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United States Department of State Washington, D.C. 20520 September 7, 2017 Case No. F-2017-09463 Segments: IPS-0001 & Tirana-0001 Mr. William F. Marshall 425 Third St., SW, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20024 Dear Mr. Marshall: In response to your request dated March 31, 2017, under the Freedom of Information Act (the “FOIA”), 5 U.S.C. § 552. Review of documents potentially responsive to your request remains ongoing, We have located 11 documents responsive to your request. After reviewing these documents, we have determined that 9 may be released in full and 2 may be released in part. An enclosure explains the FOIA exemptions and other grounds for withholding material. Where we have made excisions, the applicable FOIA exemptions are marked on each document.. All released material is enclosed. Ifyou have any questions, you may contact Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Schaefer, at (202) 252-2531 or Daniel. Schaefer@usdoj gov. Please be sure to refer to the case number, F-2017-09463, and the civil action number, 17-cv-01012, in all correspondence about this case. Sincerely, ic F. Stein, Director Office of Information Programs and Services Enclosures: As stated. ‘The Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552) FOIA Exemptions (bX1)__ Information specifically authorized by an executive order to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or forcign policy. Executive Order 13526 includes the following. classification categories: 1.4(@) Military plans, systems, or operations 1.4(b) Foreign government information 1.4(c) Intelligence activities, sources or methods, or cryptology 1.4(4) Foreign relations or foreign activities of the US; including confidential sources 1.4(¢) Scientific, technological, or economic matters relating to national security, including defense against transnational terrorism 1.4(2) U.S. Government programs for safeguarding nuclear materials or facilities 1.4(g) Vulnerabilities or capabilities of systems, installations, infrastructures, projects, plans, or protection services relating to US national security, including defense against transnational terrorism 1.4(h) Weapons of mass destruction (®)2)_ Related solely to the intemal personnel rules and practices Of an agency @X3) Specifically exempted from disclosure by statute (other than 5 USC $52), for example: ARMSEXP ‘Arms Export Control Act, 50a USC 2411(c) CIA PERS/ORG Contral Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, 50 USC 403(g) EXPORT CONTROL Export Administration Act of 1979, 50 USC App. Sec. 2411(¢) ES.ACT Foreign Service Act of 1980, 22 USC 4004 INA Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 USC 1202(f), Sec. 222(f) IRAN Iran Claims Settlement Act, Public Law 99.99, Sec. 505 (6(4) Trade secrets and confidential commercial or financial information (oX5) Interagency or intra-agency communications forming part of the deliberative process, sitomey-client privilege, or attomey work product (©X6) Personal privacy information (0X7) Law enforcement information whose disclosure would: (A) interfere with enforcement proceedings (B) deprive a person of a feir trial (C) constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy (D) disclose confidential sources (B) disclose investigation techniques (F) endanger life or physical safety of an individual (@N8) Prepared by or for a government agency regulating or supervising financial institutions (@X9) Geological and geophysical information and data, including maps, conceming wells Other Grounds for Withholding NR Material not responsive to a FOIA request excised with the agreement of the requester UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-08463. Doc No. C06353332 Date: 09/07/2017 ~ (RELEASE IN FULL] CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED _ “l8##fcabon: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) Pago t of From: SMART Arne Sen 3182017 759549 AML Ter SMART Core ‘Subject: Trane Hegnigsor are 6, 2017 UNCLASSIFIED ‘3BU ann atore: Mar 6, 20171 1611592 MAR 17 From: Kei a Aetlon esi Pat nounne £0: ras06 TAGS: GOV, SOc Pru. A Captions: SEKSITVE sujet: “Tans ignitor Mare 16,2017 {SOU Coverage of senate ete to : Mesa pubiec yesterday etter from Senator Mie Le ond Sv the Senators to Secretary of Sate Rex Tiersen ergcessng concen oer the ole of US. embanes in Macedonia and albania andthe Open Sec, ‘Foundations (Sores Feunéaton). Theta states hat “Foundaian Open Scie - Albans (FSA) ands exer, wih tnding {om USAID. have crested the coniovesal Svategy Dacment fer Albanian ad Reform. Some ears Delve tt. ‘thee Tors ar ultimately aimed ta give the Pine Maser an the le o- canter government