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No. HSPCB/GRS/2017/..29 1- Dated :f~/04/2017


The Member Secretary

State Environment Impact Assessment Authority,
Panchkula (Haryana)

Sub: Complaint regarding Raheja Navodaya-IIIegal, Active Construction

and Criminal Violation of Housing laws, Acts & Policies.

Ref:- Vide letter No. SEIAAjHRj2016j670 dated 24-08-2016 forwarded from

Regional Officer,Gurugram (North) vide No. HSPCBjGRNj2016j7496
dated 04-10-2016.

Kindly referred to subject noted above, it is intimated that the above said
complaint was received in this office on dated 17-10-2016 forwarded from Regional
Officer, Gurugram (North) vide vide No. HSPCBjGRNj2016j7496 dated 04-10-2016. The
above said matter was examined by the concerned Field Officer and as per his report
vide No. No. HSPCBjGRSj2017 jSPL-1 dated 11-04-2017 is enclosed for kind information
and necessary action please. .
!-tetW€V0L 1lM1f1eA.~~6I-? i#..o ~,#-..~T~r~~~
"J~ Y'lat"OthetIA. ~ tl.. ~~ ct1 we.U~ al(1~UA..kW p{,.q.r:ue.

OAf As above 1 -""

Regi a Officer
1~Gurugram Region(S)

Endst. No. HSPCB/GRSf2017/ Dated:

A copy of above is forwarded to the Chairman, Haryana State Pollution
Control Board, Panchkula for information please.

OA/ As above alongwith copy of letter of SEIAA ~ ~ f ro I

Regional Officer
Gurugram Region (S)

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~ --- Regional Office, Gurugram (S)

Haryana State Pollution Control Board
W 3rd Floor, HSIIDC Complex, IMTManesar, Gurugram
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~~~©§ Tele No. 0124-2290207, 0124-2290208

No. HSPCB/GRS/2017/SPL-l Dated: 11-04-2017


Regional Officer
Haryana State Pollution Control Board
Gurugram (South)

Sub: Raheja Navodaya-Illegal, Active Construction and Criminal Violation

of Housing Laws, Acts & Policies: Complaint.

Ref;- Complaint received from SEIAA vide No. SEIAA/HR/2016/670 dated 24-08-
2016 forwarded from Regional Officer, Gurugram (North) vide No.
HSPCB/GRN/2016/7496 dated 04-10-2016

'-',,",:'---) Kindly referred to subject noted above, it is intimated that after verification of
the facts of the complaint it is found that the complaint is regarding the encroachment of
land of 5 Acre of the 17 Acre Land of License No. 216/2007 and regarding the illegal raising'
construction upto 81.45 mtr whether the maximum height approved 60 mtr in Environment
Clearance and requested for a joint inspection for project Raheja Navodya Sector-g2,95.
But as per the occupation certificate issued by Director General Town s'Country Planning

Department Haryana vide their memo No. ZP-298jSD(BS/2016/24794) dated 11-11-2016

(Annexure-A) mentioning the following:

Tower/ No. of Sanctioned Constructed No. of Floors FAR Sanctioned I FAR Achieved
Block Dwell! Height Height
. No. ng (Area in (Area In % Area in % Area in
Units metres) metres)
Sqm Sqm
! \
eiocx-a 120 45.00 45.00 Ground + 1" Floor to 15th Floor 18.766 11740.272 i 19.099 11948.53
Block-C 120 45.00 45.00 Ground +1" Floor to 15th Floor 21.775 13622.388 21.865 13678.615
Black-O 60 45.00 45.00 Ground +1" Floor to 15'h Floor 13.528 8463.34 13.533 8466.01
Block-E 30 45.00 45.00 Ground +1" Floor to 15th Floor 9.780 6118.101 9.920 6206.146
, Tower-l 168 45.00 45,00 Ground +1" Floor to 14th Floor 32.063 20058.487 32.063 20058.437
Tower-2 168 45.00 45.00 Ground + 1" Floor to 14th Floor 32.063 20058.487 32.063 20058.437
EWS 147 23.45 23.45 Ground + 1" Floor to 6'h Floor 5.583 3492.657
5.583 I 3492.657
6.00 4.5 Ground + 1" Floor 0.567 354.889
0.554 ! 346.717

Total I 813 134.125 83908.621 134.68 i 84255.5~9

Basement-! (No.1) 15110.746 I 15110.746

Basement-! (No.2) 15110.746 15110.746

Basement-II 5014.80 5014.80

The unit has also submitted the extended Environment Clearance for the

project Raheja Navodya at Sector-92,95 Village - Wajirpur, Gurugram vide your letter No.
SEIAA/HR/2015/539 dated 01-12-2015 (Annexure-B) upto 27-05-2016 and unit has

submitted the clarification regarding the category "in case of Area Development Projects
and Township[Item 8(b)] for the project and revalidation of EC of said project vide your
letter No. SEIAA/HR/2016/566 dated 13-07-2016 (Annexure-C).
It is submitted for your kind information and necessary action please.

