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(guru gRMQ swihb AMg-1245)


UHH I¤ H¯lJ8 U| l=J¤3¯ l¯U ! UHH I¤ H¯lJ8 U| l=J¤3¯ l¯U ! UHH I¤ H¯lJ8 U| l=J¤3¯ l¯U ! UHH I¤ H¯lJ8 U| l=J¤3¯ l¯U !
UHH I¤ H¯lJ8 H| ¯ J¯= ¤¤ U ¤H¯ 3¤3 H¯lJ8¯¯ =" lUJ H¯¯3¯
¤¯¤3 J U¯| J l¯ lUH l=U UJH HJ 8¯ë| ¯"I|¤J l¤3¯ IJ Il8U lH¬ H|
U|o¯ J| JU¯¯=¯ J¯ ¤J l¯J =| lUH U¯ l=J¤ ¯ ¯ l=o¯3|o¯ =" l8¯¯ l¯H
UH3¯=|H 3 JH3¯ ¬5¯ ¯|3¯ H¯ lJJ¯ J ! lUH U¯ ¯¯J¯ "Jë "U| H¯¯
¤H¯8 U l¤ä" 3¯J|8¯ ö= H H¯" U lU3J¯H 3 H¯| H ¯| ¯HJ H¯J¯| ¤=
I| HU l¯ oIJH¯ ¯ ¤ H¯8 3 ¯8H¯ ¯J ¯ ¤H¯8|o¯ 3 ¤¯H ¯J ¯ lH ¤¯ ¯
I"¯H 8ë¯Uë "U| ¤ ¯|o¯ ¯|J¯ U| 8l¯o¯U J¤ lU3| H|! oIJH lUJ
HlJHH ¯JU H¯ l¯ lHH =| 3¯¯3 U¯ lH ¤¯ U IJ¤¯H¯ 3 ¯8H¯ J= I¯ UJ|
3¯¯3 ¤ H¯8 3 ¤¯H ¯J ¯ lH¤¯ 3 8 l¯¯J| ¯¯" J¯H ¯J H¯U| J ! oIJH
U| lUJ ¯|3| Jë 3¯ U¯" J¤| H¯ JJ| J ! lU¯ ¤¯H ³\¤\ l=U IJUo¯
UH3J- o"- ¤¯H 8ë¯ ¯ ¤H¯J|o¯ 3 HJ3¯ J¯J| I JUo¯lJo¯ U ¤8¤ 3
olH¤ 3J 3 o IJH HJ¯¯J ¯¯8H J U¯| H| ! JlJHUJ H¯lJ8 o lH 3HJ
l=U HJ8J¯J U| l¯¯¯3| U ol¤¯¯J lH"¯ U lö¤¯|¯lHH¯J ¯ U lU3 IU
H¯ ! HJ8J¯J J| H | o¯¯" 3¤3 H¯lJ8 3 ¯H" ¯J¯ U¯ ol¤¯¯J| o¯¤ë
o¯¤ HJ¯¯J U| HlJ 3 8ë 8 õ¯ H| !
lH ¤¯ ¯ ¯HHJ ¯J¯ "U| lUJ ¯UH =| ¤l¯o¯ lIo¯ l¯ IJH3 H¯lJ3
U¯ ol¤o¯ ¯J ¯ o¯H lH¤¯ ¯ IJH3 3 ¯J¯J ¤¯lUo¯ H¯ H¯ ! lUH H3=
"U| IJH3 H¯lJ3 U oIJH| l=U U"¤ ¯J¯ 3 ¯J=¯Uë U ¤8¤ ¯|3 IU !
lUH 8¯J ¤ H¯8 HJ¯¯J ¯ lU¯ ¤3J¯¯ l=UH| l=J¯I ¯ ³e H"¯U| ³\¨= ¯
l"¤| lHH l=U lUJ H¤H¯ ¯|3¯ J l¯ lH ¤¯ U IJ ¤ o¯lU I¤ (IJ I¤
H¯lJ8) 3 UH= ¤¯l3H¯J U¯ I ¤(UHH I ¤) lU I" ö J H lU3 IU J¯ 3¯ l¯
U¯¯ U¯ oIJH| l=U U"¤¯ ¯J=¯lUo¯ H¯ H¯ ! o IJH HJ¯¯J =" lHJ5
IJH3 H¯lJ3 3 l=U¯J ¯|3¯ lIo¯ UH l=U JlJ3¯¯H ,H H¯¤|,UHH I¤ 3
IJ I¤ H¯lJ8 H| H¯H" H¯ ! lU¯¯ IJ¤¯ l=U oIJH lUJ "Jë U¯ ¯3¯
¯JU H¯ l¯ lH¤¯ l=U J¯H¯|3| U Ië,J¯H ¤8¤ U Ië,J¯H U
¯J38,HJ8|J3¯ U I ë,Jl¤o¯J¯ U| =J3 3 l8¯¯ lH¤¯ U JlJë HlJë U ¯|
=I 3J|¯ J¯ 3 U¯¯ U| HJ¯¯U¯ ¯| J ! H H¯¤| l=U ¯ ¯ lUJ HJ 3 3
oIJH¯ ¯ lH" lHH ¯¯J¯ lUJ ¤H3¯ oIJH¯ ¯ 8I¯=3 ¤ U¯ ¯J¯ =¯"|
¤J3|3 J U| 3 lUH ¤H3¯ 3 ¤¯8U| "¯ lU3| IU| !lUH ¤ H3¯ U| lU¯ J¤
l"¤3 ¯¯" HJ 3 ¤lJ"¯ UH =" U ¤ H¯8 U U¤-J¯H¤¯"("¯¯|¯¯ I=J¯J

) U J¯H¯ 3 lU¯ lH¤ HJU¯J o3J lH¬ JU5 ¯ H¯ ³\¨¯ U| ¯ l"¤ ¯
oIJH HJ¯¯J ¯ lU3| H| !lUH ¤¤| U oJJ l=U lUJ H¤H¯ ¯|3¯ lIo¯ J
l¯ lUH U¯ U3¯J¯ " ¯¯|¯¯ I=J¯J HJ J¯J| öl=H(" ¯¯|¯ ¯ I=J¯J ¤ H¯8
) U J¯H¯ o¯H¯J ¯|3¯ lIo¯ J !
UH HH U HJ¯¯J ¤ ¤| ¯ ¯ lH¤ o¯Io¯ U ¯lJë 3 JlJ3¯¯lHo¯ =" =|
¯U| ¤¯H l¤o¯¯ ¯J| lU3¯ lIo¯ ! ¯¯ lH¤ o¯Io¯ ¯ lH¯¯ 3 o IJH JJH¯
¯JU H¯ lUJ H¯¯ lU3¯ l¯ 8J3 H¯J JlJ3¯¯H IJ Il8U lH¬ H| 3 l¤ä
l"¤ IU J¯! lU¯¯ JlJ3¯¯lHo¯ l=U lH ¤ HJ¯¯U¯ lU3¯| H¤3 UH| IU| J
l¯ J ë o¯H lH ¤ UH 3 oH" J| ¯J| ¯JU ! HI JlJ3¯¯lHo¯ ¯ o" ¤ ¯J
lU3¯ lIo¯ ! ¤ H¯8 U lUJ HJ J¯"¯3 =¤ ¯ ¯¯H¤¯J| o¯I 8¯8¯ J¯H lH¬ H|
¯ o¯¤ë lU¯ l¯¯¯=J3| lH¤ J¯U| J¯lU lH¬ H| ¯ ¯U5 H¯lJ8 U¤¯ JlHo¯
! J¯U| J¯lU lH¬ =" IJ Il8 U lH¬ H| U| UJH¯U| IU| JlJ3 HJ¯¯U¯
¤J¯ë lH¤¯ 3 Hë ¯ 3 l" ¤ ¯ 8¯8¯ J¯H lH¬ H| ¯ lU3| UH| H¯U| J !
8¯8¯ J¯H lH¬ H| ¯ lUH U o¤¯J 3 lU¯ JlJ3¯¯H U| JU¯¯ ¯|3| lHJ5¯ l¯
Jë =| ¯¯H¤¯J|o¯ ¤¯H lH" H¯U¯ J !
o IJH HJ¯¯J =" 8J 3¯ l¤o¯¯ lH¤¯ U U I¤¯ =" lU3 H¯ë U¯ ¤3¯
oIJH HJ¯¯J U lJ¯¯Jö 3 U"U¯ J ! lUJ U I ¤ H¯lJ8 H| IJ I¤ H¯lJ8
H| 3 UHH I¤ H¯lJ8 UH H¯U J¯ !lUH 8¯J oIJH lUJ H¯¯ë¯ U¯J U H¯
l¯ lU¯¯ U =¯ I ¤¯ l=U J¯H U ¯J38¯,J¯H¯|3|,lH ¤¯ U H|=¯ 8¯J 3 U¯¯ U
oUJ¯ 8¯J ¤¯H ¯J ¯ Jl¤o¯J¯ 8¯83 ¯| ¯ ¯ l"l¤o¯ JlUo¯ J 3 U¯¯ U|
JlJ3 HJ¯¯U¯ ¯| J ! lUH 8¯J UH HH U o IJH lö¤¯| ¯lHH¯J olH 3HJ
U| lU¯ ¤3J¯¯ 85| l=H¯" ¯¯" U¯¯ë¯ ¤¯UU| J !lUJ lUõ| ö¯lUJ ¯¯J " ¯
lH ¤o¯ l=J¯I ,¤H¯8 ¯ H8¤¯ ¯|3| IU| J lHH l=U ö|:H|: olH 3HJ
l"¤U J¯ l¯ U¯¯ ¯ ¤3= 3 lH¤ l=U=¯¯¯ 3 ¤J| ä¯ë 8|¯ ¯J ¯ lUJ lU õ|
l"¤| J ! lU¯¯ lH¤ l=U=¯¯¯ l=U J¯U| lIo¯¯ lH¬,J¯U| 3¯J¯ lH¬,J¯U| H3
lH¬,¤ ö3 H 3 ¤ lH¬,J¯U| l¯J¯" lH¬,¤ ö3 H¯l"I J¯H,HJU¯J õ¯¯J lH¬
H¤¯=¯l"o¯,HJU¯J lUo¯" lH¬ HH|lõo¯,J¯U| "lJë¯ lH¬ 3 J¯U| IJlU3
lH¬ U ¯¯H H¯H" J¯ !lU¯¯ HJ¯¯J ¤¤| lH¤¯ 3 H H=¯" ö|:H|: H¯lJ8 ¯
¤ä UJ oH| J -8-J ö| :H|: U| H8¯¯| J| UHë¯ ¯ I HH¯U J¯ 3¯ l¯ oH ¯
¯¯" U lH ¤ lU3J¯H ¯¯J U¯¯ 3 ¯ ¯ H¤ " H¯ë ! lö¤¯| ¯lHH¯J
olH3HJ l"¤U J¯ l¯
3)“Some of the questions which I put to some of them,and which for
the sake of exectness and pointedness of result I had previously
committed to writing ,were-

Does the Adi Granth contain any precepts for the Government
of a country,or arraingements of an army,or for the conduct of a King?
Does it prescribe monarchy as the proper form of government,or
the rule of Sirdars,Panches,or other formal ? What are generally the
content of the Adi Granth?” (Extract from Letter No.989, dated 3

October1873 from D.C.Amritsar)
ies bwry ivdvwn is` KW ny fI:sI: nUM jo disAw au s Anu swr gurU gRM Q swihb ivc
rwjnIqk Ky qr bwry ku J nhIN disAw igAw [ ies gR MQ ivc ky vl nwm ismrn
qy Akwl purK pRmwqmw dI pUjw krn dI hI isiKAw idqI hoeI hY [ ijnHW is`K
ivdvwnW nwl glbwq kIqI geI aunHW ivcoN kuJ ny disAw ik gurU gR MQ swihb
ivc mnu KI Acrn nU M aucw su cw bxwaux dI isiKAw idqI hoeI hY [ ies dy nwl
hI ifptI kimsnr ny lMdn dI iek kMpxI simQ AYNf ieldr vloN 1845 ivc
CwpI geI krnl stInbY c dI pusqk “pM jwb” dw hvwlw idqw ik ies pu sqk
ivc ieh drj hY ik Kwlsw pM Q nU M AwpxI suiriKAw leI hiQAwr cukxy kwnUnI
qOr qy jwiez hn [ ies bwry ilKqI qOr qy ifptI kimSnr ny iek is` K
ivdvwn BweI igAwn isMG nU M puiCAw [ BweI igAwn isMG aus smy iek ivdvwn
gMR QI dI sy vw vI inBw rhy sn [ BweI igAwn isMG Awpxy nO jvwn puqr dy nwl
imln vwsqy fI :sI: ko l pujw [ ienHW ipau pu qrW ny gurU gRM Q swihb ivcoN iek
qu`k dw hvwlw idqw ik
“sUrw so pihcwnIAY ,jo lrY dIn ky hyq]
purjw purjw kit mrY kbhU n CwfY Kyqu ]”
ieh Sbd Bgq kbIr jI dw iliKAw hoieAw hY ijs kwrn fI:sI: dI irport
Anuswr Bgq kbIr jI gurU nwnk dy v jI qoN pihlw hoey hn [ aunHW ny ies
lVweI nU M mnu K nUM Awpxy mn nwl lVx dI pRyrnw idqI hY [
ifptI kimSnr AMimRqsr ny ies ic`TI dy nwl dsm gR MQ bwry jo
jwnkwrI srkwr nUM ilK ky GlI hY auh bVI idlcsp hY ijs dy ku J AMs AsI
ieQy hU -b-hU ilK rhy hW ik
“5) Such exhortations are probably more numerous in the “Daswan
Badsha ka Grunth” with the spirit of which the foregoing couplet is
more in accordance. The Sikh nation at the time of its composition
were asserting their political power and independence,and this must be
considered in judging of the import to be attached to such passages in
that volume as the following:-
“ Those who go without arms will be despoiled,those who wear arms

will, by God’s grace,become masters of the world,”(Shastr nam
mala,Daswan padsha ka Grunth) and the praise of his weapons uttered
by Gobind in the same composotion.”(Extact from Letter No.989,
dated 3
October1873 from D.C.Amritsar)
iesy qrW cirqo piKAwn qy zPrnwmy dy nwl ilKIAW hoeIAW hkwieqW bwry
fI:sI; AMimR qsr ieh rIport dyNd hn ik
“There are various allusions to royalty in the Sikh Scriptures. Good
advice is given to King,Such as exhortations to justice and
diligence(Charits 204,Book of the 10
King),Guru Govind addressed
12 admonitory Hikaiyats or stories to the Emperor Aurungzed which
form the concluding portion of the Grunth of Guru Gobind Sing.The
writings (who in number)called”Rajnit”contain advice for the Kings as
well as for the subjects”. (Extract from letter No.989,dated 3

October,1873 from D.C.Amritsar to Director Public
UHH IJ¤ 8¯J 85| ö ¬¯U| ¯¯" l=U¯J ¯|3¯ lIo¯ ! lH ¤
I¤|o¯,l=lU=¯¯¯ 3 J¯U|o¯ 3 l8¯¯ l=U=¯¯ lJ U o¯Io¯ 3 =| J¯lU "|3
H¯¯ U¯ ¤3¯ "IU¯ J ! lUH 8¯J ¤H¯8 l=U UH HH lU¯ H H¤¯ o HH¯-U -
¤H¯8 U ¯¯H 3 "¯JJ l=¤ U" JJ| H| ! lUH H H¤¯ U|o¯ =| H =¯=¯ oIJH
HJ¯¯J ¯ "|3|o¯ H¯ !lUH U¯ H¯3J 8¯8 ¯¯=|¯¯ UUJ¯ J¯U ¯ ¤ H¯8 U " ¯
lH¤o¯ l=J¯I U ö¯lUJ¯¯J ¯ lU¯ ¤3J¯¯ l"¤ ¯ lUJ UlHo¯ l¯ U¯¯ U|
HH¤¯ ¯ 8J3 H¯J lH¤ I¤|o¯,J¯U|o¯ 3 l=lU=¯¯¯ ¯¯" lUH 8¯J I" 8¯3
¯|3| 3 l=U¯J¯ ¯|3|o¯ J¯! H¯H| JJH ¤ J¯lU H¯"¯ ¯J ¯ J ¤ H "¯JJ ¯
olH3HJ 3 "¯JJ U lH¤ I¤|o¯ 3 H J¯lU ¤¯¤3 ¯|3| J UJ lUH 3J¯ J l¯
“The Granth of Guru Govind Singh is considered by the Sikhs no less
sacred authority of their faith than the Adi Granth – in consideration of
the former being a work of the last Guru who consolidated their faith
and gave it a distinctive character,they pay more revence to his work.
In the Darbar Sahab at Amritsar the Granth of Guru Govind
Singh holds equal place with the Adi Granth.Recitation of the
former,as of the latter,is held there every day.Guru Govind
Singh’s Granth consists of the following parts:-
1. Translation(in difficult verses) of common Hindu religious
2. Description of various wiles of women,in order to caution men
against them.
3. Praise of the Goddess Devi.

4. Religious precepts and denunciation of wicked men and
5. Doctrines of the Sikh religion.
In the openion of Munshi Harsook Rai the translation of the last
two parts will be sufficient ;but,as the Rahitnama contains rules
for daily observances of the Sikhs,and every Sikh considers it
his imperative duty to abide by these rules,the translation of
this book is also very desirable.(file No.178 Foreign
Department General-A)
(Extract from the letter of letter No.8 dated Lahore,21
June,1873 from
Secretary Anjaman-I-Punjab to Director of Public Instruction Punjab.)
aus smy dy AMgry z AiDkwrIAW dIAW AwpsI ic`TIAW qoN ieh Spst ho
jWdw hY ik dsm gRM Q swihb dw pRkwS drbwr swihb AMimR qsr ivc qy ho r
gurduAwirAW ivc rozwnw gurU gR MQ swihb nwl kIqw jWdw sI Aqy ies dw pwT
vI kIqw jWdw sI [ iPr dsm gR MQ swihb dw pRkwS iks qrW bM d hoieAw jW bMd
krvwieAw igAw qy ikauN ieh hoieAw ? ienHW iviSAW qy Ajoky kwl ivc Kwlsw
pMQ nU M ivcwr krnI cwhIdI hY qy iPr qoN dsm gRM Q dw prkwS drbwr swihb
AMimR qsr qy hor guduAwirAW ivc SurU krnw cwhIdw hY [ ies qoN ibnw purwqn
mrXwdw Anuswr hr pVHy ilKy Gr ivc gurU gRM Q swihb dy nwl dsm gR MQ swihb
dw vI pRkwS qy pwT hoxw cwhIdw hY qW ik hr is` K gu rU mhwrwj vlo N dsy gey
‘sMq ispwhI’ dy is`DWq nU M Apxw sky [ ijs AMgryz srkwr nUM KuS krn vwsqy
swfy gurduAwirAW dy pRbMDkW ny ies mrXwdw nU M qoV ky swnU M gurU goibM d isM G jI
dI bwxI qoN qoiVAw aus AMgry z srkwr ny gurmq swihq nUM prwpq kr ky aus dy
AiDAn dw kMm pMjwb qy kbzw krn qoN iphlW hI SurU kIqw hoieAw sI [ iek
pwsy AM gry z ilKwrIAW qoN is` K ieqhws ilKvwieAw jw irhw sI qy dujy pwsy ‘sO
swKI,rihqnwmy ,dsm grMQ qy Awid gR MQ(sRI gurU gR MQ swihb) bwry bVy ivswl rU p
ivc AiDAn dy pRbMD kIqy jw rhy sn qW ik is` KW dy hr iphlU nUM jwixAw qy
smiJAw jw sky ijs dy ADwr qy is` KW prqI AMgryz AwpxI rwjnIqI aulIk
skx qy is` KW nUM ienHW bwxIAW qoN dUr kr ky Kqm kIqw jw sky [ies mM qv leI
srkwr dy ivSvws pwqr is` KW pwsoN gurmq swihq au rdU qy ihMdI ivc aulQy
krvw ky AMgry z ilKwrIAW nUM AM gryzI ivc aulQw krn vwsqy dy idqw jWdw sI
[ies kVI ivc sB qoN iphlW gurU goibM d isM G jI dI svY jIvnI qy zor idqw
igAw [ ies mMqv leI srdwr A`qr isM G BdOV dIAW syvwvW lIqIAW geIAW [
srdwr A`qr isMG BdO V ny aurdU bolI ivc dsm gR MQ dy qIsry Bwg dy 14

AiDAwie moilk bwxI dy nwl pMjwb srkwr nUM By jy [ pMjwb srkwr ny iek
AMgryz ivdvwn ilKwrI kYptn jYir`t pwso N AMgry zI ivc aulQw krvw ilAw [
ies qoN pihlW iek AM gryz jrnYl ijs ny AMgry zW qy is` KW dIAW lVweIAW ivc
is`KW ivruD jM g lVI sI is`K ieqhws nUM bVI gihrweI nwl vwc ky iliKAw hY [
ies jrnYl dw nwm jy :fI kinGMm sI [ kinGMm ny vI dsm gR MQ dy qIjy
AiDAwie dy cOdW kWfW dw AMgryzI ivc ijQy aulQw kIqw hY au Qy au s ny
prihlwd isMG dy rihqnwmy qy qnKwh nwmw Aqy ku J rihqnwimAW dy vI
AMgryzI ivc aulQy kIqy hn[ aus ny gurU nwnk dyv jI dI m`ky dy iek bhuq
AmIr rwjy kwrvW nUM idqI geI nsIAq dw vI aulQw kIqw hY qy gurU nwnk dy v
jI qy ku J svwlW dy au qr jo ik guru nwnk dyv jI ny idqy sn dw vI aulQw kIqw
hY [
‘rwj kry gw Kwlsw’dw Sbd pihlI vwr guru nwnk dy v jI dI ies bwxI ivc
iliKAw hoieAw mMinAw jWdw hY jo ik aunHW ny m`ky ivc au cwirAw disAw jWdw hY
[ ijs gR MQ ivc rwj kry gw Kwlsw jW ies vl iksy prkwr dw koeI ieSwrw vI
iml jWdw sI AMgryz au s gRM Q nU M jW qW Alo p hI kr dyxw cwhu Mdw sI jW iPr kuJ
is`K ividvwnW qy dbwE pw ky jW lwlc dy ky aus gR MQ nU M BulyiKAW dw iSkwr
bxw idqw jWdw sI qW ik is`KW dI SrDw qy Brosy nUM Kqm kr idqw jwvy [ ieh
nIqI hux qk dsm gRM Q qy gurU gR MQ swihb bwry cldI Aw rhI hY [
dsm gRM Q ijs dw prkwS guru gR MQ swihb jI nwl qkrIbn hr ieqhwsk
gurduAwry ivc kIqw jw irhw sI ijs nU M bMd krvwaux leI gurduAwry dy pRbMDkw
qy grMQIAW qy v` K v`K rUp ivc dbwE pwey jwn dw pqw cldw hY [ ies bwry
iek s`cI Gtnw dw vrnx krnw AsIN Xog smJdy hW qW ik pwTk scweI qoN
jwxU ho skn [ ieh gl 1945 dI dsI jWdI hY ijs nUM BwrqI hvweI sYxw dy
ivMg kumWfr s. sjn isMG is`DU swihb ny dsI ik luiDAwnw biTMfw sVk qy
iek ieqhwsk gurduAwrw twhlIvwxw kr ky jwixAw jWdw hY [ ies gurduAwry
ivc bwbw sMqw isMG jI sn [ bwbw sM qw isM G jI irtwierf Po jI sn ijnHW bwry
ieh disAw jWdw hY ik aunHW ny pihlI ivSv jM g ivc AMgry z srkwr dI sy vw
kIqI sI [ auh bVy Dwrmuk iKAwLW vwly ivAkqI sn [ 1945 dy smy qk aus
gurduAwry ivc dsm gRM Q dw rozwnw pRkwS gurU gR MQ swihb jI dy nwl hI kIqw
jWdw sI [ bwbw sMqw isMG jI qy srkwr vloN ieh dbwE pwieAw jw irhw sI ik
auh dsm gR MQ swihb jI dw pR kwS krnw bMd kr dyx [ jd bwbw jI ny Aijhw
krn qoN ienkwr kr idqw qW aunHW nU M Awny bhwny srkwr vloN qMg krnw SurU kr

idqw igAw [ bwbw jI dI aus smy AwXU 80-82 swlW dI dsI jWdI sI [ jd
bwbw jI iksy dbwE kwrn vI dsm gRM Q dw pRkwS krn qoN nw ruky qW iek rwq
qkrIbn cwr ivAkqI inhM g isMGw dy bwxy ivc aunHW pws pujy qy au nHW nU M PV ky
aunHW nUM dohW A`KW qoN AMDw kr ky cly gey [ au s qoN ipCoN aus gurduAwry ivc iPr
iksy ny dsm gR MQ swihb dw pRkwS nhIN kIqw [
Drm gRM Q pVHx dI Gt
sMq ispwhI dy is`DWq qy Kwlsy dy guxW nU M DIry DIry Kqm krn leI iknHW
iknHW kUV nIqIAW nU M Apxw ky swfy gurDwmW ivc kurIqIAW nUM DsoiVAw igAw ?
ieh jwnx leI swnU M AwpxIAW suBwvk kMmzorIAW vl iDAwn dyx dI loV hY [
koeI vI ivAkqI jW sMsQw jW kOm auqnW icr A`gy nhIN v`D skdI jd qk ik
au h AwpxIAW kM mzorIAW qy ivcwr kr ky au nHW nU M dUr krn dw Xqn nhIN krdI
[ is`K kOm dI jo kMmzorI swfy duSmxW ny l`BI aus nUM AsIN is`K duSmx qwkqW dI
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“Bhai Budh Singh complains that people are now without knowledge,and
learn all their religion by word of mouth.
Pandit Radha Kishan,whose opinion I consider of much value,as it is
uninfluenced by any religious bias,says that the Sikhs of the present day
disregard the Rahitnamas because they have given up the strict observance
of the customs enjoined therein. He thinks that the Sikhs are guided almost
entirely by an oral tradition,and their scriptures have no practical influence
upon their manner of life.”
(Extract from the letter No.154 dated Lahore,30 June 1873 from C.Pearson
Esq.,M.A.,offg.Director of Public Instruction,Punjab to The Secretary to

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(Awsw dI vwr)
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“It was Bhai Mani Singh who collected the whatever copies or
portions he could have from the Sikhs and compiled the various
compositions written from time to time into a book called “dasam
Granth”. This he did in 1713A.D.five years after Guru Gobind Singh
passed away in Naded .(Safarnama and Zafarnama-page-50.)
“cirqR o pwiKAwn” dI rcnw bwry igAwnI nwhr isMG jI nwrw ilKdy hn
ik ieh rcnw vI guru goibM d isMG jI dI hI hY ik “ Modern research
scholars are of the view that Guru Gobind Singh could not have
written the composition like “chiritro-Pakhyan” which narrate the
baser human instincts particularly the wile women about matters
relating to sex. But the author is of the opinion that it is Guru Gobind
Singh’s composition. The Guru had come to the world to make human
beings perfect in all ways.Sex appeal is a matter which due to
undisplined mind ,most people are likely to fall prey to. He wanted to
put his Sikhs on the guard against vily conduct of women,so that
,while living in society as householder ,they might keep their conduct
above board. Being a reputed scholar and poet he had his own style of
describing serious as well as romantic situations.(Safarnama and
Zafarnama,page 49) ies bwry rU p kuAr dI khwxI gurU swihb nwl Awp bIqI
kQw is`K ieqhws ivc drj hY ijs nU M is`K ieqhwskwr AnUp kOr dw nwm dy Ndy
hn ik ies ieqhwsk khwxI kwrn is` KW ny gurU mhwrwj jI nUM smwj su Dwr Kws

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kIqI sI [ ies khwxI bwbq igAwnI nwhr isMG nwrw ies qrW ilKdy hn ik
“It was stange battle with beauty and love which the Guru won ,not
with arrow but with superior moral conduct. He gave practical
demonstration of observing his father’s advice in letter and spirit and
also acted on Guru Nanak’s dictum that “Truth is higher than
everything else but higher still is truthful living.”(Safarnama and
Zafarnama page49).

cirqRo pwiKAwn bwry fw:rqn isM G j`gI dsdy hn ik ienHW dw rcnw mnorQ
igAwn jW cqurweI ivc vwDw krnw hY [ ienHW qoN ijQy kQw –pR sMg dw igAwn
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(bM sWvlInwmw)
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(A;a:12:5),jy iek pwsy Drm ,krm hY qW dU jy pwsy kuikRq krm vI auho hY
[(17:4),inj nwr ky pws vI auho hY qy pr nwr dy inkyq vI auho (13:6)jqI vI
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AMq iv`c isvwey Awpxy ieSt qoN iksy hor dw XS nhIN ilKdy [ sgoN Awm qOr qy Awpxy
CMd qv pRswid; qv pRswid kQXqy qyrI srix jW qyry jo r jW qyrw jor Awid
pRwrQnwqimk SbdW dI hI vrqoN krdy hn jo ik hor iksy aunHw dy drbwrI kvI dI
rcnw iv`c mOjUd nhI hY [
AwpxI iksy vI rcnw dy pRwsMg qoN pihlW mhwrwj jI “< siqgur pRswid !” ;
“< vwihgurU jI kI Piqh!” jW “sRI BgauqI jI shwie” Awid mMglwcrn dy vwk hI
ilKdy hn [ AwpxI rcnw dy AM q iv`c vI ieh sMkyq idqy hn ik ieh rcnw aunHw dI
AwpxI hY ijhw ik
“qv pRswid kr gRMQ suDwrw ]
BUl prI lhu lyhu suDwrw ]”
“ gRMQ skl pUrn kiXo Bgvq ikRpw pRswid ]”

“dsm kQw BwgOq kI BwKw krI bnwie ]
Avr bWCnw nwih pRBU ! Drm-ju`D ky cwie ](ikRSn kQw) Awid
“AQ cMfI cirqR aukiq iblws” dI sMmwpqI qy mhwrwj jI bVI spStw nwl Awpxy
bwry vrnx krdy hoey ilKdy hn ik

“gRMQ siqsX ko kirE jw sm Avru n koie ]
ijh nim`q kiv ny kihE su dyh cMfkw soie” ]233]

pr ies qoN pihlW Awp Awpxy ieSt pwsoN ieh vr mMgdy hn ik
“dyhu iSvw bru moih iehY Su B krmn qy kbhU M n troN ]
n troN Air soN jb jwie lroN,inscY kir AwpnI jIq kro N ]
Aru is`K hoN Apny hI mn ko ,ieh lwlc hauN gun qau aucroN ]
jb Awv kI AauiD indwn bnY Aiq hI rn mY qb jUiJ mroN ]”231]
rwm qy sXwm dy au p nwm
gurU goibMd isMG jI mhwrwj ny AwpxI kwiv klw iv`c jdoN aunHW ny loV smJI Awpxy
keI aupnwm vrqy hn ijnHW iv`c ‘rwm’ ,’sXwm’ , ‘kwl’ ,’goibMd’ ‘ibRjnwQ’ Awid aup
nwm gurU goibMd isMG jI dI rcnw iv`c imldy hn [ keI ivdvwn BulyKy kwrn rwm qy
sXwm nUM gurU mhwrwj jI dy drbwrI kvI mMndy hn pr ijnH w ivdvwnW ny gurU goibMd
isMG jI dy drbwrI kvIAW dIAW rcnwvW dy nmUny qy aunHW dy nwm vrnx kIqy hn aunHw
Anuswr ‘rwm’ qy ‘sXwm’ nwm dy koeI kvI mhwrwj dy drbwr ivc nhIN sn [ ieh gl
ies qoN vI is`D ho jWdI hY ik gurU mhwrwj jI vloN ilKy gey iksy gRMQ iv`c iek hI
ivSy qy jy iek CMd iv`c mhwrwj ny ‘sXwm ‘ aupnwm vriqAw hY qW aus qoN Agly CMd
iv`c ‘rwm’ aup nwm dI vrqoN kIqI hY ijvyN ikRSnwvqwr dy CMd nMbr 1871 iv`c
‘sXwm’ aupnwm dI vrqoN kIqI hY jd ik Agly CM d nMbr 1872 iv`c ‘rwm ‘au pnwm
vriqAw hY ik
“ ieh BWq ibruD inhwr BXo muslIDr HU!H so qyj qey hY ]
BwK doaU inj sUqn ko irp swmuih ju `D ky kwj gey hY ]
AwXuD lY su hTI kvcI irskY sMig pwvk ByK Bey hY ]

HU!H BnY iem Dwvq qy By mwnhu kyhir duie imRg hyr Dey hY ] ]1871]
“Dnu swiek lY irs BUpq ky qn Gwie kry ibRjrwj qbY ]
Puin cwroeI bwnn so hX cwroeI ö!H BnY hn dIny sbY ]
iql koitk sXMdn kwit dIXo Dnu kwit dIXo kip kop jbY ]
inRp ipAwdo gdw gih sauhy gXo Aiq ju`D BXo kihho su AbY ] ]1872]
ieky hI ivSy bwry AgV ipCV CMd do ilKwrIAW dy nhIN ho skdy [ ieh AgV ipCV
dovyN CMd hI iek hI ilKwrI dy ilKy hoey hn ijs ny Awpxy do aupnwm vrq ky ieh
disAw hY ik ieh ilKq iek hI ilKwrI dI hY ijs ny Awpxy do v`K v`K aupnwm vrqy
hn [ ieh ilKwrI klgIDr ipqw gurU goibMd isMG jI qoN isvw hor koeI nhIN hY [ iesy
qrW ‘cirqRopwiKAwn’ dy cirqR 109 vyN iv`c gurU mhwrwj jI iPr Awpxy dovyN aupnwm
v`K v`K CMdW iv`c vrq rhy hn ik
“Cory hY bMd AnUpm suMdir pwn cbwie isMgwr bnwXo ]
AMjn AWij duhUM AiKXwn su Bwl mY kysir lwl lgwXo ]
Jumk dyq Ju kY Jumky N|H ö!H H Bwv Bly liK pwXo ]
mwnhu sOiqn ky mn ko iek bwrih bwiD kY jyl clwXo ” ]19]
“sIs PbY klgI qurro suB lwln ko srpyc su hwXo ]
hwr Apwr Dry aur mY mnu dyiK mnojv ko ibrmwXo ]
bIrI cbwq kCU muskwq bMDy gjgwh qurMg ncwXo ]
HU!H ¥ö mih lok kI mwnhu mwnin ko mnu mohnu AwXo ]32]
keI vwr qW mhwrwj jI ny ieh do vyN aunwm ‘rwm’ qy ‘sXwm’ ieky hI CMd iv`c ie` k hI
qu`k iv`c vrqy hn ik

“dIbo kCU mX pIbo Gno kih sUrn so ieh bYn sunwXo ]
jUJbo jUJ kY pR wn qjY juJwiebo CqRn ko bn AwXo ]
bwrnI kMau N|H HU!H BnY kcu ky ihq qo iBRg inMd krwXo ]
ö!H NJ cqurwnin so su iehI rs kau rs dyvn pwXo ]1894]
ikRSnwvqwr iv`coN iek svYXw ijs dw kIrqn Awm qOr qy kIqw jWdw hY aus iv`c vI gurU
swihb Awpxw aup nwm ‘sXwm’ hI vrq rhy hn ik
“hy riv hy sis hy krUnwinD myrI AbY ibnqI suin lIjY ]
Aaur n mWgq hau qum qy kCu cwhq hau icq mY soeI kIjY ]
S`qrn isau Aiq hI rn BIqr jUJ mro kih swc pqIjY ]
sMq shwie sdw jg mwie ikRpw kir HU!H iehY bru dIjY ]” ]1900]
‘cirqRopwKXwn’ dy keI CMdW iv` c gurU swihb jI ny Awpxy aup nwm
‘goibMd’ ,’sXwm’ , ‘kwl’ BI vrqy hn ijhw ik
“sB siKXw hrKiq BeI kwqr BeI n koie ]
juD kwj sB hI clI ‘N!ö’ kry so hoie ]”22]
(cirqRopwiKXwn-cirqR 128 )

“eyk mdI dUjY qruin qIjy Aiq Dn Dwm ]
pwp kry ibn kXo bcY bcwvY ‘ö!H’ ]”19]
(cirqR 183)
‘cirqRopwKXwn’ dy ies aupro kq do hry iv`c gurU goibMd isMG jI ijs inrol scweI nUM
drswauNdy hn auh mnuK nUM hr kwl iv`c Acrnk aucqw leI AgvweI dyx vwlI
smJxI cwhIdI hY jd ik gurU swihb ies dohry iv`c ieh spSt krdy hn ik jy koeI
ivAkqI Srwb dw AwdI hovy qy dUjw auh nOjvwn vI hovy qy qIjy au s pws Aiq vDyry DMn
vI hovy qW aus ivAkqI nUM pwp krm krn qoN rwm hI bcw skdw hY [ ieho jhI
Acrnk aucqw dI isiKAw gurU mhwrwj jI Awpxy is`KW nU M ienHW cirqRW rwhI dy rhy hn
“cMclwn ky cirqR kO skq n koaU pwie ]
qh cirqR qw kO lKY jw ky ‘HU!H’ shwie ]”7]
(cirqR 193)
“ho ,bYTI igRh ko mWJ, ‘T|HU’ gun gwveI ]19]
(cirqR 242)
auprokq CMdW iv` c ‘kwl’ ,’rwm’ ,’sXwm’ Aqy ‘goibMd’ sbd ijQy vwihgurU Akwl purK
dy boDk hn auQy dsvyN pwiqSwh nUM vI iek ilKwrI dy rU p iv`c pR kwSmwn krdy hn [
ieh nwm gurU gR MQ swihb jI iv`c vI swnUM iek hI Sbd iv`c vrqy hoey iml jWdy hn
ijhw ik
“sMqW m`Dy ‘goibMd’ AwCY ;go kl m`Dy ‘isXwm’ go ]
nwmy m`Dy ‘rwm’ AwCY , ‘rwm’ , ‘isXwm’ ,’goibMd’ go ]
(gurU gRMQ swihb AMg -718)

‘goibMd’ , ‘isXwm’ qy ‘rwm’ dy Sbd ijQy vwihgurU Akwl pu rK leI nwm dyv jI vrq
rhy hn auQy auh Awpxy aupnwm vjoN vI Awpxw nwm ies nwl joV ky vrq rhy hn [
ieh rwm ,isXwm Aqy goibMd nwm dyv qoN koeI vKry ilKwrI pwqr nhIN hn [ iesy qrW
‘dsm gR MQ iv`c ‘rwm’ ,isXwm’ Awid nwm koeI iksy vKry kvI dy nhIN hn sgoN mhwrwj
dy Awpxy aupnwm hI hn ijhVy rcnhwr ny kwivk suM drqw nUM vDwaux leI Awpxy nwm
dy hmp`lw nwm vrqy hn [ mhwrwj jI ny ieh nwm AwpxIAW rcnwvW iv`c keI keI
vwr vrqy hn [
rwm Avqwr iv`c vI gurU swihb jI ny Awpxy aupnwm ‘rwm’ ‘sXwm’ qy goibMd vrqy
hn ik rwm dw Sbd qW mhwrwj jI ny sRI rwm cMd dI pwqr auswrI krdy smy ies
AwpxI rcnw iv`c keI vwr vriqAw hY jd ik kvI sXwm vI vrq rhy hn ik
“ieh ibiD mwr ibrwd kau bwn mY Dsy insMg ]
su kib ‘HU!H’ ieh ibiD kihXo rGubr juD pRsMg ]323]
(rwm kQw)
“sgl duAwr ko Cwif kY gihE quhwry duAwr ]
bwih ghy kI lwj As goibMd dws quhwr ]”864]
(rwm kQw)
gurU swihbwn dw ieh Awm dsqUr gUrU nwnk dyv jI mhwrwj dy smy qoN hI cldw Aw
irhw hY ik au h hornW ilKwrIAW dI rcnw nwl ijQy loV peI soD vjoN Awpxy Sbd
aucwrn kIqy hn qy nwl hI pCwx leI ‘mhlw 5’, ‘mhlw 1’, jW ‘mhlw 3’ Awid ilK
dyNdy rhy hn ijnHW dy nmUny gurU gR MQ swihb iv`c drj Bgq kbIr jI ,Bgq DMnw
jI,Bgq sUrdws jI qy bwbw PrId jI dI rcI hoeI bwxI iv`c vyKy jw skdy hn [ iksy
vI gurU swihb jI ny iksy dU jy dI rcnw nUM Awpxw nwm jW Cwp nhIN idqw [ nw hI koeI
ividvwn ies nUM is`D kr skdw hY [ dsvyN pwiqSwh jI ny ijQy vI iksy hor pUrwqn

gRMQ dI iksy rcnw bwry AwpxI bwxI rcI hY auQy mhwrwj jI ny aus gRMQ dw hvwlw idqw
hY ijhw ik ‘cMfI cirqR -1 iv`c mhwrwj spSt krdy hn ik ‘ieiq sRI mwrkMfy purwny
cMfI cirqR aukq iblws ‘ [ ies qoN spSt hY ik mhwrwj jI mwrkMfy pUrwn dI kQw dw
vrnx kr rhy hn [
ies mhwn gR MQ dw dubwrw sMpwdn gurU mhwrwj jI dy hzUrI guris`KW vloN kIqw igAw
hY ijs iv`c BweI swihb BweI mnI isMG jI ShId vI Swml hn [ BweI mnI isMG jI dw
jIvn ieqhws ieh ds irhw hY ik aunHW ny Awpxy jIvn dy 91 swlW iv`coN qkrIbn
78 swl gUrU Gr dI syvw iv`c lwey sn [
dsmyS ipqw gurU goibMd isMG jI dy ijnHW hzUrI ilKwrIAW ny Awpxy gRMQ ilKy hn
aunHW sBnW ny AwpxI rcnw dy Awid-AMq iv`c gurU swihbwn vloN pRwpq kIqy gey DMn-
mwn ,siqkwr dw vrnx kIqw hY [ mMglw crn iv`c vI gurU mhwrwj jI dI ausqiq
kIqI hY jd ik AjyhI rcnw gurU goibMd isMG jI dI iksy vI rcnw iv`c nhIN imldI
sgoN mhwrwj jI dIAW rcnwvW iv`c qW Akwl purK dI ausqiq qy mhimw dw vrnx hI
imldw hY jW Awpxy ieSt Akwl purK sn muK Ardws byNnqI hI ilKI hoeI imldI hY
ijhw ik cirqRopwKXwn dy AM q iv`c cOpeI byNnqI ilKI hoeI swnUM imldI hY ijs dw pwT
hr roz AsIN is`K Awpxy inqnym iv`c krdy hW qy AMimR q iqAwr krn smy vI iesy hI
bwxI dw pwT pM j bwxIAW dy nwl kIqw jWdw hY [ cirqRo pwKXwn dI ies bwxI dy pwT qoN
ibnw KMfy bwty dw AMimRq iqAwr nhIN ho skdw [


kvI dI SYlI,SbdW, CMdW qy ivSy
coN ipCwx
mnuK dw suBwau y hY ik auh Awpxy SbdW iv` c Awm qOr qy keI SbdW nU M auh vwr
vwr AwpxI bolI ,lyKxI Aqy kQnI iv`c vrqdw hY [ ies nwl aus mnuK dI jwx
pCwx bVI AwswnI nwl kIqI jw skdI hY [ ieslwm m` q nU M mnx vwlw iksy ivAkqI nUM
imlx smy ‘slwm’ dy Sbd dI vrqoN krdw hY jd ik ihMdU m` q nUM mnx vwlw ‘nms`qy ’
jW ‘rwm ,rwm’ dy Sbd vrqdw hY [ iesy qrw iek is`K iksy dUjy is`K nU M ‘siqsRI
Akwl’ jW ‘vwihguru jI kw Kwlsw, sRI vwihgurU jI kI Pqih’ bulwauNdw hY [ ieh Sbd
iksy dy Drm dI jwx pCwx Awpxy Awp hI krvw dyNdy hn [ keI mnuKW dI zbwn qy kuJ
ieho jhy Sbd cVHy huMdy hn ik auh aus mnuK dI pCwx bx jWdy hn [ ies nUM Awm qOr
qy pMjwbI siBAwcwr iv`c ‘qikAw-klwm’ dw nwm idqw jWdw hY [ ieh ksvtI AsIN
hr ilKwrI dI bolI,CYLI,SbdwvlI qy ivSy nUM aus dIAW v`K v`K rcnwvW iv`c Awpxy
Awp pRgt hoeI iekswrqw qoN vy K skdy hW [ jdoN AsI gurU goibMd isMG jI mhwrwj dI
bwxI nUM ies p`K qoN smJx dw Xqn krIey qW swnUM pqw cly gw ik gurU mhwrwj jI ieh
Sbd Awm hI vriqAw krdy sn ijhw ik-
qn,Bey ,qpo Dn,hzriq,jYq Duin,ho , Awid ijvyN ik
“ijh ibiD imlI “rwm soN sIqw ]
jYsk cqur byd Jö gIqw ]
jYsy imlq isMDu Jö gMgw ]
qXoN iml geI rudR kY sMgw ]2]”
{jlMDrwvqwr-AiDAwie 3)
“Alp Ahwr sulp sI inMdRw ]

dieAw iCmw Jö pRIiq ]”
(ibic`qR nwtk –AMiqkw- rwg rwmklI )
rwm BnY iqn iqRX ¥U , AiD bFwXo nyNh ]14]
(cirqR -28)
‘jo kbhUM kr ko bl krY ]
hwQ ¥U hIrw mil frY ]23 ]”
(cirqR -217)
“auDy purI Kurrm kI nwrI ]
JHö|J ko pRwnn qy pXwrI ]1 ]”
(cirqR -164)
“qb JHö|J iqRX AYsY bcn sunwieXo ]
ho JHöJ ko BRmu sB qbY imtwieXo ]”4]
(cirqR -174)
‘ho ’ pd qkrIbn hr iek AiV`l dy cOQy crn iv`c vriqAw hY ijvyN:-
“sunY guMg jo Xwih su rsnw pwveI ]
sunY mUV icq lwie cqurqw AwveI ]
dUK drd BO inkit n iqn nr ko rhY ]
J jo XwkI ey k bwr cOpeI ko khY ]404]”
(cirqR -404)

“eyk purK inRp kI duihqw kh BwieXo ]
pTY sihcrI qwkh qhI bulwieXo ]
qhI kwm ky kyl qruin qwsO ikXo ]
J his his kir Awsn qwkO kis kis ilXo ]4]”
(cirqR -359)
gurU goibMd isMG jI mhwrwj ny Akwl purK leI keI Sbd dsm gRM Q iv`c Aijhy
vrqy hn ijhVy ik aunHW qoN pihlW iksy dUjy ilKwrI dI rcnw iv`c nhIN imldy ijhw ik
‘Aiskyqu ’, ‘AisDuj’, ‘srbkwl’, ‘srbloh’, ‘sRI KVg’, ‘sRI BgauqI’, ‘kwl’
‘kwilkw’ KVgky qu ’, ‘cMfI’ ‘lo k mwqw’,jg-mwq’ ,jg mweI ‘ m!|U ¡
“ öH ¤öH TU!J! v öH öN H!J! v¤7v(H!¤ H!|JH)
mN! ¤ö¤ N| ö¥! JH ö v HöH öJ N| ö|¥m! JH ö v
srb kwl jI kI r`iCAw hm nY ]srb loh jI dI r`iCAw hm nY ] (Akwl ausqiq)
mhW kwl rKvwr hmwro ]
mhw loh mY ikMkr Qwro ]435]
(ikRSn kQw)
“ sRI BgauqI jI shwie ]
vwr sRRI BgauqI jI kI ] pwiqSwhI 10 ]
ipRQm BgauqI ismr kY gur nwnk leI iDAwie ]------
(cMfI dI vwr)

gurU goibMd isMG jI vloNN ilKI geI ‘cMfI dI vwr’ dI ieh pihlI pauVI hr roz hr
gurduAwry iv`c is`K dI Ardws dw AMg hox kwrn pVHI jw rhI hY [
gurU goibMd isMG jI dIAW ilKIAW hoeIAW v`K v`K rcnwvW iv`c keI muhwvry hU -b-
hU ilKy hoey imldy hn ijhw ik mhw mohnI Avqwr iv`c mhwrwj jI ‘mno PWD PWDy ’ nU M
ies pRkwr ilKdy hn ik
‘BXo pR ym jogM lgY nYn AYsy ]
Hö ¥!¤ ¥!¤ |HT| ö!H HH v=v
iesy hI quk nUM mhwrwj jI rwm Avqwr dy CMd 116 iv`c ies qrW hu -b-hU ilK rhy
hn ik
‘Cky pR ym dono lgy nYn AYsy ]
mMno PwD PWDY imRgI rwj jYsy ]116]
iesy hI quk nUM mhwrwj jI iPr cirqRopwiKXwn dy 245 cirqR dy CMd 37 vyN iv`c iPr
dohrwauNdy hn ik
‘imlXo jwn pXwrw lgy nYn AYsy ]
Hö ¥!¤ ¥!¤ |HT| ö!H HH v
gurU mhwrwj jI Awm qOr qy AwpxI lyKxI iv`c ‘grIb invwj n dUsr qo so ‘ dI vrqoN
kr dy hn
‘myru kro iqRx qy muih jwih;
Tö|H-|ö¥!H ö UHö J H v92]
(ibic`qR nwtk)
‘myru ikXo iqRx qy muih jwih ;
Tö|H |ö¥!H ö UHö J H ]’47]

(cirqR -1)
iesy qrW keI hor vI auDwrnW mhwrwj jI dI pivq`r lyKxI iv`coN vyKIAW jw skdIAW
hn ijhVIAW ik ieh is`D krdIAW hn ik dsm gRMQ swihb jI dIAW sB rcnwvW
iek hI klm dy ilKwrI mhwrwj gurU goibMd isMG jI dIAW hI ilKIAW hoeIAW hn [
AwpxIAW rcnwvW dw Awp
cObIs AvqwrW dw vrnx kridAW gurU mhwrwj jI ny rwm kQw iv`c iek bhuq hI
Byd BrI AwpxI lyKnI dw izkr kIqw hY ik jd rwm cMdr dy ipqw dsrQ rwjy ny ieMdr
dyvqy dy kihx qy dyviqAW qy dyNqW dy juD iv`c SmUlIAq kIqI qy dsrQ rwjy dw
rQvwhI dy mwry jwx ipCoN aus dI rwxI ky keI ny rQvweI dI zumyvwrI sMBwl ky Awpxy
pqI dsrQ rwjy dI riKAw vI kIqI qy ju`D iv` c aus dI ij`q dw kwrn vI bxI [ ies qy
dsrQ ny KuS ho ky aus dy do bcn pUry krn dw bcn AwpxI rwxI nUM idqw sI [ ies dw
sMKyp rUp iv`c izkr kridAW mhwrwj jI ny iliKAw hY ik ies dw pUrw hwl hnUmwn
nwtk iv`c disAw igAw hY qy aunHW ny vI ies qoN pihlW cirqRopwKXwn iv`c ies dw
ivsQwr nwl izkr kIqw hY ik
“puin rIiJ dDy doaU qIA brM ]
icq mo su ibcwr kCU n krM ]
khI ‘nwtk’mDur ‘cirqR ’ kQw ]
jX dIn suryis nrys jQw ]17]
(rwm kQw)

ies dw Bwv ieh hY ik gurU mhwrwj jI ny ieh spSt kr idqw ik ies kQw nUM ijQy
ivsQwr nwl hnUmwn nwtk iv`c vrnx kIqw imldw hY auQy aunHW ny vI ‘cirqR opwKXwn’
iv`c vyrvy nwl izkr kIqw hY [ ieQON ieh is`D ho jWdw hY ik gurU mhwrwj jI ny
‘cirqRopwKXwn’ dI rcnw rwm kQw ilKx qoN pihlW ilK idqI sI [ cirqR opwKXwn
mhwrwj jI vloN BMBOr ngr ivKy sMmq 1753 nU M sMpUrn kIqw hoieAw is`K ieqhws vloN
minAw jWdw hY ik
sMbq sqrh shs Bix`jY ] ArD shs Puin qIn kih`jY ]
Bwdv sudI AstmI rivvwrw ] qIr squdRv gR MQ suDwrw ]404]
jd ik rwm kQw sMmq 1755 iv`c sM pUrn hoeI mnI jWdI hY ik
‘sMmq sqRh shs pcwvn ] hwV vdI ipRQim suK dwvn ]
qv pRswid kir gRMQ suDwrw ] BUl prI lhu lyh suDwrw ]860]
(rwm kQw)

ieqhwsk ,swihqk Aqy is`DWqk rUp iv`c dsm gRM Q swihb jI dI bwxI nUM gurU
goibMd isMG jI vloN rcI ho eI bwxI svIkwirAw jw cukw hY ijs kwrn ijs vI iksy
ivAkqI ny Awpxy mn m`q rwhI ies nU M gurU swihb jI dI bwxI mnx qoN ienkwr
kridAw Awpxy mn m`q dw prcwr krn dw Xqn kIqw hY aus ivruD sRI Akwl qKq
swihb vloN hu kmnwmw jwrI kr ky aus nUM sRI Akwl qKq swihb ivKy qlb kIqw igAw
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n:35748 imqI 5-7-
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(srbloh gRMQ sRI muK vwk pw:10)
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gurU aupdys isKn pRiq Bwsin,mu`idRq k` C ky s ikRpwnM ]”
(srbloh gRMQ sRI muK vwk pw:10)
Kwlsy dy auprokq guxW dw vrnx kridAW gurU swihb jI dsdy hn ik Kwlsy
nUM ds prDwn guxW dw DwrnI vI hoxw cwhIdw hY ijnHW bwry mhwrwj jI PurmwauNdy
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(1)dXw,(@2)dwn,(3)iCmw,(4)snwn,(5)SIl,(6)suic, (7)siq dw DwrnI ho vy qy
(8)swDnw nUM is` D krdw hoieAw (9)sUrbIrqw vwlw Aqy (10)BgqI krn vwlw
hovy [ ies bwry gurU mhwrwj jI dw Purmwn hY ik
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dXw dwn Aru Cmw snwnM , sIl suic sqXM sMBwnM ]
swDn is`D sUr Bgiq mwnM , ds gRwhI Awsqk pRmwnM ]6]”
(srbloh gRMQ sRI muK vwk pw:10)
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(gurU gRMQ swihb AMg 1357)
ArQ:- jo pRwxI pUrn rUp ivc srbqr AsQwnW qy rmy hoey rwm nwm dy mMqr dw
iDAwn Drdw hY ; jo suK qy du K nU M smwn jWxdw hoieAw inrml qy inrvYrqw dI
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Asu Kwlsih Kwls pd pRwpiq inrMkwir su svrUp mhwnM ]7]”
(srbloh gRMQ sRI muK vwk pw:10)
(1)SwDnW(jp qy qp,syvw qy ismrn)dw ivroD dw iqAwg krn vwlw hI
Kwlsw hY [ iesy qrW (2)ihMsw qy (3) AM hkwr Aqy (4)Awls dw Kwlsw
iqAwgI hY [ auh(5)ikrpxq AQvw kM jU s vI nhIN hY [ Kwlsw (6)kTorpuxy
(7)mUrKpuxy (8) kuiclqw(gMdy mMdy vsqrW dw DwrnI hoxw)qy (9)Apivqrqw
dw iqAwgI hY [ auh (10)Srw AnU swr klmw pVHIAW ho eIAW vsqUAW dw vI

iqAwgI hY [ ieho jhy ds guxW dw DwrnI qy ds EgxW dw iqAwgI ivAkqI
nUM hI sujwn purK Kwlsy dw rU p prvwn krdy hn [ Kwlsy dy ieho jhy lCxW
vwlw ivAkqI qy inrMkwr iek hI mhWn srUp smJy jWdy hn [
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ho ky mhW purK hI AKvwieAw jWdw hY [ Bwvy N ieho jhy Kwlsw pd dI
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“jIvn mukiq ibcriq bn iqRn mih,dyv Buqdy v hI kih` XY ]
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jl qrMg Byd kCu nwhin jIv bRhm prmwqm lih`XY ]
bRhmih jIv pwrbR hmih swgr bU Md bUM d isMDu Aih`XY ]8]”
(srbloh gRMQ sRI muK vwk pw:10)
ieh AvsQw bVI kTnqweI nwl hI pRwpq ho skdI hY ijs ivAkqI qy gurU
klgIDr ipqw dI ikrpwlqw hovy qy auh gurU jI dI bKiSs dUAwrw ies AvsQw
nUM Dwrn kr lvy qW auh hr smy Awqm rs ivc lIn huM dw hoieAw Kwlsw bx ky
hr vsqU ivc srB SkqImwn swry bRH mM f ivc rmy hoey Akwl prK pRBU pRmwqmw
dw hI rU p dyKdw hY qy aus nU M mo ,qo h qy pRBU ivckwr koeI AMqr hI idKweI nhIN
dyNdw qW hI au h Kwlsy dw rU p bx skdw hY ik
“Awqm rs jy jwnhI so hY Kwls dy v ]
pRBU mih mo mih qws mih rMick nwihn Byv]”
(srbloh gRMQ sRI muK vwk pw:10)
ieho jhy guxW vwlw Kwlsw bnxw bVw kTn hY [ Swied Ajoky kwl ivc koeI
hirAw bUtw ieho jhy guxw vwlw ho vy ? ies bwry kQn krnw koeI Awswn g`l
nhIN hY pr AsI klgIDr ipqw gurU goibM d isM G jI dy hzUr ieh Ardws qW
kr skdy hW ik scy pwiqswh ijnHW guxw dw vrnx Kwlsw bnx leI qu sI kr
rhy ho ikqy swfy qy ikrpw kr ky ienHW guxW dw DwrnI swnUM bxw dyvo qW ik AsIN
Awp jI vloN Kwlsy nUM bKiSs kIqIAW ho eIAW ienHW bKiSsW nUM pRwpq krn dy
h`kdwr ho skIey [ gurU go ibM d isMG jI ny Awpxy Kwlsy nUM bVIAW bKiSsW

dyNidAW hoieAW PurmwieAw hY ik
“Kwlsw myro rUp hY Kws] Kwlsh mih hau krhuM invws]
Kwlsw myro muK hY AMg] Kwlsy ky hau bsiq sd sMg]1]
Kwlsw myro ieSt-suihrd] Kwlsw myro kihXq ibrd ]
Kwlsw myro p`C-ru pwd] Kwlsw myro suK Aihlwd ]2]
Kwlsw myro imqR suKweI] Kwlsw mwq ipqw suKdweI ]
Kwlsw myrI soBw SIl] Kwlsw bMDu sKw sd fIl ]3]
Kwlsw myrI jiq Aru piq] KwlsihM -so -mwkhu auqpiq]
Kwlsw myro Bvn –BMfwir] Kwlsih kir myro sdkwir ]4]
Kwlsw myro svjn-pirvwru ] Kwlsw myro kriq-auDwru ]
Kwlsw myro ipMf pRwn] Kwlsw myrI jwn kI jwn ]5]
mwn mhq myro Kwlsw shI] Kwlsw myro svwrQ khI ]
Kwlsw myro krY inrvwh] Kwlsw myro dy h Aru swh ]6]
Kwlsw myro Drm-ru krm ] Kwlsw myru Byd inj –mrm ]
Kwlsw myro siqguru pUrw] Kwlsw myro svjn –sUrw ]7]
Kwlsw myro buiD –ru gXwn] Kwlsih kw hau DrhuM DXwn]
aupm Kwlsih jwiq n khI ] ijhvw ey k pwru nih lhI ]8]
SyS rsn swrd sI buiD] qdXip n aupmw brniq suiD ]
Xw mih rMic n imQXw BwKI ] pwrbRhm gurU nwnk swKI ]9]
rom rom rsnw jO pwvhuN ] qdXip n Kwls jsih qrwvhN ]

hO Kwlsih khu Kwlsw myro ]Eqpoq swgr bUMdyro ]10]
Kwlsw kwl puruK kI Poj ] pRgtXo prmwqm ko mOj ]1]rhwau ]”
(srbloh gRMQ sRI muK vwk pw:10)


go ibM d bwxI

srb p` KI mhW dwnI swihb-ey -kmwl gurU goibM d isMG jI mhwrwj bR hm
bwxI Aqy sMswrk,ivhwrk qy smwjk bwxI dy vI mhWn ivdvwn ilKwrI sn [
aunHW dI rcI hoeI bwxI qy kuJ ivAkqI ikM qU pRM qU krdy hn BwvyN sRI Akwl qKq
swihb qy pM j isMG swihbwn ny ies bwry inrxw kr idqw hY ik dsm gRM Q
swihb jI dI swrI bwxI klgIDr ipqw gurU goibM d isM G jI dI hY pr iPr vI
kuJ ivAkqI aunHW dI rcI hoeI bwxI ivcoN ‘cirqRO pwiKAwn’ qy ikM qU pRM qU krdy
hoey FucrbwzIAW dw Awsrw lYNdy ho ey ies mhwn rcnw bwry Awpxy SkUk prgt
krdy hn [ swihq BwvyN gurbwxI swihq AQvw AiDAwqmk hovy jW
sMswrk,ivhwrk qy smwjk idR StI dw DwrnI ho vy aus dy mulAMkx leI aus
swihq dy v`K v` K rU pW dy v`K v` K AMgW qy ivcwr kr ky smJx dI loV hu MdI hY [
aus ivcoN iksy iek Bwg nUM AsIN aus rcnw dw mM qv nhIN AwK skdy [ ijs qrW
cwr AMDy iksy hwQI nU M tohx auprMq s`p,rsI,sM dUk qy QMbw dsdy hn ausy qrW hM s
buDI ADIn igAwn nwl nw prKx leI AsIN cirqRO pwiKAwn bwry Buly Ky dw
iSkwr ho jWdy hW qy ies nUM Awm qOr qy cilqro - pwiKAwn dy nwm qy glq
aucwrn kr ky ies dy ArQ hI ault dyNdy hW [ ies leI jy kr AsIN gurU
goibMd isMG jI vloN aunHW dI rcI sMswrk,ivhwrk qy smwjk bwxI AQvw rcnw
nUM smJx dw Xqn krnw cwhu Mdy hW qW swnU M smu cI au s rcnw dw AiDAn
krnw pvy gw [
Awm ivdvwn,mhWpurK AQvw sMq purK sB pRmwqmw bwry ieh sB kuJ sMklp
krdy hn ik auh sB qoN aucw,mhwn qy v`fy qoN vI v`fw qy byAMq hY [ auh iksy qoN Cotw jW
nIvW ho hI nhIN skdw [ pr gurU goibMd isMG jI pRmwqmw nUM hr vsqU AMdr rimAw
hoieAw mMndy hn ijs kwrn aus nU M ivroDwBwsI sMklpW rwhIN vI icqvdy hn [ ies dy
bhuq swry pRmwn aunHW dI bwxI ivcoN vyKy jw skdy hn ijvyN ik
1)nmo AMDkwry nmo qyj qyjy ] (jwpu swihb)

2)nmo prm qqM Aq`qM srUpy ](jwpu swihb)
3) nmo kwl kwly ]nmo srb pwly ](jwpu swihb)
auh srb ro gy vI hY qy Arogy vI hY [ auh srb krqw vI hY qy srb hrqw vI hY
[auh dy v ividAw vI hY qy dY Nq bwxI vI hY [ auh bRhm ividAw vI hY qy ivvwd
vI hY [ gurU goibMd isMG jI pRmwqmw nUM iek vwsw sM klp nhIN mndy [ ijhVw
ivdvwn ivroDwBws nwl AwSnw nhIN hu Mdw au h AslIAq nwl Awsnw nhIN ho
skdw [ gurU goibMd isMG jI pR mwqmw nwl ies AsnweI dw bVI dlyrI nwl
pRgtwvw krdy hn [auh pR mwqmw nUM jy vyd bwxI AwKdy hn qW auh pR mwqmw nUM
kok bwxI vI kihM dy hn [ auh inj nwr dy pws vI hY qy pr nwr dy nkyq vI auho
hY [ jqI vI au h hY qy kwmI vI auhI hY [ auh kukrmy pR xwsI vI hY qy krUr krmy
vI hY [ auh nr vI hY qy nwrI vI hY [ aus dw koeI ilMg nhIN hY [gu rU mhwrwj jI
ijQy pR mwqmw nUM Akwl purK AwKdy hn auQy BgauqI vI kihMdy hn [ ieh do vyN
nwm gurU swihb jI ny Akwl ausqiq ivc bVI su Mdrqw nwl vrqy hn ik
“< siqgur pRswid]
sRI BgauqI jI shwie]
sRI Akwl jI kI ausqiq ]”
pRmwqmw dy ieh dovyN nwm gurU swihb jI ny ‘cirqROpwiKAwn’ ivc vI vrqy hn ik
“<sRI vwihgurU jI kI Pqih]
sRI BgOqI ey nm ]
BgauqI dw nwm hr ro z hr gurduAwry ivc AsIN Ardws krdy smy ienHW sbdW
duAwrw ArMBk rUp ivc aucwrn krdy hW [
< vwihgurU jI kI Pqh ]
sRI BgauqI jI shwie ]
vwr sRI BgauqI jI kI pwqswhI 10 ]

BgauqI dw nwm gurU gRM Q swihb ivc vI keI rUpW ivc imldw hY ijs dy v`K v`K
ArQ drswey jWdy hn ijvy N ik
1)‘BgauqI BgvM q Bgiq kw sM gu ](gurU gRM Q swihb AM g-274)
2)koeI khqau AnMin BgauqI ](gurU gRM Q swihb AMg-912)
3)BgauqI rhq jugqw ](gurU gR MQ swihb AMg-71)
4) iqsu Bgau qI kI miq aUqm ho vY ](gu urU gRM Q swihb AM g-274)’
pRmwqmw dw iesqRI rU p gurU gRM Q swihb jI vI svIkwrdy hn ik
‘eykw mweI jugiq ivAweI iqin cyly prvwxu ](jpu jI swihb)’
gurU gR MQ swihb pRmwqmw nU M jy ipqw mMndw hY qW mwqw vI auhI hY [
‘qUM myrw ipqw qU M hY myrw mwqw ]
qUM myrw bMDpu qU M myrw BRwqw ]’(gurU gRMQ swihb AM g 103)
cirqROpwiKAwn dy pihly cirqR ivc gurU jI ny pRmwqmw dy iesqrI rUp dI BrpUr
aupmw kIqI hY [ dujy cirqR ivc mhwrwj jI AwpxI rcnw nUM sMswrk rUp bVI suMdrqw
nwl dyNdy hoey iek rONck khwxI bxw dyNdy hn[ iek icqRvqI ngrI ivc icqR isMG nwmI
rwjw rwj krdw sI jo bhuq hI su Mdr sI [ ngrI dw nwm icqR vqI qy aus dy rwjy dw nwm
icqR isMG bVy icMnAwqmk nwm swnUM smJwaux leI gurU swihb jI ny vrqy hn jo ik
ic`q qy icqvq dw sMklp dsdy hn[icqR isMG dI suMdrqw nUM vyK ky iek ApCrw aus qy
mohq ho jWdI hY qy AKIr aus dI rwxI bx jWdI hY [aunHW dy Gr iek suMdr bwlk jnm
lYNdw hY ijs dw nwm auh hnvMq isMG rKdy hn [ hnvMq isMG jd jvwn ho jWdw hY qW
aus dI mwqw svrg nUM clI jWdI hY ijs dw bhuq duK rwjy nU M lgdw hY [ rwjw ApCrw
dI mUrqI iqAwr krvwky dys bdys ivc Byj dyNdw hY ik auh kyvl aus SihzwdI nwl hI
SwdI kry gw ijhVI ik aus ApCrw vrgI suMdr hovy gI [ KojIAW ny Koj krky rwjy nUM
disAw ik aUVIsw dys dy rwjy dI nOjvwn icqR mqI nwm vwlI SihzwdI hI aus ApCrw
vrgI suMdr hY [ icqRmqI nUM pRwpq krn leI rwjw aUVIsw dy s qy hmlw kr dyNdw hY [
lVweI ivc ij`q pRwpq krn qy rwjw icqRmqI nwl SwdI kr lYNdw hY [ ieh zbrdsqI
nwl kIqI geI iek AjoV SwdI hY [ icqRmqI Awpxy Kwndwn dy ivnwS dw bdlw lYx
leI swzSW rcn lg jWdI hY [ icqRmqI rwjy dy puqr hnvMq isMG qy mohq ho jWdI hY [
hnvMq isMG AwpxI mqreI mW dIAW ivBcwrI nIqIAW ivc nhIN Psdw [ rwxI icqRmqI
Awpxy pqI rwjy icqR isMG pws Awpxy mqrey puqr hnvM q isM G qy ausy qrW qohmq mVH
dyNdI hY ijs qrW rwxI lUxw ny Awpxy mqrey puqr pUrn(Bgq) ivruD Awpxy pqI rwjy

slvwn pws mVHI sI [ rwjw icqR isMG bVw kroDq ho ky Awpxy puqr hnvMq isMG nUM mO q
dI szw dy dyNdw hY [ ies smy rwjy dy isAwxy qy guxvwn mMqRI rwjy nUM hr roz rwj
drbwr ivc ivBcwrn iesqRIAW dIAW khwxIAW suxwauNdy hn qy hr ro z hnvMq isMG nUM
vI jyl ivcoN drbwr ivc sd ilAw jWdw hY [ ivBcwrn iesqRIAW dIAW khwxI dw
sMgrih hI ‘cirqROpwiKAwn’ nwmI iek gRMQ hY [ hr khwxI AQvw cirqR dy AMq ivc
ieh Sbd gurU swihb jI vlON drj hn ik
‘|U|J H | U|öJ ¤¤U!ö J |U! U|öJ H J | ¥¤ HH!U ----U|öJ U| HH!¤JH
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(U|öJ 5ê)
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“kwm kroD mwieAw md mqsr ien pMchu imil lUty ]”
(gurU gRMQ swihb AMg 973)

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(gurU gRMQ swihb AMg 335)
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(vwr-27 ,pau VI-1)
pMjwbI dy ienHW ieSkI ik`isAW ivcoN hIr rWJy dy ik`sy nU M vDyry pris`Dqw pRwpq
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‘gur quTY hir pwieAw cukY Dk Dky ]
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(gurU gRM Q swihb AM g 449)
“jo pRwnI inis idnu BjY rUp rwm qy jwnu ]
hir jn hir AMqr nhI nwnk swcI mwn ]”
(gurU gRM Q swihb AM g 1428)
gurU goibM d isM G jI ny vI hIr nUM rWJy dw nwm jpdI ho eI ds ky iehI smJONdy hn
ik hIr rWJy dw nwm jpdI hoeI rWJy dw hI rUp ho gweI qy hIr Aqy rWJy ivc
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(cirqR 98)

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siqgurU jI ny do cirqR ilKy hn [ gurU jI vloN drsweI geI khwxI AnU swr
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s` sI qy punUM dI mOq nwl gurU swihb jI ies khwxI nUM ieQy hI Kqm nhIN
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“kpVu rUp suhwvxw Cif dunIAw AM dir jwvxw ]
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hukm kIey min Bwvdy rwih BIVY AgY jwvxw ]
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kir Aaugx pCo qwvxw ]14]”
(gurU gRM Q swihb AM g 470-71)
s` sI dI sONkx rwxI Awpxy pu qr nUM rwj qy ibTw ky Awp ivBcwr dy glqwn
ivc Ku `b jWdI hY [ au h Awpxy mkwn dy Jro Ky ivc bY T ky Awm lokW qoN slwmI

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pr nwrI kI sy j BUil su pny hUM n jYXhu ]”
(cirqR 21)
mhwrwj jI ies cirqR 21 rwhI guurU gR MQ swihb jI dI ies isiKAw qy hI
AwpxI mohr lgwauNdy hn ik
Gr kI nwir iqAwgY AMDw ]
pr nwrI isau GwlY DMDw ]
(gurU gRM Q swihb AM g 1165)
Awpxy Ksm nUM C` f ky iksy hor nwl sbMD jo Vx vwlIAW nUM vI gurU gRM Q swihb jI
qwVnw krdy hn ik
“Ksmu Coif dU jY lgy fu by sy vxjwirAw ]”(gurU gR MQ swihb AMg 470)
iesy qrW mhwrwj Awpxy is`KW nU M Srwb Awid niSAW qoN dUr rKx leI isiKAw
dyNdy hn ik Srwb mnuK nU M pSU jUnI ivc phuM cw dyNdI hY [
“log au Twie pwn md kirXo ]
mwnu K hu qo join psu pirXo ]”
(cirqR 105)
Acrnk aucqw qy sdwcwr dI is`iKAw dyx leI gurU swihb jI ny ivBcwr nUM
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prdw PwS kIqw jw sky [ ienHW khwxIAW rwhIN gurU swihb jI ny smwjk
kurIqIAw nU M nMigAW kr ky ivBcwr ru pI kYNsr dw ausy qrW AprYSn kIqw hY
ijs qrW iek Xog fwktr iksy Awpxy iesqRI mrIz dw AprYsn krn smy aus

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ivAkqI dI smJ dw hY [ iesy qrW gurU mhwrwj dI ies rcnw qy ikMqU pRM qU krn
vwly ivAkqIAW dI AigAwnqw qy kwimk cyqnw dw do s smiJAw jwxw cwhIdw hY
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hn [ jy kr au h Awpxy mnW AM dr JwqI mwrn qW ho skdw hY ik aunHW nUM Awpxy
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“ieAw Dn jo bn Aru suq dwrw pyKn kau ju dieE]
iqn hI mwih Atik jo aurJy ieM dRI pRyir lieE ]”
(gurU grMQ swihb AMg 336)
ngy zvwd qy gwlI jW Cnwrvwd qW swfy ipMfW ivc sdIAW pUrwxw cilAw
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krvwaux dw rvwz Sry Awm hY ijs nU M kdy vI iksy ny AwpxIAW kwmk ru cIAW
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leI ijs ngy z vwd dI vrqoN kIqI geI hY au s qoN isiKAw lYx dw AsIN Xqn
ikauN nhIN krdy ? cirqRO pwiKAwn ivc drj keI khwxIAW swnU M Ajoky kwl ivc
vwpr rhIAW GtnwvW nwl imldIAW juldIAW hI vy KIAW jw skdIAW hn [ AsI
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ivc kIqw igAw hY ik cwr Bu Ky nMgy T`gW ny iek mqw kIqw ik auh ijhVW mUrK
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aus murK nUM ieho hI ikhw ik auh iek kuqy nU M cukI iljw irhw hY [ murK so cn

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ik 9 AYm.AYm.dy psqOl,iek 45 mwaU zr rIvwlvr Aqy lgBg 15,.315
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sRI Aiskyq jgq ky eIsw ]
(cirqR 404)
ies qoN ipCo gurU jI Akwl purK pws bynqI cOpeI duAwrw AwpxI Ardws krdy
hn ijs nUM Aj hr rihqvwn,AMimR qDwrI is`K hI nhIN pVHdw sgoN hr gurduAwry
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is`K ieqhws ieh svIkwrdw hY ik ‘cirqRO pwiKAwn’ dI rcnw gurU swihb jI
ny au s smy kIqI jd mhwrwj jI Bmbor dy rwjy pws rhy sn [ ies AsQwn qy
bVw Swndwr gurduAwrw bixAw hoieAw hY [ ies bwry pRisD ieqhwskwr
ig:eIsr isM G nwhrw AwpxI pusqk sPrnwmw qy zPrnwmw ivc ilKdy hn ik

It was there that Guru Gobind Singh had compossed “Charitro-
Pakhyan” in 1696 A.D.(Safarnama and zafarnama)

cirqR opwiKAwn dI AMdrlI gvwhI vI ieho hI dsdI hY jd ik gurU goibM d isM G
ies gR MQ dy ilKn dy AsQwn qy smy bwbq ilKdy hn ik
sMbq sqRh shs BixjY ] ArD shs Puin qIin kihjY ]
BwdR su dI AstmI riv vwrw ] qIr squdR gRM Q su Dwrw ]405]
BweI swihb BweI vIr isMG jI ny vI ies rcnw nU M dsmy S ipqw gurU goibMd isMG
jI dI AwpxI pu sqk ‘rwnw Bmbor’ivc svIkwirAw hY [
keI ivAkqI jo dsm gR MQ swihb dI bwxI qy ikMqU pR MqU krdy hn au h
Awpxy p`K ivc ieh dlIl dyNdy hn ik bwxI cirqRo pwiKAwn dIAW keI
khwxIAw ivc ieqnw ngyzvwd hY ik aunHW dI kQw koeI k`Qwvwck sM gq ivc jW
Awpxy prIvwr ivc Kul ky nhIN kr skdw [ ieh ivcwr rKx vwly ivAkqI
jW qW bwxI aucwrn dI mrXwdw qoN Axjwn hn jW iPr auh AwpxIAW svwrQI
rucIAW duAwrw jwx buJ ky BulyKy pYdw krn dw Xqn kr rhy hn [ gurbwxI kQn
qy au cwrn dy v` K v`K rUp hn [ gurbwxI nU M pwT kr ky vI aucwirAw jw irhw hY
qy rwgW ivc hox kwrn ies nUM kIrqn duAwrw gwiex kr ky vI aucwirAw jw
irhw hY [ pr keI bwxIAW AY sIAW hn ijnHw dw kyvl kIrqn hI ho skdw hY qy
keI AijhIAW bwxIAW hn ijnHW dw kyvl pwT hI kIqy jwx dI mrXwdw hY [
AsIN hr roz gurduAwirAW ivc ,GrW ivc jW ivAkqI gq rU p ivc inqnym dw
pwT hI krdy hW [ in` qny m nU M kIrqn duAwrw gwiex krn dI mrXwdw nhIN hY [
iesy qrW Awsw dI vwr dw pwT krn dI mrXwdw nhIN hY [ ies bwxI dw kIrqn
hI kIqw jWdw hY [ kIrqn krn dI vI Kws mrXwdw hY [ ieh bwxI mohlk rU p
ivc pauVIAW ivc gurU nwnk dy v jI dI ilKI hoeI hY [ gurU Arjn dyv jI ny
gurU gRM Q swihb jI dI rcnw qy sM pwDnw krdy smy ies bwxI dIAW pauVIAW nwl
slok ilK idqy sn jo ik gurU gRM Q swihb ivc Awsw dI vwr dI hr pauVI qoN
pihlw drj hn pr kIrqn krdy smy swfy rwgI ienHw slokW qoN vI pihlW cO Qy
pwiqSwh sRI gurU rwmdws jI dy Cy CMdW dIAw qrqIbvwr hr pauVI dw kIrqn
Awsw dI vwr dI hr pauVI qoN pihlW krdy hn [ ieh mrXwdw SurU qoN hI cl
rhI hY [ ies mrXwdw nUM koeI vI BMg nhIN kr skdw [ hwlW ik ieh CMd gurU
gRM Q swihb ivc Awsw dI vwr qoN v` Kry drj hn [ iesy qrW gurU gR MQ swihb jI
dIAAW qy dsm gR MQ swihb jI dIAW keI bwxIAW dw AsI AwpxI smJ leI

kyvl Awp hI iksy nUM suxwey bgYr pwT krdy hW qW ik AsI aus bwxI nUM smJx
dw Xqn kr skIey [ ies mM qv leI AsIN bwxI dy tIikAW dw vI shwrw lY lyNdy
hw [ iehI mrXwdw dsm gRM Q swihb jI dIAW keI bwxIAW qy lwgU hY ik AsIN
aunHw nU M Awpxy ihridAW AM dr smJx leI ivAkqIgq rUp ivc pwT krdy hoey
smjx dw Xqn krdy hw [


gu rbwxI qy dsm gRM Q dI kQw dy ADwr qy
min jIqY jgu jIqu
srb p`KI swihb-ey -kmwl bwdSwh drvyS gurU goibM d isM G jI mhwrwj iek
mhwn swihqkwr vI sn [ aunHW ny ijQy dy v bwxI dI rcnw kIqI auQy aunHW ny
Awpxy is` KW nU M aucy sucy Acrn dw mwlk bxwaux leI sMswrk,ivhwrk,smwjk
bwxI dI vI bVI KU bsUrqI nwl rcnw kIqI hY ijs dI imswl hor ikqy vyKx
ivc AsMBv idKweI dyNdI hY [ iek mhwn swihqkwr kvI dI qrW auh bVIAW
rONck khwxIAW drsw ky Awpxy is` KW nUM hr prkwr dI isiKAw dyx ivc hr
smy mgx idKweI dyNdy hn[ aunHW ny Awpxy jIvn dy Qo Vy jhy kwl ivc ijQy keI
mhWn Xu`D lVy qy ijqy hn auQy aunHW ny swihqk Ky qr ivc jo rcnwvW sM swr dy
mMc qy rKIAW hn aunHW dI auDwrnw hor ikqy imlxI kTn hY [ smu cy Bwrq dIAW
ieqhwsk qy imQhwsk GtnwvW nU M aunHW ny ijs Ano Ky rU p ivc dsm grM Q ivc
AMkq kIqw hY au h AwpxI imswl Awp hI hY [ gurU u gR M Q swihb jI ivc drj
hvwilAW nU M jy ko eI smJn dw Xqn krnw cwhy qW aus nU M “dsm gR MQ” dw
AiDAn krnw hI pvy gw [ imswl dy rU p ivc Awpxy pihly jwmy gurU nwnk
swihb jI dy rUp ivc mhwrwj Xog m`q qy Alocnw krdy hoey drswauNdy hn ik
“AweI pM QI sgl jmwqI min jIqy jgu jIqu ]”
(gurU gRMQ swihb)
Awpxy dsvyN jwmy ivc iesy hI is`DWq nU M ienHW SbdW dUAwrw PurmwauNdy ho ey
ivsQwr nwl dsdy hn ik
“khw BXo jo sB hI jg jIq su logn ko bhu qRws idKwXo ]
Aaur khw ju pY dys ibdy sn mwih Bly gj gwih bDwXo ]
jo mnu jIqq hY sB dy s vhY qu mrY inR p hwiQ n AwXo ]
lwj geI kCu kwj sRXo nhIN lok gXo prlok n pwXo ]159]”
(dsm gR MQ -pwrs nwQ rudR Avqwr)

jy ko eI ivAkqI rwj dI pRwpqI kr ky swry jgq nU M ij` q lYNdw hY pr jy
kr aus ny Awpxy mn nUM nhIN ijiqAw auh Awpxw lok qy prlok dovyN gvw bY Tdw
hY [ ies leI mn nUM ijqn leI gu rU swihbwn ny AwpxI bwxI dUAwrw gurU gRM Q
swihb ivc QW QW qy zor idqw hY auQy dsm gR MQ ivc vI ies is`DWq qy bVw zor
idqw igAw hY [ mn nUM iks FMg nwl ijiqAw jw skdw hY ? ieh pR Sn hr is`K
dy mn ivc auqpn huM dw rihM dw hY [ies dw au qr ivAwiKAw meI rU p ivc iek
khwxI dw rUp dy ky ijs FM g nwl gurU goibM d isMG jI ny ilK ky Awpxy is` KW nU M
smJwieAw hY au s nU M swnU M smJn dI loV hY [
khwxI AnUswr rudr d` q Avqwr qoN ipCo N ies jgq ivc Xog m`q dw By K
cilAw jo keI swlW qk jwrI irhw [ qd pwrs nwQ nwm dw iek mnuK ies
DrqI qy pY dw hoieAw [ pwrs nwQ dY vI igAwn vwlw qy sUrbIr joDw sI ijs dI
Kbr jd ro h dy s dy rwjy nUM imlI qW rwjy ny pwrs nwQ nU M Awpxy drbwr ivc
sd bulwieAw [ ies qy Xo gI jtwDwrI bVy Kus hoey pr au h ieh vI AnBv krn
lg pey ik pwrs nwQ jtwDwrIAW XogIAW dw nwS hI nw kr dy vy [ jd pwrs
nwQ rwjy dy drbwr ivc pu jw qW aus ny sBnw dw idl ij`q ilAw ijs kwrn
rwjy ny aus nUM AwpxI DI dw irSqw dy ky au s nU M Awpxw jvweI bxw ilAw [ rwjy
dy prIvwr ivc Swml ho ky pwrs nwQ ny ijQy hr prkwr dI ividAw dw igAwn
pRwpq kr ilAw auQy aus ny hr prkwr dy SsqrW AsqrW dw vI igAwn pRwpq
kr ilAw [ dYvI SkqI dI AwrwDnw kr ky Aij`q hox dy vr vI pRwpq kr ley [
ies qrW krn auprMq au s ny iek X`g rcn dw inrxw lY ky swry dy sW dy nw ij`qy
jwx vwly sUrvIr rwjy qy ivdvwn,igAwnvwn,jtwDwrI Xo gI,is` D isnAwsI Awid
sB qrW dy ivAkqIAW nUM sd ilAw [ au s dy sdy qy jo rwjw jW jtwDwI XogI
nhIN AwieAw aus nUM jMg ivc hwr dy ky Kqm kr idqw igAw [ jdoN bhu q v` fw
iek`T ho igAw qW rwjy ny iPr ienHW sBnW qy ij` q pRwpq krn leI AkwlpurK
dy iesqRI rU p dI AwrwDnw kridAW Akwl purK dw srU p vrnx ies qrW kIqw
“ikRsn rwm Bey ikqy puin kwl pwie ibhwn]
kwl ko Ankwl kY AklMk mUriq mwn ]
jwis pwie Bxo sBY jg jws pwie iblwn ]
qwih qY Aibcwr jV krqwr kwih n jwn ]83]”
(dsm gR MQ-pwrs nwQ ru dR Avqwr)

ArQwq ijs nU M pRwpq krky ikqny hI rwm qy ikR Sn ho bIqy hn [ au s kwl nU M
kwl qoN mukq kr ky klMk rihq srUp vwlw jwno [ ijs dy hukm krky swrw
jgq hoNd ivc AwieAw hY qy ijs dy hukm krky sB nSt ho jWdy hn au s nU M hy
mUrKw krqwr kr ky ikauN nhIN qUM jwxdw ?
ies iek`T nUM sMboDn kridAW rwjy ny sBnW nUM llkwridAW ikhw ik jW qW
koeI pircXwqmk kOqk ivKwE jW sB jtwDwrI XogI AwpxIAW jtW munvw idE
ikauNik ieh sB pwKM f hY ik
“jogI jogu jtn mo nwih ]
BRm BR m mrq khw pic pic kih dyiK smJ mn mwhI ]
jo jn mhw qq khu jwnY prm gXwn khu pwvY ]
qb Xh eyk Taur mnu rwKY dir dir BR mq n DwvY ]
khw BXo igR h qij auiT Bwgy bn mY kIn invwsw ]
mn qo rhw sdw Gr hI mo so nhI BXo au dwsw ]
AiDk pR pM c idKwieAw Tgw jg jwin jog ko jorw ]
qum jIA lKw qjI mwXw hm mwXw mwXw qu mY n Corw ]97]”
(dsm gR MQ -pwrs nwQ rudR Avqwr)
gurU goibMd isMG jI mhwrwj vloN jog m` q bwry pwrs nwQ rwhIN drswey gey
ivcwr gurU gR MQ swihb jI ivc jo g m`q bwry drswey gey ivcwrW nwl iblkul
myl Kwdy hn jyvyN ik
“bwrh mih rwvl Kip jwvih chu iCA mih sMinAwsI ]
jogI kwpVIAw isr Ku by ibnu sbdY gil PwsI ]1]”
(pRBwqI mhlw 1 ] AM g 1332)
“jogu n BgvI kpVI jogu n mYly vyis ]
nwnk Gir bYiTAw jogu pweIAY siqgur kY aupdyis ]”
(slok mhlw 3] AMg 1420)
pwrs nwQ dI l`lkwr sux ky keI jtwDwrI sMinAwsI aus dy ADIn ho gey [
keI sBw ivcoN au T ky jM glW nUM cly gey [ ijnHW hMkwrI jtwDwrIAW
sMinAwsIAW,jo gIAW ny pwrsnwQ dy m`q nUM mnx qoN ienkwr kr idqw aunHW nwl
bVw BwrI jMg ArMB ho igAw ijs ivc AKIr ij` q pwrs nwQ dI huM dI gurU jI
AwpxI khwxI ivc dsdy hn [ jMg ijqn qoN ipCoN pwrs nwQ ny d`qwqR y dy jog

m`q nUM Kqm kr idqw [ auhI jo gI Awpxy Awp nUM bcw sky sn jo ik jMglW ivc
luk gey sn [ hux pwrs nwQ Awpxy Awp nUM sM swr jy qU smJx lg ipAw [aus
ny BU p myD X` g krn dI iqAwrI jd kr leI qW au s dy mM qRIAW ny aus nU M ikhw
ik BUp-my D X`g krn smy iek l`K rwijAW nU M mwirAw jwvy qW BU p-myD X` g hu Mdw
hY [ X`g krvwaux vwilAW nUM Anyk qrW dI sMpqI dwn ivc dyxI pYNdI hY [ iek
l`K hwQI ,do l` K GoVy ,sony dy Anyk Bwr Aqy iek iek kroV dI rkm X`g
krvwaux vwly iek iek bRwhmn nUM dwn dyxI pYNdI hY [ jy iksy rwjy kol ieqnI
sMpqI hovy au hI BUp-my D X`g pUrn krvw skdw hY [ pwrs nwQ ny ikhw ik aus
pws ieh sb ku J mwjU d hY qy au h hr hwlq ivc inRp-myD( BU p-myD) X` g
krvwey gw [jd swry X`g dy pRbMD ho gey qW sBnW rwijAW qy hor sUrbIrW
joiDAW nU M ieh puiCAw igAw ik ies jgq ivc ko eI ho r vI ieho ijhw rwjw hY
ijs nU M hwlI qk pwrs nwQ ny ijiqAw nw hovy ? ieh sux ky l`KW rwjy Srm
Swr hoey hoey Awpxw isr nIvW krI bYTy rhy qd iek rwjy ny auT ky ieh byNnqI
kIqI ik jy kr aus dI jwn bKSI kr idqI jwvy qW auh ieh Byd Kol dyvy gw [
ies qy jd au s rwjy nUM puiCAw igAw qW aus rwjy ny ikhw ik smuM dr ivc iek
m`C dy pyt ivc iek mCM dr nwm dw XogI bYTw hY [ auh Xo gI hI jwxdw hY ik
ikhVw rwjw hwlI qk ijiqAw nhIN jw sikAw ? ieh su x ky pwrs nwQ ny aus
m`C nUM PVx vwsqy smu Mdr Br ivc swry sM swr dy jwl ivCw idqy pr au h m`C
h`Q nw AwieAw qy keI hor jl jIv jwlW ivc Ps gey [ ies qrW krn nwl
pwrs nwQ nUM ieh Byd dw pqw l`gw ik ijs m`C dI aus nU M lo V hY auh m`C KIr
swgr ivc rihM dw hY [ ies qy KIr swgr ivc rwjy pwrs nwQ ny jw ky jwl
ivCw idqy pr auh m`C nUM iPr vI nw PV sikAw ijs qy pwrs nwQ dy mMqRIAW ny
aus nUM smJwieAw ik auh m`CMdr monI rU p ivc m`C dy pyt ivc bY Tw hY ijs nUM
kyvl igAwn rU pI jwl nwl hI kwbU kIqw jw skdw hY [ jd igAwn dw jwl
ivCw ky m`C nU M PV ilAw igAw qy aus dy pyt ivcoN m`CM dr munI nU M PVx vwsqy
m`C dy pyt nUM cIrn dI lo V peI jd m`C dw pyt iksy vI hiQAwr nwl nw kitAw
igAw qW isAwxy ivAkqIAW dy dsx qy m`C nU M igAwn gurU dy dsx qy ibbyk dy
Cury nwl kitAw igAw [ m`C dy pyt ivcoN m`CM dr jd smwDI coN inkilAW qw au s
dIAW A`KIAW dy swhmxy jo s` qW DwqUAW dw bixAw pu qlw riKAW igAw sI auh
sVH ky svwh hoigAw qy m`CMdr ny pwrs nwQ nU M aus dy pRSnNW dy auqr dy NidAW
smJwieAw ik aus ny BwvyN swry rwjy ij`q ley hn pr auh rwjw nhIN ij`iqAw

jwvy gw [ au h qyry ihrdy AMdr rih irhw hY qy aus dw nwm Aibbyk hY ijs nUM
koeI vI rwjw ij`q nhIN sikAw [ aus dw srUp bVw hI AnUpm hY [
“sun rwj rwjn hM s ]Bv Buim ky AvqMs ]
quih jIqey sb rwie ] pr so n jIqXo jwie ]164]
Aibbyk hY nwau ] qv hIX mY iqh Twau ]
iqh jIq khI n Bu p ] vh hY srU p AnU p ]165]”
(dsm gR MQ -pwrs nwQ rudR Avqwr)
ies qy pwrs nwQ ny mCMdr nUM puiCAw ik Aibbyk qy ibby k iek hI jwqI dy
rwjy hn ijs kwrn ienHW dI kul,jwqI,ienHW dy l`Cx Aqy AsqRW sSqrw
,gihixAW r` Qw nwvW bwbq aus nU M smJwieAw jwvy [ ies qy mCMdr munI ny rwjy
Aibbyk qy aus dy du jy swQI rwijAW dy jo nwm dsy hn auh ies pRkwr hn [
Aibbyk dw iek mM qRI rwjw kwmdy v hY ijs dI sYxw ivc bhu q hI c`qr ,mohq
krn vwlIAW ,nwc gwxy ivc sM pUrn qy su Mdr nO jvwn iesqRIAW hn [ ijs smy
ieh rwjw kwmdyv kroD kr ky AwpxI sYxw smyq iksy qy hmlw krdw hY qW
svwey ibbyk qo N aus dw koeI twkrw nhIN kr skdw [ ies kwm dy v rwjy dy cwr
bVy mhWblI pu qr hn ijnHW dy nwm sUAn (rwgW dw rwjw),hUlws(suM dr idR SW dw
mwlk),AwnMd qy Brm dsy gey hn [ ies qo N ibnW iek bhu q hI sUrbIr keI
ijqW pRwpq krn vwlI bu hwdr iesqRI ijs dw nwm ‘klh’ hY jo hr QW lVweI
JgVy krvwaux leI pRisD hY [ hor sUrbIrW ivc ‘vY r,Awls,md, kuivRiq ,
gumwn, AnrQ,inMd,nrk,nsIl (ivgVy suBw vwlw) ,ku cIl (AsuDqw) ,BuK qy qR yh
,kpt dyv,loB, moh, hMkwr,dR oh, Brm,JUT qy rU T,imiQAW,icM qw,dirdR ,sMkw,AsoB,
Asqu MSt,Anws,ihM sw,ku mM q ,Aljw,corI ivBcwr,svwim Gwq qy ikRqGnqw (do
BweI hn ) imqRdoK qy rwj do K (do BweI hn) eIrKw qy aucwt,Apdw qy JUTqw
ijnHW dy h`QW ivc aupdr qy ivGn dy bwx hn,ibXo g qy AprwD ,
Kyd,kuikRAw,iglwin, Gwq qy bIkrx,Ky d, kSt,kuikRAw krm qy ibkrm Awid
bVy BwrI joDy Swml hn [
Aibbyk dIAW ienHW SkqIAW dw vrnx pMcm pwiqSwh sRI gurU Arjn dyv jI
krdy hoey dsdy hn ik ieh do S keI jnmW qoN hI jIv Awqmw nwl cly AwauNdy
hn ijs kwrn vwihgurU Akwl purK hI AwpxI ikrpw du Awrw ienH W qoN bcwvy [


“bYr ibroD kwm kRoD moh ]
JUT ibkwr mhw loB Droh ]
ieAwhu jugiq ibhwny keI jnm ]
nwnk rwiK lyhu Awpn kir krm ]”
(gurU gRMQ swihb AMg 267-68)
ienHW ivcoN vI pMc ivkwr bVy SkqI SwlI mMny gey hn ijnHW bwry AsIN hr roz Ardws
vI krdy hW ik swnUM kwm,kroD,lo B ,moh qy hMkwr qoN hy pRmwqmw sdw bcweI rKy [ gurU
Arjn swihb jI ienHW nUM bVy JgVwlU dsdy hoey PurmwauNdy hn ik
“pMc ibKwdI eyku grIbw rwKhu rwKnhwry ]
Kyd krih Aru bhuq sMqwvih AwieE srin quhwry ]”
(gurU gRMQ swihb AMg 205)
Aibbyk dIAW ienHW bVIAW BwrI SkqIAW nUM gurU goibM d isM G jI mhwrwj ny
icMnAwqmuk rU p ivc ieh jo khwxI bxw ky swnU M smJwieAw hY ik ieh sB jIv
Awqmw nUM pwpW ivc DsoVx vwlIAW SkqIAW hn [ ijnHW dw twkrw krn leI
mhwrwj jI khwxI nU M A` gy qordy hoey dsdy hn ik pwrs nwQ ny iPr mCM dr nUM
puiCAw ik ijs qrW au s nUM Aibbyk rwjy dy sUrmy qy aunHW dI SkqI,aunHW dy
S`sqr AsqrW bwry swrI jwnkwrI idqI hY ausy qrW au s nU M ibbyk rwjy qy au s
dIAW sB SkqIAW bwbq vI au s nUM disAw jwvy [ ies pR Sn dw au qr dyNidAW
mCMdr mUnI ny dsxw ArMB kIqw [ ibbyk rwjy dIAW ijhVIAW SkqIAW dw
vrnx mCM dr ny kIqw hY aunHW dy ieQy Aibbyk rwjy dIAW SkqIAW dI qrW kyvl
nwm hI dsy jw rhy hn [ ibbyk rwjy dI hr vsqU su PYd mCMdr ny dsI hY [
ibbyk rwjy dI PO j ivc DrmI,DIrj,sM jm,ny m,ibgRXwn ,iesnwn,inivRqI
suBwcwr,jog,Arcw qy pUjw,Aibkwr,ibidAw,sMjog,suikRq,Amoh qy AloB,hTI jpI
qpI sqI Aqy AKMf,AkroD ijs dw mMqR I ljw hY ,Akwm,inr-hMkwr,Bwvnw sihq
Bgq,pRy m,SWiq,pwT,krm qy isC,jog qy pRboD,audm,ibcwr qy
sMjog,hom,siqsMg,pRIq,hir Bgq,pivqr AMg,j`g qy pRboD,siq qy sM qo K,

Anurkqqw,byrkqqw,AkRuD qy pR bo D,dwn,iDAwn Aid bVy sUrvIr joDy hn [
Aibbyk qy ibbyk dw Awps ivc bVw BwrI jMg huM dw Aw irhw hY ijs dw
hwl mCMdr ny pwrs nwQ nU M bVI ivsQwrqw nw dsidAW ikhw ik ienHW sUrvIr
joiDAW ny AwpsI jMg ivc hr qrW dy hiQAwrW dI vrqo kIqI qy krdy Aw rhy
hn [ dohW iDrW dI ieh jM g keI sdIAW qk jwrI rhI ijs ivc ij`q hwr dw
PYslw krnw bVw kTn sI ijs kwrn pwrs nwQ jMg dI khwxI suxdw hoieAw
A`k igAw qy mCMdr nUM ies dy AM q bwry puCx lgw ik
“kih muin bir sB moih ibcwrw ] ieh doaU bIr bfy birAwrw ]
ien kw ibruD invrq n BXw ] ieno Cfwvq sB jgu gXw ]331 ]
ienY ju Jwvq sb ko eI jUJw ]ien kw AMq n kwhU sUJw ]
ieh hY Awid hTI birAwrw ]mhwrQI Aau mhw BXwrw ]332]”
(dsm gR MQ -pwrs nwQ rUdR Avqwr)
pwrs nwQ rwjy dy ieh bcn sux ky mCMdr ku J icr leI cup irhw qy aus vl
hYrwn ho ky it`k it`kI lgw ky J`t p`t vyKdw irhw [ ies qy crpt nwQ nwmI
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crpt nwQ ny rwjy pwrs nwQ nU M smJWauNidAw ikhw ik Aibbyk qy ibbyk nUM
do nw smJo [ ieh iek hI rU p dy do ivkwr rihq AvqwrI ivAkqI hn [ Awid
purK (Akwl purK) ny jd Awpxy Awp nU M sMBwilAw qy Awpxy hI rU p ivc Awpxy
Awp nUM vyiKAw qy iek vwr ‘EAMkwr’ ikhw ijs qoN swrI Bu mI qy AkwS bx gey
“Awid purK jb Awp sMBwrw ]Awp rUp mY Awp inhwrw ]
EAMkwr kih iekdw khw ] Buim Akws skl bin rhw ]335]”
(dsm gR MQ-pwrs nwQ rU dR Avqwr)
gurU goibMd isMG jI gurU gR MQ swihb ivc drj bwxI dI hI puStI krdy hn ik
“kIqw pswau eyko kvwau ]
iqsqy ho ey lK drIAwau ]”
(jpu jI swihb)
“EAMkwir sB isR sit aupweI ]
sBu Kylu qmwsw qyrI vifAweI ]
(gurU gRM Q swihb AM g 1061)


aus dy s`jy pwsy qo N s`c qy K` by pwsy qoN JU T dI au qpqI hoeI mM nI geI hY ijs
kwrn ieh dovyN blvwn sUrmy ieko hI smy pYdw hoey ijnHW nUM mwrnw bhu q hI kTn
hY [ pR mwqmw dy By dW nUM ko eI nhIN jwx skdw BwvyN auh AwpxI AwXU hzwrW swlw
qk vDw lvy qy hzwrW hI zbwnW nwl aus dw aUcwrn krdw rvy qW vI aus dy
BydW nUM nhIN pwieAw jw skdw ik
“shM s brK jo AwXU bFwvY ] rsnw shs sdw lO pwvY ]
shM s ju gn lO kry ibcwrw ] qdip n pwvq pwr qumwrw ]”
(dsm gR MQ-pwrs nwQ rU dR Avqwr)
“iek dU jIBO lK hoih lK hovih lK vIs ]
lKu lKu gyVw AwKIAih eyku nwmu jg dIs ]”
(jpu jI swihb)
“eyk jIb gux kvn bKwnY ]
shs PnI sy K AM qu n jwnY ]”
(gurU gRM Q AM g 1083)
ies qrW Akwl purK dI mihmw kridAW crpt ny rwjy pwrs nwQ nU M
disAw ik pR mwqmw nwm rihq,Dwm rihq,igxqI qo N pry ,Awid AMq qoN ibnw hY [
auh Aijq qy BY rihq hY [ au h inrivkwr qy inrivSwd hY [ au h AnMq mhwnqw
vwlw ipRQvI dw sdIvI svwmI qy purwqn hY [ au h BivKq,vrqmwn qy AqIq dI
hr Gtnw nU M vrqwaux vwlw hY [
“AnwmM ADwmM AnIlM AnwdM ] AjYAM ABYAM ABY inr ibKwdM ]
AnMqM mhM qM ipRQIsM purwxM ] su BbRXM BivKRXM AvYXM BvwxM ]341]”
(dsm gR MQ-pwrs nwQ ru dR Avqwr)
ies qrW pwrs nwQ ny jd igAwn dy bcn suxy qW auh kihx l` gw ik jy au h
ienHW nU M ij`q nhIN skdw qW au s leI iehI TIk hY ik auh Awpxy Awp nU M AgxI
dy ByNt kr ky Kqm kr lvy [ aus ny AKIr jog AgxI pYdw kr ky Awpxy Awp
nUM Kqm kr ilAw [
ies dw Bwv ieh smiJAw jw skdw hY ik jo pRwxI Aibby k AQvw
AigAwnqw dy ADIn loB,moh qy mwieAw jwl iv`c P`s ky AMhkwrI ho jWdw hY
ijs kwrn auh AwpxIAW vwSnwvwdI rUcIAW dI pUrqI leI kroD qy eIrKw dw
shwrw lYNdw hoieAw BwrI mwns dbwE ADIn nipAw jWdw hY jo ik keI vwr au s
nUM Awqm hiqAw dy rwh qy qor dyNdw hY ijs qoN pRwxI nUM bcn leI gurU mhwrwj

jI ieh isiKAw dy rhy hn ik ibbyk AQvw igAwn qy aus dIAW guxAwqmk
SkqIAW dw shwrw lYNidAW hoieAW hI pRwxI nU M Awpxw kilAwn krnw cwhIdw hY
[ ibbyk AQvw igAwn dI pRwpqI leI mnu K nU M nwm ismrn dy krm krn dI
loV hY ik
“igAwnY kwrn krm AiBAwsu ]
igAwnu BieAw qh krmh nwsu ]”
(gurU gRM Q swihb AM g-1167)


öNö T öH J!


Gurbachan Singh,
134 Graves Road, Central Square, NY-13036
Phone: (315) 668-9155