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Classroom Profile

1. There are 21 students in Mrs. Fox’s class. 13 are boys and 8 are girls.
2. The students are 7-8 years old.
3. Mrs. Fox is a 2nd grade teacher. She teaches all subjects to her students.
4. There are no students in this year’s class with language diversity.
5. This year, Mrs. Fox has 13 boys and 8 girls. There are no problems with
gender in her class.
6. In Mrs. Fox’s class this year, she has no students that are classified as
special education. However, she feels that a few students in her class may
have special needs. One of her male students only does his work
sometimes, never sits still, and always wants attention. Two of her other
male students have a very hard time with reading. One of them may have a
speech disorder with makes him spell and read words differently. The
other boy may always have a hearing problem that may impair him from
completely reading and spelling words correctly.
7. All her students are on different levels. A few of the students start at the
end of 1st grade level, some are at the beginning of 2nd grade level, most of
them are at the regular second grade level, and a couple are on the third-
grade level. However different students are on different levels in different
8. Mrs. Fox’s classroom climate is very warm and welcoming. She makes
everyone feel comfortable there. She gives the students everything they
need and she makes it a safe place for all.
9. Mrs. Fox does a lot of things to make her students feel loved and like they
are important. One thing I would like to note is that at the end of every day
she asks every single one of her students how there day was and what their
favorite part was. She wants them to know she cares about how they are
and how their day was.
School Profile
Academic Level 66.40% of students
Language Diversity 0% of students
School Enrollment # 477 students (KG - 5th grade)
Ethical/ Racial Diversity o White 81.6%
o African American 5%
o Hispanic 5%
o Asian 4.2%
o American Indian 0%
o Native Hawaiian 0%
o Two or more races 4.2%
Special need population 24% of students
Socioeconomic statues 21% of students
Language Arts and Math standardized 2nd graders don’t take the PARCC, but
test trends they take the STAR test.

The school’s academic level is measured by the PARCC test which is taken from 3rd
grade on. 66.08% of students performed average or higher on their PARCC test.
For this school year there was no language diverse students. Whitman school
teaches kindergarten through fifth grade. Whitman has a total enrollment of 477
students this year. Whitman is 81.6% white, 5% African American, 5% Hispanic,
4.2% Asian, 0% American Indian, 0% Native Hawaiian, and 4.2% of students are
two or more races. Whitman Elementary Schools special needs percentage is
around 24%. 21% of the students that attend Whitman are socioeconomically
disadvantaged. The grade level I taught doesn’t take the PARCC test so I don’t
know the Language Arts and Math standardized test scores. In second grade,
they take the STAR test. This test gives teachers and parents a good idea what
level the students are on and if they are prepared for third grade.