DA/Asabove - ~W
Gurugram Region(S)
(See Code 23(2), (4) and (5»
Form of Occupation Certificate

Director General,
Town & Country Planning Department,
Haryana, Chandigarh.
5CO-71-75, Sector-17-C, Chandigarh.
Tele-Fax: 0172-2548475; Tel.: 0172-2549851,
~A. Buildwell Pvt. ltd.,
C/o Raheja Developers Pvt. ltd.,
W4D, 204/5, Keshav Kunj. Carippa Marg,
:Western Avenue, Sainik, Farms,
New Delhi-ll0062.

Memo No. ZP-298/SD(BSI/2016/ I If f q v. Dated:- ) / ~llr;' 0/6

Whereas N.A. Buildwell Pvt. ltd. C/o Raheja Developers Pvt. Ltd. has applied for the issue of an
occupation certificate in respect of the buildings described below, after considering Fire NOC issued by Director.
Fire Services, Haryana, NOC from MOEF, Structure Stability Certificate given by Sh. Kamal Kumar Sabharwal,
M.Tech., Public Health Functional report from SE, HUDA, CA, HUDA & Certificate of Registration of lift, I hereby
grant permission for the occupation of the said buildings after charging the composition charges amounting to ~
28,07,147/- for the variations vis-a-vis approved building plans with following conditions: _

1. The building shall be used for the purposes for which the occupation certificate is being granted and ·"1

accordance with the uses defined in the approved Zoning Regulations/Zoning Plan and terms and
conditions of the licence.
2. That you shall abide by the provisions of Haryana Apartment Ownership Act, 1983 and Rules framed
thereunder. All the flats for which occupation certificate is being granted shall have to be compulsorily
registered and a deed of declaration will have to be filed by you within the time schedule as prescribed
under the Haryana Apartment Ownership Act 1983. Failure to do so shall invite legal proceedings under
the statute.
3. That you shall be fully responsible for supply of water as per norms till such time the colony is handed
over after final completion. Till a regular piped supply is made available to the colony by HUDA, as agr eco
by you, you shall bring the potable water through tankers. Further, you will not charge extra charges
from allottees more than the charges levied by HUDA for providing the water. You "hal/ apply for wat er
connection within 15 days, whenever the regular piped supply [ine is laid by HUDA upto colony.
4. That you shall be solely responsible for disposal of sewerage and storm water of your colony till such
time these services are made available by HUDA/State Government as per their scheme.
5. That you shall obtain the connection for disposal of sewerage and drainage from HUDA within 15 day;
after laying the services to the point of external services on payment of prescribed fee and chMges
including the cost of such connection. You shall also maintain the internal services to the satisfaction of
the Director till the colony is handed over after granting final completion.
6. That in case some additional structures are required to be constructed as decided by HUDA at :.]:(:(
stage, the same will be binding upon you.
7. That you shall maintain roof top rain water tiarvesting system properly and keep it operational all the

8. The basements and stilt shall be used as per provisions of approved zoning plan and building plans.
9. That the outer facade of the buildings shall not be used for the purposes of advertisement and
placement of hoardings.
10. That you shall neither erect nor allow the erection of any Communication and Transmission Tower on tcp
of the building blocks.
11. That you shall comply with all the stipulations mentioned in the Environment clearance issued by 5:ote
Environment Impact Assessment Authority, Haryana Vide No. DEH/09/SEIA.'V.178 dated 28.05.2009 &
SEIAA/HR/2016/566 dated 13.07.2016.
12. That you shall comply with all conditions laid down in the Memo. No. DFS/FA!2016/442/7S025 d;;ted
14.10.2016 ofthe Director, Haryana Fire Service, Haryana, Panchkula with regard to rire safety 1l1e3;~.,?).
13. You shall comply with all the conditions laid down in Form-O issued by Inspector of lifts-cum-Execut.Yi~
Engineer. Electrical Inspectorate, Haryana, HUDA Primary School Building, Block-C-2, Sus hanr Lo',-:

14. The day & night marking shall be maintained and operated as per provisio» of International Civi: i\\.:."iJ~
Organization (lCAO) standard.
15. That you shall use Light-Emitting Diode lamps (LED) in the building as well 2S street lighrine.
16. That you shall impose a condition In the allotment/possession letter that the allottee shall used Light-
Emitting Diode lamps (LED) for internal lighting, so as to conserve energy.
17. That you shall apply for connection of Electricity within 15 days from the date of issuance of occupat Ion
certrlicate and shall submit the proof of submission thereof to this office.
18. That provision of parking shall be made within the area earmarked/ designated for parking in the colony
and no vehicle shall be allowed to park outside the premises.
19. That you shall submit report regarding electric installation as per approval of Chief Electrical inspector.
Haryana within 60 days from the issuance of occupation certificate.
20. {,ny violation of the above said conditions shall render this occupation certificate null and void.
UtI': GIJrgaon:-
license No, 216 of 2007 dated 05.09.2007.
• Total area 'of the Group Housing Colony measuring 17.00 acres.
• Sector-92 & 95, Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex.
Occupation certificate is granted for following tower as per following details:-

Town and Country Planning,

r.:~st No. ZP·298/SD!BS)/2016/ . Dated> .__ ..

