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Alimannao Hills, Peñablanca, Cagayan




Second Semester
SY. 2017-18



I. Title Page
II. Table of Contents
III. Dedication
IV. Acknowledgement
V. Introduction
VI. Company profile
1. History
2. Seal\Logo
VII. Narrative Report
1. Daily Activities
2. Learning Feedback
3. Conclusion
VIII. Appendices
1. Evaluation Sheet
2. Certificate of Work Immersion
3. Photo Documentation
4. Daily Time Record
5. Curriculum Vitae

All works, deeds and hardships are always dedicated. And this simple work and piece of
mine is dedicated to my parents that never gave up in giving me support in every
opportunities that I can be able to grew up and make myself independent.
And also dedicated this to the teacher to whom I will submit to, because she’s not just
our head in this institution but also she’s been part of my heart, our heart. Thanking for
her hard works in processing our forms before the work immersion, her full conscience
to do this is worth a lot.
Most of all is to Almighty God, without Him is without it.
I can’t work for this, I did nothing if without His presence.
So I dedicated this, all to Him.

I would like to acknowledge the following people who stands beside and supports me,
also who help, not just in me to give opportunity to study in a good and comfortable
school which is the ISAP of Doctor Ronald P. Guzman, with his staff, Mr. Ericson Mallari
who encouraged us to come in this school and enroll for the future we wanted to be.
And though I met this track, TVL-HE headed by Ms. Joylyne Atara, and now I passed
this major and I want to continue in my college.
With the major subject teachers I’ve met in this institution, Ms. Mabelle Marino for the
Cookery and Bread and Pastry Production, and Mr. Eric B. Agoyao for the Food and
Beverage Services.
To my parents who supported me in this interest of mine.
And to my sister as my real best friend in every aspects and been my inspiration.
Because of her I caught the very interesting major, and this was the Food and
Beverage Services.
Thanks to all of you, most specially to my only God in heavens above.
Without you is without me, with God who created my parents to give me the chance to
see the beauty of the world together with my big sister. And other people I’ve met in
my 18 years of living in the earth.
A deepest gratitude and appreciation, I acknowledge it to all of you.
Thank you.
Being in line with the hospitality industry course, work field such as hotel workers that
the students may land on their job in the future having a training especially of the
Home economics, enhances and build the student knowledge and skill as to what the
real word of hospitality and industry is all about. That is why there is a work immersion
for the students where you will able to acquire knowledge in develop the skills of a
Work immersion is an actual work experience where a student undergoes to further
enhance and develop their skills by actually doing the work and performing the worker
to the company or establishment and contribute to the success. The trainer much
define as the transfer of the required skills and knowledge usually the supervisor to the
student trainee or apprentice through demonstration, observation, and hands-on
The students have chosen Kafe Rocco as their training ground where there are facilities
that will be a great help for the student to learn more about industry.
The most popular story of the discovery of coffee centers around a young goat herder
named Kaldi in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa around the late 16 th century. Legend has
it that he noticed a strange restlessness in his flock after they had eaten the berries and
leaves of an unknown plant.
Monks from a nearby monastery heard of this phenomenon, and after various trials
discovered that by roasting, grinding and infusing in water the seeds of this plant, a
unique beverage could be obtained. This beverage helped to keep them awake during
long hours of prayer. Word of this special drink quickly spread and it was soon drunk in
coffee houses in the far away holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Propagation of the
coffee bean began in Yemen and was well established by the 15th century.
To protect this valuable export, Arabian leaders banned the export of fertile beans.
Eventually, a pilgrim named Baba Budan smuggled some viable seed berries out of the
country, then returned to his home in India sometime during 17th Century. The first
coffee plant to be taken to Europe was stolen by Dutch traders in 1616 via the port of
Mocha in Yemen. The Dutch then set up plantations throughout their colonies of
Ceylon, Java, Timor, Sumatra, Celebes and Bali. In time coffee was also produced in the
West Indies, Latin America, Jamaica, India and Brazil, which today produces over 60%
of the world’s coffee production.
The first coffee houses began in Mecca and soon spread throughout the Arab world.
The idea of coffee houses, where anyone could go to discuss culture and conduct
business for the price of a coffee, flourished in Venice, Paris, London and North America
in the 1600’s. This culture is still alive and well today with billions of cups of being
enjoyed worldwide every day.
Kafe Rocco is originated from Paris and started in the year 2011, February 3 with the
same year when the RPGMC was built.

Day 1 (Feb. 20, 2018)
First day of our work immersion, it’s Tuesday and yesterday must our first day but the
company staff said that the café is close every Monday. So then, the first move, we had
a tour in the hospital of Doc. Guzman and Ms. Chai, one of the staff there who brought
us in and she’s been our tour guide, and this should be done because we need to
familiarize the rooms whenever there are calls from the hospital to deliver orders to not
experience the lost and found immersionists. After the tour, we’re already entered the
café and there the expected expectations, the aroma inside and simplicity of the
area…We had a picture taking with one of the staff of café, before: Ms. Lanie, and she
also accompanied us in touring in the hospital. After that, we’re already got a work,
housekeeping for today, sweep here, wipe there and sprinkling the favorite plants of
Atty. Tina. And then 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we had an activity, making script on
how to welcome the guests, taking orders through phone, how to handle complaints
and etc. Until we meet the 5 o’clock. First day is done.
Day 2 (Feb. 21, 2018)
Second day is a little bit joy but we learned something new. Sir Allan thought us on how
to make a coffee, different kinds of it and he also differentiate the uses of glass for hot
and iced coffee. Noon time, Atty. Tina visited the café and the she grouped us into two,
first group made her favorite hot cappuccino and the second one made the iced latte.
Fist experience and we made it though. And in this day, there are just some customers
who dined in.
Day 3 (Feb. 22, 2018)
As our routine, we first cleaned the café and all the tools and equipment, and also an
additional responsibility, I always wrote something inspirational quote in a board every
time I enter the café. After the cleaning, Ms. Jannifer of ISAP Atulayan teacher visits
the café and she just checked our two companions from their school then she left us
after. The time comes, there is Atty. again because they had a meeting with the two
staffs, and she’s also with her children, son and daughter. And when Rocco came to me
and ask for a water, of course I gave his request, so cute little boy. Then we already
take our break when they done. No works in the afternoon because we don’t have

Day 4 (Feb. 23, 2018)

Clean as we go. And this was the time that we felt so tired because of a lot of
customers. Actually, noon break that customers walked down from the hospital to dine
in with us, treat by Doc. so we served also their orders, must it be hot and iced coffee
or anything else until we never seen the hour that it is almost 3 when we just take our
lunch for today. As the time goes by, before getting off, Mariene and I instructed by Sir
Allan to go in the hospital to get their payments for what they’ve eaten a while ago.
Day 5 (Feb. 24, 2018)
Like what we’ve done in the second day of immersion, just few customers who take
orders, only 3. Then no more works.
Day 6 (Feb. 27, 2018)
Clean in the morning as we enter, also same in the afternoon. No customers for today
so we just sit and gawked. Browsing in the internet and look at what’s good to watch.
Day 7 (March 6, 2018)
The routine, cleaning again like I don’t know if we’re here to learn new strategies but
look, we’re just like housekeepers that cleaning always no other else, yeah it’s a part
but boring, honestly. Afternoon, customers are here to order coffee, sandwiches and
I’m the one who handle the calculating the costs and the rest are assigned in washing
dishes. We’d (8) customers for today.
Day 8 (March 7, 2018)
As usual, same as what we’ve done in the past days of work immersion. No customers
in the morning, only when at lunch time but now we had just in the afternoon but they
take their orders out. That’s all. Get home again.
Day 9 (March 8, 2018)
Same, as we go on mop here and there. Done housekeeping, here we go again,
Mariene and I delivering orders from the hospital, until it’s the only thing that we’ve
done this day.
Day 10 (March 9, 2018)
Finally, this is the day, the last day of this work immersion and boringness will last. As
we end up this day, we had first our exam about what’s on the menu and their prices.
What’s the best menu for breakfast and also lunch? About when did the time Kafe
Rocco started in service and etc. and then before we get home, we thank Sir Allan for
his patience in us.

In ten (10) day work immersion, what I’ve learned is that making a coffee using a
machine that automatically the bean is grind and you are the one to do the things or
mix the ingredients needed. What is the first step, what could be the base of every
coffee you serve, how many tsp. of sugar do we need to put that depends on what
coffee will serve, will that be hot or cold/iced.
And also in this immersion, I learned how to be formal in everything that I act in front
of the customers or in through phone when there are calls, I need to be patient like a
customer that I’ve encountered, calling this time to reserve a table for dine in and also
when taking orders but afterwards they will call again to cancel it. So that’s what I want
to say.
That’s all I learned, I will never be include the works like at home, so common to learn
more these kinds of acts.
As I conclude, I would like to share something. When I admitted this kind of major, I
really enjoyed it and been interesting. I also experienced a lot of events but as I can
see, on what institution I’m with right now they are always there, serving the people
even they are not accepting wages.
In the first place, I entered one of the academic strand, the humss because I want to
be a policewoman someday but then I realized, why I’m here in point that I’m only
thinking about myself and the country, in case that I only need to learn martial arts to
defend myself whenever there are people try to hurt me, I’m so selfish but not that I’m
telling that it’s not good when you dreamt to become one of them.
But still, I love it I really love but now, I’m here keeping in my mind that it is better to
serve more people the same as through but it’s more important.

With my quote, “It’s better to full their tummies with the food you serve than the
bullets you’re trying to fill in their heads”.
Address: Rapuli, Sta. Ana, Cagayan
Contact Number: 09050415839
LRN: 102899050002

I. Career Objectives

To execute to your company for a position related to my chosen course. To use my

skills in the best possible way for achieving the company’s goal. To enhance my ability
in dealing with different people and experience and learn more in the field of Technical
Vocational Livelihood.

II. Personal Information

Surname: Abuan
First Name: Christine
Middle Name: Gutierrez
Date of Birth: December 7, 1999
Permanent Address: Rapuli, Sta. Ana, Cagayan
Complete Boarding Address: Alimannao Hills, Peñablanca, Cagayan
Landmarks: Pulsar hotel
Place of Birth: Liwan Norte, Enrile, Cagayan
Gender: Female
Civil Status: Single
Religion: Born Again
Citizenship: Filipino
Weight: 40 kg.
Height: 151 cm.

III. Family Background

Father’s Name: Eduardo B. Abuan

Occupation: Carpenter
Mother’s Name: Marivic G. Abuan
Occupation: Housewife
Name of Landlady: Elizabeth Cagurangan

IV. Educational Background

Level Name of School Year Graduated Scholarship/Academic

Honors Award
Elementary Casambalangan 2011-2012 4th Honor
Elementary School
Junior High Baua National 2012-2016 4nd Honor
School High School
Senior High International
School School of Asia and
the Pacific
V. Immersion Qualification

Food and Beverage Services


VI. Character References

Cheska Telan

Joylyne Atara
TVL-HE Cluster Head

I hereby certify that all information stated herein are true and correct in my own
knowledge and belief.

Christine G. Abuan
Applicant’s Signature