either completely passed over by many, or The message is clear: God will intervene on
table spirit and their understand- approaches, we offer our aston- is recited without comment or thought. That our behalf, but only if we act first. Which is why,
ing of what the human body and ished gratitude to the survivors, is because it is encased in a moment of “fun,” “In every generation, a person is required to see
soul can bear, their understand- both those who can talk about
ing of the role of luck and timing what they endured and those who Shammai Engelmayer is rabbi of Temple Israel Community Center | Congregation Heichal Yisrael in Cliffside
and relationships and once again cannot. —JP Park and Temple Beth El of North Bergen.

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himself [or herself ] as if he [or she] personally came
out of Egypt.” The matzah and the hope:
Too many of us, however, have fallen victim to com-
placency. We live in the “Land of the Free” and the Remembering Neil Gillman

First Amendment, and we think our redemption is
somehow complete. We ignore the reality that is right abbi Neil Gillman, gifted and beloved teacher,
before our eyes. for 46 years professor of philosophy at the
According to the Anti-Defamation League, for exam- Jewish Theological Seminary of America, for-
ple, the swastika is considered to be “the most signifi- merly dean of its rabbinical school, leading
cant and notorious of hate symbols, anti-Semitism, theologian, and passionate advocate for sophisticated
and white supremacy for most of the world….” Swas- theological inquiry by both rabbis and the adult laity of
tikas have no place in our world, yet they keep show- the American Jewish community, died this past Novem-
ing up. In October, a swastika was spray-painted on ber at the age of 84.
the outside wall of a Rutgers University residence hall. Throughout the time I was in residence at JTS’s New
In November, one was carved into the ground in a New York campus, as both an undergraduate and then in rab-
Jersey playground. Two weeks ago on Friday night, a binical school, I made sure to study with Rabbi Gillman
Holocaust memorial in Lakewood and the synagogue every year, frequently both semesters (and occasionally
adjacent to it had swastikas smeared on their walls. during the summer term). Introduction to Jewish philos-
There are many other such incidents. ophy, methodologies in Jewish philosophy, philosophy
Then there is Charlottesville. Last August, the city of Conservative Judaism, theology of the liturgy — each
sought to remove from public ground a statue of course was a treat and a source of illumination, as Rabbi
Robert E. Lee, because it was seen as a symbol of the Gillman engaged, entertained, inspired, and guided his
oppression of blacks in the Old South. This led to a students in articulating a personal theology, a philoso-
“Unite the Right” rally that had less to do with blacks or phy of Jewish observance, an understanding of Jewish
Robert E. Lee that it had to do with Jew-hatred. Swasti- history, and a thoughtful approach to the big questions Rabbi Neil Gillman
kas and brown shirts emblazoned with swastika arm- — God, revelation, redemption, Israel, chosen-ness, evil,
bands and Hitler quotes were ubiquitous, as were anti- human suffering, the hereafter. I shared Rabbi Gillman’s words with family and guests
Jewish slogans, such as “Jews will not replace us” and My gratitude for his instruction and friendship is in at our seder. If, indeed, “hope is a theological category,”
“Jews are Satan’s children.” Neo-Nazi websites even no way diminished by the fact that our personal theolo- as my teacher taught, it is a category absolutely cen-
urged protestors to burn down the local synagogue, gies differed dramatically. Rabbi Gillman served as my tral to the Passover experience. Hope frames the seder.
Congregation Beth Israel. personal adviser, mentoring me through an indepen- We begin with “L’shanah ha-ba’ah b’nei chorin!” and
As the ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt dent major (and thesis) in liturgy for my B.A. As I have we conclude with “L’shanah ha-ba’ah b’Yerushalayim”
noted, “This [demonstration allegedly] is an agenda pointed out on a number of occasions, the only semi- — “Next year in Jerusalem.” When activists wished to
about celebrating the enslavement of Africans and nary faculty member with whom I spent more time, and raise consciousness about Jews persecuted in the Soviet
their descendants, and celebrating those that then who has had a more profound impact on Union, they introduced “The matzah of
fought to preserve that terrible machine of white my thinking and on the course of my life… hope” to our 1970s seders.
supremacy and human enslavement…. And yet, some- was the one I married. (I was, however, This year, there is no intermediate Sab-
how, they’re all wearing shirts that talk about Adolf discreetly exempted from my newlywed bath (Shabbat chol ha-moed Pesach)
Hitler.” bride’s required Bible course.) because the first and eighth days of the
Swastikas are only part of the story. According to As Passover approached for the first time festival coincide with Shabbat. This ren-
the ADL, the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the since his death, I felt my teacher’s absence ders chol ha-moed (the festival’s interme-
United States in 2017 set a record by rising nearly 60 profoundly. So as to revisit the many cher- diate days) an entirely weekday affair. The
percent over 2016. Incidents were reported in all 50 ished hours I spent under his tutelage (and haftarah that would be chanted on Shab-
states, something that had not happened in at least simultaneously so as adequately to prepare bat chol ha-moed, however, is taken from
10 years. for my role as a seder leader), I re-read a Rabbi Joseph Ezekiel. It is the vision of the dry bones.
This is a trend that is worldwide. A couple of weeks commentary he had written on the Pass- H. Prouser Ezekiel laments “avdah tikvateinu” — “Our
ago, it led to the murder in Paris of an 85-year-old over Haggadah. In his reflections on the hope is lost” (Ezekiel 19:5. The most famous
Holocaust survivor, Mireille Knoll. Police said she was passage “Ha lachma anya,” toward the midrash on this verse is to be found in the
killed because she was a Jew. beginning of the seder, Rabbi Gillman focused on the defiant words of Hatikvah (“The Hope”), the national
The year 2017 also saw a record number of anti- phrase “L’shanah ha-ba’ah b’nei chorin!” — “Next year, anthem of the State of Israel: “Od lo avdah tikvateinu” —
Semitic incidents in Britain, higher than any year since may we be free.” His commentary (written years ago, “Our hope is NOT lost!”
such statistics began to be kept there in 1984. It may when he was in good health) struck me as particularly Like the dry bones in Ezekiel’s vision, the Jewish peo-
have been this sharp rise that prompted this comment poignant, especially in light of his death after a long and ple defied death and overcame losses that appeared
by Prime Minister Theresa May in her Passover mes- difficult illness: insurmountable and defining, and some 70 years ago
sage last week: “L’shanah ha-ba’ah b’nei chorin. This is the ultimate miraculously took on new life as a sovereign state in its
The “Exodus from Egypt,” she said, “did not mark eschatological hope. Hope is a theological category. historic land, precisely “when all indications counseled
the end of anti-Semitic persecution. For millennia, the Not the everyday kind of hope that I will pass my exam, despair, when the statistics were against us…. Yet, in
descendants of those Moses led to freedom have con- or that the Red Sox will win the pennant, but what we the face of all this, there surged within us hope … hope
tinued to face hatred, discrimination, and violence. can call ‘hope against hope’ — hope when all the indi- against our better instincts.” Historic Zionism was pre-
It’s a situation that continues to this day, including, I’m cations counsel despair, when the statistics are against cisely “hope against hope.”
sad to say, here in Britain.”
Those in the chasidic world who tonight will sit
you, when the diagnosis suggests that all is lost. Yet, in
the face of all this, there surges within us hope… hope
Hope is a theological category woven throughout our
observance of Passover. We hope in the future, even as
down to their seder-like seudat ha-mashiach under- against our better instincts.” we look back at our distant past and strive to re-create
stand the consequences of complacency. Perhaps all Of course, Rabbi Gillman, even if uniquely com- and relive the experience.
of us need to partake in “the messiah’s feast,” as well. pelling in his presentation, was not entirely original The defiant hope that opens the Haggadah can seem
in his approach to “hope against hope,” an insight a bit less defiant to 21st-century American Jews, living as
anticipated by a variety of religious thinkers. G. K. we do with freedom, civil liberties, social acceptance,
The opinions expressed in this section Chesterton, the British theologian who was a convert and legal enfranchisements our ancestors could not
are those of the authors, not necessarily those of the
to Roman Catholicism, said, “Hope means hoping have imagined. Gratefully, “L’shanah ha-ba’ah b’nei cho-
newspaper’s editors, publishers, or other staffers.
when everything seems hopeless.” The Rev. Dr. Mar- rin” — “Next year may we be free” — hardly constitutes
We welcome letters to the editor. Send them to
tin Luther King Jr. said, “We must accept finite disap- “hope against hope.”
pointment, but never lose infinite hope.” SEE GILLMAN PAGE 39


