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Directions (1 to 3): In the following question, out of the 14 He does not dare to leave the hotel lest_________
four alternatives, select the alternative which is the best (a) He should not be recognized
substitute of the sentence. (b) He would not be recognized
1. A man who ask many questions (c) He should be recognized
(a) Vociferous (c) Frugal (d) He is not be recognized
(b) Acquisitive (d) Inquisitive Directions (15 to 17): In the following question, improved
2. A person who attacks first the bracketed part of the sentence.
(a) Invader (c) Recidivist 15. The novel (consists of) a thousand pages.
(b) Initiator (d) Offender (a) Comprises of (c) Composes
3. An embarrassing mistake (b) Comprises (d) No improvement
(a) Proboscis (c) Candelabra 16. The people of Japan are (wiser than America)
(b) A faux Pas (d) Ruminate (a) Wiser than that of America.
Directions (4 to 6): In the following questions out of (b) Wise than those of America.
the four alternatives, select the alternative which (c) No improvement.
best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase. (d) Wiser than those of America.
4. Blessing in disguise 17. The chairman appointed her (as a secretary) as she is
(a) To take on a task that is way to big efficient.
(b) Have a favour (a) A secretary
(c) A good invention or innovation (b) As secretary
(d) Something good that is not recognized at first (c) Secretary
5. Best thing since sliced bread (d) No improvement
(a) A good plan or idea Directions (18 to 20): In the following questions, some
(b) Have relished bread part of the sentences may have errors. Find out which
(c) All the advantages parts of the sentence has an error and select the
(d) Best of both worlds appropriate options. If a sentence is free from error,
6. To pull one’s socks up select ‘No Error’
(a) To prepare (c) To try hard 18. The flock of lion (A)/roamed about (B)/ fearlessly in the
(b) To get ready (d) to depart woods (C)/ No error (D)
19. We have been (A)/ to this house no (B)/ less than on
7. Select the antonym of ‘Precarious’
(a) Dangerous (c) Safe three occasions (C)/ No error (D)
(b) Obstinate (d) Prominent 20 Recently I visited Kerala (A)/ and found the sceneries
8. Select the antonym of Perspicuous (B)/ to be breathtaking (C)/ No error (D)
(a) Lucid (c) Perspicacious
(b) Prodigal (d) Nebulous Cloze Test
9. Select the synonym of ‘Scintillating’
(a) Glittering (c) Touching The postal service is the government agency (1)……
(b) Warming (d) Smouldering handles the mail. Its job is (2)….. letters and packages
10. Select the synonym of ‘Zany’
to people and businesses all over the world. Its goal is
(a) Magician (c) Thief
(b) Clown (d) Scholar to see that your mail gets to its destination (3)……
11. Select the wrongly spelt word. possible. People (4)…. The postal service to deliver
(a) Squirrel (c) Spurious important letters and even valuables, (5)…… time and
(b) Suffrage (d) Trignometry to the right person.
1 (a) the fact that (b) whether
Directions (12 to 14): In the following questions, the (c) of which (d) that
sentence given with blank to be filled in with an
2 (a) being delivered (b) to be deliver
appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out
of the four and indicate it by selecting the (c) to have delivered (d) to deliver
appropriate option. 3 (a) less quickly (b) too quickly
12. I think he is _____ young to get married. (c) so quickly that (d) as quickly as
(a) Too (c) Much
4 (a) back out (b) check out
(b) Very (d) More
13. Rajan bought a new car last year but he ________ (c) come in (d) rely on
his old car yet, so at present he has two cars. 5 (a) to (b) for
(a) Could not sell (c) did not sell (c) at (d) on
(b) Has sold (d) has not sold