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SKILL A SCORE: ________________

EXERCISE 1 4. What did Lucy cut?

a. 4 guavas
b. 5 apples c. 6 mangoes
5. What color were the apples?
It was a rainy day. The children could not go a. red
out to play. So Lucy, Zeny and Perla stayed in the b. green c. yellow
6. What did Zeny cut out?
“Let us cut out paper fruits for our store,” a. 4 guavas
said Lucy. b. 5 apples c. 6 mangoes
So the girls got heir paper, scissors and
7. What color were the mangoes?
crayons. Lucy cut out 5 apples. She colored them a. red
red. Zeny cut out 6 mangoes. She colored hem b. green c. yellow
yellow. Perla cut out 4 guavas. She colored them
green. Then they counted their paper fruits. 8. Who cut the four guavas?
a. Lucy
“Now we have many pretty paper fruits for b. Zeny c. Perla
our sore,” said Perla.
_________________________________________________ 9. How many paper fruits did they cut in all?
1. What kind of day it was? a. 10
a. rainy’ b. 12 c. 15
b. sunny c. bright
10. Where will they put the paper fruits?
2. How many girls in our story? a. in their store
a. two b. in their house c. in their school
b. three c. four

3. Where did the girls stay? VOCABULARY

a. in the school c. in the house Rainy scissors crayons
b. in the yard Colored counted
SKILL A SCORE: ________________
4. On what occasion was Curly given?
A GIFT FROM UNCLE a. birthday
b. Christmas c. graduation

Do you have an uncle living far away? Miriam 5. Who helped Miriam open the box?
has. His name is Max. Miriam calls him Uncle Max. a. Father
He lives in New York. b. Mother c. Uncle Max
Last Christmas, Uncle Max sent Miriam a gift. 6. What words tell about the box?
It came in a big box. Father helped open the box. a. big and light
Then hey saw something very pretty. It was a b. big and heavy c. small and light
big doll. It had round blue eyes and a small red 7. What word tells about Curly’s mouth?
mouth. It had a blue lace dress and curly black a. red
hair. Miriam called it Curly. She loved to play with b. pink c. yellow
it. What Miriam liked best was the way Curly
8. What was Curly’s dress made of?
walked. Miriam would hold one of is hands and a. silk
they would walk together around he living room. b. lace c. cotton
Curly made Miriam happy.
___________________________________________ 9. What word tells about her hair?
1. Who is Curly? a. curly
a. a dog b. a doll c. a cat b. brown c. straight

2. Who gives Curly to Miriam? 10. What can Curly do?

a. Father a. talk
b. Mother c. Uncle Max b. sing c. walk

3. Where does Uncle Max live?

a. Cebu b. Manila c. New York VOCABULARY:
New York curly lace
Together silk 4. Who is older, Victor or Nora?
SKILL A SCORE: ________________ a. Nora
EXERCISE 3 b. Victor
c. Does not tell
TAKING CARE OF ANIMALS 5. How many kinds of animals do they have?
a. 3 b.4 c. 5
Victor lives on a farm. He lives with his 6. Which one do they not have?
parents in a little nipa house. Victor has an elder a. cow
b. horse
sister named Nora. Victor and Nora help their
c. carabao
parents. They help takes care their animals. They 7. Who takes care of the horse?
have carabao, a horse, a goat and some chickens. a. Victor
Father take care the horse. Victor takes care of the b. Father
carabao. Mother takes care of the chickens. Nora c. Mother
takes care of the goat. Their animals are all fat and 8. Who takes care of the carabao?
healthy. Each one takes care of his animals very a. Nora
well. b. Victor
____________________________ c. Father
1. Where does Victor live? 9. Who takes care of the chicken?
a. in a city a. Nora
b. on a farm b. Victor
c. near the sea c. Mother
2. Which words tells about their house? 10. Which one does take care of?
a. nipa a. Goat
b. cement b. Chicken
c. wooden c. Carabao