How to end the occupation — continuing the debate

n his March 23 response to my opin- constituted the majority in cities: Jaffa, The call to annex the territo- policies. Because of the poor
ion piece of March 2, Rabbi Robert Haifa, Lod and Ramle, Hebron, Nablus and ries has grown louder among state of the pipelines link-
Wolkoff posed some serious chal- Ramallah, and they inhabited hundreds right-wing politicians. ing Palestinian communi-
lenges to my assertion that the of smaller towns and villages. By 1945, ties and also of the water
Israeli occupation of the West Bank and 1.3 million Arabs and 600,000 Jews lived 3. Checkpoints and other grids within Palestinian cit-
East Jerusalem involves serious human within the borders of Mandate Palestine. limitations on Palestinians’ ies and villages, about one-
rights violations. What follows are some of freedom of movement are third of all water supplied
his assertions and my responses. 2. We could question whether the occu- essential for reasons of to the Palestinian Authority
Rabbi Wolkoff’s piece was written in the pation is really an occupation at all. security. is lost due to leakage. Israel
spirit of “makhloket leshem shamayim,” Even before the resistance to the occu- Certainly Israel has secu- Rabbi has refused PA proposals
— the understanding that a controversy pation began, Israel began to construct rity concerns and the sep- Aryeh Meir to repair the pipeline infra-
for Heaven’s sake has lasting value (Avot, Jewish settlements and an elaborate infra- aration barrier has been structure. As a result, West
ch. 5) — and I trust that my response will structure in territories they conquered effective in minimizing the Bank Palestinians live with a
continue a respectful dialogue, one that in the Six-Day war in 1967. The desire to incursion of terrorists. However, security constant water shortage. At least 180 Pal-
should be more a part of the Jewish com- expand the territory controlled by Israel should not trump the numerous human estinian communities with a population
munal agenda. was a product of two factors: Israel’s need rights violations that Israel has committed of 30,000 people have been prevented
for more defensible borders, and the push over the many years of occupation. This from connecting to the water grid. They
1. When exactly did it (the occupied from far-right nationalist and messianic has not been (and by definition cannot be) are forced to purchase water from tank-
territories) become their (the Palestin- groups, such as Gush Emunim, to take pos- a humane occupation. ers year round. Average water consump-
ians’) land? session of “the Greater Land of Israel,” the tion in these communities is 20 liters per
There is no “exactly” here. Arabs have biblical land of Israel, whose eastern bor- 4. Because of Israel, Palestinians have day, way below the WHO recommended
been living in Eretz Israel/Palestine for der would be the Jordan River. more water and better water than they minimum of 100 liters. This water often is
hundreds of years. Many migrated to For more than half a century, the Israel ever had before. not safe due to poor sanitary conditions in
the area from surrounding lands and military has occupied those lands and This is another myth. The truth is that the tankers. In area C, Israel forbids even
established hundreds of villages in what ruled over the lives of their Palestinian Israel has control of all water resources in the digging of cisterns for collecting rain-
it now the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel residents. The Israeli government has tried the land between the sea and the Jordan water. Why are the areas around Israeli
proper. In 1948 those Arabs represented a to normalize the occupation and to trans- River. Both the West Bank and Gaza suf- settlements bathed in green while the sur-
demographic majority. Palestinian Arabs form the territories into a region of Israel. fer water shortages as a result of Israeli rounding Arab villages are subject to water

France makes incremental progress
in coming to grips with anti-Semitism

his year, as last year, the Jew- “We have to hide the signs of our Juda- the two suspects arrested for attacked French anti-Semi-
ish community in France spent ism — kipot, Magen David necklaces,” said her killing already have been tism and Islamist anti-Sem-
Passover in the shadow of the Mickaël, who has lived there for 15 years. charged with an anti-Semitic itism, has spotlighted the
brutal murder of a vulnerable, “We trim our beards short, and we don’t hate crime. thematic overlaps between
elderly Jewish woman living on her own in wear our tzitzit on the outside.” A Jewish Why the contrast? Perhaps anti-Semitism and anti-Zion-
public housing. shopkeeper confessed that he was forced the most significant factor ism, and has declared his
She survived the Holocaust, but not a to keep his door locked most of the time. here, tragically, is timing. solidarity with the country’s
murderer in Paris. “There are many suspicious people trying When Dr. Halimi was mur- 465,000-strong Jewish com-
On March 23, 85-year-old Mireille Knoll to get in,” he explained. “We’ll see what dered, the French elections munity — pointing out, as
was stabbed to death and her apart- the future brings.” were a few weeks away and Ben Cohen have many others, that such
ment set on fire by two intruders, one But there is also a major difference a good portion of the French a modest number belies
of whom is alleged to have shouted the between the two murders. Dr. Halimi’s media decided, with charac- the true nature of the Jew-
words “Allahu Akhbar” before plunging death was barely noticed for weeks and teristic hubris, that reporting her ordeal ish contribution to France over the past
the weapon into his victim. Last year, on months by the media in France and would boost the fortunes of the far-right millennium.
April 4, 65-year-old Dr. Sarah Halimi was abroad. But Mrs. Knoll’s death — and the presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen. This was the changed environment into
badly beaten and then ejected from the ensuing demonstration against anti-Semi- So for weeks, virtually nothing was said which the news of Mrs. Knoll’s murder
window of her third-floor apartment by tism less than a week later that brought a about a murder notable for its chilling emerged last week. Her killing took place
an intruder, a young Malian-born Islamist, crowd of nearly 30,000 onto the streets of level of violence, as well as the incompe- on the same day that a heroic police officer
who bellowed the word “Satan” at his vic- Paris — has been front-page news for the tent response of the police and judicial and three hostages were shot dead by an
tim during the ordeal. New York Times, The Washington Post, authorities. “I waited seven weeks before Islamist terrorist during a siege at a super-
There are some obvious similarities the BBC and every single media outlet in I said anything,” Dr. Halimi’s brother, Wil- market in southern France. And when
between these two atrocities. Both Dr. France. (We write about it this week on liam Attal, later grieved. Macron delivered his speech at the moving
Halimi and Mrs. Knoll had close family page 10.) The decisive victory over by Le Pen by national tribute on Tuesday to Col. Arnaud
nearby, but they lived alone. Both of them In Dr. Halimi’s case, several French centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in Beltrame, the slain gendarme, he noted that
lived in the 11th Arrondissement in east- officials scandalously tried to deny the May 2017 was therefore the most important Mrs. Knoll — “murdered because she was
ern Paris, where many other elderly Jews anti-Semitic nature of her murder on outside development upon the Halimi case Jewish” — was a victim of the same “barbaric
in similar circumstances remain among a the grounds of her assailant’s supposed — and in many ways, explains the radically obscurantism.”
much larger community of Muslims from mental illness, despite the fact that he is different response to Mrs. Knoll’s fate. As historically significant as these state-
the Maghreb and West Africa. Indeed, resi- a known petty criminal who growled the Within weeks of his election, Macron ments certainly are, the situation is akin to
dents in the neighborhood told a Paris TV words “dirty Jewess” when passing Dr. solemnly recognized that Dr. Halimi had the shattering late discovery by investigators
station after Mrs. Knoll’s murder that they Halimi on the stairwell. In Mrs. Knoll’s been a victim of anti-Semitic hatred. Since that a series of previously unlinked mur-
live in fear. case, there has been no such dispute, and then, the French president frequently has ders were actually committed by the same