hl contl over vio ‘power Masia reporea that OP Cha tim Bahn sad the ter in the opposition er nthe baevard yesterday to hsiate International suppor forthe oppositions potest and demands. (Comment: Pos has condstety and actvely supported ellos © ‘elendapst pata aries on ethet sie am manulaing jel elorm ocr conv over the okey) |SoULsusicenefom Update: Veg Oelay, Weel reported that since he parament’s declan to reopen applications ané cept supporting doce fr the wet ods tn ys go, ste reform ha been desyee. Mada repoted tater ‘Monday the Ombudsman was expected te fepen he callreiting cance to prone waporing dacament sal asthe {alter new appeations tothe veting Doses, (Coreen: The partment ection to etn the procetrta the Ombudeman ‘nae lengthy neo ote of documents wildly the tart of the vetng races) '0U] Ambassador Comments on Proposed Interior Miniter Meda widely ublihed the Arbatsado's statement for Voie of ‘scan whi be sated that Yr the Hg 2H orgies crime an egal narcotics naa owccee teres ear ‘new every. ITM Nha aparesiely work gba nares and erganted ere ne wl hve out ll appon. We have worked ‘losly ith Mr Bhat] shea of te parlaren legal eommite and on he cel reform, We ok to hm to actively combat ‘ime ln alba ad actin an moore magnet os the cout prepares fr eecions” Separately, mela reported alter om former potteaty pesectedctersto President uj Nahan aking Nena to dere Nata intr triste Comment Some media veae the Amboridors statement es ofrmer ites inser sla YAM. Kat aces eam fo WS ‘armors east when he serves the fay) CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED Page 10! : ‘Classication: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-08463 Doc No. C06353332' Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Dac No, C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017 CLASSIFICATION: UNGLASsiFiED _ “i#8sicallon: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) Page of 6 From: SMART Archive Sent: 652015 4:40:06 AM Te: SMART Cow Subject: Aboria Hosts Bahans Resianal Sumit on CVE, Nay 19.21, 2015, UNCLASSIFIED ‘SBU RN: 1S TIRANA 364 . Dateore: Jun 05,2015 0508492 JUN 15 From: [AMEMBASSY TIRANA Aetion: WASHOC, SECSTATE our co, 13828 Tacs: GOV, PREL, PTER, PHUM, SOCI, KHL, KIRF, KSUM, KWMW, KYOU, KPAO, AL, 2b Captions: SENSITIVE Pass Line: DEPT FOR JICELL (LONMI REASOR) ‘Subject: [Absa Hosts Balkans Repianal Suni on CVE, May 19-21, 2015 1. (SBU) SUMMARY: On May 19-21, the government of Albania hosted the frst of the regonal Countering Violent Extremism (CVE summits building onthe February White House CVE Sumit in Washington, OC. twas the fist REGIONAL CVE conference inthe Balkans that prominently featured cvl society speakers, The ‘conference's primary focus was onthe violent extremism linked to the flow of FS fom iraq and Syria. The ‘event included some 130 participants ~ Ministers of interior and other government officials, civ society, ‘municipal governments, andthe private sector from the Balkans region, as wells the representatives from the United States, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, aly, The Netheriands, Turkey, and the UK, 2s well as multilateral bodies, including the European Union [EU], Organtation for Securty and Cooperation in Europe (08), Counc of Europe (Coe), Unites Nations (UN), Regional Cooperation Counel (RCC), Hedayah, and Global ‘Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF). On May 19, the first of two civil society focused days, participants explored the potential drivers of violent extremism inthe region, discussed the role of civil society in implementing CVE programs, ahd consideree how loca! governments can work to adres this complicated Issue. The May 20 “government” day focused on the importance of developing inclusive national CVE strategies, steengthering the relationship between law enforcement and communities, and addressing social, politica, and economic grievances to build stranger communities. On the final day on May 21, a smaller group Continued in a technology workshop that examined the role that technology can play in promoting and contronting viotent extremism, followed by discussion to develop project proposals focusing on intervention, ‘education, and content. Under Secretary of State (U/S) for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights ‘Sarah Sewall ed the inter-agency U.S.