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No. Topics Page No.

1 Acknowledgement 3
2 Company Profile 4
3 Objective 6
4 Developing CRM System for Retail 7
4.1 Why a company needs to adopt a CRM solution? 8
5 Designing Loyalty Scheme backed by CRM 10
5.1 Understanding Customer Profiles for Four Stores 11
5.2 Designing Reward System for Customers 12
5.3 Enrollment for Reward Program 13
5.4 Card Design 14
5.5 Membership Benefits 15
5.6 Other Benefits of Club Life and Club Lolita 16
5.7 General Rules 20
5.8 Redemption Conditions 20
6 Flow Charts 21
6.1 Customer Enrolls for the Program 21
6.2 Earning/Redemption of reward points 22
7 Backend Activities 23
7.1 Club Life Membership Form 24
7.2 Cost Centers 26
7.3 Functionality 27
7.4 Fields to Capture 28
7.5 SMS Services 31
7.6 Website 32
8 Recommendations 33
9 Bibliography 35

I would like to thank, my project mentor and guide, Mr. Aditya Shastri CEO, Entertainment
Division, Gitanjali for his support and guidance during the summer internship program. His
inputs and suggestions for the project completion were invaluable. His style of management of
providing freedom and independence during the course of project really helped in successfully
completing the project in novel and independent ways.

I am also thankful to Mr. Dhanajay Kumar, Head Ecommerce, Gitanjali for valuable suggestions
throughout this study. His recommendations and support was quite helpful for a smooth
transition during the project.

Rahul Bhole
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
Summer Intern, 2010 – Gitanjali Lifestyle Ltd.

Gitanjali Group is one of India’s largest integrated diamond and jewellery companies
established in 1986. Approximately 1,246 retail outlets, covers 500,000 Sq. ft of retail space in
India and 143 outlets in the U.S.

Gitanjali Lifestyle Ltd. is the retail arm of Gitanjali group which includes:

1. Maya Weddings and Occasions

It is a specialized off shoot of the Maya retail chain from Gitanjali Lifestyle.It is a chain of high
end fashion stores showcasing multiple designer labels and more, all under aone roof. It
includes occasion wear and stylized accessories for those special days that call for a special
signature style.

2. Maya Salasar (Maya Departmental Store)

In 2009 Gitanjali acquired a 76% stake in

Salasar Retail to roll out multi-format retail
stores under the Maya brand. Salasar Retail
at the time of acquisition had 10 large-
format stores with 200,000 sq ft of retail
space in the Northern India.

3. Lolita

Lu by Lolita is a global retailer, selling an exclusive range of women's clothing and fashionable
accessories. Lolita entered India thorough franchising route which is grabbed by Gitanjali

4. Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club (SBPRC)

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is men’s wear brand launched in India by Gitanjali Lifestyle.

5. Hoop

It is a one-stop shop for jewellery and fashion accessories for the youth with a focus on Tier 2
and 3 cities. It offers a range of unique and differentiated merchandise including fashion
jewellery, watches, and eyewear and the latest as well as trendiest mobile phones and
accessories at affordable prices.

As retail stores of Gitanjali are in very nascent stage, company has not yet established any
sophisticated system for Customer Relationship Management and Customer Loyalty. Customers
are unaware of Gitanjali’s different type of format stores, so cross selling within the group is
not possible. Stores do not maintain databases of customers so profiling of customers on the
basis of different parameters, contacting customers for various schemes and maintaining good
relationship, also other long term marketing activity for retail stores is not possible.

Objective of the project is to:

1. Develop a single Customer Relationship Management system for the four retail chains of
Gitanjali Lifestyle Ltd. which includes

1. Maya Salasar

2. Maya Weddings and Occasions

3. Lolita

4. Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club (SBPRC)

2. Acquire new customers and retain existing customers through new CRM system.

What is CRM?

CRM is a better understanding of customer behavior and needs and develop and implement
business strategies and support Technologies that bridge the gap between current
performance and potential of a company in customer acquisition, growth and customer

The focus is to increase management and optimize the customer life cycle and the creation of
proper relationship between business functions, sales force and customers, which in turn helps
a company's productivity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies are as important to business today as

they have ever been. Retail is all about relationships and the strongest customer relationships
are typically formed by retailers who have the best information about their customers.

CRM includes following customer related applications:

1. Sales Force Automation

Contact Management: Helps maintaining, tracking and managing customer information

and histories of contact for these customers.

Asset management: A combination of calendar, tasks and scheduling management

solution for sales people.

Communication Management: Uses for email and messaging management

Sales Forecasting: helps in analyzing and forecasting future sales objectives and targets

Lead Management: Guide helps manage and potential business opportunities

Document Management: enables the creation, archiving and document management

Pipeline Management: Used for managing and analyzing sales pipeline

Product eCatalog: Necessary for the exact specifications and prices

2. Customer Service

Call Center Management:

Provides automated, end-to-end call routing and tracking

Captures customer feedback information on performance measurement, Quality control

and product development

Field Service Management

Features, schedules and dispatches people, parts and materials added time, cost and
time associated with service contracts

Help Desk Management

Solves a problem related to existing knowledge

Keeps logs of problem reports

4.1 Why a company needs to adopt a CRM solution?

A CRM solution can provide real-time access to data stored to a client and related topics. Sales
force by the analysis of data can create sales forecasts, manage the interaction with customers
to develop more efficient and to manage sales pipeline. Support team thanks to the
information available at the touch will able to give personalized customer service. According to
the Pareto principle, 20 percent of customers account for 80 percent of the profits of a
company. It 'absolutely must do everything possible to retain the loyalty of these customers.
Other significant advantages of a CMR solution include the ability to:
1. Give better customer service
2. Increase revenue per customer
3. Efficiently manage sales
4. The products sell better
5. Help sales staff accounts fastest

6. Make call centers more efficient
7. Streamline marketing and sales processes

Issues that need to tackle:
1. Single CRM system for four retail chains
2. CRM backed by customer loyalty programs
3. Profiles of customers at four stores is different
4. Cross selling at all four stores
5. Maintaining and using databases for marketing purposes

Customer Information is Key

Effective loyalty programs generate incremental spending – more money spent, more frequently,
from customers whose needs and expectations are understood and met.
With 80% of merchants’ business being generated from as little as 20% of their customers,
identifying and understanding their needs and expectations of this 20% is crucial.
By gathering customer information, merchants can make intelligent marketing decisions that
will keep their best and most profitable customers more loyal. They can also leverage this
thinking to increase sales the under-performing segments of their customer base.
The most valuable loyalty programs to merchants are those which utilize advanced technology
to collect data at the point of sale, track valuable information about customer purchase
behavior, and provide access to rich database reports and analysis that can be used to increase
the effectiveness of merchants’ marketing campaigns.

10 | P a g e
5.1 Understanding Customer Profiles for Four Stores

1. Maya Salasar:

Location: Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Alahabaad etc. Not in Mumbai.

Price Points: 200/300 To 2.5 Lakhs

Products: Apparels, Accessories, Jewellery, Watches, Foot wares etc.

Footfalls: 4000 (Monthly)

Average purchase by single customer in single purchase: 1500/2000

Highest purchase by single customer in single purchase: 25K/30K

Currently not planning to launch in Mumbai

Maya Weddings and Occasions:

Location: Atria Mall, Worli

Price Points: 2500 - 75000

Footfalls: 2-3 daily

Average purchase by single customer in single purchase: Approx. 15000 (3-4 pieces)

SBPRC and Lolita

Location: Atria Mall, Worli

These stores are newly opened so authentic data for these stores is not available.

Price Points: 500-5000

Footfalls: 2-3 daily

Average purchase by single customer in single purchase: Approx. 2000

11 | P a g e
5.2 Designing Reward System for Customers
Earning points at Different Stores

Reward Point earning slabs at Maya Salasar:

Single Purchase (in Rs.) Points for single purchase

Till 3000/- 1 Points/ Rs. 100

Above 3000 /- 2 Points/ Rs. 100

Reward Point earning at Maya Weddings and Occasions, SBPRC and Lolita:

2 Points/ Rs.100

Different Cards for Different Customer Profiles

Club Life Silver Club Life Gold Club Life Platinum Club Life Lolita

1 Reward Point = 0.5/- 0.8/- 1 /- 1 /-

When customer When customer’s When customer’s When customer
enrolls for the accumulated accumulated enrolls for
membership purchases crosses purchases crosses membership at
program, he will Rs 25000/- Rs 50000/- Lolita stores
get Club Life (Recorded in his (Recorded in his he/she will get
Silver card by account), he is account), he is Club Life Lolita
default eligible for Club eligible for Club card
Life Gold card Life Gold card

12 | P a g e
5.3 Enrollment for Reward Program

Maya Salasar Maya Weddings SBPRC Lolita

and Occasions

Club Club Life Silver

Membership Club Life Gold
Cards Club Life Platinum

Enrollment 200/- 200/- 200/- 200/-

Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase
Rs.1500+ and Rs.10000+ and Rs.4000+ and get Rs.5000+ and
get enrollment get enrollment enrollment free get enrollment
free free free
Bonus gifts for Get 150 Reward Get 150 Reward Get 150 Reward Get gift voucher
enrollment points, which Points, which can Points, which worth Rs. 500
can be be redeemed at can be of Enrich salon
redeemed at any of the 4 redeemed at any
any of the 4 stores of the 4 stores

13 | P a g e
5.4 Card Design

Your Photo
Name: X Y Z

Customer ID: XXXXZZ

Club Life Lolita

Valid up to For ultimate shopping experience

Your Photo

Name: X Y Z

Customer ID: XXXXZZ

Club Life Gold

Valid up to For ultimate shopping experience

14 | P a g e
5.5 Membership Benefits

Benefits Club Life Silver Club Life Gold Club Life Platinum

1 Reward Point 0.5/- 0.8/- 1/-

Valet Parking - - Yes*
(Park Without Worry)
Personal invitations for - - Yes
events at four stores
Extra Discounts on - Yes Yes
preferred brands
Exclusive cash counters - Yes Yes
in the event of long
Free home delivery Yes# Yes# Yes
within City
( Including Alterations)
Eligible for discount on 15% 20% 20%
your birthday/
(Applicable for 3 days
before and 3 days after
the birthday)
Get exclusive offers at Yes Yes Yes
other Gitanjali Group
Special offers open one Yes Yes Yes
week early for you.

*Available in selected cities # Minimum purchase 10000/-

15 | P a g e
5.6 Other benefits of Club Life

Option 1:

Tie-Up with one theatre chain (Cinemax/PVR/Big Cinemas) and one hotel chain (Pizza
hut/Domino’s etc.) to give 5% discounts when customer shows his/her Club Life card (Gold,
Platinum, Lolita)


A. We can achieve better customer engagement

B. Customer will perceive better value for his/her card

Option 2:

Give customer an option of redemption of his/her reward points against Gift Vouchers which
will be made available at cash counters of the store

Gift Vouchers may include:

A. Gitanjali Groups gift vouchers redeemable at Lucera, Me Solitaire etc.

B. Non Gitanjali:

1. Cinemax/PVR/Big Cinemas whichever theater is nearer to the store

2. Gift Vouchers of Dominos/Pizza hut

Either option 1 or option 2 can be implemented

16 | P a g e
Option 3:

Quarterly lucky draws for Club Life members across 4 stores as follow:

Because of the constraints like location of these stores and different target customers for
some time this scheme can be run in 2 groups.

Group 1: Maya Weddings and Occasions, SBPRC and Lolita

- Purchase for at least 20000 in 3 months at any of the three stores and get eligible for
lucky draw
- Prizes: 1st: worth 3500
2nd: worth 2000
- Offer different prizes on different Quarterly lucky draws like
o Gift Vouchers of Gitanjali Group stores like Gitanjali Jewels, Nakshatra,
D’damas etc.
o Bonus Reward Points for club life members ( i.e. 5000 reward points and 2000
reward points)
o Gift Vouchers of hotel chains, theatre chains etc.

Group 2: Maya Salasar

- Purchase for at least 15000 in 3 months at Maya Salasar and get eligible for lucky draw
- Prizes: 1st : worth 2500
2nd: worth 1000
- Offer different prizes on different Quarterly lucky draws like
o Gift Vouchers of Gitanjali Group stores like Gitanjali Jewels, Nakshatra,
D’damas etc.
o Bonus Reward Points for club life members ( i.e. 4000 reward points and 1000
reward points)
o Gift Vouchers of hotel chains, theatre chains etc.

17 | P a g e
Option 4:

To promote cross selling:

1. When customer of Club Life Silver/Gold/Platinum purchase at Lolita stores he/she will earn
double points. (Half of these points he/she has to spend at Lolita only)


If customer is Club life Silver card holder and his purchases at Lolita stores is Rs.10000/-

Then, Points he will earn =

100 * 10 = 1000 + 1000 (Bonus Points)

Spend @ Lolita Only

Can be spend @ any of the four stores

2. When customer of Club Life Lolita purchase at Maya Salasar/Maya Weddings/SBPRC stores
he/she will earn double points. (Half of these points he/she has to spend at Maya
Salasar/Maya Weddings/SBPRC Only)


If customer is Club life Lolita card holder and his purchases at Maya Weddings stores is

Then, Points he will earn =

100 * 10 = 1000 + 1000 (Bonus Points)

Spend @ Maya Salasar/Maya Weddings/SBPRC Only

Can be spend @ any of the four stores

18 | P a g e
Option 5:

My Club Life:

Give double points if customer (Club Life Member) purchases some specific item/products.

Every month identify new item for My Club Life

Option 6:

Include Gitanjali Group brands like Lucera, Nakshatra, Me Solitaire etc.

Give 5-8% discount for club life members at various stores of these brands.

For this we will print booklet of these brands which will include store locations of these brands,
information on these brands and discounts offered for club members at these stores.

This booklet will be given to members at the time of enrollment.

Option 7:

We can give option to customer to burn points online with our E-commerce enabled websites.

19 | P a g e
5.7 General Rules

1. Club Life Membership Program will run across four stores Maya Salasar, Maya Weddings
and Occasions, SBPRC and Lolita

2. Customer can buy at any of these stores and earn points that will get added to his account
immediately. Points can be earned only on cash amount.

3. Same account need to maintain at every store. (Centralize system needed)

4. Customer can redeem these points subject to redemption conditions

5. Customer will get advantage of different club memberships through these points. (Refer
Membership Benefits)

6. All club life memberships will have expiry dates (2 years).

Customer needs to purchase minimum of Rs. 1000 from his/her date of membership to the
Expiry date of membership or else membership will be nullified (This needs to be
communicated with customer through statements)

7. Reward points accrued under the Club Life Membership Program by one person cannot be
transferred to other person in the same program/different program

8. Any dispute should be referred to the company and decision of company shall be final

5.8 Redemption Conditions

1. Value of the reward points is calculated according to customer’s membership status at the
time of redemption.

2. Reward points can be redeemed in next purchase.

3. Customer cannot redeem reward points into cash or cheque

4. Customer can redeem reward points subject to minimum reward points in the account
should be 100

20 | P a g e
6.1 Customer Enrolls for the Program

Customer comes at the counter to pay bill

Staff will brief the customer on Club Life Membership program

In all 4 stores briefing should be different

e.g. 1. @ Lolita emphasis should be on advantages and points earnings at Lolita stores,
Maya Weddings and Occasions, SBPRC. Less emphasis on Maya Salasar should be

2. At Salasar emphasis should be given on advantage and points earning at Maya

Salasar chain and less emphasis on other 3 stores (Because of location constraints)

- While briefing to a customer location of stores should be considered. That means

more emphasis should be given on the nearer stores and less emphasis on other stores

Customer fills the Application Form

-Name, Address, Phone no., Email-Id, Occupation, etc.

- DOB and Anniversary date (If married) (This is required for special birthday
and anniversary discounts under membership benefits)

- The store at which customer enrolled needs to be recorded

Customer will get Welcome Kit within 7 days

- Welcome Kit will involve personalized thanks giving letter with respective
Club Life card (With printed name, Customer ID and Expiry date).

- Explanation of whole program, Location of different stores, exclusive

promotional offers

Customer can now use his Club Life Membership card

21 | P a g e
6.2 Earning/Redemption of reward points

Customer comes at the counter to pay bill

Staff asks NO
customer “Are Staff will brief on Club Life
you a Club Life Membership (Check flowchart no. 1)
card holder?”


Staff will locate customer account in database

- Check card if available to customer

- If card is not available then ask for customer ID
- Mobile no. can also be used to search customers

If customer wants to redeem the points he can do so by asking staff at the


- Staff at the counter after calculating bill amount redeems the points from
customer’s account

- Staff needs to ask customer how much point he/she wishes to redeem

- This will be reflected in customer’s account and on the bill generated

Customer earns points on the cash amount he spends

22 | P a g e
1. After enrolling to the program enrollment form needs to be send to the CRM team. CRM
Team will open customer’s account with details and send welcome kit to the customer’s
address within 7 days.

2. Monthly Statements of reward points with exclusive schemes at any of the Gitanjali’s
stores can be sent to the customer. Exclusive offers from Maya Salasar, Maya Weddings and
Occasions, SBPRC and Lolita, Other stores from Gitanjali Group like Gitanjali Jewels etc.

3. New arrivals at the store, new store openings need to send to customer.

Advantage: Continuous brand presence is possible

Disadvantage: Customer may get annoyed because of continuous monthly letters

Option 2: Send statements quarterly and new arrivals as and when comes (Restricts to
3 letters quarterly including statements)

Option 3: Make option 2 default but ask customer at the time of enrollment whether
he/she want to receive monthly updates

Option 4: Give customer an option to receive statements/offers by email

4. Personal Invitations to the events at four stores (Maya Salasar, Maya Weddings and
Occasions, SBPRC and Lolita) as promised in the benefits to memberships

5. Expiration of membership needs to be communicated to the customer. Renewed

membership card can be sent to the customer if customer satisfies all conditions (See: General
Rules 6)

6. Up gradation of membership (Silver->Gold->Platinum) need to be communicated with

welcome kit. (Need automatic notifications of membership up gradation to CRM teams)

7. Send SMS to wish club member on his/her birthday and invite him to the store to get
Birthday Discount.

23 | P a g e
7.1 Club Life Membership Form
Personal Details
1 Full Name*:
First Name Middle Name Surname
(Name will appear on your Club Life Card)
2 Gender* :
3 Date of Birth* :
4 Marital Status*:
5 If Married, Date of Anniversary:*
Contact Details

1 Residential Address* : First Line*

Second Line
Pin Code*
2 E-mail Id* :
3 Mobile No.* :
4 Residential Phone :
STD Code Phone No.
Other Details

1 Occupation
(Service/Businessman/Student/Housewife etc.)
2 I'm Interested in :
Apparels Fashion Accessories
Jewellery Other, Please specify

3 We value your time, tell us the best E-mail

medium to reach you * Mobile
Our Website

I accept all terms and conditions of the Club Life Program

Place Your Signature

24 | P a g e
* Mandatory fields

25 | P a g e
7.2 Cost Centers
Sr. Break-up of Cost
No Cost Centre centre Activities

1 Brand Management Creative Brochure

Ad- material
Collateral- Standee, Table top
Welcome kit
Customer Card
Media Printing - Newspapers, Magazines
BTL activities + training cost
E- Commerce
Online Ad like Google/ebay

2 Website Web design Design

Server Web server cost

3 Call Centre Call centre Agent Agent: Training + salary cost

implementation and
support Infrastructure Software cost + Implementation cost
Telecom charges + Number selection(i.e.
convenient no for toll free) + server cost

4 Vendor Printing Brochure

Ad- material
Collateral- Standee, Table top
Welcome kit
Leaflets, posters etc. - for BTL activities
Customer Card
Club Life material to be supplied to outlets/
Logistics stores
Welcome kit that will be sent to end
customer from CRM teams
Filled form of registered customer from the
stores to CRM teams

5 Management People Management Administration (At least 1 person)

26 | P a g e
7.3 Functionality

Sr. No. Function Name Functionality

1 Customer Profile This is to view details of all Club Life customer
like demographics, professional info, Family
income, Children, locations etc.
2 Customer Buying All the transaction done so far.
Behavior All the payments done, products purchased.
This will help us to know what product we need
to push to which customer.
3 Reward Meter Points collected so far.
This should be visible from website login to
4 Redemption Points redeemed
5 Reports All transaction reports by club life customers.
6 History Any change request, any change request,
customer complaints etc.

27 | P a g e
7.4 Fields to Capture

Customer ID First Name Middle Name Surname Gender DOB

From From
System Customer Customer From Customer
Generated From Customer Form From Customer Form Form Form Form

Age Email Id Mobile No. Residential phone Address Line 1 Address Line 2

From From
Customer Customer From Customer From Customer
From DOB Form Form Form Form From Customer Form

City State Pin Code Marital Status DOA Occupation

From Customer From Customer From Customer From Customer Customer
Form Form From Customer Form Form Form Form

Interest Preferred Medium

Apparels Jewellery Watches Accessories Other Email Website Mobile

From From
Customer Customer
Form Form

28 | P a g e
Value of
Store where points
Club Life Membership Date of joining customer joined Points accumulated
(Silver/Gold/Platinum) the program Club Life Location Accumulated in Rs.

From Customer From Customer Customer System System
System Generated Form Form Form Generated Generated

Maya Salasar Delhi

Maya Weddings Mumbai
Maya Salasar Raipur

Purchase from start of

Purchase till date Quarterly purchase membership
Maya and
Salsar Occasions Lolita SBPRC Total

System System System

Generate Generat Genera System System System Generated System Generated
d ed ted Generated Generated This field will be
reset on every
Quarter ending
We need
this field to
upgrade We need this field We need this field to
customer for our Quarterly decide whether to renew
membershi Lucky draws customer's membership or
ps nullify

29 | P a g e
Other Fields:

Children DOB Age

Office Designation Location Yearly Income

<5Lakh 5L to 10L >10L

ID User Id Password

30 | P a g e
7.5 Short Messaging Service

Trigger point when SMS will be Sent

Sr No Activity Message
Dear "First name of customer", Welcome to
Club Life program of Gitanjali Lifestyle. Now
you can earn points at Maya Salasar, Maya
1 Customer enrolls to the program Weddings and Occasions, SBPRC and Lolita
Dear "First name of customer", Welcome Kit
for Club Life program has been sent to your
2 Welcome Kit address
Dear "First name of customer", your Club Life
membership is changed to "Membership
name”. Please visit our site to view the
3 Customer membership changes changes which we will update soon
Dear "First name of customer" we wish you a
very happy" birthday/anniversary". Avail our
special Club Life offers at nearest store only
4 Birthday / Anniversary for you. Offer valid for 7 days.
Dear "First name of customer" avail our
5 New offers/ arrivals special offers only for you

31 | P a g e
7.6 Website

Club Life Login Register


Maya Weddings and

Maya Salasar Occasions Lolita SBPRC Find Us (Store Locator)

About Gitanjali

Link to Gitanjali
group website

Sitemap Disclaimer Us

32 | P a g e
1. Special sitting rooms for 5-6 persons at some locations to relax from shopping can be
arrange Exclusively for Platinum and Lolita card holder

2. We can go for Gitanjali Lifestyle’s own “Gift Vouchers” which will be valid across four stores

(Maya Salasar, SBPRC, Maya Weddings and Occasions and Lolita)


This will provide customer better option as more and more retail stores are opting for gift

3. If there are any sales schemes in the store and it is opening on some specific date, open the
scheme for members one day in advance and communicate this to the members

4. Website

1. New website can be launched:

2. New offers arrivals can be put on this website

3. Customer can create login here and track and modify his details (Reward points)

4. Online purchase of products and online offers like e-coupons

5. Use of existing call center to solve customer queries regarding reward points, use of card,
membership benefits

6. Exclusive discounts for preferred brands for members: Some private label brands can be
identified for this discount.

33 | P a g e
7. CRM teams should be responsible for handling all the backend activities

CRM for Club Life

CRM for Maya CRM for Maya CRM for SBPRC CRM for Lolita
Salasar Weddings and

8. Communication at retail:

1. Through various display board at the entry gates and counter

2. Through cash counter staff

3. Pamphlet at the counter

4. Through display boards showing some in store discount offers exclusively for Gold
and Platinum card holder.

9. Feedback?

Take regular feedback to measure effectiveness and perception of the whole program.

Analyze feedback to make it more effective.

10. Technological issues

A. New software.

B. As reward points calculation is different for stores we need different software

C. To track purchase history, cross selling, up selling we need to track customer’s

purchases and reward points at four stores (i.e. Single account will record purchases and
reward points at Maya Salasar, Maya Weddings, SBPRC and Lolita)

11. Call center and floor staff need to train for CRM handling.

34 | P a g e
1. Gitanjali Group Annual Reports

2. Gitanjali Lifestyle Internal resources

3. Retail in India: Getting Organized to Drive Growth

4. Epicor Global Software Solution:

Thank You…!!!

35 | P a g e