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Strong writing skills may enhance students' chances for success (Alexander, 2008).

discussing the significance of writing to learning, Suleiman (2000) also stresses that
writing is an essential factor of language

Writing is a gem to pick. A person with good writing skills is always victorious at
expressing oneself. The writing skill is the ‘hard copy’ of your intellectual level or the
level of your expression. The writing process is taught in schools and colleges. But,
do you practice it in reality? Or Do you start to write as soon as the question is read.
Pre Writing opens the doors to effective writing where you brainstorm almost
anything under the topic or theme. You find a topic, narrow it, and consider the
purpose, audience as well as the form of writing. You are not concerned with creating
whole sentences or paragraphs at this point rather you should aim at defining an idea
and getting it rolling. Then we write our first draft which is a compilation of our
random thoughts. This is where our words form sentences and paragraphs. The third
step is revision. Revision means “Seeing again. ” Here you refine the ideas in their
compositions. Revising consists of three activities: rereading the rough draft, sharing
the rough draft in a writing group/with anyone, and revising on basis of feedback.
You can add or substitute thoughts and words. The same can be done with deleting
and moving your words in the draft. Editing is the next big thing. The cleaning up
process where the clutter is cleared and ideas are allowed to shine happens here. We
tend to putting the piece of writing into its final form and you fine-tune your work by
focusing on correct punctuation, capitalization, grammar, usage, and paragraphing.
The goal here is to make the writing ‘optimally readable. ” The last is publishing you
final piece. Each step is interchangeable and can be done as many as you dare or till
your writing perfects. I always tell my students to work out at least three drafts. So
this is it with writing…easy? It would turn out simply simple if you make it a habit
and practice like you practice your favourite song or dance. Tip: Avoid electronic
English (u for you)

1.2. The importance of writing

Writing is a communication tool that translates thoughts, ideas, and feelings into
language at any time and at any place as Rogers (2005:1) mentions:
Writing is one of the most significant cultural accomplishments of human beings,
it allows us to record and convey information and stories beyond the immediate
moment. Writing allows to communicate at a distance, either at a distant place or
at a distant time.
The same idea is emphasized in the book of writing skill success in 20 minutes a day
(2005). The importance of writing is summarized in terms of five advantages:
1-In writing, the writer can take it back. It is considered as careful, thoughtful way of
2-Writing forces writers to clarify their thoughts.
3-Writing is permanent.

4-Contrary to speaking, in writing writers may have many opportunities to revise,

and correct what they have written before giving it to the intended audience.
5-In writing writers sometimes just sitting down and writing whatever is on their
and organize what they think.
In writing, writers can translate their thoughts into written language and they can
record whatever they write. This view is supported by Rogers (2005) since he claimed
through writing one can record longer texts. Moreover, many learners write for
needs and purposes such as writing academic essays, letters, or reports related to the
purpose they want to achieve. Barras (2005:1) argued that:
Writing is important in studying all subjects, and in all professions. Only by
writing well can you give a good account of yourself as students or when
applying for employment, or in a career when writing email, memoranda, letters,
instructions and reports. It is by your writing that many people judge you.
Writing is also viewed as a basic means of assessing knowledge of the language since
most exams require students to answer in writing. Also, writing is certainly easier to
than student’s speaking. Bacha(2002)stated that writing is important in student’s
course since most examination, reports and research work depend on it. Coffin et al
also claimed that writing is important since it uses as means of an assessment, it
student’s communicative skill, and it trains students as future professionals in
1.3. Effective writing
When students write, they try to express ideas which are clear, well organized, and
logically related that the reader will understand the message they want to convey.
According to Starkey (2004), effective writing is mainly based on four elements:
organization, clarity, word choice, and mechanics.

Bacon (1605) emphasized the importance of writing when he wrote “writing makes an exact
man”. So, writing is a basic skill in language leaning, since the learner has to make
considerable effort and practise many writing activities to reach an acceptable level of
for Ghaith(2007):"It allows writers to explore thoughts and ideas, and make them
visible and concrete. Writing encourages thinking and learning for it motivates
communication and makes thought available for reflection"

Writing plays an important role in our lives. It is a "communicative tool" to keep ties
between people. It has a number of uses and has an important functional role in our
lives. The visible form of written language means that it provides ideas and thoughts
with a degree of permanence and enables meaning to be conveyed to others or
recorded. Thus, writing reflects a life long learning.

(2004:3) believes that writing is taking as a part of education among the societies because
the ability to write in certain language is a fortune, as a result writing is considered to be
the measured skill it means that teachers can measure learner’s language proficiency
through writing.

The ability to write a second/foreign language is becoming widely recognized

as a
crucial skill for educational, occupational and personal reasons. One of the
main goals
of learning to write is to pursue careers that involve extensive writing.
Moreover, at
the university level, writing is used as a tool for learning