rotation? Because Israel’s national water company pro- regarding a strategy that will improve their prospects Similarly, the defiant hope inherent in the later mes-
vides water to Jordan Valley settlements while Palestin- for a brighter future. Most “Palestinians also believe that sage of the seder can seem a bit less defiant to 21st-
ian villages must buy water from rusty tank trucks. Israel’s long-term aspirations are to extend its borders century American Jews, living as we do with the real-
to include all territories occupied in 1967 and expel the ity of a free, proud, powerful, and sovereign State of
5. When Rabbi Meir writes that Palestinians cannot inhabitants or deny them their political rights.” (Shikaki). Israel celebrating 70 years of independence. “L’shanah
participate in the political process that determines As frustration with the lack of progress increases, the ha-ba’ah b’Yerushalayim” — “Next year in Jerusalem”
the future of this geographic area he is precisely support for violent resistance increases. — hardly constitutes the “hope against hope” it repre-
wrong. sented for countless earlier generations, notwithstand-
The basic fact is that Palestinians — under occupation, 7. The Israeli occupation is a moral occupation. ing the very real challenges and abiding dangers con-
lacking Israeli citizenship — cannot participate in the one There is nothing moral about this occupation. There is fronting the Jewish State.
government that controls their everyday lives, the gov- nothing moral about home demolitions, administrative Nevertheless, in these troubled times, Passover
ernment of Israel. Under occupation, Palestinians have detention, expulsion of communities, road closures, and remains a time for “‘hope against hope’ — hope when all
no vote and no representation in the Israeli government denial of the right to compensation caused by security the indications counsel despair, when the statistics are
that oversees the military occupation. The fact that Pal- forces. (B’tselem). There is nothing moral about con- against you, when the diagnosis suggests that all is lost.”
estinians can vote in Palestinian elections is irrelevant trolling the lives and destinies of millions of people and Such defiant hope found expression at seder tables
to this point, since the elected leaders of the PA do not denying Palestinians basic human rights (freedom of where thoughtful families, friends, and communi-
control the lives of Palestinians under occupation. The movement, property rights) afforded to Jewish residents ties related the memory of slavery, displacement,
Israeli military authorities do. of the same occupied territories. Because of the inherent and liberation to the plight of immigrants and the ill-
discrimination between those with full rights and those treatment of refugees, both in the United States and
6. The majority of Palestinians would prefer leaders whose rights are limited, occupation of another people in Israel.
who are more supportive of violence. A majority of cannot by definition be considered moral. Such defiant hope found expression at seder tables
Palestinians, according to polls, support violence. I thank Rabbi Wolkoff for his thoughtful response, and where thoughtful families, friends, and communities
This is extremely complicated. Professor Shikaki’s look forward to continuing the dialogue with any and reflected on the lack of civility in public discourse.
2016 poll concluded that “in the absence of negotia- all readers. Such defiant hope found expression at seder tables
tions 60% [of Palestinians] support the return to armed where thoughtful families, friends, and communities
intifada. An identical percentage supports peaceful Rabbi Aryeh Meir of Teaneck is on the faculty of the voiced profound concern at religious leaders, move-
popular resistance. This points to Palestinian frustration Academy for Jewish Religion and is chairperson of the ments, and institutions that seem to have lost their
and anger with their reality and to their ambivalence Teaneck Environmental Commission. way, cynically sacrificing moral principle and clar-
ity on the altar of political expediency or political
The challenge, of course, is to translate such defi-
ant hopes (as pioneered decades ago by the “matzah
of hope”) into meaningful and transformative action
throughout the year, once our seders have concluded
and our Haggadot are back on the shelf.
Rabbi Gillman, also a prolific and eloquent author, iden-
tifies the way forward. Among his most impactful theologi-
cal works are “Shattered Fragments: Recovering Theology
for the Modern Jew,” “Doing Jewish Theology: God, Torah
& Israel in Modern Judaism,” “The Way into Encounter-
ing God in Judaism,” and “The Death of Death: Resurrec-
tion and Immortality in Jewish Thought.” In “The Death
of Death,” Rabbi Gillman reflects:
“The moral quality of the life I lead here on earth is of
importance to God, and … God will hold me responsible
for that life. But moral issues are complex, and human
motivations are obscure. I then forego my right to pass
judgment on my fellow human beings. That judgment I
am prepared to leave in God’s hands, convinced as I am
that, in the words of the liturgical formula I recite upon
hearing of a death, God’s judgment is always true. That
is my hope. That is my expectation.”
In our shared study of the liturgy so many years
ago, Rabbi Gillman also placed special emphasis on
the fact that the Passover Haggadah (through its final
song, “Chad Gadya”) concludes with God destroying
the Angel of Death. Despite his much lamented death,
Rabbi Gillman’s call for moral conduct in the service
Marchers honor the memory of Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll, 85, who was murdered March 23 in a of God, and a faith strong enough to inspire non-judg-
brutal anti-Semitic attack. EUROPEAN JEWISH PRESS mental piety, is very much alive, and continues daily
to fire the imaginations of the countless disciples and
person. Since 2006, when the young cell-phone salesman identify anti-Semitism as the serial killer responsible for admirers whose hearts and minds he touched through-
Ilan Halimi was kidnapped and murdered by a largely all these crimes of hate. Those who admit grimly that this out his life.
Muslim gang who seized him on the conviction that “all represents a form of progress are probably right. JNS.ORG Will that vision, in the end, prevail in our communi-
Jews are rich,” France has witnessed hundreds of assaults ties and in our troubled world?
and home robberies alongside these shameful murders of Ben Cohen writes a weekly column Jewish affairs and We can only hope.
Jews. In the end, it took the slaying of a woman who sur- Middle Eastern politics. His work has been published in
vived the July 1942 Vel d’Hiv Nazi deportation of the Jews Commentary, the New York Post, Haaretz, the Wall Street Joseph Prouser is the rabbi of Temple Emanuel of North
of Paris — the widow of a survivor of Auschwitz no less — to Journal, and many other publications. Jersey in Franklin Lakes.

Calendar she observed during Freeman, Holocaust
Saturday  a year, in consultation
with more than 60
ethnomusicologist and
the program’s artistic
april 7 well-known rabbis. director, will sing. 475
Brunch. 115 Park Ave. Grove St. (201) 444-9320
Shabbat in Teaneck: The (201) 659-4000 or office@ or
Jewish Center of Teaneck
has a women’s reading
of Shir Ha-Shirim, 5 p.m. Monday 
70 Sterling Place. (201) april 9

Ice cream with rabbi:
Rabbi Debra Orenstein of
Congregation B’nai Israel
in Emerson welcomes
guests to join her for
food and conversation
after Passover at
the Dairy Queen, 13
Kinderkamack Road in
Emerson, 8-8:45 p.m. Movie in Jersey City: Miriam Friedmann
(201) 265-2272 or www. Rabbi Aaron Katz of Morris Congregation B’nai
Jacob in Jersey City Daughter discusses
Celebrating Pesach’s hosts a screening of “The father’s art: In
end: The Sephardic Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” commemoration of
Synagogue of Fort 4 p.m., at his home. Yom Hashoah, Miriam
Lee, headed by Rabbi (201) 435-5725 or email Friedmann Morris
Ilan Acoca, holds a of Pomona, N.Y., will
mimouna celebration discuss “From Chess
(the traditional Moroccan Masters to Clydesdales
celebration as Pesach — Holocaust Survivor
ends), 10 p.m., in a home David Friedmann’s Art
in Fort Lee. Email for Journey.” She will talk
address. about her quest to find
David Friedmann’s Nazi-
Sunday  looted art and preserve
her father’s legacy. At
April 8 Ramapo College of New
Jersey Robert A. Scott
Dr. Sylvia Flescher Student Center (alumni
lounges, SC 157-158),
Yom Hashoah in 1 p.m. Under the auspices
Ridgewood: Ridgewood of the Gross Center for
psychoanalyst Dr. Sylvia Holocaust and Genocide
Flescher, the daughter Studies and Hillel of
of Holocaust survivor Ramapo. (201) 684-7409
“Goldstein,” an original new musical about a Jewish Joachim Flescher, is the or email holgen@ramapo.
family, is playing off-Broadway at the Actors Temple speaker at Temple Israel edu.
Theatre in Manhattan. The play, by the writing/ & Jewish Community
producing duo Charlie Schulman and Michael Roberts, Center for the town’s
annual community
is directed by Brad Rouse. The musical explores the commemoration, april 10
challenges and triumphs of three generations of an 7:30 p.m. Interfaith
service led by Rabbi
immigrant Jewish American family. 339 West 47th St., Dr. David J. Fine. Music
between Eighth and Ninth avenues. (212) 239-6200 or includes the world Jeremy Daniel
Abigail Pogrebin premier of “Postlude:
Anne Frank” for choir,
The Jewish holiday soprano, solo, and harp
chronicled: The United by Adam Har-Zvi; the
Brunswick St.; building a kosher-for-Passover Synagogue of Hoboken
Friday  entrance on 10th Street
where free parking is
Shabbat dinner, 6:30 p.m.
87 Overlook Drive.
hosts a book brunch
Heimat String Quartet
will perform “Fantazie
April 6 about “My Jewish Year” a Fuga,” composed
available. Rabbi Aaron (201) 391-0801 or www. with author/former PBS Odessa Klezmer Band
Katz, (201) 435-5725 or by Gideon Klein while
and 60 Minutes producer he was interned in the
Shabbat in Jersey City: Abigail Pogrebin, Café Europa in Fair
Congregation B’nai Terezin concentration Lawn: Café Europa,
10:30 a.m. She will tell camp; the Village
Jacob holds services Shabbat in Woodcliff a social program
her personal and often School Chorus and the
at Hamilton House, Lake: Temple Emanuel sponsored by Jewish J
humorous story of the Interfaith Adult Choir,
6-7:30 p.m. Supported by of the Pascack Valley Family & Children’s
rituals, fasts, and festivals conducted by Dr. Tamara
the Shuster family. 255 holds “Chefs Night Out,” Services of Northern

40 Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018
New Jersey for interactive discussion. B’nai Israel in Emerson Opening Night” at a
Networking in Glen
Holocaust survivors,
funded by the Claims
Books available for
sale. 585 Russell Ave.
Thursday  Rock: The Jewish
holds a commemoration
involving high school
private home in Alpine,
2 p.m. Refreshments.
Conference, meets at (201) 891-4466 or www. april 12 Business Network group students and younger Reservations,
the Fair Lawn Jewish meets at the Kosher children who will Janet Rosenberg,
Center/CBI, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Nosh Deli, 11:30 a.m. participate in a (201) 768-2374 or
Kosher lunch and musical Yom Hashoah in River 894 Prospect St. www. staged reading of
performance by the Edge: Holocaust survivor stories about children
Odessa Klezmer Band. Ernest Mathias discusses during the Holocaust.
Celebrating Israel
10-10 Norma Ave.
Register, Shari Brodsky,
“The Last Refuge — The
Jews of Shanghai during in Fort Lee: Marv
Rothenberg and his
9:30 a.m. 53 Palisade
Ave. (201) 265-2272 or Singles
(201) 837-9090, ext. 237, World War II” for a joint
daughter-in-law, Talya,
or program sponsored
by Temple Avodat share photographs and Volunteer training
Film in Teaneck: Shalom and the JCC of readings celebrating in Englewood: april 8
Temple Emeth’s adult Paramus/Congregation Israel’s 70th anniversary Englewood Hospital
Rabbi Daniel Fridman at the Fort Lee Library, Senior singles meet in
education group screens Beth Tikvah, at and Medical Center
a Jewish-themed movie, Avodat Shalom, 2 p.m. 320 Main St. holds an information West Nyack: Singles
7:30 p.m., as part of a 7 p.m. 385 Howland (201) 592-3614 or www. session for volunteers 65+ meets for a social
“Movies That Matter” Ave. (201) 489-2463 or for its end-of-life doula get-together with
series. Refreshments. program, at the hospital, refreshments at the JCC
Tricky tray/fashions in
1666 Windsor Road. 10 a.m. Participants Rockland, 11 a.m. 450
Yom Hashoah Fair Lawn: The Pythian
(201) 833-1322. must be compassionate, West Nyack Road. Gene,
in Englewood: Sisters holds a fashion
dedicated community (845) 356-5525.
Congregation Ahavath show with clothing from
Wednesday  Chico’s and a tricky tray members; they will

