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Annexure - I

Name of the Institution:AIIT

Synopsis for Project
Project Title: Mobile Banking Application
Project Guide: Mrs. Upasna Sharma
Project Team: Individual

Programme:-BSc.IT Semester:-5th
S. No. Enrolment No. Name Signature

1 A1004815102 Divyanshu Kaushik

Project summary (at least 250 words)

Portable BANKING or the Mobile Internet however can likewise utilize extraordinary
projects called customers downloaded to the portable device.Mobile saving money is a
route for the client to perform keeping money activities on his or her wireless or other cell
phone. It is otherwise called M-Banking or sMs Banking.Mobile managing an account
enables the client to sign into his or her record from a PDA. and then utilize the telephone
to make installments. check parities. exchange cash between records. advise the bank of
a lost or stolen.


Feaseability study is an uncommon state compartment variant of the whole method expected that would
answer diverse demand likeCredibility study is driven once the issue clearly got on. Judgment skills study is
basic to watch that the proposed framework is Feasible by considering the particular. Operational. what's
more, Economical parts

The running with feaseability are considered for the meander with a specific end

Technical Feasibility
Economical Feasibility

Operational Feasibility

In this stage. we concentrate on the probability of all proposed structures. what's more, pick the best
practical reaction for the issue. The probability is seen as considering three lead segments as takes after.

specific Feasibility:

In this walk. we admit whether the proposed structures are really conceivable or not. i.e.. each one of the
advances required to develop the system are open rapidly or not.

particular Feasibility comprehends if the association has the progress and confines fundamental to carryout
the endeavor and how this should be gotten. The structure can be conceivable in setting of the running with

Pragmatic Feasibility:

In this walk. we check which recommendation is more reasonable. We investigate the cash related points of
interest of the new structure with the hypothesis. The new structure is fiscally conceivable exactly when the
money related points of interest are more than the theories and utilize. Reasonable In this issue. we should

The cost to lead a full system examination.

The cost of horw and sorw for the class of use being considered.

The change gadget.

The cost of bolster and so forward..

Our wander is financially pragmatic in light of the fact that the cost of change is especially immaterial when
diverged from budgetary points of interest of the application.
Operational Feasibility:

In this walk. we affirm particular operational components of the proposed structures like
work. time and so on.. whichever course of action uses less operational resources. is the
best operationally achievable course of action. The game plan should in like manner be
operationally possible to realize. Operational Feasibility makes sense of whether the
proposed structure satisfied customer goals could be fitted into the present system


Adaptable dealing with a record offers many purposes of intrigue. for instance, extraordinary security.
basic get to and sufficient applications for cutting edge cell phones. "The best preferred standpoint is that
you have more control of your money." says James Van Dyke. pioneer of Javelin framework and Research
in Pleasanton. Calif. "You don't have Internet affiliations wherever you go. Regardless, you do have a
versatile affiliation."

Customers are legitimately going flexible — and for good reasons.

Clearly. 12 million individuals utilized helpful managing a record benefits in 2009. as per Frost and sullivan.
an examination firm. That number will move to 45 million by 2014.

Reduced managing a record offers many motivations behind interest. for example, uncommon security.
clear get to and adequate applications for bleeding edge PDAs. "The best good position is that you have
more control of your cash." says James Van Dyke. pioneer of Javelin system and Research in Pleasanton.
Calif. "You don't have Internet affiliations wherever you go. In any case, you do have an adaptable

In any case. different specialists say that versatile saving money offers many purposes of premium worth
utilizing. besides, some are indicating at change. Here's a snappy outline.

• Good security
• Mobile sparing cash is increment quickly

• No charges

• Easy get to

Project scope

The accompanying has been secured under the venture "Versatile Banking".

1. Introduction to versatile saving money

2. Advantages and Disadvantages

Points of interest:

1. The best great position that versatile sparing cash offers to bank s is that it unquestionably hacks
down the costs of giving backing of the customers. For example an ordinary teller or phone trade
costs about s2.36 each. in spite of the fact that an electronic trade costs pretty much s0.10 each.

2. In addition. this new channel gives the bank ability to deliberately pitch up-offer their other
complex dealing with a record things and organizations, for instance, vehicle propels. charge cards
et cetera.

3. For expert associations. Adaptable dealing with a record offers the accompanying
surest way to deal with finish improvement. Countries like Korea where versatile
penetration is nearing submersion. compact keeping cash is updating providers increase
salaries from the now static endorsers use. expert associations are logically using the
diserse nature of their maintained adaptable keeping cash organizations to pull in new
customers and hold old ones.

Methodology to be adopted:-
Regular working in the firm from Monday to Saturday from 2nd Jaunuary to 30th
March 2018. Working as per the company guide and other senior team in the

Schedule of Internship completion:-

30th March 2018.

Signature(s) of Project Team Member(s) Name and Signature of Project Guide