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The Rending of the Rules

BETA (8/30/2017)

Art by JohnSu © 2015

_ _ _ A Tw o - P a r t Le tte r _ _ _
To the GM To the Player
This is a collection of House Rules, clarifications, and modifications Never assume your GM is using a houserule just because you like it,
for Anima: Beyond Fantasy. The alterations are not perfect, but I believe or because you use it religiously in every other group you've been in. If
them to be fair. Although I made several of these rules on my own, the you can't find the rule with a page number, or an official Anima Studios
majority of them are the result of group consensus, multi-tiered input, or post backing it up, it's a houserule. Ask your GM if they plan to use
extravagant inspiration. Many are stolen from forums, random these rules, or any non-core rules, and be specific on which ones. If they
documents on the net, and discussions I happened to be privy to. Many are unfamiliar with the rules in this text, or any text, explain them, or
were altered after stealing them. If you disagree with any of these rules, give them this document so they can read it for themselves.
or how they've been altered then simply don't use them, or alter them for Let them decide.
your own purposes. After they make their decision, either trust your GM, speak
Some decisions here disagree with official rules. The majority of reasonably until you understand their decision, or don't play.
them are this way intentionally, but some are unintentional. I certainly Do. Not. Argue.
don't know every single rule in Anima, since many of them are buried in It's okay to correct a GM if they are contradicting their own rules
Spanish supplements or within ancient forum logs, or sometimes even during the game, or remind them if they're ignoring the rules they've
hidden in a section no one would think to look in for such rules. You can selected to follow. It is not okay to disagree just because you prefer a
tell me about these inconsistencies if you like, and I may or may not different ruleset they decided not to follow.
change my ways. Either way, I ask you not dismiss this entire document I love these rules, and I use most of them in every game I play, but
just because it's not official, or not perfect. The official books and I'm not the GM of every game out there. No game is a dictatorship, but
documents are certainly imperfect, but we still love them anyways, no? that doesn't mean the GM doesn't get to decide on things without putting
Lastly, I beg you: Listen to your players. They are the blood of your them to a vote. Offer input, suggestions, comments, critiques, but don't
game. Without them, you are writing a novel for yourself. If they are ever put yourself ahead of everyone else at the table.
interested in one of these rules, read about it. Weigh it against the If you want to decide on the rules of the game, run your own game.
original rules, or what it adds to the system. Don't just dismiss it
offhand. In short: make an informed decision, and then stick with it so
long as it works for you and your group. Not all groups are created the
same, after all.
I am not the ruler of your game. I probably don't even play in it, but Sincerely,
no game should be a tyrannical dictatorship.

-Tyr Hawk

Illustrations Used With Permission From:
C R ED I TS Manabu.Agent039 - Bending
Autlaw -
Melissa Cane – Weapon Disciplines
CGlas -
Support him at: Michael_The – Style Modules

FelixRJ - Nurddude1 – Psychic Power

Quairon Nailo – Psychic Powers

JohnSu -
Reverare – Perception tables, Genetics, Mecha
Rachiyo33 –
Support him at: Shadeofkin - Invocation

Readman - Sharpandpointies – Damned Ideas, General feedback

SnowCorridor - Silkentoes – Damned Ideas, Disadvantages, New skills,

Spirit_Crusher – Bonus stacking

Contributor – Areas Contributed To
Alphawhelp – Black Metal, Ars Magnus, Disadvantages Tyhuji – Wear Armor changes

Arikail – Alternate Leveling Tywyll – Advantages

Artent – Skill Specializations Vixen Icaza – Damned Ideas

BÅT – Combat Rules, Carrying, Zampakuto VoidKnight – PP Calculations

Bear – Sheele summoning, Ki sheele, Monster Races Wizuriel – Nephilim DP cost

BerzerkerUnit – DP/MK conversion, Saved DP, Materials,

Membership Writer, Formatter, Editor, Person-in-Chief, Contributor,
Developer, Justifier, Head Chef, Superfluous Title #7, Tyr
Brewmaster_vitty – Impossible Weapons, Tyr Hawk

Cerufel - Materials If I have missed anyone, I am terribly sorry. My goal is not to

plagiarize, only to share ideas I found in publicly-available spaces.
Dalerik – Damned ideas, New Weapon rules, Disadvantages, Sometimes I miss a name or an association with a ruleset though.
Please message me and I will immediately amend my error.
DarkMagician – Advantages/Disadvantages, Mecha
Thank you again to any and all who supported this project, whether
Demosthenes - Phonokinesis directly or indirectly. I couldn’t do it without you.
An especially special thank to the artists (who generously let me use
ElricofMelnibone – Weapon Equip Options, New Sheele Types, their incredible work), my players (who let me mercilessly test many of
Specializations, Impossible Weapons, New Elan these rules on them), Bear (who introduced me to Anima), and,
naturally, my family (who know nothing about this, and if they did
Gimp – Occult Learning likely wouldn’t care that much, but who always deserve thanks
Heart of the Tiger – Psychic Limits, Advantages, And, finally, thank you for downloading this and reading this far.
Even if you do nothing else, it’s nice to know this caught your attention.
Ilovecheese1 – Advantages/Disadvantages
Anima, Beyond Fantasy is © 2005 - 2017 by Anima Project Studio
JA (KilledWithStyle) – Advantages, Alt exp system and Edge Entertainment; all artwork is © 2001 - 2015 by their original
creators, all rights reserved.
Kiyoshi Mori - Phonokinesis

Korwin – Occult Learning

Lia Valenth – Alternate Leveling

Lizbeth – Psychic limitations, Perceptions,

Chapter 1: Sheele
-New Sheele Types
-Ki Sheele
-Gaia’s Daughters

Chapter 2: Artifact Creation

-New Artificing System

Chapter 3: Monsters as PCs

Chapter 4: Other Forms of Combat

-Alternate Combat Turns
--Enemy Death
-Social Combat

Chapter 5: Misc. Houserules

-Style Modules
-Martial Arts Damage
-Increased Natural Bonus
-Duk'Zarist Resistances
-Opposed Magic
-Psychic Stuff
-Free stuff!

Chapter 7: Extended Tables

Edits since 1/2/2017
Riposte changed to boost effectiveness and clarify
Added Knowledge/Language options.
Added a very Spanish Psychic Discipline.
Reorganized content and fixed some formatting.

Current To Do
Organize and stylize all the things!
Translate Psychic Stuff
Update Reverse Init (-50, -100, -150 init differences)
Update Wear Armor modules (from Tyhuji)
Cooking – Suggestions/Options (Sci, Art, Med, etc.)
Style – Suggestions for uses

___ _____ _
Roll Result Sheele Type
Cost Modifications 1-10 Light
3x Zeon cost instead of 10x. Summoning for someone else increases 11-20 Air
the cost to 5x, but it can be split up to 75/25. In other words, both parties 21-30 Essence
do not have to pay the full cost, but both parties must at least pay some 31-40 Earth
of it. 41-50 Fire
For those paying attention: yes, this means the person with the most 51-60 Illusion
Zeon can pay the greater portion of the cost. 61-70 Water
This change was made to make Sheele summoning viable for non- 71-80 Darkness
optimized summoners and non-mystics alike. 81-85 Creation
86-90 Destruction
91-100 Player’s Choice*
*Not Creation, Destruction, or Necromancy

The Bramine gets +40 to her Secondary Abilities. This improvement
Bramine are manifestations of Creation Magic. Like their can be chosen multiple times, but the bonus is reduced to +20 after the
Destruction counterpart, the Kalih, Bramine are extremely rare Sheele first time.
that appear in the world only once in a while. Their appearance is that of
Baho little girls with a pale azure skin and a chakra in the middle of their INTEGRITY
forehead, dressed in ceremonial dress of Baho’s scholar chaste. Their
The Bramine grants for a turn a bonus equal to her Power to the
demeanor is always very calm. They don’t speak often, but when they
Fortitude of an object which Presence is equal or lower than double her
do, they do so with great wisdom that defies their appearance. As a
Presence plus her Power Bonus. Using this ability has a cost of 20 Zeon.
general rule, they are loving and caring toward their master, although
they tend to relate more like they would as a parent, then as a child.
The master of the Bramine doubles all effects of Meditation for
Base Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 5, Agility 5, Constitution 4, Zeon, Ki and Free Psychic Points recovery, as long as she is within the
Intelligence 8, Power 9, Willpower 9, Perception 6. control range.
Secondary Abilities: Persuasion 30, Magic Appraisal 70, Medicine
60, Science 40, Composure 50, Art 20, Music 20, Forge 30. OVERWHELMING LIFE
Path Level: Creation 20. The Bramine projects an explosion of creation power that
overwhelms beings disrupting the natural functions of living beings and
the structural integrity of inorganic objects. The Bramine makes an
Mystical Flight: Bramine have a Mystical Flight value of 4. attack with a Range equal to her Willpower in meters against all beings
Lady of Creation: Double Resistance Points of Supernatural and objects not directly in contact with the Bramine and invisible for all
Shields employed by Bramine and Life Points healed by her spells. those that are unable to see magic. All targets hit by the attack, ignoring
AT, must pass a PhR check against a Difficulty equal to double the
Bramine’s Presence plus her Power Bonus. Living beings that fail the
check are healed by a number of Life Points equal to their Failure Level,
Below are a list of improvements that a Bramine can take. Unless objects recover a level of Quality for each 10 points of Failure Level,
stated otherwise, each can only be chosen once. and structures recover a number of Resistance Points equal to their
Failure Level. Living beings, objects and structures that recover more
AVATAR OF CREATION Life Points, Quality Levels or Resistance Points than their maximum
For 5 turns, the Bramine doubles every numeral on Creation spells suffer the excess as Damage or Quality Level penalties. Creatures
cast. This effect does not stack with Lady of Creation, but can be further recover suffered damage at the rate of Life Points Sacrifice and suffer
affected from the Reinforce Magic Spell. After using this ability, the from an All Action Penalty equal to suffered Damage, recovering at the
Bramine becomes unable to cast any spell for 5 turns. Activating this same rate. Using this ability has a cost of 50 Zeon Points.
ability consumes 100 Zeon from the Master.
CREATION INCARNATION The Bramine gets +50 to her Defensive Magic Projection.
The Bramine can at will become an incarnation of Creation with a
Regeneration Value of 18, regardless of her constitution. Also, she can
generate at will an aura with a range in meters equal to her Power
Bonus, lasting for one turn. Inside the aura, all Creation Spells cast by
others are considered as cast at one Casting Level higher, while all
Destruction Spells cast by others are considered as cast at one Casting
Level lower. Activating this form has a cost of 20 Zeon, and the aura
costs 20 Zeon per activation.

Anyone in contact with the Bramine is granted a bonus of +20 to
any Defense or Defensive Projection roll he/she makes.

The Bramine makes an attack invisible to all that cannot see magic
using her Magic Projection +50. The target of this spell suffers no direct
damage if hit, but becomes immediately subject to the effect of a
number of Intensities of either Cold, Fire or Electricity equal to the
Bramine’s Power Bonus. The number of Intensities is reduced by one
for each point of targets AT against the chosen element. This ability has
a cost of 250 Zeon.

A target within sight of the Bramine and within 50 meters benefits
from a bonus to All Resistances equal to the Bramine’s Presence for a
number of turns up to her Power value or until deactivated by the
Bramine as a Passive Action. Activating this ability has a cost of 50
Zeon and this ability can only be used on a single target at a time.

A target within sight of the Kalih and within 50 meters must pass a
MR check each turn against double her Presence or suffer Damage equal
Kalih are pure beings of Destruction Magic. As rare as the Bramine, to Failure Level. If inflicted Damage causes a Critical, the Critical Level
Kalih only manifested on Gaia extremely few times. Their appearance is is increased by a value equal to double the Kalih’s Willpower Bonus.
that of Baho little girls with a red skin and a chakra in the middle of Activating this ability has a cost of 50 Zeon and this ability can only be
their forehead, dressed like Baho’s warrior caste. Their demeanor is used on a single target at a time.
extremely aggressive toward everyone and everything but their own
master, toward which they are overprotective and jealous. They don’t IMPROVED ABILITIES
speak often and when they do, they do so with a ferociousness that
The Kalih gets +40 to her Secondary Abilities. This improvement
defies their appearance. They always suggest to enter a fight whenever a
can be chosen multiple times, but the bonus is reduced to +20 after the
situation escalates even the least bit and unless specifically ordered, they
first time.
never stop to fight unless they’ve reduced to smithereens everything
around them except for their allies.
Anyone in contact with the Bramine is granted a bonus of +20 to
any Attack or Offensive Projection roll he/she makes.
Base Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 5, Agility 6, Constitution 3,
Intelligence 8, Power 8, Willpower 8, Perception 6.
Secondary Abilities: Intimidate 30, Track 30, Animals 20, Magic SWORD OF KALIH
Appraisal 70, Withstand Pain 50, Feats of Strength 50, Poison 50, Trap The Kalih makes an energy-damaging Thrust attack using her Magic
Lore 20. Projection +30 and a Base Damage equal to double her Presence plus
Path Level: Destruction 20. her Power Bonus, with an AT modifier equal to half her Willpower
value. The attack affects all individuals within a line up to her Presence
in meters. This ability has a cost of 200 Zeon.
Mystical Flight: Kalih have a Mystical Flight value of 4.
Lady of Destruction: Double Damage of Attack Spells employed ENGINE OF ERADICATION
by Kalih and add +40 to MR Difficulty of spells used by the Kalih. The Master of the Kalih can always spend 100 Zeon whenever she
attacks or uses an Attack spell or ability in order to have any Damage
she inflicts considered as a Life Points Sacrifice for the purpose of
Below are a list of improvements that a Kalih can take. Unless stated
otherwise, each can only be chosen once.
The Kalih makes an Energy attack against everything within a range
AVATAR OF DESTRUCTION equal to her Presence in meters and not directly in contact with her with
For 5 turns, the Kalih doubles every numeral on Destruction spells
a Base Damage equal to three times her Presence and, bonus to any
cast. This effect does not stack with Lady of Destruction. When using
Critical inflicted equal to her Presence and an AT modifier equal to -1
this ability the Kalih enters a Berserk rage where she cannot discern
per 10 points of her Presence. Using this ability has a cost of 250 Zeon
friends from foes with the exception of her master, unless her master
passes a Willpower check against a difficulty of 15. Activating this
ability consumes 100 Zeon from the Master.

The Kalih gets +50 to her Offensive Magic Projection.

The Kalih can defend as if employing a Supernatural Shield with a
number of Resistance Points equal to 10 times her Presence lasting for a
number of turns equal to her Willpower or until broken. Whenever
blocking a supernatural attack, the shield completely nullifies it unless
the user manages to pass a Power check against a difficulty equal to the
Kalih’s Willpower. Physical Objects blocked by the Destruction Barrier
must pass a MR check against a difficulty equal to double the Kalih’s
Presence or be immediately destroyed. Using this ability has a cost of
150 Zeon.

The Kalih can at will become an incarnation of Destruction, capable
of making 4 Attacks in melee using her Offensive Projection as Attack
and her Presence plus Power Bonus as Base Damage. Also, she can
generate at will an aura with a range in meters equal to her Power Bonus
lasting for one turn. All Destruction Spells cast by others within the area
are considered as cast at one Casting Level higher, while all Creation
Spells cast by others within the area are considered as cast at one
Casting Level lower. Activating this form has a cost of 50 Zeon, and 10
Zeon per turn to maintain. The aura costs 20 Zeon to activate.

The Sheelitch makes an Energy Attack invisible to all unable to see
Sheelitch are horrors which only expert occultists have any spirits using her Magic Projection +50 and a Base Damage equal to
knowledge of and, even then, many believe their existence is little more double her Presence plus her Power Bonus. If the spell misses the target,
than fantasy. Sheelitch are generated in the extremely rare case that a it will keep attacking during following turns with the same Initiative of
Sheele survives the death of her master, and are sometimes referred to as the Sheele and a Predetermined Final Attack value equal to that scored
Orphan Sheele. originally by the Sheelitch, until either it strikes the target, the target is
These Sheele appear as dark and decayed versions of themselves. erased from existence or the Sheelitch is taken out of combat. This
For example, a Faren Sheelitch might be surrounded by spectral flames ability has a cost of 150 Zeon.
or a Quinn Sheelitch might have some dead dried flowers and plants on
their body. DANCE OF THE DEAD
The demeanor of Sheelitch is pretty similar to that of their elemental
The Sheelitch must declare the use of this ability before rolling
counterpart, but they tend to be more somber and grim. Some Orphan
initiative and cannot perform any Active Action during the same turn.
Sheele take on completely new demeanors, however, and are either
When using Dance of The Dead, the Sheelitch forces all Undead
extremely depressed and grieving or terrifying vengeful spirits that spite
creatures (except her master) within 50m to make a MR check against a
all living. Sheelitch often fall into the influence of a Dark Court of a
difficulty equal to twice her Presence plus her Willpower Bonus
Dullahan, where they somewhat substitute their dead master with the
immediately after Initiative is rolled. Those that fail, are under her
Dullahan himself. In the extremely rare occasion that an Orphan
control for the full turn. Undeads under the Sheelitch’s control gain an
Sheelitch's dead master is reanimated as an Undead or brought back to
All Action Bonus equal to double her Power Bonus. Using this ability
life, the Sheelitch will immediately reforge the bond with it.
has a cost of 300 Zeon.


Base Attributes: As Base Sheele, see below. The Sheelitch starts howling, affecting every living being within a
Secondary Abilities: As Base Sheele, see below. range equal to her Presence in meters and capable of hearing her. All
Path Level: Necromancy 20. those affected by this ability must pass an MR check against a difficulty
equal to double her Presence or suffer Damage equal to double their
Failure Level. Each following turn the Sheelitch keeps using this ability,
Mystical Flight: Sheelitch have a Mystical Flight value of 6. increase the MR difficulty by 10 and the range by a number of meters
Magic Drainers: Whenever a Sheelitch inflicts damage by any equal to her Presence. Targets that can somehow protect their ears can
mean on something that holds Zeon (living, undead or even a Zeon gain a bonus ranging from +10 to +40 to their MR while resisting to this
Container), she will drain a quantity of Zeon Points equal to the inflicted power. The Sheelitch cannot cast spells while using the Howl of The
damage. Bansheele, but she can use her other Sheele abilities and maintain
Orphan: When a Sheele master dies, roll a d100 on a roll of 95+, previously cast spells. Using this ability has a cost of 50 Zeon Points
the Sheele survives, but turns into a Sheelitch. She retains her Level, plus additional cumulative 10 Zeon Points per turn of use after the first.
Presence, Projection, Initiative, Life Points, and Resistances. A
Sheelitch MA is equal to that of her master at the moment of death and IMPROVED ABILITIES
her Zeon reserve is equal to 10 times her Presence. A Sheelitch must The Sheelitch gets +40 to her Secondary Abilities. This
substitute all her Elemental specific Improvements with as many chosen improvement can be chosen multiple times, but the bonus is reduced to
Improvements from the Sheelitch list. Unless an Orphan Sheelitch finds +20 after the first time.
her previous master in Undead form and reforms the bond with it, she
cannot gain any more experience. Orphan Sheelitch cannot become
Familiars of other Undead creatures than their previous master. If a
For 5 turns, the Sheelitch's master gains a +5 MA for the purpose of
Sheelitch finds her previous master and reforges the Sheele bond with it,
transferring Zeon to her. The MR difficulty of her spells and abilities
she restarts functioning exactly like a normal Sheelitch for all that
also gains a bonus equal to double her Power Bonus. In order to activate
concerns her attributes.
this ability, the Sheelitch must Sacrifice 50 Life Points and spend 250
Undead: Sheelitch are considered Undead Creatures, their Soul
Form gains the Undead feature for free.

Below is a list of possible improvements that a Sheelitch can take. The Sheelitch recovers 10 Life Points per turn regardless of her
Unless stated otherwise, each can only be chosen once. Regeneration value of 0 as an Undead.


The Sheelitch is granted temporary additional Life Points with The Sheelitch puts her heart into a container called a Phylactery. She
which to absorb suffered damage (but not self-inflicted Life Points cannot be entirely destroyed by any kind of effect until her phylactery is.
Sacrifice) equal to double her Presence. The additional Life Points last If killed, she will reform in the proximity of the phylactery within a day.
until completely depleted or until a number of turns equal to the
Sheelitch’s Willpower have past. Using this ability has a cost of 50 VAMPIRIC SHADE
Zeon. The Sheelitch can at will become a semi-transparent Vampiric
Shade, with the Immaterial power, although she can touch at will
NECROTIC STRENGTH anything. While in this state the Sheelitch can try to drain living beings
Any undead in physical contact with the Sheelitch is granted the touched or touching the Sheelitch, which must pass a MR check against
ability to use a number of Fatigue Points up to their Constitution value, a difficulty equal to double her Presence or suffer from a Life Drain
as if they had the Use of Necessary Energy ki ability. equal to their Failure Level. Activating this ability has a cost of 20 Zeon.

______KI SHEELE______ Conversions for Ki to Zeon
Ki Sheele can be fed Ki to receive Zeon for spells at a 1:10 ratio
Because Sheele are Spirits of the Soul, it’s always seemed odd that Ki Accumulations can be converted to MA the same way, but at a
Sheele are so based in Zeon instead of Ki. Or, at the very least, it’s an 1:5 ratio instead.
interesting hole we sought to fill. So, here’s what we threw in the hole.
Hope you enjoy.
Summoning Type of Seal
Type of Sheele
Air / Illusion / Light / Fire
Ki Sheele are summoned through Seals of Invocation instead of the
normal summoning/binding route. This means that instead of Zeon, they Water Water / Essence / Air / Darkness
are maintained through constant burning of Ki. A sacrifice of 1 POW is Fire Fire / Light / Creation
still necessary. Blood Pact rules apply for each summoning, since each Metal Earth / Destruction / Water
Sheele is unique. Wood Darkness / Essence / Earth / Illusion
Since Sheele come in a wide variety of types, but seals do not, there
are two options for required Seals.
The original option allows for any type or combination of seals to be
used. Sheele type is rolled at random, and so the seals used are
unimportant. A more strict GM may want to specify a certain kind of
seal, or have someone roll in advance, then determine seals needed from
An alternate option is to allow for a certain level of decision in the
hands of the player. Each Seal should be assigned 3-4 different
Sheele types, and then the player can develop the seals
fitting the Sheele he wants. Although less random, this style
fits nicely into the themes of Ki Summoning over the
traditional method.
Ki Sheele cannot be familiars, since they are not
magically bound.Ki Sheele cannot be summoned for others,
mostly because Ki Summoners have no way to bind
summons other than burning Ki per round, and that's not
really possible for binding to another person.

The maintenance cost is equal to the Sheele's Level divided
by 2, rounded up, in Ki Accumulations. So a Level 3 Sheele would
cost 2 Ki Accumulations to maintain. Regardless of Unification
rules, start with your highest Ki pool/accumulation and deduct 1
point, then move to the next highest, and so on until the cost is
fully paid.
Soul Forms drains Presence/10 Ki (Rounded Up, +1 Ki for
every greater form, -1 Ki for every improved transformation,
minimum 1) per round from the master. If not using
Unification of Ki, start by deducting the Ki from the largest
pool first, and then from the next highest pool until all pools
have been decreased by one, then repeat the process until the
cost is paid.

Example: John has a Level 4 Ki Sheele, and his base

Accumulations are STR 2, AGI 4, DEX 2, CON 1, POW 4,
and WP 3. His Sheele would cost him 2 Accumulations to
maintain, and so he would deduct one point from AGI and
POW (both at 4) in order to maintain his Sheele normally.
John is not using Unification of Ki, however, and so
he has Ki Pools of 12 STR, 14 AGI, 12 DEX, 11 CON,
14 POW, and 13 WP. His Sheele’s Presence is 45, so
it costs 5 Ki to maintain. So he would start by
taking 1 point from AGI and POW, then one from
WP, one from STR, and finally one from DEX.
He would continue to spend Ki this way
every round, though he would eventually be
taking from his CON pool when other pools
dropped below 11.

- 10 -
____SOULS OF GAÏA____ Weapon, Armor, Beast, or Accessory. Minor, though useful, powers.

The Souls of Gaïa are a special group of Sheele made from pieces of
the world itself. Unlike normal Sheele, they are ancient and powerful, Dual Form (Armor + Accessory, Weapon + Beast, etc.). Mega Form
with capabilities beyond what any other Sheele can hope for. These are (Weapon+, Armor+, etc.). Added option for Mega Form: Spirit (The
Sheele who can move between masters, although they must be bestowed Soul of Gaia takes on the form of a human-sized woman with full
upon an owner by a powerful entity. Sheele whose Soul Forms are not character stats).
just animals, but equipment, vehicles, and even humanoid forms. Over
time, these Sheele become unimaginable conduits of both strength and
skill, and perhaps more.
The Souls of Gaïa vary widely based on their current master. While Immensely powerful form. Unknown potential. Think Rank 4+
their basic personality often remains constant, their exact nature is Artifact, or a Gnosis 35/40 being. Unlike normal Sheele, Souls of Gaïa
influenced by that of their current owner. So, even though the Essence do not have an upkeep cost. Their Souls Forms are, likewise, costless
Soul of Gaia is typically kind and understanding, if her master is unless specific costs are indicated in their descriptions.
dedicated to war then she might have a firmer kindness to her (also
known as 'tough love'). If her master is a more thoughtful person, she
might instead tend to overthink things and may worry often. Despite the Statistical Differences
variations in each, Souls of Gaïa are constant in several ways. Because the player is not linked with them as directly, Souls of Gaïa
Only ONE Soul of Gaïa for each element exists at any given time. have their own set of statistics (MA, Zeon Pool, etc.) that's calculated
No two people in the world can have the same Soul of Gaïa type at the normally off of their characteristic scores. Their characteristics are the
same time. Period. This is because these Sheele are pieces of Gaia, who same as a basic Sheele of their element. They are considered Small
has each element reflected in her, but not each element multiple times. beings for the purposes of their characteristics, but the Movement
Although the possibility of Sheele with different sexes exists, all modifier does not affect their flight values.
Souls of Gaïa are always female. This gender bias is attributed to the Souls of Gaïa cannot be affected by Mystical Empowerment or the
nature of Gaïa herself, along with the typical bias that normal Sheele Advantage “Sheele Essence,” but are given two extra improvement
seem to have towards female identity. points nonetheless.
One of their initial improvement points is spent on the Soul Form
improvement automatically. No Soul of Gaïa is without a Soul Form.
Mechanical Considerations Sorry. The other improvement points, however, may be spent on their
In order to create a Soul of Gaïa, a GM should carefully consider normal options, or can be used as CP to buy advantages. You may not
many things. A Soul of Gaïa is not simply a companion, they are beings choose disadvantages to gain more, but can buy any advantage you like.
bound to both the planet and the character they pair with. Souls of Gaïa Souls of Gaïa are considered to naturally possess The Gif and do not
grow and are influenced very powerfully by the nature of their masters, need to spend points to obtain itt.
both of them. For this reason, it's recommended a GM get to know the Because some Soul Forms aren't creatures, Greater Form and
core themes of the character who receives the Soul of Gaïa. I usually ask Improved Powers (the only two improvements appropriate in the first
players for their character's “Nature,” a 2-3 word summary of who they place) will need to be managed carefully. It's recommended the GM
are, and then another for who they dream of being (a.k.a. their “ideal keep these potential improvements in mind when designing a Soul of
self”). Getting more information than this is always recommended, but Gaïa.
this is the bare minimum.
Since there is no such thing as 'free power' in Anima, a Soul of Gaïa For example: Mana's owner decided to take Greater Form. Each
does require a sacrifice before it can be bound to a character. Instead of Greater Form brought her one step closer to upgrading Compendium to
being required to sacrifice a point of POW, players are assigned a 1 the 'Advanced' level (so, at max, it would upgrade Compendium to
point Damned Disadvantage that aligns with their Soul of Gaïa. This Advanced level), and gave her a choice between two other bonuses each
disadvantage is called “Nature's Wrath,” and provides no Bonus CP. It's time (so that there would be some kind of visible boost before the big
simply the cost the player pays. It can never be bought off, and by its one).
nature can't be overcome by any spell, ki ability, psychic power, or
otherwise. Greater Form should not, even when maxed out, get anywhere close
Souls of Gaïa can only be given to natural beings with an INT score to what's planned for Dual/Mega Form, for example.
of 5 or higher through exceptionally powerful beings, capable of making Because they have no DP to spend, the Magic Projection of the
the link between a mortal's soul, and the heart of Gaïa. For this reason, Sheele is 100+(20*Level-1) or the owner's own score, whichever is
only Gnosis 40+ beings may create the bond. If a Soul of Gaïa dies, it higher. For this score, Attack, Defense, and Psychic Projection can be
disappears from its master's side and finds the nearest being capable of used in place of Magic Projection.
bestowing it on a new master (the nearest Gnosis 40+ being). In all other
ways (besides the nature of their Soul Forms) they behave like normal Example 1: Jinn is a Level 1 Wizard with 130 Magic Projection. His
Sheele. Essence Soul of Gaïa would have 130 Magic Projection.
Souls of Gaïa have three tiers to their Soul Forms. The basic is only
slightly more powerful than a regular Sheele's, but their Grand and True Example 2: Mari is a Level 4 Weaponmaster with 150 Attack and
Soul Forms are truly beyond compare. Again, unless otherwise indicated 200 Block. Her Fire Soul of Gaïa would have 160 Offensive Projection
in the description, Souls Forms have no time limit or costs associated (100+20*3), and 200 Defensive Projection (200 > 160).
with them.

- 11 -
EXAMPLE SOULS OF GAÏA Beya - Essence - Sword Saint
Aescha - Illusion - Utility Powers Beya is, for lack of a better way to put it, the perfect “girl next
door.” She is generally regarded by her sisters as the most loving of
them all. She cares about all people, forgives easily, and will do most
Aescha is almost exactly what you would expect from an Illusion anything to make people smile. Above all, Beya is truly dedicated to her
Sheele. She is a trickster, a bit mysterious, and altogether playful, but whoever possesses her, and will do everything in her power to make that
like a clown she always seems to be sad. She does not wear a painted person happy, no matter how dangerous or ill-conceived. This endless
face, and her jokes are rarely self-deprecating, but it still seems to be her drive to please her master will leave her quite melancholy if she is
goal to make others laugh while she stays solemn. If anything can make unable to assist, and can lead to a deep depression if she is constantly
her smile, no one seems to know. suppressed or otherwise denied what she feels is her right to help.

Aescha’s partner is unable to tell a lie. While she can be complicit Beya's owner is incapable of killing living beings. No matter how he
with one through remaining still and silent, she cannot utter a lie, or tries, his blows will always leave his opponent with 1 LP. The owner
outwardly agree with anything she believes to be a lie in any way. If she may kill undead opponents and spirits normally.
tries to, she simply finds that her body won’t respond.

Variable Sword
Deck of Many Things. Effects: +5 Quality weapon, can alter forms to any pure sword,
Effects: Casts random Illusion spell on draw. Round down to switching forms takes Full Round Action (can defend, but no counter).
nearest Illusion spell (No Free Access). No High or Divine Magic.
Contains 500 Zeon to cast spells with. Recovers 50 Zeon per day.
Essence Ophiucos
Effects: +15 Quality weapon, can alter form to any sword (even
Deck of All Things mixed class), or multiple swords, instantly. Allows one reroll for any
Effects: Same as above, but the user may choose which Path the failed attacks or defenses. Can damage energy. Functions the same as
spell comes from. Access to High Magic, subpaths, and Free Magic normal Ophiucos in combat (besides the listed effects), but outside of
granted, but still not Divine. Each subpath is considered its own path if combat there is no limit on sword numbers.
chosen for the roll. If Free Access is chosen, then a second roll must be
made with a d12 to determine which of the spells at that level are cast.
Contains 5000 Zeon to cast spells with, recovers 500 Zeon per day. Kensai
Effects: True to the name, Kensai allows the user to become one
with his sword. At this level, any sword or mixed-sword class weapons
The ZigZag Coin can no longer damage the character, as any blade that strikes him merges
Effects: A worthless wooden coin which contains incredible power, with his body. The user may still wield the Essence Ophiucos in the
The ZigZag Coin is thought to be a myth, but has been made real by same manner, but he no longer pays any cost for the activations of a
Aescha in her ascension to power. The coin marks the bearer as Leader Liberation technique, and he gains an additional attack for Absolute
of the Zinner people, and anyone at least half Zinner will grant any Liberation for every sword he has absorbed
request to the bearer of the coin, so long as such a request would not during this activation. All swords he uses
endanger their life directly (though indirectly is fine). They may not or absorbs become +35 weapons. The
immediately agree, or even be happy about it, but they will mentally Kensai form must be activated and
convince themselves that it is the best course of action, even if they deactivated, and can last no longer
haven’t seen the coin. The coin also grants the user and anyone she than 1 hour before an 8 hour
considers a friend the abilities (but not the penalties) of a pureblooded recharge time. Upon
D’Anjayni. The coin can only convince each Zinner to obey one request deactivation, all absorbed
per year (though they may still listen and agree to other requests on their swords materialize as a
own, perhaps even because of what they think of the coin). blade graveyard around
the character, reverting
back to their original

Art by JohnSu © 2015

Art by CGlas © 2016
- 12 -
Cecoa - Air - Selfless Protector Ennoa - Illusion - Independent Enthusiast

Cecoa is flightier than a bird. She flits from one emotion to the next, Ennoa is the last person you want to meet in a dark alley, and
from one place to the next, without any warning or immediately- probably the last person you would meet in a dark alley. She's got a dark
discernible reason. For example, she may go from happy to utterly personality, the sort that broods and bides its time, but she's not evil or
melancholy all at once, only to explain later than she'd been thinking mean. There's just something about her that makes her seem like she's
about how terrible war truly is on the human soul. She may also go from about ready to tear your head off at any given moment. Like almost
angry to joyous, curious to wistful, or any other combination. It's rare, everything about her though, this personality is an illusion. Really,
consequently, for her to react appropriately to any situation for more Ennoa is just uncertain about what she wants in life, but would rather
than a minute or two. But even in her 'random' bouts of emotion, she is people not see her uncertainty. Thus she pretends to be dark and
fiercely loyal to all of her sisters, and will slip off to their side instantly brooding whenever anyone is within earshot, but when alone she just
if she's not in her soul form. tends to be just a regular girl.

Cecoa's owner can only travel at two speeds under her own power. Ennoa's owner is cursed as Cassandra was. People do not believe
Walking, and full speed. In game terms, this means that she can only what she says is the truth, even when she is completely and honestly
sprint (full Move Value), or walk (Passive move or less), never anything obvious. If she said “The sky is blue,” for example, people would check
between. to make certain it hadn't turned brown.

Mirror wraps Dragon Slug

Effects: Can freely teleport to defend any attack besides AoE for Effects: Standard soul form, but with +1 to its level. User spends
ally, once per round, and reflect damage at attacker. Only take half ML and 40% of DP per level gained after the basic form. It’s basic form
damage from attack if unable to defend, defendee takes none. is seen below.

Being Between Worlds – Warlock 2

Whirlwind Clothing Stats: 6 DEX, 7 STR, 7 CON, 8 INT, 8 WP, 8 PER, 9 AGI, 12
Effects: Ethereal clothing which grants unlimited defenses at no POW
penalty. It also allows the user to teleport to defend for others, and can Essential Abilities: Gift, Superhuman Characteristics, Gestureless
even defend against AoE effects at no penalty. If unsuccessful at any Casting, Unspoken Casting, Improved Innate Magic x3, Magic
defense for someone else, the user takes half damage from the attack. If Blockage, Atrophied Members x2.
the attack was an area attack, the user takes full damage instead. In Powers: Free Movement, AT 3 (Limited AT: Elec), Natural
either case, the defendee takes none. Can still reflect damage once per Weapon: Bite.
round. Regular DP Spend: Magic Projection as Attack, Magic Projection
as Defense.

Gale Whisper
Effects: Creates a perfect clone of the user, with identical statistics. Elder Wyrm
By working together, the two can perfectly defend against any attack, Effects: Standard Soul Form, but with +3 to its level, +10 to its
even one neither can expect. The user can defend against any attack Gnosis, and several other boosts (size becomes Big, free second Path
made against anyone within a mile of her location with no penalties, not equal to highest Path). User spends ML and 70% of DP per level gained.
even surprise or AAPs. The clone acts independently at all times, but No cost to maintain or transform.
whenever the user defends another immediately teleports to the user’s
side and can gain an identical counter bonus if she wishes.
Effects: The band of ordinary string has the power to grant its
bearer access to High and Divine level Illusion spells, though it does not
actually increase their Gnosis score. All Illusion spells can be cast
without cost to the user, but High Magic can only be cast once per day
without cost, and Divine magic can only be cast once per month without
cost. High and Divine Magic are automatically maintained for 10x their
maintenance for free, but only one spell at either level can be maintained
at a time. After the allotted time the user may either choose to maintain
for another 10, or pays the maintenance cost on her own. The user also
is no longer tied to this reality, though they are still considered a natural
being. They can flit between the Wake and the Natural world at-will,
and any attacks against them must be capable of damaging energy to
even have a chance to hit. If the attacks do have the ability to damage
energy, the wearer can teleport to the Wake (or out of it) to avoid a
successful attack, but must spend a full round action to return

- 13 -
Feria - Water - Curious Chemist Gaianna - Earth - Sophisticated Psion

Feria is one of the few Souls of Gaia who doesn't Gaianna is an earthy girl, if you'll
understand that humans are not supernatural beings. pardon the pun. Her personality is
Despite her Soul Form revealing the truth of things, the permanently set to one of
truth of humanity's mundane nature has not unabashed honesty and mild
penetrated her mind, and so she will consistently flirtation. She doesn't see the
make comments and suggestions which are point in lying, and is honestly
wildly inappropriate or impossible for most very bad at it if even asked
humans to accomplish. Still, despite this to tell the smallest fib.
shortcoming she is also one of the kindest Because she likes to feel
of her sisters, and is incredibly patient with close to things and people,
her owners, no matter how they behave, it's not uncommon for
because she believes she can see the truth Gaianna to walk along the
of their actions, which may very well be ground, even though she
true. has the power of flight, and
when not walking she likes
to nestle herself against her
owner, perhaps sitting on a
Feria's owner is addicted to fresh water
shoulder or inside a jacket.
(no processing, no colors or flavors, no salt,
etc.) and must drink at least a gallon of water
every day or he suffers a cumulative -10 AAP
each day with no maximum. Gaianna’s owner forgets things
easily. Any attempt by the character to
recall information, or to memorize new
information, is hampered significantly. This doesn’t
Mask of Truth mean it is impossible for them to form new memories,
Effects: Grants the user the See only that it will be difficult for them to do so.
Supernatural advantage. If the user already
possesses the advantage, it grants +50 to
Notice and Search instead. The mask also
Gloves of Foresight
grants +15 MR against illusion effects.
Effects: Minor prophecy. Visions come at random when worn, or
can be triggered by sacrificing all but 1 Fatigue Point.

Veritas and Aequitas

Effects: Veritas is an upgraded form of the Mask
of Truth, granting See Supernatural or +100 The Gypsy
Notice/Search, along with +50 MR against Illusion Effects: Gaianna becomes a Thief at character level-1 with the
Effects, and Radial Vision. Aequitas is a set of robes Magnus Mundus, even if she does not meet the prerequisites. Fully
which grants +100 to any artificing checks, and provides 4 statted. Can also use Intermediate Foresight. Foresight can be triggered
AT against all attack types. It is Full Plate Soft armor for up to once per day for free by reading the fortune of someone else. Can
the purposes of stacking effects. only see own fortune once per month. Gaianna deals tarot cards and
reveals fortune. Fortunes are generally vague, but reveal several
possibilities for the future.
Philosopher’s Stone
Effects: Allows free creation of Artifacts
up to Rank 3 (per the custom ranges in the The Eye of Gaia
next chapter, final column of Table 4). Effects: Replaces the character’s left eye with an eye made of
Artifacts are made near-instantly, but do take a varying crystal. The eye can be used to see as far into the future or past
full-round action inside combat. It can also be as the character wishes, but only one at a time, and for only one subject
used to eliminate the need of up to 1000 Level 1 PP into at a time. It can also be used to spy on any person, being, or object in the
Higher-Ranked Artifacts. The user also now holds the power to create world, giving an exact location, condition, and current actions. The final
minor living beings of a level no higher than 5, created through the rules ability of the eye allows the user to change a single event they see in the
in Chapter 26 of the Core rulebook. Creatures are Beings Between past or future. This final ability can only be used once per month. The
Worlds, and are considered to be magically created, with all the only caveat is that the being or object’s true name must be known in
limitations that applies. The only caveat is that while the creature exists order for any of these effects to be possible.
the stone loses all other powers, since it must act as the creature’s heart.

- 14 -
Mana - Light - Prestigious Milaa - Fire -
Scholar Pragmatic Protector

Mana is a shy, quiet girl who likes to read. Milaa is... energetic, to say the
She only gets the chance to do so when bound to least. She is perpetually happy, even
a person, however, and so isn't as well-read as when she should really be feeling
she'd like to be. She does have access other emotions. She doesn't get
to the knowledge of her former angry. Doesn't care for
owners whenever she transforms into sadness. And she most
her soul form, giving her near- certainly doesn't ever feel tired.
limitless raw data to work from, but In her entire history she has only
she has no ability to choose what data visibly shown one other notable
she accesses in this form. This frustrates emotion, which is jealousy, and even
her to no end, since it means the majority of then only when she sees beings of fire
her knowledge is also tied up and beyond her more powerful than herself. Her
control to access. Despite her frustrations though, happiness is tempered and refined,
she is reserved, and tends to stay quiet even when she however, in that she has developed
should speak up. happinesses for every occasion. Much like a
professional chef might develop a dozen different
ways to cook an egg, so too has Milaa developed several
dozen levels of happiness.
Mana's owner gains mole-like eyes. The more light there is in a
place, the more blind they become. On a bright sunny day in summer,
their blindness is complete, while at night they have vision equal to what
most people would have on the bright day. Milaa's owner always feels cold, even though they are physically
very warm. They take twice the amount of damage from attacks based
on Cold.
Book of Many Minds
Effects: As Compendium, cast at Intermediate Level, including
upkeep costs. Instead of a single expert, the Book contains multiple Shield Boost Bangle
experts who will offer multicultural and multitemporal perspectives on Effects: Adds one level of Empowered Shields and Defensive
the subject. While this may seem like a downgrade, the basic spell Expertise. If either is already maxed, increases the bonus appropriately.
makes no mention of what viewpoint the expert will have, and so I May counter once, if possible, with Final Attack of the difference
consider it an upgrade. May also draw answers with an Art ability at the between initial rolls. Attacks on Heat AT. Base Damage 40.
same degree.

Guardian of Fire Bangle and Salamander

The Council Effects: Triple the bangle's effects (adding 3 levels to each). Auto
Effects: Acts as above, but at the Arcane Level. The appearance, counter remains the same, but base damage increases to 80. Salamander
however, is that of a small quorum of experts who appear in a circle grants anyone it touches a supernatural AT of 4 to all armors, 6 vs Heat,
around the user, who can also chat about other subjects than their areas but also causes 5 LP of irresistible burn damage per round to anyone but
of expertise. The experts are obviously not real, as they seem to be the owner.
drawn into the world with ink, but they can interact with the world in
minor ways.
Effects: A shield spell with no zeonic cost that shrinks or grows at
The Perfect Assistant the user's whim. The shield has 10,000 LP, and automatically burns
Effects: Mana takes the form of a human woman, a Freelancer of anyone/anything not protected by its effects within the area. Each round
the character’s level. However, she is considered to have Natural increases the intensity of Heat by one degree (not by one, by one
Learner in a Field (for 3 CP) in the Intellectual Field, Aptitude in a Field degree), causing appropriate levels of automatic damage which can only
(Intellectual), and she speaks all languages perfectly for free. All of be reduced by an MR Check of 180 plus the number of intensities of
Mana’s Secondary Ability scores are added to her owner’s scores while Heat they're currently suffering minus 10 for each Heat AT they possess
in this form, but not any other statistics. (180+Intensities-(10*AT)). The shield regenerates 1000 LP per day once
deactivated, but must be deactivated a full 24 hours to recover. If
broken, it takes two weeks before it can be used again.

- 15 -
Nialla - Light Praxa
Defender of Justice Darkness
Master Assassin
One of the most caring of all
her incarnations, Nialla is a
true light in the world. She Praxa is a distant,
is polite, proper, and is almost
seldom without a smile on her face. emotionless girl
Despite her regal nature though, she has a hard time who speaks in a
speaking without giggling, as though she found her own droll monotone voice. What little emotion she does
words funny. She can listen for hours without so much as a show, oddly, is joy. She enjoys watching people,
smile, but the moment she talks it’s as though she’s been and she especially enjoys watching others being
tickled, just a bit. happy. Quizzically though, the happier the person
gets the less she seems to enjoy it, as though her
happiness were a mirror, always showing the
Nialla’s owner cannot back down from a fight so opposite of what it sees.
long as her companions are still in danger. She will
stand against impossible odds, or against the
lowliest foes, so long as there is a threat against Praxa’s owner loses their sense of touch.
them. This does not imply that she wants to, merely Though this means that they don’t feel pain, and therefore
that her body won’t let her do anything else. no longer need to make Withstand Pain checks, it also
means that they are more susceptible to getting
accidentally damaged, and so they may accidentally
Light Shield hurt themselves at any moment.
Effects: Acts as a Full Shield for the
purposes of bonuses to Block and Dodge.
Allows character to use the Guardian Ars
Magnus as though they had purchases it with any Shadow Needle
ally, up to 100 ft away. If they already purchases Effects: Needle automatically returns to hand after hitting
the Guardian Ars Magnus, then eliminate the target. +5 Quality Needle. Grants basic Nemesis Cancellation
penalty completely. No Init penalty for shield. effect at random on hit (1-25 Ki, 26-50 Magic, 51-75
Psychic, 76-100 Summoning), but the Cancellation only
affects the hit target.
Angel’s Wing
Effects: A flurry of 100 feathers made of light
which float around Nialla’s partner. The feathers can Umbral Copy
each stop one attack, and act as a Full Shield for the purpose of Effects: The character’s shadow comes to life, and both it and the
calculating the Block roll used. The user can choose how many feathers user can produce +10 Quality Needles at-will. The needles cause
they would like to use to attempt to Block an attack, and each additional Greater versions of the Cancellations of the previous form, but still only
feather is either an additional chance to block, or a +20 to the Block affect the target and shatter when they do. The Umbral Copy has
ability (or a combination of the two). The feathers can be used to block identical combat statistics to the original user. The Shadow
for anyone within line of sight. For area attacks, the same rules apply, automatically disappears after 50 needles have been used, or after an
but Feathers must be used in groups of 5. Also, instead of countering for hour, whichever is longer. The shadow can also be dismissed at will.
damage, the feathers make Medicine checks with a Final Ability After it disappears, the Shadow can be recalled at any time so long as it
calculated exactly like a Counter normally would be, healing the person has needles remaining. Needless regenerate at 5 per hour during the
they defended from existing damage. Unlike normal Medicine Checks, period between sunrise and sunset, or 5 per minute after sunset and
the feathers have no limit on how often they can heal. The Feathers before sunrise.
regenerate at a rate of one per hour, if all of them are used up, then it
takes a week instead.
Shadow of the Titan
Effects: The character’s Nemesis abilities all double in effectiveness
Grace of Gaia (or at least those that can), and the Umbral Copy can now produce +25
Effects: As the level 94 Peace spell, Peace on Earth cast at the Quality Shadow Needles. It can produce up to 200 needles, and the user
Arcane Level, but the effects are doubled (both MR and radius). Those can choose which Cancellation they want to apply. Also, unlike normal
that manage to pass the MR check must reroll any successful attack Nemesis users, they can choose who their Nemesis abilities do and do
once. If the second roll is lower than the first, the attack is considered to not affect.
have failed. The aura is static, and if the user leaves the area then it
immediately drops and cannot be reactivated for 24 hours. The user can
purposefully choose to deactivate or forgo the aura, and instead replicate
the Angel’s Wing option, but with 500 feathers instead of just 100. All
other effects are the same.

- 16 -
Rifla - Essence – Freedom/Movement Vivena - Air – People's Protector

Free to act like what she believes is her core self, Rifla is both self- Like the wind, Vivena doesn’t like to stay still. Whenever not in her
confident and overly doting. She sees herself as a mother, and everyone Soul Form (a form she secretly dislikes), she is constantly fidgeting and
else, especially her owner, is her child. Like any mother, she cares pacing, or flitting through the air. She has a surprisingly calm, almost
deeply for her children, but like only some she thinks it’s her duty to stoic nature though, and very little gives her pause. If asked about her
remind her children of what she considers healthy habits at every nervous energy, she will simply brush aside the question, dismissing it
possible turn. Oddly though, because of her connection to plants, she as a mere characteristic, like the color of her owner’s skin.
believes that plants of any sort shouldn’t be used for anything (so no
eating vegetables, no herbal remedies, etc.)
Vivena’s owner hears a constant rushing a wind in her ears, making
it difficult to hear things. Whispers are entirely lost to her, and even
Rifla’s owner is constantly mistaken for a woman. His appearance normal conversation can be difficult to follow, but loud noises are also
doesn’t actually change, but no matter what people can’t seem to get it less extreme to her, since she’s already used to a dull roar.
out of their minds that he is a she.

Air Buckler
Effects: The user can use their Dodge ability as their Block ability
Cloak of Dandelions
without penalty, no init penalty, +10 to Dodge, no bonus to Block.
Effects: Grants Mystic Flight equal to regular movement value.
Increases AGI and DEX by 1 while worn. These bonuses apply even if
Rifla’s partner does not possess Inhumanity/Zen, but they do not stack
with other bonuses above 10 unless the character has Inhumanity/Zen. Gust Knight Regalia
Effectively, it increases the maximum allowed stat value by one for Effects: As above, but the bonus to Dodge increases to +40, and
each. adds a layer of weightless armor that provides 4 AT All, 6 vs Elec. This
armor does not count as a penalty layer when stacking.

Libertas & Motus

Effects: Libertas is a cloak that grants Mystical Flight equal to the Tornado Militia
user’s regular movement value, increases DEX and AGI by two, and Effects: Forms between 5-500 Soldiers made of wind. The soldiers
grants the ability to communicate at a very basic level with plants. are considered Weaponmasters, and their level is based on how many
Motus are a set of boots which allow the user to walk on any natural are formed. At five, they are the commander’s level-1. From 6-15,
surface without difficulty (including sheer cliffs of ice, stone buildings, Level-2. From 16-50, Level-3. From 51-100, Level-4. From 101-500,
and pools of lava) or damage, and they increase DEX and AGI by 2 as Level-5. All of them are built identically, as described below, and they
well. The items can be removed and offered to others at their full bonus, possess the Ki Abilities Flight and Elimination of Necessities at no MK
or split into up to multiple items with a single facet each. So the original cost.
cloak could be split into one cloak that grants flight, another than grants
plant communication, and up to four with individual stat bonuses. Even Weaponmaster – Level X
if they are split, all items grant Zen level checks with Agility and Agility X+1, Constitution X+3, Dexterity X+2, Strength X+2,
Dexterity. Intelligence X-5, Perception X-4, Power X-5, Willpower X-2.
Attack – 24% of DP
Block – 26% of DP
LP Multiples – 50% of DP
Gaia’s Essence
Ki abilities bought in order (when enough MK is available): Use of
Effects: At this stage, Rifla infuses herself with her partner, granting
Ki, Inhumanity, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Elemental Attack:
the following boosts. First, the user is granted a movement value of 20,
Air, Zen, Increased Speed, Energy Armor, Armor of Greater Energy,
and can move on or through any natural terrain at any speed desired,
Armor of Arcane Energy,
including the air with an appropriate Mystic Flight value. Secondly, the
user doubles his Presence score for the purpose of calculating his
resistances. Third, he can communicate with any natural organism,
whether plant, animal, or otherwise, and through this communication
gains a costless form of the Mundus Ars Magnus. Finally, he is
considered to have the Animal Affinity, Charm, and Greater
Regeneration advantages. Gaia’s Essence cannot be activated for more
than one hour, and recharges after 8 hours.

- 17 -
Wynoa - Air – Master Hunter

A more biting form of herself, Wynoa is a snappy gal with a

whisper-thin voice. Although in normal conversation she can barely be
heard, she is both opinionated and condescending. She is, however, very
short-winded when it comes to her opinions, usually only speaking a
handful of razor-sharp words before turning her attentions to something

Wynoa’s partner must eat at least one meal each day made from a
natural creature that he has slain himself. If he doesn’t, he suffers a
stacking -10 AAP each day. The meals do not have to be freshly-slain or
recently-cooked, but they can be no more than one week old.

Wind Spear
Effects: No fumbles on Track, Animals, or Navigation. Counts as
+5 Lance, +10 against natural Non-humans (but not spirits/elementals).

Predator’s Piercer
Effects: No fumbles on Track, Animals, Navigation, or any skill in
the Athletics field, and eliminates any non-magical penalty to their use
while outside civilization (towns, cities, buildings of any kind, etc.). The
weapon counts as a +15 Lance, or +25 against any non-humanoid (GM
is Final Arbiter on what ‘humanoid’ means, but generally should never
include any non-Natural beings).

Gae Bulg
Effects: The ultimate hunting weapon, the Gae Bulg prevents
fumbles on any roll associated with hunting, including the entire
Athletics and Perceptive fields, along with Attack and Defense. The
weapon is considered a +35 Lance which produces automatic criticals,
and the user can designate a certain creature to be his target. All
creatures of the targets type (i.e. all dragons, all Duk’Zarist) become the
wielder’s prey. Against his prey, critical levels are doubled, and the
wielder can never be surprised, not even if his initiative score would
normally deem it so. The prey choice remains in effect until the hunter
decides on a new target, or kills his current one. However, if the hunter
chooses a new target without killing the first, he immediately sacrifices
half his life points to the weapon.

- 18 -
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ A r ti f a c ts _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Before we begin discussing revisions to this section, I think it's Artifact Tyr's Custom
important to make a distinction anyone reading Prometheum Exxet will Official Range Average Median
Rank Ranges
notice: there's a difference between the level of powers and the levels of
example artifacts. If you take nothing else from this section, please take 1 40 - 200 108 100 0-154
With a quick glance through each of the chapters one can very easily 1+ 80 - 300 201 200 155-279
find a very wide variance between Level 5 powers (like +5 to a single 2 40 - 1640 352 280 280-434
characteristic or a single major combat power) and Level 5 artifacts (like
the Key of Yggdrasil, which can create or destroy entire cities with a 2+ 40 -1200 517 420 435-669
single thought of its user). To ignore a chasm like this is to invite player
animosity and even to perpetuate a stereotype that things are loaded 3 160 -1760 822 800 670-1254
against the PCs.
3+ 600 - 4620 1689 1220 1255-2119
Though it could be debated for hours or even years about the whys
and hows of managing this, I find it easiest to make a simple split: 4 900 - 5880 2538 2460 2120-3034
Powers have Levels, Artifacts have Ranks.
An artifact with one Level 5 power is not immediately Rank 5. After 4+ 2240 - 5900 3535 3890 3035+
all, one would never put a +25 Longsword next to The Book of the Dead
and call them equals. However, an artifact with four to five Level 5
powers is much more likely to be a Rank 4 artifact, maybe even Rank 4+
depending on the powers involved.
Most of this document uses “Level” in describing powers, artifacts, The Presence rules from Prometheum are a bit of a mess. Not only
and materials. This does not imply anything about Artifact Rank. This is were the rules never followed by the creators for even half a second (this
because Rank is subjective and left to the GM after an artifact is is an exaggeration, but only a small handful of the pre-made artifacts
completed. While this can make artifact ranking seem arbitrary, GMs actually follow their rules, and those can easily be chocked up to random
are encouraged to use their best judgments using the guidelines found chance rather than conscious effort), but they are heavily skewed to
here, on page 34 of Prometheum Exxet, and the plethora of examples in make it impossible for anyone to actually make anything besides entire
the book. cities into semi-powerful artifacts. With this in mind, the first major
change to the artifact creation system is simple, and is as follows:

_____HOW TO PP_____ An object can only hold an amount of powers equal to its original
presence value (after non-artificed quality bonuses).
In other words, a Longsword would be able to hold up to 25
Thanks to the hard work of VoidKnight, we now have a table
Presence worth of powers. If you forged it into a +5 Longsword, it
available with the information from the official artifacts available in would have a Presence of 75, and could hold 75 Presence of powers.
Prometheum. You will notice that despite the averages available, the However, if you added the +5 Combat Quality power to the original
ranges of Artifact PP levels in a given Rank vary greatly. All values are Longsword, that power would count towards the 25 limit rather than
given in Rank 1 PP, converted through the methods described in
adding to it.
Prometheum Exxet, page 11. Initial PP values were taken from If an object is created as part of the artificing process, it gains +50
Appendix III from Prometheum Exxet. The final column is a quick-look Presence above what it would normally have.
guide for Artifact Ranks based on VoidKnight's data and a bit of
numberwork. The numbers are wonky because the original data was
Example: An Alchemist mixes together dragon's bone, the essence of
wonky, and Tyr likes semi-wonky things. a city's culture, and a few drops of a mermaid tears to create a
Rank 5 Artifacts are not included, Longsword with several powers. Since the Longsword did not exist
since their Power Point values are before the creation process began, the Alchemist could add up to 75
never described. Typically, if a
Presence worth of powers to the Longsword.
player or a GM is creating a Rank 5
Artifact, there should be absolutely Instead of all powers of a particular
no question about it being in level being worth exactly the same
that category (though if
amount of Presence, Presence
you've put 6000+ PP into a values for a power are now based
single artifact, it's usually off of the PP value of the power.
time to call it a day). Simply take the value of the PP
of a given level, and multiply it
by the Conversion Factor.
Table 5 shows how the level
affects the conversion process, but
is no longer the sole factor

- 19 -
PP Level Conversion Factor Level of Power Difficulty Added:PP Base Difficulty
1 0.1
1 ¼:1 PP Cost** Easy: 40
2 0.2
2 ½:1 PP Cost** Very Difficult: 140
3 0.3
3 ¾:1 PP Cost** Almost Impossible: 240
4 0.4
4 1:1 PP Cost Inhuman: 320
5 0.5
5 1.5:1 PP Cost** Zen: 440

In other words, the amount of Presence a power costs is equal to its Unaligned Varies* N/A
PP value, multiplied by it's Level/10. Round any decimals up. *Unaligned powers/drawbacks are considered to be the level of the power
they modify, or the final Rank of the artifact if not directly modifying a power.
Example 1: An Occultist is looking to create an artifact with two **Round up for any decimals.
powers, Damage Barrier 60 (worth 40 Level 2 PP) and +30 Summoning
(worth 20 Level 3 PP). This would mean she would need 8 Presence for This system will, at times, allow a character to insert a higher-level
the first power (40*0.2), and 6 for the second (20*.3), for a total of 14 power at a lower cost than the lower-level version. This is being
Presence. remedied, but call it a gift for now.
Example 2: A Runesmith is looking to create a much more powerful In case it’s not abundantly clear, those methods still using PP
artifact with +50 to all Intellectual Abilities (40 Level 4), Indestructible (Alchemy and Occult) do not add difficulty for additional powers. They
(50 Lvl 4), and +25 Armor Quality (50 Level 5). This would require only add the additional PP costs. The only exceptions to this rule is
16+20+25 Presence, or 61 Presence in total. when dealing with additional materials, which is discussed for each skill
later on in this chapter.
As you'll notice, this system allows you to fit many more powers Values for base difficulty are modified as noted for different skills in
into common objects, and I thought this was appropriate. After all, the table below. As an example, this means that someone trying to craft
artificing is about making objects into powerful items of legend, not an Artifact with one Level 3 power through Runes would have a base
about forcing players to convert entire towns into artifacts if they even difficulty of 250 (240 for Level 3, +10 for Runes Level 3). Explanations
want 1 or 2 level 5 powers. for these modifiers are found in the descriptions for each skill later in
The Final Presence of the item is equal to one of the two following this chapter.
options, whichever is higher.
1. The base presence of the item plus all presence from powers and
non-artificing quality bonuses (including the Presence bonus from
making the item from scratch).
2. The base presence of the item plus the presence bonus from Power
Occult Runes Alchemy Animism
artificing quality bonuses. Level

Example 1: A +10 Katana imbued with Attack Ability +20 and

Armor Destruction AT-2 would have a Final Presence of 40 (Base)+100 1 +0 -10 +0 -10 to +10
(Quality)+8 (Attack+20)+4 (AT-2), or 152 in total. 2 +10 +0 +0 -20 to +20
Example 2: A Katana enchanted with Combat Quality +10, Attack
+20, and Armor Destruction AT-2 would have a Final Presence of 40 3 +20 +10 +0 -30 to +30
(Base)+100 (Quality Bonus from Power), or 140 instead of 72, 40
(Base)+20 (Combat Quality)+8 (Attack)+4 (AT-2). 4 +10 +20 +0 -40 to +40
5 +0 +20 +40 Special
As a final note on this, at some point I'll probably be making much
longer notes about Presence in the general Anima universe, because
right now it's more than a bit ridiculous. For now, assume all other Every 5 powers, regardless of level or method, increases the base
Presence rules presented in the Core book are valid when approaching level for difficulty by 1.
this artificing system. While an artifact may have any number of low-level powers (within
Presence rules), a single artifact may only have a maximum of three


level 5 powers. This cap may be ignored by beings with a Gnosis higher
than 35.
The table of modifiers from Prometheum Exxet (Table 7: Special
The most major change to artificing is the inclusion of a PP to Factors, page 15) apply as normal. For clarification, just in case there
difficulty check conversion. Since methods like Animism and Runes was any confusion, these modifiers apply to your skill check, not to the
eschew physical components and therefore PP (as per the rules base difficulty. I know this isn't a houserule, but clarification is always
described later), I found it necessary to balance the system so that important.
players using Occultism or Alchemy don't feel punished for their
decisions. The second column of Table 6 is to be used whenever an
artifact is being made through either Animism or Runes. The highest
level power determines base difficulty for all artificing methods, plus a
variable amount for each additional power after that.

- 20 -
A severed part from a creature may be no larger than 1 step below
its original size, and no smaller than 3 steps. Each step down also
reduces the chances of finding usable materials by 2. This causes gaps in
While Runesmiths and Animists no longer need them, PP is still the chart where no material can be found.
vital to Alchemists and Occultists. However, the current PP system is
ridiculous in almost every possible way, and given the handful of For example, if a character slays a Sphinx (Size: Enormous, Gnosis:
examples for obtaining PP it's a wonder anyone has ever made a single 25), then they could choose to carve multiple sections. They could carve
artifact ever. So a new system to determine PP available and gained has the torso, which would count as Big size, but would reduce the finding
been detailed below. chance of items to 1-53 for Level 1, 56-73 for level 2, 76-88 for Level 3,
91-97 for Level 4, and they would no longer be able to find level 5
A character can collect raw materials from... materials (it is presumed such materials were destroyed in the process
of division).

Monsters she has slain How many sections a creature can be divided into is typically up for
the GM to decide for each monster in question, but generally speaking a
Monsters can typically provide materials up to a maximum level of creature should contain no more than 2 subsections of the size below
their (Gnosis-5)/5 (rounded down). However, just as every creature is their original, 4 subsections of the size below that, or 8 subsections of
unique, so are the odds of them actually forming different rare materials. the size below that.
Table 8 below details the odds of obtaining a material with a certain This means a Sphinx could be divided into any one of the following
level of PP in a creature with a given Gnosis. options:
For the purposes of providing guidelines, it's also recommended the -1 Enormous piece
GM use Table 9 to determine the amount of PP gained. For any systems -2 Big pieces
of PP gain which this method doesn't apply, additional guidelines are -4 Medium pieces
given below in their descriptions. GMs may alter these amounts as they -2 Medium and 4 Small pieces.
see fit, but are reminded that consistency is a good thing. -Any other combination that does not go over the total
To determine the material found during a search, simply roll a d100
as the character is searching through the monster and consult Table 8. Each additional section adds another minute to the total time spent
carving, due to the tedious nature of separating things into proper parts.

Carving up beasties ain’t easy. First, you need to find the materials. If dividing the Sphinx into 4 medium pieces, 4 minutes would be
This must be an invasive search, meaning a minimum of 1 minute must added to total carving time.
be spent carving up a medium-sized monster in the search for usable
parts (like unbroken bones, a crystallized heart, etc). Higher level creatures are more likely to contain rarer items. For
To extract the materials, the player must spend 1 minute per 10 PP, every 2 levels above 10, you can take X out of Level 1 drops, and
and an extra minute must be spent for each level of the PP found. So, if increase each higher drop by 1 (where X would be the total of the other
the character finds an item worth 50 Level 5 PP, this means he must increases), assuming the creature has a normal drop rate in that category.
spend the next 10 minutes carefully extracting the item, or he cannot
obtain it. Example: A level 14 Sphinx would have a 1-47 drop rate for Level 1
Search times change with creature size, but carve times do not. For Materials, 48-69 for Level 2 Materials, 70-86 for Level 3 Materials, 87-
every size above Medium, double the search time. For every size below 97 for Level 4, and 98-100 for Level 5.
medium, halve the time required
Yes, this does mean it requires 16 minutes of in-game to search
through the remains of a colossal creature, and then up to 9 minutes If a character knows the specific material they're looking for, and its
cutting the item loose. I think that's far more than fair. location within the creature, several special rules apply:
Creatures of larger sizes than miniscule may be divided into First, reduce the search time by half (because a character looking for
multiple sections that can be carved separately. A roll can be made for a dragon's heart who knows it's in the beast's chest isn't going to search
each section of the monster, and the time required is cumulative. through the entire body looking for it). The time is only reduced by half
because one still needs to dig a bit.
Level of
Gnosis 0- Gnosis 10- Gnosis 15- Gnosis 20- Gnosis 25- Gnosis 30- Gnosis 40-
PP Gnosis 50+
9 14 19 24 29 39 49
Level 1 100 1-80 1-60 1-40 1-20 N/A N/A N/A
Level 2 N/A 81-100 61-80 41-60 21-40 1-20 N/A N/A
Level 3 N/A N/A 81-100 61-80 41-60 21-40 1-20 N/A
Level 4 N/A N/A N/A 81-100 61-80 41-60 21-40 1-20
Level 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A 81-100 61-100 41-100 21-100

Level of
PP Miniscule Small Medium Big/Large Enormous Giant Colossal
Level 1 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
Level 2 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
Level 3 10 10 20 30 40 50 60
Level 4 5 10 10 20 30 40 50
Level 5 5 5 10 10 20 30 40
- 21 -
Secondly, since a character knows exactly what they're looking for, As with monster materials, the time required to gather the specific
they may not need to roll to determine the level of PP they find. material is reduced to half.
Since items are not yet mass-produced, the variation roll described
The same character looking for a dragon's heart will expect to gain above can be used in the same way, but only if the item was created by a
the same amount of PP at the same level as last time. However, since not different crafter than the one the Artificer most-recently broke apart.
all dragons are the same, a GM may still call for a variation roll, used to
determine whether the sought-after material is of the same level as the
last one obtained. Breaking Artifacts
Variation Roll: Roll a d100. A result of of 25 or less means the Any pre-made artifact broken down does not give the normal
material is one level lower on the PP scale (if possible), and a result of amount of PP based on size. Instead, the Artificer recovers exactly half
76 or higher means that the material is one level higher (if possible). of the PP of all the powers combined and then converted to the level
which they rolled. Always round down in groups of 5.

Items he may destroy For example: An Alchemist decides to break down a Jealous Fang
(PE 39) which contains two powers (Quality 150 Lvl 2, Poison Boost 50
Items follow most of the same basic rules as monster materials, but Lvl 2). Since the artifact's Presence is 115, he consults the second
with a few key differences. column on the table and rolls a d100. If he rolls a 100, he obtains 100
Firstly, they base their 'carve' rates off of Presence instead of Level 2 PP (75+25) from the artifact. If he rolled a 16, however, he
Gnosis. The formula is (Presence-50)/5, rounding down for any would convert the Level 2 PP into Level 1 (making it 300 and 100 PP)
decimals. before cutting it in half, and would get 200 Level 1 PP instead.
Items can still be broken down into smaller pieces for multiple
materials, with the same limits on the minimum size of each piece, but Those paying very close attention will notice that it is possible to
each level below the original size reduces their overall Presence by 50. upconvert large amounts of PP this way as well. However, since
Size factors remain the same. increasing the PP level halves it, and because the odds are relatively low
for doing so for most objects, I've decided to leave it as is.
This means that if an Enormous item with a Presence of 350 is
broken into pieces of medium size, the character would only be able to
find items as if those pieces were of Presence 250 instead.

There are many ways to get PP. Some are more dangerous than others…

- 22 -
Beings sacrificed in whole
Follow the same rules as outlined in Prometheum Exxet, page 11.
When it comes to Artificing, there are four distinct methods of
approach. Each of these has certain advantages and drawbacks which
Her own strength may lead a player to choose one over the other when deciding to make
an artifact. Below are the descriptions of the four methods, along with a
Any Artificer (not just those with The Gift) may sacrifice their POW bit about how each might work in a particular game.
per the rules described in Prometheum Exxet, page 12.
The reason for this is because artificing is, in each of the ways
described below, a fairly supernatural act in and of itself. Besides that,
anyone can create a technique that can sacrifice their characteristics (by
investing the necessary MK), so suddenly saying they have no idea how
to do so just because it's artifact creation is nonsense. The Occult skill is the hardest, by far, to differentiate from the other
three skills. On the surface, it is a mixture of knowledge (as Alchemy),
ritual (as Animism), and often a magical component specific to the
Out of raw Zeon practice (as Runes). Although it may be similar to all of these on the
surface, Occultism is wild and imprecise in its nature, which is where it
In theory, all Zeon is created equal. In practice, however, it seems
sets itself apart.
silly that all Zeon should create only Level 1 PP when there are things
Where an Alchemist might take certain measures of crushed
like Dragon Lines, Mystical zones, Supernatural infections, etc. So, all
dragon's bone and drops of a dryad's tears, an Occultist might simply
Zeon is created equal, but Zeon can be concentrated to become more
wash a dragon's bone with a bottle of dryad's tears and then throw it into
powerful through the following rules.
the fires of the forge. Where an Animist must say the specific words at
First, a character must have either The Gift or Limited Gift in order
the right time, an Occultist might make up words that sound right based
to use Zeon as a material component, because the Zeon is drawn from
on what they've studied, and say them when the words feel as though
her own reserves.
they need to come out.
To transfer the Zeon, the character must be in direct physical contact
Essentially, just as the Soul Flow and The Wake are somewhat
with the object they are empowering. Zeon is transferred at a rate equal
chaotic forces in the world, defined by dreams and wishes and intangible
to the character's MA.
things, so too is Occultism.
At base level, all PP gained from this transfer are Level 1 PP,
however, by burning additional zeon a character can increase the Level
of PP she is transferring. The zeon burn necessary is equal to the PP
necessary multiplied by 2 for each level above 1. Occult is a mix of both study and previous knowledge. Knowledge
That is to say, Level 4 would be at 2*2*2, or 8x the Zeon which builds on knowledge, and with knowledge studying becomes easier
needs to be burned. making a 'hump' in difficulty. Initially, information is widely available
and little effort is required to gain new knowledge, or to remember that
Example: A sorceress wants to imbue an artifact with +15 Attack, knowledge. The deeper an Occultist goes, the more difficult it becomes
which is a Level 3 effect that costs 20 PP. If she wanted to create this to figure out exactly what to do until a certain point, after which the
effect with Zeon alone, she would need to spend 20 Zeon for the 20 Level erratic nature of Occultism takes hold, where things become
1 PP, and then burn and additional 80 Zeon (3 is 2 higher than 1; increasingly about feeling and interpretation.
2*2=4; 4*20=80) for the purpose of raising the level of the PP to 3.

As per the base rules, all effects created through Zeon obtain the Occultism is one of two disciplines where base components are
Diminishing rule (PE 17), but do not gain the benefit of reduced costs. essential to the creation of artifacts (the other being Alchemy).
In case there's any confusion, this process is not affected in any way In order to make an artifact of a particular power level, the character
by the possession of any metamagic spheres except those that directly must have all of the PP required for each power they wish to imbue.
alter the character's MA. Higher-ranked PP cannot be modified to provide a power source for
Of special note are the spheres Unlimited Zeon and Transfer Magic, lower level powers within Occultism, because Occultists do not
which both have no effect whatsoever in this process. Just in case recognize this need within their practice.
anyone asks. However, Occultists with extra materials of a particular level may
utilize them in the creation of an artifact to give it a chance of

Buying Materials spontaneously increasing its own power. For each additional 25PP of
equal level to the power they are meant to modify, the Occultist may roll
Finally, materials may be purchased from shopkeepers or merchants, a d100. On a result of 96-100, the power is upgraded by one degree on
or even wandering NPCs that might be carrying them, for whatever the chart it came from with no increase in difficulty. If the upgrade
reason, although the price of these items will vary widely based on how increases the level of the power, only materials of the increased level
valuable the person perceives them to be. may increase it again.
If you’re following the commonness presented here, assume 1 CC
per Level 1 PP. And 1 silver per Level 2. This would go to 1 GC per Example: When trying to imbue a sword with +30 Critical, an
Level 3 PP, but you're not likely to have access to that without Black Occultist gathers the necessary 80 Level 2 PP. He also already has an
Market contacts. Level 4 and 5 materials would be virtually impossible additional 100 Level 2 PP, so when performing the ritual he rolls a
to purchase, and the prices would vary wildly. d100 to try an increase the power of the Critical Enhancement. He rolls
Games in lower supernatural levels, or just in areas where materials a 99, and thus the artifact gains +40 Critical instead. If this was the
might be harder to come by, should consider increasing these costs, but highest-level power, the base difficulty of creating the artifact would still
going over 1 GC/ Level 1 PP is not recommended. remain at 140 instead of increasing to 240, but they could not get to +50
Critical without 50 Level 3 PP.

- 23 -
For every additional 75 PP of the same level, an Occultist may
attempt the same check, but increases the boost to the effect of the next
highest level instantly.

If the same Occultist began at +20 Critical, he could spend 75 PP

extra Level 2 PP and make the same roll. If he rolled a 96+, the power Carving runes is not the only way to inscribe a rune into an item. It
would jump up to +40, without any increase in difficulty. is also possible to carve holes into an item and insert a specialized object
Regardless of whether the increase succeeds or not, the bonus PP is called a Runestone. Runestones are made from solid materials cut into
consumed in the artifact creation process, sacrificed to the random different shapes and sizes. This method is the only one that requires
nature of the supernatural forces involved. Since Level 5 powers cannot materials.
be increased, every PP of Level 5 material sacrificed provides a +1 to Each Runestone can hold one predetermined power within it,
the Occultist's roll to overcome the difficulty of making the artifact. selected at the time of its creation. The difficulty check to make a
Runestone is the same as any other runic artifact. Since Runestones are
not a part of creating an artifact, but are technically artifacts themselves,
inserting them into an artifact requires a separate check from artifact
The random variation within Occult makes it somewhat creation of the appropriate crafting skill at 140.
unpredictable in determining what results one will get from any given Runestones trade power for strength. Cutting out holes to make
roll. Because accuracy and precision are less important to an Occultist space for a Runestone reduces the Fortitude of an object by the level of
than to other artificing skills, random effects may occur either within the the power it contains, and the Breakage by half that amount, rounded up.
object being manipulated, or the world around the Artificer. These If adding a Runestone would reduce the Fortitude to 0 or lower, it
effects are recommended to be left up to the GM, but a general rule of cannot be added as the item wouldn't survive the assimilation.
thumb is that the higher the difficulty, the more severe or numerous the A Runestone typically may not be removed from any item it is
effect(s). placed into because of the necessary tactics to make it stay put. GMs
that want to allow Runestones to be removed may follow the following
For example, an Occultist trying to create a Level 2 artifact may guidelines.
accidentally turn a nearby book into a paper frog, while one trying to First, the item the Runestone is being removed from is destroyed
sculpt a Level 4 artifact may accidentally trap a nearby soul in the item, completely.
giving it that soul's personality. Secondly, an ability check of 280 must be made with the appropriate
crafting skill to remove the Runestone. Failure means the Runestone is

Runes destroyed as well, or damaged beyond use.

While some artificing styles rely primarily on materials, Runesmiths Although basic runesmithing requires no components and cannot
rely on symbols etched into the base item. The Runic language is one benefit from their involvement, crafting Runestones does and can.
where each symbol is a word all its own, but putting runic words Runestones must be crafted into a hunk of material of equal PP and
together doesn't give them meaning. Each word, instead, stands as a level to the power they are meant to hold. A failed roll means that the
possessor of the object into which it is crafted. In other words, the object material is either destroyed, or that the rune is misdrawn, making the
onto which a rune is crafted is an inherent and unshakable foundation of material useless for any purpose, including other forms of artificing.
the runic language. Runestones do not benefit in any way from additional materials.
A sword with the rufdane for 'Bear' etched into it is a Sword of Bear,
and anyone reading the runes would say as much. Even if the rune was
drawn onto a piece of paper – in order to illustrate it to an apprentice, for
example - the paper would become 'a sheet of Bear.' As stated in Prometheum, runes are nigh-impossible to conceal. This
The how of runesmithing depends largely on the item in question, is not just because of how much of an object they cover, but because
but the most common form is the etching of runes using a specialized runes tend to glow. A rune glows whenever the power it is associated
chisel or knife. The runesmither must set aside space enough for each with is active, and therefore the mystical nature of such objects is
rune, making them larger or smaller as needed, since the runes must obvious to even those with little-to-no knowledge of magic or the
cover at least 60% of the surface of the item. Each rune must be the supernatural. Passive powers like quality bonuses are always considered
same size as every other rune inscribed, regardless of the power active, while damage-boosting runes would only be active as the weapon
difference between them, or else the meaning of the runes falls apart as actually strikes.
their supernatural presences clash. Failure to measure out space For the purposes of mechanical effects, this means that anyone with
beforehand is a disastrous error for runesmithers, so many will create the chance to see the object with runes can make a Notice Check with a
complex diagrams on paper to be certain of the space they have base difficulty of Difficult for an object the size of a sword when no
available and the precision they will need. runes are active, or Moderate if they are. This difficulty goes up for
smaller objects (recommended maximum being Absurd for objects like
rings) since the runes must be smaller to compensate, and goes down for
larger objects (recommended minimum being Easy) since runes will be
Runes are a language, an alphabet that translates to power. As with more noticeable.
any language, the more of it a character acquires the easier it is to pick Difficulty modifiers for the previous situations, and others that may
up new information in that language. The skill, however, is more a come up like the runes being activated in the middle of an attack (+30),
matter of manual dexterity than of symbolic knowledge. Therefore, or being activated in a dark room (-30), should be applied whenever the
since larger runes require less precision, they require less skill, but the GM determines they are appropriate.
smaller things get (and higher level powers always require smaller A success on the check means the character is aware of its magical
runes), the more difficult they must inherently be, as the precision nature, and then can make a Rune Skill Check to try and read the runes.
necessary to inscribe the runes in order to maximize power is The difficulty of this check depends on the runes involved, and is
excruciating; even the tiniest slip in one character may mean the loss of determined by the Rank of the Artifact. It is equal to half of the base

- 24 -
difficulty of making a Runic Artifact at a level equal to the Rank, and roll the materials together on a cold winter morning. The artistic aspect
cannot be made by someone without at least 5 ranks in Runes. most obviously comes to play in the flair and the creativity of the
For an Artifact with a + Rank (1+, 2+, etc.), add 25 points to the Alchemist when finalizing the product, as this is the step when most
difficulty of the check. 'signatures' are added. The process derives its name, Rubedo, from
Redness, which Alchemists associate with blood, the phoenix, and the
Example: A wizard seeing a Runic Bag of Thorns would need to philosopher's stone, all of which are sources of life and re-creation.
pass a check of 140 to realize that the bag was magical in nature if it
was completely inactive. If he succeeds, and he has bought at least 5
ranks in Runes, he can then make a check with a difficulty of 15 (since Alchemy is a science anyone can follow with a little time, the right
Bag of Thorns is a Rank 1 Artifact) to determine the exact nature of the materials, and a sheet of rules in front of them. In particular, Alchemy
Bag. follows formulas, and while formulas may become more complex the
instructions do not necessarily follow suit. The final jump at the Zen
level is due to the mystical and unreliable nature of the components
Alchemy necessary for alchemy at that level. An alchemical formula at Level 5
may require a lightning bolt of a certain magnitude at a particular time
during the Rubedo phase, or else all is lost.
The most precise and exacting of the artificing styles, Alchemy is a
scientific approach that may appear as insanity at times. The majority of
the alchemical process involves the gathering of materials, measuring
and mixing them precisely, and then doing something a little bit out of In the same way as Occultism, powers require materials of equal
the ordinary to make the product work. As described in Prometheum, level. Unlike Occultists, however, Alchemists can break down higher
Alchemy is an amalgam of “chemistry, metallurgy, physics, medicine, level materials into lower level materials through the processes of
astrology, semiotics, mysticism, spiritualism, and art.” While this may Nigredo and Albedo. An Alchemist can turn any one material she
appear on the surface to be a wild mash-up of whatever they could find, possesses into two pieces of a lower level material, and those materials
each piece is essential to the completion of any Alchemical project. can continue to be broken down until they reach Level 1. Alchemy does
Briefly mentioned in the book are the three stages of Alchemy: not guarantee this process, however, only the chance. The difficulty of
Nigredo (creation), Albedo (undoing), and Rubedo (reforming). While the Alchemy roll is equal to that of an artifact at the level the material is
this is hardly in line with traditional alchemy - which involves differing being broken down to.
definitions as well as a fourth component (Citrinitas) - no errata that I've
seen has yet corrected this change in terminology and so we will Example: If an Alchemist wants to take a 30 Level 3 PP material
continue to use it. and break it down to Level 2 materials, he would need to make a check
While a deep understanding of each of these is not necessary to of 140, and would receive 60 Level 2 PP if successful.
make a skill roll in Anima, a more in-depth explanation may be
beneficial to those wanting to enhance their roleplaying through vivid An Alchemist can also synthesize low level materials into higher
description, or for GMs looking to enhance the depth of their world. level materials through a similar process. By taking twice the PP in
materials of a lower level, he can form a single hunk of PP of a material
of higher level. Like breaking down objects, nothing is guaranteed in
Nigredo alchemy. The difficulty of this roll is equal to the difficulty for an
Creation is the first of the three steps and is something of a Alchemical Artifact of the level of the material formed.
misnomer. While creation is implied it is really a transformation that
takes place here. Each raw component must be carefully shaped into a Example: If an Alchemist wants to take 20 Level 3 PP materials and
new form while retaining its original identity. The disciplines of combine them into Level 4 materials, he would need to make a check of
chemistry, metallurgy, and even medicine take their greatest places here 320, and would receive 10 Level 4 PP.
in the creation of powder from bone, or juices from eyes. The somewhat
destructive nature of this process is why it holds the name Nigredo, Bonus materials do not affect an Alchemist's chance of success in
Latin for Blackness. any way, although they can be used to synthesize higher or lower level
materials as described above.
Undoing is only slightly-more aptly named than its predecessor.
Here we see the separation of the basic nature of something into a more- Because Alchemy is a science and it relies heavily on both careful
refined component to be used in the final stage. While chemistry is often procedure as well as access to materials, an Alchemist cannot perform
a key player in this process, it more often involves a combination of his craft without both. Per official errata, the creator must have at least
mysticism, semiotics, and spiritualism, because an Alchemist is typically basic equipment as an essential requirement, or alchemy is impossible,
separating power from finesse, shadow from substance, which are and the bonuses awarded in Table 7 in the Equipment section are halved.
concepts no mortal science can parse reliably. The Alchemists named This basic equipment includes an appropriate laboratory, tools for
this process Albedo, or Whiteness, to align with the 'cleansing' of their measuring, separating, and combining, as well as a container for the
materials, separating what is useful from what is not. finished product (e.g. the sword being imbued, a bottle for holding
potions, etc).
Reforming is the simplest stage to understand within the alchemical
process, but also one of the hardest to execute. Once all the components Animism
have been formed properly through Nigredo and Albedo, it is now the
Alchemist's job to splice their substances together to form the final
product. Here, although again the hard sciences will play their roles in While Animism is not its own religion in the world of Anima (or at
how to apply which materials when, we see the biggest influences from least not officially), its practices are highly ritualistic and spiritual in
astrology, art, and physics. Many alchemical concoctions require the nature. Animism in the real world is the belief that all things have a soul,
stars and the planets to be aligned in a certain way, or for the wind to and is known by many different names throughout the world. Anima
supports this interpretation in each book with concepts like the Soul

- 25 -
Flow, Presence, and other minor concepts introduced and reinforced An Animist must declare which level of the soul they wish to
throughout. capture, and how much PP it is worth before rolling, and a failure means
As it relates to artificing, Animism is the manipulation of these souls they capture nothing. An Animist can only make this check once per
to imbue objects with power. At its most basic level, this means that destroyed creature or item.
Animists are repurposing souls, or fragments thereof, for their work. This check is modified by the willingness of the soul in question, as
Because this process entirely forsakes the need for material components with the rest of the artifact creation process.
and the work that entails, Animists enjoy both a simplification of Pieces of a soul may be lower than that of the entire being if the
technique, but also a strictness of form that cannot be altered. The right Animist so wishes, however the maximum level possible is what's used
words must be said at the right times with the right gestures to to determine the effects described below in Strength of the Spirit.
accomplish anything at all, and a single misspoken word or faulty step The Artificer must have a special container known as a Soul Tube to
can nullify any amount of work or preparation. contain each soul, or fragment thereof. Soul Tubes can be bought for 50
GC each from special vendors, or varying amounts from other folks.
They can also be made with a Jewelry check at a difficulty of 180. Each
Animism is a ritual. As just stated, each use requires precision, Soul Tube can only hold a single soul, or soul fragment. They give the
timing, and a little bit of faith. The problem, however, is that there's a Animist no power over the soul besides containment, and no bonus to
living aspect to each ritual, and that's the material being used in the check except for their necessity in the artificing ritual.
Animism. Souls are not so malleable as rocks and blood, and each soul
can be classified on a spectrum from willing to hostile which modifies
the check in different ways at different levels. The more hostile, the Any soul that might be used in an Animism ritual has a willingness
higher the penalty, the more willing, the greater the boon. Souls rating to be considered that adjusts difficulty, even if only a portion of
powerful enough to be classified as Level 5 have special rules, discussed the soul is needed. The most compliant souls grant a bonus, voluntarily
below in Strength of the Spirit. lowering the difficulty of binding their souls. The souls most opposed
have the opposite effect, fighting the ritual at every step and possibly
Example: An Animist wants to bind the soul of a particularly causing it to fail entirely. Anything powerful enough to provide a Level
powerful demon into a ring, which the demon wants no part of. The 5 soul, however, has a bit more influence on the process.
Animist wants to extract a Level 4 soul fragment from the demon, but the Firstly, a Level 5 soul can impose the same -40/+40 as a Level 4
demon's convictions are strong enough that he imposes a full +40 to soul on the difficulty checks for capture and creation.
difficulty, making the difficulty for the check 360. Were the demon fully In addition to the bonus/penalty, if a Level 5 soul or soul fragment is
willing, the check would only be 280. unwilling, but the Animist exceeds the check necessary to make the
artifact/capture the soul, the soul can make an MR check with a
Willingness can change between the capture process (described in difficulty equal to 140 plus the amount the Animist's check exceeded the
Raw Materials) and the actual artificing roll. This means that a willing total difficulty of the roll. If successful in this check, the soul breaks
soul may become hostile, or the other way around, over time, thus free, rupturing the Soul Tube if it is during the capture, or destroying the
changing the bonus/penalty to the check. artifact entirely if during creation.

As stated in the book, each level of each power adds 1 minute of

time to the creation process, and suffers no penalties or bonuses for
additional time taken. An Animist cannot take less than this amount of
time, as the ritual nature doesn't allow for a 'speeding up' of the process.

Animism doesn't use materials beyond the container for the powers.
Instead, it uses souls taken from creatures and items to imbue relics with
the same powers as other artificing methods. To clarify, that means an
Animist may not use any other source for gaining PP. Not Monster
materials, Item materials, sacrificed lives, Zeon, nor sacrificed Power.
Animism's soul requirement is unique, and so too is the process of
gathering souls for use. Instead of rolling for materials gathered after a
monster/creature is slain, an Animist may roll their Animism ability to
perform a ritual to capture a piece of the soul before it escapes and
returns to the Soul Flow. She can do the same with items she breaks.
Souls and soul fragments may not be taken from still-living beings or
objects, unless they are capable of giving a Level 5 soul/soul fragment.
Because Animists are not searching for randomly-formed parts, they
may declare the number and level of PP they want to gather. The base
amount of PP earned is equal to the creature's Presence divided by the
Level of PP the Animist wishes to acquire, and can never be more than
the creature's Presence. Items follow these same rules.
Maximum level for the PP is still determined by Gnosis (for
creatures) and Presence (for objects) per the normal.
For simplicity's sake, the base difficulty of the check to capture the
soul is the same as that for crafting an artifact of the same level as the
soul or soul fragment. The check increases in difficulty at the same rate
as usual for every PP above the base amount the Animist wishes to
obtain, and can decrease the difficulty if the Animist wants a lower
amount than the base would give. Souls are both beautiful and excellent artifact fuel.

- 26 -
Example: The same Animist wants to bind the soul of an even-more limbs), and a -60 to the back of the head without a mirror (reduced to -
powerful demon into a sword. The demon is stubborn enough that he 30 with one, or -20 if using a spell/familiar to see the back of their own
imposes a full +40 to difficulty, making the difficulty for the check 480. head).
The Animist rolls and gets a 500, meaning the ritual is successful on her These penalties apply to both the artificing roll, and the Art/Sleight
end, however, the demon is still fighting and so may make an MR check of Hand roll described below.
against 160 (140+(500-480=20)=160) to thwart the ritual. Tattoos follow the same Presence rules as other artifacts when
determining the limits of the number of powers each tattoo can hold.
This check can be made once for the initial capture, and once for the Presence limits for tattoos are found on page 12 of Prometheum Exxet.
creation process. The Soul Tube prevents any other checks from being Crafting magical essence is not the only component of tattooing.
attempted, no matter the time between capture and use. Tattooing also requires either an Art or a Sleight of Hand check with a
difficulty based on the size and intricacy of the tattoo. Sleight of Hand
checks are one degree of difficulty easier than the checks below would
indicate, but they cannot make Masterwork Tattoos, and they lose 10
Presence due to their crude nature.


While not their own category of artificing, Mystical Tattoos are their
own special subset of artifacts that deserve to be mentioned. Complexity Simple Complex Masterwork
Prometheum dedicates about two paragraphs to them (on page 12), most
of which I'm not changing, but some limitations need to be made given 140 (Very
Difficulty 80 (Moderate) 180 (Absurd)
how much I've changed the rules for artificing, and just in general for Difficult)
even the unchanged rules. Large Tattoos Increase DC by one rank (ex. Absurd to Almost
Impossible for a Masterwork).

Tattoos can be made through any of the four Artificing skills. I'll
leave it to your imagination to figure out how.
Tattoos that provide the same bonus, or a bonus of the same type as
a second tattoo, do not stack in any way, shape, or form. Ever. They may
only stack with a different type of artifact (like a sword or a ring) if the
specific power allows for stacking.
Tattoos are recognizable as mystical objects when activated,
regardless of the methods used to create them. They follow the same
recognition rules as Runes, but cannot be read unless they are made
from Runes. They may also be concealed beneath clothing, armor, etc.,
but when concealed in this way a person may not benefit from the
effects of the tattoo.
Some GMs and players may find the need to be seen as either
deadly, unfair, obscene, or even all three, especially considering the
limits already in effect for tattoos. As a reminder, I am not the final
arbiter on whether or not my rules work for you, but I recommend
imposing an additional difficulty spike for tattoo creation if allowing for
tattoos to be used beneath armor or clothing (like tripling the cost in PP
instead of just double as PE suggests).

Normal-sized artifact tattoos (those not considered large), are big

enough that a person may only fit two per limb (one on the upper part of
the limb, one on the lower), one per hand or foot, one on the face, one
on the back/top of the head (but only if the head is shaved), and up to 8
on the torso (4 in front, 4 in back). These limitations may change for
characters above medium size (usually adding 1 tattoo per slot, but this
depends very heavily on the dimensions of the character), or characters
playing as monster races (which may have more limbs, less limbs, or
other oddly-sized body portions).
Large tattoos take up the space of two normal tattoos. Combinations
between connected areas are allowed to accommodate for interesting
tattoos (and because it's only fair, really).

Tattoos require a steady hand, and access to the area being tattooed.
Although it should really go without saying, it would be nearly
impossible to tattoo your own back, and very, very impossible to do so
with the intricacy required for artificing. Therefore, a character may not
tattoo their own back (unless they have a spell or more versatile limbs
than humans do), suffers a -20 to their check to tattoo their own upper
arms or upper legs (due to the difficulty of reaching the back of these

- 27 -
_ _ _ _ M O N S TER R A C ES _ _ _ _
At GM discretion, remove non-identical but similar powers like:
Natural Knowledge of a Path 60 (as opposed to the advantage which
only gives 40), Physical Exemption (Not exactly Elimination of Needs,
but close), etc.
Remove any additional powers/abilities/etc the GM determines
would be either too powerful, too difficult to keep track of, etc. Or
powers that the GM/player would like to live without.
This should also include any powers with a Gnosis of 15+ (or 10+,
depending on where the GM wants to keep the power level for the
By GM allowance, you may add an additional +5 Gnosis/LA for the
purpose of keeping powers.

Calculate total DP Spent on remaining Essential Abilities and

Powers, including negatives for conditional effects.
If a power cannot be directly found in Those Who Walked or the
Core, find a similar power and substitute the cost. In the most extreme
cases, GMs may rule a DP cost they think is fair.

Take the total of the points and divide by 100, rounding to the
nearest 100. This is the Level Modifier for the monster race. More
lenient GMs may prefer to round down, while official rulings by Anima
Studios say round up. Either way, it is recommended that so long as
there are powers above a normal human the LA should be no less than

Players are always looking for new options when building a

character, and though the Nephilim and Lost Souls are all very well and From scratch
good, it's natural to want even more choices to add more flavor to First, determine base Gnosis for the creature. For most GMs, it's
games, especially if they're taking place outside the typical game setting, recommended they set this at either 10 or 15 given that anything beyond
or in a different period, or just cause. Some very basic rules for this is often unfair to anyone not playing a custom race.
converting (or creating) a playable monster race are as follows. Next, allow the adding of LA to increase the effective Gnosis of the
race. For the 1st LA, increase Gnosis to 20, and then +5 for every LA
after that.
For pre-generated monsters Note: This Gnosis factor will not be the final Gnosis of the
character, but rather the 'effective' Gnosis of the race. A race with 30
It might seem odd to start with pre-generated monsters instead of
Gnosis (+3 LA), for example, would be able to choose Level 30 powers,
those created from scratch, but using existing examples is always a
but would be unable to cast High Magic, or get bonus DP to spend on
better first step, I think.
Buy powers and essential abilities per the guidelines for pre-made
It is first very important to eliminate extraneous factors that will
monsters (no identical powers, no buying raw characteristics, no
automatically be changed by the process of characterization. These
outlawed powers, etc.).
include: Characteristic Scores, Class, Resistances, Derived Stats (Attack,
Note: Attribute +1/+2/+3 is available under the same guidelines as
Defense, Initiative, Resistances, etc.), Gnosis, Secondary Abilities
After that, remove Essential Abilities and Powers that are either
Take the total development points spent and divide by 100, rounding
identical to ones that normal characters can buy or are superfluous
to the nearest 100. Add in the LA for bonus Gnosis. This is the total LA
including: The Gift, Superhuman Spiritual Characteristics,
for the monster race. More lenient GMs may prefer to round down, and
Ambidextrous, See Supernatural, etc.
Anima Studios says to round up. Regardless of method, it is
Note: In order to be identical, an Essential Ability or Power should
recommended that so long as there are powers above a normal human
read exactly as it does for a human picking up that Ability/Power, or
the LA should be no less than one.
reference an identical Power (e.g. Damage Energy reads “functions the
same as Presence Extrusion”).

Special Exception: If a race contains Attribute +X, then a Pure Nephilim

Penalty (Racial Terror, Extreme Vulnerability, or Attribute -X (special Nephilim for nearly any race can be made by removing or deeply
penalty reserved for balancing Attribute +X), etc.) must be chosen that modifying (usually cutting in half) any obviously non-human powers
equals at least half of the cost of total of the Attribute Bonus. This (tentacle attacks, metal skin, rubies for eyes), and then giving them an
penalty does not grant bonus DP as usual, but rather is simply meant to experience modifier equal to their LA +1/+2 (based on GM discretion).
balance the otherwise unfair advantage bought with Attribute +X. There's probably a good method to determine the exp mod using DP
costs, but I haven't figured that out yet.

- 28 -
__Alternate Combat Method__ Instead, we move to Mokowanahana, who now gets to declare what
he wants to do. Mokowanahana sees Rex going for Tom, and decides
I will admit that I've rarely been happy with how combat plays out that he doesn't want Tom to end up puppy chow, so he declares that he's
in Anima. You roll initiative, you take your turns in order, and then you going to intercept Rex by moving up to him and punching him in the
repeat the process. It's not the worst system ever, but it's definitely not head.
really all that realistic when the slowest person in the group gets to react
to every action that's presumably already happened within the three Again, no dice are rolled yet. Nothing changes.
second span of a combat turn. Attacks have been resolved, in some cases This process continues up the line until Fido (the character with the
countered, people have moved and searched and shouted orders. highest init) has finally declared his own actions.
As someone once put it: It doesn't make sense that the fastest Once Fido has declared his actions, it is now time for the GM to
character can walk into the middle of a group of enemies, blow them all announce Special Events.
away in one move, and then has to stand patiently and watch while they
all get back up, walk back over to him, and clobber him to death. I know Special Events
that because of how being put on the defensive works, it can’t actually
happen exactly this way, but it’s similar enough that I want a change. These are things which affect the way the combat round might play
It is with this mindset that I always looked for an alternative way of out, but which no one has any control over. For example, the GM could
doing things. I thought of Scion's tick counter (one of the most realistic announce here that there is suddenly a loud chiming noise in the
examples of combat timing that I've seen, even if the combat itself gets background, or that just as things are beginning to get going, the earth
ridiculous at higher levels), but that would mean rewriting the entire begins to fall away.
combat by trading initiative for speed, and then assigning all sorts of Please Note: Things that happen between rounds don't need to be
nonsense speeds to every action. It was just too much work. Then, a declared here. Those events should be dealt with between rounds.
short while ago, I saw something that inspired me which I like to call Special Events are for things that happen in the middle of the combat
Reverse Initiative. It’s apparently something which several systems have round, not before everyone begins moving or after they're all done. So if
experimented with over the years, and so now I experiment with it here. a Magical Darkness sweeps over the area once everyone is done with
Enjoy. their turns, don't declare it here. If that same darkness sweeps over the
area after everyone has taken their first step, then go ahead and let
people know.
Reverse Initiative
This process of combat follows the same basic structure as normal
combat, but with a significant change to the initiative phase. In short:
instead of declaring actions and resolving them for each character in
turn, actions are declared in reverse order (from slowest to fastest)
during initiative, and then played out in normal order (fastest to slowest)
once all actions are declared.

A group of three misfits named Tom, Dick, and Mokowanahana all

find themselves in personal combat against a group of three wild dogs
(who we will just call OBLIVION). The battle begins, everyone rolls
initiative, and we get the following results:
Tom: 72.
Dick: 108.
Mokowanahana: 55.
Fido: 150. Special Events. When you see them, you’ll know.
Rex: 7.
OBLIVION: 68. Changing Your Mind
Once the Special Events are taken care of, we make a second sweep.
Normally, Fido would declare his actions, make his movements and Here, each combatant is able to change their mind about what they want
attacks, and then the turn would pass to Dick to do the same, and on and to do based on how everyone has reacted thus far, and the events the
on until poor Rex finally has his turn. Initiative would be rolled again, GM declared. However, in order to change their actions, they must
the process would repeat ad infinitum until combat ends. accept a -25 penalty to any actions changed that turn (to represent them
beginning to do whatever it was they originally decided, and then
In Reverse Initiative, however, what happens is this: changing their mind because of something else occurring). Again, we go
from slowest to fastest, allowing each person the chance to change. As
Rex is lowest on the initiative count, so he declares his actions first. many sweeps as necessary can be done, with a stacking -25 for each
He decides that he wants to bite Tom, which also means he'll need to change they made, until everyone has either made all of their
make a passive movement to get to Tom. adjustments for the appropriate penalty, or everyone is settled on their
No dice are rolled yet. No movement is actually made.

- 29 -
For sanity's sake, let's say that everyone from the previous exampe is Difficulty Example Deaths
settled on the first initiative pass except for Rex who, seeing
Mokowanahana charging for him, decides to do a Pure Defense instead Enemy cleaved in two.
of attacking Tom. He accepts a -25 to his defense (meaning he only gets Routine
Enemy explodes.
a +5 to his defense instead of a +30), and everyone else, still fine with
their decisions, waives their right to change. Enemy loses limb.
Enemy rammed through with a weapon.
From here, rolls are quickly made to determine who succeeds in
their efforts, and who fails. Enemy suffers impressive hit and collapses.
Rinse. Enemy chokes and falls over.
Repeat. Enemy suffers normal-looking hit and collapses.
Enemy falls to knees after coughing a bit.
Shifting Circumstances
In the middle of the rolling process, things can happen. I know, Enemy has heart attack with no outward signs.
surprising, but they allow for changes to be made, and those changes Enemy simply slumps over.
have unique penalties associated with them. They are as follows. Almost Enemy continues to talk and move despite gaping wound.
Impossible Enemy slumps over, but seems to catch themselves.
Because one can't know ahead of time if they're actually going to Enemy dies from a small needle going through their skull.
succeed on a defense and then counter it (one can expect to, but Fumbles Completely Paralyzed enemy suffocates.
do happen), a person can either add the counter to their list of actions
Enemy killed by microscopic bullet through the heart.
(assuming they still have a free attack they did not declare) or trade any
Inhuman Enemy continues fighting for several rounds after
of their declared attacks for a counterattack. Both have no cost other
seemingly innocuous wound.
than the sacrificed attack action. In short, this is pretty much exactly the
same as it always was, I just wanted to be certain there was no Enemy mind wiped, body animated by dark magics.
confusion. Zen
Enemy not within range of senses.

Sometimes, sh*t happens. Hydras explode out of the ground.
Somebody shouts out “He stole my baby!” The Saints really do come
The Expanded Role of Tactics
marching in. Whatever it is, and whenever the GM decides it happens, it Because I'm always looking for ways to make secondaries useful,
can really mess up your plans. Most of these should already be declared Tactics plays a very important role in the Reverse Initiative combat
by the GM as Special Events, but perhaps one of them only triggers style. Tactics has three basic uses in this system:
because your character moved over a particular space or because a key Players can roll Tactics for themselves to allow for free action
enemy died. In the event this happens, there are two options: changes. At higher levels, this also gives bonuses to all actions by
If the event is large enough that it affects the whole encounter, a allowing the play to predict his enemy's movements. Consult Table 7
new round can begin immediately. below for roll difficulties and given bonuses.
If the event is smaller, or the GM just wants to finish the round as-is, Players can roll Tactics to give others a free change after their roll.
a person can take a penalty of -10 for each major change they want to This may only be done once per round (not once per sweep), and can
make to their actions. only affect a single player at base level.
So, if you were originally planning to sprint down the hallway and Players can roll Tactics to give the group a bonus to all actions
axe someone in the head, but now the hallway is full of arrows and lava pertaining to a specific plan during the next round, assuming the plan
so you decide it best to just leap back to safety, you would take a total of they announce is followed.
-10, since you've stopped running down the hall and have decided to Since time in rounds is very limited, players should keep their plans
leap backwards (1 major change). simple. For example, a player might say “Focus on the boss!” or
Note that I do not penalize for no longer attacking, because that “Everyone get to the high ground!” Plans must include a specific goal,
action depended on the completion of the first action anyways. If you and if they are communicated in a language and method an opposing
also wanted to attack a new person once you'd leapt to safety, that would force understands, any bonus is negated.
be a second major change at another -10 (for a total of -20). Hint: Code words or phrases worked out in advance, or secondary
languages are excellent resources.
YOUR TARGET DIES For Example: A player decides that the best course of action for the
We've all been there. You and your buddy are charging in to double- team would be to have everyone get on the roof. His player declares
team an enemy. She gets there first, open rolls, completely cleaves the during his turn “Everyone get to the roof!” and then rolls Tactics.
guy in two. What do you do then? For those times, follow the normal Because they are fighting unintelligent bird monsters, he rolls Tactics
rules for Unexpected Events if, and only if, the player can pass a Notice and receives a 180, giving him a result of Absurd, which gives his party
check to realize their target has died. Difficulties for this check are a +30 to Athleticism, Acrobatics, Climb, or other rolls which might aid
presented below on Table 11, along with some example deaths. GM are them in getting to the roof. If he were fighting a group of guards that
encouraged to use this table for other things as well, though I don’t could understand him, there would be no bonus, since the guards would
know exactly what. understand the plan and be able to effectively counter it.


- 30 -
Difficulty Self Other Group Bonus legions of pages, the Social Combat system is a bit more
compartmentalized for many reasons, not the least of which being it's
Routine 1 free action switch - +0 difficult to justify, say, a Martial Art that makes you better at talking to
people (this isn't Exalted, people). If using no other rules, Social combat
Easy 2 free switches - +10 can easily be performed using only the things listed immediately below,
although we recommend that GMs use the expanded rules presented
Moderate 3 free switches One ally +15 afterwards. For all intents and purposes, the following items translate
Difficult 4 free switches - +20 almost exactly from the core combat rules, with the following minor
Very Difficult 5 free switches Two allies +25 Attack becomes Persuasion and Intimidation.
Block becomes Composure. Dodge becomes Etiquette.
Unlimited free Push Aside and Defend Another can be used in the same ways with
Absurd Three allies +30
switches the new skills replacing Block and Dodge. They are now called “Divert”
and “Interrupt” respectively.
+10 All Action Bonus - +35 On the Offensive/Defensive and Full Attack/Defense function
identically, with the new skills used in place of Attack/Block/Dodge.
Impossible +20 AAB Entire party +40 A life points (LP) pool is used, but it is calculated off of WP and
POW instead of CON (double the points, double the powah!). Other
Inhuman +30 AAB - +45 modifiers to your Social LP have similarly changed, but their effects
remain the same. These will be detailed later.
Zen +50 AAB - +50 Initiative functions identically, except it is based off of INT and
PER instead of DEX and AGI (INT because it represents mental

_____Social Combat_____
quickness, and PER because it represents the ability to notice openings
in conversation). Other modifiers to initiative have similarly changed
names, but their effects remain the same. These will be detailed more
I know what you're thinking already, and I'd just like to preface this later.
section with the following: Social skills are not mind control. There are As a result of Initiative, Surprise functions identically as well.
actual forms of mind control in this game, very powerful ones that most Rounds in Social Combat last 1 minute each, to better represent a
players have access to after Level 3 or so (and sometimes earlier than full exchange of ideas and points.
that). As they work right now, social skills are certainly closer to mind The most major changes to the system are thanks to the nature of
control than, say, Athleticism or Occult, but social skill rolls are meant conversation vs. physical attacks. Although I could simply list them,
to reflect a kind of “Social Combat.” Just like most people don't From here on out I'll be going through the system in sections to best
complain when someone with 400 Attack trounces their character with explain it all in a row. After all, even those systems remaining largely
only 100 Defense, so too should be the result when someone with 400 the same will be different in several ways, as noted above. I'll do my
Persuasion convinces your 6 WP, 5 INT, -25 Composure, 0 Persuasion best to separate and organize the ideas appropriately, but I apologize if I
Whirling Dervish to go and get pizza with the rest of the group. But slip up at times.
social skill rolls have an effect on people, and rightly so. The first, and most important, difference to the game is that now all
Real social encounters are full of nuance, subtlety, stubbornness, classes have a Social Combat limit as well. It is a Primary Limit, like
and a million other things. Body language and tone say more than words Magic or Psychic powers, and this means that several things have been
alone, and a single roll to reflect the entirety of a conversation (as some changed to accommodate.
people do it) is a woeful oversimplification of these intricacies. While First, Persuasion, Intimidation, Etiquette, and Composure are all
some GMs will always prefer their social interactions be played out dropped from their respective fields, and now count towards a
through actual roleplaying (and I honestly don't blame them), there is no character's Social Combat Limit. They have the same cost they normally
point to the entire social skill section of the game if it's never going to be would for a given class (So if a class normally has Social: 2 and Vigor:
used. More importantly, it's unfair to players with characters who have 1, Persuasion, Intimidate, and Etiquette would all cost 2:1, while
high social stats to be forced to actually be incredibly social, but not for Composure would only cost 1:1).
players with characters who have high Acrobatics to actually do Right away I can see you looking at Dark Paladins in awe of their
backflips. So in an effort to make the mechanics of Social Combat newfound social power, but really it's not that much better than it was,
properly reflect the complexities of actual social interactions, and to and the best has yet to come.
make use of a section of the game many people hate to touch, the Additional class bonuses for new derived stats like Social LP, Social
following system is presented for your use. Initiative, and other have been added. These you'll find in the Class
Please Note: I'm fully aware that Social Combat will never be able Expansions below.
to reflect all of the myriad possibilities out there for a conversation. You
will notice at times that I simplify things, like convincing groups, like
how arguments are made. This is deliberate. We could sit and discuss Social LP is a measure of your character's resilience in the face of
how systems don't perfectly reflect reality all day long (including the opposing arguments. This is a mixture of stubbornness, reasoning,
physical combat systems, the secondary ability systems), or such things beliefs, and (at times), plain old inability to understand the opposing
could be left for the GM to handle. I prefer the latter, so I'm only argument (as you'll come to see). Social LP is derived from your WP
outlining the basics here. Do with them what you will. and POW characteristics in the exact same way as normal LP is from
Now that that's all out of the way, this should be fun. your CON characteristic. Classes also now have a Social LP stat, and
can buy Social LP multiples. DP spent on Social LP counts towards the
new “Social Combat” Limit.
The Core of Social Combat Yes, this means most characters will have a much higher Social LP
than they do normal LP. This is because when a battle begins,
At its most basic level, Social Combat is meant to reflect the normal participants are able to choose how much of their Social LP they want to
combat mechanics of Anima. Players trade attacks, defend as they like, dedicate to the battle. Players might choose to use a lower amount of
and have special maneuvers they can use in order to fight more Social LP in order to keep the battle short, or because they don't really
effectively. While the physical combat system in Anima takes up vast

- 31 -
believe in the argument they're presenting but want to keep up Social LP Regeneration: Social LP recovers at the same
appearances. The amount they choose will also effect what moods are Regeneration rates as normal LP, except that its rates are not limited by
available to them during the Social Combat. And, finally, a person can Gnosis levels, and it is based off of WP+POW instead of CON. For
choose to invest 0 Social LP if they want. The why of this will come those with scores that combine above 20, please see the Advanced
shortly. Regen table at the end of this document.

Social LP, unlike normal LP, also functions on a spectrum. Going The Social Combat Round
into the negatives on Social LP does not represent the death of an
argument, it merely represents a switch in attitudes. Players can keep
trying to fight to win control up until they hit a certain LP level where Like normal combat, Social Combat begins with the Initiative roll.
they completely agree with the opposing side. This is best represented Players roll their INT Modifier + PER Modifier + 20 (to represent a
here with the Mood Table. being's basic mental competency not represented by either of those
generalized stats) + Class Bonuses (All Classes are assigned a new
Social Combat Initiative stat below) + Weapon Speed (yes, there will
TABLE 9: THE MOOD TABLE now be social weapons, ooooh) + Misc Modifiers.
Highest initiative goes first, followed by the next highest, and then
Negative Mood SLP Level Positive Mood SLP Level next, and so on (yes, social combat can happen in groups).
Once everyone has had a chance to react, the next round begins with
Unmoving 100% Special Agreeable -1% to -100%
a new initiative.
Hostile 100% to 75% Favorable -50% to -100%
Stubborn 100% to 50% Encouraging -75% to -100%
Functions the same as normal combat. As a fun addition, the
Disagreeable 100% to 1% Zealous -100% Special advantage Danger Sense functions for Social Combat as well. Gotta
know when people are going to verbally jump you, no?
Neutral 10% to -10%
This table has some explaining to do.
The first thing to note about the mood table is that certain moods are The heart of social combat is the same as any other combat:
only available at certain Social LP Levels. This means that unless you someone tries to hit you (with words instead of swords, but it's the same)
use at least 50% of your current Social LP, you cannot be Favorable or and you try to not get hurt. While there are some differences in
Stubborn about a subject. That being said, that just because a person is at terminology, the general format for Social Combat remains the same,
a certain Social LP Level doesn't mean they're necessarily in a particular but there are a few key differences.
mood. A person can choose to utilize 100% of their Social LP, but still First, there are two different forms of attack now, along with two
only Disagree. Players and GMs must decide how their character feels new forms of defense. Each has its own special benefits and drawbacks.
about a certain subject when they enter into a debate, and then simply Persuasion is the standard social offense. Persuasion covers all
make whatever portion of their Social LP they're using a negative value generally peaceful forms of rhetoric. This is where bribery, flattery,
if the agree, or positive if they disagree. I told you this was going to be logical arguments, and a good deal of anecdotes come to play. A person
fun. using Persuasion to win an argument typically inflicts lower amounts of
Although there are people who will disagree with this system, damage, but they have the broadest access to special maneuvers.
thinking it would be easiest to always be on the negative side so Social Intimidation is the other offensive skill. Intimidation covers threats,
LP would always start positive, it's possible for a person to only “Agree” blackmail, extortion, and other types of coercion. People who intimidate
with your opinion at first, and then be engaged in social combat to make others need not be brutes threatening physical violence, they can be
them want to agree more with your position (getting them to quiet rulers who say things like “You know, the last man who spoke to
“Favorable” or “Encouraging”). For this reason, it's easier to get used to me in that manner found himself in a rather unfortunate accident in one
this method. of the alleyways downtown. I do hope you won't suffer the same fate.”
Another minor note, but just because a character agrees with a A person using Intimidation tends to inflict more damage per attack, but
position doesn't mean they have to argue for it. Only when a character is their repertoire of techniques is limited.
put into the “Encouraging” or “Hostile” states are they forced to take up Composure is the social equivalent of Block. Composure represents
that side of the argument. In short: You can agree with someone, but still a person's ability to tame their emotions, and to simply shrug off the
argue like you don't, just like in regular combat. arguments of an opposing force. In short: it is everything from
The next thing you'll note is the two special columns: Unmoving and pretending not to hear an argument, to pig-headedly denying it with an
Zealotry. These two categories represent a special mood that characters abrupt “No.” Characters using Composure suffer less damage directly
may only enter into with 100% of their Social LP. Along with needing from attacks (50% personal damage), but also tend to lose favor when it
to dedicate 100% of their Social LP to the combat in which they start comes to group debates (150% Favor damage).
this way, only certain maneuvers can actually hurt someone in these Etiquette is the social equivalent of Dodge. Etiquette is meant to
Moods, thereby knocking them into other Moods. However, a person represent, among other things, a character's ability to politely disagree
may only stay in either Zealotry or Unmoving for as many rounds per with a point, or to deflect a social attack from hurting their own
day as their Willpower stat (in other words, a person with 6 WP can use arguments. Etiquette safeguards a person in groups most easily (50%
either of these modes for 6 Rounds per day). After that, even the most Favor damage), but failures on the personal level are punished more
stubborn of individuals soften a little bit (especially in a game with Zen harshly than with Composure (150% personal damage).
Persuasion rolls). Traditionally, characters exchange blows as they would in normal
Obviously, these Moods are meant to be used in extreme cases only. combat. Someone attacks, their opponent defends, and if they lose their
If you find a player is abusing them, it's recommended that you limit defense they take damage. Counterattacks work identically, and if struck
their usage further as you see fit. you're put on the defensive. Same boat, same beans.
Also, just to be clear, Zealotry and Unmoving share the same pool
of uses.

- 32 -
In normal Social Combat, where both sides are arguing their points, Warrior Summoner: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 5 per level.
forfeit is more common than absolute victory. Forfeit may occur at any Social LP Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
time during a conversation, whether or not the opposing side has Mentalist: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 15 per level. Social LP
actually been convinced of the arguments presented. However, forfeit Multiple: 15. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
means that the loser must accept the arguments outside of the social Warrior Mentalist: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 10 per level.
combat, however begrudgingly. Social LP Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
In other words, if you give up, you have to go along with whatever Freelancer: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 5 per level. Social LP
your opponent says, even if you still don't agree. Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
Ties are the second most-common option. If both sides agree to
simply drop the issue, or if something should interrupt the argument
(say, an actual fight break out), then the argument is considered a tie.
Any Mood shifts still remain, at least for a short while, but no one truly
wins. Logos is the bread and butter of arguments. It's logic. It's reasoning
Absolute victory only occurs when a person has lost enough Social and deduction. There's nothing special about Logos, but it's reliable.
LP to be put into either Encouraging or Hostile (whichever is their Damage: 50, Speed: 20, Special: None.
opponent's side). This means that if you suffer enough damage to put
you above 75% of your total Social LP on the opposite side from where Pathos
you began, you lose, and your character now agrees with your Pathos is the most hard-hitting method of attack. It's emotion. It's
opponent's argument from then on, until a significant event comes along rage and tears. Pathos trades speed and defense for heavy attacks.
to change your mind again. Damage: 70, Speed: 0, Special: None.
Yes. There is a danger to fighting until the bitter end. Just like death
in physical combat, your character can lose their personal opinions if Ethos
they stay in social combat too long. It's not always a permanent change, Ethos is the shield of self. It's credibility. It's believability. It's the
as mentioned above, but it's permanent until something significant most defensive of the attack options, but very useful.
happens to change your mind again. Damage: 40, Speed 10, Special: Defense +20.
That significant event should be that: significant. Not brief
conversations, not “quiet epiphanies,” but significant events like world-
shattering revelations, or another Social Combat with an opponent at Threat
least as skilled as the first, or some true character development. You can Threats are, well, threats. Call it what you will, bullying, extortion,
give up on a Social Combat at any time without real penalty, but if being mean, it's all the same in the end.
you're going to stick it out then you run the risk of being changed by it. Damage: 100, Speed 0, Special: Intimidation only.

Additional Mechanics Seduction is the game for lovers, no? Romance. Flirtation. And don't
forget the sultry promises. Yeah. That's Seduction alright.
Damage: 20, Speed: 30, Special: Persuasion only.
Warrior: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 5 per level. Social LP
Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
Acrobatic Warrior: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 5 per level. Social
Ad Hominem
LP Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level. An Ad Hominem attack is a personal one. Adding insult to injury,
Paladin: Social Limit: 60%, Social LP: 20 per level. Social LP one might say. It's the weakest of attacks, but quick.
Multiple: 10. Social Initiative: 10 per level. Damage: 10, Speed 40, Special: +10 Attack for Intimidation.
Dark Paladin: Social Limit: 60%, Social LP: 20 per level. Social LP
Multiple: 10. Social Initiative: 10 per level. Flattery
Weaponmaster: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 5 per level. Social LP Distinct from Seduction in that there's no romance involved. Well, at
Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level. least not really. It's butt-kissing, plain and simple.
Technician: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 5 per level. Social LP Damage: 70, Speed: 20, Special: Deals no Favor damage,
Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level. Persuasion Only.
Tao: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 5 per level. Social LP Multiple:
20. Social Initiative: 5 per level. Lying
Ranger: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 5 per level. Social LP
What can I say? Some people don't tell the truth. Shocking, I know,
Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
but it happens. Lying can be extremely effective, but hurts you if you're
Shadow: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 5 per level. Social LP
Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
Damage: 80, Speed: 20, Special: If defended against, the attacker
Thief: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 10 per level. Social LP
suffers the damage from their own attack, as though they had been hit by
Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
the margin they lost to. This damage cannot bring them below 0 Social
Assassin: Social Limit: 60%, Social LP: 20 per level. Social LP
LP, but if they are already below that mark then the damage is not
Multiple: 10. Social Initiative: 10 per level.
Wizard: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 15 per level. Social LP
Lying can also be used in a quick-and-dirty way outside of Social
Multiple: 15. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
combat. Instead of dealing with the entire gambit, simply roll an attack
Warlock: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 10 per level. Social LP
vs an opponent's chosen defense. The defender uses their maximum
Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
Social LP value, even if they do not have the full value available. If the
Illusionist: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 15 per level. Social LP
attack does more than 10% of their total Social LP, they believe the lie
Multiple: 15. Social Initiative: 5 per level.
(but lose no Social LP).
Wizard Mentalist: Social Limit: 60%, Social LP: 15 per level. Social
LP Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 10 per level.
Summoner: Social Limit: 50%, Social LP: 10 per level. Social LP Ultimatum
Multiple: 20. Social Initiative: 5 per level.

- 33 -
The ultimate attack, sort of. Ultimatums are a final declaration. Do spent some time in the area they plan to use for their story (how much is
this or it's over. Useful for getting people out of the extremes, but risky. up to the GM). After declaring this maneuver, the character rolls History
Damage: 0, Speed: 0, Special: Knocks opponent out of instead of their normal attack against a character's defense. They attack
Zealotry/Unmoving on successful attack, so long as that attack would is resolved normally, and the round continues. So long as they were not
deal at least 10% damage. If the attack doesn't succeed, or if it doesn't struck during the round, the next round they can make the same check
inflict the minimum damage, the user is expelled from the social with a +20 to their History ability. The next round an additional +20 (for
combat. If they are the only combatant on their side, the combat ends in a total of +40). So long as the attacker doesn't lose their right to attack,
a tie. they can continue accruing bonuses for up to 10 rounds (for a total of
Engaging a combatant who you have previously delivered an +200). At this point the maneuver ends (because stories can only be so
unsuccessful ultimatum to within the last 24 hours grants them a +40 long). This maneuver can only be used in conjunction with Persuasion
defense against all of your attacks, as you have effectively closed off weapons, never Intimidation.
their mind to your arguments.
A character may use a rumor in order to set up a dangerous attack
against their opponent. In order to use this maneuver, there must be at
least five or more people in the Social Combat. The user of the
Make something based on characteristic checks. INT, maneuver designates one opponent as their True Target, and then makes
PER, etc. Come on. an attack roll against a single target (friend or foe) that isn't the True
Rally the Troops Target, with a +20 if it's against a foe. If the attack is successful, the
A character may wish to inspire fellow combatants, or simply rely attack does no damage, but the target gains an extra attack every round
on their natural talent for getting men to follow them into battle. This that must be spent as soon as possible on a target that hasn't been hit by
maneuver allows a character to roll Leadership against a difficulty of the special attack yet who isn't the user or the True Target. This process
80+10 for each person on their side of the argument. If they succeed in continues until all combatants besides the True Target have been hit, at
the roll, they add their level of success to the Social LP of anyone on which point the user of this maneuver makes a final assault against the
their side as a “shield.” This maneuver can only be used once per battle True Target with a +10 for each person struck by the maneuver. The
by one combatant per group. It cannot be used unless there is at least one user can also end the maneuver early, so long as at least three
other person on the combatant's side. combatants have been hit.

I Make This Look Good Blackmail

Sometimes, characters rely less on the weight of their argument, and Just like Bribery is for a persuasive character, so is Blackmail to an
more on how they deliver it. This maneuver allows a character to roll intimidator. Streetwise is a skill that helps you in knowing just where to
Style instead of Persuasion or Intimidation, although at a -50. The go to find criminals, to communicate with the lesser folk, and to work
opponent then rolls their defense, as usual. If this special attack with the rumors involved there, but for this maneuver it helps the user
succeeds, the opponent is moved one Mood step closer to the attacker's discover a dark secret. This maneuver functions in the same way as the
current mood. This attack cannot be used by, or to influence, anyone in Bribery maneuver, but can only be used with Intimidation weapons, and
the Unmoving or Zealotry Moods. it moves an opponent a minimum of 2 Moods instead of 1.

Anecdote Filibuster
Not to be confused with 'antidote,' anecdotes are charming stories Filibuster is a special maneuver where the character simply talks.
meant to amuse and inform. When this special maneuver is declared, the And talks. And talks. It can only be used the round after activating Pure
attacker makes a POW check against all of his opponents, who defend Defense, and can only be used with Persuasion, never Intimidation. That
with WP. If she succeeds, she can make a free attack against each character makes a special attack on their turn using whichever weapon
opponent for half damage. Anecdotes may only be used with Persuasion, they desire against all opponents with no penalty. Any hits deal no
not Intimidation. damage whatsoever, but each allows an extra defense that round at no
penalty. They continue in this manner until they either choose to stop it,
or switch out of Pure Defense.
Sometimes, what you need isn't the ability to convince people with
logic or threats or flattery or... anything else I've listed. Sometimes, what
you need is what they want. With this maneuver, a character can roll Favor
Trading vs an opponent's defense, and if successful they figure out what
the person wants, and offers it to them. While it's not necessary to In Social Combat there's the potential for people listening in on the
deliver on the bribe immediately, not doing so in a timely manner can conversation, or just someone listening to you talk without arguing back,
have dire consequences. This maneuver allows an instant side flip in an and sometimes these are the people you actually need to convince, not a
argument, though how far the person goes is up to them; it deals no direct opponent. Because of this, we introduce the Favor mechanic.
damage, however. In any case, they must at least move one step closer Favor, in short, is an indicator not of how well you convinced your
to the attacker's side. This attack can be used to move people out of opponent, but how well you convinced a different audience. Think of it
Unmoving or Zealotry, but only if the bribe is paid upfront (if not like launching a fireball at a particular tree in a forest. Favor is how
wholly, then at least 50%). It may be used by combatants in Zealotry of much you burned around the tree. It's a terrible metaphor here, but it
Unmoving. This maneuver is linked to Persuasion, and cannot be used works.
by anyone using Intimidation weapons.
Unlike normal Social LP, an audience's social LP is based on the
Old Stories mode average (the numbers that appear the most) of Willpower and
They say those who don't study history end up repeating it, but those Intelligence scores of all the audience members, meaning that larger
who do study it will tell it to you anyways. In order to use this groups tend to be easier to convince than smaller ones, because they
maneuver, a person must have at least 80 points in History, and have tend to work based on what the majority understands and relents to. If

- 34 -
there is no mode average, then take the median (the middle point). If something). Whatever they decide, it should be appropriate to the local
there is no median, then the mean (the traditional average) rounded up. Laws.

Example 1: A group with 2 members with WP scores of 7 and 7 Rumor

would have a WP of 7, and INT scores of 5 and 10 would have INT 8 Functions identically, except the audience can also be struck,
(15/2=7.5, rounded to 8). member by member. Though the audience doesn't attack, it does
Example 2: A group with 5 members, with WP scores of 5, 5, 8, 9, automatically spread to one additional member every round, even if not
and 12 would use WP 5, and INT scores of 9, 4, 6, 7, 13 would use INT struck. For each audience member affected, the attack bonus is only +5
7. instead of +10.
Once the average scores have been taken, determine Social LP
normally as though the group were of the most common class within the Rally the Troops
group (or Freelancer if there is no common) at a Level equal to the Social LP Shield affects the audience only if they are on the user's
average of all levels in the group. Once the base Social LP has been side of the argument.
determined, multiply the amount like you would for a Damage Resistant
creature. The Damage resistance multiple is determined by the size of Old Stories
the group; simply treat each person in the group as 1 point of size, and If the story is about the area the audience is from, the audience takes
use the table on page 286 of the English Core. an additional 50% damage from each attack, assuming that they like
their homeland. If they dislike it, the attacks are reduced to half damage.
Example 1: The same group of 2 contains a Level 3 Wizard and a As an example, if defended against with Etiquette and the audience
Level 7 Warrior would be treated as a Level 5 (10/2) Freelancer, with a loves their home country, they would take 75% damage instead of 50%,
Damage Resistance Multiple of 1. or 25% if they disliked their homeland. With Composure this would go
Example 2: The same group of 5 contains 1 Warrior Mentalist to 225% or 75%, respectively.
(Level 5), 2 Acrobatic Warriors (Levels 3 & 6), a Summoner (Level 10),
and a Tao (Level 1). They would be treated as a Level 5 (25/5) Bribery and Blackmail
Acrobatic Warrior with a Damage Multiple of 2.
Most (not all, but most) audiences will find either maneuver
despicable. Therefore, if a person wishes to use either of these
maneuvers against their opponent they must also make a Stealth check at
Once Social LP for the audience is calculated, its Mood is chosen 140+10 for each audience member. Failure means that the maneuver has
normally, and combat proceeds in the usual fashion, with sides the opposite effect on the audience as it does on the target.
exchanging blows. However, every successful attack or counterattack If the audience itself is targeted with either of these maneuvers, the
also delivers damage to the audience, in accordance with the defense the Bribe or Blackmail must be large enough to affect the entire audience.
defender uses. As reminder, Composure means 150% damage to the Anything less will result in no change to their mood.
audience, Etiquette means only 50% damage to the audience. As mentioned, some audiences won't have a problem with Bribery
Audiences never defend for themselves, never counterattack, and and Blackmail. For them, the maneuver does nothing if it's seen. Certain
cannot be attacked directly so long as there is at least one opposing rare groups may even find this a wonderful practice (like, say, a group of
combatant. Black Market merchants), and will move in a favorable way with the
If there is no opponent, only an audience, then the person trying to maneuver if it succeeds and they notice it.
convince the audience doesn't need to spend any of their Social LP.
Audiences don't defend or counterattack, they merely listen. They still
select how much of their LP they want to use, however, and their
beginning mood.

The audience can declare an end to the combat, deciding on the

victor (or a tie) as they so choose. In order for them to decide on a victor
like this, at least 5 rounds of Social Combat must have passed. This
doesn't necessarily mean the end of combat, only that the audience has
withdrawn and will no longer be swayed by any arguments during that

All maneuvers from normal Social Combat are available, along with
the additional maneuvers listed here. Several maneuvers are changed
when dealing with audiences, and these have also been noted here.

Law of the Land

At times, a knowledge of the Law can be quite useful. Character
using this maneuver, for example, can use their knowledge of the law to
produce interesting effects in a Social Combat, provided there are law-
abiding folks nearby. In order to use it, a character must use Logos in
conjunction with Persuasion. They make a standard attack roll at -30,
and then based on their results and where they are, a unique effect
occurs. GMs are encouraged to be creative here, everything from instant
loss of all Favor for the opposing side to a random opponent suffering a
physical attack from a bystander (nothing serious, just a piece of fruit or

- 35 -
White Dragon Gellidross
This creature exists outside of the world, yet always he watches it.
(THOUGH NOT ALL OF IT HAS BEEN BALANCE CHECKED), BUT He offers his power to those whom can summon him and pass his
Prove your worth, display courage in the trial of the white dragon.
Pact: Appear before the dragon and show your courage by

Summoning undertaking a quest to prove your courage.

Difficulty: 360
Cost: 740
Atk Ability: 300
Summoning methods Defense Ability: 300
Type of Action: Active
Since fluff for summoning is never fully clear, but I like fluff, I
figured I would also include the following, which I use in my games. I Effect: When Gellidross is active the character can use the dragons
use three common summoning rituals, based on the circumstances of the attack and defense in combat. The Defense is always a block against
summoning: attacks and protects against all types of attacks. The attack uses
When summoning a powerful being for the first time, absolute whichever the attack type the character prefers, with a base damage of
dedication is required. Almost all of the Arcana, for example, will 90.
require some sort of material sacrifice, a prepared area for the ritual to The dragon swoops down and imposes his ethereal body over that of
be performed, and then both chanting and gestures. A lack of proper the character. Any counterattack against the dragons attacks will be
dedication to the summoned being doubles any penalties, and halves any directed at the dragons body, which can sustain a total of 800 damage
bonuses a summoner might have accumulated (through time or other before dissipating.
Then there are the two for when summoning a known or a lesser Usual Appearance: An ethereal white dragon will soar from the sky
entity. to swoop down and either block an attack with it's huge wings, or
If moving, chanting and gestures must be performed continually in breathe a powerful magical blast at an enemy, sweep at an enemy with
order to maintain the link between the summoner and the summoned it's tail, strike with a taloned claw or various other dragon based attacks.
being. Since the place of summoning is moving constantly, summoners
may only use this method for as long as they can physically remain Duration: 1 combat turn for every 10 points the character exceeds
awake. the difficulty.
If in one place, a summoner can forgo the usual chanting and
gestures (assuming they do not have disadvantages which require them)
by making sacrifices and preparing the area through ritual markings or
otherwise. To clarify: while a summoner can trade one set for the other
(or one part for another), they do not have to.
The final option is for a custom summoning pattern. No unique
summoning ritual can be used for two different beings, no matter how
similar they might be. Unique summoning rituals can ignore any
restrictions from the methods above (except restrictions caused by
In order to form a custom summoning pattern, a summoner must
spend a minimum of one day in preparation for summoning the being
they already know how to summon that they wish to make a custom
ritual for. They must then successfully summon the being with no added
bonuses or penalties to their summoning ability, not even the one for the
day they've spent (essentially as though The Fool had already been
summoned). If successful, they may now use their custom ritual when
summoning the being.
Because custom summoning rituals can overcome the typical
restrictions (but NOT disadvantages like Oral Requirement), a
summoner must also sacrifice a portion of their zeon pool (as though
they were maintaining a daily spell) for as long as they want to be able
to use the custom ritual. The daily cost is equal to 1/10th of the
summon's cost, to a minimum of 1.
To be very clear, this is a cost they pay not only when actively using
the ritual, but for as long as they know the custom ritual. Just because
you're not actively summoning the Magician doesn't mean you don't still
have a custom summoning pact with him, after all.
An Example: A summoner might have a ritual which involves
pulling the petals off a flower in her pocket to summon the Lovers. The
invocation begins when the first petal is pulled off, and the actual
summoning occurs when the last is pulled. She pays 25 Zeon per day to
be able to use this ritual whenever she so chooses.

- 36 -
Martial Arts Damage
Officially, Base Damage for Martial Arts is clear for most people. If
it lists '20 plus Double the strength' you put 20 for Base Damage, and
STRx2 is the Damage Bonus. I work it a little bit differently, and I'll tell
you why.
The way I see it, for everything except Exelion (which I discuss
below), physical strength comes into play when calculating damage. Tai
Chi, for example, specifically mentions that it's a combination of
physical and spiritual prowess. Even in Aikido, where the opponent's
strength matters more, higher strength means you can throw an opponent
further, faster, therefore increasing damage.
This interpretation is supported by the description for Damage in
every Core MA, and on DE Page 30. From DE 30: "Damage: This
section indicates the Base Damage that is granted by the martial art."
From every MA in Core: "X has a Base Damage of Y, plus
(double/triple/quadruple) the character’s Strength bonus."
Now, keeping in mind I've never played a high-level Tao in my life,
I make the Base Damage be that 20+STRx2, and the damage bonus from
there is STR again.
This only makes a difference of (at most) 45 Final Damage at very
high levels of Strength (that's at 20 STR).
An Example:
Common interpretation Base Damage for Base Muay Thai is 20.
Final Damage would be 20+STRx2.
Base Damage for Base Muay Thai via my method is 20+STRx2.
Final Damage would be 20+STRx3.
The only exception to this rule is Exelion, whose Base Damage is
specifically listed as 'unmodified by anything.' There is no physical
contact in Exelion, for one, and Anima just likes to have exceptions to
every rule anyways, so why not?

- 37 -
Imitation" , the technique cannot be changed, it can only be created new,
using the original cost, not the reduced one.

True Misc Level 4 Techniques.

Minimum MK 90, Maximum 400, Disadvantages 4.
There are no Level 4 effects for Ki Techniques. Level 4 Techniques

Duk'Zarist Resistances are made so that a person can sustain Level 3 Effects.
Maintenance adds 40 MK.
While I know we were all born and grew up in a simpler time when Minor Sustain adds 60 MK.
there were only two sexes, and absolutely no one was ever confused Greater Sustain adds 120 MK.
about their gender, their identity, or how those things affected their Combine
resistances to certain supernatural effects, I think it's time we got with
the times. You know. Modern times.
Duk'Zarist (and their Nephilim) can choose which of the 5 All spells follow the High/Divine magic rules.
resistances they want the largest bonus to.
This rule brought to you by: Common Sense and Decency.
Perception mod is subtracted from all conditional penalties character
Damage Barriers now act as a high-value damage reduction,
negating its value in damage on a per-attack basis. Any effect that would
normally ignore Damage Barriers instead do double damage to them.
No per-session xp costs for Nephilim. Instead you pay 10 dp for For funsies: If charging an opponent, or launching a large object at
each -1 xp modifier when creating a character. them, can use the MV as STR for an Impact on the Impact Table.
Obviously, this rule cannot be combined with advantages and

Membership Has Its Privileges

disadvantages like Slow Learner.

Weaponmaster changes/additions This is a subsystem developed expressly for GMs that want PCs
Weaponmaster MK change, between +5 to +10 above what they capabilities to reflect the focuses of the organizations they serve.
have now. Included are packaged skill requirements for players to be considered
Weaponmaster discounts on modules also works on ars magnus (all members of a particular organization (rather than contractors or
minors, no Majors or Impossible weapons). thugs/goons).
Each organization is presented as having four tiers of involvement.
Tiers 3 and 4 are generally inappropriate for Player characters that
DP spending adventure but are excellent places to retire a character. In addition to
having steeper or broader requirements, each level also requires the
Saved DP are limited by the class they come from in terms of how character “prove themselves” by completing some objective and
they are spent, meaning you cannot save 100 DP and then change your establishing organizational loyalties. In some cases this may dovetail
class to spend them using a lower muliplier, they can be saved, but must with events in game. Alternatively, for tier 1 and any level of
be spent using the original multiplier. involvement at character generation, I would prefer a short narrative
drafted by the player but some GM's may prefer to run a short solo
VERSATILE adventure.
In addition to it's initial benefit, this advantage allows a character to
spend saved DP originating from another class with the new classes
multipliers. This advantage has a limit of 5 DP/level, meaning a Tiers of Involvement
Weaponmaster 5/Technician 1 with this advantage could spend 25 saved Initiate: Tier 1 is the lowest and the character is likely to be
DP from his Weaponmaster career while enjoying the Technician's considered a more... expendable resource. Instructions for assigned tasks
multipliers. will be low priority with very specific instructions (example tasks are
provided). Benefits for T1 membership will generally consist of access
to “relevant secret information” a small stipend, individual travel
MK Stuff expenses, minor rewards for tasks completed, bragging rights. Example
DP converted to MK can be converted back. The limit of how many T1 characters would be: Sergeants in a military force, Research
MK can be converted to DP is the amount of DP already converted to assistants, Parish Priests, on-site spies.
MK. Same with ML. Journeyman: The ideal level of involvement for PCs, Tier 2 will
You can spend Martial Knowledge as development points to afford the character significantly more autonomy, the option to put
purchase Ki points and Ki Accumulations. together a team, access to resources to provide for said team (travel
expenses and incidentals), as well as access to more secret information.
Existing ki techniques can be changed. There are some limits for At this level there are certain Character Point Advantages that become
this: available to the character, only one can be selected but this feature
1: The main effect of a technique can't be changed to another main provides justification to select others as the character increases through
effect, meaning a +100 initiative technique couldn't become a +100 even levels. Example T2 characters would be: Ship Captains, First
damage technique, but it could become +150 initiative technique. student in a dojo, Season 5 Michael Weston from Burn Notice
2: If a technique is learned by copying it and the technique's cost is Gendo: Tier 3 is named for the tipping point character, the one that
reduced due to an advantage or ability, such as the ki ability "Technique answers to someone but may really be calling the shots. In general a
character at this level has a lot to manage and time spent gallivanting

- 38 -
around fighting monsters or solving mysteries is better spent conducting Elevation: Character must recover or create something of value to
inspections, reviewing reports and issuing new directives based on those the organization (such as a rogue subject, a lost logia, or records of
reports. It's important to note that at this point they will be aware of the Solomon scientific practices
darker side of their organization. Human experiments for Wissenschaft, Tasks: Character will regularly be sent to track down lost logia,
hypocrisy in the Church, etc. acquire test subjects, characters with “impossible mobility” or that
For the rare PC that can balance this kind of responsibility or the remain confined to a small geographic area may run their own lab.
campaign that supports it (like one that regularly has a year or more of Benefits: Travel expenses and the use of Lucretian Zeppelin transit
downtime) the character can be considered to have sufficient individual (party).
wealth to field a medium size, well equipped (or tiny, fantastically Available Advantages:
equipped) army for a year or two (though doing this is probably getting Artifact 1 or 2 (a device built on weird science or a Psychic Crystal,
you fired under any but the most dire circumstances), access to almost special)- Character's with 2pt Artifacts have either acquired them
all the secret information and the best personal equipment money can personally and been allowed to keep them, or the item is experimental
buy (+15 weapon and armor). This character will also have at least 2 and unstable.
contacts in other organizations (these ties having been orchestrated by Access to one Psychic Discipline/Any Psychic Discipline (special)-
the powers in the shadow to insure stuff can get done without open Subject to GM approval the character becomes one of the Processed and
wars). Example T3 characters would be: the Lords of War, other acquires a 2pt Damned Flaw, forever bound to Lucanor Giovanni for the
Archbishops in the Church, uncrowned Princes or Princesses etc. goo that keeps them alive, such PCs are capped at Tier 2.
Big Cheese: Tier 4 means you're the man. Lucanor Giovanni for Various Physical advantages (Untiring/Regeneration/Raise one
both Lucretio and Wissenschaft, Matthew Gaul for the Azure Alliance, Characteristic to 9 (Physicals only)) etc.- The character may be a test
the Pope, the Empress. Characters at this level set policy, they determine subject undergoing extensive modifications over time that enhance their
the future of the Organization. If you want to run a game with one or physical capabilities, this might include gene therapy or cyberization.
more characters that operate at this level it should probably be a one shot Flaw Removal- several flaws like Deep Sleeper, Poor Vision and
about the greatest heroes of an age coming together, or the end of a Blindness can be removed in place of an advantage.
campaign where the Powers in the Shadow are dragged into the light
and shaken down for lunch money (or maybe just switch to the tactics TIER 3
minis game). PCs that achieve this level of notoriety should have As T2 but Science 160, Medicine 60, Memorization 40, Leadership
significant narrative influence, will be aware of the Powers in the 20
Shadow, the location of all the neatest stuff. Maybe just let them GM for Elevation: the character must have made a habit of consistently
a while... Skill requirements for T4 are the same as T3 but require the bringing new tech and concepts to the organization, approaching
character to somehow maneuver into the position (stage a coup, earn a problems logically, accepting that progress demands sacrifice. Ousting
spot as protege...) their predecessor is sometimes a requirement (never for ethics, usually
waste of funding, lack of results or information leaks).

Burning Bridges Tasks: these character's are part of Lucanor's inner circle, they are
generally left to their own devices but assigned tasks are usually arcane
It may be the character has to leave an organization for various and inscrutable “Find a way to generate at least 1.21 Gigawatts of
reasons. At T1 this isn't a big deal unless the character does something electricity continuously” or “Design an amphibious assault vehicle that
extreme (like kill his handlers, steal something of great value, or can't be detected with magic.”
stumbles on something he shouldn't know). Under those circumstances Benefits: As T2 but with access to great wealth, access to arcane
or at T2 the character gets a 1pt enemy flaw. At T3 this is a 2pt flaw. A information, and at least 2 allies of T2 or T3 in other organizations such
T4 character makes the rules and has the option of putting affairs in as Black Sun and the Church. Relations may be strained with these
order before retiring or so severely sabotaging the organization that it characters but their purpose is to keep crazy wars from breaking out
cannot hunt him/her down. which means compromises and tacit approvals (Example: Black Sun
will back off a ruin because Wissenschaft will outfit so many of their
agents with advanced fire arms). Note character's at this level typically
Prerequisites do not take the field, instead employing teams (like the PCs) or goon
squads. When they do move it reveals them as either Paper Tigers or
devastating forces whose underlings say stuff like “Sir, this doesn't call
Since this is not a combat intensive organization (operated by for the power of Silent Chuujo, let us handle it...”
someone with a national army and capable of outfitting private armies
with fantastic gear) there are no listed combat minimums.
This group is dedicated to the protection of various supernatural
TIER 1 entities through secrecy, but it's understood that force of arms is often
Animals or Herbal Lore Final ability 20, Medicine 10, required to protect themselves, their charges or enforce silence. Note:
Memorization 5 or Notice 15, Sciences 60, Forging 20 Mundane humans (even those with the the Gift or psychic powers) are
Indoctrination: Characters must embrace the scientific method, use not recruited. Such a being would have to go to great lengths to prove
logic to resolve conflicts and overcome obstacles themselves worthy of such great trust, perhaps through tireless effort to
Tasks: Burn defunct labs, leave misleading evidence, Observe and preserve a creature's life and place in plain sight (adoptive parents of a
Report on specific events or areas, acquire particular resources (often young entity, the spouse of such a being, etc.).
rare, remote or hazardous).
Benefits: 50 GC/month, travel expenses and the use of Lucretian TIER 1
Zeppelin transit (personal). Persuasion 30, Stealth or Disguise 30, Athletics/Acrobatics and
Jump 35, Withstand Pain or Composure 30, Atk or Def 55
TIER 2 Note- Some creatures may have powers that meet skill requirements
As above but Sciences 100 or Animals or Herbal Lore 60, or such as Shapechanging or Flight, at the GM's discretion these skill
Medicine 60 requirements can be waived.
Indoctrination- Character must be an undercover supernatural or
prove themselves one unceasingly devoted to protecting such beings.

- 39 -
Tasks- Keep the local Archon apprised of any rumors that pertain to function, though in a forest carrier-pigeons or falconry may be an option
the supernatural, organize a diversion to help another operation succeed, and Magic is an unpredictable tool.
promote disbelief in the existence of supernatural creatures.
Benefits- 50 GC/month, Safe House/Go Bag (character either has a
small domicile with a secret entrance/exit, 2 week stockpile of
jarred/dried foods and water for 2 or a 1000 GC emergency fund and
Carrying rules
forged (DC 240) official documents for a different identity, if the Go A character may carry another character in one hand if she has
Bag is chosen I recommend a strong Hide rating, use of a Go Bag enough strength to easily carry the carried characters weight. A
typically constitutes the “death” of the previous identity). character carrying another character is subjected to the following rules:
A carrying character is treated as being under Minor Paralysis.
A carried character is subject to both the Minor Paralysis and the
TIER 2 Levitating penalties.
Persuasion 45, Stealth or Disguise 60, Athletics and Jump 50, A carrying character may use the Push Aside maneuver to protect
Withstand Pain or Composure 45, Atk or Def 90. the carried person as a passive action, even if she does not hold the
Elevation- The character must prove themselves competent, reliable, initiative.
and trustworthy (GM discretion on how long this takes) If a character would try to pick up another character against her will
Tasks- Arrange to smuggle a creature into or out of a city, rescue or the grappling rules should be used instead.
silence a captured supernatural, generate major resources (retrieving and
selling off Lost Logia or other antiquities, robbing banks, arms dealing,
Benefits- Travel expenses, Information Network Access (1/session
Class Calculations
the character can make a Pow based Intellectual Skill check that will be +5Life Points/Level (Base +5/Level) = 1/2CP
resolved in the next non-combat scene with a 120 skill bonus) Safe +5Initiative/Level (Base +5/Level) = 2CP
Houses/Go Bags +5MK/Level (Base +10/Level) = 2CP
Available Advantages/Disadvantages- +1PP/(-1Level) (Base +1/3Levels) = 1CP
Appearance Alteration- Illusion, shapechange or curse (Raise -1DP/Attack (Base 3DP) = 2CP
Appearance to 9 or drop it to 2 and allows for cosmetic modifications) -1DP/Block (Base 3DP) = 2CP
Artifact (1 or 2 pts)- 2pt Artifacts are generally recognizable -1DP/Dodge (Base 3DP) = 2CP
treasures making their use hazardous in some places. +5Attack/Level (Base 0) = 3CP
See Supernatural- See XXXholic. +5Block/Level (Base 0) = 3CP
Cruel Master (1 or 2 points)- This functions like the Aptitude in a +5Dodge/Level (Base 0) = 3CP
Skill/Field and Martial Learning (name? shorter training times for new -1DP/Wear Armor (Base 3DP) = 1CP
Martial Arts and Techniques) advantages but only when the character +5Wear Armor/Level (Base 0) = 1CP
can spend a month of downtime to train with the Master. However, a -1DP/Ki Point (Base 3DP) = 1CP
character can Sacrifice LP to reduce the time it takes to train, losing half -5DP/Ki Accumulation (Base 30DP) = 1/2CP
their total LP to reduce the training to a week or being reduced to 0 (and -1DP/5Zeon Points (Base 3DP) = 1CP
surviving a check to overcome the state between life and death) to +25Zeon Points/Level (Base 0) = 1CP
reduce the time to 1 night. For 2 pts this Master (a Lv 10+ NPC with 200 -10DP/Magic Accumulation Multiple (Base 70DP) = 1CP
final ability in a variety of skills) will hunt you to the ends of Gaia if you -1DP/Magic Projection (Base 3DP) = 2CP
ever betray the organization. -1DP/Single Summoning Ability (Base 3DP) = 1CP
Familiar (1pt only)- Occasionally a character may impress some -1DP/All Summoning Abilities (Base 3DP) = 2CP
entity so much it willingly enters their servitude and protection +5Single Summoning Ability/Level (Base 0) = 1/2CP
permanently. +5All Summmoning Abilties/Level (Base 0) = 2CP
Note: D'anjyani can optionally become members of the Shadows at +10 All Summoning Abilities/Level (Base 0) = 3CP
this level. Shadows have limited Information Network Control (they are -5DP/Psychic Point (Base 20DP) = 1CP
made aware of Information Network Access checks and can penalize -1DP/Psychic Projection (Base 3DP) = 2CP
such checks by -40). Shadows do not generally move past T2. -1DP/Single Secondary Ability (Base 3DP) = 1CP
-1DP/All Secondary Abilities in a Field (Base 3DP) = 2CP
TIER 3 +5Single Secondary Ability/Level (Base 0) = 1/2CP
Persuasion 120, Withstand Pain or Composure 80, Atk or Def 120 +5All Seconadary Abilities in a Field/Level (Base 0) = 2CP
Elevation- This is the level of Archons, requires a city to oversee so +10 All Secondary Abilities in a Field/Level (Base 0) = 3CP
another Archon must die, step down, or be removed (or a new city must
be discovered or established) and an exceptional T2 is placed.
Tasks- Generally responsible for the safety of every supernatural in Warrior - 37.5 CP
their city. They may have to organize an exodus, establish new Acrobatic Warrior - 38.5 CP
identities, organize a defense against a major supernatural threat, arrange Paladin - 43.3 CP
an underground railroad, etc. Dark Paladin - 44.8 CP
Benefits- As T2 with Safe Houses/Go Bags, Information Network Weaponsmaster - 32 CP (+ Special benefit of 1/2-price modules.
Control (the character can make 2 Pow based checks/session at 180 Maybe +3CP?)
skill, they are made aware of other such checks and can penalize any Technician - 42 CP
other such check by -90), optional “Scorched Earth” (character may be Tao - 32 CP (+ Special benefit of 1/2-price Martial Arts. Maybe
involved in/aware of the secret Filosnogos plot) +5CP?)
Note: Archons that make use of their Go Bags generally move back Ranger - 38 CP (+ Special benefit of +10 Ki Detection. Maybe
to T2 or disappear entirely. +1CP?)
Note on Information Network benefits- this benefit assumes the Shadow - 37 CP (+ Special benefit of +5 Ki Concealment. Maybe
character has relatively immediate access to a metropolitan area and can +1/2CP?)
quickly contact a network of spies and specialized contractors. If the Thief - 34.5 CP (+ Special benefit of +5 Ki Concealment. Maybe
character is isolated in a forest or dungeon this benefit is unlikely to +1/2CP?)

- 40 -
Assassin - 37 CP showing of the famous "*touch* ..??... *everybody s flying through the
Wizard - 28.5 CP air*"-effect. (reference: Happosai in Ranma 0,5 with his pipe, and I
Warlock - 45.8 CP think I saw similars in Kung Fu Panda...).
Illusionist - 33 CP
Wizard Mentalist - 33.5 CP
Summoner - 28.5 CP
Warrior Summoner - 44.8 CP
Mentalist - 20 CP
Warrior Mentalist - 38 CP
Freelancer - 26.4 CP (+ Special benefit of cheap class switching.)
Book Smart

Characteristic Specializations
While wandering through the Anima forums, I stumbled across an Stoic
idea inside a post about other things which talked about defining
characteristics. It was about differentiating between the strength of
someone who could lift a mountain vs. the strength of someone who
could crush that same mountain with just one touch. While I haven't Born Leader
come up with a mechanical effect for it that I like yet, I do like the idea,
and so I present “Characteristic Specializations” for you to use to define
your character, if nothing else.
Additional Materials
Gymnast Difficulty: +10 Maximum Quality: +5
Availability: Rare
A handful of trees in every forest seem bred to be worked. Perhaps
they were cross pollinated with the Ghestal of the past or maybe they are
Sprinter the heroes of trees, whatever the case, carpenters pay great sums to
acquire the wood from these natural wonders.


Difficulty: -20-20 per Age Category Maximum Quality: 5+5 per
age category
Availability: Inaccessible
Bitterly difficult to acquire and work, Dragon Hide is much sought
Overloading strength
after as it protects its wearer from hostile magic (It grants a mystic
Would indeed stem a mountain, but does so because his supernatural armor rating of 1+1 per +5 item rating).
strength is spread out and projected to other places attached to the object
(or it just changes the rules of reality through zen), but this way the
strength per area ratio is still not this monumental, though always better. APOLLONIAN LEATHER
Could push very large objects (ships) and also increases exponentially Difficulty: +10 Maximum Quality: +10
against larger creatures(/or objects). Availability: Inaccessible
Made from the blood red hide of the sacred bulls of a forgotten god,
this leather is stylish and particularly heat resistant (add 1 to the Heat
Extreme density muscle AT of any armor made from this material).
Would focus improbable force inside the body, making it near steel
equivalent at some level (ofc interferes with Con here, but since final
physique would be seperated from attributes in this idea, still ok. they SHADOW LORD SKIN
could do it both). This appearance of the attribute not only enhances Difficulty:-80 Maximum Quality: +15
body resistance, but also comes out as the best duelling kind of strength, Availability: Rare
maximizing the little ones powers beyond what is by physics The jet black leathers crafted from this material are something of a
explainably containable inside of any biological body. taboo and usually the product of exaggeration. This leather can be
Still doesn't overload so much that you could stem a tank. Actually far created from the flesh of any shadow creature but few modern smiths
from that, and will never stem mountains since the inability of the rock would admit they crafted armor from the flesh of a sentient being no
to hold the entire massifs weight on a surface area of a palm stays intact, matter how evil. This armor adds 1 to the Cold AT of any armor made
so the rock will just break - you can be quite strong, but you will have to from it.
'swim' through the mountain.
Then again, if you pointed your fingers and hit, you would probably TRIFFIDIKA
pierce through solid metal armor. So best +damage value on everything Difficulty: -10 Maximum Quality: +5
and maybe even extra AT, especially when unarmed. Availability: Uncommon
This cotton like substance comes from the blooms of certain
Efficient use carnivorous plants native to the lowlands of Shivat. The plants hide
Another way of 'increasing' strength is learn to use what you got among normal cotton plants and murder cotton pickers that attempt to
better. The famous lift with your knees not your back, but also effects take its bait. Fortunately, only the largest are ambulatory, though
like conditioning your legs to work for surprising additional power in a longstalked variants resembling sunflowers and lotus like treeborn
punch. One could think this can be elevated to supernatural niveaus too, varieties live in the local jungles.

- 41 -
SPIDER SILK Less than the normal amount -10
Difficulty: -100 Maximum Quality: +5 The normal amount +0
Availability: Exceedingly Common 1.5x Required +10
Spider Webs, for the discerning smith with the patience and care to 2x Required +20
farm them, are one of the most durable substances found in the natural 5x Required +40
world, with tensile strength far exceeding what would be expected for 10x Required +60
their weight. Further, the web structure and format is designed to
capture creatures with significant relative mass that are moving at high Assumes 2-10 lbs of earth/flesh for every pound of workable
speed. Treated to be flame resistant, layered and intricately woven, the material required for creation. For high grade alloys or mystical
threads can form an extraordinarily light and resilient garment. Use the materials the lower amount should be used, for low end materials more
normal weight of the item created to calculate volume of materials volume is required to find worthy quantities.
needed to craft, the final weight however is 1/4 normal.
Short example:
SILVER SAND Maths and rolls:
Difficulty: -60 Maximum Quality: +5 Preparing Bronze is Diff 80. Sagan: -10 for lack of raw materials
Availability: Uncommon +40 for skill +28 for roll = 58. Final item creation will lose 1 degree of
Silver Sand is found in patches along the beaches of the new success.
continent. Glass blown from this obscure silicate has tensile strength Forging Sword is Diff 120. Sagan: -20 for Bronze, +40 for time,
comparable to steel. Weapons made of it are much desired fashion +30 for Fatigue, +40 for skill +roll of 45 = 135. -1 degrees of success
accoutrement for the stylish warrior. for poor prep. Sword is a -5 weapon.

Locke instructs young Sagan to make a Bronze sword without his
These are the difficulties of readying raw materials for use in the powers, using only his Forging Skill of 40. Preparing Bronze is
smithing process, such as drying and treating wood, curing hides and difficulty 80. The 4lbs of Bronze necessary to craft the sword requires
bones, smelting and alloying metals. At the higher end of this chart a 20-40lbs of ore. Sagan and Locke are cash poor so he can only buy 15
high rating in Sciences would be required to understand or even lbs of ore from the mine. The moderately difficult task of preparing the
conceive of the materials in question. Every level of difficulty achieved Bronze is made more difficult with a lack raw materials. Sagan is
beyond what's required provides a +5 bonus for the smith to create penalized -10 (Chart 1.2) for a total Skill of 30. He rolls... a 28,
something using the material. This bonus stacks with the difficulty of achieving only an Easy success, 1 degree short.
the created material and cannot exceed +50. By sifting through vast Sensing he's off to a bad start Sagan spends 3 months crafting the
quantities of base materials, the smith can gather only the best quality sword for a +40 bonus, he feels confident the extra time will pay off.
materials and acquire a bonus to his Preparation roll according to chart Working himself to the bone, he exhausts himself daily (spending 2
1.2. If the required difficulty to prepare materials is not met any item fatigue on the roll for +30). His time, effort, and skill total 110. Bronze
created from the materials will lose 1 degree of success per failure. is hard to work though, penalizing him by -20. He rolls a 45 and adds
his 90, for a passable 135. The sword would have been acceptable,
however, his poor preparations subtract a success level, reducing him to
TABLE XX a moderate success. The sword is poorly balanced and suffers a -5
quality rating.
Difficulty Something
Materials that are basically ready to work as
long as they're in one piece: Stone, Bone, Wood
Materials that were used by Ancient peoples:
Leathers, Furs (for padding) Fabrics + Materials for Clothing
Materials that require widely known complex Fabric/Material : Price Modifier* : Availability : Properties
Moderate processes but used by ancient peoples: Bronze,
Iron, Steel Skins: - : - : Soft leathers are very common and easily accessible.
Uncommon Materials or those that require They make up the bulk of footwear and jackets used in Gaia. They are
Difficult secret and complex processes: Black Steel, used for their water-proof qualities (when properly cared for and
White Steel, the hides of unnatural beasts. maintained). Sometimes stripped of their hair, other times it is flipped
Rare or advanced Materials: Elecktra, colored to the inside and left as an insulator.
Very Difficult
Rare or advanced Materials: Synthetic Wool (sheep): - : - : An animal based product made from the coat of
materials, Materials with seemingly unnatural the sheep. Wool keeps it's wearer warm while wicking moisture away
Absurd from the skin; this can make the difference between dying of
properties (Spider Webs, Kevlar, Plastics,
Velcro, Elastic, Spandex) hypothermia on a rainy night in the woods and surviving. For it's
Highly unlikely materials: Glass that's as strong properties and availability wool is the most common fabric found. It is
Almost Impossible as steel, steel that bends like rubber while also easily dyed making for a variety of looks achievable.
retaining an edge (Titanium).
Linen: - : - : A plant based fiber it is a commonly used fabric in all
levels of society. Linen breathes in even the warmest of climates,
keeping the wearer cool.
Amount Check Modifier Cashmere & Mohair: x50 : U : Made from the hair of the Cashmere
Barely enough for the item -120 and the Angora goat, they are types of wool prized for their soft and
Less than Half the normal amount -40 silky textures. With the same insulating and wicking properties as
sheep's wool. Also easy to dye.
Half the normal amount -20

- 42 -
Silk: x100 : U : A smooth shimmering fabric, the most popular of The 30 pieces, since then, have changed hands from Iscariote, to
the high-end textiles. Silk itself is a strong material, however, it is quite Rah, and to Eljared. Before Eljared disappeared from Gaia, she enacted
difficult to care for and is easily damaged, warped, and stained. her plan to scatter the thirty pieces of black metal, so that they may
trickle their way into the hands of Lucanor Giovanni, and that he might
Quiviut: x200 : R : Made from the wool of the muskox it is use them to finally accomplish what Rah and Eljared failed to do, free
exceptionally soft . With the same insulating and wicking properties as humanity from the prison of ignorance of the Powers in the Shadow.
sheep's wool, however, unlike sheep's wool it will not shrink in water of Already, two of the pieces have come into Prince Giovanni's possession,
any temperature and is exceptionally durable. Also easy to dye. one personally given to him by Eljared, and another, embedded in his
recent ally Zero Sigma. It will simply be a matter of time before he has
Angora: x300 : R : Angora is from the coat of the Angora rabbit them all.
(distinctly different fibers from those produced by the Angora and
Cashmere goats). Known for its soft and silky texture, thin fibers, and
'fluffiness,' it is highly prized by the upper-class. It is much warmer and
lighter than other wools due to the hollow core of the angora fiber
(trapped air insulates). Due to its lack of elasticity it is often blended History: The 30 pieces can be used to learn about any event, or
with sheep's wool, lowering the quality of the garment but allowing for location, about anything and everything except for things that happened
some give and stretch. (GM's discretion on modifying price for blends). prior to Oblivion. They may even be used to learn things that the user is
unaware that he would like to learn. A history check is made using the
Satin: x100 : U : Made of Silk- Almost glossy in appearance Satin pieces of black metal to determine this information. A roll must yield
is typically used for luxury clothing, lingerie, and bedding. Used by Inhuman for a vague answer, or Zen for a clear and exact answer. More
nobility and the very rich. (Issues in the care and damage of Silk apply information is also imparted if the user possesses more than one piece.
here as well). The history roll benefits from a +5 bonus for every piece of black metal
the user uses in his augury. In this way, even a lowly mortal scholar can
Velvet: x100 : U : Made of Silk- A short, dense weave, distributed obtain great knowledge from the 30 pieces. As an exception to the rule,
evenly creating a very distinct texture. Typically used for luxury characters using the black metal are allowed to achieve results of
clothing, tapestries, and upholstery. Used by nobility and the very rich. Inhuman and Zen on the roll to utilize the black metal even if they lack
(Issues in the care and damage of Silk apply here as well). the ability to achieve those results normally.

Damask: Wx200, Lx250, Sx300 : U : A reversible figured fabric of Sciences: The 30 pieces can be used to learn about any technology
Silk, Wool, or Linen, with a pattern formed by weaving. Ornate or technomagical laws and how to build nearly any kind of device. The
designs, patterns, scenes of nature depicted in vibrant colors; a great rules are the same as History, but the roll is made with sciences.
variety makes these very customizable for those with enough money to
afford them. Very popular in Gabriel for their beauty. (Separate Occult: The 30 pieces of black metal can be used as a magical
modifiers based on type of material used to make the Damask). library, allowing the user to cast nearly any kind of spell as if he were
casting from a book. The Occult roll must succeed at an Impossible
Samite: x500 : R : A luxurious heavy Silk fabric, often accented difficulty to cast any spell up to level 80. With an Inhuman Occult roll,
with gold or silver thread. Used mostly for elegant robes and vestments the user can cast spells up to level 90. With a Zen Occult roll, he may
worn by royalty and high church officials. Tapestries may also be made can even cast magic up to level 100. Using the pieces of black metal to
of this. (Issues in the care and damage of Silk apply here as well). cast spells allows the mage to ignore Gnosis minimums on High and
Divine magic. The Occult roll, once again, benefits from a +5 bonus for

Pieces of Black Metal every piece of black metal used in the casting. The mage must still use
his own Intelligence and Zeon to power the spell. He may even use the
pieces of black metal in a ritual. As with History, mages using the black
The 30 Pieces of Black Metal are a relic that predates The Oblivion.
metal for Occult purposes may achieve results of Inhuman and Zen on
No one can say for sure how they came into existence, for even the
the roll to utilize the black metal even if they normally lack the ability to
events that took place prior to oblivion were destroyed from the records
achieve those results otherwise. The 30 pieces of black metal can also
of the Black Metal. It seems likely, however, that Barnabas, having
be used to research spells permanently if the mage has unspent Magic
anticipated Oblivion before it happened, set about making these wonders
Levels. This requires no roll, but the amount of time the research takes
so that he might preserve the knowledge that the great civilization had
is multiplied by 30 - the amount of pieces of metal the mage is using to
accumulated in its grand history. By the time Oblivion swept over what
research. Thus, if he possesses all 30 pieces, he can effectively instantly
is now known as Gaia, he had created exactly thirty pieces. Intuitive to
learn any spell permanently that his Gnosis would allow, provided he
use, and already within his possession, Barnabas quickly relearned the
has unspent Magic Levels with which to learn them.
secrets of science and magic that the rest of the world had forgotten, and
he had used this knowledge to construct the beginnings of the Imperium
while the rest of the world lived in the dark stone age of a crumbling and
decaying once-great civilization. Miscellaneous Abilities
When Barnabas felt the Imperium was complete, he decided to Possessing a single piece of black metal grants the owner the
experiment with rebuilding civilization to its former glory by bestowing benefits of Ancient Blood while he carries it.
the black metal unto Emperor Andromalius of the Solomon kingdom. Pieces of black metal can be used to power nearly any kind of
His orders were clear, to unite the world in prosperity, but Andromalius technomagical device. Extremely powerful devices such as the
grew drunk on his new found power, and in his hubris, decided he no Upnapistam are too powerful for even the black metal to power.
longer had need of Barnabas as an ally, and chose to disobey them, Pieces of black metal are not static objects, they change shape
which led to the wrath of Jurgand and the seven hours of fire that frequently, to suit whatever purpose they are being used for.
reduced the mighty Solomon empire into ruins barely capable of Pieces of black metal explicitly cannot divine the future, only the
supporting themselves. In his last act of defiance, Emperor past and present.
Andromalius managed to hide the pieces of Black Metal, and the Pieces of black metal are utterly invisible to any kind of supernatural
Imperium was never able to recover them. vision or detection, only mundane senses can actually detect them. Even
then, characters may not immediately recognize them for what they are.

- 43 -
If a character has never been exposed to one of these pieces before, it
requires an Inhuman history check to identify the black metal as such
(and the black metal itself does not aid this check). Once a character has
successfully made this roll, or has been told by someone else what it
was, he can immediately identify any other piece of black metal he
comes across, regardless of the shape it has at the time.
Pieces of black metal may substitute for any kind of part in a
technomagical device. In the case of circuitry or user interfaces, the
entire thing counts as a single part. Technomagical wonders made up of
30 or less parts can be constructed instantly using nothing but pieces of
black metal, if the builder has enough pieces. They can also be
disassembled with relative ease. In combat, assembling, repairing, or
disassembling a device with black metal is a full action during which the
tinkerer defends himself at a -90 penalty. If the tinkerer defends himself
before his action without the penalty, he cannot perform his operation on
the device when his initiative arrives.
Pieces of black metal are utterly indestructible. Entities with Gnosis
45 or higher can ignore this and destroy them, in which case, they turn
out to be rather fragile.

- 44 -
Magic Stuff
Opposed Magic
There are two ways to most literally interpret the following phrasing
from page 112 of the English Core book: “Characters wishing to
develop knowledge on a Path opposed to another one they already
master will need to invest twice the Magic Level to do so.”
The first is that if you put 50 ML into Light at Level 1. Then, at
Level 2, you invested 2 ML into Darkness. You would now forever pay
2x cost for both Light & Darkness, which seems silly.
The second is that if you develop Light first, Darkness always costs
twice the ML, no matter if Darkness is 50 points higher than Light or
I use the second interpretation. It seems to make the most sense to
Yes. There are technically other ways to interpret the wording, but
that's why I used the qualifier “most literally.” If you have your own
interpretation, go for it.

- 45 -
considered a Complete Action, not just an Active Action. In other
words, no matter the length of time taken, Medicine requires full
concentration, and so one cannot perform other actions beyond passive
ones, no matter the skill level of the user.

Skills The list of Procedures in the right column indicates the minimum
amount of time a person must take in order to pull off the Procedure. At
this minimum, the modifier is considered to be a +0. Procedures may
All skills can have specializations: For every 40 points in a skill take up to two degrees less time for a -50 per dgeree (to a maximum of -
(only counting DP expenditure, class bonus, and advantages) you gain 1 100), or up two degrees for a +25 per degree (to a maximum of +50).
specialization, which gives you a +20 for those uses. Procedures may never take longer than one day, or shorter than 1 Turn,
and therefore no procedure can obtain bonuses or penalties beyond what
CRYPTOGRAPHY (Subterfuge, Intelligence, Knowledge) that would normally give.
Can be used to codebreak, or learn a written language without a For example: A Typical Surgery, which takes 3-6 hours, could
teacher. Learning/cracking time is determined by the score. receive a +25 for taking 1 day instead, but could not receive a +50 by
Conversely, it can be used to -create- a code/language. Difficulty in taking any longer than that. An Advanced Surgery, therefore, does not
cracking is determined by score. get bonuses for more time.
Persons who obtain Mastery in Medicine may reduce the normal
time required by 1 degree, to a minimum of 1 Turn. Procedures which
ANALYSIS (Perceptive, Intelligence)
take only one turn normally receive a +20 instead, which can stack with
The ability to analyze data, such as a crime scene, historical records the +50 normally.
or star map and reach a logical result.
Time Table
SECURITY (Subterfuge, Dexterity) Time Used Procedure
The ability to disarm or evade security measures, such as 1 Turn Bandage a small wound (hand, head, etc.), Tie a
mechanical locks, alarms, motion sensors etc. tourniquet
3 Turns Bandage a large wound (chest, entire arm, etc.)
CULTURES (Intellectual, Intelligence) 10 Turns Splint a broken appendage
Knowledge of strange or alien cultures, traditions, and etiquettes. 1 minute
5 minutes
1/2 Hour Simple Surgery (stitching a wound, etc.)
Technical 1 Hour
3-6 Hours
Brew a Remedy
Typical Surgery (organ removal, removing bullets, etc.)
DEMOLITIONS (Intelligence) 1 day Advanced Surgery (brain, heart, reattaching limbs, etc.)
The ability to create, set and disarm explosive devices of all kinds.
Patient Care
COMPUTERS (Intelligence) Despite the simplicity of this table, Medicine is dangerous to
The ability to effectively use,hack or create computerized devices. perform. The longer a procedure takes, the more opportunities there are
Without at least a Difficult Composure check, using Computers in for something to go wrong, and the more likely the patient will be to
combat suffers a -80 penalty to the result. experience complications. For this reason, any time a character makes a
Medicine check which involves direct patient contact (such as a surgery)
for every level above the default for the procedure the players must
PILOTING (Dexterity) make another Medicine check and take the lowest of the results. Those
The ability to maneuver and control all kinds of vehicles, mecha and who obtain Mastery only need to make a second check if they raise the
starships effectively. time by two levels.
If Jisha wanted to perform a Simple Surgery and have it take 3
TECHNOLOGY (Intelligence) hours instead of the normal ½ hour, then her player would need to make
Knowledge of cutting edge or alien technology, such as specs, 2 additional medicine checks, all at +50. If she received a 150, a 135,
alternate uses, new prototypes etc. and a 200, she would end up with a result of 135. If Jisha were, instead,
a Master, then she would only need to make a second roll, not a third.
REPAIR (Intelligence)
The ability to repair mechanical or electronic equipment. Because I’ve always, personally, thought that the rules for healing
Without at least a Difficult Composure check, using Repair in through Medicine were a bit silly and (let’s face it) useless in
combat suffers a -80 penalty to the result. comparison to just about everything else, I’ve created new tables for
them. In combat, all healing is halved. If the wound is not properly
Medicine (Intelligence, Knowledge, Complete) treated first (through the correct Procedure) the healing is quartered.
Medicine has gone through many names over the years but, in the Only the worse of these two penalties ever applies.
end, it has always boiled down to one thing: healing. Whether it's New Healing Tables
diseases or wounds, surgery or supplement, Medicine is obsessed with
keeping people living to see another day. Medicine is not easy, however, Result of Roll Healing level
and at times it will be the most complicated task a person can ever Easy Stop Bleeding
attempt. So, with that in mind, here are some ways that Medicine has Medium Stabilize
been revamped. Difficult +10%
Very Difficult +20%
Time Taken Absurd +50%
Medicine can be a time-consuming process, to put it lightly. At bare- Almost Impossible +80%
minimum, and I do mean the bare-minimum, Medicine takes all of your Impossible +100%
focus in order to get it done right. For this reason, using Medicine is

- 46 -
Inhuman +100% and Regen +2 for 1 day Magic Appraisal* Poisons*
(Max 18) Medicine* Theft
Zen +100% and Regen +4 for 1 day Memorize Trap Lore*
(Max 18) Intimidate Alchemy
Persuasion Animism
Unlike the normal rules, Medicine checks can be made more than Style Create Marionette
once per wound or group of wounds. However, an additional check can Hide Forging*
only increase the original result to a new level, it does not add its own Stealth Ritual Calligraphy
result. In this way, a second check cannot make someone worse (unless Art* Runes
they fumble, of course), but without increased skill or luck the healing Dance*
isn’t likely to change. Music*
This means that if Jisha were to make a Medicine check to heal her Sleight of Hand
comrade and obtained a result of 140, she would heal 20% of their
damage, but if she got a second result later of 160, she would not heal
another 20%, the healing would simply remain static. I'm certain some of you noticed that there aren't 52 secondaries in
those three columns. And some of them have stars. Strange, isn't it?
Alt: Medicine checks can be made multiple times, but only up to Well, that's where our new rules come in.
two more times. Each additional check reduces the healing by half. That
is to say the second check would result in only 50% of the new result, If it's not on the list, or if it's on the list and has a star, it's considered
and the third would result in only 25% of the new result. Masters can "Knowledge." Knowledge covers the stuff that your character knows
make up to three checks, each at only -25% instead. that really can't/shouldn't be rolled for most of the time, and shouldn't
share the same DP as your ability to hit people with a stick (in my
humble opinion). So, if it's on the list it's physical and you're actually
doing something. If it's not, it's Knowledge and it's thinking stuff. If
starred, it's a bit of both. Call me crazy, call me an idealist, but
remember what I said above about there being 52 official secondaries?
Yeah. So, without further ado...

F r e e S tu f f ! 1. You start off with 600+INT Mod*5 Knowledge Points (or KP).
It might be high, but I'm experimenting so I'm trying to be cautious.
Because people live past the age of two in this setting, I think If it's low, forgive me, and if it's too high for words... well, forgive me
everyone should get 30-40 free ranks in Notice/Search. This means that anyways.
people won't have to spend as much DP in either, and everyone isn't Example: Kaios has 8 INT. So, he begins with 600+10*5 (50) or
basically dying from Farmers walking up behind them. 650 total KP. Sara, on the other hand, has an INT of 12, so she begins
Note: This bonus is before taking any stat or class bonuses into with 600+20*5 (100) or 700 total KP.
2. You can spend KP to buy Knowledge in almost anything.
Allow Cultural Roots without paying for it. Value Cost Description
1-100 1 The range of basic knowledge about a subject.
From almost entirely ignorant (10 or below) to
Knowledge someone with a passing knowledge of a field.
Presented here are two different version of gaining character 101-200 2 An expert in the field. At the lower end, a person
knowledge. The first is the current working system, the second is an who does the thing for a living. Someone at the
older and much more complicated system. I preserve the old only high end of this range would probably be a skilled
because I’m not 100% sold on the new yet. And throwing away anything surgeon, or a well-known composer.
just isn’t my style. 201-300 3 A master in the field. People at this level,
especially the top end, push the limits of human
capacity for a subject. Dr. House's knowledge of
Medicine would fall at the high end of this range.
301-400 4 A true master. Not only do you know almost
Hello, my name is Tyr and I've been trying to solve the DP crisis for
everything there is to know about a subject, but
years now. The problem that many people run into is that there are 52
you are likely pioneering new research and
official secondaries, that some are obscure, and that other, very common
discoveries in it.
things simply don't seem to exist, like Cooking. They've got a skill for
401+ 5 The One. If you have this level of knowledge in a
making Jewelry, but not for Cooking. So, I've been looking for solutions
field, you just know it. You could invent a better
for a while now and, while not perfect, I’ve got something that might
remote without having seen the original design.
help some players and GMs.
And, if you have a certain value, that's it. You know the things. I
Useful Possibly Useful Not Useful
know it's nebulous, and it's not precise, but finding precise numbers is
Acrobatics Swim Piloting
crazy, and I think rolling to know something is nonsense, honestly. If
Athleticism Feats of Strength Jewelry
you wonder if random piece of knowledge Z is in a certain range, maybe
Climb Withstand Pain Tailoring
ask. Couldn't hurt, could it? If I disagree with your definitions, we can
Jump Track
talk about it later. Either way, for those of you interested, and as I said
Ride Occult*
above, you can buy knowledge in almost anything. But what does that
Composure Leadership
Notice Disguise
It means that you can buy knowledge in a subject, but not in a field
Search Lock Picking
(like normal secondaries!). Below, I've made a list of things you can

- 47 -
buy. For some things, this means that I've split up individual secondaries INT Score Languages Known
into fields, and for others it means I've put some secondaries into the 1-2 0
purview of others, but realism does come at a price, neh? If you don't 3-4 1 (Latin)
find your thing here, ask. 5-7 2 (Latin+Native Tongue)
8+ 2+1 for every point at or above 8
Field Subjects
Animals Animal Group X (MO, Physiology, etc.), Animal The parentheticals are the recommended values for those INT levels.
Group X (Training), Animal Husbandry Latin being a common starting point for games just generally makes
Country X History, Streetwise, Law, Geography, Architecture, sense, and makes games easier, though GMs are free to swap out Latin
Politics, Etiquette for a native tongue if they prefer.
Entertainment Dance, Music (Instrument X), Music To be clear: those with an INT of 8 or greater can begin with an
(Composition), Art (Method X), Cooking additional language for each point of INT they possess above 7 (so that
Items Forging, Tailoring, Jewelry, Appraisal, Trading includes 8). Each language the character possesses must be justified in
Magic Tree X, Subpath X, Free Access some way (i.e. No uneducated barbarian who grew up completely
Appraisal devoid of all contact with any form or remnant of civilization knowing
Medicine Diseases/Cures, Poisons/Antidotes, Surgical how to perfectly speak 4 languages just because he has INT 9. He still
Techniques, Pharmaceuticals, gets Latin though, because a wizard said so).
Occult Religion X, Myths from Country X, Supernatural Example: Sara, with her INT 12, would start with Latin, her native
Creature X (MO, Physiology, etc.) tongue, and then five additional languages (1 at 8, 1 at 9, 1 at 10, etc.).
Sciences Chemistry, Physics, Herbal Lore, Maths, Biology,
Lost Logias 2. Learning New Languages is done via KP.
Tactics Trap Lore, Weapon X, Small Unit, Army 1-100 1 A beginner. This ranges from people who might
know a few words (10 or below) to folks who can
hold a basic conversation (90+).
3. Each new level, you gain 100+INT Mod KP. If your INT Mod 101-200 2 Fluency. Folks within this range are comfortable
increases at a particular value, you retroactively gain all the KP you speaking about most topics, and the topics they
might have missed, plus 25 (as though you had it at first level). know the most about with ease. Native speakers
Example: When Kaios gains a level to Level 2, he gains 100+10 fall at 200 (the default level for Latin).
(110) new KP to spend, and the same at Level 3. Sara, on the other 201-300 3 An expert. A person at this level of mastery in a
hand, has not only leveled up from 1 to 3, but increased her INT to 13 at language understands the deeper complexities of
Level 3 (thanks to a saved CP, we'll say). She receives 100+25 (125) KP the language. Grammar, syntax, possibly even
per level for Levels 2 and 3 with her new INT Mod, plus an additional word origins, and can actually explain them.
one-time bonus of 25. 301-400 4 A master. Someone who could recite the
dictionary by heart, and possibly someone with
And that's it! ... Or is it? the power to mold the language itself.
401+ 5 The One. There are no words. ... Get it? HA! I'm
Nope. So, Memorize has always been my favorite useless so clever.
secondary. It seems like such an important thing, and yet... no one I
know has ever spent anything on it except for me. Well, with
Knowledge Skills I've got the chance to make it useful and so I'm doing
so. Memorize will occupy a weird slot where it's not going to be rolled, At chargen, a character can know about any or all of the following.
but it's still gonna be bought with DP because of how it functions. Each table lists the gain on the left, and the cost to the right. Consider
Memorize will have the unique function of lowering KP costs, OR the final value of a person’s skill to be like DP in that particular skill.
increasing your knowledge level within a subject. For every 40 points of For clarification, these will be called Skill Points (SP). Unlike normal
Memorize, you can either lower the KP costs of a single tier of a Field DP, however, SP is spent on each individual row in full, and then spent
by 1 (to a minimum of 0. Yes, 0), or you can jump up by 100 points in a on the next row in full as well. In other words, instead of splitting SP
single Subject. Cost lowering is retroactive. between, say, knowledge of Rare and Common Crafting Materials, a
For example, Kaios gets to 40 Memorize, and decides to get another person gets their full SP in both.
100 points of Animal Husbandry for free, because that's just who he is.
Sara, meanwhile, has hit 80 Memorize, and she's decided to lower the Alchemy
costs for the Medicine Field at the Third Tier down to 1. So she'd still Common Crafting Materials (Copper, Eye of Newt, etc.) 5
pay 1 for every point up to 100, and 2 up to 200, but only 1 again up to Rare Crafting Materials (Dragon Hearts, Starmetal powder, 10
300. etc.)
Material Facets (where to find, what they look like, 5
SOMETHING ABOUT KP VS DP for Medicine and such. You
standard PP values)
know, because it doesn’t make sense that someone could perform a
Powers artifacts can have 10
surgery without knowing how.
Tiers of those powers 5
And there's one more thing... Alchemical Formulae 10
Knowledge of an artifact's existence
Languages Rank*5
You'd thought I'd forgotten about them, didn't you? Nope! The Knowledge of one of an artifact's powers
current language rules are... virtually non-existant, and definitely non- Rank*5
committal, so I made something more concrete. I hope you enjoy.
1. Starting Languages are determined by the following chart. Existence of a natural creature – 5

- 48 -
One facet about a natural creature (breeds, size, shape, etc.) – 5 Trap type – 10
A method of training an animal type – 10 Triggers – 10
Disarming - 10
One item type – 10 Science
A facet of quality by type – 5 Field Basics – 25
Exceptional works of art – 10 Field Intermediates – 50
Field Advanced – 100
Architecture Field Master – 200
Building Types – 10
Architectural Features – 5 Tactics
Original Design - 20 Personal strategy – 5
Small Unit strategy – 10
Herbal Lore Army Strategy – 15
Common plants – 5 Nation Strategy – 20
Uncommon plants – 10 Multiple Opponent Strategy – Add 5
Plant facets (edibility, size, shape, color) – 5
Herbal formulae – 10 Runes
Runic Alphabet – 10
History Powers artifacts can have – 10
One story from history (homeland) – 5 Tiers of those powers – 5
One story from history (other) - 10 Runic phrases – 10
One important figure (homeland) – 5 Knowledge of an artifact’s existence – Rank*5
One important figure (other) – 10 Knowledge of one of an artifact’s powers – Rank*5
One additional facet of a story – 5
One additional facet of a figure – 5 Animism
Power level of a soul type (by item, animal, etc) – 5
Law Powers artifacts can have – 10
One law (homeland) – 5 Tiers of those powers – 5
One law (other) – 10 Knowledge of an artifact’s existence – Rank*5
One facet of the law (who makes laws, who enforces them, etc.) Knowledge of one of an artifact’s powers – Rank*5
(homeland) – 5
One facet of the law (other) - 10 Streetwise
Rumors (homeland) – 5
Medicine Rumore (other) – 10
Common disease/condition – 5 Organization/Business (homeland) – 5
Facet of common disease/condition - 5 Organization/Business (other) - 10
Common treatment – 5 Crime organizations (homeland) – 10
Uncommon disease/condition – 10 Crime organizations (other) – 15
Facet of uncommon disease/condition - 5 Organization member (homeland) – 5
Uncommon treatment – 10 Organization member (other) - 10
Rare disease/condition – 15
Facet of rare disease/condition - 10 Trading
Rare treatment – 15 Goods prices by type (homeland) – 5
Goods prices by type (other) – 10
Magic Appraisal Bartering Technique – 10
Spell Known – Auto Trading partner (major city) – 5
Spell not known (low path) – Level/5 Trading partner (minor city) - 10
Spell not known (necromancy) – Level/5
Spell not known (high path) – Level/2 Disguise
Spell not known (opposite path) – Level/2 People of a country – 5
People of a town – 10
Navigation Person (same gender) – 20
Vessel type - 5 Person (other gender) - 30
How to operate a vessel – 10
Navigation methods (stars, tides, winds, etc.) - 10 Art
One medium – 10
Poisons One famous artist – 5
Poison – Level/5 One unknown artist - 10
Antidote – Level/10 One collector (major city) – 5
Facet of a common poison – 5 One collector (minor city) – 10
Facet of uncommon poison – 5
Face of rare poison – 10 Forging/Jewelry/Tailoring
Formula for poison – 10 Material (known) – 5
Formula for antidote - 10 Material (worked with) – 10
Rare material (known) – 10
Trap Lore Rare material (worked with) - 20

- 49 -
Item Schema – 10 evidence one already has, creating a system for assumptions seems a
little overboard. So guesses will be left to the players and the GM to
Dance work out, while new information will be gained through the system
Solo Dance – 5 described below.
Partnered Dance – 10 The checks listed in the 2nd and 3rd columns are the base rolls needed
Original Dance – 50 to gain the information, and can be gained via extended tests (rolling
multiple times and adding the numbers together). Each test requires 1
Music hour per 20 points of difficulty by default, but can be reduced via
Song (Known) – 5 Thresholds.
Song (Memorized) – 10 The Threshold column lists an amount that, if rolled over the needed
General Style – 10 result, the player can decide between one of two benefits. Either they
Song (Original) – 30 decrease the time needed by ½ half per threshold (to a minimum of 1
Instrument - 30 minute, since you do have to actually spend some time doing research),
* or they can gain an additional detail above what they were looking for.
Occult For example, Emily is trying to figure out the existence of The
The existence of one non-natural creature of any level (that is to 5 Magician (although she doesn't quite know it, she only assumes it exists
say knowledge about Dragons, not knowledge about exactly one because of a story she's heard). This means that if she can make a check
dragon). result of 65, she'll know it exists. With a +200 to her roll, Emily easily
One additional facet about one non-natural creature (a set of 5 gets a result of 265, which grants her four threshold successes. She can
typical true names for the creatures, strengths, weaknesses, stat use these successes to reduce the learning time by two hours (from three
lines, powers, etc.). hours initially), or to gain up to four additional details about The
The name and ritual for one Invocation/Incarnation/Great 10 Magician, or even some combination of the two.
Beast/etc. (this does not mean they have summoned them in the The New Info Penalty is the penalty for each piece of knowledge
past and sealed a pact, only that they know how it might be already known on a particular subject. It's easier to find new facts when
accomplished). you know nothing about a subject, but the more you know the harder it
One facet of one Invocation/Incarnation/Great Beast/etc (favorite 10 is to find information you don't already have. This penalty is added in
sacrifices, typical pact requirements, etc.). the middle of extended tests for every Threshold used for additional
One Living Religion. 5 details, and for any checks made thereafter. Existence counts as
One facet of a Living Religion 5 information for the purposes of this penalty.
One Myth from an area 5
A facet of a Myth (common interpretations, relevant locations,
relation to other myths)
A Ritual 10 Item Additional New Info
Existence Threshold
Researched Detail Penalty
10x Current
Beast 10xLevel 10 1
Invocation Difficulty/2 Difficulty/4 50 5
10x Current
Religion 10 10 1
10x Current
Myth 10 10 1
Ritual 20 - - 2

So, since Emily already knows about 40 different non-natural beasts,

Example: Emily is a Devah Summoner beginning with a whopping 200 and 40 facets about them, her difficulty to learn about new beasts or
points of Occult (Final calculated value after modifiers). She can learn facts she doesn't already have would increase by +80. But if she wanted
all of the following: 40 different non-natural beasts, 40 facts about non- more information about Invocations than she already has, it's going to be
natural creatures (not 40 for each of the 40, just 40 in total), 20 difficult. This table, and all of the above information can also be adapted
Invocations, 20 facets of Invocations, 40 Living Religions, 40 facets of for use with Herbal Lore, Animals, and all other knowledge skills.
Living Religions, 40 Myths, 40 facets of Myths, and 20 Rituals.

At chargen, a character can trade information in one area for

information in another. So Emily could trade information about some
non-natural creatures for details about myths, or knowledge of a ritual
for information on another Incarnation.
For every 20 points of Memorize, reduce the SP cost of all rows by
Every player character and human NPC begins with Latin for free at
1 (minimum 1). Also, reduce gaining new info after chargen by… X per
a level intelligible to other people, so long as their intelligence is enough
Y, or something.
to allow speech (minimum INT 3).
After chargen, a character must conduct research to learn more
Those with an INT of 5 or greater also begin with a 'Native Tongue'
information about any of these things, following the table below. In
from their appropriate country of origin.
order to do research, a character must obviously have access to materials
Those with an INT of 7 or greater can begin with an additional
or persons that can give them more information than they already have.
language for each point of INT they possess above it. Each language the
While it's possible to make assumptions just by thinking about the

- 50 -
character possesses must be justified in some way (i.e. No uneducated
barbarian who grew up completely devoid of all contact with any form
or remnant of civilization knowing how to perfectly speak 4 languages.
He still gets Latin though, because a wizard said so).

Gaining New Languages

A player can dedicate a portion of time to studying and learning new
languages. In order to learn a new language naturally (as in not
magically), she must spend time with the language in question. An
average person can pick up conversational fluency in a language within
6 months with full immersion (all communication is in the language
with no real translation available). Therefore, take the following
modifiers into account when acquiring new languages.
-Each point of INT above 7: -1 month of learning time.
-Each point of INT above 11: -2 months of learning time.
-INT 4: +50% in total months of learning time.
-INT 3 or lower: Impossible to learn a new language.
-Teacher who speaks the language and at least one other language
you know, AND has at least INT 7: -1 month of learning time.
-Teacher (as above) with INT 9+: -2 months of learning time.
-Teacher with INT 5 or less: +1 month of learning time.
-Mixed languages available (most settings): +2 months of learning
-Dead language: +2 months of learning time.
-Limited exposure (less than 20% of daily language interaction is in
the new language): +6 months learning time.

Alt System
Languages are treated as a new class of secondary abilities.
Every character begins at Level 1 with 100+INT MOD*3 Language
Development points to invest in languages. They also receive Latin: 100
for free.
Level 0 characters begin with only 50+INT MOD LDP, as well as
Latin: 50 for free.
Every level, characters gain an additional 40+INT MOD Language
DP to spend on learning new languages, or developing the ones they
already know.
If a character increases his INT score later, he gains additional
Language DP as would be appropriate for him, as though he always had
such a value.
Example: A character at level 4 increases his INT from 9 to 10. He
would gain 40 LDP as usual, then +15 from his new modifier, and then
+30 from the retroactive bonus (15 from the beginning pool, and 15
from his previous three levels).

Language Skill table:

Difficulty Fluency Level
Routine Basic Phrases
Easy Reading
Moderate Conversational
Difficult Common Slang
Absurd Complex theories
Almost Impossible Esoteric Jargon/Slang
Impossible Legalese
Inhuman Rapid but Intelligible speech (1000+ WPM).

- 51 -
the bonuses from Powerful Charge, you move 500 feet forward in a
straight line (in the direction you were going in the previous turn),
attacking everyone along your path with your full Attack Ability.
Items and Things To Do With Them 60DP

Style Modules
Mounted Combat Armor changes
Requirements: 60 Ride Movement Restriction: The movement penalty for wearing armor is
Once per combat turn whenever your mount is targeted by an attack, decreased by 1 for every 50 Wear Armour the character possesses, not 1
you can defend it with the Push Aside or Cover maneuvers. per 50 Wear Armour the character has over the Armour Requirement.
Resistances buffs work like armor in this: you choose the highest
Ride-By Attack one, and have right to 2 more layers maximum, both halved in
Requirements: Mounted Combat Style Module, 100 Ride. effectiveness rounding down.
Once per combat turn your mount can move at its full movement All the bonuses intrinsic to the character (stat bonuses, bonuses from
value as a passive action. You may make attacks at any point during this ki powers but not techniques, bonuses from race, permanent monster
movement gaining the bonuses for charging. powers, bonuses from CPs) count as a single layer.

Mounted Shield: Now instead of buying points of wear armor the players are able to
buy strength multipliers. Each multiplier adds your strength, not strength
Requirements: Mounted Combat Style Module, 100 Ride.
modifier, to your total wear armor.
When you are astride your mount and equipped with a shield, your
mount counts as being equipped with the same shield gaining its
bonuses against melee and ranged attacks. This includes bonuses for The wear armor multiplier costs:
40DP 5 for the weapon master, warrior, paladin and the dark paladin.
10 for the acrobatic warrior, technician, warlock, warrior summoner and
Powerful Charge warrior mentalist.
And it costs 15 for the others.
Requirements: Ride-By Attack and Mounted Combat Style
Modules, 200 Ride.
Jonas is a level 1 weapon master with 9 strength, he bought 5
Once every 5 turns, whenever you make a charge attack you may
multipliers. He now has his base of 10 from the strength mod + 10 from
declare it to be a powerful charge. When you declare that you wish to
his class bonus + 5*9 (45). He has a total of 65 in wear armor.
mount a Powerful charge, the character obtains a special bonus to Attack
and damage equal to the mount's strength bonus.
50DP Armor modules
The new armor modules cost half for the weapon master.


The movement penalty from armors is reduced by 2.


+25 wear armor with soft armors.


+25 wear armor with hard armors.


The character is considered to have 3 more strength for the wear armor
strength multipliers
If Jonas, the weapon master with 9 strength, has the armored fighter
Mounted Mastery module and bought 5 multipliers. He would have 5*12 instead of 5*9
Requirements: Mounted Shield and Mounted Combat Style bonus wear armor, and end up with 60 wear armor from his multipliers.
Modules, 200 Ride.
You may use the effects Mounted Combat up to half your agility
score per turn, rounding up.

Godlike Charge New Weapon Rules

Requirements: Powerful Charge, Ride-By Attack and Mounted DISGUISE
Combat Style Modules, 300 Ride. The item is not what it appears to be, it is either disguised or hidden
Once per combat, the you can make a special charge attack. To do in a not very visible location, depending on the size of the item or the
so, you must ride in a straight line for at least a full turn. Then, gaining

- 52 -
circumstances determines the difficulty to determine the true nature of LONG BARRELED PISTOL
the object. in order to detect the object it will require a check in A longer barreled gun than it's matchlock counterpart, intended for
search,notice, or appraisal, some objects may require visual contact to use at longer ranges
determine its true nature (improving the quality of a hidden object Special??? [Reload 4 - Range 70m]
increases the difficulty to succeed by one level.)
BLEEDING A small canister with a flint and steel attacked at the end, when the
This weapon treats all locations hit as if they were vulnerable points handle is pulled oil comes out and creates an object which sprays flames
(this only counts with enemies that bleed) in a 5m area in front of the user.
Reload 4 [Requires oil]
A new stance very similar to “Pure Defense” or “Total Attack”. the JAGGED BLADE
character enters a stance in which they are preparing to counter any A Blade with jagged sharp edges intended to draw blood from the
attacks made at them. Doing so limits your character to only being able target if nothing else
to make counterattacks that turn, but you double your bonuses to
counterattacks that turn.
Ex: if Ashley rolls a final attack of 170 and Jeff rolls a final defense of SMOKE BOMB
200, Jeff's counter bonus would be +15, but if he entered riposte stance A small casing housing chemical reagents which when lit will cause
beforehand, his bonus would be +30 to counter attack. a smoke cloud to appear. the smoke cloud covers a 10m area, anyone
within this field suffers vision totally obscured. it goes off one turn after
New Items (if the GM wants, the smoke can be flammable)
HIDDEN BLADE [15m - Thrown]
A small retractable blade which can be strapped to the arm for easy
use, it is a passive action to extend and retract the blade. BARBED ARROW
An arrow with an exceptionally jagged tip intended to cause
CANE SWORD bleeding
A thin blade held within a cane, the tip of the cane acts as a handle.
POWDER BOMB Allows you to attach spikes to any piece of armor, which when an
A hard shell with a fuse filled with black powder, it goes off one enemy makes contact they must make a defense against a pre-
turn after lighting. determined 100 attack roll. any armor you attach it to increases it's WA
[10m - Thrown] by 10

Item Dmg Speed Req. Prim Sec Type Special Fortitude Breakage Presence
Hidden 30 +10 3 Cut Thrust Short Arm Precision, Disguise 120 10 -4 15
Jagged Blade 45 +5 6 Cut Sword Bleeding 12 3 25
Cane Sword 40 5 4 Cut Thrust Sword Precision, Disguise 120 11 2 25
Barbed 30 Thrust Munition Munition for Bows, 3 0 20
Arrow Bleeding
Long- -5 6 Projectile Strength 10, Complex -9 -2 25
Flamesprayer 70 -10 6 Heat Projectile Complex, Special 13 5 25
Caltrops 40 Thrust Thrown, Bleeding
Predetermined attack
Powder 60 Impact Thrown
Armor 40 Thrust WA+10, Predetermined
Spikes attack
Smoke Impact

A one pound bag of sharpened metal which covers a 10ft area, Weapon disciplines
people caught in the area defend against an auto attack 100, enter Each level of a weapon discipline costs 50 DPs (25 for Weapon
bleeding, and halve their movement value for 3 turns. Masters). Some have several advanced levels and once you buy the
[10m] basic level you can buy them all without having to buy the base level
(increasing the quality increases damage +10, and the auto attack by repeated times. However, it is not possible to combine them; the player
+20) must choose which one she is going to benefit from before rolling
initiative. Unless otherwise stated these benefits can be freely combined
with Ars magnus and techniques.

- 53 -
E.G: Nagakiyo, mounted archer from the Golden Emperor’s army Teria Montana came with the perfect solution to this conundrum when
has mastered both kyudo and yabusame which cost him a total of 150 she came up the fencing style now known as Fior di Battaglia.
DPs (75 if he is a WM). However, he won’t benefit from both kyudo’s
penalty reduction and yabusame’s aditional attack with his bow when he Advanced level (fencing):
rides his trusty steed each round. Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery,
Secondary weapon (defensive style) module.
Discipline level: Either base or advanced. If the discipline has more than Discipline weapons: Both main gauche and either longsword, rapier or
one advanced level, the original discipline will come between (). saber.
Prerequisites: Anything required in order to master the style. Benefits: +10 MK.
Discipline weapons: You must be proficient with, at least, one of these The benefit from the Defensive style module is applied to an additional
weapons to learn the discipline. To benefit from the discipline you must attack. Therefore, you don’t get penalties until your forth defense (-30
also fight using one of these weapons. If the discipline specifies a on the forth, -50 on the fifth and so on).
combination you must be proficient with both weapons and you must
wield them to get the benefits. You can´t, for instance, benefit from Le jeu de l'Epee
Verdadera destreza´s bonus to acrobatics while fighting with a bar stool. When you are Gabrielese duplicity is a part of life. You must be able to
Benefits: The advantages the style grants when active. bare your teeth viciously through a sweet smile or your social life and
status are dead. Trickery is not exclusive to business or lovers and thus a
=================================================== sword style based around the idea of deceptive sword fighting slowly
================================== developed to what it is today.
=================================================== Advanced level (fencing):
================================== Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery, Sleight
of hand 80, Style 40.
Doppelsöldner Base weapons: foil, rapier or saber.
Barbarians from the Icy Wastes usually sell themselves as mercenaries. Benefits: +10 MK.
Being proud in their strength and resistance, they are willing to take the Once per turn when you attack an enemy, you may test your sleight of
riskiest position in battle as long as they get paid extra (Dopplesöldner hand against the opponent's defense skill. If you succeed, the defender
means double pay). While they fought in the front lines the most suffers penalties to the defense as if it were an additional defense over
dangerous enemies were enemy pikemen and cavalry so they developed which correspond. For example, a person who had defended 2 times
this discipline to fight them on equal ground. before the assault and fails the opposed check defends as if it were his
4th defense instead of the 3rd (applying a -70 to his defense instead of a
Base level -50). If you fail the check, your attack is cancelled.
Prerequisites: Weapon attack skill: 130, Weapon defense skill: 100.
Discipline weapons: two-handed sword, claymore, grosse messer or Verdadera destreza
“montante” (I don’t know how to translate it. It’s a two handed weapon Unlike Gabriel or Remo where having a certain skill in fencing is looked
form DK). upon with admiration or respect, those who practise the original fencing
Benefits: Increase the weapon´s breakage by 5. style are looked with contempt and mistrust in their native Argos. This is
Enemies engaged in melee combat do not benefit from “higher ground” because it was developed by mixing kushistani knowledge on anatomy,
position unless you have been tripped or similar. physics and mathematics and argese ingenuity and battle tactics during
the little time Thanos Shetep’s Holy Kingdom lasted. Due to the current
Advanced level relations between the two nations anyone who practices this style its one
Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery. misstep from being judged as an spy.
Discipline weapons: two-handed sword, claymore, grosse messer or
“montante”, Feats of Strength 80. Advanced level (fencing):
Benefits: +10 MK. Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery, Disarm
If your opponent is mounted or is, at least, one size category larger than module, Acrobatics 80, Science 20.
you increase your damage by 50. Discipline weapons: Longsword, rapier, saber.
Benefits: +10 MK.
When you fight with one of the aforementioned weapons in one hand
Fencing and a dagger (parrying or common) or nothing in the other, cancel the
A sword fighting style from the Old Continent. Rarely used by the army, penalty to disarm maneuvers when performing a counter. Also you gain
it’s mostly used by nobles and cutthroats. Due to its stylish movements a +50 bonus to Acrobatics when used in combat to attack from the flank
fancy weapons its particularly popular in Gabriel. or the back.

Base level:
Prerequisites: Weapon attack skill: 100, Weapon defense skill: 130. Grima
Discipline weapons: foil, longsword, rapier or saber. When the New Continent was conquered by Zhorne many new things
Benefits: When you fight with one of the aforementioned weapons in reached its people and one of them was fencing. In Pristinia a sword
one hand and a main gauche or nothing in the other, cut in half the master form Remo named Carlo Vitale, opened a small school and
penalty to aimed attacks when performing a counter. This stacks with taught them the basic forms of the Fior di Battaglia. However, the
the “precise” rule. trainees found it pretty stiff and often incorporated dance steps and
figures into the discipline’s routine and, since they found that the
Fior di Battaglia dagger’s small reach was an impediment when fighting a large number
In Remo, back alley brawls were pretty common. When things went of opponents they traded it for a more common weapon, the club. The
well there were as many of you as there were of them. Sadly things new style would be called Grima which is a mispronunciation of
rarely went well, often it was you, a drunk friend and that good looking Esgrima.
chap who suddenly dissapeared against ten or twelve of them. Lyse

- 54 -
Base level: When your katana’s sheathed and you are wielding no other weapons if
Prerequisites: Weapon attack skill: 110, Weapon defense skill: 110, you win the initiative against an opponent you gain a +10 bonus to the
Dance 40. first katana attack against that opponent.
Discipline weapons: Both saber and club.
Benefits: Reduce by half the penalties when attacked from behind or the
flank. Kyujutsu
In Varja, archery is a serious business. Half martial discipline, half ritual
Advanced level: there is an insane number of rules regarding the pre and post shooting.
Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery, Area Not surprisingly, there aren’t many dedicated archers in the eastern
attack module. countries’s armies.
Discipline weapons: Both saber and club.
Benefits: +10 MK. Base level:
When making an area attack while fighting with sword and club, the Prerequisites: Weapon attack skill: 150.
number of people hit is determined as if it came from a large weapon Discipline weapons: longbow or daikyu.
(affecting 5 people). However, when doing this you can’t benefit from Benefits: Increases by a degree the maximum range of a longbow or
the extra attack granted by fighting with two weapons or the effects of daikyu shot. This bonus doesn’t let you achieve the distances
Defensive style module if you have it. corresponding to "Inhuman" or "Zen" degrees without the relevant

Kenjutsu Kyudo
In Lannet it is a noble’s pride to be able to bear a weapon. The land’s Kyudo is the final form of the ritualistic part of kyujutsu. It focuses in
nearly exclusive weapon, the katana, is a symbol of nobility and the breathing, position, all in order to shot an unfailing arrow guided by the
country. Therefore there are over a hundred schools teaching various archer’s instinct.
different styles even if most of them vary in one or two movements.
Advanced level (Kyujutsu):
Base level: Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Etiquette 40, Style 80, Blind fight
Prerequisites: Weapon attack skill: 110, Weapon defense skill: 110. module.
Discipline weapons: katana. Discipline weapons: longbow or daikyu.
Benefits: +10 bonus to counterattacks when using a katana with one or Benefits: +20 MK.
two hands and nothing or a wakizashi in the other. Cancel the penalties from cover or partial blindness when shooting.
Complete blindness only imposes a penalty of-20 to your shot.
Itto – ryu
This style, originally taught in the Karakuma household, is based on Yabusame
keen observation of the enemy and countering heavily whenever he lets One of Shivat’s greatest advantages on its skirmishes with Lanet is its
his guard down. cavalry, specially its mounted archers. Capable of shooting a barrage of
arrows in just a few seconds and with enough speed to get away from
Advanced level (kenjutsu): any charging enemies and power to trample them beneath their horses’s
Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery. hooves fighting them in an open area means death.
Discipline weapons: katana.
Benefits: +10 MK. Advanced level (Kyujutsu):
Increases to +20 Kenjutsu’s bonus. Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Ride 80, Shot on the run module,
Many targets module (the modules would be “Disparo en movimiento”
Niten Ichi – Ryu and “Varios blancos” from the Director’s screen but I don’t know how
Practical people, the Takashi family are the most open minded of the they were translated).
Lanetese houses. Such pragmatism took them to consider using the Benefits: +10 MK.
wakizashi as a complement for their katanas when they fought. However When you shot while riding you gain an extra attack.
it wouldn’t be until Phaion was created that the Takashi would integrate
some western fencing movements in their style and create their signature ===================================================
two bladed style. ==================================
Advanced level (kenjutsu): ===================================================
Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery. ==================================
Discipline weapons: katana, wakizashi.
Benefits: +10 CM Circus mortis
Gain an extra attack that can only be used for counters with the When Rah decide to conquer the world he needed troops who wouldn’t
wakizashi. bend over despite the hardships they may face. To reach this goal he
trained them in a style that focused on resistance to hardships such as
Muso Jikiden Eishin – ryu fighting wild beasts after a week of fasting or forcing them to practise
The sword discipline original to the Asakura household is focused on their “katas” on burning iron ledges over a bottomless pit. A few of his
duels. Therefore its main focus is weapon drawing speed and accuracy, soldiers survived the war and hid in the lawless territory of Dwänholf,
meaning to finish a fight in the first movement were they performed in clandestine rings, where large quantities of
money were bet, in order to survive. As the country has barely changed
Advanced level (kenjutsu): from these times, the discipline survives but has added a few theatrical
Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery, moves to entice the public.
Battojutsu module.
Discipline weapons: katana. Base level:
Benefits: +10 MK. Prerequisites: Weapon attack skill: 130, Weapon defense skill: 100,

- 55 -
Endure pain 20, Style 40. Discipline weapons: Harquebus.
Discipline weapons: Both shortsword and buckler or both trident and Benefits: When you have your harquebus ready to shoot increase your
gladiator’s net. initiative by 10.
Benefits: When you use Endure pain to reduce the effects of pain or
fatigue the degree you reach with your roll increases by one, this bonus Advanced level:
doesn’t let you achieve the "Inhuman" or "Zen" degrees without the Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Composure 80, Sleight of hand
relevant skills. Contrary to the usual this bonus does not depend on 40.
which weapons are you using and may be used alongside the benefit Discipline weapons: Harquebus.
from any other discipline. Benefits: +10 MK.
Reduces the reload time of the harquebus by 1.
Reitarius fought using a net and a trident. Since their equipment was
cheap, there were many of them in Rah´s army. Since the can lay their
opponent helpless and torture her to the public´s delight they are greatly
prized in the underground rings.
Ranged Weapon Stuff
Advanced level (Circus mortis): You multiply the distance modifier of your weapon by your
Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery. perception to get your weapon increment, beyond which you begin to
Discipline weapons: Both trident and gladiator’s net. suffer a penalty to your attack. You suffer a -50 penalty for attacking
Benefits: +10 MK. beyond your increment, plus another -50 per increment beyond, to a
Whenever you make a grapple with your net, increase the weapon’s maximum of -200.
strength by one. This stacks with quality increases.


Secutors fought using a shortsword and a small shield. Since their
equipment was more expensive and they often wore armor they usually Range Base Increment
had higher ranks in Rah´s army. Nowadays they are mostly used in pit Short 2m
fights against nobles´s private armies since they make the fight last
Medium 5m
Long 10m
Advanced level (Circus mortis): Extreme 20m
Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery. Sight and Sound are considered to be extreme in range. A Human
Discipline weapons: Both shortsword and buckler. sense of smell is considered to be short range. Touch and taste are not
Benefits: +10 MK. affected by sensory increment.
Reduce by 5 the initiative penalty for using a buckler.
Landsknecht Cover Level Ranged Attack Penalty
The establishment of the pikemen corps also known as Landsknecht was
the achievement that raised Tadeus Van Horseman to the position of Less than half 0
Warlord. These men were trained to fight side by side, never breaking ½ Cover -40
their formation, holding back the enemy cavalry and foot soldiers while ¾ Cover -60
the archers did their job. 9/10 (Full) Cover -100

Base level:
Prerequisites: Weapon attack skill: 130, Weapon defense skill: 100,
Composure 40.
Ranged attacks
Shooting penalties for movement are -10 for any movement and -50
Discipline weapons: Pike.
for more than 1/4 speed movement.
Benefits: When fighting a charging or remote enemy increase your
Characters defending themselves from a ranged attack while in close
attack against him by 10.
combat with the attacker do not suffer penalties to defense for dodging
or blocking projectiles.
Advanced level:
This represents the ability of a person to push aside the opponent's
Prerequisites: Weapon attack mastery, Weapon defense mastery.
weapon, or to move just the few inches it would take to dodge by
Discipline weapons: Pike.
noticing the triggering mechanisms.
Benefits: +10 MK.
Increases to +20 the base level’s bonus.


Tercios Exo-Equipping is a process that binds a character’s soul to one or
Argos´s pride and joy, the Tercios are a recent innovation in the argese more pieces of equipment. This allows the character to store the
army. Meant to fight alongside the pikemen, the Tercios are composed equipment inside her body, calling it into existence on a whim. The
of unflinching riflemen capable of rapidly reloading their harquebus. process is one that involves great sacrifice, but in exchange gives a
However, there aren’t many since firearms are pretty expensive and character greater freedom and power to work with.
scarce. Creating an Exo-equip requires three specific sacrifices. A sacrifice
of knowledge, a sacrifice of soul, and a sacrifice of blood. During the
Base level: hour-long ritual, the character bathes the item in his own blood before
Prerequisites: Weapon attack skill: 150, Composure 40. physically destroying it. In game terms, the character looking to Exo-

- 56 -
Equip an item spends an amount of Primary Combat DP, MK, and LP, manifest the Quality Bonus and the weapon is fully broken, when it
which counts as a Sacrifice for purposes of regeneration and healing. In recovers it will automatically regain the unused Quality bonuses.
exchange for these things, he can imbue the item with one of three So if a Level 8 character chose to gain two Quality Bonuses, but
power levels. didn't use one of them for a fight where his weapon broke fully, when it
The three Exo-Equip power levels are Lesser, Higher, and Arcane. recovered in an hour it would be back to +5 automatically, and would
Each level is detailed below, giving the costs associated with forming recover to +10 in half an hour.
the bond, the ki cost for manifesting the Exo-Equipped item and Limits: Only one weapon and one armor may be Exo-Equipped at
dismissing it, and other special notes. the Arcane Level.
An Exo-Equipped item can be summoned and dismissed passively,
but it cannot be dismissed unless five turns have passed since it was Feedback:
summoned. Since Exo-Equip armors automatically equip when The artifact-boosting potential is, again, possibly an issue, but I
summoned, the user must be able to wear them within the usual limits in think there's an easy fix for that, which would be to improve the base
order to summon them. Since Exo-Equip weapons are summoned into quality, not any power-boosted quality bonus. So, if you have an artifact
the user's hands, the user must have at least one free hand to be able to with the +10 Combat Quality Power, the +5 isn't going to make it a +15.
summon them.
If the Exo-Equipped item should ever break while manifested, it The costs may be a bit low.
immediately returns to its place inside the body of the user, spending the
ki for dismissal automatically. If the user cannot pay the ki cost for It would require the future wielder to succeed a physical resistance
dismissal, the bond between weapon and user breaks, and the DP/MK and a mystical resistance check which difficulty would depend on the
they've spent is refunded to them, but not the LP. If broken fully, the item (the factors being presence and it's artefact level if it happens to be
weapon will revert to its base quality (+0 for most, -5 for Poor Quality one).
items) after the amount of time listed first under Regeneration Rate. If
the weapon is merely damaged, or has just fixed itself from breaking
fully, it will recover +5 Quality (up to its normal value) after the second
listed time, and will continue to regenerate at that rate until fully
Higher and Arcane Fusions allow for the Exo-Equipped item to
grow in power with the user. A character can choose bonuses from the A character can have any number of Demonic Weapons or other
following list based on the type of item. Note: No bonus can be chosen Demonic Items (See Demonic Armor and other Items). Whenever a
more than once before Level 4, no more than twice before level 7, no character directly touches for the first time a Demonic Weapon, he/she
more than thrice before Level 10, and on and on. has to make an opposed Willpower Check against the Demonic Weapon.
Weapons: +5Attack, +5Block, +10Damage, +5Initiative, -1AT to If the Demonic Weapon wins the check by 5 or more, the character is
opponent, +5Breakage. instantly killed, his soul destroyed and devoured by the Demonic
Armor: +1 Physical AT (Cut, Impact, Thrust), +1 Elemental AT Weapon. If the Demonic Weapon wins the check by less than 5 points,
(Heat, Electricity, Cold), +1 Energy AT, -5 Armor Requirement, +5 the character immediately drops it and falls unconscious for 1 hour for
Natural Penalty/Perception Penalty, +10 Fortitude. each point the character lost by. If the check results in a draw, the user
Each bonus chosen increases the Ki cost by 1 point for both can wield it without problems but will not benefit from any power
manifestation and dismissal, but a user may choose not to manifest any acquired by the Demonic Weapon. If the character wins the check, he
of the bonuses at any time if he wishes to keep his costs down. will be fully able to wield the weapon and benefit from its powers.
However, once manifested the powers are fixed until the Exo-Equip is Whenever the user of the Demonic Weapon acts in a way that does not
dismissed and summoned again. These bonuses are in addition to any satisfy the feral spirit of the demon within, the two have to take the
Quality Bonus or any other kind of bonuses the item might have opposed Willpower check again.

Demonic Weapons have their own soul and can gain levels.
Cost: 10 DP, 10 MK, 10 LP (Counted as a Sacrifice). Demonic Weapons start as Level 0 creatures with the 400DPs spent on
Ki Cost: 1 their ability to drain souls. The only notable characteristic of the
Regeneration rate: 24 hours / 12 hours Demonic Weapon is Willpower. Each Demonic Weapon starts with a
Powers: None value of Willpower determined by rolling a d10. Demonic Weapons can
Limits: None. never be Exo-equipped or imbued with additional mystical powers
through any known proceeding, although there are exceedingly few
exceptions of magic items imbued with a demon soul.
Cost: 30 DP, 30 MK, 30 LP (Counted as a Sacrifice).
Ki Cost: 2
Regeneration rate: 6 hours / 3 hours Each time a Demonic Weapon kills an opponent, it can drink the
Powers: One gained at every level. victim’s soul gaining +5DPs, if the opponent is of at least the same
Limits: Number of Higher Fusions cannot exceed the Level of the Level as it, otherwise it gains 1 less DP per Level of difference. Killing
character. individuals with Natura 15 or Gnosis 35 grants 10DP regardless of their
Level and killing individuals with Natura 20 or Gnosis 40 or more
grants 20DP regardless of their Level, due to the high value of such
Cost: 50 DP, 50 MK, 50 LP (Counted as a Sacrifice). souls. DPs earned can be spent to buy creature’s powers as a Creature
Ki Cost: 3 with Gnosis10 or Life Points Multiples for a cost of 10DPs each,
Regeneration rate: 1 hour / 30 minutes regardless of its user’s Class. Such bonus will be applied to the user,
Powers: The Exo-Equip gains two powers every level. Every third while he/she’s wielding the Demonic Weapon and has completely
level, a character may choose to use one of each optional power and mastered its power. When the Demonic Weapon reaches 600DPs, it
permanently combine them into a +5 Quality bonus, which only costs 5 gains Level1, and then it gains 1 additional Level each following
Ki instead of the normal 6 to manifest. If a character chooses not to 100DPs. It gains +3Willpower upon reaching Level1 and an extra

- 57 -
+1Willpower each time it reaches an Even Level, up to a Maximum of
20. After reaching Willpower 20, the Demonic Weapon gets 40 extra
DPs to spend upon reaching each Even Level. The Gnosis of the
Demonic Weapon gets +5 each 3 Levels (Level3, Level6, and so on) up
to a Maximum of Gnosis35 at Level 15. Whenever the Demonic
Weapon gains a +5Gnosis, it gets a +5Quality Bonus as well, up to a
Maximum of +25 Quality at Level15. A character can choose not to
have its weapon drain a specific soul, but in this case a Willpower check
as for the Constant Struggle rule is immediately required.

Although much more rare, there exist Demonic Armors or other

Items (Jewels, Talismans, Gloves, Boots…) imbued with a Demonic
Soul. They work exactly like Demonic Weapons under all aspects.
Demonic Armors and Items drain souls every time the bearer kills an
opponent (following the same rules for demonic weapons), regardless of
used weapon, but if a person carries more than a single demonic
weapon, armor, and/or item, the items will fight over the soul, contesting
on a Willpower check. The item to win the check will gain the soul and
hence involved DPs. Items that can no longer improve thanks to a soul
(due to a Level difference of 5 or more), will not compete for it. Finally,
a bearer may try to control the passage of a soul to a specific item
he/she’s carrying. In order to do so, the character has to make a
Willpower check and compare the result to that obtained by all demonic
items. If the character wins the Willpower check, he/she will choose
which item drains the soul, otherwise he/she will suffer the
consequences of a failed Willpower check as for the Constant Struggle
rule, considering the difference in the check result between the character
and the items obtaining the highest result amongst all those involved in
the check.

- 58 -
I think it's dumb that this advantages costs 2 CP, and only doubles
the characteristic bonus for a single skill. I typically add an additional
+10 to another skill of the player's choosing (so they get 6/level instead
of 5/level). I think that's at least a bit more fair, don't you?

Damned 2 Ideas The Gift, Limited Gift, and Access to Psychic Powers (any) can be
bought with cp gained from their respective disadvantage categories.
One idea I've had in mind is every time the character attacks with a Therefore you can have gesture requirements pay for Limited Gift,
weapon, it breaks. Totally out-and-out shatters. Mostly this is because I instead of needing to take additional Magical Advantages.
like the image of a guy walking around carrying twenty swords.
To match up with the others presented here, Talented grants +3 to
Every Zeon he spend for a spell --> 10% as damage, every damage Dexterity checks, and +30 to two secondary abilities of choice based on
he take --> 10% as Zeon lost Dexterity.

The version we came up with tied in with his Nemesis, in that he

had to kill one challenging supernatural creature every week with his
Nemesis Extrusion (or the attack one, that deals Cold damage, if NE
Common Advantages
isn't the right one), or he suffered a loss of stats. To make up for the loss
of stats, he had to kill twice as many creatures as he had stat losses. For ANIMAL COMPANION
the stat loss, it hadn't quite been decided if it was all stats, or just a Effects: The character begins the game with an extremely faithful
single stat, but I was leaning towards a single stat. animal servant. It must be a natural animal, one Level lower than the
character, but it is considered to have an INT score of 5. The character is
Cursed. Can never accept gifts, money, or funds beyond what is considered as benefitting from the Animal Empathy advantage when
needed for basic survival (that's 'basic survival', not 'survival in dealing with this animal. The Animal gets experience along with its
combat'), can never take them if found. If the character does, they die. master. Spending an additional CP grants an additional Level to the
Horribly. She's had near misses in the past involving a gold coin pressed Animal Companion, or raises its Natura by 5 to allow Open Rolls.
into her hand that burned a scar into her palm before she could drop it, Special: The INT score does not allow for speech, and is meant to
and a glass of fine liquor that she thought was water when she took it reflect that the animal is smart enough to think through actions without
that almost killed her before she managed to sick most of it 'up'. explicit commands.
Cost: 2, 3.
Using his cryo powers on someone else causes him to take similar
effects and also limit his flight by a few movement values. ATHLETE
His PG (Weaponmaster lv.4) is linked with a girl (Wizard mentalist Effects: +3 to Agility Checks, either +30 to two Secondary Abilities
lv.3) so every time the girl is damaged he suffers the same damage and based on Agility.
if the girl dies he dies too, without any hope of a resistance check. Cost: 1

Because of a ritual gone wrong while practicing her magic, Shayla's BEAUTIFUL
magical potential and aura have become exponentially powerful. Since Effects: Sets Appearance to 9.
the accident, Shayla can't speak or show emotion because it would cause Special: Can only be used if Appearance is rolled.
a powerful spell to break free. No matter the situation she is in, Cost: 1
whenever Shayla talks or shows emotion, she immediately attempts to
cast one of the spells she knows at the maximum Zeon value possible. BRAWNY
Any positive or negative modifiers of the situation apply. Choosing the Effects: +3 to Strength Checks, choose between +30 to two
spell and its target is up to the Game Master, but it should be influenced Secondary Abilities based on Strength.
by the circumstances of Shayla's speech or emotions. If she does not Cost: 1
have enough Zeon to cast the unleashed spell, the points are then taken
from her life points at a rate of 5 Zeon = 1 Life point. This is sacrificed
health, and she regains it at a rate of 10 per day. BRILLIANT MIND
Effects: +3 to Intelligence checks, +30 to two Secondary Abilities
Permission--The character is unable to take an action without based on Intelligence.
permission. Cost: 1

For every damage taken by an ally this characters initiative score CARVING EXPERT
drops by 1. The score can become negative. The character is a master at dissecting monsters and disassembling
items in record time.
Contrary, any power that another party member/opponent has is Effects: All times for extracting or searching for materials are
unusable by this character. As one party member learns Ki, the damned halved.
one loses his abilities. Magic-user? If the foe has identical spellset, this Cost: 1
character loses those spells. If he's Contrary -and- Natural (spell-less)
caster he'd lose the Gift entirely. Not permanenty, just as long as CHOSEN PREY
someone close has the abilities. HIs abilities -must- be unique to the
Effects: The character gain a+5All Action Bonus when making
group, or they are "locked" away.
actions against a specific category of creatures. Humanoid creatures
cannot be chosen. Spending 2 or 3 CPs on this advantage raises the
bonus to +10 and +15 respectively.
Increased Natural Bonus Cost: 1, 2, 3.

- 59 -
CLASS MASTER Effects: Spending Fatigue points to improve Actions or MA grants
Effects: The character gains a +10 bonus per level to a secondary an extra +5 bonus. Spending Fatigue points to improve Ki
ability with a Class Bonus for his current Class. Spending additional Accumulations or Characteristic checks grants an extra +1 bonus.
CPs allows adding a +10 bonus per level to one or two additional Cost: 2
secondary abilities with a Class Bonus for the current Class, but a
character cannot add more than a +10 bonus per level to a single IMPROVED SPIRITUAL GROWTH
secondary ability due to this advantage. Effects: This character gains +12Ki each level, which he/she can
Cost: 1, 2, 3. distribute among his/her characteristics as desired. An additional CP
spent on this advantages grants an additional +12Ki per Level, for a total
EYE OF LYNX of +24Ki points per Level.
Effects: Double Aiming Bonus for ranged attacks. Alt option: +1 to each Ki pool per level, or +5 distributed as desired.
Cost: 1 Cost: 1, 2.


Effects: This character can have Elan with as many Effects: This character has +2Accumulations and +10Ki on a single
Shajad/Beryls/Grey Ones as his/her behavior deems up to a maximum of Characteristic. For each additional 1CP spent on this advantage, the
60 with each entity. Additional points spent on this advantage raise the character gains the same bonus, which must be allocated to a different
maximum synchronization to 70 or 80. Alternatively, the character can Characteristic.
have higher Elan with as many powers from Pantheons (except for the Cost: 1, 2, 3.
Judas Phylosophy) as his/her behavior and beliefs deem, up to the same
Restriction: This character can buy the Elan Advantage with Effects: The character gains +5 to all his summoning abilities per
multiple entities but cannot spend more than 2CPs on each Elan level.
Advantage. Restriction: Lord of The Beasts bonus is never cumulative with that
Cost: 1, 2, 3. granted by the Master of The Beasts advantage.
Cost: 3
Effects: This character gains +5MK per Level. MASTER OF THE BEASTS
Cost: 2 Effects: The character gains +5 to a single Summoning Ability per
GREAT LOVE Restriction: Master of The Beasts can be taken multiple times
Effects: +20 to all actions to protect or encounter the Great Love or applying to different Summoning Abilities, or for additional CP to
if they fight together. -10 All Action penalty for 2d10 months if the increase the bonus to +10 and +15 respectively. Its bonus is never
Great Love is dead. On a 19-20, the penalty is permanent (it becomes a - cumulative with that granted by the Lord of The Beasts advantage.
1CP disadvantage). Cost: 1, 2, 3
Cost: 1
HEALTHFUL Effects: The character is able to use a Spell without using Zeon
Effects: +3 to Constitution checks. +30 Life Points or +10 Physical once every 1 minute unless he spends 1 Fatigue point for each use
Resistances (PhR, VR, DR),. following the first. The innate spell must have a ML no higher than 20
Cost: 1 and is cast at Base Casting Level. Spending additional CPs on this
advantages rises the spell’s max ML to 40 and 60 and rises it’s Casting
Level to Intermediate and Advanced respectively. If the character has
HENCHMAN Magic Projection use that for the Innate Spell, if required. Otherwise the
Effects: This character begins the game with a relatively faithful spell is cast as if using the Magic Projection as Attack or Magic
henchman. It must be a sample character from either Core Exxet or Projection as Defense Modules.
Gaia, one Level lower than the character with no CP except that which Restriction: Innate Spells cannot be Maintained. Innate Spells
is gained through disadvantages. The character is considered to be cannot be taken by a character with Supernatural Immunity.
benefitting from either the Disquieting or the Charm advantage when Cost: 1, 2, 3.
dealing with the Henchman based on their choosing. Spending as
additional CP on this advantages allows you to choose between getting
an additional Henchman with the same limitations, or raise the starting
level of one of the henchmen by 1. Whenever the character gains Effects: The character is able to use a Ki Technique without using
experience, the same amount is earned by his/her Henchmen. ki once every 1 minute unless he spends 1 Fatigue point for each use
Cost: 2, 3. following the first. The Natural Technique must have a MK cost no
higher than 20 and no Effects with a cost higher than 10MK. Spending
additional CPs on this advantages rises the technique’s max MK cost to
HIDDEN POWER 40 and 60 and allows choosing Effects with a maximum MK cost per
Effects: The character will receive 1 CP worth advantage upon effect of 20 and 30 respectively.
reaching Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. The GM will secretly decide Restriction: Natural Techniques cannot be Combinable,
what advantages Hidden Power will give to the character. Maintained, and/or Sustained, nor can they have any Disadvantage. The
Cost: 2 Natural Technique does not count toward learning ki techniques.
Cost: 1, 2, 3.

- 60 -
Effects: The character has already dealt a Pact with a Major Arcana level 3 effect. This cannot reduce a technique's cost below 50% of it's
or a Great Beast with a maximum Zeon cost (for initial summoning) up original cost, just as with Ki Reduction.
to 300. Each additional CP spent on this Advantage may either be used Should the character develop the ki ability "Improvised Combat
to buy an additional Pact or to raise the maximum Zeon cost of a dealt Techniques", he always uses the primary column's cost, can use any
pact by +150. level of the chosen effect, and doesn't increase his fumble chance for
Restriction: The character must be able to use the Summon Ability that effect only. This advantage can only be chosen once.
in order to get this Advantage. If the character selects an effect that only has level 1 entries, like
Cost: 1, 2, 3. "Supernatural Attack", the advantage costs 1 CP instead.
Cost: 1, 2
Effects: +3 to Power checks, either +30 to two Secondary Abilities
based on Power. Magic Advantages
Cost: 1
Effects: The character has the ability to use magic, but in a very
PROFESSIONAL limited fashion. They cannot learn in Paths, and only develop individual
Effects: A Single Secondary Ability is set to 25 even without spells. Half of these spells of each level must come from Free Access
spending DPs on it. Spending additional CPs raises the base to 45 and spells alone. They can learn spells from any of the Lower Paths of
60. This eliminates the untrained penalty as well. magic, but not from the Higher paths.
Restriction: The bonus from Professional does not stack with Jack The character can take any Gifted Flaws they desire (and often
of All Trades advantage. should) but they CANNOT take certain Gifted Advantages.
Cost: 1, 2, 3. Specifically, they cannot take any of the following advantages:
Gestureless, Unspoken, Half-Attuned to the Tree, and Natural
STUBBORN Knowledge of a Path.
Effects: +3 to Willpower Checks, either +30 to two Secondary In all other ways they are treated as Gifted. If the optional rule to
Abilities based on Willpower. develop additional CP is used, if the character later upgrades to Gifted
Cost: 1 (for 1 extra CP) they lose all the disadvantages from this Advantage.
However, ML spent developing individual spells is still spent.
Effects: The character doubles his base characteristic bonus to all
Secondary Abilities in a particular Field. IMPERCEPTIBLE MAGIC
Cost: 1 Effects: +40 Magic Appraisal to occult Magic. Spending additional
CPs grants +70 and +100.
Effects: +5 Base MA. Spending an additional CP gives +10 to Base
Cost: 2, 3. Effects: If the character builds a Sancta Sanctorum, he/she is
granted 300 free Zeon Points, for choosing up to 6 Lesser Effects (all
SURGEON'S HANDS other costs and requirements for building the Sancta Sanctorum are
The character's manual dexterity is comparable to that of the greatest unchanged). Spending additional CPs increases the free Zeon Points to
jugglers and doctors in the land. 600 and 750, for choosing up to 12 and 15 Lesser Effects.
Effects: If the character is the one dividing a creature or item into Cost: 1, 2, 3.
smaller sections, they can reduce the gap by 1 in the table this might
In other words, they reduce the chance at finding items by only 1 point Effects: If the character builds a Sancta Sanctorum, he/she is
for each size reduction. granted 2 free Power Points, for choosing up to 2 Higher Effects (all
Cost: 1 other costs and requirements for building the Sancta Sanctorum are
unchanged). Spending an additional CP increases the free Power Points
TECHNIQUE PRODIGY to 4, for choosing up to 4 Higher Effects.
The character selects a single effect from the Ki technique section. Cost: 1, 2.
He can use that effect as if he had developed the Ki ability "Improvised
Combat Techniques", with the difference being that he uses the primary
effect column's cost, doesn't increase his fumble chance and must be
able to use the effect in question in a single round. The character may
Common Disadvantages
select any effect, but the maximum power of an effect he can use in this ASTHMA
way is equal to 10 MK +1 for every level he has. That means, if a level 3 Effects: A character can only perform physical actions for half as
character's chosen effect has a minimum cost that is beyond 13 MK, he long as a normal character could, and they are easily winded. if you
cannot use the effect in the described way. He also can't change the want to gain more from this disadvantage then instead you can only
chosen effect afterwards. If the chosen effect is used in the above perform actions one fourth as long, and areas that are considered to have
described way, it's not combinable with ki techniques, but it is lots of mold, dust, pollen, etc. will give you a -20 all action penalty for
combinable with any powers or abilities that are combinable with ki as long as you remain in the area, and you will be unable to rest, sleep,
techniques. or concentrate in the area.
If the character later develops a ki technique and his chosen effect is Benefit: 1, 2.
part of the power, the technique's MK cost doesn't change, but it's
activation cost is lessened by 2 if his chosen effect's part of the ANTI-CHARACTERISTIC ROLL
technique is a level 1 effect, by 4 if it's a level 2 effect and by 6 if it's a

- 61 -
Effects: When you choose this disadvantage choose a characteristic. DEGENERATION
Whenever making a characteristic roll using the chosen characteristic, Effects: The character reduces his regeneration to 0, it cannot be
increase the difficulty of the check by +3 (this disadvantage can be increased, if a player wants to increase the amount of CP they also lose
chosen multiple times, but you can't pick the same characteristic twice) 15 LP a day (G)
Benefit: 1 Benefit: 1, 2.

Effects: The character suffers a -50 to all social interactions such as The character is not very bright and he often misses obvious things
leadership or persuasion. or is easily fooled.
Benefit: 1 Effects: The character suffers a negative -30 penalty to all
perception rolls and suffers a -30 to checks to resist being persuaded,
BLOCKED GROWTH intimidated, etc. This penalty doesn’t apply to mystical or psychic
Effects: Characteristics of this character cannot be incremented effects, only normal persuasion and coercion.
beyond their starting value by any mean. Benefit: 1
Special: Only usable with Non-Restricted Creation Points rule from
Benefit: 2 Effects: The person lacks a soul, but continues in the world by
maintaining a minimum link with it. In this way, the person suffers a
BOUNTY constant lack of motivation, they feel empty, and are unable to think
Effects: There is a bounty on your head worth up to 10,000 gold about other objectives than recovering that which has been lost to them.
crowns (B) If their soul is damaged in some manner, their body suffers Minor
Benefit: 2 Paralysis for a time determined by the GM. The spirit is pure energy that
can be utilized for many purposes if it is maintained appropriately in a
BRANDED special container. The person maintains their base Presence like a
Effects: At some point in your life a powerful entity branded you, representation of existential power through their body in the physical
this brand is a mark of hate. People who see it know that you're not safe world, the same as a homonculus, but unlike them, they cannot live if
to be around, and creatures/monsters will instinctively attack you even their soul does not exist in this world. Without the soul, the person has
without seeing the brand. Anyone with the ability to see supernatural no capacity to acquire The Gift and/or Ki Abilities. The person
can see the brand even if it is covered up. To gain additional CP, this effectively has 0 Power, but all effects relying on it use a -40 modifier.
brand instead covers the entire body, being clearly visible if skin is Benefit: 2, maybe 3
showing. (G)
Benefit: 1, 2. EXTRA SENSITIVE
Effects: Whenever a character suffers damage add an extra ¼ points
BULIMIA of damage after the damage dealt has already been determined (e.g. if a
The character cannot keep down food and thus feels sick after characters at reduces an attack enough that it only deals 14 points of
consuming food. damage, you then add 3.5 rounded up (4) points of damage total) (G)
Effects: The character suffers a -20 AAP for an hour after eating. Benefit: 2
Benefit: 1
COMBAT PARALYSIS Effects: At some point you made the regret of saying “i owe you
Effects: The character is scared or surprised by combat and thus one” to somebody who did you a big favor, this disadvantage makes it
loses the chance to perform actions on the first turn of a new combat, so at some point during the story this somebody will come to you with a
and suffers a -40 penalty to all rolls on that first turn including initiative. favor of their own, a player feels obligated to pay them back, or a
Benefit: 2 character may make the risky move of denying repaying the favor, in
which case the once ally will seek retribution in some way (B)
Benefit: 1
Effects: A character taking active actions in a turn accumulates no
Ki points. He must concentrate, taking no active actions during his turn
to accumulate Ki. Effects: The character is required to focus as an active action for at
Restriction: This disadvantage cannot be taken with Total least one turn before performing any psychic, zeonic, or ki action. (G)
Accumulation or Increased Ki Accumulation. Benefit: 1
Benefit: 2
CURSE The character is larger than normal or is just portly.
Effects: The character has been cursed for whatever reason, whether Effects: The character suffers a -1 penalty to their movement value
it be from a demon, a witch, or their blood. But similar to how an and a -2 to their fatigue.
Ebudan has a mission, this curse has a goal the player must complete, Benefit: 1
every day that goes by where the player still is cursed a searing pain fills
his body at night. This curse could lead to freeing the demon from HEMOPHILIA
imprisonment, to the downfall of a country, or even performing a very Effects: Whenever the character suffers damage, they take 1
dangerous quest specified by the entity that cursed him in the first place. additional point of damage for each 10 points of damage suffered. If the
The specifics of the curse are decided by the GM and the player. character suffers damage equal to or higher than one fourth of their
Benefit: 1, 2. current LP total, they suffer a Critical and are automatically affected by
Bleeding. Their Regeneration level can never be higher than 5.

