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November 1, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

Vince Lombardi once said, “…that great leaders are not born, they are made. That they are made
through hard work and dedication…” Kira Cadiz is the epitome of that statement. I have had the
pleasure to get to know Kira Cadiz over the last two years as the advisor for Glencoe High School’s
ASB. I first met Kira as a student in my leadership class. She immediately impressed me with her
ability and commitment to academics, school activities, and community service. At the end of her junior
year Kira ran for a Glencoe ASB position. She currently serves as Glencoe High School’s ASB Public
Relations Director. I am constantly impressed with Kira’s energy, her passion, and without a doubt her
leadership abilities.

Obviously, Kira has a strong academic foundation. She is a member of Glencoe High Schools National
Honor Society. Her record and transcript define the type of student Kira is very clearly. What you can
not see from the transcript is that Kira has made time for a plethora of student groups, and outside
community organizations. She has participated Surf Tide Crew, an organization that helps in-coming
freshmen adapt to the high school environment. Kira has been involved with the Sparrow Club since her
freshman year, helping to raise money for a child with a life threatening illness. What is more amazing,
is that Kira has done all of this while also competing in varsity volleyball for four years on a very
successful team, and attending National Leadership Conferences to develop her leadership skills, as well
as holding down a part time job.

As a member of ASB, Kira has a difficult job. She is responsible for public relations. Kira creates and
posts to a social media account for students to join and stay up to date with current high school issues,
and events. She has made contacts with many outside groups in helping the leadership class aide the
local Hillsboro community. This has been a tremendous resource for ASB for planning activities that
not only involve the school itself, but the larger community of Glencoe and the city of Hillsboro.
Members of ASB have the difficult task of working with other students that are also very highly
motivated, and very opinionated on the executive council of ASB, and the Student Senate. Kira has
demonstrated an amazing ability to help guide other students to consensus and create an excitement
around community and school projects.

Kira has discussed with me that she is interested in pursuing a degree in medicine or the law. I have no
reason to believe she won’t be successful is this endeavor. She is a driven young women, but she has
also demonstrated her compassion and empathy for others. Truly a rare quality seen in today’s world. It
is obvious, I suppose, how I feel about Kira Cadiz as a leader and as a person. She will be missed at
Glencoe High School next year. In 23 years as a public school educator, I have met very few students
like Kira Cadiz. She is special. She has in front of her a future of amazing accomplishments that is
impossible to predict. The straight truth is Kira will be successful regardless of what college is lucky
enough to acquire her as a student. She will be successful in life. I have no doubts. I highly
recommend that you strongly consider Kira Cadiz.

Charles F. Self, Jr.
GHS Activities Director