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Approach Paper on

2 day Training on Data Analysis

Using Minitab
Data Analysis Using Minitab
What is Minitab?
Minitab is a software package that helps us in analysis of data. It is also extensively used by Six Sigma Experts a is
an important part of studying data, particularly in the Measure and Analyse phases of DMAIC. Minitab provides a
quick, effective solution for the level of analysis. Lets understand how to effectively conduct Data Analysis Using

Statistical Data Analysis: Minitab Training

Minitab and DMAIC

This Minitab Training is designed as per DMAIC structure of Six Sigma. Because, Six Sigma is an investigative
problem-solving methodology and Statistical Data Analysis is the backbone of Six Sigma.
In DMAIC methodology, the problem is defined in the first phase.

Measure Phase
In Measure Phase, the defined problems are measured in terms of statistics. In this phase, the real world problem
gets converted into a statistical problem which is easier to solve. We need to be doubly sure that our data is
reliable. Hence, we use Measurement System Analysis to check the reliability of our data sources. And also we
arrive at a sampling size and sampling methodology, do collect data, we screen the data for errors – trends and
patterns, typo-errors, the stability of process to validate that collected data represent the process.

We need to fit our data into a statistical model. Mostly we use Normal-Curve Model. So, we check the Normality
of our data to understand how much closer our data is to the normal curve model.
If our data fits satisfactorily with Normal curve model, then we use this model to calculate Process Capability.

We here discuss three methods of calculating process capability, viz., Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO),
Process Capability Index – Corrected Process Capability Index (Cp & Cpk) and Standard Normal Approximation

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CSense Management Solutions : Approach Paper on
2 day Training on Data Analysis Using Minitab

Analyse Phase
With the mathematical problem – usually poor process capability – low capability number, we proceed to Root
cause analysis in the Analyse Phase. The root causes of the problem are identified and proved in Analyse Phase
using Statistical Tools like Hypothesis Testing, Regression, BoxPlot, Histogram, Pareto, Design of Experiments. In
Analyse phase we arrive at statistical solutions to statistical problems.

Control Phase
We convert the statistical solutions into real life solutions at Improve Phase. Once the improvements are achieved
and the problem is solved, we move on to make the changes getting into practice through Control Phase. As the
saying goes, focus on your duty and results will follow, we will control the factors using control charts to keep the
problem away.

About the Course

Course Structure
The 2 day workshop is designed in a way to cover the statistical tools used in different stages namely Define,
Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC) of Six Sigma. Perfectly balanced with required amount of theory
and statistics, significance of analysis tools, hands on with Minitab with examples and exercises.

Course Duration
 2 days – 16 hours

Test & Certification

An Objective type test will be conducted at end of second day. Participants with 100% attendance and 70% score
in the test will be awarded with CSense Certification.

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CSense Management Solutions : Approach Paper on
2 day Training on Data Analysis Using Minitab

Course Contents
Day Contents Minitab Tools
Measure Phase • Descriptive Statistics
• Basics of Statistics • Gage R & R
• Types of Data • AAA
• Properties of data • Time Series Chart
• Central Tendency • Control Charts
• Dispersion • Normality Test
• Understanding Statistics • Capability Analysis
• Descriptive Statistics • Cp & Cpk
• Inference from Data • DPMO
• Probability Distributions • Standard Normal
• Inferential Statistics Distribution (Z)
Day 1
• Measurement System Analysis
• Why MSA?
• Gage R&R
• Attribute Agreement Analysis
• Understanding Behaviour of collected data
• Trends & Patterns in Data
• Trend Analysis
• Variation & its consequences
• Variation – Stability Analysis
• Test for Normality
• Process Capability
Analyse • Histogram
• Basic Data Analysis Tools • Pareto Chart
• Histogram • Box Plot
• Pareto Analysis • 1 Sample t Test
• Box Plot • 2 Sample t Test
• Testing of Hypothesis • Paired t Test
• t – Test • ANOVA
• F – Test • Chi Square
• ANOVA • Regression
• Chi Square • DOE
• Regression Analysis
• Regression and Correlation
• Determination Coefficient
Day 2 • Simple Linear Regression
• Curvilinear Regression
• Multiple Linear Regression
• Design of Experiments
Control • Factorial Design
• Control Chart for Individual Values • Factorial Analysis
• Control chart for Variables • Response Optimiser
• Control Charts for Attributes • I Chart
• P Chart & NP Chart • I – MR Chart
• U Chart & C Chart • X bar R Chart
• • P Chart
• NP Chart
• U Chart
• C Chart

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CSense Management Solutions : Approach Paper on
2 day Training on Data Analysis Using Minitab

Infrastructure Requirements
Category # Requirements Remarks
1 Laptops / desktops for the participants (1 per 2 people), as necessary
2 Minitab Software installed in computers, as necessary
3 Electrical extension points for charging laptops
4 Projection screen (TV / Projector with screen)
Audio Visual
5 Audio system to play videos
6 Mike (collar mike) – if the room is larger
7 Flip charts (White sheets) & Markers
Stationery 8 White Board, Marker Pens & Dusters
Requirements 9 Post-it stickers (big size)
10 Note pad, pen or pencil for participants
11 Preferred Lay out - < 20 participants = U Shape / >20 = Class room
12 Name Badges for participant (preferably in big font)
Training Hall 13 Enough table space to keep materials, for each participant
Arrangement 14 Air conditioning system / proper air flow and ventilation
15 Sufficient Lighting
16 Arrangement of refreshments and water
17 Availability of First Aid kit
Safety 18 Availability of functional Fire extinguisher
Requirements 19 Secure cords and cables on the floor with duct tapes
20 Clean surrounding & environment
 For laptops not having purchased license, a Trial Version could be installed from
 It is a 30 day free Trial versions. Hence, it is highly recommended to download the software on day of training or 1
day before)
 Participants shall have computer proficiency.

About us
About the Faculty
Please have a look at detailed LinkedIn profile at

About CSense
Kindly visit our website to know more about us.

Some of companies we have worked with

 Gates Unitta, Chennai (Mintab Training)
 Nifco South India Manufacturing, Chennai (Minitab Training)
 HPE India, Bangalore
 Ashapura Minechem, Mumbai
 Ashok Rai Group, Chennai
 Terminal Technologies (I), Mumbai
 Delta Storage Systems, Mumbai

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