Press Release ± For Immediate Release Advanced Instruments to Present at the AOAC Annual Meeting¶s Wiley Award Symposium

NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A. ± September 13, 2010 ± Advanced Instruments will make three scientific presentations at the AOAC Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, September 26-29, 2010, including one at the prestigious Wiley Award Symposium. ³We are honored to be selected as a panelist for this year¶s symposium. We congratulate this year¶s Harvey W. Wiley Award winner, Dr. David Barbano of Cornell University, for his many outstanding contributions to the analytical sciences field,´ said Peter Costas, vice president of sales and marketing at Advanced Instruments. Evert de Jong of Advanced Instruments¶ Delta Instruments subsidiary will join the Wiley Award Symposium¶s distinguished panel, which will discuss ³Testing for Payment, Quality, and Adulteration: Is It All Hidden in the Mid-IR Spectra?´ In his presentation, Mr. de Jong will address cutting-edge applications of mid-infrared milk analysis to predict fatty acid composition and to rapidly screen milk for adulterants using chemometric analysis of midinfrared spectra. The Wiley Award Symposium will be held on September 27 at 1:30 p.m. Also on the AOAC Annual Meeting program, Eileen Garry of Advanced Instruments will present a scientific poster in the General Methods session entitled, ³Base Freezing Point Values of Untainted Goat, Sheep, and Water Buffalo Milk.´ Base freezing point values were used to generate tables for estimating extraneous water in goat, sheep, and water buffalo milk. The presentation will be held on September 28 at 11:30 a.m. Anthony Pappas will conduct an exhibitor presentation on ³AOAC Level Quality Control with Advanced Instruments Products.´ The presentation will discuss how Advanced Instruments products support the AOAC¶s mission of ³worldwide confidence in analytical results.´ It will review how Advanced provides a wide-ranging product portfolio allowing users the ability to ensure confident, quality decisions with a breadth of applications in food, dairy, water testing, and more. The presentation will be held on September 28 at noon. New SomaScope Smart Debuts at AOAC The new Delta Instruments SomaScopeTM Smart Somatic Cell Counter will make its first AOAC appearance at the Advanced Instruments exhibit booth #107. The instrument has received approval for sale in the U.S. from the Lab Committee of the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) as the industry¶s first somatic cell counter to feature light emitting diodes (LEDs) as its light source. ³The SomaScope Smart delivers fast, accurate somatic cell counts with an unprecedented ease of use and low cost of ownership,´ said Costas.

Advanced Instruments to Present at the AOAC Annual Meeting¶s Wiley Award Symposium
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In addition, Advanced Instruments will be exhibiting its AutoPlate® Spiral Plating System, a new high-speed, high-performance microbial plater that eliminates serial dilutions, as well as the Advanced® Model 4250 Cryoscope for precise, proven measurement of added water in milk. To learn more about the AOAC annual meeting presentations and Advanced Instruments¶ products, visit or call +1 800.225.4034 or +1 781.320.9000. About Advanced Instruments, Inc. Founded in 1955, Advanced Instruments, Inc. ( is the world¶s largest supplier of freezing-point cryoscopes and osmometers used in dairy, clinical, and pharmaceutical laboratories. The company is also a leading supplier of analytical instruments for the food and industrial microbiology markets. Based in Norwood, Massachusetts, U.S.A., the company also produces Fiske® Associates brand diagnostic instruments and operates Spiral Biotech, Inc.; D & F Control Systems, Inc.; Mart® Microbiology; and Delta Instruments as wholly owned subsidiaries. A worldwide network of direct sales people and independent distributors supports Advanced Instruments¶ products. ### Note to Editors: y Press contact: Don Goncalves, Tiziani Whitmyre, +1 781.793.9380, y Download high-resolution photos for publication from: