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Republic of the Philippines )

City of Manila ) S. S.

I, Boy Abundant, of legal age, Filipino, single, and a resident of

Bevene Residence, Concepcion Aguila, Mendiola, Manila under oath
declare that:

1. That I have been the manager of Bebe Gandangreyna for

almost five (5) years.

2. That part of my job is to secure the best work for Bebe

Gandangreyna, for the best fee. It likewise includes negotiating
contracts and fees, finding and booking events and venues,
publicity and promotion, helping her on career decisions, and
managing media relations on their behalf.

3. That at the present, she have various endorsement contracts

with different companies including Procter and Gamble
Philippines, Belo Medical Group, Globe Telecom, SMDC,
Unica Hija, Michaela, Living Water, San-Yang Furnitures,
Xtreme Magic Sing, JAG JEANS, GAOC DENTAL, Oppo Mirror
5, Manulife.

4. That aside from the foregoing endorsement contracts, she

likewise have several fashion show bookings like "Marry Me At
Marriot" bridal event, Michael Cinco Fall 2018 Cotoure, Vogue
Fashion Show, and Manila Fashion Festival.

5. That the non-renewal of her contract with San Miguel

Corporation was because she did not want to renew the same
due to the fact that her booking schedule for this year is already
full, and that she did not want to accept work that she knows
she cannot commit to.

6. That on 15 December 2017, I was with Reyna during the “San

Miguel Ladies Fashion Event 2017” where she was scheduled
to appear as one of the ramp models.

7. That we were stationed at a dressing room on the 3rd floor of

the hotel since Reyna was to appear during the first part of the
8. That after she had finished her walk, she went back to the
dressing room and changed clothes.
9. That she asked for two(2) bottles of San Miguel Premium
because she wanted to visit Snow’s dressing room to have a
drink with her as this was customary to ease their pre-walk
10. That She left at around 9:30 pm but was only gone for a
short period of time and came back with the same two(2)
unopened bottles of San Miguel Premium beers she brought
with her when she left.
11. When I asked what happened, she told me that she was
kicked out (tinaboy) by Snow when the latter learned of
Brando’s proposal to get back with Reyna.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this

7TH day of February 2018 in the city of Manila.

Boy Abundant

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me, in the City of Manila, this

7th day of February 2018, the affiant exhibiting his Driver’s License
No. H02-12-000456 issued by the Land Transportation Office at the
City of Manila on January 10, 2016 valid until January 10, 2019.

Notary Public of Manila
Unit 1, X Building, Recto, Manila
IBP No. 345786; 01/10/2017 - Manila
PTR No. 3456789; 01/10/2017 - Manila
Roll No. 765432; 05/05/2005
MCLE No. I - 005678; 09/09/2016
MCLE No. II - 005678; 09/09/2016
Doc. No. 22;
Page No. 33;
Book No. I;
Series of 2018.

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