‘dlegation. In adition to extensive Embassy representation atthe event, including Ambassador Donald Lu, officials from the Departments of State, Justice, and Homeland Security, and USAID alto participated. The Conference highighteda lack of trust between some ofthe countries, which presents a challenge to desperately needed regional cooperation It alo stressed that successful CVE efforts ‘requir close cooperation between central government, local government, civil society, and religious communities, The Conference highlighted the growing number of CVE activities and potential funding for CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED fees ‘Clessifcation: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) UNCLASSIFIED U.S, Department of State Case No. F-2017-09483 Doc No. C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U'S, Department of Stale Case No, F-2017-09463 Doc No, C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017 CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED CCassication: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) Page 20f 6 CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED Page 2016 additional activities from the international community inthe Balkans. As we continue to push for implementation ofthe White House CVE Summit follow-on ation agenda, aur Embassies will need to ensure any new programs do not overlap with other CVE projects. END SUMMARY, Day One ~ May 35: 2. (U} Opening Remarks: The Summit opened with cemarks from Saimie Tabi Albania’ Minister ofthe Interior, who acknowledged the challenge of CVE and spoke to some ofthe root causes. He also emphasited the importance of cooperation and hational action plans. Under Secretary (U/S) fer Civikan Security, Democracy, and Human Rights, Sarah Sewall, urged attendees to create a Western Balkans Radicliation ‘Awareness Network (RAN), craft comprehensive national CVE strategies, and tran front-line officals and civil society an identifying possible violent extremist. 3. (SBU) Ministers generally stressed the importance of éooperation, but Montenegro and Crestis provided particularly ilustative interventions. Croatian Miaister of Interior Ranko Ostaje encouraged attendees to do ‘thei homework so that they can fll EU standards, since that s “the best thing they can do to prevent “radicalization.” Montenegrin Deputy Minister of interior Wvan Wanisevie presented Montenegro's four-point focus for CVE: new strategy to combat terrorism, in tine with UN Security Counci! Resolution 2178; legislative reforms to criminalize actions of persons who recut, finance, lead, or organize armed groups; operational ‘cooperation with INTERPOL and regional organizations; and regional cooperation, Serbian Minister of the Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic discussed the financing of terror organizations and then used the Kumanovo Incigen, and recent events in Bosnia, as examples that “terrors more and mare present.” (Nate: On April27, ‘2 recently racicalzed gunman attacked a police station in Zvernik, Bosnia and Herzegovina ling one poice ‘officer ané wounding two more before being shot by police. On May 9, a cash accurred in Kumanavo, Macedonia, between police forces and an armed group of Albanians identifying themselves as the “National Liberation Army,” resulting in casualties on both sides. End Note.) He added that we “cannot allow ‘organizations to call themselves liberation movements,” and Serbia's goals to prosecute those that propagat raieal ideology. Stefanovic spoke about Serbia's legislation and legal actions to prosecute and mit the activity of extremists. 4, (SBU) Session 2 focused on fora research, and speakers presented resuits of completed and ongoing esearch into the domographics and drivers of violent extremism. The focus of this session was ethnic ‘Albanians in the Balkans ~ researchers greed thatthe radicalization among Albanians started from Macedon, ‘then Kosovo, ceaching Albania atthe end. Gjergi Vurmo coi the Albaria Institute (or Democracy end. Mediation {1DM| presented information on the Project "Preventing Religious Radicalization” in which he analyzed potential drivers of violent extremism in Albania and Albanian perceptions about fith and radicalism in thei communities. Florian Qehaja, Head of the Kosovo Center for Security Studies (KCSS), spoke about his, Center's recently-launched project interviewing returnees from Syria and thelr families. Qehaja contrasted Violent exiremism with conservatism, noting that conservatives are ot necessarily violent. When discussing reasons for the high radicalization rate in Kosovo, Qehaja opined that Kosovo's internatienal isolation, coupled with poverty and lack of government's contact with endangered communities, contributed to the phenomenon. He also spake to the potential benefits of engaging certain returnees, many of whom are egretfl, for caunter- messaging campaigns. independent researcher Adrian Shtunl explored the role of social media, emphasing thatitis as much a weapon of jihad asa gun or a bomb, and many families are l-equipped to fight its Influence. Shtuni also presented research revealing thatthe average age of foreign fighters from Albania was ‘nearly a decade older than that in Kosova and Macedonia, highlighting the importance of tailoring social media ‘campaigns in light of such information. In addition, research found thatthe most radicalized communities ia Koiovo coincided withthe location of foreign-funded charities that were shut down in 2014 by Kosovo police for suspected terrrist financing activites. Classification: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-08463 Doc No. C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017 ass GLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED “I*sSVe@lon: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) Page 3of 6 5. (SU) Session 2 discussed innovative civil society programs. els Sulelman Rexhepl, Head of Macedonia's 'slamic Community, emphasized the role ofthe many associations within the Muslim community ia reaching vulnerable youth, Emie Kovacevic from the BosolaInter-religious Council presented his organization's ‘coosdination of joint condemnations of extremism attacks and engaging In public forums exploring faith and forgiveness. Speakers inthis session addressed the contributing rae of recent Balkan conflicts, adding that securing justice, fishing reconciliation, and prosecuting war crimes deter violent extremism. At the end of the session (unscheduled), the Bulgarian Ambassador to Albania delivered a message from the Deputy Minster of ‘the Interior In which he noted the Importance of border security and the efiient exchange af information. He also noted 2 rise in conversions nto llam among the Roma community 6. (SAU) Session 3 addressed the role of new and existing cv society initiatives that counter violent ‘extemism. lzabelaKisle from the Helsinkl Committee for Human Rights in Serbia spoke about the Helsinki ‘Committee's outreach to Sandzak, where S0% ofthe population i under age 20 and BO% are unemployed. The ‘outreach project connected police and youth, enabling both to overcome their misconceptions and prejudice. As areslt, several outreach participant have formed-NGOS, and 70% report that they changed their opinions ater participating in the Committee's workshop. Ms. Kisic also called fora foster of CT/CVE experts tobe made avaiable to NGOS inthe region, explaining that tis often eiffel forthe NGOs to secure expert speakers at their events. Fabian Zhila from the Open Society Foundation for Albania explored the similarity between Violent extremism and organized crime, arguing that organized crime i type of voleot extremism, Gianluca Rocco, Regional Director ofthe international Office of Migration (TOM), spoke about building women's associations in communities, noting thatthe credibility problem can only be solved by working closely and transparently with the community, especialy with local and ceigous leaders, Krstina Voko, a journalist from the Balkans investigative Reporting Network, noted th role ofthe mela, especially oral media, a a driver of violent extremism, adding thatthe mesia must be careful about how they delve stories on violent extremism. Most speakers agreed thatthe role of (conservative) imams in preventing or countering radicalization to violence was crucial especially in rural areas where local government is barely present. 2, [SaU) Session 4 addressed the role of municipal governments in Gounterng violent extremism. (Note: This was the most difficult session to organi becouse few municipalities in the Balkans acknowledge a ole or ‘esponsibility in addressing violent extremism. End Note.) Moderator Timothy Curry trom the U.S. Department. ‘of Homeland Security discussed the ned to develop strategies that are tailored and adaptable, offering ‘examples fom the UK, The Netherlands, and the United States. Investigations Officer Jouke Osinga from the + Public Prosecution fie in The Netherlands spoke about ntiatves In Arnhem, Netherlands, using a ‘customizes approach to reach each radicalized individual and obtaining useful information, even if that information isnot intended, ot used for prosecution. The dilference between de-radicalization and isengagement was aso discussed. Since not every person with radical views represents a secutty threat, we should attempt to have them disengage from violent actions, even if we do not succeed in de-radicliing them, Day Two~ May 20: 8, (U) Opening Remarks: Albanian Prime Minster Edi Rama used the opening remarks, which were widely covered by the press, to pu forth Albania's perspective on key isues withthe EU, NATO, and other Balkan countries. Rama remarked that the current peace isan opportunity fr the Balkans to liberate itself “rom the