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Concord's Fow1h Estate

Freedom of speech - as com­

pared, say, to whether the School
Committee is robust- particu-
larly our press freedoms, may
not be the first thing that springs
to your mind when reading the
letters column, perhaps illustrat­
ing how we take these precious
rights for granted, effectively
invisible most all the time.
But if you've seen the movie
"The Post," you understand
immediately why Steven Spiel-
berg himself directed, put­
ting Hollywood's two finest in
the leads, a movie about grave
threats to press freedoms in a
war that happened, for good­
ness sake, 50 years ago now!
Democracy can function and
thrive only when media organs,
the so-called Fourth Estate,
are guaranteed the freedom to
tell truth to power. And that is
gravely under threat nation -
ally again- today, now.
For Concord? The cradle
of liberty that prides itself
on its intellectual leadership
must most of allset the shin­
ing example, and guarantee an
independent Fourth Estate, here
at home. With CCTV and the
Concord Journal complement­
ing each other, video and print.
We are most fortunate to have
a remarkable, stellar board of
directors for ccrv' the inde­
pendent Concord Carlisle TV
station. Led by two who began
iu COillIIlllility 1V 30 years ago,
who now have risen to pinnacles
ofthe ndeo industry, a board of
like stalwarts has been recruited.
Rather than takeover - which
would starkly violate the invio­
lable separation essential for a
ree Fourth�sta:te-=-our Conc'urd­
Select Board can repair relations
with CCIV. So that we can begin
once again to get the very best
fc:L Cmcord, as well as Carlisle.
ccmatio on this situa-
has been cmioasly absent
recently. Those who might
· the detail important
can find a me-page report at
this link- goo.gJ/vBQYBf.

David Alen. Heaths Bridge Road,