3. Who is victor sister? VOCABULARY:

a. Nina b. Nora c. Nida Elder healthy nipa
SKILL A SCORE: ________________
EXERCISE 4 4. Where was the handbag found?
a. under the tree
LOST AND FOUND b. under the stairs
c. under the building
Pedro and Jose came to school early. There were 5. What kind of handbag was it?
a. a girl’s handbag
no pupils in school yet. b. a man’s handbag
“Look!” said Pedro. “There a handbag under the c. a teacher’s handbag
stairs. It is a girl’s handbag.” 6. Which word tells about the pencil?
Jose got the handbag, he opened it. There was a a. red
red pencil, pink handkerchief and fifty pesos on it. b. pink
“Let us look for the owner of this handbag.” said c. blue
Pedro. 7. Which word tells about the handkerchief?
a. red
Just then the school principal arrived. b. pink
“Good morning Mr. Cruz. We found this bag under c. white
the stairs,” said Jose. 8. How much money was in the handbag?
Mr. Cruz smiled and said, “Thank you boys. I shall a. fifteen pesos
help you find the owner,” b. twenty pesos
_______________________________________________________ c. fifty pesos
1. What time of the day was it? 9. Who is Mr. Cruz?
a. noon c. afternoon a. the clerk
b. morning b. the teacher
c. the school principal
2. Who are the boys in the story? 10. What kind of boys are Jose and Pedro?
a. Juan and Jose a. kind
b. Pedro and Jose b. polite
c. Pedro and Juan c. honest

3. What did the boys find? VOCABULARY:

a. a box c. a handbag Handkerchief principal
b. a book Owner handbag
SKILL A SCORE: ________________ 3. Where did he throw the peelings?
EXERCISE 5 a. into the basket
THE BANANA PEELINGS b. out of the window
c. into the garbage can
Celso was eating bananas one evening. He
4. Where was Celso going?
threw the peelings out of the window. The next
a. to church c. to school
morning, Celso got ready for school. He did not b. to market
want to be late for school. He walked fast. 5. Which sentence tells that Celso did not want to be
“Ouch!” Celso cried as he stepped on some late
banana peelings. Down he fell. His clothes a. He walked fast.
became dirty. His books dropped. b. He walked slowly.
“Are you hurt?” Mother asked running to c. He played on the way.
6. Who stepped on the banana peelings?
“No Mother, I am not hurt,” Celso said as he
a. Father b. Mother c. Celso
got up. He looked at the banana peelings. 7. Who saw Celso fall?
“Somebody did not use the garbage can.” a. Father b. Mother c. Sister
Mother said. 8. Who did not use the garbage can?
“I threw these peelings last night, Mother. a. Mother b. Celso c. Sister
Next time, I will use the garbage can,” said Celso. 9. Was Celso hurt?
________________________________________________ a. Yes c. Does not tell
1. What did Celso eat? b. No
a. bananas c. orange 10. Which word tells about Celso?
b. mangoes a. polite b. kind c. truthful

2. When did he eat the fruit?

a. last night c. last week VOCABULARY:
b. that morning Peelings garbage hurt
SKILL A SCORE: ________________ 3. What carries newspapers to Naga
THE NEWSBOY a. a car b. a truck c a train
4. Where does the newspaper come from?
At five o’clock in the afternoon, the train a. Manila b. Cebu City c. Pasay City
arrives in Naga City. The train carries 5. What does Alfredo do?
newspaper from Manila. Alfredo, a Grade a. sells fruits c. sells newspapers
Four pupil, sells newspaper after school in b. sells candies
6. How long does Alfredo sell newspapers?
the afternoon. He sells for two hours. At a. one hour c. three hours
seven o’clock, he goes home. He has time to b. two hours
study his lessons. 7. How much does he earn a day?
Alfredo earns one hundred pesos a day. a. fifty pesos
b. seventy-five pesos
He wants to give his money to Mother. But c. one hundred pesos
Mother told him to put his money in his piggy 8. What does he do with his money?
bank. Alfredo’s parents are not poor. They a. gives to his mother
can give the money he needs, but Alfredo b. buys cakes and candies
c. keeps it in his piggy bank
wants to sell newspapers. He wants to earn 9. What kind of a boy is Alfredo?
his own money. a. clean b. polite c. industrious
________________________________________________ 10. Are his parents poor?
1. Where does Alfredo live? a. Yes c. Does not tell
a. in Manila b. in Naga c. on a farm b. No

2. What time does the train arrive in Naga City? VOCABULARY:

a. Four o’clock c. six o’clock Newspapers earns
b. Five o’clock Arrives piggy bank
SKILL A 4. Why was Teresa absent?
a. She was sick c. She was away
A SICK CLASSMATE b. She was busy
5. Did a doctor treat her?
One morning, Miss Luna said to her Grade a. Yes
Three class, “I got a letter from Teresa’s mother. b. No
Teresa cannot come to school. She is sick. The c. Does not tell
doctor told her to stay in bed or a few days. What 6. What did the children do?
shall we do for Teresa?” a. They visited her.
“Let us visit her this afternoon,” said Linda. b. They sent flowers.
“Yes, let us visit her,” said the other children. c. They sent her a letter.
That afternoon, the children went to visit 7. What did the girls bring?
Teresa. The girls brought her some fruits. The boys a. milk
brought her a can of biscuit. Miss Luna brought her b. fruits
some roses. c. flowers
8. What did the boys bring?
Teresa was sleeping when they arrived. Soon,
a. fruits
she woke up. She was happy to see her teacher and b. roses
classmates. c. biscuits
_____________________________________ 9. Who brought some roses?
1. Who is Miss Luna? a. the girl
a. a nurse c. a teacher b. the boys
b. a mother c. Miss Luna
2. What did she get one morning? 10. When did they visit Teresa?
a. a letter b. a telegram c. a newspaper a. morning
b. afternoon
3. Who sent the letter? c. evening
a. Teresa c. Teresa’s father VOCABULARY:
b. Teresa’s mother Brought visit biscuit
SKILL A 5. What did Juan see on the way?
EXERCISE 8 a. dog c. chick
THE KITTEN b. kitten
6. How did the kitten feel?
One rainy afternoon, Juan did not go straight a. hot
b. cold
home from school. He had his raincoat on, so he
c. warm
did not get wet. Then he saw a kitten trembling on 7. What did Juan feel for the kitten?
the grass. He stopped and looked at it. It began to a. pity
mew very softly. b. gladness
Juan was sorry for the kitten. He picked it up c. happiness
and put it under his raincoat. He brought it home. 8. Where did he bring it?
He put it near the stove with fire. The kitten looked a. home
at Juan and said. “Mew, mew, mew,” It wanted to b. school
c. in the shade
say, “Thank you.” From that time on, the kitten
9. Where did he put the kitten?
became his pet. He loved his pet very much. a. near the fire
________________________________________________ b. near the table
1. What time of the day was it? c. near the bed
a. morning b. noon c. afternoon 10. Did the kitten stay near the fire?
2. What kind of afternoon was it? a. Yes
a. rainy c. cloudy b. No
b. sunny c. Does not tell
3. Where was Juan going?
a. home c. to church VOCABULARY:
b. to school Rainy raincoat trembling
4. What was Juan wearing? Softly pity
a. a hat c. a raincoat
b. a sweater
SKILL A 4. From where can we get oil?
EXERCISE 9 a. from coconut husk
THE COCONUT b. from ripe coconut milk
c. from young coconut meat
The coconut is a tall palm tree. It has no
5. Which is good to eat?
branches. The trunk is strong. It makes a good
a. coconut husk
post. We get oil from the ripe coconut milk. The b. coconut shell
young coconut meat is good to eat. It is good for c. coconut meat
making candies and salad. Doormats are made
out of coconut husk. The long coconut leaves are 6. What parts is made into doormat?
woven into baskets. Brooms are made from the a. shell b. husk c. midribs
midribs of the long leaves. Coconut shells are 7. What can made from midribs?
made into buttons, coconut shell banks, ash trays a. buttons
b. brooms
and many others. The stalk of the leaves is good
c. candies
for fuel. How useful the coconut is! Every part of it 8. What parts is woven into baskets?
can be used. a. husk b. shell c. leaves
________________________________________________ 9. Which part can be made into buttons?
a. husk b. shell c. midribs
1. What word tells about the coconut tree?
a. short b. tall c. small 10. What is the use of the stalk of the
2. Does the coconut tree have branches? a. for fuel
a. Yes c. Does not tell b. for post
b. No c. for foods