dictatorship of the ghosts ofthe past,” adding that it's “time to stop looking back - we need to look ahead.” Rama said that Albania needs the support of the EU as its partner and “Balkan countries ae closer to the EU than they are to each other, and that is thelr common problem.” Rama said he hoped thatthe Summit will, confirm the willingness of participants to “fight teorism not just face to face, but with ideology, mechanisms, and spirit. CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED robe 2) (Classification: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No, F-2017-09463 Doc No, C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No, F-2017-09463 Doc No, C08353335 Date: 09/07/2017 CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED _2Ssifeation: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) Pages of 6 9. (U} Rama then offered targeted thoughts on regional issues: Albania strongly supports the need te include in [NATO all countries ofthe Balkans, and especialy Montenegro. Albania supports Kosovo in becoming closer to NATO ane appealed tothe EU for visa liberalization so that Kosovo would not “feel aif they are locked in absurdly.” Rama exhorted Macedonia to respect both the letter and the spit ofthe Ohrid agreement, aémonishing them for ising the words “Albanian” and “terrorist” together when the Kumanove incident ws about addressing sues about democracy. Rama encouraged Macedonia to provide a “liveable and sustainable” Macedonia for a, adcing that human rights and fundamental freedoms must coincide with aspirations to be part of NATO. Addressing Serbia, Rama said that Albanians and Serbs should come together to do for the Balkans what France and Germany di fr the EU, and in so doing, will ereate 3 road of no return toward the EU, Rama closed with a reminder ofthe fegend of the construction of Rozata caste, in which the construction done during the day was undone every eight, and encouraged attendees to not undo the progress thatis being made. 10. (SBU) Session § focused on the development of comprehensive national CVE action plans. Moderator ‘Thomas Wuehte, Head of the Action against Terrorism Unit (OSCE), briefed attendees on OSCE's guldebook on community policing and emphasized the importance of community policing in CVE, Allison Peters trom the Institute for Inclusive Security discussed the inclusion of women and women's issues inthe drafting of national {CVE action plans. Peters stressed that women play 2 key roe in preventing and moderating violent extremism and the innovative approaches women's NGOS bring in tackling these problems, Peters alsa emphasized the . importance of ensuring tat cil soclety understands the roles of the other actors and has an adequate funding stream, and encouraged counties that draft national CVE action plans ta allocate Tunds to operationalize their plans. Edon MyHtai, Advisor tothe Prime Minister of Kosova, spoke about Kosovo's new provisions an foreign fighters and the establishment of a working group to develop a national five-year CVE strategy. Peter Gridling, Head ofthe Federal Agency for State Protection and Counter Terrorism in Austria offered a broader view of Violent extremism and national strategy, providing examples of Austria's cesponse to nationalist and ant-G7 Violent exicemists as well as aligious extremism. Griding was one of very few speakers who discussed the Imprtant rote that teachers playin spotting the ist sign of radicalism and offered attendees Austla's ‘example of placing ther “Information Center on Extremism” In the Ministry of Family Afaice thus giving it accessibility and an outreach rather than a security focus. Jay Singh, Director of the Democracy Offic in the USS. Ageney for International Development, offered a broader view of violent extremism, telling attendees that "CVE is about governance, nat goverament.” and increasing aw enforcement in a corrupt system only serves to increase the exclusivity ofthe corrupt ete, which further margnalizes citizens leading to extcemism, Singh encouraged sttendees to look broadly at governance that improves inclusion including issues such a teuitable acess to justice and health care, improving mebilty, promoting tourism, and expanding soci services. 11, (SBU) Session 6 focused on strengthening community law enforcement relations to counter vielent extremism, Agron Sojatl, Mead ofthe Counter-Terrorism Unit inthe State Police of Albani, listed recent ‘examples cf violent extremism and arrests made by Albania and discussed interventions through border police and EUROPOL. Martin Cunningham, Acting Head ofthe Strengthening Onision EULEX Office In Kosovo, spoke broadly about the role of community-oriented policing in lighting violent extremism, emphasizing the importance of establishing strong tes, accessibility, and trstin communities. Amar Shakoor, Former Chaic and Founder of the Scottish Police Mustim Assocation (SPMAl, provided several re-creatable examales for attendees of effective community engagement bythe police among the Somali Muslim population in Scotland. Dr. Necatl Amar, Senior Researcher at the Turkish international Centre for Terrorism and Transnational Crime (UTSAM], presented is research into violent extremism in Turkey, which has more than 14,000 suspected IIS syenpathizers and more than 3,200 fighter which have joined ISIS, despite regions freedom and provistamic government. He noted that 1.986 of Turks fel free to practice thei religion and CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED rege sete (Classification: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Goc No. C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No, C08353335 Date; 09/07/2017 uassrenrion: uncLassico Classification: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) Page 5 of ‘Muslims are very integrated, yet specialist bookstores, tea houses, nd industrial zones are hotbeds of ‘ecruitment. Motivations in Turkey for violent extremism may be a perceived need to atone for past sins, a search for a perfect place and islamic state, and 2 lack of comprehensive knowledge of Islam ands traitions. 42, (s8U) Session 7 focused on butting secure and resilient communities by addressing soca, political, and ‘economic grievances. Ivo Veenkamp tram Hedayah moderated the session and provided a brie overview of Hedayah's three foci: dialogve, esearch and analysis, and practical airing on CVE for governments and civil society. Bujar Luma, Director ofthe NGO Loja in Macedonia, spoke about using art ané the theater to address {ssves which may ead to extremism, Artan Shkembl former Mayor of Pogradec, Albani, used his twelve years ‘of experience as 3 mayor to provide attendees wth a sharp vision ofthe ole of 2 munkzipalty in reaching those ‘wine able to extremism and ensuring that they have an open door for concerns and know that someone cares about them. Concluding Session 13, (SBU) U.S. Ambassador to Albania Donald Lu told atertiees that when we discuss the couses of violent ‘excemism, we need to look first within ourselves and our societies ~ how have we failed to capture the ‘imagination of youth; how have we allowed aur prisons to become taining centers? Ambessador Lu said that he hoped this Summit woutd be an end to talking and a beginning of ation, and toward that end, provided the folowing US. suggestions for concrete follow up Points of contet for each country so that countries can continue the dialogue ‘Support and encouragement as counties work on thei strategies Funding on special projects elated to CVE Support inthe development ofa regional radicalization awareness network ~ Supportin the development ofa youth network ‘Suppor for effets to work in prisons Work with iil society to increase the capablity to use technology 14, {SBU] Minister of interior Tahir tolé attendees that we must “kill Bureaucracy before we can win over terrorism.” He contiqved thet this means dealing withthe justice system, employment policies, ad giving people a chance to believe in the ood things that we can do together. He thanked the United States fr its help withthe summit and facing his issue in the region, and added that he hoped thatthe follow-up by attendees would be common steps and action plans. Tech Workshop = May 21: 1. (SBU) The Center for Stcategic Counterterrorism Communications (CSCC) conducted a daylong hands-on highly interactive CVE Tech Workshop for cv society and government representatives. It allowed participants {identity key challenges in the CVE space that could be addressed using low-cost easy-torimplement technological tools/concepts. The participants worked closely with technology experts on topes including socal media, online-to-ffine engagement, nobiles, crowdsourcing, and data-mapping, and co-createdsrategies for high-impact soltions to address some ofthe key challenges identified during the fist two days ofthe CVE ‘Summit, Adtian Shtuni sfoke more extensively about the cole of socal media in recruitment for violent extremism, There were presentations by local social media and electronic content experts, who provided statistics about the breadth of social media use, ciscussed the possible use of mobile applications, and temphasied that we must counter extremist social media penetration with ant-extremist content and 2 positive narrative CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED Page Sof 6 Classification: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No, F-2017-09463 