april 11
Torah presents “Who
Lives, Who Dies, Who auction at the Fair Lawn provide comfort and
meaning to patients
Tells Your Story” a Senior Center, 6:30 p.m. april 19
Rabbi Gedalyah Berger Admission includes a during their last days.
Celebrating Israel in multigenerational Volunteers receive
conversation between sheet of tickets and a
Wyckoff: As part of Yom Hashoah learning door prize ticket for a comprehensive Widows and widowers
Temple Beth Rishon’s Holocaust survivors in Teaneck: Rabbi training and continuing meet: Movin’ On, a
and second- and third- touchscreen HP laptop,
lunch and learn spring Daniel Fridman discusses and refreshments. education. Supported by monthly luncheon
module and the “One generation community “Teshuvot MiMa’amakim: the Kaplen Foundation. group for widows and
members, 7:30 p.m. Proceeds will benefit
Book One Community” Responsa from the children’s charities. 11-05 (201) 894-3896 or widowers, meets at
project, sponsored by Co-sponsored with Kovno Ghetto Holocaust the Glen Rock Jewish
East Hill Synagogue, Gardiner Road. Gayle,
the Jewish Federation & Remembrance,” and (201) 791-0737 or Harriet, calendar. Center, 12:30 p.m. 682
of Northern New Jersey, Kehillat Kesher, and Rabbi Gedalyah Berger Harristown Road. $5 for
Congregation Kol (201) 796-2019. Learn about Broadway:
the shul hosts a dairy talks about “Be-ma’alot lunch. (201) 652-6624 or
lunch, noon. The Israeli Haneshamah. 240 Broad Kedoshim: How Do We Broadway insider Doug email
food will be made Ave. (201) 568-1315 or Honor Those We Have Sunday  Besterman, a Drama
from recipes using this Desk and Tony Award-
Lost?” for Lamdeinu, april 15 winning orchestrator,
year’s book selection, 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. All are
“Zahav: A World of Israeli welcome. 950 Queen presents “The Making
Yom Hashoah in of a Broadway Musical
Cooking.” Afterward, Anne Road. Emerson: Congregation
TBR congregant Stan or Lamdeinu lamdeinu@ from Beginning to
Goodman leads an

Archeology program in Teaneck
Shulie Mishkin will talk about
Israeli archeology at Congrega-
tion Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck on
Thursday, April 12, at 8 p.m.
Ms. Mishkin, a well-known
tour guide in Israel who teaches
at Pardes and Matan there,
will details the ways in which
archaeological finds over the
last century have both enriched
Courtesy Turquoise Films

and challenged biblical sto-
ries, focusing on what excava-
tions have revealed about King
For information, call (201) 837-2795.
Shulie Mishkin

Jewish American soldiers in World War II.
Holocaust events scheduled
PBS to air ‘GI Jews’ documentary at Museum of Jewish Heritage
on those who served in World War II The Museum of Jewish Heritage — A Living metropolitan area — New York’s annual
Memorial to the Holocaust offers special Gathering of Remembrance, which starts
“GI Jews: Jewish Americans in World War and the late Bea Cohen. events and programs inside and outside on April 8, at 2 p.m., at Temple Emanu-
II” spotlights the little-known story of The film premieres nationwide the museum in commemoration of Holo- El, 1 East 65th St. in Manhattan. It brings
the more than 550,000 American Jews Wednesday, April 11, at 10 p.m. on PBS caust Remembrance Day, from Sunday, together more than 2,000 Holocaust sur-
who served in all branches of the mili- (check local listings) in honor of Holo- April 8, through Thursday, April 26. Dur- vivors and their families, civic leaders, and
tary during World War II. The feature- caust Remembrance Day (April 12). It will ing this period, museum admission is free the larger community.
length documentary features original be available to stream the following day and its hours are extended until 8 p.m., For more information and ticket res-
interviews with notables, including Mel on and on PBS apps. from Monday to Thursday. ervations, go to or call (646)
Brooks, Carl Reiner, Henry Kissinger, The programs begin with the largest 437-4202.
Yom Hashoah commemoration in the

Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018 41
The Frazzled Housewife

Son #3 and the DIY project
that almost went awry ...

have to be honest with you…I hammered together. Now what he did
wrote this column over a year ago. when he left the house is another story,
It was never printed, so I decided but to make a long story short again, he
to resurrect it. You see, many of turned our do-it-yourself headboard into
you may be home for the Passover holi- a real headboard. So much for saving
day, and I hope you will be reading my money, but at least I am no longer afraid
column. But, many of you are away for that son #3 is going to be impaled by one
the Passover holiday. So I decided that of the really long nails that I had ham-
since I wrote about my failures with son mered into the very thin wood.
#3 last week, that I will take the oppor- And for the record, son #3 is the
tunity to use this week to demonstrate only kid still living in the house, so he
how seriously I take being son #3’s gets lots and lots of attention. He gets
mother. And then next week, I can use his dinner driven to TABC at least two
this forum to make fun of all the things nights a week, and gets away with lots
I have witnessed while being away for of other stuff we don’t need to go into.
Passover. It is really a win- And he really is fun to go
win. Unless you don’t like shopping with because
or read my column and then he hasn’t inherited his
this will just be appearing on father’s Monsey gene
the floor of a bird or gerbil (and for those of you from
cage near you… Monsey, you know what I
So this column will be am talking about).
dedicated to son #3, and I Son #3 was our faithful
will tell you the tale of the companion on our trip
headboard fiasco of 2017. to Israel last winter vaca-
Per square inch, son #3 Banji tion (2017). He helped
has the nicest room in the Ganchrow Husband #1 navigate with
Across Down
house. I say per square inch Israeli Waze, he made all
1. Adidas alternative 1. Larson’s “The ___ Side”
because it is also the small- of our day trips highly
5. Four-time Australian Open cham- 2. Ex-dictator Amin
pion Andre 3. Franchise operator est room in the house, but when you are entertaining, and he only made one judg-
11. Like how Aleve and Advil are sold, 4. Jewelry location, perhaps the last to arrive, you get the last avail- mental face at all of the chocolate that I
briefly 5. Notable PED user able room. In order to make access to the was consuming (but can you blame me,
14. Court term, for 5-Across 6. Neighbor of Aus. high riser easier for his old mom (since some of that stuff is kosher only in Israel.
15. Fill an Uzi again 7. The youngest Haim sister
I have enabled all of my boys to know A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!) And
16. Nes Gadol Haya ___ 8. Former Seattle basketball player,
17. “Spaceballs” star born April 18, 1953 for short that mom will do everything for them), he even slept over at Sha’alavim one
19. Samuel’s High Priest teacher 9. “Thus ___ the L-rd” we moved his night table against the wall night so he could bond with his brother.
20. City east of Tel Aviv 10. Driver’s lic. and others and the bed next to the night table. This There is always that fine line of being
21. Secondary hoops event, familiarly 11. “Aida” and “Carmen” way, anytime he has a friend sleep over, I a parent to your kid and a friend to your
22. Larson who won an Oscar 12. “L’chaim!”
don’t have to shlep the night table across kid. I am the first to admit that I cross
23. “Lou Grant” actor Ed 13. Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt’s team
25. “Scrubs” star born April 6, 1975 18. Big name in candy bars the room to pull out the bed. (Of course, the line a lot. I am convinced that the
27. Rosa Parks gained fame in one 22. Slowed, in a car since son #2 has been away, his room has relationship you have with your chil-
28. Make like Mikaela Shiffrin 23. Attorneys’ org. become a dormitory, but that is another dren is entirely based on the relation-
30. Applies less pressure, with ‘up’ 24. Predicate’s counterpart, grammati- story altogether and I am only allowed to ship you had with your parents. I never
31. Facilitate, as a felon cally (abbr.)
speak of son #3 this week.) thought my parents (well my mom spe-
33. Org. that ranked 5-Across 25. Acne, slangily
35. “A mouse!” 26. Burger meat, often OK, so we move everything around cifically, sorry mom) was my friend. Of
36. “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” 29. Strikeout symbols, in baseball and then we discover that his pillows course now she sort of is my friend in
star born April 29, 1954 32. Stanley Cup, e.g. keep falling off his bed and he really a very unusual and codependent way.
41. Some kosher symbols 34. Liveliness needs a headboard. Easy, right? No. (Good save, right?) But growing up
42. Debater’s position, sometimes 35. Hall-of-Famer Slaughter
Because they didn’t seem to make the — not so much. So I try to be my kids’
43. Bucks’ mates 37. Region bordering the Rhine
45. It comes before a bet? 38. Persia, now headboard that we were looking for. friend. Sometimes it works and some-
48. Cleopatra biter 39. They’re often boiled alive Long story short, son #3 and I decided times it doesn’t. But I have to say, son
50. Letters avoided by kosher keepers 40. Pastrami purveyor to make our own headboard. We went #3 is a great son and a great grandson.
51. “The Interview” star born April 15, 44. Jump or Wall: Abbr. to AC Moore and bought some pieces of And if I forgot to mention him, it isn’t
1982 45. Italicized
wood. We get home and I hammer the because I don’t love him with all of my
55. “Ready Player One” locale, with 46. Rented out, as an apartment
“the” 47. Engraves with acid pieces together and voila — a headboard. heart, it is because I have narcissistic
57. Running back Eddie 49. Serve, as coffee Sort of. Now there is a whole not-spend- personality disorder. And admitting it
58. Higher power, to many 52. Shrek’s mishpacha ing-money-element to the story, and is a great first step. Love you kid…Enjoy
59. Executive, slangily 53. Soccer scores here we thought if we did it ourselves, the headboard.
60. Shade of blonde 54. Disorient
we would save money. But then I had
61. “‘Til Death” star born April 14, 1960 56. Network showing a television show,
65. AKA alternative e.g. the great idea to call Dani Faber, who is Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck hopes that
66. Fed head Janet 59. Right-minded this amazing carpenter who had fixed son #3 will appreciate this additional
67. Cupid, by a Greek name 61. “Shalom” my cracking piano legs a few years back. shoutout. Next week, hold on to your
68. 57-Across got 13 of ‘em in ‘14 62. Ike’s title, before being Pres. The nicest thing about Dani? He didn’t cynical horses, because they will be
69. Ancient Jewish monastic 63. “Mazel ___ !”
laugh at us when he saw what we had galloping all over the place!
70. Bat mitzvah request? 64. “Joy of Cooking” abbr.

