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Fact sheet November 2017

Leading Oil & Gas Development in the Eastern Mediterranean

Company Overview

2.4 Tcf (1)

37 ● Energean Israel (a company owned by Energean and Kerogen Capital)
owner and operator of Karish & Tanin natural gas fields, offshore Israel
2C Gross Resources mmbbls 2P Reserves ● Only oil and gas producer in Greece
in Israel in Greece ● Low cost producer with stable cashflow from existing production at low
● Farm-in agreement with Repsol for 2 blocks (2) in Western Greece
● World class partners including BP, Schlumberger, Technip FMC, EBRD,
Kerogen Capital and Third Point
32.8 (1)

mmbbls of light 14 Outlook

hydrocarbon liquids producing wells ● Pursuing fast-track development of Karish and Tanin in Israel
2C Resources in Israel ● Strong financial and balance sheet position
● Poised for next stage in its development as the leading independent in
the Eastern Mediterranean

US$1.3-1.5 US$390m
billion On going investment
Capex development plan plan in producing assets
in Israel in Greece

Reserves and Resources net to Energean (1)

Israel - Karish & Tanin 1.2 Tcf (2C)

Greece – Prinos 16.9 mmbbls (2P)
Greece - Prinos North 2.8 mmbbls (2P)
Greece – Epsilon 17.4 mmbbls (2P)
(1) NSAI CPR for Karish & Tanin, ERCE CPR for Prinos basin fields

Upside potential from 5 exploration blocks

Prinos complex, Gulf of Kavala, Greece

Industry Partners Portfolio of operated assets

ISRAEL 5. Ioannina
1. Karish & Tanin Operator Repsol. Energean 40% WI. Large under-explored
Operator Energean Israel, 100% WI. 2.4 (1) Tcf 2C onshore block in Western Greece (4,187km2), exploration
gross resources of natural gas offshore fields to be in progress
developed through FPSO
6. Aitoloakarnania
GREECE Operator Repsol (2). Energean 40% WI. 4,360km2 onshore block
2. Prinos in Western Greece
Operator, 100% WI. Producing offshore main oil field
in NE Greece. 111,6 mmbbls of oil already produced, 7. Katakolo
16.9 mmbbls 2P reserves, 17.9 2C resources Operator, 100% WI. 545km2 offshore proven oil field of
11 mmbbls recoverable (3). 25-year exploitation licence,
3. Prinos North 60km2 of development area
Operator, 100% WI. Producing offshore satellite oil
field in NE Greece, 4.1 mmbbls already produced, 2.4 MONTENEGRO
mmbbls 2P reserves 8. Offshore Blocks 26 & 30
Operator, 100% WI. 3-year first exploration period. G&G
4. South Kavala
studies, 3D seismic survey in progress
Operator, 100% WI. Producing offshore gas field in
NE Greece. 863MCM of natural gas already produced
5. Epsilon 9. West Kom Ombo
Operator, 100% WI. Development phase, satellite Operator, 60% WI. Block covers an area of 21,000km2.
offshore oil field in NE Greece. 0.3mmbbls already Exploration in progress
produced, 17.4 mmbbls 2P reserves, 2.2 mmbbls 2C
resources (2) Agreement subject to the approval of the Greek government for
Aitoloakarnania block
Developing Karish & Tanin, Israel Asset Location Management

● Energean Israel Ltd, a company in which Energean Cyprus Lebanon

Tanin Mathios Rigas
and Kerogen Capital hold 50% each, is the Lease Chairman & CEO
Holder of Karish & Tanin, 100% WI ex. Chase, Piraeus Bank,
Capital Connect
● Discovered gas fields at 1,750 meters water depth
with: Panos Benos
• 2.4 Tcf, (1) 2C Gross Resources Chief Financial Officer
Israel ex. Standard Chartered Bank,
• 32.8 mm bbls (1) light hydrocarbon liquids ConocoPhillips
● Gas Supply Agreements for 33 BCM in total already Egypt Dr. Steve Moore
Technical Director
signed with Dalia Group, Edeltech Group and Dorad ex. Mubadala, Shell, Maersk Oil
Offshore Israel
● MOUs signed with four further companies Discovered fields
and development
James Efstathiou
Exploration Director
ex. Mubadala, Statoil, BP
● Near field, low-risk, exploration
prospects within both Karish & Tanin
David Donaldson
● FDP approved in August 2017, to Well Engineering Manager
comprise: ex. BG Group, Shell,
Eni, Halliburton
• 3 wells for Karish field
• 6 wells for Tanin field
Fred Riddiford
● Development Capex c. $1.3-1.5bn with Reservoir Engineering Manager
first gas in 2020 ex. Mubadala, BP

● To be developed with FPSO unit -

TechnipFMC appointed as Concept & Front Vassilis Zenios
End Engineering Design contractor Project Manager
ex. Versabar, Saipem

Energean Reserves & Resources Vincent Reboul-Salze

Facilities Engineering Manager
ex. Shell
237 270

90 Strong Relationships
with local communities
The company’s objective is to

generate sustainable growth.

30 17

2 5 7
We are therefore committed
0 to conducting our business
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 1H 2017
responsibly, which means

Prinos Basin 2P Prinos Basin 2C Karish and Tanin 2C

safeguarding the health and
Source: NSAI CPR for Karish and Tanin, net to Energean (50%) - ERCE CPR for Prinos Basin Fields. Figures for 2008- 2010, 2012 and 2013 based on company estimates.
safety of our employees,
caring for our environment,
Low Risk Investment - Greece supporting the local
communities in which we
operate, meeting their
● Drill 22 development wells in total in Prinos up to 2021 expectations and needs and
● Identify a robust development plan for the Epsilon field that contributing to the sustainable
could be repeated for other satellite discoveries development of those
● Gather data from the planned infill drilling campaign on communities.
Prinos to allow IOR and EOR studies to be refined Excellent HSE record
● Acquired new 3D data over the basin in 2015 No material environmental
incidents/accidents in 36
years of operations in Greece

Recent News Advisers

30 October 2017
Energean signs additional GSPAs for natural gas supply from the Karish and Tanin Fields
19 October 2017
Energean announces first CPR results for its 100% owned blocks, offshore Montenegro
5 October 2017
Energean receives approval for the Ioannina farm out to Repsol
8 September 2017
Energean receives approval to develop the Katakolo field in Western Greece
30 August 2017
Energean receives approval from the Israeli Government for the Karish and Tanin FDP

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