- 62 -
Benefit: 2 Benefit: 1


Effects: Any weapon held by the character automatically reduces its Effects: The character halves his Ki accumulation and only recovers
Quality by 5. This only affects a weapon they are actively holding, if half the amount of ki they normally would.
given to someone else the weapon does not retain this reduction in Benefit: 1
quality. This curse has no effect on -5 items, as their Quality cannot be
lowered further. LEARNING DISABILITY
Benefit: 1 Effects: A character with this disadvantage adds +20 to the MK cost
of anything he learns that requires MK to learn, including Ars Magnus
INFAMOUS and Ki Dominion Techniques
The character is exceptionally famous, but for all the wrong reasons. Benefit: 1
Effects: The effects of this advantage only apply to role-playing.
The player must determine the source of his character’s fame at LIMITED MAGIC ENERGY
character creation, but it must be a negative source. If using the optional Effects: Double the cost for acquiring 5 Zeon points and halve any
Fame rules (Gaia 1, page 290), this advantage provides 40 or 65 points Class bonus to Zeon.
of Fame, depending on the CPs invested, but all Fame must be either Restriction: Only characters from the Mystic Archetype can acquire
Cowardice, Infamy, or a mix of the two. this disadvantage.
Benefit: 1, 2. Benefit: 1


Effects: The player starts the game with the bare minimum amount Magic Disadvantage
of sanity in order to function properly, it replaces their starting sanity. The player has ruined his own connection to The Sea of Souls
Restriction: Can only be taken in games with the sanity rule in through magical perversion. The player's own Zeon has become a poison
effect. to casting spells.
Benefit: 1 And the voice said, "But for those who can not forget what they
have seen, the worst has yet to come."
INSOMNIA Effects: MA and Projection are always halved except when casting
Effects: The character has trouble falling asleep, he must roll a d10 Innate Spells or spells using a magical container that the player (or an
each night to see if he can get to sleep. On a result of a 4 or higher he other being with this disadvantage) has not put his own Zeon into.
suffers penalties. Benefit: 1
Benefit: 2
JACK-OF-NO-TRADES Effects: Each night, the character rolls a d10. On a 6+ he suffers a -
Effects: The character, despite the best of intentions, has absolutely 2 Max Fatigue cumulative penalty until he rests for one night. To gain
no skill in anything they haven't specifically trained in. All secondary an additional CP from this disadvantage, when rolling a 8+ for the night,
abilities are considered knowledge skills for them (and thus they cannot the character suffers a -20 All Action Penalty as well. Penalties caused
roll for them without investing DP into them). by this disadvantage directly or through Fatigue Loss cannot be nullified
Benefit: 2 or reduced by any mean.
Benefit: 1, 2
Effects: Characters with this disadvantage cannot contain their Ki. PREDICTABLE
They automatically lose an amount of Ki equal to 50% of the Ki cost of Effects: Whenever the character attacks and is defended against the
any ability they activate requiring Ki, any time they use such abilities. If enemy gets a +20 to a counterattack. (G)
a character cannot afford to lose this Ki, he is simply reduced to zero Ki Benefit: 1
with all the penalties it implies.
The character is biased against a group or type of people. They are
KI BLOCKAGE intolerant and outspoken against that group.
Effects: A character with this disadvantage does not recover Ki Effects: Every time the character interacts with the group, the
naturally. He must find some other way to gain Ki, generally, through character must make a Willpower Check at a difficulty of 15. If she fails
the use of limits. she must immediately speak out against the group, insulting and
Restriction: This disadvantage cannot be taken with Ki Recovery otherwise saying terrible things. For 2 CP, a failed check means she
Benefit: 2 immediately attacks the person/group instead.
Benefit: 1, 2.
Effects: A certain characteristic does not generate any Ki for the RIVAL
character whatsoever. It contributes zero Ki points to his pool. Its Effects: The character has an enemy that wishes to hunt them down
accumulation is also reduced to 0 no matter what its value is and it can and kill them, or they just have a general enemy. At 1 CP it’s a general
never be raised, nor can Ki points be purchased for this characteristic. enemy of the player’s level that he must fight occasionally. At 2 CP the
Special: If combined with Innate Power, only multiply the amount character not only wishes to stop you, but also has their own group, or
of Ki by five instead of six. This disadvantage can be taken multiple army, that he commands. (B)
times, covering a different characteristic each time and reducing the Benefit: 1, 2.
amount one multiplies with Innate Power by an additional 1.

- 63 -
Effects: The character suffers from seeing visions or hearing voices
that command him to commit certain acts. The extent of this WEAK SYSTEM
disadvantage is left up to the GM. Effects: The character reduces ALL his resistances by half.
Benefit: 2 Benefit: 2

Effects: When the character suffers a fumble they lose half of their Effects: Whenever a character performs an action using ki, zeon, or
fumble level as LP damage, rounded up. This damage surpasses Damage psychic points, he must perform a 1d10 roll. On a result of a 6 or higher
Barriers, and is capable of damaging energy if needed be. they suffer a -20 All Action Penalty until the end of their next turn. A
Benefit: 1 result of 10 will result in double penalties.
Benefit: 2
Effects: A character with this disadvantage treats himself as being
one level lower on Table 6 on Page 14 of Dominus Exxet for learning
Ki. If this places him off the chart, then he simply cannot spend his
Martial Knowledge unless he finds an instructor.
Benefit: 1

Effects: When your health reaches 50% the character rolls a d10. On
a 6+ he suffers a -2 Max Fatigue cumulative penalty until he rests for
one night. To gain an additional CP from this disadvantage, when rolling
a 8+ for the check, the character suffers a -20 All Action Penalty as well.
Penalties caused by this disadvantage directly or through Fatigue Loss
cannot be nullified or reduced by any mean.
Benefit: 1, 2.

Effects: The character rolls on Table 35 of Beyond the Dreams (Pg.
292 in the book).
Benefit: 2

The character never had a proper education.
Effects: Thus either they cannot read, or write, or perform some
actions that would require having learned it first. The character also
applies a -10 to all secondary skills.
Benefit: 1

Magic Disadvantage
The player has gained direct knowledge of the Sea of Souls for some
reason, and the character can not learn spells the normal way. He must
cast from magical grimoires, scrolls, or books.
And the voice said, "Those who will strike upon my domain but dare
not speak its name, you will forever forget what you saw this day"
Effects: The player can not learn any spells; he must cast from
grimoires. For purposes of character creation, the player is able to buy
his first tome using his Magic Levels, however, they must buy all spells
inside using the rules for buying individual spells (Core Book, Table 57,
page 113) with any limitations the GM sees fit. This can also be
combined with any other magic advantages and disadvantages except
Action Requirement.
Benefit: 2

The player was never properly trained in the use of weaponry, they
kind of just picked up a weapon and starting swinging.
Effects: The character takes a -50 attack penalty when using a
weapon of any kind. The character also can’t buy weapon modules or
martial arts while they have this disadvantage.
Restriction: Only classes in the Domine, Fighter, Prowler, and
Novel Archetypes can acquire this Disadvantage.

- 64 -
M ech a
powers these enormous vehicles, and they can channel their abilities and
techniques through them.
Type P: PsyMecha. The mech of the mind, PsyMecha are fueled via
psychic crystals and controlled by the thoughts of the user. Because of
the crystal sources, it takes a Psychic to activate these mecha, but the
power they can offer is incredible.
Let's just get this out of the way right now: I love Mecca. Pray to Type Z: Zeonic Mecha. The final mecha type are mecha built
that sh*t five times a day. Six on the weekend. Most holy place on the through magical manipulation. Rather than being towering titans of
whole damn planet. Love that sh*t. steel, these mecha are, more often than not, simply scraps held together
Oh, and I love Mecha too. by zeon. They can often alter their shape at will, are incredibly powerful
opponents, but they are also the weakest in terms of their ability to resist
Mecha for Anima
There are several versions of Mecha out there currently. The most
famous two are the Spanish Complemento d10 mecha, and the Beyond Advanced Types
Science mecha. Both, I feel, are trying too hard to make mecha in You didn't think I was done, did you?
Anima. They've designed decent system for building them, maintaining Just like anything in Anima, there are subtypes for everything. Some
them, and using them for various purposes. What they haven't done, in of these subtypes will be obvious, and some of these may seem far-
my humble opinion, is build mecha for Anima. fetched, but in Anima that's the way things go.
What I mean by that is that Anima is a unique system. It has its own Type M: Magitech Mecha. Not exactly a Zeon Mecha, Magitech is
expectations and themes, it has a way things are balanced and work the combination of sorcery and science into something more than either
together that makes anything added to it a unique challenge. Most alone. Magitech Mecha use special 'zeon batteries' to power themselves,
importantly though is that Anima isn’t anything else. Anything you put which can recharge simply by drawing in magical energy from the local
in Anima can meet a few of those things. Maybe it’s got new stats that environment, giving them near-limitless power sources. Along with this,
balance well and fit the theme. Maybe it’s using old stats but in odd they have the unique advantage over other Standard Mecha of being able
ways that don’t fit with the themes. It can be anything, but something to be elementally aligned (detailed later).
made for it should feel like Anima, should follow those expectations, Type B: Biomechs. These Mecha are partly, or perhaps fully, alive.
themes, and balance, and should address that challenge head-on instead They're more like giant cyborgs than pure mecha, and are physically
of working around it. And while I respect and appreciate what the other linked to their pilots, either via a surgical link, or by absorbing the pilot
two attempts have done, neither seems to hit all those marks to me. into them. These mecha cannot be built, and typically cannot be bought,
This is my attempt to do what they have not. I borrow from both, but but because of the interface they can offer an unparalleled level of
the end result is my own. I hope you enjoy. control, and the ability for a pilot to experience what it would truly be
like to be their mecha. Not even Ki Mecha come close.

Why Mecha? Type C: Combination Mecha. Put simply, these are mecha which
come in individual mecha pieces, that fit together to transform into a
It’s bound to come up at some point or another. Why create Mecha much bigger mecha.
when the powers that characters possess are already so formidable? Type U: Unknown. Some Mecha simply don't fit into any other
There are a few reasons, and I’ll list them in the order I would give to category. They are unique, individual. Without compare. Perhaps a
anyone asking. Mecha powered by the laughter of children, or one made up of cats
Mecha are cool. The Rule of Cool has always been a major part of fused together by their hatred of all things not feline.
Anima. You can lift buildings and slash fireballs in half; you can stop
bullets with your teeth; you can even fly around shooting lasers out of
your eyes. So, why not have mecha?
Mecha can level the playing field. In a world where superpowered With so many different kinds of Mecha, there are, obviously, many
monsters and people can have powers like the ones listed above, what ways to build one. While fluff-wise there are dozens of ways to do it,
the heck is the City Guard even good for after Level 3? Well, if they’re mechanically Mecha all have a few things in common.
suited up in Mecha, then there’s a lot they can do without being special A basic mecha is built like a typical Construct. Details for
themselves. Constructs can be found on page 172 of Those Who Walked Amongst
Mecha can replace individual powers. If you want to run an Anima Us.
game where the Players aren’t rampaging across the world with nothing Mecha level is based off of a design roll, the available materials, and
more than the clothes on their backs, you can transfer some/all of that then then actual construction. Yeah, I know, that’s complicated, but so is
power into their Mecha. You can have normal characters whose power designing and building a fifty-foot tall mechanical combat suit.
depends on something much larger than themselves. Let’s break this down.
And the final reason is having more options. It’s as simple as that, The first portion is the Design Roll. Design is a new secondary skill,
really. detailed below (and also on page XX). Designing a mecha is no easy
task, but it does determine the base level. For each level of difficulty
reached, the Mecha gains one potential level. That was simple, right?
The Four Basic Types
Type S: Standard Mecha. These are the mecha that most people are Design (Technical, INT, Knowledge)
thinking of when they think of mecha: Hand controls, HUDs, big hunks In order to build something, you need plans. While swords and armor
of metal powered by engines with missiles and beam rifles. The good are fairly simple objects, complex machinery like Mecha require exact
stuff. specifications to be detailed beforehand. Things need to fit together, and
Type K: Ki Mecha. These aren't your granddaddy's mecha. These a small flaw in one piece can mean the downfall of the entire project.
mecha are an extension of the character's body, controlled through the So, that’s where the Design secondary comes in.
user's aura, and so therefore mimic the exact movements of their pilots. To make things simple, the design roll includes making a diagram that
Rather than being fueled by standard power cells, the user's own ki anyone can follow, assuming they have at least a basic knowledge of the

- 65 -
language the designs are written in. A player can choose not to write C/M: 240 C/M: 280 C/M: 320 C/M: 360
things down, but must make a Memorize Check at ½ the Design check S: 140 S: 160 S: 180 S: 200
difficulty in order to keep an accurate record in their head. For every 6 K/P/Z: 210 K/P/Z: 240 K/P/Z: 270 K/P/Z: 300
degree a person fails the Memorize check by, the Mecha loses a C/M: 280 C/M: 320 C/M: 360 C/M: 400
potential level. S: 160 S: 180 S: 200 S: 220
7 K/P/Z: 240 K/P/Z: 270 K/P/Z: 300 K/P/Z: 330
The second portion is the available materials. Here, maximum C/M: 320 C/M: 360 C/M: 400 C/M: 440
quality is very important. The base materials needed to make a mecha S: 180 S: 200 S: 220 S: 240
must be capable of reaching +5 Quality (yes, all Mecha are Quality 8 K/P/Z: 270 K/P/Z: 300 K/P/Z: 330 K/P/Z: 360
items, you’ll have to get over this). For every +5 over this, you can add a C/M: 360 C/M: 400 C/M: 440 C/M: 480
potential level to the mecha. For every -5 below this, you subtract a S: 200 S: 220 S: 240 S: 260
potential level. See? It’s still simple. Almost painless. 9 K/P/Z: 300 K/P/Z: 330 K/P/Z: 360 K/P/Z: 390
Almost. C/M: 400 C/M: 440 C/M: 480 C/M: 520
Obviously, Mecha require a huge amount of material to construct. S: 220 S: 240 S: 260 S: 280
Once can pass off ‘a lump of iron’ as enough to make a sword with, but 10 K/P/Z: 330 K/P/Z: 360 K/P/Z: 390 K/P/Z: 420
it would have the be a small hill of iron to make most mecha, and C/M: 440 C/M: 480 C/M: 520 C/M: 560
several mountains to make others. It’s recommended that the GM not S: 240 S: 260 S: 280 S: 300
make obtaining such large amounts of material too difficult, but it also 11 K/P/Z: 360 K/P/Z: 390 K/P/Z: 420 K/P/Z: 450
shouldn’t be too easy to obtain large amounts of high quality ores or C/M: 480 C/M: 520 C/M: 560 C/M: 600
metals. How a GM wants to go about that is up to them, but generally it S: 260 S: 280 S: 300 S: 320
should involve large amounts of both money and time. 12 K/P/Z: 390 K/P/Z: 420 K/P/Z: 450 K/P/Z: 480
C/M: 520 C/M: 560 C/M: 600 C/M: 640
The last portion is the building of the mecha itself. Currently,
S: 280 S: 300 S: 320 S: 340
building a standard mecha is a specialization of either Forging or 13 K/P/Z: 420 K/P/Z: 450 K/P/Z: 480 K/P/Z: 510
Architecture depending on what kind you’re building. Ships require C/M: 560 C/M: 600 C/M: 640 C/M: 680
Architecture, Mobile Suits require Forging.
S: 300 S: 320 S: 340 S: 360
14 K/P/Z: 450 K/P/Z: 480 K/P/Z: 510 K/P/Z: 540
Sidebar: Wait. What?
C/M: 600 C/M: 640 C/M: 680 C,M: 720
Yes. Mecha aren’t just incredibly tall fightan robits. The original
S: 320 S: 340 S: 360 S: 380
term is used to refer to any kind of large mechanized device. So you’ve
15 K/P/Z: 480 K/P/Z: 510 K/P/Z: 540 Z, P, K: 580
got things like spaceships, fighter jets, and Death Stars along with
C/M: 640 C/M: 680 C,M: 720 C, M: 760
Gundams, Zoids, and Metal Gear REX. Ain’t life grand?

This is where things get complicated. Please note: Some of these checks are ridiculously high. That’s
because these are meant to be extreme tests, taking time and teamwork
The difficulty for building the mecha is based off of size and level to pull off. Things two times the size of your house take real work to
potential. The Table XX below shows you the base difficulty needed in build. Things over two thousand times the size of your house take a lot
order to create a mecha of the appropriate size at that potential level. more. It’s okay. You can do it. I believe in you.
That is the maximum possible level the mecha can achieve in the initial
building process. You can choose to set your target level lower, of Congratulations! You’ve succeeded in building a mecha! That
course, but you cannot set it as anything higher. means you can start spending all that shiny DP.

Some Mecha, like Type Z, or U, obviously aren’t going to be built

by standard means. Type Z mecha are made through a special ritual,
detailed below, while a Type U can be made through almost any check Ahh, Gnosis. That’s the stuff we really care about, right? What
imaginable, though the difficulties for such checks should be at least powers can I give my shiny new mecha? Base Gnosis is centered around
50% higher than any involving a typical mecha, which include the the class of mecha being built.
Design check as well. For every 5 levels the Mecha possesses, increase their Base Gnosis
by 5.
For Type U, the Base Gnosis is up to the GM to determine, but
TABLE XX: MECHA LEVEL BY CHECK should be no lower than 15.
Level Big Enormous Giant Colossal
S: 40 S: 60 S: 80 S: 100
1 K/P/Z: 60 K/P/Z: 90 K/P/Z: 120 K/P/Z: 150 Mecha Type Base Gnosis
C/M: 80 C/M: 120 C/M: 160 C/M: 200
S: 60 S: 80 S: 100 S: 120 Type S 10
2 K/P/Z: 90 K/P/Z: 120 K/P/Z: 150 K/P/Z: 180 Type K, P, or Z 15
C/M: 120 C/M: 160 C/M: 200 C/M: 240 Type B, C, or M 20
S: 80 S: 100 S: 120 S: 140 Type U Variable
3 K/P/Z: 120 K/P/Z: 150 K/P/Z: 180 K/P/Z: 210
C/M: 160 C/M: 200 C/M: 240 C/M: 280
S: 100 S: 120 S: 140 S: 160 So, now that you’ve determined the amount you’ve got to work with
4 K/P/Z: 150 K/P/Z: 180 K/P/Z: 210 K/P/Z: 240 and the Gnosis value you can buy at, it’s time to actually spend some
C/M: 200 C/M: 240 C/M: 280 C/M: 320 DP.
S: 120 S: 140 S: 160 S: 180 As mentioned before, Mecha are Constructs, which means they’re
K/P/Z: 180 K/P/Z: 210 K/P/Z: 240 K/P/Z: 270 Beings Between Worlds with Physical Exemption, Regen 0, and

- 66 -
immunity to Summoning abilities (with one exception) for free. Mecha Example: Jenna has been loving her Mecha, Jinx-In-A-Box, but in a
are constructed as though they were beings created by Magic and recent battle it was almost too close to call, all because her machine
therefore must follow the Gnosis and DP rules for buying wasn’t as fast as her opponent’s. So, she decides to do a bit of an
characteristics, powers, and abilities. While GMs are encouraged to overhaul, adding in thrusters and a lighter chassy. Because she’s also
spend a portion of the DP, as with the creation of any magical being, it is looking for more firepower, she compliments this design with a
not required they do so. They may be any class, but to multiclass lightweight beam pistol hidden inside one of her mecha’s fingers. Since
requires an Improve Design roll. In addition, there are a few special she doesn’t wat to lose any of her old equipment or capabilities, she
rules that Mecha follow. makes an Improve Design roll, and once she’s got her potential level she
First, the majority of Mecha have neither WP nor POW sets to work building Jinx-In-A-Box 2.0
characteristics, and since they are without them cannot utilize any skills
based off of them. Without an Inhuman Intelligence they also possess Example 2: Leon has recently encountered a problem. The enemies
Psychological Immunity for free. Though they possess all other he’s been fighting have suddenly all been airborne, and his current
characteristics and abilities, they cannot use either in any way without a Mecha, Warzone, simply can’t keep up. The current design is so laden
pilot. As a general exception, all Mecha can use their resistances without with firepower that making it airborne would take far more skill than he
a pilot. Other specific exceptions to this rule are noted below. has, so he decides to rework his current design into something that can
Secondly, certain powers and abilities have modified costs. get off the ground. His Redesign roll doesn’t give him more levels than
Superhuman/Supernatural/Divine Physical Characteristics Gnosis his previous roll, but that’s alright. He doesn’t need more power, just a
requirements are reduced by 5 for every size above Big the Mecha different way to get at his enemies.
Take note that although Mecha can be exceptionally large, they are Option 2: Make a new Crafting Check
not forced to be DR creatures unless the GM chooses to make them that By forgoing a Design check, you can make upgrades to your mecha
way. I struggled a lot with the decision, but in the end all mecha are simply by using better materials, or your increased skills. While this
unique, and so each has the option to be or not to be a DR creature. allows you to upgrade your mech’s powers and abilities, you cannot add
Once selected, this option cannot be changed later without a Redesign something new to it. No new rocket pods or thrusters, only a straight
(detailed below). upgrade to existing powers. This check cannot increase the level past the
Type P: Must possess a WP score, and cannot possess Psychological original potential level unless it involves materials with a better quality
Immunity. May choose Psychic Advantages and Penalties. potential.
Type Z and M: Must possess a POW score. May choose Magic This check may be made at any time.
Advantages and Penalties. May choose to be Elementals.
Type B: Must possess a WP score and POW score and does not Example: Killjoy is getting old. The last three fights the mecha has
possess Psychological Immunity. Always possesses an Inhuman been in have been rough, to the point where its pilot, Joy, is starting to
Intelligence. think its name might be a little too appropriate. Unfortunately, she’s no
Type C: Every piece must buy either Metamorphosis, Advanced technician, but she did just stumble into a literal motherload of White
Metamorphosis, or Transformation. Steel. So, she’s set to work swapping out the old metal for the new, and
when she’s done her mecha won’t have any new toys, but it’ll handle

UPGRAYYYDS better, which just might save Joy from being killed in her next fight.

While obtaining a Mecha may be the end for most folks, it’s natural Option 3: Make a new Design Check
to think that, at some point, you might want to improve your Mecha. The third option is a bit trickier, but it allows you to integrate
Typically, a mech doesn’t gain experience like a normal creature, but additional equipment you may have found or purchased into your mech.
they still need a way to level up, and to improve, otherwise there’s While it doesn’t increase your mech’s level directly, it does allow you to
gonna be trouble. add new powers to it without needing to rebuild. However, since the
The simplest way to level a Mecha is to simply make some new powers aren’t fully implemented into the mecha with a crafting check,
checks. There are several ways to do this, and each has their own you are limited to only 50 DP worth of additional powers this way. Or to
benefits and drawbacks. exchange out removable equipment for up to 100 DP.
This check may be made at any time.
Option 1: Improve/Redesign
This option offers the most versatility because it allows the user to Example: Darius wants to exchange out the Anti-Tank Rifle inside
alter their Original Design as much as needed. By making an Improve his mecha’s arm for an Anti-Material Rifle he recently pulled off an
Design check, you have the option to add new types of features to your enemy mecha. Rather than redesign his whole mech, he simply reworks
Mech. You can add additional types of weapons or powers, movement the arm slightly and moves a few parts around to install the more
options, and increase the potential level of your mecha. powerful rifle.
Alternatively, you can choose not to level up your mecha, and
simply rebuild it from the ground up with a Redesign check. While you
can keep some aspects from the original, the main advantage of a Inhuman Intelligence
Redesign is that you can reuse old parts for new purposes. However, the So, lemme level with you for a minute.
new purpose for the old part must be justifiable. A gatling gun might be I thought about calling this section “Artificial Intelligence” but, you
repurposed into an awesome thruster for flight, but it’s not going to know what? Not all mecha are artificial and so it would be a lie to label
suddenly allow you to damage energy with your other weapons. it as such. Anyways, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Let’s get
In either case, making the new Design check also means that you’ll back to the rules.
need to make a new Crafting check of the appropriate type for your new
design. Most Mecha have INTelligence and PERception stats to represent
This option may only be chosen if a person has increased their system capabilities. Databases loaded into the core computer system, the
Design score since the last Improve Design/Redesign (or Original situational bonus that a mecha gives to certain secondaries, etc.
Design) check they made. Typically, a mecha with an INT of 5, or 9, or even 20 isn’t actually
smart enough to do anything more than bring up data for its pilot to

- 67 -
interpret. A mecha with a PER of 5, 9, or even 20 cannot do anything
more than display that data for someone to interpret.
Some Mecha, however, are different.
Some Mecha have personalities, a living consciousness, or they sync Now that the building process is out of the way, all that’s left is the
with and augment a pilot’s own mind. Whatever the excuse is, some actual gameplay. For the most part, Mecha work just like normal
Mecha possess, for better or worse, an Inhuman Intelligence. creatures. They have their own Attack and Defense scores, their own
LP, Armor, everything. But Mecha do present one complication: a mind
What Does That Mean? controlling a body that isn’t its own. To recreate this dichotomy, I offer
It means a few things. The first is that a mecha with Inhuman three distinct methods of gameplay with Mecha to consider.
Intelligence is capable of acting without a pilot’s direct influence. They The first is to simply play the Mecha with their own stats replacing
can, unlike other mecha, gain levels on their own, though they can only those of their pilots. Regardless of what’s high or low, the Mecha wins
spend a limited amount of their DP without the ability to modify out because it’s the Mecha doing the actions, even if the pilot is the one
themselves, or someone to do it for them. This limited amount is 25% of coordinating such things. This is the recommended ruleset for people
their per-level DP, and is treated like Option 2 in the Improvement who want to play it closest to the Anima system, because that’s how
section for the purposes of how that DP may be spent. Anima tends to work with controlling creatures, including familiars.
B and U-type Mecha are the only exceptions to the DP limitation. The second option is to mix and match scores from Mecha and pilot
They may utilize the full DP amount because they are able to evolve and as the GM best sees fit. A GM might always allow the highest stat to
grow in ways that the other types simply cannot. win out, or might take only the Mental stats from the pilot and the
Physical ones from the Mecha. A GM might also decide to always take
How do I do it? the highest or lowest scores, no matter which that means taking. This
ruleset is recommended for GMs who want a more customizable
Readers who know the Monster Creation rules know that there experience with their Mecha, because it allows a GM to adjust the power
aren’t actually any rules stating that constructs don’t have minds to of individual mecha, or all mecha at once as they see fit.
begin with. There are many reasons for that, but the main one to point The third option is the split the difference. In short, if this option is
out is that your typical construct is a creature; a Mecha is not (in all chosen then all individual scores are added together, then divided by
cases except for B and some U-Class Mecha). two. So a pilot with +100 Attack inside of a Mecha with +200 Attack
To reflect this, by default most Mecha do not have WP or POW would end with an Attack score of +150. The same is true of
scores, or they only have one or the other, giving them space for characteristics and all other abilities. Please note that, in order to keep
impressive Physical Stats. If a player wishes for their Mecha to have things simple, characteristics are assumed to be adjusted last, so the new
Inhuman Intelligence, however, they must have all four Mental stats modifier doesn’t affect the ability scores any more than the previous
above 3, and at least one at 5 or above. It is not possible to create Mecha adjustments. In all cases, round up. This method is, perhaps, the most
with stats above those levels that doesn’t possess at least a rudimentary realistic, because it serves to highlight the difference in skill between
consciousness. pilots and their mecha most aptly. One pilot might gain a boost to their
It’s important to note, however, that adding Inhuman Intelligence normal abilities but they can’t control the mecha to its full potential,
isn’t just a matter of spending the points. Any Mecha with I.I. must also while another is able to push the mecha beyond what people consider
have a personality, and that personality can cause problems. possible for it to do.
The Problem With Intelligence Although there are more options available to the GM, these are the
three recommended options because they offer the most realistic and
As anyone who has ever trained an animal knows, the smarter they consistent rules for Anima. Any other option for combining Mecha and
are, the more difficult they can be. Mecha with Inhuman Intelligence pilot stats may greatly affect the balance of the game.
might only be as smart as a dog, or they might be more clever than a
Chess Grandmaster. They might be timid and afraid, or they might be so
stubbornly willful that a wall made of donkeys would be easier to deal Equipment
with. What sort of personality does your Mecha possess? Well, that’s up Obviously, big things need big equipment, though Mecha are
to you, but keep in mind that every Mecha with I.I. can take control of definitely in a special place when it comes to equipment. First off, they
their own systems at any time. have powers and such that can be flavored as equipment, but the
This means two things for players. First, it means that if they give a question on anyone’s mind is going to be “Do I really have to buy a
command to the mecha that it doesn’t like, they will need to make a power just to have a sword?” The answer, of course, is no.
check in order to control the Mecha. That check is different based on the That being said, Mecha are Big to begin with, and so all equipment
type of controls used to pilot the Mecha, but in every case the Mecha for them must be at least Enormous in size. And all Mecha that are at
uses its Willpower to resist. If the player succeeds, they suffer an AAP least Giant-sized must be Giant as well. While a Mecha can use a larger
equal to the Mecha’s Willpower Bonus until the Mecha agrees with weapon, like any other creature, they cannot use smaller weapons unless
what they’re doing again. If the Mecha succeeds, the Mecha suffers a they’re implemented into a power.
penalty equal to the character’s characteristic bonus of the state the Obviously, because of their size, most weapons made for mecha are
character used. The struggle can only be made once per round, and the made for a specific mecha. Because they are balanced and fitted to work
penalty remains even if both would agree on a later action in the same with one mecha, if used by any other mecha, that mecha suffers a -20
round. penalty to use it, as though it were a similar item instead of the exact
The second is that if the pilot and Mecha are truly in sync, where item. Any item mass-produced for mecha does not suffer this penalty.
both are reacting in the exact same manner, they get a coordination
bonus to their actions. This is an All Action Bonus equal to the Mecha’s Sidebar: This final rule about weapons specifically built for
lowest Mental Characteristic’s Bonus. In general, it should be left to the someone can also be used by GMs for standard equipment as well.
GM to determine when a pilot and her mecha are in the True Sync state, Weapons specifically made for a person often have a different balance
but generally it should be a rare occurrence. If a GM wishes for and weight than something made for anyone to use, even at the personal
something more mechanical, have both player and Mecha roll an INT level, and that can make a big difference in combat effectiveness.
check. If the Final Result for each roll is the same, the pair gets the
bonus for the remainder of the round.

- 68 -
Psychic Stuff
may result in penalties to hearing-based Perception checks, or may even
cause temporary deafness at the DM’s discretion. Lower levels of sound
intensities do not normally cause damage in any way. However, once
beyond 25 (or if controlled by supernatural means specifically to cause
harm), their base damage is five times the number of intensities.

Each Psychic Power can be maintained for a total number of rounds

Directed Sound Intensities Table:
per day equal to the user’s Willpower characteristic without having a
cost. Maintaining Psychic Powers over a longer period of time has a cost Intensities Equivalence Base Damage
of 1 PP for each Psychic Power maintained for an additional number of
rounds equal to the users Willpower characteristic. 1 Whispers 5
This means, that a Warrior Mentalist with a Willpower characteristic
of 14 maintaining three psychic powers has to pay a maintenance cost of 3 Normal Conversation 15
3 PP after 14 rounds have passed for another 14 rounds. Canceling and
reactivating the powers before the time has passed does not help, if the
same Warrior Mentalist cancelled his powers at the beginning of the 5 Someone Yelling 25
12th round and reactivated them 1 round later, he would have to pay the
maintenance costs for the powers after another three rounds. 7 Loud Crowd 35

Powers which have minimum Potential for activation higher than 20 Canon Fire 100
base Potential of the user cannot be maintained.
30 Close to Source of Thunder 150

40 Close to a Volcanic Explosion 200

Perception Increase is moved from Physical Increase to
Hypersensitivity. Perception stat is also not increased by Total Increase
power. Normal Sound Intensities Table:
Intensities Equivalence Base Damage
Force Blades
Level: 2 Action: Active Maintenance: No
Description: 1 Whispers 0
This power enables the user to launch blades of force that distort the air,
causing them to be partially visible. Anyone defending against the 3 Normal Conversation 0
power needs a Notice check of Absurd(180), or suffer the penalties from
Partial Blindness. Anyone who can see Psychic Matrices does not need 5 Someone Yelling 0
to make this check. Finally, the power can make more than one blade,
but to do so divides the damage among the various blades. In this way, 7 Loud Crowd 0 (-10 Withstand Pain)
the user can choose to divide the damage indicated by a maximum
indicated by the number of blades. Damage must be divided equally 10 Thunderclap (>30 feet away) 5 (Impact, -5 AAP)
between the blades, which all attack on the Cut AT Table.
15 Thunderclap (<3 feet away) 10 (Impact, -10 AAP)
20 Fatigue 6
40 Fatigue 4
80 Fatigue 2 20 Explosion (>30 feet away) 25 (Thrust, -15 AAP)
120 Damage 60
140 Damage 80 50 Explosion (<3 feet away) 50 (Thrust, -30 AAP)
180 Damage 80/2 Blades
240 Damage 90/3 Blades
280 Damage 120/3 Blades Phonokinesis
320 Damage 120/4 Blades
440 Damage 150/5 Blades Phonokinesis is a discipline of psychic ability that is lesser explored than
many of the others such as Telepathy or Pyrokinesis.Using his or her
Sound Damage: When a character suffers sound damage, he must
pass a PhR check with a difficulty equal to the amount of damage taken. matrices to bend, block, and create vibrations in the air, sound
If he fails the check, he suffers an All-Action Penalty equal to the failure manipulation is possible. With this, the character may be allowed to
level due to disorientation. This penalty fades at a rate of five points per distract foes, make himself sound more appealing, or even release
turn. Any being that has no sense of hearing are immune to this effect. destructive sound waves with ease. There are no modifiers for this
Someone covering their ears may apply a +40 to their PhR check. discipline.
Damage Resistant creatures that fail the check divide the penalty by five
(rounded down). Damage from intensities of sound heal at a normal rate.
It is also important to note that all sound damage occurs on the Impact

Sound Intensities: These intensities represent the volume and Create Sound
frequency of sounds. While at low levels they are not very impressive, Level: 1 Action: Active Maintenance: Yes
the higher levels of sound can cause major structural damage to
buildings similar to earthquakes. Damage caused by sound intensities

- 69 -
Description: This power creates Sound intensities. The sound Ventriloquism
created may sound like anything the psychic wishes, from a beautiful
Level: 1 Action: Active Maintenance: Yes
song to a scream or conversation.
Description: Using their powers, the psychic can project his voice to
a location that is distant from his body. The distance that the user's voice
Effects: can be projected is according to the chart below.
20 Routine Fatigue 1
40 Easy 1 Intensity
20 Routine Fatigue 1
80 Moderate 3 Intensities
40 Easy 1 Meter
120 Difficulty 5 Intensities
80 Moderate 5 Meters
140 Very Difficult 7 Intensities
120 Difficulty 10 Meters
180 Absurd 10 Intensities
140 Very Difficult 25 Meters
240 Almost Impossible 13 Intensities
180 Absurd 50 Meters
280 Impossible 16 Intensities
240 Almost Impossible 100 Meters
320 Inhuman 20 Intensities
280 Impossible 250 Meters
440 Zen 25 Intensities
320 Inhuman 500 Meters

440 Zen 1500 Meters

Control Sound
Level: 1 Action: Active Maintenance: Yes
Description: This power allows the user to control the intensities of Perfect Pitch
sound indicated by his Psychic Potential roll. Using this power, one can
Level: 2 Action: Active Maintenance: Yes
lower the volume of a sound by an amount equal to the intensities
Description: By altering the waves of sound from their mouth, the
controlled. With these means, someone who achieves a result of
psychic can change his voice to sound like any voice he has heard
Difficult can reduce the sound of a yelling man (5 intensities) to
before, or simply make his own voice more appealing to the ear. Note
muteness (0 intensities). This also allows control of the sound waves,
that the bonus to Disguise is only applicable if the psychic has heard the
which means that the psychic can purposefully keep individuals from
voice of the person he is mimicking. Also note that a psychic
hearing a certain sound by containing the waves. Control Sound can be
maintaining one instance of this power may only gain either the
used offensively, but in this case, the Psychic Projection of the user is
Disguise bonus OR the Persuasion/Intimidate/Leadership bonus.

20 Routine Fatigue 2
20 Routine Fatigue 2
40 Easy Fatigue 1
40 Easy Fatigue 1
80 Moderate +5 Leadership/Intimidate/Persuasion
80 Moderate 4 Intensities
120 Difficulty +5 Disguise OR +10
120 Difficulty 6 Intensities
140 Very Difficult 8 Intensities
140 Very Difficult +10 Disguise OR +20
180 Absurd 12 Intensities
180 Absurd +20 Disguise OR +40
240 Almost Impossible 16 Intensities
280 Impossible 20 Intensities
240 Almost +30 Disguise OR +60
Impossible Leadership/Intimidate/Persuasion
320 Inhuman 25 Intensities
280 Impossible +45 Disguise OR +90
440 Zen 30 Intensities

320 Inhuman +60 Disguise OR +120

- 70 -
Leadership/Intimidate/Persuasion 120 Difficulty 100 LP/Breakage 0

440 Zen +70 Disguise OR +140 140 Very Difficult 300 LP/Breakage 2
180 Absurd 500 LP/Breakage 4

240 Almost Impossible 700 LP/ Breakage 6

280 Impossible 1000 LP/Breakage 8/Stops Energy

Level: 2 Action: Active Maintenance: No 320 Inhuman 1500 LP/Breakage 12/Stops Energy
Description: Letting out a loud, damaging wave of sound, the
psychic tries to cause direct harm to his foes. This power has a lower 440 Zen 2000 LP/Breakage 16/Stops Energy
base damage than other damaging abilities, however, the damage caused
to the ears can cause additional critical damage. Taking a critical of over
fifty points may induce temporary deafness at the GM's discretion. Also,
it is able to affect immaterial beings at Inhuman and Zen difficulties.

Level: 2 Action: Active Maintenance: Yes
Description: Using a high pitched echo, like that of a bat, the
Effects: character can perceive his surroundings without sight. Objects and
beings in the area can be easily perceived by the psychic. In game terms,
20 Routine Fatigue 4
the character is considered to have radial vision in the area determined
by the power, though he still takes the Vision Partially Obscured
40 Easy Fatigue 2
penalties (i.e. -30 to his Attack, Block, and Initiative, and -15 to his
Dodge). At Inhuman and Zen levels, the power's manipulation of sound
80 Moderate Fatigue 1
waves is so thorough, that the penalties for obscured vision are negated
120 Difficult Damage 40

140 Very Difficult Damage 60, +10 Critical Effects:

20 Routine Fatigue 8
180 Absurd Damage 80, +20 Critical
40 Easy Fatigue 6
240 Almost Impossible Damage 100, +30 Critical
80 Moderate Fatigue 4
280 Impossible Damage 120, +40 Critical
120 Difficulty Fatigue 2
320 Inhuman Damage 140, +50 Critical
140 Very Difficult Fatigue 1
440 Zen Damage 180, +60 Critical
180 Absurd 30 foot radius

240 Almost Impossible 150 foot radius

280 Impossible 300 foot radius

Sonic Shield
Level: 2 Action: Passive Maintenance: Yes 320 Inhuman 1500 foot radius/No Penalty
Description: By producing dense sonic waves, the psychic can
defend herself against all types of physical attacks. Sonic Shield works 440 Zen 1 mile radius/No Penalty
on the same Life Points with which is was created. Once created, the
shield's LP reduces by 5 each turn until it reaches a level that the psychic
can maintain. The nature of the shield, which is constantly shifting
sound waves, causes any physical weapon striking it to make a breakage
check against the value listed. In addition, Sonic Shield can stop energy
attacks starting at Impossible level by adjusting to the same frequency as Resonance
said energy. Level: 3 Action: Active Maintenance: No
Description: By manipulating sound waves, the psychic can
Effects: destabilize objects and beings at a molecular level. Any object that fails
the resistance breaks automatically, unless it is of special quality. In this
20 Routine Fatigue 6 case it loses 1 stage of quality for each 50 points that it fails the
resistance, breaking when the quality bonus goes below 0. If this power
40 Easy Fatigue 4 is used on a living being, the being takes damage to its life points equal
to double the failure level. Naturally, only material beings are
80 Moderate Fatigue 2 susceptible to this power.

