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Increase Your Admission By 40%
Conversion of Enquiries has Never Been this Convenient
Let’s See How it works:

Student Enquiry Control SMS/Email Integrated Dashboard Display Any me Anywhere Review
Convert interested enquiries to The moment a candidate leave any Wholis c view on daily, monthly, Track enquiries on Web/Tablet/Smart
students. Don't let students slip past enquiry, or visit, a personalized email yearly sta s cal analysis and provide device and act fast .Get a daily digest
you. Take control of your enrollments along with course enquired will be quick way to analyze the admission of your new contacts and ac ve
with swi ly replying to them. sms/email on details provided. process and take ac on. student enquiries .Complete or guide
your counselors there and then.

Enquiry source Record Verify Contact Classify and Respond Quicker Mass Uploading
Integrates data from website, inquiry Provides alerts when exis ng Enables you to assign enquiries, track Filling in forms can be ring and painful.
forms, walk -ins , email , calling , prospects enter system and automates progress and pass on the necessary With our solu on you can easily import
marke ng automa on systems, and the consolida on of duplicate inquiry informa on. It creates an opportunity from any Excel / CSV File and start working
more. It helps you take more informed records by clicking on Verify for counselor to fix an opportunity at on the student enquiries right away inside
marke ng decisions in the future. ContactBu on. the earliest for gaining maximum our prospec ng list. Mass upload your
admission. enquiries collected from various sources.

Automated Enquiry Distribu on Reminder System Intelligent Filtering Analy cal Report
Never again worry about leads falling Your Counselors has to follow up many Search through all your enquiries from When your conversion depends on
through the cracks. Komm Kiosk auto- mes before the conversion happens anywhere with just a few keystrokes .A your speed of response, bringing the
assigns enquiries to the counselors. No and the prospec ve student asks you search result appears instantly and right combina ons of enquiry analysis
wai ng: your team can start following to call back on a specific day and me. makes it easy to jump to the right and speedy response is important. Get
up as soon as the enquiries are in. Follow up all enquiries with ac onable admission enquiry. Reports and Sta s cs of the Enquiries
reminder system. and Strategize your next move.

Higher Conversion
Higher Conversion
Higher Conversion
Higher Conversion
Higher Conversion
Smart and user Friendly
Web & Mobile Application
for the Students


Set a PRIORITYLIST depending on type of enquiry, the

Keep your enquiries up to date by BETTER MONITORING
and in ORGANIZED WAY at single place. 1 6 COMPLETE FOLLOW-UP to track each ac vity ensuring
not even single opportunity is missed.

Manage enquiries from CLICK to CLOSE by tracking Collec ng enquiries from different sources and distribute
each student through all stages of enquiry-follow-ups 2 7 them in the right manner to MAXIMIZE
to admissions. the chances of admission.

Convert ENQUIRIES to ACTUAL PROSPECTS Transparency of informa on by providing

by providing futuris c approach. 3 8 360 DEGREE ANALYSIS on every enquiry captured.

Reports of each Ac vity to ANALYZE the PERFORMANCE Easily COLLECT AND MANAGES enquiries/databases at
of marke ng and sales ac vi es enables future 4 9 educa onal fairs, webpage, seminars, phone,
planning for any school/ins tute. emails, walk-ins and more.


Never LOSE any ENQUIRY with automa c alerts. 5 10 Infrastructure of any school/ins tute.
ABOUT US YOCTEL as a core software Co. registered as private limited company,
“OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE working in the various segment of education domain such as providing
and facilitating pre. & post exam automation and data processing
services to the universities. Yoctel is working as most dominating
TYCOON in its own domain.
YOCTEL provides most innovative, user friendly, cost effective, efficient
and scalable ICT solutions and is backed by a team that includes thinkers
from education/knowledge society, designers, technologist and doers. It
has come out with entire gamut of technologically leading solutions after a
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YOCTEL has complete range of technologically leading software
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Our solutions are most innovative, user friendly, cost effective, efficient
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Our products have been proving to be a leading solution with capability to
automate School/College/ organizations completely.
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