Doc No, C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No, F-2017-08463 Doc No. C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017 GLASSICATION: UNCLASSIFIED ‘Classification: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) age 6 of 16, (SBU) After @ working lunch, the tech workshop participants broke into three small groups to develop project proposals focusing on intervention, education, and content Projects that were proposed include: 3 portal which would provide a clearinghouse for CVE, an education plan involving training in person and online ‘and video conferencing between students and educators to provide needed sls to counter violent extremism ‘among students, and a competition by university students to design an advertising campaign and a brand that ‘would serve as an umbrella under which antivilent extremism efforts such os education and content could be launches, Comment and Next Steps: 17.{U) The Tirana Surnmit highlighted the need for coordinated follow up on CVE efforts in the Balkans region, Participants recognized the sensitive issue of violent extremism in the region and agreed te support CVE efforts, including those involving civil society, to address the growing trend going forward, Participants aso agreed 10 support and encourage countries as they develop comprehensive CVE action plans in the lead-up tothe CVE leaders’ summit planned forthe margins ofthe UN General Assembly in September ‘Signature: w rated By: TIRANA Makely Emly Cleared By POL:Lynagh, Stephen E “iRosand, Eric A ‘Reaser, Lomi) EURISCE'Lami, Jameson F EURPCLOIsen Mors 6 POL:Carnie, Amy (Athens) DDRLARE:Pacget, Douglas M AmEmbassy SaraevoSingh eidov MEITS:Kau, Dara (METS) OIRMope, James FUPPR Hanon, Stove 8 INUEASmic, Ancrea V ‘AmEmbassy Sarajevo Vacca, Michael USS. Desanment of Hemeland Secuiy-Cuny, Thnothy Approved By: Exec, Donald Released By TIRANA Lynagh, Stephen E In: EUROPEAN POLITICAL COLLECTIVE ounne Dissemination Rule: archive Copy ‘SBU CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED Page 601 6 ‘Classification: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. C08353335 Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No, C06353336. Date: 09/07/2017 CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED __“!8Slfcaion: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) Page| of 2 {ELEASE INFULL From: SMART Achive Sent: 4/26/2016 10:00:45 AM Te: SMART Cor Subject: Tcana Highlights foe Apel 12,2016 UNCLASSIFIED. ‘SBU RN: 16 MOR 6366 Date: ‘Apr 28,2016 2812002 APR 16 From Herandez, Ategr E Action: Hemandee. Akegra E nour £9. 13826 Tass: GOV, PREL, AL, KCOR (captions: SENSITIVE Subject: ‘ana Mghighs fo: Apel 12,2016 Tirana Highlights ‘April 12,2036 (SBU] PP Rama In USA: ‘The local mesia is covering closely Prime Minster E6 Rama's ist othe U.S. with an emphasis on the meeting atthe ‘white House on Api 14, The press noted that Rama's soci media postings about the meetings with New York Cty Mayor Bille Blasio a wel as with he Albanian Daspora in New Yor iy. The media reported onthe PM announcing > ‘loba Abanian gasps conference in Alaaia in November 2016. {8U] National PotlOn Jstce Reform: ‘The sive or Development and Research Atematves (10RA) published a pubic survey on citizens’ krowledge, suppor, {and expectations on justice elcrm, According to the survey, thatthe Embassy sponsored along withthe Open Society Foundation for Albans, 91% af essendents ether “Tl supsen” a “somewhat support” the need fr ajc efor, 50% of respondents beieve tat the EL ang the Unites States Embasy ul suppor the eelorm, followed bythe Venice ‘Commission (778). The respondents reported tat judges and prosecutors are les interested in elm, 65% of Albanian ‘liens are optimistic abut the chances of ull reform being approved in paament within 2036, However, 66% aso think that there wil be groups/organiations/indlduals who wltry to prevent approval ofthe reform. (Comment: The ‘indings ofthe survey tack with the depays of strong supper among the general publior the reform) (S80) Opsesiton: Fee nd Fa econ lbsl's Kay iy: Democratic Party Chakman Llim Baths met on Api i with leaders ofthe opposition coalition partes to discuss electoral reform ax wel asthe platform forthe planned 2017 general lectons. Basha stated that re an fa elections were the most important priority for Albania. Some of the proposals, Included pose changes fo the electoral system incucing he possibfty of creating a beamera pariamentar system, ‘the introduction of eletrone voting and courting iting private Sonations to pots parties, Implementing the Currently inthe registration process Te proposal flows the logic chosen in the case ofthe “European Wergeand Cente’, ‘hen tached to the Counc of Europe though a decison bythe Commitee of Miners, 3 co-operation agreement ond the membership of Counel of Europe representatives on the : EWC Board. See documents cit(2007)178 rev (concent note), Ch(2008)108 246 (Statutes).