The solution to last week’s puzzle in on page 47.

Keeping Kosher
Shul adds spice
to food programs
Cammy Bourcier, the food writer, author, and Israeli
cooking instructor, details how spices can improve your
health and food for the JCC of Northern New Jersey’s
Active Adult program at Temple Beth Or in Washington
Township on Thursday, April 12, at 11:15 a.m. Foods with
spices that are featured in “Zahav: A World of Israeli
Cooking,” this year’s book for the Jewish Federation of
Northern New Jersey’s “One Book One Community”
project, will be served as part of the kosher lunch. The
shul is at 56 Ridgewood Road. For information, call (201)
666-6610, ext. 2, or email
To spice up Shabbat, on Saturday, April 14, Rabbi
Noah Fabricant leads a Havdalah service at Temple April 22 at 3 p.m. For information, call (201) 444-9320.
Beth Or at 6 p.m. It will be followed by “Zahav- Later that day, at 7 o’clock, with Congregation Beth Sha-
Dalah: A Celebration of Israeli Spices,” led by Ms. lom in Pompton Lakes, it offers “A Glimpse of Israeli
Boucier, who is a congregant and teaches Hebrew Cuisine.” There, after a film on Israeli cooking, Israeli
school teacher there. The food served will be pre- snacks and desserts from “Zahav,” prepared by book
pared with recipes and spices featured in “Zahav: club members, will be available. For information, go to
A World of Israeli Cooking.” For information on this
program, go to or call Registration is open for JFNNJ’s culmination of Sisters Lexi and Charlotte Barbach make challah.
(201) 664-7422. this year’s “One Book One Community” project, an
The Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey
has scheduled several other events around the book
evening with the book’s author, chef Michael Solo-
monov, on Thursday, May 17, at 7 p.m., at Temple
First challah bake
“Zahav — A World of Israeli Cooking.” Partnering with Israel & JCC in Ridgewood. is a rising success
the American-Israel Cultural Foundation Concert Series For information on any of the upcoming events,
at Temple Israel & JCC in Ridgewood, it offers a festive call Elisa Hirsch at JFNNJ, (201) 820-3918, or go to The Academies @ Gerrard Berman Day School hosted
reception featuring appetizers from “Zahav” on Sunday, its first “Great Family Challah Bake” on March 15 and the
event attracted more than 100 guests. Moms, dads, sons,
daughters, grandparents, and community members gath-
ered at the school to make challah, tapping into an age-old
Local author Michal Levison, a GBDS board member and
the founder of “Seasoned Moments,” taught new braiding
Royal Wine caters to all taste expectations techniques. She was accompanied by her daughters. All
during its extravaganza at Chelsea Piers funds raised benefit the school’s annual campaign.
Admission included dinner prepared by Ms. Levison,
More than 2,500 industry insiders and enthusiasts and two challot for each family to take home.
attended the recent Kosher Food & Wine Experience
hosted by Royal Wine at Chelsea Piers. More than
700 fine kosher wines and spirits from around the
world were showcased, along with the latest in gour-
met kosher cuisine. More than 35,000 plates of mod-
ern bites were served up to the enthusiastic attend-
ees, including lamb bacon, buffalo meatballs, spicy Kosher Market
Hawaiian poke, lotus doughnuts, bacon-flavored brit-
tle, and pulled beef with veal truffle pate. Not only Meats ✡ Chicken ✡ Deli ✡ Appetizing
were all of these delicacies kosher, but many were Prepared Foods ✡ Groceries ✡ Frozen Foods ✡ Catering
kosher for Passover. 67 A. East Ridgewood Ave. · Paramus, NJ 07652
Kosher Food & Wine Experience is produced each
year by Royal Wine, the leading producer, importer,
and distributor of kosher wines and spirits in the MON-WED 8-6; THURS 8-7; FRI 8-4; SUN 8-3; CLOSED SATURDAY
Among the 30 participating restaurants, caterers,
Serving The Kosher Way Since 1976
and foods companies were Breadberry, Wandering Participants sample the variety of wines and
Que, Silverleaf Caterers, Great Falls Bistro, Diamond cuisine at the Kosher Food & Wine Experience
Caterers, West Wing, Judd’s Memphis Kitchen, Marani,
Abigael’s on Broadway, Grow & Behold, Graze, Pelleh “The Kosher Food and Wine Experience is a chance
Poultry, Sabra, Aufshnitt Meats, UN Plaza Grilll & for restaurateurs, caterers, vintners, and spirit distill-
Sushi, Koshe Poke, Buffalo2Go, Bison & Bourbon, T ers to showcase the very latest in the expanding world DELI • RESTAURANT • CATERING
Fusion Steakhouse, Heritage Kosher, Le Marais, NY of kosher food and beverage. It is a chance to set
Brat Factory, Teaneck Doghouse, Sushi Tokyo, Urban- trends and raise the bar,” said David Levy, VP of mar- Readers
# New Jersey
pops, Wissotzky, Susan Sez “Say it With Cake,” Sesame, keting and special events for Royal Wine Corp, already Avi & Haim Poll 894 Prospect Street
Proprietors Glen Rock, NJ
the Nuttery, Dess Frozen Excellence, and Reserve Cut. planning for next year’s shows. Tel: 201-445-1186
Under Rabbinical Supervision Fax: 201-670-5674


Cast your votes for your favorite
retailers, restaurants, and professionals.
You could win Visa gift cards,
gift certificates to stores, restaurants, and shows!

Log onto and cast your votes!

44 Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018
Jerome Berman Bella, and Luca. Todd (Emily), Amy engineering degree, grad-
Jerome “Jerry” Berman, Arrangements were by ( Jason), and Sam (Ali), and uated dental school, and
94, of Paramus, formerly Gutterman and Musicant five great-grandchildren. was a dentist in Paterson.
of Glen Rock, died Jewish Funeral Directors, Donations can be made Predeceased by his
March 24. Hackensack. to the Veritans Club, brother, Gilbert, he is Obituaries are prepared with
A CPA, he worked at the Haledon. Arrangements survived by his sister-in- information provided by funeral homes.
Small Business Adminis- Paula Rosenblum were by Louis Suburban law, Adele Slomowitz, Correcting errors is the responsibility
tration and was an Army Paula L. Rosenblum, née Chapel, Fair Lawn. and her children, Richard of the funeral home.
World War II veteran, Lach, 90 of Rockaway and Nancy.
going ashore at Omaha Township, formerly of Randy Shifrel Arrangements were by
Beach in the Normandy Paterson and Fair Lawn, Randy Steven Shifrel, 59, Robert Schoem’s Menorah
landings in 1944. He died March 29. of Bloomfield, formerly Chapel, Paramus.
earned two battle stars She graduated Wil- of New Milford, died
in France, was a member liam Paterson University March 29. Leon Yablon
of the American Division and earned a master’s at Before retiring, he Leon M. Yablon, 97, of
of the French Legion of Montclair State University. worked in the construc- Armonk, N.Y., formerly of
Honor, the Veterans of Before retiring, she was tion industry. Predeceased Jersey City, died April 2.
Foreign Wars Post 850 in a secretary at the Warren by his parents, Morris and A U.S. Army World War
Glen Rock, and was active Point Elementary School Norma Shifrel, he is sur- II veteran, he and his Funeral Planning Simplified
at the Glen Rock Jewish in Fair Lawn. She was a vived by his companion, brother, Philip, owned
Center with its ritual and former member of Temple Corina Carrasco; cousins the Captain’s Table Res-
burial committees. Avoda in Fair Lawn and Doreen Janes and Scott taurant at Roosevelt Sta- 201.261.2900 | 789 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666
He is survived by his Barnert Temple in Frank- Shifrel, and other family dium in Jersey City.
wife of 61 years, Marcia, lin Lakes and was active in members and friends. Predeceased by his Owner/Manager Daniel W. Leber, NJ Lic. No3186
née Geller, children, Lor- Brandeis Jewish Women Arrangements were by wife, Evelyn, in 2014, and
raine Lehrhoff (Brian), and where she was a past Louis Suburban Chapel, his brother, he is survived
Ronald (Faith), and grand- president. Fair Lawn. by children, Dr. Steven of Robert Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Inc
children, Charles, Andrew, Predeceased by her New City, N.Y., Donald of Jewish Funeral Directors
Ethan, and Sarah. husband, Leon, she is sur- Dr. Alvin Philadelphia, and Ronnie Family Owned & managed
Contributions can be vived by children, Charles Slomowitz Meyer of Armonk, N.Y.; Generations of Lasting Service to the Jewish Community
sent to the Glen Rock ( JoAnne) of North Caro- Dr. Alvin Slomowitz, 94, nine grandchildren, and • Serving NJ, NY, FL &
Throughout USA
• Our Facilities Will Accommodate
Your Family’s Needs
Jewish Center or Thomas lina, Lawrence of Mary- of Saddle Brook died 11 great- grandchildren. • Prepaid & Preneed Planning • Handicap Accessibility From
D. Egan VFW Post 850. land, and Lynn Rosenfelt March 28. Arrangements were by • Graveside Services Large Parking Area