3. What part of the coconut is good for a post? VOCABULARY:

a. trunk b. roots c. fruit Branches midribs buttons
SKILL A a. very cheap
EXERCISE 10 b. cost much
c. very many
GROWING VEGETABLE 4. Where did Lino plant vegetable?
Lino went with mother to market. They a. in school
b. on the farm
bought some vegetables. Mother said, “I was able
c. in the backyard
to buy only some with my money. Vegetable cost 5. How many plots of tomatoes did he
much now.” plant?
Lino was sorry for mother. They did not have a. two b. three c. four
much money. So he said, “Let’s plant vegetable in 6. How many plots were planted of
our backyard. Then we will not have to buy them eggplants?
in the market.” a. one b. two c. three
So Lino planted three plots of tomatoes, two 7. How many plots were planted to
plots of eggplants and a plot of pechay.
a. one b. two c. three
He had some an amargoso climbing on the 8. How many plots they have in all?
bamboo fence. Lino worked in his garden after a. four b. five c. six
class every afternoon. He grew more vegetables 9. What vegetable were climbing on the
that they could eat. Mother sold some of them in fence?
the market. a. beans b. squash c. amargosos
_____________________________________ 10. Why did mother sell some
1. Where did mother and Lino go? vegetables?
a. church b. school c. market a. She had no money
2. What did they buy? b. She did not like vegetable
a. fish b. meat c. vegetable c. They had more than they could eat

3. Which word tells about the vegetable? Vegetable eggplants plots

Nardo stopped in front of a small store and Aling Ines was very happy watching her
counted his money. “One hundred and fifty-five,” chicken. Rosita was cleaning the house. Anita was
he said with smile. He rested for a while. Soon he taking care of her baby sister. Lino was watering
was on the street again. the plant in the garden. Petra went to the market.
“Newspapers! Magazines!” Nardo shouted as “I told the doctor that you have a fever
he walked along the street. He thought of the Mother. He will be here soon,” Petra said when
birthday gift he would buy his mother. “I will bring she came from the market.
home a box of chocolate for her,” he thought. “Thank you, Petra. You are a good girl,”
_____________________________________ Mother said.
1. What does Nardo sell? ___________________________________________
a. cakes 1. Why was Aling Ines not working?
b. chocolate a. She was sick.
c. newspapers b. She was lazy.
2. Why was Nardo giving gift to Mother? c. She had a visitor.
a. It was her birthday. 2. What is the story about?
b. It was Mother’s Day. a. helpful children.
c. It was Christmas Day. b. how to clean the house.
3. What was Nardo’s work? c. how to go to the market.
a. He was a janitor. 3. What the lesson does the story teach?
b. He was a newsboy. a. Love your pets.
c. He was a bootblack. b. Love your family.
c. Love your neighbors.