- 71 -
originariamente. Sin embargo, cada turno posterior pierde 5 puntos de
vida, hasta llegar a la cantidad a la que el psíquico puede mantenerlo
20 Routine Fatigue 8 naturalmente.
40 Easy Fatigue 6 Rutinario Fatiga 6
80 Moderate Fatigue 4 Fácil Fatiga 4
120 Difficulty Fatigue 2 Medio Fatiga 2
140 Very Difficult PhR 100 300 PV / RF
20 60
180 Absurd PhR 120 Muy 600 PV / RF
40 Difícil 80
240 Almost Impossible PhR 140 800 PV / RF
80 100
280 Impossible PhR 160 Casi 1.200 PV / RF
40 Imposible 120
320 Inhuman PhR 180/-10 Quality 1.800 PV / RF
80 140
440 Zen PhR 220/-10 Quality
2.500 PV / RF
Mientras esté el foro antiguo abierto, iré pasándome cada vez que 20 160
pueda a rescatar algunos temas de "Hecho en Casa". ¿Por qué?, porque a 4.000 PV / RF
nadie más parecen importarle demasiado las reglas caseras y a mí me Zen
40 180
pirran. De momento, he aquí esta magnífica creación, publicada
originalmente por el señor Ronar. SUGESTION
PD: Esto necesita un mejor editor de texto, no me deja cambiar el Requisitos: Prohibición mental, Crear sentimientos.
color de la fuente y, aunque puedo copiar las tablas e incluso editarlas Nivel: NA Acción: Pasiva Mantenimiento: No
con el click derecho, no se pueden crear ni nada. De momento el color Descripción: Implanta una orden sencilla en la mente de la víctima.
se quedará así, aunque sea un poco difícil de leer los títulos, al menos Este poder no puede hacer que el objetivo se haga daño a sí mismo ni a
hasta que averigue cómo arreglarlo sin quitarle el formato. otros a menos que ya deseara hacerlo por si mismo.
PD: Prueba: [i]¿Valdrán los comandos estándar de los foros?[/i]
Bueno llevo desde antes de la salida del AE con este proyecto en Rutinario
0 ga 2
mente, se trata de una nueva rama de poderes psiquicos que se añadiria a
las disciplinas y los poderes matriciales, la idea es poder hacer Fati
combinaciones de poderes psiquicos para conseguir un efecto diferente, 0 ga 1
por ello cada poder sinergico tiene como requisito dos poderes que el 80
psiquico tiene que haber aprendido antes de poder comprarlo. Sin 0 RP
embargo la verdad esque en realidad hay mas bien poco que añadir al 100
mentalismo, que es bastante completo y no se me ocurren poderes 20 RP
nuevos. Muy 120
Comparto con vosotros lo que e echo hasta ahora, para que lo 40 Difícil RP
critiqueis, mejoreis y podais dar nuevas ideas de poderes o efectos (por 140
ejemplo dudo de si permitir a la reestructuracion fisica comprar Absurdo
80 RP
habilidades esenciales ademas de poderes, a fin de cuentas esta inspirado Casi 160
en el conjuro de adquirir capacidades naturales, que si lo permite) 40 Imposible RP
Poderes Sinérgicos: Imposible
80 RP
Además de los poderes de las disciplinas y los poderes matriciales existe
otro tipo de poder psíquico, los poderes sinérgicos. Estos poderes 200
pueden adquirirse invirtiendo un solo CV, o gastar temporalmente uno 20 RP
para tener un acceso limitado a él, únicamente si el psíquico cumple sus 220
requisitos, poseer previamente dos poderes psíquicos de disciplinas 40 RP
diferentes. Dado que no forman parte de las disciplinas psiquicas, pues
son otra rama, los desequilibrios psiquicos que posea un mentalista no REESTRUCTURACIÓN FISICA
afectan a sus podere sisnergicos. Requisitos: Reestructuración atómica, Incrementar Aguante.
ESCUDO DE FUEGO Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: Si
Requisitos: Escudo Telequinético, Barrera Ígnea. Descripción: Mediante este poder el psíquico puede alterar su cuerpo,
Nivel: NA Acción: Pasiva Mantenimiento: Si alterando sus células a voluntad. Dependiendo del potencial alcanzado el
Descripción: Este poder crea un escudo de llamas que protege al psíquico obtendría cierta cantidad de Puntos de Desarrollo para invertir
psíquico contra cualquier fuente de ataque no basada en energía. Al en poderes de monstruo que no superen un requisito de gnosis 0. El uso
detener los impactos mediante violentas llamaradas, además de tener de este poder causa visibles mutaciones físicas, y no puede afectar a
resistencia como un escudo convencional, cualquier arma que logre otros blancos que no sea el propio psíquico.
parar el escudo debe superar una RF contra la dificultad determinada por
Rutinario Fatiga 6
el escudo o será destruida por las llamas, o perderá un grado de calidad. 0
Al contrario que otros poderes, el escudo de fuego mantenido permanece
con la misma cantidad de puntos de vida con la que fue creado Fácil Fatiga 4

- 72 -
Medio Fatiga 2
0 Muy 5 metros / 100
40 Difícil RP
Difícil 20 PD
20 10 metros / 120
Muy 80 RP
40 PD
40 Difícil Casi 20 metros / 140
40 Imposible RP
Absurdo 60 PD
80 30 metros / 160
Casi 80 PD, gnosis 80 RP
40 Imposible 5 50 metros / 180
100 PD, 20 RP
80 gnosis 5 100 metros /
120 PD, 40 200 RP
20 gnosis 10
40 gnosis 10 Requisitos: Autorrecolocacion mayor, Percibir residuos.
Nivel: NA Acción: Pasiva Mantenimiento: No
PREDECIR Descripción: Percibiendo el vínculo entre el lugar en que alguien se a
Requisitos: Ver en la historia, Trasladar los sentidos teletransportado y su destino, el psíquico puede seguir a su objetivo
Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: No trasladándose a través de la teletransportacion del otro. Este poder
Descripción: Permite entrar en un estado de concentración en el que el solamente funciona si es usado en el mismo asalto, o en el siguiente en
psíquico es capaz de predecir el futuro inminente más probable, una que otra persona haya usado algún tipo de poder de teletransporte, ya sea
predicción aproximada de acontecimientos inmediatos. Cada asalto que psíquico, mágico, o un poder de monstruo, y no requiere el uso de
permanezca en este estado, sin realizar ninguna acción activa, le permite proyección psíquica, el objetivo deberá superar una RP
percibir los próximos diez segundos. En caso de que use la predicción en independientemente de lo lejos que este o el psíquico aparecerá a su
combate, el psíquico obtiene un bono de +30 a su iniciativa y a cualquier lado.
acción enfrentada contra sus enemigos, dado que sabe con antelación lo Fati
que van a hacer. Este bono solo se aplica en el primer asalto de combate, 0 ga 8
ya que después las acciones de sus enemigos habrán cambiado lo que Fati
predijo. Fácil
0 ga 6
Rutinario Fatiga 8 Fati
0 Medio
0 ga 4
Fácil Fatiga 6 Fati
0 Difícil
20 ga 2
Medio Fatiga 4 Muy 100
0 40 Difícil RP
Difícil Fatiga 2 120
20 Absurdo
80 RP
Muy 1 Asalto de Casi 140
40 Difícil concentración 40 Imposible RP
2 Asaltos de 160
Absurdo Imposible
80 concentración 80 RP
Casi 3 Asaltos de 180
40 Imposible concentración Inhumano
20 RP
4 Asaltos de 200
Imposible Zen
80 concentración 40 RP
5 Asaltos de
6 Asaltos de Requisitos: Incrementar sentimientos, Destruir Sentimientos
40 concentración Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: Si
Descripción: Disminuye un sentimiento o estado de ánimo del objetivo.
TRANSLACION Ten en cuenta que este poder no es capaz de afectar una emoción que no
Requisitos: Teletransporte, Conectar matrices. exista previamente. Para resistirse hay que superar una RP, con derecho
Nivel: NA Acción: Pasiva Mantenimiento: No a una nueva tirada cada 5 asaltos si sospecha que está siendo objeto de
Descripción: El psíquico intercambia su posición con la del objetivo de este tipo de poder. También tendrá derecho a una nueva tirada cada vez
este poder, la RP si desea resistirse, así como la distancia máxima que que tenga un nuevo motivo por el que sentir la emoción disminuida.
puede separarlos depende del potencial alcanzado. Fati
0 ga 2
Rutinario Fatiga 8
0 Fati
0 ga 1
Fácil Fatiga 6
0 100
0 RP
Medio Fatiga 4
0 120
Difícil 1 metro / 80 RP 20 RP

- 73 -
Muy 140 20 cúbico
40 Difícil RP Muy 2 metro
160 40 Difícil cúbico
80 RP 3 metros
Casi 180 80 cúbicos
40 Imposible RP Casi 4 metros
200 40 Imposible cúbicos
80 RP 5 metros
220 80 cúbicos
20 RP 10 metros
240 20 cúbicos
40 RP 20 metros
40 cúbicos
Requisitos: Ilusión psíquica, Crear sentimientos ARMA IGNEA
Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: Si Requisitos: Creación de energía, crear fuego
Descripción: El psíquico altera la percepción del afectado, modificando Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: Sí
sus sensaciones al verle a él o a quien designe, de esta manera puede Descripción: Permite crear un objeto o un arma simple de energía pura
adoptar un aspecto mucho más sensual, siniestro o irritante. No es una y fuego. Posee una resistencia 25 y estará basado en energía. Su daño
ilusión propiamente dicha, y el psíquico no puede alterar su apariencia, base estará entre 90 y 150, dependiendo de su tamaño, y una velocidad
solo las sensaciones que tiene el objetivo al verle, así que si no es capaz natural de 10. Dado que es pura energía, no emplea el bono de fuerza del
de ver matrices psíquicas no se dará cuenta de cuando empieza o acaba personaje, pero ataca en la TA de Calor.
el uso de este poder. Dependiendo del potencial alcanzado el psíquico o
quien haya designado, tendrá un bonificador a una habilidad social Rutinario Fatiga 6
determinada contra el blanco de este poder. En caso de sensaciones que
no dependan de habilidades secundarias, depende del narrador aplicar el Fácil Fatiga 4
poder como considere conveniente.
Medio Fatiga 2
Rutinario Fatiga 4 0
1 metro
Fácil Fatiga 2 20 cúbico
Muy 2 metro
80 RP / 40 Difícil cúbico
0 +20
3 metros
100 RP / Absurdo
Difícil 80 cúbicos
20 +40
Casi 4 metros
Muy 120 RP /
40 Imposible cúbicos
40 Difícil +80
5 metros
140 RP / Imposible
Absurdo 80 cúbicos
80 +120
10 metros
Casi 160 RP / Inhumano
20 cúbicos
40 Imposible +180
20 metros
180 RP / Zen
Imposible 40 cúbicos
80 +220
200 RP /
Inhumano Requisitos: Autorecolocacion, Manipulación magnética
20 +280 Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: Si
220 RP / Descripción: El psíquico altera la gravedad que afecta a su cuerpo,
40 +320 creando su propio centro gravitatorio, siendo capaz de alterar su peso o
ARMA GÉLIDA incluso la dirección en la que la gravedad tira de él. Mientras lo
Requisitos: Creación de energía, crear frio mantenga activo, no sufrirá penalizadores por moverse en zonas
Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: Sí inclinadas, ni en movimiento (como un barco zarandeado por una
Descripción: Permite crear un objeto o arma simple de energía pura y tormenta) ya que puede corregir los desequilibrios, además de eso,
hielo. Posee una resistencia 25 y estará basado en energía. Su daño base reduce la fuerza de sus caídas, reduciendo a la mitad la distancia que
estará entre 80 y 120, dependiendo de su tamaño, y una velocidad caiga a la hora de calcular el daño (si se cayera de 60 metros, solo
natural de 10. Puede usarse a una o dos manos, empleando el bono de recibiría un golpe de 30 metros). A cierto potencial, puede incluso
fuerza con normalidad, ataca en la TA de Frio como critico primario, cambiar la dirección en la que la gravedad tira de él, horizontalmente,
aunque el psíquico puede solidificar su arma a voluntad para atacar pudiendo caminar por paredes y superficies similares, e incluso
como critico secundario en CON, PEN o Fli verticalmente, pudiendo caminar por los techos o caer hacia arriba.
Rutinario Fatiga 6 Rutinario Fatiga 4
0 0
Fácil Fatiga 4 Fácil Fatiga 2
0 0
Medio Fatiga 2 Medio +10 a saltar, sin penalizdores por inclinacion
0 0
Difícil 1 metro Difícil +20 a saltar, reduce a la mitad las caidas

- 74 -
20 Fati
Muy +40 a saltar, permite caminar sobre superficies 0 ga 4
40 Difícil liquidas, o similares Fati
+80 a saltar, permite cambiar su gravedad 20 ga 2
80 horizontalmente. Muy 100
Casi +120 a saltar, permite cambiar su gravedad 40 Difícil RP
40 Imposible verticalmente. 120
Imposibl 80 RP
Tipo de vuelo 4
80 e Casi 140
Inhuman 40 Imposible RP
Tipo de vuelo 10
20 o 160
80 RP
Zen Tipo de vuelo 14
40 180
20 RP
Requisitos: Reestructuración atómica, recolocación 40 RP
Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: Si
Descripción: Mediante este poder el psíquico altera la materia física RECOLOCACION ENGAÑOSA
para transformarla en objetos sencillos. No puede afectar a materia Requisitos: Recolocar objeto, Telequinesis menor
encantada o de alta presencia, por ejemplo, podría crear un escudo a Nivel: NA Acción: Pasiva Mantenimiento: No
partir de la madera de un árbol, o un cuchillo de piedra a partir de una Descripción: Este poder debe ser usado a la vez que el psíquico dispara
roca, pero no podría utilizar un árbol sagrado, o el árbol de una hamadria o lanza un proyectil o descarga psíquica, teletransportando el ataque en
ni una roca de una pared protegida contra energía, el tamaño del objeto mitad del aire para golpear desde un punto ciego. El defensor deberá
estará limitado por el potencial alcanzado, al igual que por el material superar una tirada de advertir contra la dificultad que indique el
utilizado (una roca no podrá transmutarse en un objeto más grande que potencial alcanzado o sufrirá el penalizador de Sorpresa a su defensa. Si
ella. alguien declara que usa Buscar contra el (es decir, tiene la iniciativa y
espera algo así) la dificultad baja dos niveles. Esta capacidad solo es
Rutinario Fatiga 6
0 plenamente útil la primera vez que se ejecuta ante un determinado
enemigo. Una vez supere el control, ya conoce el truco del teletransporte
Fácil Fatiga 4 y a partir de entonces reduce en un nivel la dificultad.
10 cm Rutinario Fatiga 2
Medio 0
0 cúbicos
50 cm Fácil Fatiga 1
Difícil 0
20 cúbicos
Muy 1 metro Medio Dificultad difícil
40 Difícil cúbico 0
2 metros Difícil Dificultad muy difícil
Absurdo 20
80 cúbicos
Casi 3 metros Muy
Dificultad absurdo
40 Imposible cúbicos 40 Difícil
4 metros Absurdo Dificultad casi imposible
Imposible 80
80 cúbicos
5 metros Casi
Inhumano Dificultad imposible
20 cúbicos 40 Imposible
10 metros Imposible Dificultad inhumano
Zen 80
40 cúbicos
Inhumano Dificultad Zen
Requisitos: Ilusión psíquica, crear sentimientos Indetectable mediante advertir, Dificultad Zen en
Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: No 40 buscar
Descripción: El psíquico crea un desorden en la mente del objetivo,
afectando a sus miedos subconscientes, que le provoca violentas REFLEJAR ATAQUE
alucinaciones, tan reales que la mente de la víctima recrea las heridas Requisitos: Repulsión, Teletransporte
sufridas en su cuerpo. El psíquico no tiene control sobre las Nivel: NA Acción: Pasiva Mantenimiento: No
alucinaciones, pues dependen del afectado. Este poder no tiene efecto en Descripción: Este poder permite devolver un ataque contra su lanzador,
seres sin mente, como golems mecánicos o similares. Para resistirse a si consigue una defensa con éxito. La devolución se realiza con la
este efecto, hay que superar una RP contra la cifra que indique el misma Habilidad de ataque Final del agresor, es decir, empleando el
potencial alcanzado, o perderá la mitad de puntos de vida por los que no resultado de su tirada. Esta devolución se considera un contraataque, así
superó el control. Las alucinaciones duran un asalto por cada 10 puntos que el personaje puede sumar además el bono de contraataque
de fracaso, en los que se repite el daño. conseguido por su defensa al ataque reflejado. Es posible reflejar un
Fati ataque incluso si el psíquico ya no tiene acciones ofensivas, puesto que
0 ga 8 no es el quien realmente está atacando. A cierto potencial, también se
Fati reflejan los efectos esotéricos que estén unidos al ataque, y es posible
Fácil devolver ataques anímicos o que solamente afecten a las resistencias.
0 ga 6

- 75 -
Rutinario Fatiga 8 Rutinario Fatiga 20
0 0
Fácil Fatiga 6 Fácil Fatiga 16
0 0
Medio Fatiga 4 Medio Fatiga 12
0 0
Difícil Solamente proyectiles físicos Difícil Fatiga 8
20 20
Muy Muy
Ataques físicos Fatiga 6
40 Difícil 40 Difícil
Absurdo Descargas que no ataquen en Energía Absurdo 1 rebote, daño 100
80 80
Casi Casi
Cualquier clase de ataque 5 rebotes, daño 100
40 Imposible 40 Imposible
Devuelve también efectos esotéricos ligados al 10 rebotes, daño 100, afecta a seres
Imposible Imposible
80 ataque. 80 inmateriales
15 rebotes, daño 120, afecta a seres
Inhumano Permite reflejar incluso ataques anímicos. Inhumano
20 20 inmateriales
25 rebotes, daño 140, afecta a seres
Zen Permite reflejarlo todo. Zen
40 40 inmateriales

Requisitos: Holograma, escudo de hielo
Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: Si
Descripción: Mediante el control de la luz y los reflejos, el psíquico
evita que su cuerpo refleje ninguna luz, volviéndose invisible ante la
vista, aunque la perfección de su invisibilidad depende del grado
alcanzado mediante su potencial, ya que su contorno podrá ser advertido
mediante el sentido de la vista. En caso de que se sospeche su presencia
y se utilice buscar, la dificultad del control se reduce en dos niveles
Rutinario Fatiga 4
Fácil Fatiga 2
Medio Advertir 120, buscar 40
Difícil Advertir 140, buscar 80
Advertir 180, buscar 120
40 Difícil
Absurdo Advertir 240, buscar 140
Advertir 280, buscar 180
40 Imposible
Imposible Advertir 320, buscar 240
Inhumano Advertir 440, buscar 280
Invisible a la vista, buscar
40 320

Requisitos: Descarga de energía y controlar electricidad, o Controlar
energia y arco electrico
Nivel: NA Acción: Activa Mantenimiento: No
Descripción: Mediante el control de sus descargas eléctricas, el
psíquico puede efectuar relámpagos que saltan de un enemigo a otro a
elección del psíquico. Según el potencial alcanzado conseguirá un
número mayor de rebotes, aunque un mismo blanco no puede ser
alcanzado por dos rebotes.
El ataque se efectúa en la TA de electricidad, y es perfectamente visible.
El psíquico puede elegir a que blancos golpeará con sus rebotes, aunque
estos no pueden estar entre sí a más distancia de la indicara su tirada de
proyección psíquica, o el relámpago se dispersaría.

- 76 -
NEMESIS OF OPPOSITES: This character deals double damage
against Light and Darkness aligned creatures.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

HALF-LIGHT DIPLOMACY: This character gains a bonus equal

So, some folks out there decided that the Beryl and the Shajad to its Elan Level to its Persuasion Secondary Ability. In addition
weren’t enough. Lots of folks, in fact, though only one has ever done he/she’s always considered as achieving an additional difficulty level on
something about it (that I’m aware of). So, here they are. Persuasion checks made on Light and Darkness aligned creatures and
The fist Elans I'm presenting though are the Grey Ones, which I can use the Persuasion Secondary Ability as Banish against such
invented on my own. They are seven higher gods of the same "species" creatures.
of Beryls and Shajads who decided to remain neutral during the War of Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70
Heaven. They became deities of extremely neutral concepts and have
been extremely inactive since the war between gods, but have recently DEVOURING SHADOWS: This character can defend using the
started to gain contact with Gaia, through Synchronization with mortals. equivalent of a Void Shield Spell cast and maintained at Advanced

ISHTAR Level. It can be used once per day per 10 Elan Points and each use lasts
for ten turns. The character can use it either through his/her Defensive
Magic Projection, Psychic Projection or Defense value.
THE ETERNAL HALF-LIGHT Cost: 20. Requirements: Elan 80.
The Lady of shadows where light and darkness meld, Ishtar is the
deity of absolute neutrality. Clad in twilight and penumbral shadow, she AURA OF NEUTRALITY: The presence of this character in a
was the first of her kind to separate herself from the Beryls and the certain area causes individuals to be less passionate, and more rational.
Shajad. Although she was the first, she is by no means their leader, and People tend to look at things with a detached eye and without taking
would not wish such a responsibility even if it was given to her. The sides. The extent of this aura depends on the Elan Level of the character.
return of her attention to the world has concerned few, except those that Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
believe her attempt to strike balance means that she opposes the Beryl.
EVERLASTING TWILIGHT: Wherever the character moves the sky
List of Gifts gets cloudy and a grey light covers everything. Light and Darkness
spells cast within 10km of the user are considered a Casting Level lower
MOVE IN SHADOWS: The character gains a bonus to his/her Hide than normal, and are automatically dispelled if they were cast at Base
Level, unless the Avatar chooses otherwise. Light and Darkness
and Stealth secondary abilities equal to his/her Elan Level.
elemental attacks within the same area halve their Base Damage and
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 10.
techniques with Light or Darkness Binding have doubled ki cost, unless
the Avatar chooses otherwise. This character is considered as having
SENSE LIGHT AND DARKNESS: The character feels whenever Gnosis 40 for the purpose of what can affect him/her and for the purpose
someone is aligned either with light or with darkness and the degree of of what he/she can affect.
such alignment. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 20.

IMPERTURBABILITY: This character ignores penalty caused from

Fatigue and Pain, up to a value equal to half his/her Elan Level. The Modifiers
character gains a PsR bonus equal to half his/her Elan Level. Elan Lower Than 50
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20. Keeping the absolute neutrality in a conflict. 2
Keeping calm and self-controlled in difficult situations. 1
INHUMANITY: This character gains Inhumanity. Acting without drawing attention from others. 2
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 30. Elan Higher Than 50
Negotiating collaboration between rival factions. 1
LIGHT-INDEPENDENT SIGHT: The character can see without any Keeping a nation from taking part in an important conflict. 2
Destroying an Avatar of a Shajad or Beryl. 4
problem with any degree of light and darkness and cannot be blinded by
Thwarting plans that threaten the balance of the world. 3
Negative Elan Bonuses
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40.
Taking sides in a situation when neutrality could be held. -2
Collaborating exclusively with agents of one faction. -3
AURA OF IMPERTURBABILITY: Imperturbability has effect an all Acting passionately or in a flashy way. -2
friendly characters within a number of meters from the user equal to his Impeding the cooperation of agents of rival factions. -1
Elan Level. Acting in order to obtain fame. -2
Cost: 20. Requirements: Elan 50, Imperturbability.


halves damage suffered from Light and Darkness effects, and benefits
from a bonus of +15 to Resistance check caused by Light or Darkness
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 60.

- 77 -
SHALA SWORN METAL: This power allows the character to pronounce an
oath and imbue it into any single metal weapon or armor he directly uses
during fights. Whenever the sworn weapon/armor is used or worn in
THE ADAMANTINE OATH order to achieve its sworn oath, it will grant the equivalent of 100 Level
Lord of Oaths and Metal. Shala is known as the keeper of promises, 5 PPs worth of Object Powers. An object can only have a single oath
and is often associated with Knightly ideals (when he is known at all). sworn on it, which cannot be changed until fulfilled (or until its
Though Shala is concerned mainly with the tangible, he punishes even fulfillment becomes completely impossible) and the same oath cannot be
the thought of breaking one’s word with the same ferocity as he would sworn on more than one object. Finally if the same power is granted by
an actual broken oath. His passivity in the War of Heaven was a surprise more than one sworn object, apply it only once (with the highest score
to everyone, and the reasons he stayed his blade are a mystery to this present on sworn objects). The total number of sworn objects the
day. Some say he swore an oath not to intervene, but no one can imagine character can carry is equal to 1 for every full 20 points of Elan the
who he would have made such a promise to, or why. character has.
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 80, Metal Brotherhood.

List of Gifts EXCRUCIATING OATH: This power strengthens Binding Oath,

raising the MR check difficulty to current Elan Level +80. Also, the All
IRON WILL: The character gains a bonus to his Composure Action Penalty caused by the Strong Oath power is doubled, and lost
Secondary Ability equal to his Elan Level. Life Points will recover only at a rate of 5 per day instead of 10 per day.
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 10. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90, Binding Oath.

UNBREAKABLE BODY: The character gains a bonus to his THE UNBREAKABLE OATH: If the character benefits from the
Withstand Pain and Feats of Strength Secondary Abilities equal to his Excruciating Oath gift, all phrases pronounced within the hearing range
Elan Level. of this character become oaths and are subject to the Excruciating Oath
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 20. rules, with the exception that the MR check difficulty is raised to the
character’s current Elan Level +100. Moreover, whenever affected
STRONG OATHS: Whenever someone is trying to break an oath people choose to break their oath they also have to take an MR check
made to this character, he/she will have to pass a MR check against a against a difficulty equal to the character’s current Elan Level +40 or
difficulty equal to the character’s current Elan Level +40. If they fail it, instantly die, their souls completely destroyed in the process. If the
they will suffer a cumulative -10 All Action Penalty for each day spent character benefits from the Sworn Metal Gift, Sworn Weapons and
without will to accomplish the oath. Penalties are recovered at a rate of - Armors are granted the Indestructible power for free and are considered
5 for each full week. as if subject to Higher Fusion Exo-Equip from the character’s first
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. Level. If the objects are already benefitting from Higher Fusion Exo-
Equip, they are instead granted bonus as if benefitting from Arcane
TRUSTWORTHY METAL: Metal items used by this character are Fusion Exo-Equip (ignoring the restriction of no more than one Arcane
Fusion Exo-Equip for a character). If an object is already benefitting
always considered as benefitting from a +5 Quality Bonus, up to a
from Arcane Fusion Exo-Equip, the object gains an additional
maximum Quality of +25.
+10Quality Bonus up to a maximum Quality of +35. The character also
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 40. stops spending any ki cost for using Exo-Equip with Sworn Weapons
and Armors.
SENSE BETRAYAL: The character becomes able to sense whenever Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100, Excruciating Oath and/or
someone is betraying someone else or when someone is breaking an Sworn Metal.
oath. The extent of this ability depends on his Elan Level.
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 40.

HEART OF STEEL: The character gains a bonus to his PhR and PsR
Elan Lower Than 50
equal to half their Elan Level. Standing by an oath. 1
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50. Make certain oaths are upheld. 2
Establishing a strong bond with someone or something. 2
BINDING OATHS: This power strengthens the Strong Oath one, Taking exceptional care of metallic equipment 1
raising the MR check difficulty to current Elan Level +60. Also, while a Substitute non-metal equipment with metal equipment 1
character is suffering from an All Action Penalty caused by this power, Elan Higher Than 50
he/she will consider all Life Points loss as Life Points Sacrifice, for the Taking to completion a complex or extremely important oath. 2
purpose of Regeneration. Accepting the loss of something important to stand by an oath. 1
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60, Strong Oath. Becoming a symbol that moves people to act honorably. 3
Negative Elan Bonuses
METAL BROTHERHOOD: Base Damage inflicted from metal Making an oath knowing you intend not to keep. -4
Pushing people to break an oath taken. -3
sources to this character is halved.
Breaking an oath. -8
Cost: 20. Requirements: Elan 60, Heart of Steel.
Forgiving without punishment those who have broken an oath. -2
OATHKEEPER: This character benefits from a non-cumulative +15
All Action Bonus, whenever he’s acting in order to accomplish an oath
he’s taken with another person who is sincerely expecting him to
accomplish it.
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 70.

- 78 -
someone else inflict any Altered State to this character, the individual
who caused such penalties has to pass a MR check against a difficulty
THE BALANCED SCALE equal to this character’s Elan Level +40. On a failure, the opponent is
The androgynous Deity of Balance, Maat rules over both inner and suffers the same Altered State as this character.
outer harmony. While no one expected such a neutral being to ever take Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 70, As Me to You.
sides in the War of Heaven, Maat was never given the chance. It’s said
that Maat was lost in a deep meditation throughout the entire conflict, BALANCING FACTOR: Whenever this character is acting in order
and was surprised when informed that such a cataclysmic event had to restore balance in a situation or fighting for the disadvantaged side in
transpired. After the surprise wore off, Maat exiled themselves, along a battle, he/she gains a +10 All Action Bonus.
with the other Gray Ones, into a quiet existence out of the way of the Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 70
world. What has stirred Maat to synchronize with mortals now is
unknown, but given Maat’s nature many assume it means that there is a BALANCED RETRIBUTION: Whenever the actions of someone
great cataclysm in mankind’s future.
else inflicts Damage to this character, the individual who caused such
damage has to pass a MR check against a difficulty equal to this
List of Gifts character’s Elan Level +40. On a failure, the opponent suffers the same
EVALUATE THINGS: The character gains a bonus to his Appraisal Cost: 20. Requirements: Elan 80, As Me to You
and Magic Appraisal (if he has that) Secondary Abilities equal to his
Elan Level. BALANCING ADVANTAGE: Whenever this character is facing
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 10. alone more than one opponent, he/she gains an All Action Bonus equal
to half his/her Elan Level.
SENSE UNBALANCE: The character feels whenever a certain Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 90.
situation is lacking balance and which side is prevailing. The extent of
this power depends on the Elan Level of the character. LEVERAGE: This character is no longer affected from any negative
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 20. or positive Combat Modifier. Whenever faced by a higher Level
opponent, this character temporarily gains a number of levels equal to
PERFECT BALANCE: The character ignores penalties caused by the difference.
balance issues up to his current Elan Level and gains a bonus to any Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
balance related Ability check equal to his current Elan Level or equal to
1/10 (round down) of his Elan Level if making a balance related
Characteristics check.
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 30. Modifiers
Elan Lower Than 50
DEEP MEDITATION: Whenever this character is meditating, it can Finding a solution that satisfies all interested parties. 2
triple its ki points recovery, instead of doubling it, and add twice his Spending much time in meditation. 1
Willpower Bonus to Zeon regeneration per half day spent regenerating, Weather down extreme situations and needless fighting. 3
instead of simply adding his Willpower Bonus. Fighting for a cause for someone who’s at a disadvantage. 2
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. Elan Higher Than 50
Rebalancing the odds of a large conflict. 2
BREAK BALANCE: The character ignores penalties when making a Stopping a war by establishing a truce from both sides. 3
Restoring balance between order and chaos in everyday life. 1
Take Down maneuver in combat and gains a bonus of +3 to the
Negative Elan Bonuses
Characteristics contest.
Not being at peace with one’s own self. -2
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 40.
Taking sides against someone at a disadvantage. -3
Losing control. -2
AS ME TO YOU: Whenever the actions of someone else inflict an Breaking the natural balance between things. -5
All Action Penalty to this character, the individual who caused such
penalties has to pass a MR check against a difficulty equal to this
character’s Elan Level +40. On a failure, the opponent suffers the same
All Action Penalty as this character.
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 50.

ABSOLUTE MEDITATION: This power strengthens the Deep

Meditation one, multiplying by four the Ki regeneration during
meditation, and adding three times the Willpower Bonus to the Zeon
regeneration during meditation.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60, Deep Meditation.

- 79 -
D HAM AN DESTINED ACTION: This character can substitute anyone’s rolled
die with a result of 100 that counts as an Open Roll, once per die roll.
This power can be used once per session per 10 points of Elan Level.
THE INEVITABLE DESTINY Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 80.
Lord of Destiny, keeper of the Book of All Things, Dhaman is what
the Enneath religion would call Jihamath if they knew of him directly. In CLEARLY SEE DESTINY: This power improves Read Destiny,
truth, Dhaman is both more and less than Jihamath, for while the latter is increasing the Casting Level of the Adviser Spell to Arcane.
the ultimate God and has servants to do his bidding, Dhaman is only one Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 90, Read Destiny.
of many beings, but his power is no less terrifying. The Lord of Destiny
does indeed seem to know the future of all things, and yet he speaks not KEEPER OF DESTINY: The character becomes aware of the
a word of it to anyone. Instead, he writes it all down in his book, which
he keeps from the eyes of everyone, mortal and divine alike. Some possible destinies of each and every person around him in a very
theorize that a mere glimpse inside would let a man know the whole of detailed way, along with the knowledge that such knowledge shouldn’t
the future, while others say the writings would drive him mad with be used except under the most dire circumstances in which destiny is
things not meant to be known. Both are right. threatened to be broken.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.

List of Gifts
SENSE ANOMALIES IN DESTINY: The character has the ability to Modifiers
sense whenever there’s someone with a proper given destiny or someone Elan Lower Than 50
whose destiny is somewhat warped. This ability allows to sense Being a fatalist (believing in pre-determined destiny for all). 2
Nephilim, people with fate-altering powers, or those affected by them. Believing in a religion founded on the concept of Destiny. 1
The extent of this power depends on the Elan Level of the character and Convincing others of unavoidability of Destiny. 2
once Elan level has reached 50, the character will be able to feel the Helping an Ebudan/Nephilim to complete their Sue’Aman. 3
remaining Destiny Points of an individual. Eliminating a creature with destiny-altering powers. 1
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 10. Elan Higher Than 50
Surpassing Enneath’s tenets to find a faith in pure Destiny. 1
KNOWLEDGE OF THE BOOK: The character has a bonus to all Completing an important mission ordered by the Three Fates. 2
Intellectual Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. Successfully opposing a major alteration of destiny. 4
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20. Converting to fatalism an entire nation. 3
Negative Elan Bonuses
WEAKLY FEEL DESTINY: Once per day per 20 points of Elan Losing faith in the existence of Destiny. -2
Collaborating for longer than necessary with a Nephilim. -1
Level, the character can cast freely the Adviser Spell with a Base Relying on chance. -2
Casting Level.
Making use or supporting use of Destiny-altering powers. -5
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30.

IT IS NOT WRITTEN SO: The character can ignore the effects of

up to 1 fumble result per session for every 10 points of Elan Level. The
result of the die remains the same, but it’s not considered a fumble.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40.

FEEL DESTINY: This power improves Weakly Feel Destiny,

increasing the Casting Level of the Adviser Spell to Intermediate.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50, Weakly Feel Destiny.

UNMOVABLE WILL: The character gains a bonus of +2

Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.

HIGH DESTINY: Once per month for every 10 points of Elan

Level, the character can recover a Destiny Point up to his/her maximum
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 60.

PROVIDE DESTINY: This character can use the High Destiny

power on others, allowing them to recover lost Destiny Points, instead of
the character himself.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70, High Destiny

READ DESTINY: This power improves Feel Destiny, increasing the

Casting Level of the Adviser Spell to Advanced.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70, Feel Destiny.

- 80 -
This power improves The Memory of Things, increasing the Casting
Level of the Telemetry Spell to Arcane.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70, The Memory of Things
Free mistress of timeflow and historical memory. STASIS (SIGHT)
The character can temporarily stop time for an individual he/she
concentrates his eyes on, thus completely blocking the target. The
List of Gifts looked-upon individual must surpass a PhR or MR check against this
character’s Elan Level plus 60 or suffer the same effects of Stasis
described in the Elan Level 50 Power. If the sight contact is continued,
REMEMBER the target must take the check again every 5 turns.
The character has a bonus to his Memory and History Secondary Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70, Stasis (Touch).
Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level.
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 10. AGELESS
This character becomes completely unaffected by time, thus he
ACCELERATED REACTION completely stops aging, thus becoming Immortal.
The character has a bonus to Initiative equal to half his/her Elan Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 20. STASIS AURA
The character can temporarily stop time for all individuals within a
SPEED-UP 10 meters area, thus completely blocking the targets. All affected
The character has a bonus of +1Movement. individuals must surpass a PhR or MR check against this character’s
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. Elan Level plus 40 or suffer the same effects of Stasis described in the
Elan Level 50 Power. If the targets remain within the area, they must
TEMPORAL DISTORTION take the check again every 5 turns.
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 90, Stasis (Sight).
Once per day for every 10 points of Elan Level this character has,
he/she can create a temporal distortion affecting everyone within a
radius in meters equal to his Elan Level. Affected parties suffer a BEYOND TIME
penalty of -2 to their Movemement and -30 to their Initiative, while the The character becomes able to move through time, within a range of
user of Temporal distortion gains a bonus of +1Movement and a thousand years from his current “position”. He can even open rifts in
+20Initiative. The effects last for 1 turn. time to allow passage of more people from a timeline to another. The
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 40. character cannot open more than a rift each day for each 10 points of
Elan Level. Due to interference with the Imperium Ormus systems, the
THE MEMORY OF THINGS accuracy of time travel is greatly reduced and massive use of this power
will inevitably summon Imperium’s attention.
This power allows its user to cast for free once per day per 10 points
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
of Elan Level the Telemetry Spell at Intermediate Level.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40.

The character can temporarily stop time for a touched individual, Elan Lower Than 50
thus completely blocking the target. The touched individual must Dedicating life to recovering artifacts from the past. 2
surpass a PhR or MR check against this character’s Elan Level plus 80 Making an important historical discovery. 2
or enter a paralysis state for a number of turns equal to the failure level. Supporting historical research. 1
The paralysis level depends on failure level. If the check is failed by 20 Making frequent use of supernatural powers related to time 2
or less, the character is affected from minor paralysis, if the check is manipulation.
failed by 21 to 50, the character is affected from partial paralysis, if the Forging a pact with Tawil At’Umr. 2
check is failed by more than 50, the character is affected from total Elan Higher Than 50
paralysis. All damage and effects suffered by the target while affected Being acclaimed as an important history academic. 1
from total paralysis won’t become manifest until the paralysis state Bringing to light proof of the existence of civiliztions erased by 2
expires, returning the character to the current time stream. If the contact history.
is continued, the target must take the check again every 5 turns. Finding a way of evading the Ormus system. 2
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50. Seriously damaging the Ormus system. 10
Negative Elan Bonuses
Destroying a proof of past times. -2
SLOWED METABOLISM Spreading an historical lie or hiding deliberately a truth clearing -5
This character is considered as benefitting from the Use of how some important even actually turned out.
Necessary Energy Ki Ability. If he/she already benefits from it, its Losing interest in past history. -2
effects are doubled. Additionally the Slowed Metabolism power grants a Obstructing the use of mystical powers related to time. -3
bonus of +20 to the character’s VR and DR.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.


- 81 -
This power removes the +15 maximum Quality boundary for forged
items, and hence allows the user to imbue forged items with additional
THE TOTAL MATTER supernatural powers. +20 or better Quality Weapons forged by this
Lord of matter and energy, master of physics. character have the Enchanted property for free and +20 or better Quality
Armors forged by this character always apply the quality bonus to
Energy Armor as well. Also, this character gains half of the Final Forge
List of Gifts roll (round down at multiples of 5) in PPs, he/she can use to imbue
powers into his/her forged item. The Level of the PPs obtained through
Imbue Matter is equal to 1 for each full 20 points of Elan the character
MATTER IN THE HANDS possesses. Finally, the item is considered as benefitting from a bonus to
The character has a bonus to his Forge Secondary Ability equal to its Presence equal to this character’s Elan Level, for the purpose of
his/her Elan Level. hosting powers. This power cannot be used more than once per year for
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 10. every 20 points of Elan Level the character possesses and its use must be
declared when beginning the forge process.
MATTER IN THE MIND Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80, The Answer of Matter.
The character has a bonus to his Science Secondary Ability equal to
his/her Elan Level. ATOM TO ENERGY
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 20. This character can choose any place within his line of sight to
become theatre of an atomic explosion. The explosion will engulf all
MATERIAL LIMIT those within the area of effect, including the character using this ability
The character ignores the effects of Damage Barriers. (hence it’s suggested to take a high ground in order to use the ability
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 20. from safety distance). Those within 100m of the origin of the explosion,
must defend against an attack with final ability of Zen (440) and Base
STRONG MOLECULAR BONDS Damage 300. Those within a distance comprised between 100m and
500m of the point of impact, must defend against an attack with final
The character has a natural AT of 1 against all attacks, except for ability of Inhuman (320) and Base Damage 200. Finally, those within a
those based on Energy, for each full 20 points of Elan. This AT is distance comprised between 500m and 1500m of the point of impact,
considered as an additional layer that causes no penalties and cannot be must defend against an attack with final ability of Impossible (280) and
reduced or negated by any mean. Base Damage 100. All attacks are considered Energy based under all
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 30. aspects, but put the target ablaze as if they were based on Fire (although
they’re not considered Fire Elemental attacks under any aspect). The
THE ANSWER OF MATTER character can use this power once per month for every 20 points of Elan
When making a Forge check, the maximum quality achievable with Level possessed and never more than once per day.
a given material is increased by +5 for each 30 full points of Elan this Cost: 20. Requirements: Elan 90, Matter to Energy.
character has up to a maximum quality of +15 (unless supernatural
means are used in the Forge process), and allows reaching Zen Level in LORD OF ATOM
Forge Rolls. This character gains innate ability to control matter as if using the
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40, Matter in the Hands. Atomic Control Spell (Level100 Earth) at Base Casting Level, by
spending only 2 Fatigue Points. The character will be able to use and
ELEMENTAL SHIELD maintain such power only for five consecutive turns. After using it, the
This character halves damage from Air, Earth, Water or Fire based character will have to wait a number of days equal to the turns the power
attacks. was maintained before becoming able to use it again. The character can
Cost: 20. Requirements: Elan 50. also choose to increase the reach of such power by spending 8 Fatigue
Points. This will increase the Casting Level to Arcane, but after using
ELEMENTAL CONTROL such degree of power, the Lord of Atom won’t be able to use the power
This character adds +10 to all resistance checks or to all actions (not even at Base Casting Level) for a number of months equal to the
involving powers related to Air, Earth, Fire, or Water elements. number of turns it was maintained.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60, Elemental Shield. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.

Elan Lower Than 50
This character’s attacks can always attack on the Energy Table.
Being pragmatic. 2
Moreover, such attacks will be considered based on energy, so they are
Working untiringly on manual work or scientific work with clear 2
invisible to all those unable to see energy and cannot be blocked except
practical applications.
by those who can touch energy.
Putting great commitment in forging and developing technology. 2
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.
Elan Higher Than 50
Obtaining an important technological advancement or a scientific 1
ENERGY TO MATTER discovery of practical importance.
Energy based attacks used by opponents within a radius equal to this Dedicating one’s own life to the forging of perfect items. 2
character’s Elan in meters, turn into visible strains of matter that are Showing indisputably the superiority of matter over spirit in a 2
considered completely physical and can hence be seen and stopped as specific situation.
normal. This ability can be used passively, but has a cost of 1Fatigue Producing an artifact of incomparable quality. 3
Point per use. Negative Elan Bonuses
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80, Matter to Energy. Destroying an artifact of exceptional quality without having as -2
the only objective that of re-employing it to forge an equal or

- 82 -
superior artifact.
Despising the material world and living a highly spiritual life. -5
Indulging in needless philosophical thoughts. -3
Renouncing to give-in in manual or scientific wok due to sloth. -3

- 83 -
the opponent loses the challenge, he/she immediately dies. If this
character loses the challenge, he/she permanently loses 5 points of Elan,
which will have to be gained anew.
THE ULTIMATE DEATH Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 70.
The Grim Reaper, lord of silent death, of calm and natural end of
everything. HAND OF DEATH
All attacks made by this character are considered as benefitting from
the Precision special rule and can affect any being, regardless of special
List of Gifts immunities, ignoring Gnosis limitations up to a Gnosis equal to half this
character’s Elan Level.
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 80, Lethal Touch.
The character has a bonus to his Hide and Stealth Secondary STARE OF DEATH
Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. This character can activate this power at will. While this power is
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 10. activated, all those seeing this character’s eyes must immediately pass a
PsR check against a difficulty of 60 plus this character’s Elan Level or
ADMINISTRATE DEATH immediately subdue to a state of Terror. Those who fail the check by
The character can, with a simple touch, kill those who are Between more than 60 points instantly die. Undead creatures are affected by this
Life and Death. power as well, since they can feel the presence of their nemesis,
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 20. regardless of their psychic capacities. The character automatically gets
the Disquieting Advantage.
COLD EYES OF THE REAPER Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 90, Cold Eyes of The Reaper.
The character has a bonus to his/her Composure and Notice
Secondary Ability equal to his/her Elan Level. This bonus can also be KILLING BLOW
extended for a short time (half the character’s Elan Leval in turns) to Once per day per 20 points of Elan Level, this character can declare
another chosen character for each 20 points of Elan Level, as long as a Killing Blow before rolling dice for an Attack. Such attack benefits
chosen targets remain within a number of meters equal to half this from a Base Damage bonus equal to this character’s Elan Level and has
character’s Elan Level. +10% chances of being an Open Roll. If this attacks kills an opponent,
Cost: 5. Requirements: Elan 30. its soul is completely destroyed.
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 90, Hand of Death.
This character can grant the death wish of someone who really THE GRIM REAPER
wants to die. All the character has to do is closing the eyes of the person This character becomes the herald of Death itself, stopping
who wants to die with his/her own hand, granting it a peaceful and immediately the age process (it will eventually die, but only once its role
painless death. The character can do this up to once per day for each 10 is fulfilled), and becoming impervious to attacks or powers unable to
points of Elan Level. affect beings with Gnosis 40 or higher. The character is considered as if
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40, Administrate Death. benefitting from The Death Spell maintained for free on him, affecting
Undeads as well, with an MR check difficulty equal to this character’s
ERASE ANOMALIES Elan Level plus 60 for mortals and plus 80 for Undeads. Damage caused
by the Grim Reaper by any mean is recovered at a rate of Sacrificed Life
This character’s attacks double their Base Damage against Undead Points.
creatures of any kind. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.

Elan Lower Than 50
The character’s attacks that inflict a Critical, gain a bonus to their Living close to death. 1
Critical Level equal to half this character’s Elan Level. This bonus only Accepting/making others accept the natural end of all things. 2
applies to attacks intended to kill the opponent and won’t apply to any Helping those who wish to die to understand whether this desire 2
disable or knock-out oriented attacks. In addition the character is is true and, if it is true, helping such individuals to die calmly.
considered as if benefitting from the Nemesis Extrusion ability, applying Eradicating undead, necromancers or individuals that prolonged 2
its bonuses to held weapons as well. their life unnaturally without a truly important reason.
Cost: 15. Requirements: Elan 60. Elan Higher Than 50
Eradicating a vast group of undead or a powerful necromancer. 3
DEATH WARD Regulating justly the end or the salvation from end of a vast 3
This character has a bonus to all Resistance Check against all effects population on the verge of extinction.
that might cause immediate death and against Criticals equal to half this Killing, for a proper reason, an immortal being. 2
character’s Elan Level. Negative Elan Bonuses
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60. Killing needlessly. -4
Despising the weak, the diseased, or the dead. -2
DEATH CHALLENGE Collaborating without an extremely good reason and/or for more -2
time than needed with undead creatures or necromancers.
This character can issue a challenge to any intelligent being. The
Opposing one’s own death beyond reason. -3
challenge mustn’t necessarily be a fight. The opponent must pass a MR
Making use of Necromancy or any other power over death. -10
check against a difficulty equal to twice this character’s Elan Level in
order to refuse the challenge (if he wishes to). If the challenge is
accepted, it must be carried out within 1 day since when it’s issued. If

- 84 -
Gaining/Losing Elan section. If the character chose the evil way of
Lillium, all previous and following gifts will switch into the Broken
Ones. The character gains a bonus to his/her Herbalism and Poison
Being a religion, Lillium requires people to believe in it, in order for Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level and adds +10 to the
synchronization with The Sacred Trees to happen. The character will Poison Level of any produced poison, and can prepare Level80 or higher
only gain one fixed power for each 10 points of Elan attained. Poisons even without possessing particular supernatural ingredients. If
Character’s with 80+ Elan synchronization always become Lim Sidhe if the character upheld the good way of Lillium, all bonuses related to the
they die of violent death and are known enough and will be generally Poison Secondary Ability will only apply while preparing antidotes. If
considered living Lim Sidhe by those who believe in Lillium religion, the character chose the evil way, such bonuses will only apply to Poison
turning into an Incarnation. preparation.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.

List of Gifts THE OAK’S AVATAR

This character can shape-change into a force of nature, obtaining a
bonus of +2 to all characteristics, an All Action Bonus of +15 and
THE HAZEL’S CHALLENGE becoming able to perform Inhuman actions. He/she also gains a natural
The character gains a bonus to earned experience points per session AT of 4 against all attacks except for Energy, that cannot be reduced or
equal to +1 per 10 points of Elan Level. The maximum experience negated and counts as an additional layer that causes no penalty, except
bonus per session is +9. If the character has the Learning advantage, for a -4 to the Movement Value. This form can be maintained for a
he/she must apply the highest bonus between the advantage and this gift. number of turns up to the character’s Elan Level. Afterwards, the
The Broken Hazel’s Change: The character can spend DPs to buy character will suffer a -15 All Action Penalty for a number of days equal
Creature Powers as a Creature with Gnosis0. The Gnosis increases by 5 to the number of turns the power was maintained. During such time
for each additional 15 points of Elan Level up to a maximum of 35. period, the character cannot summon again The Oak’s Avatar.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10. The Broken Oak’s Avatar: When shape-changing into The Broken
Oak’s Avatar, the character gains a bonus of +4 to Strength, Dexterity,
THE APPLE TREE’S HEAL Agility and Power, a +30Bonus to Initiative and Attack and becomes
The character gains +1 to his/her Regeneration per 20 points of Elan able to achieve Zen level in Initiative and Attack rolls. The character is
Level. also granted a bonus of +20 to the Base Damage and Critical Level of
The Broken Apple Tree’s Heal: Individuals surrounding the any kind of performed attack. This form can be maintained for a number
character within a range of meters equal to his/her Elan Level will gain a of turns up to the character’s Elan Level. Afterwards, the character will
penalty of -1 to their Regeneration per 20 points of Elan Level. suffer a -15 All Action Penalty for a number of days equal to the number
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20. of turns the power was maintained. During such time period, the
character cannot summon again The Broken Oak’s Avatar.
THE BIRCH’S BANISHMENT Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.
While fighting against evil natured beings, this character’s attacks
have a Base Damage bonus equal to this character’s Elan Level. THE HOLLY’S AURA
The Broken Birch’s Banishment: While fighting against good This character gains a bonus to Animals, Leadeship, and Style
natured beings, this character’s attacks have a Base Damage bonus equal Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. Also, his/her Natura
to this character’s Elan Level. becomes immediately 20 and he/she gains the Charm Advantage.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. The Broken Holly’s Aura: This character gains a bonus to Animals,
Intimidate, and Persuasion Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan
THE WILLOW’S INSPIRATION Level. Also, his/her Natura becomes immediately 20 and he/she gains
the Disquieting Advantage.
The character gains a bonus to his Art and Music secondary Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.
Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level, as well as a bonus to his/her final
MA equal to half his/her Elan Level.
The Broken Willow’s Inspiration: Individuals surrounding the HERO’S SIGNATURE ITEM
character within a range of meters equal to his/her Elan Level, suffer a Upon receiving this power, the character must choose a single
penalty to Art and Music Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level weapon or armor in his/her possession or will have an occasion to find
and a penalty to MA equal to half his/her Elan Level. such an item. This Item will be granted incredible powers becoming
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. somewhat of his own symbol. Such item will be granted the powers of a
Level3 Artifact that will get to Level3+ once the character reaches an
THE YEW’S VOICE Elan Level of 95, Level4 once the character reaches an Elan Level of 98
and Level4+ once the character reaches an Elan level of 100. A
This character can communicate with dead spirits waiting for The
character can never abandon its own Signature Item, that will find a way
Calling and with Wake’s Ghosts. The degree of conversation it can to return in its hands, unless the character dies, in which case the Item
achieve depends on the Elan Level. will maintain all powers it had when the user died and will try through
The Broken Yew’s Voice: The character’s presence attracts evil
time to find someone close to its own user. Should the character’s Elan
undead spirits which will usually be well disposed toward the character,
drop below 90, the item will revert to its original form losing all
depending on his/her Elan Level. acquired powers.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50. The Broken Hero’s Signature Item: This gift remains identical
although the powers acquired by the item will have most often a much
When reaching this value or at any point in his/her following Elan Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
development, the character can either preserve the good way of Lillium
or fall into the evil way. If falling into the evil way, the character starts
to gain or lose Elan by performing different deeds described in the

- 85 -
A living vessel of the Sacred Trees’ power, this character
automatically passes all Resistance checks, as well as his/her Signature
Item, as far as he/she is the one carrying it. Good natured creatures of
Lillium will recognize the character as hierarchically superior to them
most of the times.
Broken Heart: Individuals surrounding the character within a range
of meters equal to his/her Elan Level suffer a penalty to their
Resistances equal to twice this character’s Elan Level. Those individuals
that would automatically pass a Resistance check must instead take
Resistance Checks as normal, but without suffering any additional
penalty. Evil natured creatures of Lillium will recognize the character as
hierarchically superior to them most of the times.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.

Elan Lower Than 50
Protecting Nature or the helpless by confronting those that 2
threaten them.
Making particularly heroic actions. 3
Saving, protecting, or avenging an unjust death. 2
Protecting the members of one’s own family or party. 1
Singing the lore of the heroes. 1
Defending Lillium’s ideals in front of those offending them. 2
Elan Higher Than 50
Acquiring fame for one’s own heroism or cruelty. 2
Protecting from certain destruction a place sacred to, or a 2
community of, Lillum followers
Destroying a place sacred to, or a group of, Lillium followers 2
not directly associated with the White Hawthorne.
Destroying a highly powerful evil or benign entity. 2
Negative Elan Bonuses
Killing people, animals, or fairy creatures needlessly -3
Helping the above for no concrete reason. -3
Committing dishonorable deeds. -2
Refusing to help someone close to oneself. -2
Allowing the Lillium faith to be humiliated without interfering / -3
Publicly defending Lillium’s Faith.
Deliberately causing damage to nature. -2

- 86 -
This character gains a bonus to his Attack and Defense (and/or
Magic Projection, and/or Psychic Projection) equal to a quarter of
Being a religion, Shukyokami requires people to believe in it, in his/her Elan Level, as well as a Life Point Bonus equal to his/her Elan
order for synchronization with either the Official Temple or the Level.
Forbidden Temple to happen. The character will only gain one fixed Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.
power for each 10 points of Elan attained with either Temple. The
Official Temple is a cult centered on the Six Greater Kamis and good or GREAT SPIRITUAL POWER
neutral Kamis, while the Forbidden Temple is a cult based on
Tsukiyomi and/or Yagarema and evil Kamis, or even Onis. This character gains additional ki points he can distribute as he/she
wishes among his/her stats equal to his/her Elan Level, additional ki

OFFICIAL TEMPLE accumulation multiples he can distribute as he/she wishes among his/her
stats equal to one tenth of his/her Elan Level, additional Zeon points
equal to five times his/her Elan Level, additional Magic Accumulation
equal to his/her Elan Level, and additional Psychic Points equal to one

List of Gifts tenth of his/her Elan Level.

Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
The character will have a sixth sense toward finding good examples KAMI SOUL
in life, good masters that will teach him/her how to live correctly the The character gains Gnosis 35 with all the advantages that come
faith of Shukyokami or a good company to follow. The extent of this with it. The character will receive within the three following months
power varies depending on the Elan Level this character has achieved. 3CPs to spend either on Warlord Kami’s Blood Advantage, or on Genus
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10. Loci Kami’s Blood Advantage without applying any Level Modifier. If
the character already has either of the Blood Bonds and chooses to stack
TEACHINGS OF THE KAMI it with this gift, he/she gains three additional possible advantages for
characters with the same Blood Bond.
The character can choose between a bonus to MK or ML equal to Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
half his Elan Level. MK from this advantage can only be spent on Ki
Abilities and Techniques, while ML can only be spent on the Light,
Creation, or Essence Paths.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20.
The character may re-roll one rolled fumble per game session, per Respecting the laws and the ancestors. 1
20 points of Elan Level. The character cannot re-roll a single roll more Having others respect the laws. 2
than once. Fighting against a minion of a Forbidden Temple. 2
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. Eliminating a lesser Oni. 3
Elan Higher Than 50
Preventing the Samsara from entering Gaia. 1
UMETSUKI’S LOVE Eliminating a Dark Kami or a major Oni. 4
This character gains a bonus to his/her Swim and Navigaton Extending the ancient laws of Kamis on extended lands. 2
Secondary Abilities. Negative Elan Bonuses
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. Conducting a reckless and ludicrous life. -3
Non respecting laws, ancestors or Kamis. -2
TAIYONOHIKARI’S HARMONY Collaborating with cultists of any genre. -3
This character gains the Untiring Ability, except he/she will still be
capable of spending Fatigue Points for improving rolls. The character no
longer suffers any characteristics penalty for aging.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.


The character gains a bonus of +1Power and +1Willpower.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.


The character can use this power at will, that will last until
voluntarily stopped, or until a number of turns equal to this character’s
Elan Level has elapsed. The character and all friendly individuals within
a number of meters equal to this character’s Elan gain +10 to their
Attack Ability and Base Damage, and can use Electricity as their
secondary attack type. Once the power has been stopped, the character
suffers an All Action Penalty of -10 for a number of days equal to the
turns the power was maintained and won’t be able to summon Yamato
No Shura’s Storm again until such time has elapsed.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

- 87 -
This character gains additional ki points he can distribute as he/she
wishes among his/her stats equal to his/her Elan Level, additional ki
accumulation mutiples he can distribute as he/she wishes among his/her
stats equal to one tenth of his/her Elan Level, additional Zeon points
List of Gifts equal to five times his/her Elan Level, additional Magic Accumulation
equal to his/her Elan Level, and additional Psychic Points equal to one
tenth of his/her Elan Level.
FINDING THE CULT Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
The character will have a sixth sense toward finding other cultists of
either Tsukiyomi or Yagarema. Alternatively he might find a company ONI SOUL
that will lead him/her to a life that aims through satisfaction of either of
the two gods. The character’s Gnosis becomes 35 with all the advantages that
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10. come with it. The character will receive within the three following
months 3CPs to spend on Oni’s Blood Advantage, without applying any
Level Modifier. If the character already has Oni’s Blood, the bonuses
DARK TEACHINGS are cumulative and he/she is considered as having both Red and Blue
The character can choose between a bonus to MK or ML equal to Oni’s Blood.
half his Elan Level. MK from this advantage can only be spent on Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
Nemesis Abilities, while ML can only be spent on the Fire, Darkness,
Destruction, or Illusion Paths.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20.

Elan Lower Than 50
The character may force anyone else to re-roll one rolled open roll
Breaking-up with tradition. 1
per game session, per 20 points of Elan Level. The character cannot be
Gravely infringing the law. 2
forced to re-roll a single roll more than once.
Fighting a minion of an Official Temple. 2
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30.
Eliminating a lower Kami. 3
Elan Higher Than 50
TSUKIYOMI’S SEDUCTION Supporting the entrance of Samsara in Gaia. 1
This character gains a bonus to his/her Persuasion and Style Eliminating a Kami. 4
Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. Extending prohibited cults over extended lands. 2
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. Negative Elan Bonuses
Living a rightful and sober life. -3
YAGAREMA’S BLESSING Accepting passively law or submitting to Kamis. -2
This character gains the Physical Exemption ability. Making actions that strengthen law. -3
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.


The character gains a bonus of +1Power and +1Intelligence.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.


The character can use this power at will, that will last until
voluntarily stopped, or until a number of turns equal to this character’s
Elan Level has elapsed. The character and/or all chosen individuals
within a number of meters equal to this character’s Elan enter a Frenzy
state, gain +10 to their Attack Ability and Base Damage, -20 to their
Defense Ability, can use Energy as their secondary attack type, and gain
complete Immunity to Pain and Psychological effects (except for
Frenzy). All those affected by this power won’t be able to distinguish
friends from foes and will keep attacking until it’s stopped. Characters
can try to resist this power when its cast by surpassing a PsR check
against a difficulty of 60 plus this character’s Elan Level and if they fail
it, they can try it again whenever they are attacking someone completely
against their nature.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

This character gains a bonus to his Attack and Defense (or Magic
Projection, or Psychic Projection) equal to a quarter of his/her Elan
Level, as well as a Life Point Bonus equal to his Elan Level.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.

- 88 -
This character gains Gnosis 30 with all the advantages that come
Being a religion, Aityr requires people to believe in it, in order for with it.
synchronization with anyone of the four Houses to happen. The Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.
character will only gain one fixed power for each 10 points of Elan
attained with either House. For a character to synchronize with a House, HEAVEN FALL
he should stress particularly his/her devotion toward the deities of that
House and act accordingly to their teachings. The effects of this power are equivalent to those of the Level72
Light Spell, Catastrophic Light, cast at Intermediate Level and centered

AITYR VALDR on its user, although it affects only his/her chosen targets. If the user has
no Magic Projection, he/she can use either his/her Attack value or
his/her Psychic Projection. This power can be used once per day per 10
points of Elan Level.

List of Gifts Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.

FEHU’S PROSPERITY This character is considered a Light aligned being and all Light
The character will easily find economically profitable situations and elementals consider him/her as a hierarchical superior and will have to
be offered good compensation for his/her efforts. The extent of this pass a MR check against 200 to disobey a direct order from him/her.
power depends on the character’s Elan Level. The character is immune to all Light Elemental Damage and
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10. automatically passes all Light related Resistance Checks. All his attacks
become Light Elemental and Blessed Attacks (in addition to any other
URUZ’S KNOWLEDGE Elemental effect). By spending 1 Fatigue, the character can cast for free
an Healing Light Spell at will with Arcane Casting Level and the
The character gains a bonus to his/her Perception Secondary Casting Level of Heaven Fall is also increased to Arcane.
Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20.

This power intensifies the positive feelings of all those that have
direct relations with him/her. It brings out the best of those around
him/her. Elan Lower Than 50
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. Freeing someone from slavery. 2
Eliminating undead creatures. 2
Always fighting with honor. 1
KENAZ’S SHIELD Giving birth to and supporting positive feelings. 2
This character gains a bonus to all Resistances equal to half his/her Elan Higher Than 50
Elan Level. Freeing a nation from slavery. 2
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. Fighting a war siding with the weakest side. 3
Stopping an undead outbreak. 3
RAIDO’S JOURNEY Thwarting a plan of Darkness. 2
This power allows the character to free anyone (including himself) Negative Elan Bonuses
from any type of supernatural control, in the form of mystical, psychic Negating freedom to someone. -3
or summoning abilities, that might subdue them. This power requires the Fighting in a trickery way. -2
subduer to pass a MR check against a difficulty equal to twice this Collaborating with undead or necromancers. -1
character’s Elan Level or it will free the prey from the control. This Oppressing the weak. -4
power can only be used once per subject, until the user’s Elan increases.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.

This character gains a +5All Action Bonus whenever he/she’s acting
in order to restore balance or is fighting for the disadvantaged side in a
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.


This character can shape-change into a godly Avatar, obtaining a
bonus of +2 to all characteristics, an All Action Bonus of +15 and
becoming able to perform Inhuman actions. He/she also temporarily
gains access to one Style Module for each 20 points of Elan Level. This
form can be maintained for a number of turns up to the character’s Elan
Level. Afterwards, the character will suffer a -15 All Action Penalty for
a number of days equal to the number of turns the power was
maintained. During such time period, the character cannot summon
again Thuriz’s War Avatar.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

- 89 -
The effects of this power are equivalent to those of the Level72
Darkness Spell, Catastrophic Darkness, cast at Intermediate Level and
centered on its user, although it affects only his/her chosen targets. If the
List of Gifts user has no Magic Projection, he/she can use either his/her Attack value
or his/her Psychic Projection. This power can be used once per day per
10 points of Elan Level.
NAUTHIZ’S THEFT Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
The character gains a bonus to his/her Subterfuge Secondary
Abilities equal to half his/her Elan Level. NJORDTAR
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10.
All Dark elementals consider the character as a hierarchical superior
and will have to pass a MR check against 200 to disobey a direct order
EIHWAZ’S KNOWLEDGE from him/her. The character automatically passes all Darkness related
The character gains a bonus to his/her Animals and Herbal Lore Resistance Checks. All his attacks become Dark Elemental Attacks (in
Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. addition to any other Elemental effect) and the character gains for free
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20. the Umbra Magnus and the Karas Transformation Magnus. The Casting
Level of Night Fall is increased to Arcane.
ALGIZ’S PROTECTION Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
This character no longer suffers any penalty while performing the
Cover for Others Defense Maneuver and can perform it as a Passive
Action, instead of an Active Action.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. Modifiers
Elan Lower Than 50
SOWILO’S FLAME SHIELD Living in the world of occult and supernatural. 2
This character halves damage from Fire Elemental Attacks and gains Saving the life of an animal. 1
+30 to all Resistance Checks against Fire effects, as well as +3AT Protecting a human being from a ferocious beast. 2
against Heat. The character also gains a bonus of +10 Base Damage to Making a particularly notable theft. 2
any Fire based attack he/she makes. Elan Higher Than 50
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. Saving the life of a large number of people or animals. 2
Dedicating whole life to dominion of occult forces. 2
ISA’S ETERNAL ICE Preventing entrance of monstrous creatures into the world. 2
This character halves damage from Cold Elemental Attacks and Negative Elan Bonuses
gains +30 to all Resistance Checks against Cold effects, as well as +3AT Awakening Ice Giants. -10
against Cold. The character also gains a bonus of +10 Base Damage to Supporting the entrance of monstrous beings into the world. -2
any Ice based attack he/she makes. Killing animals for fun. -3
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.

The character can cast a few Free Access Spells even without
knowing them or possessing The Gift. The character gains the
equivalent of twice his/her Elan Level in Zeon Points to cast any Free
Access spell he chooses each day. The maximum level of Spells is that
of the Elan Level, while the maximum casting level depends on
Intelligence as normal, but the character gains a bonus of +2Intelligence
for this purpose only.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.

The character can temporarily stop time for an individual he/she
concentrates his eyes on, thus completely blocking the target. The
looked-upon individual must surpass a PhR or MR check against this
character’s Elan Level plus 60 or enter a total paralysis state for a
number of turns equal to the failure level. All damage and effects
suffered by the target while affected from paralysis won’t become
manifest until the paralysis state expires, returning the character to the
current time stream. If the sight contact is continued, the target must
take the check again every 5 turns.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

This character gains all benefits of Pandemonium’s Blood and
Shadow Child blood bonds, but without any Level Modifier or racial
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.

- 90 -
All base characteristics of this character become 10 and he/she stops
immediately aging (and ignores any aging penalty, if he’s already
affected by them), gaining Physical Exemption, except he/she can still
spend Fatigue Points to increase his/her rolls. The Dreamland’s power
List of Gifts Casting Level is increased to Arcane, lasts for 1 hour, and the character
benefits from Gnosis30 if using it in areas of the Wake strongly
influenced from negative energies.
BERKANA’S BLESSING Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
This character can grant a good harvest or a safe birth once per day
per 10 points of Elan Level. The extent of this ability depends on the
character’s Elan Level.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10.
INGUZ’S LUCK Elan Lower Than 50
Always fighting for Justice. 2
The character can choose to use this power to alter the chances of
Protecting the weak and pushing others toward respect of laws. 2
obtaining Open Rolls and Fumbles on a certain roll. If the character
Fighting against evil beings or in order to protect humanoids. 3
chooses to use this power, lower by 2 points the score required for an
Falling seriously in love. 3
Open Roll and increase by 1 point the score required for a Fumble, per
Having loving care of one’s own steed. 2
20 points of Elan Level.
Elan Higher Than 50
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20.
Risking life in order to save one’s own love. 2
Following one’s own dreams ignoring adversities. 1
EHWAZ’S SADDLE Protecting a huge community from extinction. 3
The character gains a bonus to his/her Ride and Animals Secondary Fighting alone against an evil being clearly more powerful 2
Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level, as well as the Animal Empathy than one’s self.
advantage. Negative Elan Bonuses
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. Mistreating or killing horses without reason. -2
Deliberately acting evilly. -3
LAGUZ’S QUIETNESS Siding against human beings without a really good reason. -4
The character has complete Immunity to all negative Psychological Losing an important battle. -2
States. In case such States are supernaturally induced, the character can
add his/her Elan Level to the required Resistance Check.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40.

The character gains a +10 All Action Bonus, whenever he’s acting
to protect human lives from any non-human threat.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.

The character halves all damage caused from Earth, Fire, Water and
Air Elemental Attacks.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.


The character gains the Inhumanity and Zen abilities and ignores an
amount of Penalties to actions equal to half his/her Elan Level.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

This character gains +10 All Action bonus whenever he’s trying to
destroy evil beings or making a very fair act, as well double Base
Damage against all evil beings.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.

The effects of this power are equivalent to those of the Level80
Light Spell, Lord of Dreams cast at Base Level. This power can be used
once per day per 10 points of Elan Level and each use will last for 10
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.

- 91 -
The character can summon the Three Fates when in a real pinch, up
to once per month per 10 points of Elan Level. The Three Fates will
willingly answer up to three questions of the summoner upon any
subject as an Advice Spell (Level74 Knowledge Spell) cast at Arcane
List of Gifts Level. As an alternative, they will grant the same power as a single
casting of The Death Spell (Level94 Death Spell) cast at Intermediate
Level and maintained for 5 turns.
HELION’S SILENCE Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
The character gains a bonus to his/her Hide and Stealth Secondary
Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. HELHEINAR
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10.
All rolls of 20 or less from opponents defending against this
character’s attacks are considered fumble and all rolls of 20 or less on
SKULE’S ORDERS Resistance Checks against powers used by this character are considered
This character gains a bonus to the Control Summoning Ability automatic failures (the check is considered as failed by at least 10
equal to half his/her Elan Level. points). This character’s attacks that produce Damage automatically
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20. inflict a Critical. The Death Spell from the Hellion Sisters’ power has its
Casting Level increased to Arcane.
FENRISULF’S FANG Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
The character’s attacks gain a Base Damage Bonus equal to half
his/her Elan Level.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30.
FENRISULF’S TOTEM Elan Lower Than 50
The character attracts a wolf that forges with him/her an unbreakable Killing often. 2
bond. The wolf Totem (using a Wolf of Wolfgar base characteristics) Establishing no bonds to a place or group for a long time. 2
will act similarly to a Familiar, however the character won’t hold true Fighting a minion of Christianity. 2
power over it (although he/she can request its help voluntarily). The Elan Higher Than 50
Intelligence of the wolf Totem is increased by 5 points and whenever the Living in absolute freedom. 2
character gains a level, so does the Totem, who will be allowed to spend Imposing one’s own leadership to great beasts or monstrous 3
his DPs in acquiring essential abilities and powers as if it were a natural creatures.
being with Gnosis 20. The Totem has telepathic communication with its Bringing death to an extremely powerful being. 4
master and they can connect their senses. In case the Totem is destroyed Destroying a vast area and its population. 3
or killed, the master can bring it back to life by sacrificing 10 Elan Negative Elan Bonuses
Points. Fighting without the intent of killing, without an extremely -3
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. good and precise reason.
Collaborating with a minion of Christianity. -2
SKULE’S STIGMATA Accepting slavery. -4
The character gains a number of DPs equal to twice his/her Elan
Level to spend on creature powers as if he/she had Gnosis 25.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.

The character’s attacks that inflict a Critical, gain a bonus to their
Critical Level equal to half this character’s Elan Level. This bonus only
applies to attacks intended to kill the opponent and won’t apply to any
disable or knock-out oriented attacks.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.

The character gains 1CP worth of Great Beasts’ Blood per 30 points
of Elan Level, but without any Level Modifier. This power is cumulative
with any CP the character already has spent on Great Beasts’ Blood, and
allows having more than 3CPs worth of Great Beasts’ Blood.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

This power grants the ability to damage any creature regardless of
powers, supernatural presence, or special immunities. Those victims
with a Gnosis lower than the aggressor whose lives are taken by him/her
will have their souls destroyed, instead of returning to the Flow of Souls.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.

- 92 -
the first four Spells from the War Subpath to those the character can use.
If the character already has the aforementioned spells, he/she gains
instead +1Intelligence when calculating his Casting Level with such
Being a religion, Enneath requires people to believe in it, in order spells.
for synchronization with The Kalih to happen. The character will only Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.
gain one fixed power for each 10 points of Elan attained with the Kalih.
Moreover synchronization with the Kalih should be possible only to MADA’S PEACE
followers of the Mulares strain or Zafires with a very strong devotion All those within a radius in meters equal to one fifth of this
toward the Kalih (which is unlikely). character’s Elan in meters must make an MR check against a difficulty
equal to this character’s Elan plus 50 or become Fascinated. This power
also improves Yareth’s Revenge, adding the first four Spells from the
List of Gifts Peace Subpath to those the character can use. If the character already has
the aforementioned spells, he/she gains instead +1Intelligence when
SHOTETH’S DARKNESS calculating his Casting Level with such spells.
The character gains a bonus to his/her Intimidate and Persuasion Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.
Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10. JERUTH’S JUDGMENT
This power improves Mada’s Peace, granting the first six spells
ANIUE’S RITUALS from all aforementioned Subpaths. Also, the character will increase his
This character automatically gains the first two Spells from the base MA by an additional 5 points while using Spells granted from
Death Subpaths, which he/she can use (even if he doesn’t have the Gift) his/her Elan and regenerating Zeon, and a bonus to his/her Zeon reserve
freely following the normal rules for Magic. If the character is proficient equal to five times his/her Elan Level. If the character already has the
in Summoning, his Banish ability can be used on Undead creatures as aforementioned spells, he/she gains instead +1Intelligence when
well. If the character already has the listed spells, he/she gains instead calculating his Casting Level with such spells.
+1Intelligence when calculating the Casting Level with such spells. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20.
HAREKRATE’S TEACHINGS The character gains a bonus of +1Power, +1Willpower,
The character gains a bonus to his/her History and Occult Secondary +1Intelligence, and rolls of 2-3 on Ability checks made by this character
Abilities equal to half his/her Elan Level. This power also improves are no longer considered Fumbles. This power also improves Jeruth’s
Aniue’s Rituals, adding the first two Spells from the Letters and Judgement, granting the first seven spells from all aforementioned
Knowledge Subpaths to those the character can use. The character can Subpaths.
use his/her Attack or Psychic Projection value for Offensive Magic Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
Projection, while using Spells granted from Elan. If the character
already has the aforementioned spells, he/she gains instead JIHAMATH’S KALIH
+1Intelligence when calculating his Casting Level with such spells.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. This power improves Amenothep’s Law, granting the first nine
spells from all aforementioned Subpaths. If the character already has the
aforementioned spells, he/she gains instead +1Intelligence when
SHANURA’S SANCTUARY calculating his Casting Level with such spells. Also, the character will
Once per day per 10 points of Elan Level, the character can select an increase his base MA by an additional 5 points while using Spells
area with a radius up to his/her current Elan Level in meters to become granted from his/her Elan and regenerating Zeon. The character
impenetrable to people with offending intention toward anyone inside of becomes completely impervious to attacks that are unable to damage
it, thanks to an invisible barrier. Those trying to force the barrier must energy. Furthermore, this character’s actions become Jihamath’s will, so
pass an MR check against a difficulty equal to the character’s Elan all those who oppose him/her cannot make use of Destiny Points, while,
Level +40 or will be stopped from entering and cannot take a new check this character’s Destiny Point pool is immediately increased to 10 and
until 5 turns have passed. The Sanctuary won’t last more than 1 minute he/she will recover 1 Destiny Point per hour.
per point of Elan Level the character possesses. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40.

This power improves Herekrates’ Teachings, granting the first four
Elan lower than 50
spells from all aforementioned Subpaths, as well as the first four spells
Fighting Christianity. 2
from the Umbral Subpath. Also, the character will increase his base MA
Converting others to the religion of Enneath. 1
by 5 points while using Spells granted from his/her Elan or regenerating
Defeating a lesser Djinn. 2
Zeon. The character can use his/her Defense or Psychic Projection value
Blindly following the Inara. 2
for Defensive Magic Projection, while using Spells granted from Elan. If
Elan higher than 50
the character already has the aforementioned spells, he/she gains
Converting a nation to the religion of Enneath. 2
+1Intelligence when calculating his Casting Level with such spells as
Converting a Christian nation to the religion of Enneath. 4
well as benefitting from the MA and Magic Regeneration bonus granted
Dedicating life to eradication of those following the Qamar. 1
by this Power.
Defeating a major Djinn. 2
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.
Elan negative bonuses
Losing faith in Jihamath. -3
YARETH’S REVENGE Not performing the rituals required by Enneath faith. -2
The character gains a +5 All Action Bonus while acting for Losing to the temptation of Qamar. -5
achieving a revenge. This power also improves Ampune’s Land, adding

- 93 -
The character must choose anyone Elan gift from a Beryl and
Being a religion, Oposium requires people to believe in it, in order anyone from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of
for synchronization with Ormuz and Ahriman (C’iel and Gaira) to 80 or less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be
happen. The character will only gain one fixed power for each 10 points permanently granted the two gifts.
of Elan attained with Ormuz and Ahriman. 1, 2, and 3 CPs spent on Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.
starting Elan with Oposium only confer 20, 35 and 45 points of Elan
respectively, instead of the usual amount. A GALAXY IS VOID SPACE
The character must choose anyone Elan gift from a Beryl and
List of Gifts anyone from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of
90 or less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be
permanently granted the two gifts.
SPARKS OF LIGHT ARE SHADES OF DARKNESS Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
The character must choose anyone Elan gift from a Beryl and
anyone from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of ORMUZ IS AHRIMAN
10 or less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be The character must choose anyone Elan gift from a Beryl and
permanently granted the two gifts. anyone from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10. 100 or less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be
permanently granted the two gifts. The character won’t be considered
A CANDLE IS A GAP Avatar of any entity, anyway.
The character must choose anyone Elan gift from a Beryl and Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
anyone from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of
20 or less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be
permanently granted the two gifts.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20. Modifiers
Elan Lower Than 50
A TORCH IS A BLIND SPOT Convincing others of the necessity of opposites and conflict. 1
The character must choose anyone Elan gift from a Beryl and Serving the interests of Gaira as much as those of C’iel. 1
anyone from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of Directly serving the Giovanni dynasty in a specific quest. 1
30 or less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be Elan Higher Than 50
permanently granted the two gifts. Saving the life of a member of Giovanni dynasty. 1
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. Saving Gaia from destruction or from a balance-breaking event. 1
Successfully opposing those that try to destroy balance. 1
SHINE IS SHADOW Negative Elan Bonuses
Directly serving the cause of a specific Shajad or a specific Beryl. -3
The character must choose anyone Elan gift from a Beryl and
Trying to oblige others to follow the Oposium religion. -3
anyone from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of
Deliberately ignoring or choosing not to oppose a threat to Gaia. -3
40 or less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be
Killing a Giovanni family member. -3
permanently granted the two gifts.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40.

The character must choose any one Elan gift from a Beryl and any
one from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of 50 or
less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be permanently
granted the two gifts.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.


The character must choose anyone Elan gift from a Beryl and
anyone from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of
60 or less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be
permanently granted the two gifts.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.

The character must choose anyone Elan gift from a Beryl and
anyone from the corresponding opposite Shajad with an Elan Level of
70 or less, ignoring other requirements. The character will be
permanently granted the two gifts.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

- 94 -
Once per month, this character can summon anyone Aeon (either as
Creature or as Invocation) without need for a Summon check. The
Being a religion, Arium requires people to believe in it, in order for character will gain an extra bonus to his/her Control check against such
synchronization with The Nexus to happen. The character will only gain creature equal to twice his/her Elan Level.
one fixed power for each 10 points of Elan attained with The Nexus. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
Note that all bonus to summoning conferred by these powers will never
apply to Undead creatures, since those are out of the Nexus system. ONE WITH THE NEXUS
The character is considered as having Gnosis 45 when performing
List of Gifts Summoning Rituals and is always considered as being in contact with a
Controlled Magic Node with -3 to the Difficulty of Power Checks. This
character halves damage from Creation, Destruction, Essence and
KNOWLEDGE OF THE NEXUS Illusion based attacks, and adds +10 to all resistance checks or to all
The character gains a bonus to his/her Animals, Herbal Lore and actions involving powers related to Creation, Destruction, Essence, and
Occult Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. Illusion powers.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.

This character has a bonus to his/her Summon and Banish
Summoning Abilities and Magic Appraisal Secondary Ability equal to Elan Lower Than 50
half his/her Elan Level. Dedicating one’s own life to the study of summoning. 2
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20. Living close to the supernatural without losing sight of the 2
CREATURE MASTER Submitting one’s own will to a more powerful entity. 3
Elan Higher Than 50
The character has a bonus to his/her Control and Bind Summoning
Summoning and controlling an Aeon or an entity of similar 4
Abilities and Composure Secondary Ability equal to half his/her Elan
Sealing a pact with an extremely powerful or demanding 3
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30.
Making frequent use of extremely powerful abilities. 1
All summoning rituals and spells performed by this character have a Losing interest in the supernatural world. -5
Zeon cost reduction equal to this character’s Elan Level up to a Feeling superior to the entwined wire of life. -3
minimum cost of 10Zeon Points. Summoning by ki is reduced by 1Ki Hesitating in performing a dangerous ritual. -4
point per 10 points of this character’s Elan Level, up to a minimum of
1Ki per seal. Techniques have a cost reduction of l Ki point on anyone
chosen characteristic per 10 points of this character’s Ean Level, up to a
minimum of 1Ki per characteristic. When employing a Psychic Power,
the character reduces the Psychic Potential employed in its use by a
quantity equal to half this character’s Elan Level, up to a minimum of 10
points of Psychic Potential.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40.

This character halves damage from Air, Earth, Water or Fire based
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.

This character adds +10 to all resistance checks or to all actions
involving powers related to Air, Earth, Fire, or Water elements.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.

This character halves damage from Light and Darkness based
attacks, and adds +10 to all resistance checks or to all actions involving
powers related to Light and Darkness elements.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

The character gains an extra MA Multiple, +1Ki Accumulation on
All Characteristics, and 1 Free Psychic Point, for each full 20 points of
Elan Level.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.

- 95 -
Once per day for every 10 points of Elan Level this character has,
he/she can create a temporal distortion affecting himself. For the
Being a religion, Aramense Faith requires people to believe in it, in following 5 turns, the character will be entitled to play 2 turns for each
order for synchronization with The Buried Gods to happen. The turn played by other characters. During the additional turns the character
character should at the very least know the names of Devah and Ulrioka will not be allowed to interact with other individuals, but will be
Yama. The character will only gain one fixed power for each 10 points otherwise allowed to perform any action.
of Elan attained with The Buried Gods. Should a character with Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.
synchronization higher than 80 pass near the burial site of an Aramense
deity, there’s a slight possibility equal to 1% for each point of Elan DEVAH’S LIFE AVATAR
Level beyond 80, that the god starts to unrest and eventually awakes.
Life replenishes the character’s essence. The character gains a bonus
List of Gifts to his/her Life Points equal to twice his/her Elan Level and needs to be
brought to ten times his/her Constitution value below 0 in order to be
DESERT AND JUNGLE ARE HOME Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.
The character is immune to dehydration effects and can easily
withstand extremely high or low temperatures, gaining an actual natural THE SLUMBER OF GODS
AT2 against Fire and Cold attacks that count as an additional layer that The character may synchronize his essence with that of the
inflicts no penalties. If the character had the Vulnerable to Heat/Cold Slumbering Gods, benefitting from the revitalizing effects of their rest.
disadvantage, penalties for it are halved. In order to do so, the character must sleep regularly eight hours per day,
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10. during which he/she will be considered as suffering from the Deep
Sleeper Disadvantage. While synchronized to the Slumber of Gods the
RELENTLESS PHYSIQUE character stops aging, and adds +1 to his/her Regeneration rate per 10
The character gains +1Fatigue Point per 10 points of Elan. points of Elan Level and can regenerate at rates higher than 18. Also, the
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20. character gains an additional Zeon Regeneration Multiple per 10 points
of Elan Level and will regenerate an extra Ki point per characteristic and
CONTROL OVER LIFE an extra Psychic Point per time unit normally used. Finally while
synchronized to the Slumber of Gods, the character will recover 1
This character gains a bonus to his/her DR and VR equal to half
Fatigue Point per turn. Unfortunately the Slumber of Gods can be tough
his/her Elan Level.
for a mortal mind, hence each passing month of continued use of this
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30.
ability, the character must roll a d100 and if the result exceeds his/her
current Elan, the synchronization immediately stops and the character
CONTROL OVER DEATH will suffer from the 2CP Nightmares Disadvantage for a full month,
This character gains a bonus equal to half his/her Elan Level to all during which he/she won’t be able to synchronize with the Slumber of
Resistance Checks against Criticals and effects that cause instant Death, Gods.
including Between Life and Death checks, and can act as normal even Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
with negative Life Points.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. DREAM OF UNNAMED GODS
Once per day per 20 points of Elan Level the character can cast
SAND MUMMY SHAPE anyone spell at Base Casting Level from the Creation, Destruction, Fire,
The character can turn his body into that of a mummy made of sand Earth, Air, Water, or Essence paths, or from the Death, Blood, Dreams,
for a number of turns per day equal to his/her Elan Level. The character Time, Animal, or Plant subpaths. The spell is cast and maintained for
halves all damage suffered from Cut, Impact or Thrust attacks. free for an entire day. The Casting Level of these spells can be increased
Whenever this character deals damage to an opponent by any mean, the by spending 1Fatigue Point per additional Casting Level. This ability
target must surpass a PhR check against dehydration with a difficulty allows use of High and Divine Magic as well, but 10 and 20 Life Points
equal to suffered damage plus this character’s Elan Level. Failure of the respectively must be sacrificed for each casting of such spells.
check causes an additional life points loss and All Action Penalty equal Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
to half the failure level (rounded up). The All Action Penalty is
recovered at a rate of -5 per hour. Water Elemental beings suffer life
points loss and All Action Penalty equal to their failure level instead.
Elan Lower Than 50
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.
Accepting decisions of one’s own superiors only if just. 1
Fighting against survival from persecution. 2
ADIAN Opposing Enneath followers. 2
The character attracts an animal spirit, called Adian, that forges with Fighting bravely to defend one’s own home or companions. 2
him/her an unbreakable bond. The Adian will act similarly to a Familiar, Telling others of the existence of buried Aramense gods. 2
however the character won’t hold true power over it (although he/she Elan Higher Than 50
can request its help voluntarily). The Intelligence of the Adian is Saving from eradication a large group of Aramense faithful. 2
increased by 5 points and whenever the character gains a level, so does Awakening a Buried God 4
the Adian, who will be allowed to spend his DPs in acquiring essential Converting a huge community to the Aramense Faith. 4
abilities and powers as if it were a Spiritual Being with Gnosis 30. The Defeating an important representative of an opposing religion. 2
Adian has telepathic communication with its master and they can Negative Elan Bonuses
connect their senses. In case the Adian is destroyed or killed, the master Collaborating with a follower of Enneath. -1
can bring it back to life by sacrificing 10 Elan Points. Indulging in masochism or hurting oneself stupidly. -3
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60. Having an aggressive demeanor toward other religions. -2
Renouncing to protect something important to one’s self. -2
Rebelling against a just order from a superior. -3

- 96 -
This character gains a +20 All Action Bonus, whenever he/she is
fighting against one or more higher level opponents. This character’s
The Path to Ascension is a religion and requires people to believe in attacks against opponents with Natura higher than 10 and/or Gnosis
it. The character must know (or try to learn as much as possible) of the higher than 25 gain a Base Damage bonus of +50.
detailed history and lifetime of an Ascended imitate him/her in Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
everything. The character will only gain one fixed power for each 10
points of Elan attained with The Path to Ascension. Gaining Elan with ASCENDED
The Path to Ascension is completely independent from gaining Elan
with other powers. Actually, at any moment, a character can sacrifice his The character can either gain Gnosis 40, except he/she won’t be able
Elan Level with any power, to reach the same Elan Level with The Path to spawn Avatars, or remain mortal. If the character chooses to remain
to Ascension, as far as the other conditions are satisfied. as a mortal, he/she will automatically be considered to have Natura20
and gain 300DP to spend on his/her abilities, that don’t count toward
Level calculation and/or for primary abilities allocation, although no
List of Gifts more than 160DPs can be spent on Attack and Defense (halve maximum
DPs for characters that developed only one of the two abilities), and no
more than 80DPs on Projection abilities. If the character became an
KNOWLEDGE OF THE ASCENDED Ascended by sacrificing the 100% Elan synchronization with another
The character gains a bonus to his/her History and Occult Secondary Power, he/she may choose to keep his/her Avatar Power (without being
Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. considered an Avatar anymore), as well as any Elan power he/she wants
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10. to retain, but at the cost of one power from the Path to Ascension list
with at least equal Elan Requirement, for each power he/she wants to
preserve from the previous Elan synchronization (without applying any
DO THE IMPOSSIBLE requirements).
The character gains the Inhumanity ability. Upon reaching Elan 70, Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
this character gains the Zen ability.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20.


The character gains a bonus equal to his/her Elan Level to 5
Elan Lower Than 50
Secondary Abilities chosen by the master, that vary depending on the
Living following the example of imitated Ascended. 2
chosen Path to Ascension.
Honoring the memory of imitated Ascended. 1
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30.
Getting fame. 2
Elan Higher Than 50
SEE THE INVISIBLE Making an important feat that remembers something done by 2
The character becomes able to see ki energy and psychic matrices. the imitated Ascended.
Upon reaching Elan60, the character becomes able to see magic. Upon Making a public show that decisively transcends human limits. 1
reaching Elan80 the character gains the See Supernatural Creature Performing a task that will be talked about for centuries and 3
Power. Finally upon reaching Elan100 the character gains the True Sight being renown to be the one that did it.
Creature Power. Negative Elan Bonuses
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. Having inferiority complexes. -4
Renouncing improvement. -2
HEROIC NATURE Accepting the impossibility of doing something. -4
The character gains the Fortunate Advantage, as well as either one
between the Charm or the Disquieting Advantage (depending on the
chosen Path to Ascension).
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.


The character becomes able to damage all kind of beings, regardless
of immunities, or protections, except he won’t still be able to affect
beings with high enough Gnosis.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.

Upon gaining this power, the character will lose all his
disadvantages at a rate of 1CP per month.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.


This gift removes the Gnosis limit to that which can be affected
from this character’s attacks or powers. Also, the character becomes
able to inflict Criticals on creatures which are normally immune to it.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.

- 97 -
This gift removes the Gnosis limit to that which can be affected
from this character’s attacks. Also, the character becomes able to inflict
The Children of Judas is a strong atheist philosophy and requires Criticals on creatures which are normally immune to it.
people to believe in it. The character must actively scorn religions and Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.
believe in the possibility for mankind to surpass all self-imposed bonds.
The character will only gain one fixed power for each 10 points of Elan THE POWER TO DEFY GOD
attained with Judas Philosophy.
The character is granted a Magnus for each 25 points of Elan Level.
The character must satisfy any required prerequisite in order to choose
List of Gifts an Ars Magnus. Also, the character gains additional ki points he/she can
distribute as he/she wishes among his/her stats equal to his/her Elan
A MATERIAL WORLD Level, and 1 additional Ki Accumulation Multiple on four chosen
The character gains a bonus to his/her Science and Appraisal characteristics for each 20 points of his/her Elan Level.
Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10.
CLAD IN STEEL The character can perceive Elan and Gnosis in other people,
The character gains either a bonus to his/her Wear Armor Primary becoming able with the use of this power to distinguish between
Ability equal to his/her Elan Level or an equal bonus to his/her Life different synchronizations and to quantify roughly the Elan Level of
Points. individuals. The character can, at will, momentarily subtract half his
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20. Elan Level from the Elan Level of any other individual, weakening
his/her Elan powers. Targets must pass a PhR check against a difficulty
equal to this character’s Elan Level +80 to avoid the effects. The power
UNYIELDING IN THE FACE OF GOD does not actually affect Elan, but only its use, and remains active for a
The character gains a bonus equal to half his/her Elan Level to PhR, number of days equal to the Failure Level, or until its targets distance
DR, and VR. themselves from the user by a number of km equal to this character’s
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. Elan Level. This effect can only be used once per minute on a single
individual. The character can also at will decrease the Gnosis of other
THE WILL TO DEFY GOD beings by 5 points for each 50 points of his/her Elan Level. A creature
The character gains a bonus equal to half his/her Elan Level to MR, retains all its Essential Abilities and Creature Powers even if his/her
and PsR, and has the Inhumanity ability. Gnosis drops below the necessary level, but Gnosis-related powers, such
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40. as Auspice or Avatar, will momentarily disappear if the Gnosis drops
below the required value. Targets must pass a PhR check against a
LEARNING THE HARD WAY difficulty equal to this character’s Elan Level +80 to avoid the effects.
The power remains active for a number of turns equal to the Failure
The character is granted a bonus of +3 experience points per session
Level, or until its targets distance themselves from the user by a number
per 30 full points of Elan Level he/she has, as well as a Single Weapon
of km equal to this character’s Elan Level. This effect can only be used
Module for each 10 full points of Elan Level he/she has. Upon reaching once per day on a single creature.
Elan 70, the character can choose for new modules to be Single Gear Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
Modules instead of Single Weapon Modules. The maximum experience
bonus per session is +9. If the character has the Learning advantage,
he/she must apply the highest bonus between the advantage and this gift.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.
OPPOSING GOD Elan Lower Than 50
The character is granted a bonus to MK equal to half his/her Elan Convincing someone else of the non-existence of Gods. 3
Level which can only be spent on Nemesis Powers. Penalties inflicted Believing only in yourself and others. 2
by Null Magic, Null Matrixes, and Null Bonds inflicted by this character Defeating minions of the Powers in The Shadows. 2
are increased by an amount equal to this character’s Elan Level. Converting a minion of a faith or the Powers to Judas. 5
Penalties inflicted by Null Ki inflicted by this character are increased by Elan Higher Than 50
an amount equal to 1/10 of this character’s Elan Level. Showing others that you can always do without the Gods. 1
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60. Converting to Judas a Cleric or a Champion of another faith. 2
Erasing a religion from Gaia. 2
Successfully opposing a Power in The Shadows or a God. 3
AGAINST ALL ODDS Negative Elan Bonuses
When making any Opposed Ability Check against a Technique, Voluntarily taking part in a religious ritual. -2
Spell, or Psychic Power, the character gains a bonus equal to half his/her Bowing to a superior power. -4
Elan Level. When making an Opposed Characteristic Check against a Asking a supernatural power for protection. -3
Technique, Spell or Power, the character gains a bonus of +1 for each 20
points of Elan Level he/she has. The character is also granted the Zen
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

- 98 -
Once per month the character can reanimate a dead person or
creature as if casting a True Rise spell on it, but without any Level limit.
The cult of the Primeval Gods is a secret cult and requires people to Reanimated people and creatures are bonded to the character as if they
believe in it. The character must actively follow the cult and office had failed the Resistance Check of a Vassalage spell.
rituals for the Primeval Gods. The character will only gain one fixed Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 80.
power for each 10 points of Elan attained with The Primeval Gods.
List of Gifts Once per day per 20 points of Elan Level the character can cast
anyone chosen spell between: Hurricane, Tsunami, Fire Storm, and
Earthquake. All spells except for Tsunami are maintained for 5 turns
THE SECRETS OF MADNESS each time they’re used. All these spells are cast at Advanced Casting
The character gains a bonus to his/her Intimidate and Occult Level. The Casting Level increases for each additional 10 points of Elan.
Secondary Abilities equal to his/her Elan Level. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 90.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 10.
THE VESSEL OF PLAGUE The mere presence of this character in an area begins to attract all
The character gains a bonus equal to half his/her Elan Level to DR. sort of evil and monstrous creatures on it, even opening portals between
Whenever the character passes a DR check, he/she becomes a vessel for dimensions to allow such creatures to reach the character’s
the Disease, while being immune to it. Upon reaching Elan50, anyo surroundings. Beings associated with chaotic forces and with the
Disease carried by the character gains a bonus to the Difficulty of its DR Primeval Gods are particularly responding with this gift. The character
check equal to half his/her Elan Level. Upon reaching Elan80 any himself has no control over such creatures, but will generally be the last
Disease carried by the character becomes Contagious, unless already target of these creatures intents and creatures capable of reasoning will
Contagious or a Plague. Upon reaching Elan100 any Disease carried by most often recognize him/her as a possible ally.
the character becomes a Plague, unless already a Plague. Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 100.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 20.

The character gains a bonus of +1Regeneration per 20 points of Elan
Level. Upon reaching Elan90, the character can reach Regeneration Elan Lower Than 50
values of 19 or 20. Sacrificing a human or equivalent life to Primeval Gods. 1
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 30. Sacrificing several human lives to Primeval Gods. 2
Subduing mutated creatures associated with Primeval Gods. 2
OCCULT TRAINING Bringing new members into the cult of Primeval Gods. 2
Elan Higher Than 50
The character gains a bonus equal to half his/her Elan Level to either
Becoming mad. 3
two chosen Summoning Abilities or to Magic Level.
Sacrificing an entity with either Natura 20 or Gnosis higher 4
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 40.
than 30 to the Primeval Gods.
Spreading a plague within a human or equivalent population. 3
THE MASK OF THE PRIMEVALS Awakening a Primeval God. 10
The character can cast for free once per Day per 20 points of Elan Negative Elan Bonuses
Level the “Whispers from The Other Side” spell for free, which is Not performing a ritual due to moral issues. -5
automatically maintained for free for 5 turns. Upon reaching Elan75, the Not performing sacrifices to Primeval Gods for a month. -2
character can choose to cast the “Terror” spell instead. Upon reaching Not acquiring power or knowledge for fear of consequences. -3
Elan100, the character can choose to cast the “The Fear Made Flesh”
spell instead.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 50.

The character is automatically affected from the Chaotic Mutation
spell cast at Base Casting Level, without MR allowed. The effects of the
spell are further increased to Intermediate, Advanced, and Arcane
Casting Level at Elan 70, 80, and 90 respectively. At Elan 100, the spell
effect is further increased as if the spell was empowered with a
Reinforce Magic Spell.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 60.


The character can at will be surrounded by a swarm of poisonous
insects acting like an Insect Plague centered on but not affecting
him/her. The spell is cast at Base Casting Level. The Casting Level
increases for each additional 10 points of Elan.
Cost: 10. Requirements: Elan 70.

- 99 -
Extended Tables EX Table 4: Power to Zeon
Power Zeon
EX Table 1: Stats Above 20
Characteristic Bonus 21 280
21-22 50 22 290
23-24 55 23 305
25 60 24 315
26-27 65 25 330
28-29 70 26 345
30 75 27 355
28 370
EX Table 2: Levels Beyond 15
Level Exp 29 380
Needed 30 400
16 4125
17 4600 EX Table 5: Intelligence to Magic Level
Intelligence Magic
18 5100 Level
19 5625 21 900
20 6175 22 1000
21 6750 23 1150
22 7350 24 1300
23 7975 25 1450
24 8625 26 1600
25 9300 27 1750
28 1900
EX Table 3: Advanced Regeneration
CON Regen 29 2100
Level 30 2300
21 13
22 14 EX Table 6: Willpower to Potential
Willpower Potential
23 15
21 240
24 16
22 260
25 17
23 280
26-27 18
24 300
28-29 19
25 330
30 20
26 360
27 390
28 420
29 450
30 500

- 100 -

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