Arrangements were by (Rick) of Montville; grand- A U.S. Army World War Eden Memorial Chapel, Gary Schoem – Manager - NJ Lic. 3811
Jordan E. Schoem – Funeral Director - NJ Lic. 5146
Robert Schoem’s Menorah children, Aaron (Djamila), II veteran who served in Fort Lee.
Conveniently Located
Chapel, Paramus. Bree (Marc), Scott (Sarah), Belgium, he earned an W-150 Route 4 East • Paramus, NJ 07652
201.843.9090 1.800.426.5869
Norman Fishman
Norman Fishman, 88,
died March 31.
He is survived by his
wife of 67 years, Sheila, Chevra Kadisha Taharath Jacob Isaac
children, Ellen Shube and Established 1902
Linda Kaplan; a sister, Serving the needs of the Jewish community for 35 years
Norma Kaminsky; grand- with respect, dignity and strict adherence to halacha Headstones, Duplicate Markers and Cemetery Lettering
children, Danielle (Adam), through many funeral homes in the tri-state area. With Personalized and Top Quality Service
Allison (Tony), Alex Please call 1-800-675-5624
Family operated for three generations.
(Stephanie), and Jake,
and great-grandchildren, For emergencies, 24 hours, 201-530-5822
Logan, Ethan, Harper, 76 Johnson Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601

A zessin Pesach to you and your family from We continue to be Jewish family managed,
knowing that caring people provide caring service.
the members of the Jewish Memorial Chapel
Ahavas Achim • Bloomfield Beth Shalom • Pompton Lakes Knights of Pythias Memorial
Amelia Lodge • Cli on Shomrei Emunah • Montclair Associa„on • Cli on JEWISH FUNERAL DIRECTORS
B’nai Shalom • West Orange Daughters of Miriam • Cli on Pine Brook Jewish Center • Montville 800-522-0588
Chevra Thilim • Passaic Farband • Passaic Temple Emanuel • Cli on
Cli on Jewish Center • Cli on Hungarian Hebrew Men • Pinebrook Temple Ner Tamid • Bloomfield
Tifereth Israel • Passaic
Adas Israel • Passaic
Agudath Israel • Caldwell
Jewish Federa„on • Cli on
Jewish War Veterans Post 47 • Passaic Hebrew Verein • Passaic 800-322-0533
Ahavas Israel • Passaic Cli on Young Israel • Passaic 402 Park Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Beth El • Rutherford
ALAN L. MUSICANT, Mgr., N.J. Lic. No. 2890
841 Allwood Road • Clifton, NJ 07012
973-779-3048 • Fax 973-779-3191
MARTIN D. KASDAN, N.J. Lic. No. 4482 Advance Planning Conferences Conveniently Arranged
Vincent Marazo, Manager at the Funeral Home or in Your Own Home
NJ License No. 3424

Situations Wanted
(201) 837-8818
A Certified Male and Female are A responsible woman looking to CAREGIVER looking for live-in/out AIDE available to do elder care.
Experienced, Certified HHA’s looking to care for elderly. Night
and weekend. References! Years
care for elderly. Live-in or out. Re-
liable! Pleasant! Experienced! Ref-
positiion. Reliable, pleasant. Will
do light housekeeping & cooking.
Warm, loving, caring, experienced,
reliable, excellent references. Live-
of experience! English speaking. erences. Waiting for your call 347- Drives/own car. Speaks English. in or out. 201-668-7946
• Exp. in Elder Care (Alzheimers/Dementia) Call 201-313-6956 816-1363 Call me...201-699-2233
• Kosher food and special diet preparation
caring CHHA, 18 yrs experience chha 10 years experience with chha with New Jersey and NY chha/cna with 12yrs experience,
• Personal assistance with eldercare, dementia and Alz- dementia, alzheimer, diabetics. lics. looking for 24/7 live-in posi- excellent references, FT, day or
heimers patients; live in/out, FT, Live-in/live-out. Lt. housekeeping. tiion. 10 years experience. Refer- night. Drives own car, available for
• Laundry & light house keeping excellent references. 973-816- References. Drives/own car. ences. Lt cooking/cleaning. 908- errands, appointments. Barbara
• Doctor’s appts, errands & grocery shopping 4755 Speaks English. 732-621-9122 275-7728 347-326-3248, 201-952-0578

• Own transportation & valid drivers license Help Wanted Crypts For Sale
• Live-in/hourly - mininum 4 hrs.
• Mon-Fri, incl. Weekends & Major Holidays. two-person CRYPT

(201) 580-0300 OR (973) 778-0884) Director of Marketing & Special Events -MUST SELL-
Sanctuary of Abraham & Sarah
New Cedar Park Cemetery
Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Northern NJ (JFCSNNJ) is seeking a Paramus
Paid $8100 in 1998
Help Wanted Director of Marketing & Special Events for Public Relations & Marketing of JFCS Make an offer
operations and for planning and execution of all fundraising and friend raising events. 973-477-6424

ADVERTISING The Director will develop and execute marketing strategies - including digital Cleaning Service
SALES REPRESENTATIVES marketing and social media - to market, advertise and promote the organization. We
The Jewish Standard is looking for professional, are seeking a professional with strong social media expertise and a natural curiosity A POLISH CLEANING WOMAN
- Homes, Apartments, Offices-
ambitious, highly motivated and reliable full to continually improve results and experiment with new tools, methods and ideas. 15 years experience, excellent
and part-time outside sales representatives Please send resume, cover letter and salary expectations to: SandraL@jfcsnnjorg references.
Affordable rates!
for Bergen, Hudson and Rockland counties. Izabela 973-572-7031
Candidates should have solid sales experience.
Print media and digital sales a plus. Work out of
our Teaneck office. A Team of
Polish Women
• Good organizational, presentation In the heart of New York City is Ramaz - a Modern Orthodox Day School with a rich
history of Jewish education, academic distinction, and nurturing of individual abilities and Clean
and writing skills aspirations. Anchored in the teaching of Torah and mitzvot, students’ lives are enriched by • Apartments •
an exceptional, devoted faculty. Join us. Make a difference in their lives and yours. Homes • Offices
• Communication skills in person, Experienced • References
by phone and email The Ramaz School has the following career opportunities for fall 2018: 201-679-5081
• Early Childhood Teachers and Assistant Teachers
• Visit businesses and establish relationships • Lower School Head, Hebrew Language/Judaic Studies, Math, Science, Reading, and Music Teachers
Please send cover letter and resume to Handyman
• Prospect via email and phone
• Middle School Assistant Head, Students Activities Coordinator, Science, Hebrew, Math, Your Neighbor with Tools
Salary + commission. Car allowance. Humanities, and Tanakh Teachers
Send resume to Please send cover letter and resume to Home Improvements & Handyman
Shomer Shabbat · Free Estimates
• Upper School STEM Coordinator and Math Teacher Over 20 Years Experience
Please send cover letter and resume to
Adam 201-675-0816
Alliance Homecare is hiring We look forward to hearing from you. For details please visit · NJ Lic. #13VH05023300
Instagram: yourneighborwithtools
HHA’s ($14-18/hr), LPN’s ($30-35/hr) and Antiques
RN’s ($55-65/hr) + benefits in Long Island,

Antiques Wanted
NYC, Westchester and Bergen County, NJ.
Come join our amazing team! We pay cash for
Email resume to Antique Furniture
WE BUY Modern Furniture
Antiques Modern Art
• Oil Paintings • Silver
Sterling Associates Auctions Paintings
• Bronzes • Porcelain Bronzes ❖ Silver
Sculpture • Paintings • Porcelain • Silver
• Oriental Rugs • Furniture Chinese Porcelain & Art
Jewelry • Furniture • Etc. • Marble Sculpture • Jewelry Men’s & Women’s Watches
TOP CASH PRICES PAID • Tiffany Items • Chandeliers Top Dollar for any kind of
201-768-1140 • • Chinese Art • Bric-A-Brac Jewelry, including costume
70 Herbert Avenue, Closter, N.J. 07642

Tyler Antiques ANS A
• Established by Bubbe in 1940! • Over 25 years courteous service to tri-state area
We come to you ❖ Free Appraisals
Call us. We’re waiting for your
Call Us! Shommer
classified ad! 201-894-4770 201-861-7770 ❖ 201-951-6224
201-837-8818 Shomer Shabbos
46 Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018

Cleaning & Hauling Masonry Roofing
Solution to last week’s puzzle. This week’s puzzle is
. on page 42.

