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LWVCC responds to Concord's thosein�nlinrplich­

decision to take over CCTV ing what is DOW a dear
separation between town
At the Feb. 2 League of government and CC'IV
requires careful thought.
Women Voters of Concord­
Second, while there was
Carlisle First Friday Forum,
transparency on the part
the issue of the Town of Con - ,
of the town - for Chris
cord's decision to take over
Whelan informed both the
CCTV was discussed. Jane
Select Board and CCTV
Hotchkiss, speaking for the
that the contract between
Select Board; Kate Hodges,
them would end in Sep­
representing the town; and
tember 2018 the conse­
Court Booth, reflecting the

quences of such a transfer
history of CCTV, spoke and
have only recently sur­
responded to audience ques­
faced in the broader, pub­
tions. Several points emerged.
lic dialogue. And finally,
First, the independence of the
there has been no clear
press is a concern for all Con - ,
budgetary presentation to
cord citizens. The crisp distinc­
assure that the "enhanced
tions between open discomse
ser_vices" promised -
and censorship are always frag �
with plans to expand the
ile, but they seem particularly
operations into 105 Everett
so in our times. While no one
St. - could not become
questions the motivations of
financially burdensome.
Until each of these con -
cerns has been carefully
considered and adjudi -
cated, the League board
suggests that a year's
hiatus occur, allowing
time for more specific
plans to emerge. There
are, additionally, impor­
tant concerns about the
archival storage and
access of the materials
presently maintained by
CCTV. These are invalu -
able records of our history.
The extant CCTV board
is replete with experi -
ence and expertise, and
there are other knowl­
edgeable e�perts in our
community. As the town
moves forward, we hope
that each of these parties .
can come together and
craft an effective, cre­
ative, viable resolution
of the varied concerns.

Diane Proctor, president,