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Name: ____________________________

Answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. Much of what you decide will not be in the script – make it up!
Use your creative imagination and then commit to your choices so your character is three-dimensional and not just
an extension of you.

CHARACTER: ____________________________________________________ PLAY: ______________________________________________________

1. Describe your physical traits (height, deformities, handicaps, general health, age).

2. What is your family background (Do you have siblings? Parents? What’s your social status? Etc…)?

3. Describe your general temperament (general attitude and outlook on life, naïve, hot tempered, etc).

4. What is your objective through the play? Does it change?

5. What things would you do in order to get what you want?

6. How do you dress?

7. List three character traits/phrases that best describe your personality.

8. What happened immediately before your monologue begins?

9. To whom is the monologue directed/spoken?