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Abstract NDLA

To estimate the damage and losses is based on sector-by-sector assessment methodology and
a subsequent “bottom up” approach to estimate the overall effects of the disaster and the
impact on society and economy. This report explains generic procedure for damage and loss
assessment in infrastructure sector (water and sanitation, electricity, transport and
communications) and social sector (housing, education and health).
The typical steps during assessment of damage and losses are define a baseline information
that refers to the baseline of prevailing conditions prior to the disaster, and is the foundation
for the estimation of damage and losses, develop a post-disaster situation that based on
the field visits by assessment specialists team like picture of disaster effects and the number
of construction unit partially or totally destroyed, estimation of damage and losses that
based on comparison of the baseline information and post-disaster condition and input for
macro-economic and personal impact analysis that based on report of estimation damage
and losses to determine the overall amount of disaster effects. That will be compared to main
macro-economic variable to get the impact in economy and society.
Damage and losses are to be assessed by the sector assessment team include an architect to
estimate value of asset destruction and a sociologist and an economist for the estimation of
the losses.