(2008) 04 (Co-operation Agreement Between Norway and the Counc of Europe), Ci/be/Dee{2009)1052/71 (CM decision), 00{2011)96 (CM exchange of views with he EWC Executive Directo). wus. these. srah ”tatnLenmensmaslt oral *natiLenwew comedafoundation oral * nueromonabutiare! ‘pride’, "richness" or “greatness” In Roman! language CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED. ioe (Classification: UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. 06353374 Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No, C06353374 Date: 09/07/2017 tassfcaton: iT CLASSIFIEATION; UNCLASSIFIED (Classicaton: UNCLASSIFIED age sot 8 Trust, “respect” in Romen! language 1? Wot to be confounded with the *Pakiv European Roma Fund” (Budapest) £21 willbe up tothe Councl of Europe and Open Society Foundations to decide if they want to ave a representative in the Bosrd ‘Pakiv’ and the period of thelr engagement, activity costs, an annuel start-up budget of € 600K is expected to cover ‘operational and staff costs, based on a calculation for three to six persons depending on the ~ qualification structure and local salary scale (subject to revision), "nutans, sundance.o°g "Based on the budget estimate provided in May 2014 (subject to revision). ‘CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED faeener Classification: UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No, C08353374 Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. C06353376 Date: 09/07/2017 GLASsiRcaTION:UNcLASsiicg_ “HHeslor- UNCLASSIFIED SENSITIVE) age tof f RELEASE IN FULL From: | SMART Archive Sent: 2/1/2017 7:07:29 AM To: SMART Core ‘Subject Tirana Waghights for February 14,2017 UNCLASSIFIED MR: DaeiDT6: From: Action: £0, Tacs: Captions: ‘ Subject: “Trona Hightghs fo Febuary 14.2017 (S8U) Opposition Protest: The opposition Demaciatc Pet continued preparations for its February 18 protest. OF Chae ‘uli Basha, who recently visted several cies ealing fer brood partipation, held a meeting yesterdoy with supporters Iinkavja. Basha denounces kavaja Mayo Eis ross is to Prime Minister El Rama, and sid the upcoming protest ‘would be the biggest in 27 ears. (Note: Roshi is eurrenty appealing the declion to remove his mandate unde the ecrimindzation low, tod Note) Media ceported ona physical conontation between two czens at a meeting, one of ‘whom had spoken up te praise Rrosh's work in Kavajs. (Comment: The OP protest is expected to take pce at noon local time on February 18. The OP has ven pruate assurances that te protest wil be peace) (SBU1 Justice Minister Vasil Questions IMO Management Board: Justice Minster Petit Vs (sald nan interview yestersy that the Intecnational Monitoring Operation {WO} Management Board was an exreconstitutional body ‘without clear competencies or duis. Vasil ao sag that he hadlearned about the Beard though 8 recently leaked letier that sted EU Delegation and US. Embassy tall as members, He chimed thatthe Justice Ministry hod been ‘excluded from the Boards communications ac sid he had aed for claication about the body. Vas aso aid that ‘isa revocations of judges an prosecutors would be considered negatively a parol vetting but should not be. Me aso ‘aimes that the Open Society Foundation's Soros Foundation) olin justice reform was widely known, Regarding tensions with the SP, Vasil sai the coalition was tl functioning and expressed a lack of concern inthe event that 0 pottical configurations rendered the sl obsolete. Separately, SP MP and electoral reform adhoc committee co-chair Taulant Gla said yesterday that his party would propose to excude fom cunaing for ofc veges and prosecutors who ad resign belore beng vetted. (Comment: Tension remains high the implementation of tice reform moves, forward. The SP proposal to exclude unvetted udgesane prosecuters from the election not emong the OSCE/GOIMR recommendations} TRANAKos¥ Paola Releases By TIRANAKo34, Pao Dissemination Rule: Archive Copy UNCLASSIFIED. ‘SBU CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED pees Ciassication: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. C06353376 Date: 09/07/2017 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. C06353379 Date: 09/07/2017 CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED. eee : Page tof? : aut eee ere » RETERSEFULD— - From: SMART Aehve Sent: ¥90/2015 7.0554 AM To: SMART Gore ‘Subject: () Trana High for Mondpy, March 20,2015 UNCLASSIFIED

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