A copy is forwarded to the following for information and necessary action:-

1. CA, HUDA, Panchkula with reference to his office memo no. 15765 dated 15.12.2015.
The Director, Haryana Fire Services, Haryana Panchkula with reference to his office Memo No
Df''i!FA/2016/442/75025 dated 14.10.2016 vide which no objection certificate for occupatior 0: 'rie
"hovp·re'erred buildings have been granted. It is requested to ensure compliance of the (()nd t·;; ..s
Imposed ov your letter under reference. Further in case of any lapse by the owner, necessary acuo.: as
per rules should be ensured, In addition to the above, you are requested to ensure that adequate fire
fighting infrastructure is created at Gurgaon for the high-rise buildings and concerned Fire Officer will
be personally responsible for any lapse/violation.
Superintending Engineer (HQ), HUDA, Panchkuia with reference .to his office memo no. 2G7/1367:, rj,,; .",:
';"nior fawn Planner, Gurgaon with reference to his office memo. No. 575 dated 06.05.2016.
S. [l'strict Town Planner, Gurgaon with reference to his office Endst. No. 2004 dated 25.04.2016.
6 Jbtnct Town Planner (Enf.]. Gurgaon.
i'woal Officer, website updation.
S [xecutl'JP. Engineer, Electrical Inspectorate, Haryana, (llock (·2, Sush.ant Lok-I, HUDA Primary Scli;]ol i3ui,~:":".
c. •'irvana State Environment Impact Assessment Authority Haryana, Bay No. 55-58, Prayatan Bhawan, Sector 2.
: dnch'Ku1Cl.

:( .'''.:;ector of Lilts-cum-Executive Engineer, Electrical Inspectorate, Harvana, HUDA Primary School .Bud". g.
I; ~ck·(-2, Sushant Lok-I, Gurgaon.
1: 'II:. Kamal Kumar Sabharwal, M.Teeh., 175, PKT-E, Mayur vlhar-u. Delhi-l10091.
(S.K. SenrJ", .u.
District Town ~ldl1nl'r (H

For Director General, Town and Counrrv ;oi?"" ";;.

Haryana, Chdndlg;\,!l

L.. .._. -
• r

lvaUdity of Ee, if required.

, . .~' ~ '.-......•..
. '.'
... "

." .' ~.,..

tor MeIfiber Secretary,
., ····$EIM'Ratyana
•• ••


S tate iEnvir,qn.m~nt
Bays No.5?';;.S8,Prayatan

MfsRaheJa,i\('S, lqpersLtd.,
Office spac~~4f1()6.,4tbP:19()rj,R¢:'.
D-4,P#tri, ....')}tre Saker N~w .~



Please ·refer loybttr leiterno.nll:d~f~a1 (l.Q5'.:ZOlo on the subject as

in(Jicateaali!ove ..'It js intilnatetlthat
. .

2 The totalbrii:lt up areaofthe.,ptoposeajn·ojeot to which Ee was granted

vide letterno. DEHl09tSElAAl478 dated 26:05.2009, 1s174657.291 sqm. As per
EfA Nati~cati(}~.~pto.j~ct activity is ,.co-v.tred under ~'roWIishipsand Area
development~roj~rit'itir'as the ·btiili:~ ~£'ea is more than 15~OOOOsqm,
Inadverte~ily' 'in the Environment' Clearance:Jetter'the category of project has
beenmMtl,onedthaJas :S(a),\vheteas,thesatne may beread as 8 (b).

3 the para: :9'·~~fErA Notification 1~.09.2006 describes the validity of

environmental clearance. The EIA Notification further states that ~<incase of
Alea l)ev~lopme~t pr6jects andl'dwnshipsrItem Sib]], the validityperiod shall
h~Jiniitedonly:t<)sJdl activities as mayb6'fue:'responsibility of the applicant as
a'DeyeIQ~\;w/'~4Wscase theECh~been'<~teaunder Item no.~(b) and the
valid,ityof EGar:elimited tothe extent as;,tiieresponsibjlity of the applicant as
developer, 'Therefor~ it is clarified that. ~;ct~nsion
for validity of environment
elearaneelsnot.requlred at this stage bemg't~te~QrY'8(b,)project.

---Ie; I