Counted in front of Fever soon

Crash! “I will pass this box around, children,” Miss

Mang Kardo was reading newspaper when a stone Soriano said. You may put any amount of money you
fell in front of him. He went to the window and saw Raul. can give for the flood victims. With the money that we
He was running away with a slingshot in his hand. can collect, we can buy food for them. Many of them
“Come back, Raul,” Mang Kardo called. “Is it not have not eaten for many days.”
too early to be shooting birds? Besides, do you not love Maria had only ten pesos for recess lunch. But
birds?” Mang Kardo asked. with happy heart she thought, “I will not buy anything
Raul went back. “I’m sorry, Mang Kardo. I broke for recess. I will just eat when I get home.” Then she put
your glass window when I try to shoot a bird. her money into the box.
_______________________________ _____________________________________
1. What time of the day was it? 1. What word best tell about Maria?
a. at noon c. early evening a. kind
b. early morning b. brave
2. Which of these sentences is true? c. honest
a. Mang Kardo did not mind Raul at all. 2. What will the class buy for the flood victims?
b. Raul caught the bird with his slingshot. a. food
c. Raul broke the glass window when he b. clothing
tried to shoot the bird. c. medicine
3. What lesson does the story teach? 3. Which sentence is correct?
a. Shooting bird is fun. a. Maria did not give money to help.
b. It is not good to shoot a bird. b. The class collected clothing.
c. Never use a slingshot for catching c. The class will help the flood victims.
Slingshot shooting broke Flood victims collect
“Nelia, please stop playing for a while and buy me Pedro had a clean, white shirt and short khaki
a bottle of vinegar,” Mother called out. pants on. He looked neat with his white socks and newly
Mother gave Nelia a five-peso coin. polished black shoes. His school bag was over his left
“I will be back as fast as I can,” Nelia told her shoulder and right hand carried his lunchbag. He
playmates and went running to the store. peeped out of the window before going down.
A big dog saw her running and barked at her. She “Oh, it is dark,” he said. He went back to his room
was afraid that she ran faster. She ran so fast that she and got his raincoat. He put the raincoat on and kissed
stumbled. Down fell the coin. She got up and looked for his mother goodbye.
the coin. She could not find it. She went home without ________________________________________________
the coin and vinegar. 1. What kind of a boy was Pedro?
_______________________________ a. careless
1. What is the story about? b. considerate
a. Nelia and her dog c. neat and orderly
b. Nelia and the coin 2. What made him put on a raincoat?
c. Nelia and her playmates a. It was very hot.
2. Why did Nelia run and not walk? b. It was going to rain.
a. Her mother told her to run. c. The sun was shining.
b. Her playmates are waiting. 3. What would be a good title for the story?
c. She was running with her dog. a. Ready For The Rain
3. Which sentence is true? b. Pedro’s Schoolbag
a. Nelia lost the coin c. Mother’s Goodbye
b. Nelia brought home the vinegar.
c. Nelia brought home the coin. VOCABULARY:
VOCABULARY: Khaki pants lunchbag raincoat
Vinegar afraid stumbled
With cap and a stick for a gun, Mario enjoys After playing hard the whole day, Sisa took a bath
marching up and down their front yard. He likes playing and put on clean clothes. She saw that the dress she
soldier all by himself. took off had a tear about two inches long.
“Forward, march! Left! Left! Left, right, left! Halt! “I will sew it after it has been washed,” she said
One, two!” he commands himself. and tossed her into the laundry bag.
Mario enjoys watching shows about soldiers. He The next Saturday she wore the same dress
collects pictures of policemen and soldiers. He loves to without sewing the tear. She played happily with her
watch the policemen as they practice marching every friends. They played until late in the afternoon. When
morning. she took off her dress she exclaimed with surprise, “Oh,
_____________________________________ my, how big the tear has become!”
1. What is the story about? _____________________________________
a. Mario 1. What happened to the torn part?
b. police a. Sisa sewed it.
c. soldiers b. Mother sewed it.
2. Which sentence is true? c. It became bigger.
a. Mario plays with the soldier. 2. What lesson does the story teach?
b. Mario plays soldier by himself. a. Sew a tear at once.
c. Mario marches with the policemen. b. Wear a dress with tear.
3. What does Mario enjoy doing? c. Throw away a dress with tear.
a. singing songs 3. What word best describes Sisa?
b. playing soldier a. polite
c. watching all shows b. playful
c. helpful
Cap halt marching VOCABULARY:
Tear laundry surprise
“Mother, where is Kuting? Benny asked as soon as It was Saturday morning. Little Nena was happy for
he came home from the school. “I have not seen her she was not going to school. She could play as long as
since last night.” she liked. She brought out all her toys: dolls, balls of
“Do not make any noise. I will take you to her,” many sizes, little cups and plates, little dresses, and a
Mother said. telephone set.
Mother and Benny went to the storeroom. They “Put your toys in their proper places after playing,”
saw Kuting in a basket in one corner. Little kittens were Mother said.
sleeping beside her. When Nena heard her friends playing outside, she
Benny counted softly, “One, two, three, four, five ran out to play with them.
pretty brown kittens. “Bog!” Nena heard it loud and clear. She stopped
“Now leave them alone. Do not wake them up.” playing and ran inside. She saw her younger brother
Mother said. “Kuting is very tired.” down the stairs, crying. Nena’s little ball was near him.
________________________________________________ Nena felt very sorry.
1. Which sentence is true? _________________________________________
a. Benny loves his pet. 1. Why was Nena’s younger brother crying?
b. Benny picked up the kittens. a. he stopped on Nena’s little ball and fell.
c. There were white kittens, too. b. He lost his ball.
2. Which is correct about the kittens? c. He had no playmate.
a. They are less than five. 2. What made Nena forget to keep her toys?
b. There are five of them. a. She was very sleepy.
c. They are more than five. b. She heard her friends playing.
3. Choose the best title for the story. c. She was in a hurry to go to school.
a. Mother and Benny 3. What lesson does the story teach?
b. Pretty Brown Kittens a. Leave toys anywhere.
c. Kuting And Her Pretty Kittens b. Keep things on the stairs.
VOCABULARY: c. Keep things in their proper places.
Noise storeroom kittens
Miss Luna was checking the pupils who were
Lety heard a jeep stop very suddenly in front of absent. There were several empty desks.
their house. Then there was a loud cry. She ran to see “Samuel is absent in our group today, Miss Luna,”
what happened. Norma said.
There was already a crowd of people. Many more Suddenly Samuel came in. he was tired from
people were running to see what happened. Someone running. His face was dirty and his clothes were full of
was crying loudly. dirt.
“Call an ambulance quickly!” somebody shouted. “Oh, what happened, Samuel?” Miss Luna asked.
_____________________________________ _____________________________________
1. What do you think happened? 1. What do you think happened?
a. A child got into the jeep. a. Samuel stumbled.
b. The jeep bumped somebody. b. Samuel played in the canal.
c. The jeep picked up a passenger. c. Samuel did not wash his face
2. Why an ambulance needed? 2. What do you think did Miss Luna do?
a. Somebody was hurt. a. She got angry.
b. Somebody was dead. b. She laughed at Samuel.
c. Everybody will have a joyride. c. She asks Samuel to clean himself.
3. How did the story end? 3. What would be done to Samuel?
a. Nobody got an ambulance. a. he would be marked absent.
b. The people did not help at all. b. He would be marked present.
c. An ambulance came to help. c. He would be sent home to clean himself.

Accident suddenly ambulance empty stumbled tired
Norma’s fever was high. She kept tossing in bed. Rita and Gloria were playing with their dolls. Rita’s
After a while, she fell asleep. Then she began talking in doll had a blue dress while Gloria’s doll’s dress was
her sleep. yellow. Their dolls were lovely.
“Oh, Mother, please buy me a box of chocolate,” “I smell something burning. Do you smell it, too?”
she said. asked Rita.
Mother heard her. She went to the store as fast as Gloria ran to the kitchen. It was too late! The rice
she could. She was back before Norma woke up. that mother was cooking was burned. Before going to
“is this mine, Mother? Norma asked when she the store, Mother said to Gloria, “Tend to the rice I am
woke up. She was holding something. cooking while I am away. I will buy something for our
_____________________________________ lunch.”
1. What was Norma holding? _____________________________________
a. a beautiful dress. 1. What made Gloria forget her rice?
b. a bunch of flower a. Rita
c. a box of chocolate b., the lovely dolls
2. What was she likely to do with it? c. her beautiful dress
a. eat it b. keep it c. play with it 2. How do you think did Mother feel? do you think did Norma feel? a. sad b. angry c. happy
a. She felt sad. 3. What do you think did Mother tell Gloria?
b. She felt angry. a. cook rice again
c. She felt happy. b. continue playing
c. get out of the house
Fever tossing VOCABULARY:
Burned lovely smell
Rico is in the Third Grade. He goes to school every Blackie is my playmate at home. He meets me
day. He listens well to his teacher. He tries to answer all when I come home from school. He stays near me when
the questions asked for him. He works well with his I study my lessons at night.
classmates. He finishes his school projects on time. But one afternoon, Blackie did not meet me. He
At home he studies his lesson before going to bed. seemed not to be in the house.
He does his homework neatly and well. When he finishes “Where is Blackie, Mother,” I asked.
all his assignments, he tries to help his mother. In this “He is in the doghouse. One of his legs is broken.
way he makes his mother happy. When he came home a dead chicken was in his mouth,”
_____________________________________ Mother said.
1. What grade will Rico likely receive? Blackie seemed to be very sorry when I went to
a. high grades see him.
b. poor grades _____________________________________
c. failing grades 1. Why was Blackie hurt?
2. What is likely to happen to Rico? a. Someone hit him a stone.
a. stop going to school b. He could have fallen from a tree.
b. graduate with honors c. He could have fought with another dog.
c. will not finish his studies 2. Who could have hurt Blackie?
3. What else will likely happen to Rico? a. the father of the chicken
a. become a sickly citizen b. the owner of the plant he destroyed
b. become a useful citizen c. the owner of the chicken he caught
c. become useless citizen 3. What is the best thing to do for Blackie?
VOCABULARY: a. Sell him.
Project assignment homework b. Leave him.
c. Take him to an animal doctor.
dead playmate sorry
WHY LINA CRIED Many children are on the playground. A group of
Four-year-old Lina came out of the room crying. boys are playing basketball. Several boys and girls are
She just woke up. Mother, still holding the needle and in the circle. A blindfolded girl is in the middle. There are
thread, asked. “What do you want, Lina?” two lines of boys and girls; one line of boys and the
Lina did not answer but continue crying. Mother other, of girls. Everyone is happy.
touched Lina. Her hands were hot. Her cheeks were red. “Why are you not playing with your classmates,
Her eyes were red, too. “Call a taxi at once,” Mother told Elsa?” Mrs. Lacson, the principal, asked.
Father as she was changing clothes. “I would like to, Mrs. Lacson, but I cannot,” Elsa
_____________________________________ said as she looked at her bandaged foot.
1. What was mother doing when Lina woke up? _____________________________________
a. sewing c. cooking 1. What do you think happened to Elsa’s foot?
b. reading a. It was lost.
2. Why was Lina crying? b. It was cut off.
a. She was sick. c. It was wounded.
b. She was hungry. 2. What will become of the children who play?
c. She lost her money. a. lazy
3. What did Mother need a taxi for? b. sickly
a. She was taking Lina to a doctor. c. healthy
b. She was going to a party with Lina. 3. What should Elsa do with her bandaged foot?
c. She was going to the market with Lina. a. Take care of it.
VOCABULARY: b. Run hard with it.
needle thread touched c. Remove its bandage.
Circle blindfolded bandaged
“Come Leah. Come Eric,” Mrs. Mislang said. “I Rene was very happy. He ran upstairs shouting,
have a letter from your father.” “Mother, look at my paper. I got 100% in Spelling!”
“What does it say, Mother? Little Eric asked. But Mother was not there. Father was not there.
“He says that Mindanao is really a land of promise. His little sister, Ana, was not there, either.
He wants us to go there soon,” Mrs. Mislang said. We Just as he was about to cry, Father arrived with
will build our house there and stay there for some years. Ana. “Rene, Mother is in the hospital. Let us go and
“Why did father go there?” Leah asked. show her your spelling paper. Do you think your new
“To earn money for us. He loves us, thatis why.” baby brother will be able to read your score?” Father
Mrs. Mislang explained. asked.
_____________________________________ _____________________________________
1. Where do you think Father is? 1. Why was Mother in the hospital?
a. in China c. in Mindanao a. She visited a sick friend.
b. in America b. She gave birth to her baby.
2. What will Mrs. Mislang do?
a. stay in Manila
c. She visited her sick mother.
b. plan to go abroad 2. How would Mother feel about Rene’s spelling
c. prepare to live in Mindanao grade?
3. How did the story end? a. sad
a. Mrs. Mislang and her children stayed in b. angry
Manila. c. happy
b. Mrs. Mislang and her children went to 3. How did the story end?
c. Mrs. Mislang and her children went to
a. Father never went to see the baby.
Mindanao. b. The baby stayed in the hospital.
VOCABULARY: c. Mother went home with the baby.
enough earn VOCABULARY:
Arrive upstairs hospital
PLANNING FOR A PICNIC It was the second week of December. Mother was
The Third Grade children were very happy decorating the house. Aida was arranging her cabinet of clothes
and toys. She brought out all her old clothes and toys and took
planning for a picnic in the fields. them to Mother.
“I will bring a box of chocolate.” Ester said. “Mother, do you know of anyone who might need these
“I will bring fried chicken,” Norma said. things?” Aida asked.
“Mother promised to cook enough rice for all of “Your uncle Tomas’s children will be glad to have them.”
us,” Ernesto said. Mother replied. “We will send them to the province when
“We will bring pancit,” chorused Nardo Poldo and someone goes home.”
Berto. Nelly did not know what to bring. She knew there That night Aida placed her old clothes and toys in a box.
She wrapped the box neatly and beautifully.
was nothing in their house to bring So she said,” I will
not go to the picnic tomorrow.”
1. What are Mother and Aida decorating for?
“Carina went to her and said, “Join the picnic
a. Aida’s friend
tomorrow, Nelly, I will bring something for both of us.”
b. a birthday party
c. a Christmas celebration
1. Why can Nelly Not bring anything for the picnic?
2. Why do Uncle Tomas’s children need old
a. Her family is poor.
clothes and toys?
b. Her mother will not give her money to
a. They are rich.
buy food.
b. They are poor.
c. She does not like to bring any.
c. They many clothes and toys.
2. Why can Carina bring something for Nelly and
3. How will Uncle Tomas’s children feel?
a. They will be sad.
a. Her family is rich
b. They will be angry.
b. her Mother is sick
c. They will be glad.
c. Nelly will pay for it.
Decorating arranging wrapped
Picnic promise planning