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Jessica Maneschyn

219 Oxford Rd. W

Lethbridge, AB T1K 4V6
School Information

Dear _________,

My name is Jessica and I have the honour of joining your class. I am thrilled to be spending the
next seven weeks learning from you and expanding my knowledge base as a student teacher. In
2013, I completed the Early Childhood Education certificate program from the Lethbridge
College. I have also hold First Aid Training and the Suicide Intervention Training certificates. I
will be completing my B.Ed. majoring in Social Studies from the University of Lethbridge in
April of 2019.

I have been blessed to have a wide range of experiences working with children of diverse ages
and educational backgrounds. My ED2500 practicum was done in an inclusive learning
classroom catering to children from grades one through six. In this role, I learned valuable tools
in meeting the educational needs of children in vastly different stages of curriculum with
different levels of comprehension. My next practicum was completed at Dr. Hamman
Elementary in Taber in a grade two classroom. Here I was able to practice developing lessons for
all subject areas within the curriculum. Finally, my most recent PSII placement is being
completed at Wilson Middle School in Lethbridge where I have the pleasure of teaching grade
seven language arts and social studies as well as a level six numeracy cohort.

Outside of school, I have had the privilege of working at the YWCA as a facilitator in their
GirlSpace program. There I had the opportunity to create a summer curriculum for a series of
leadership camps facilitated in Lethbridge, Coalhurst, and Coaldale. Being a program through
the YWCA, many of our girls were in the foster care system or came to us on referral from their
social workers. I am forever grateful for the experiences I have gained through this program with
disclosures of abuse and severe emotional turmoil. In this position, I found my passion for
working with children experiencing emotional, academic, or social difficulties and acting as an
advocate for them in finding appropriate resources and supports to meet their needs.

On a personal note, I love to read, go for walks with my dog, and play board games, and
watching movies with my husband. Professionally, my goal is to one day complete a Masters in

I look forward to bringing my professional experience, passion, nurturing and patience to your
classroom. I am excited to be a sponge and glean all the knowledge I can in my journey to
becoming a teacher. I hope to make a positive contribution to the lives of your students.


Jessica Maneschyn.