Est. 1955
Waterproofing · Steps Free ROOFING
Home or Business Walls · Tile · Repairs
Lic #13vh00258800
Estimates CO. Repairs
Basement-Garage-Apartment INC.
Yard & Renovation Debris 201-967-9295 201-487-5050 83 FIRST STREET
Fire Damage- Flood Debris
Free Estimates Car Service
Call Pete McDonnell APL Plumbing & Heating LLC
Complete Kitchen &
NJHIC# 13VH07259700
Bath Remodeling A PLUS
No Hazardous Waste
Boilers · Hot Water Heaters · Leaks
Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Limo & Car Service
NO JOB IS TOO SMALL! The most reliable and efficient service
at all times for your transporation needs.
Home Improvements 201-358-1700 · Lic. #12285 Our professional and courteous team works together for you.
Roofing Serving the Tri-State Area, New York and Bergen County

EWR $39 • LGA $42 • JFK $59
Home Repair Service
Carpentry Painting ALL ROOF Tolls, parking, wlt, stops & tps are not included • Extra $7 Airport Pickup
Prices subject to change without prior notice. Price varies by locations.

Decks Kitchens Fuel surcharge may add up to 10% · Additional charge may be applied to credit card payment
Locks/Doors Electrical
Basements Paving/Masonry 201-641-5500 • 888-990-TAXI (8294)
Bathrooms Drains/Pumps Shingles | Flat | Slate Visit us online at: E-mail:
Plumbing Maintenence
Tiles/Grout Hardwood Floors Englewood area
General Repairs Call Pete McDonnell
24 Hour x 5 1/2 Emergency Services
Shomer Shabbat Free Estimates Free Estimates
1-201-530-1873 6 yrs exp
NJHIC# 13VH07259700

“ Being hungry affects
your appearance,
Inspired by Jewish values and ideals,
MAZON is a national advocacy
how you act. When I’m
“ organization working to end hunger
hungry, I’m not in the
among people of all faiths
mood for anything.
and backgrounds in the
United States and Israel.

Help us end hunger.
Please donate today.

10850 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400, Los Angeles CA 90024
(800) 813-0557 |

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International Day of the Agunah Black Box Rock Musical Theater What’s
gives teens an ‘intense’ experience new in
In observance of International
Agunah Day, held on the Fast
of Esther, the Knesset called
Rock Musical Theater Intensive, Black Box Studios’s popular sum-
mer program for teens with a serious interest in the performing
a special session to discuss arts, will run for its ninth season from Monday, July 2, until Sunday, research
the issue of prenuptial agree- August 12, weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (The six show The Jewish Home Family
ments. Yad La’isha: The Mon- dates will be announced soon, and all will fall between August 8 and Englewood Hospital
ica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid and August 12.) and Medical Center will host
Center and Hotline, an Ohr In the collaborative Rock Musical Theater Intensive program, updates from The Michael
Torah Stone program, placed students aged 13-19 spend a month working on a Broadway-style J. Fox Foundation with
a cage in Tel Aviv’s Habima musical that culminates in a fully-staged production for family, Samantha J. Hutten, Ph.D.,
Square to dramatize the plight friends, the community, and industry professionals. senior associate director of
of these “caged” women who In this total-immersion, collaborative theater experience cre- research programs with the
are metaphorically impris- ated and run by BBS/BBPAC Artistic Director Matt Okin and other foundation.
oned and unable to move on trained professional teaching artists, participants receive hands- This event is open to
with their lives. Members of on instruction in acting, improvisation, voice, dance, stage com- physicians, medical profes-
Knesset and passersby were bat, audition technique and more. Students also explore numer- sionals, elder-care profes-
invited to enter the cage and ous genres of theater as they rehearse and mount a uniquely sionals and members of the
hear firsthand the stories staged, elaborately produced full-length show. Roles (and even community.
of current and former Yad the actual show itself ) are chosen specifically for each partici- It will take place Monday,
La’isha clients. pant to showcase their talents and each the opportunity to grow April 16. Light desert fare at
Ohr Torah Stone’s Yad over the course of the summer. RMTI is limited to the first 25 6:30 p.m.; presentation and
La’isha: The Monica Dennis performers; other slots are available for behind-the-scenes partici- panel Q&A from 7 to 8 p.m.
Goldberg Legal Aid Center pants. For those under 13 and over 19 (or otherwise not entering Englewood Hospital and
and Hotline is the largest, grades 6 through 12 in September 2018), exceptions may be made Medical Center, is located at
most comprehensive and most experienced support center for agunot in on a case-by-case basis. When it becomes necessary, a waiting list 350 Engle St., Englewood.
the world. The center’s rabbinical court advocates provide legal support will be formed and any vacated slots will be filled on a first-come- RSVP required: Parkin-
in the rabbinical and civil courts, while in-house social workers and per- first-served basis. sons@JewishHomeFamily.
sonal coaches support clients emotionally and empower them to rebuild For further information, please visit, org or (551) 444 3183
their lives. call (201) 357-2221, or email
MORE listings. MORE experience. MORE sales. 201.692.3700




$549,000 $450,000 $699,000


48 Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018
Real Estate & Business

Introducing, a premier subscription car service
Introducing, an innovative, premier sub- unique from other auto subscription services. These Every FlipAuto subscription includes rights to a vehicle,
scription car service, offers sophisticated customers models include Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others, and white-glove concierge service, and auto insurance and all rec-
unparalleled service, selection, freedom, and flexibil- are current or prior year vehicles, outfitted with the lat- ommended vehicle service maintenance.
ity in managing their complete automobile experience est features and amenities. All FlipAuto plans are a flat monthly fee and include main-
exclusively through tenance and insurance, with no contract required.
“Flip Auto is easily the most exciting innovation I’ve How it works: FlipAuto is open to anyone 21 or over with a valid license,
seen in in the automotive service industry,” said Joseph Members pay a flat subscription rate per month for all clean driving record and background check.
Agresta Jr., president of Benzel-Busch. “The ability for the program benefits. FlipAuto’s mobile app uses artificial intelligence and enables
the distinguished driver to flip their car at a moment’s Based on the subscription tier, Groundbreaker, Pace- FlipAuto to get to know members preferences, enabling the
notice to match their needs and desires will completely setter, or Enthusiast members can choose a vehicle from perfect car for every moment.
transform the automotive experience.” an extensive lineup, which would include sedans, SUVs, For more information including frequently asked ques-
FlipAuto is a provider of subscription based, conve- sports cars, and more. tions visit or call (201) 298-9599 or email hello@
nience focused, auto-purchasing services geared toward Members can “flip” to a new vehicle at anytime within
the modern driver who desires unprecedented choice the guidelines of the program tier selected (up to three
without the hassle associated with buying, leasing, ser- (3) flips per month for Groundbreaker and up to eight
vicing, or insuring a single automobile. FlipAuto is a (8) flips per month for Enthusiast. If a customer wants a
monthly automotive subscription service where custom- sportscar for the weekend, just flip, if an SUV for a fam-
ers can match their car to their lifestyle needs ensuring
that they have the perfect automobile for every occa-
ily visit is desired, just flip, if a customer just wants a new
car to drive, just flip. The FlipAuto concierge team deliv- OPEN HOUSES
sion or whim. For instance, a driver can exchange their ers hand detailed vehicles to members upon request. SUNDAY, APRIL 8
everyday luxury sedan for a sports car for date night, Members have exclusive access to the
flip the sports car for an SUV for a family weekend trip, website and mobile app to view available inventory, t TEANECK t
and then get a stylish sedan to pickup a client. select a vehicle to flip into, and schedule concierge
With the FlipAuto subscription service, consumers drop-off or pickup service.
can now experience white-glove concierge automobile FlipAuto uses advanced data analysis and artificial
services at their fingertips without the time and hassle intelligence to learn driver preferences and make vehi-
involved in traditional dealership visits. cle suggestions.
The monthly subscription service allows a FlipAuto FlipAuto does all the work including exchange the
member to browse on a computer or mobile app and vehicles, provide drop-off or pickup service, a quick
choose from an inventory of hundreds different high- tutorial on how to use a vehicle, and move items from
end automobiles across makes and models, making this one vehicle to the other.

Learn about recovering
safely and effectively at OPEN HOUSE SUN APRIL 8TH, 1-4 PM
789 STELTON ST TEANECK 584 Cumberland Ave. $595,000 1 PM – 3 PM
home following New Listing! 3 BR, 2.5 BTH expanded home with master Charm Brick Tudor. Totally Updated. LR/Fplc open to Formal DR, Grnt
joint replacement bedroom suite and family room. Fin bsmt. Pretty property.
C/A/C. Near Country Club area, NYC express bus, Houses of
Isle Kit. 4 BRs (2 w/ Full Bth), 4.5 Bths Total. Game Rm Bsmt. 2 Zone
C/A/C. 2 Car Gar.
Worship. Priced at $464,900.
The Valley Hospital will host a free community health 293 Glen Ct. $759,900 2 PM-4 PM
Call me for opportunities in the market!
program, Recovering at Home After a Joint Replace- Sunlit, Sprawling Bi-Lev. C. Club Area. 2 Story Ent, Grand LR, Formal
ment, on Tuesday, April 17, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at The Wendy Wineburgh Dessanti DR, Ultra Isle Kit/Deck. 4 BRs, 3 New Bths incl Master Suite. Lg Fam
Broker/Sales Associate Rm, New Roof/Siding/Windows/Cent Air. 3 Zone H/W Heat. 2 Car Gar.
Dorothy B. Kraft Center, 15 Essex Road, Paramus.

2017 NJ Realtors Circle of Excellence Silver
Millions of Americans each year undergo proce- Weichert Top 200 Realtors Nationwide
dures to replace worn-out joints like hips and knees. Top Office Producer 2016 & 2017
Not only is a joint replacement often the best way to 201 310-2255 (pref)/201 569-7888 SUNDAY, APRIL 15
get relief from chronic pain and discomfort, the proce-
dure can also help restore mobility and make it easier
to take part in the activities we enjoy. 759 Cottage Pl. $548,500 1 PM – 3 PM
Now, advancements in materials and techniques are Spacious Bi-Lev. 3/4 BRs, 2.5 Bths. Quiet Cul-de-sac. Lg LR open to
Formal DR, Mod Eat in Kit. Tiled Fam Rm, Deck. C/A/C, Sprinklers,
leading to longer-lasting replacements and improving
the patient experience. Minimally-invasive approaches
Open House Sunday April 15th 11:00-2:00 Portable Generator, 2 Car Gar. Rm to Expand.
914 Columbus Drive, Teaneck
are becoming widespread, leading to fewer complica-
tions and shorter hospital stays. BY APPOINTMENT
One key benefit of these innovations is that many t TEANECK t
patients can now go straight home to complete their Pretty Center Ent Col. Oak Flrs. LR/Fplc, DR, New/Mod Eat In Kit
recovery instead of spending time in a rehab facility. open to 3 Season Porch. 3 BRs + 2nd Flr Deck. Room to Expand.
If you or a loved one is considering a joint replace- Detached Gar. $339,900
ment, join us to learn how the procedure can improve EXCLUSIVE. Pretty Tudor Col. Quiet Street. 125' Deep Prop. Beaut
Best offer over $700,000 or $4,400 month rent Inlaid Flrs. LR/Fplc, Sunlit Den, Formal DR, Kit/Brkfst Area/Den. 3
a patient’s quality of life and what to expect during the Freshly painted 4 BR/3.5 Bath side hall colonial on large 89 x BRs, 1.5 Bths. Fin Bsmt. Det Gar. $410,000
recovery process. Additionally, Steven Kleinman, P.T., 100 flat corner lot. 3 blocks from Country Club’s Young Israel.
MPT, rehabilitation manager at Valley Home Care, will New wood floors throughout large LR, DR, and den with gas ALL CLOSE TO NY BUS / HOUSES OF WORSHIP /
FP. EIK with granite counters, double stainless appliances and HIGHWAYS / SHOPS / SCHOOLS
share tips for making your home a comfortable and glass doors to XL deck, 1/2 basketball court, and fenced in
safe place for an effective recovery. yard. Spacious bedrooms with large closets; master includes For Our Full Inventory including
There is no fee to attend this program but registra- his/her walk-ins. Nicely finished basement with guest room/ Details & Pictures, Visit our Website
tion is required. For more information or to register, full bath. Oversize attached 2 car garage, sophisticated security
and sprinkler, french drains, 2 sump-pumps, new windows and
please call (800) 825-5391 or visit www.ValleyHealth.
insulation, and XXXL storage. Low taxes. (201) 837-8800
Call Rona 917-885-9745

Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018 49
Real Estate & Business

Visitors will be welcomed
SELLING YOUR HOME? at Lester Senior Housing
The Lester Senior Housing Community in promote comfort and provide oppor-
Whippany will host an open house for its tunities for socializing. These include
Memory Care Suite and Weston Assisted pet therapy, aromatherapy, music ther-
Living Residence on Wednesday, April 25, apy, crafts, exercise classes, and games.
from 3 to 5 p.m. Memory care residents also join other
Area residents interested in learn- residents at Lester for communal activi-
ing more about Memory Care at Les- ties and entertainment, which fosters
ter, the community’s personalized care a greater sense of community for all
approach for individuals with dementia- involved.
related conditions, are invited to tour the Memory Care at Lester is for adults
intimate, light-filled suite. Visitors can ages 62 and up with dementia-related
also get information about the Weston diagnoses. To reserve a spot at the
Assisted Living Residence, which offers open house and tour on April 25, con-
seniors the daily support they need tact David Rozen at (973) 929-2725 or
to remain as independent as possible,
while enjoying three glatt kosher meals The Lester Senior Housing Commu-
a day and a full range of cultural, social nity is located at 903-905 Route 10 East
and recreational programs. Short-term in Whippany, on the Alex Aidekman
respite stays are also available. Family Jewish Community Campus. It
Caregivers in the Memory Care offers independent living, assisted liv-
Suite are specially trained in a holistic ing and memory care, and is one of
approach that focuses on each individ- four senior living communities owned
Call Susan Laskin Today
ual’s needs, preferences and well-being. and managed by the Jewish Community
To Make Your Next Move A Successful One!
Residents enjoy a life that’s supported Housing Corporation of Metropolitan Cell: 201-615-5353 by compassionate care, and offers many New Jersey ( JCHC). For more informa-
©2018 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. enriching activities and services that tion, visit
An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT LLC.

NVE-3502 Mug Mortgage Rates Rev Ad 5x6.5_NVE-3454 Fall Mortgage Ad 5x6.5 3/9/18 10:15 AM Page 1

Happening at the Teaneck Creek Conservancy

Warm up to our sweet mortgage rates. There are many free events at the Teaneck Creek Conservancy this month.
They include:

Finding Balance Through Labyrinth Reading:
Gardening ‘Deer Dancer’
Monday, April 16, 7 p.m. Sunday, April 22, 10 a.m.
Total wellness involves balance in all Join TCC Eco-Art member and dancer
7-YEAR 15-YEAR 25-YEAR aspects of health: body, mind and spirit. Nikki Manx in the Labyrinth on Earth
MORTGAGE MORTGAGE MORTGAGE Connecting with nature helps us restore Day, as we read “Deer Dancer” by
or maintain that balance. This talk will Mary Lyn Ray and illustrated by Lau-
3.250% Rate 3.625% Rate 4.250% Rate demonstrate how we can make that con-
nection through the simple act of indoor
ren Stringer followed by an interactive
dance lesson with Nikki!
3.359% APR* 3.684% APR* 4.304% APR* gardening. Create your own little garden This program is intended for kids and
to restore your balance. their families. Parents must be present.
This program is in partnership with The Teaneck Creek Conservancy is at
Holy Name Medical Center. 20 Puffin Way, Teaneck.

Choose from a variety of mortgage options and rates at NVE.
Finding the right mortgage to fit your needs should be quick, easy and

Jimmy J
painless — exactly what you’ll find when you work with our Mortgage
Specialist at NVE. Plus, our decision makers are local — paving the way
to a smooth and hassle-free process from start to finish.
18 8
87 201

Call today at 201-816-2800, ext. 1233,
or apply online at

the Junk Man
NMLS #733094
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is accurate as of 3/5/18 and may vary based on loan amounts. Loans are for
1 – 4 family New Jersey owner-occupied properties only. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Basements •Baseme
Attics • Garages • Fire Damage
The 7-year loan at the stated APR would have 84 monthly payments of $13.33 per thousand borrowed based on
a 20% down payment or equity for loan amounts up to $500,000. The 15-year loan at the stated APR would have
Construction Debris • Hoarding Specialists
180 monthly payments of $7.21 per thousand borrowed based on a 20% down payment or equity for loan WE RECYCLE
amounts up to $500,000. The 25-year loan at the stated APR would have 300 monthly payments of $5.42 per
thousand borrowed based on a 20% down payment or equity for loan amounts up to $500,000. Payments do CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE CALL
- 4940 2
not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable. The actual payment obligation will be
greater. Property insurance is required. Other rates and terms are available. Subject to credit approval.

Bergenfield I Closter I Cresskill I Englewood I Hillsdale I Leonia I New Milford I Teaneck I Tenafly
We do not transport solid or hazardous waste
We d

50 Jewish Standard APRIL 6, 2018

655 Pomander Walk
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Enjoy a life of luxury at Premier Residences
of Teaneck. From our Five Star Warmth &
Hospitality, to our friendly, dedicated staff,
you’ll love to call us home.
• Providing exceptional Five Star service
for over 27 years
• Five Star Dining Experience, featuring
Signature Recipes and local ingredients
• Choice of 1- and 2-bedroom apartments,
some with balconies
• Lifestyle360 program for a full schedule
of daily activities
• On-site medical suite staffed by
Geriatric Internists and other specialists
• 24-hour security and concierge service

Call to schedule a personalized tour and complimentary lunch.
©2018 Five Star Senior Living


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from the