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July 11, 2017

From the Desk of:

Re: Letter of Reference for Stephanie Welsh Wroniuk Melanie E. Lamanteer
To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Mrs. Stephanie Welsh Wroniuk. First and foremost,
Mrs. Wroniuk possesses a strong and efficient work ethic. I have had the opportunity and pleasure of
working with Mrs. Wroniuk for two years at the William Davies Middle School in Hamilton Township,
where we both served in the capacity of vice-principals. During the time we worked both collegially and
collaboratively on a routine basis and I can honestly say that Mrs. Wroniuk is an extraordinary
administrator who possesses the necessary skills and affect for the Elementary School Principal
available in your district.

Mrs. Wroniuk is not afraid to wear many hats to guarantee success within the Davies School. She has
a strong willingness to learn and teach others which often exceeds normal expectations. She can be
seen taking on the role of “teacher” on professional development days and works hard to guarantee
that her “students,” who are often teaching staff, are actively involved in the lesson which creates a
unique learning experience for all. This includes the role she has taken in regards to revising the I&RS
process at the Davies School. Mrs. Wroniuk has served as a turn-key trainer and has overseen the
I&RS Committee and leads the professional development with staff who identify interventions to be
implemented for students having difficulty with various aspects of their schooling.

Mrs. Wroniuk is proactive in her approach to working with students and families. The ability to build a
strong rapport with other individuals is also one of Mrs. Wroniuk’s outstanding qualities. She is able to
clearly communicate all expectations to her students and has the utmost respect for them. Her rapport
with staff, colleagues, and especially parents is also outstanding. She always conducts herself in a
professional, yet personal manner that allows each person she communicates with to be certain of her
concern for each individual case. Mrs. Wroniuk is a true team player who goes the extra distance to
ensure the care, welfare, safety, and security of her students. She is very active and participates in
extracurricular activities which aids in building a most positive and effective rapport with staff, students,
and parents.

In closing, having known Mrs. Wroniuk both personally, and professionally, I believe she possesses the
personal attributes and characteristics to carry out any future endeavor which she chooses to pursue.
It is my feeling that she is very well suited for the position as an Elementary School Principal. It should
be evident based upon her experiences, which are too numerous to mention here, that she is a
committed and dedicated professional and because of this fact it is without hesitation that I recommend
Mrs. Wroniuk for the available position she is seeking.
Should you have any further questions or request additional information, please do not hesitate to
contact me at 856-982-2505 or electronically at


Melanie E. Lamanteer

phone: 856-982-2505 | 14 Laielli Court , Vineland, NJ 08360 | e-mail: