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Lesson Overview

General Outcome 7.1 – Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the distinct roles of, and the relationships among,
the Aboriginal, French and British peoples in forging the foundations of Canadian Confederation7.1.6 assess, critically, how political,
economic and military events contributed to the foundations of Canada by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions and issues:

• How was the Great Migration of 1815–1850 in Upper • How was the Act of Union of 1840 an attempt to resolve the issues
Canada and Lower Canada an attempt to confirm British raised by the 1837 and 1838 Rebellions in Lower Canada and
identity in the Province of Canada? (LPP, I, TCC) Upper Canada? (PADM, LPP, I, TCC)

Critical Inquiry Question:

To what extent did the Great Migration and the Rebellions influence Confederation?

Lesson Date Key Questions Textbook Lesson Materials / Prep

Topic Headings / (Description) Assessment

The Great - What triggered p. 199-205 - Will look at different stories and - Stories - Observations
Migration the great pictures relating to the great - Pictures - Google Docs
migration? migration and compare that to - Envelopes - Exit slip
- What personal stories of immigration - Paper
opportunities - Students will work in groups jigsaw
does the style
colonies offer? - Complete Push & Pull factors chart
(define terms first) – Jigsaw activity
- What impacts p. 199-206 - Review the google docs - Google doc - Grosse île
did the did the - Students will synthesize what would - “1831 Stay at Handout
great have changes occurred due to the Grosse Isle for the - Exit slip
immigration great migration Mary” (story)
have? - Look at the challenges that occurred - Grosse île
- What - Give the example of Grosse Ile - handout
challenges of
coexistence did nhs/qc/grosseile/decouvrir-
the Great discover/natcul1/b
create? -
What is Grosse
île important in nealogy/voyages/mary1831.html –
Canadian Grosse île
- What purpose
did Grosse île
serve during the
Great Migration

- Why is Grosse
île remembered
as a place of

The Push - What did the p. 207-209 CBC Video – Rebellion and Reform – - Video - “Who wants
for Reformers Episode 7 - Google doc Change” handout
Democracy want? - Research
- Who had - Complete “Who wants Change”
power in British handout – look at different
North - perspectives of the rebellions
- Who has - Students will break into groups
power in a doing research on the Papineau,
democracy? Mackenzie, and Howe

The - To what extent - 207-222 CBC Video – Rebellion and Reform – - Video - Exit Slip
Rebellions did demands for Episode 7
of 1837 more democratic
and 1838? government - The Montréal Métro website has a
reflect section on Papineau Station that
challenges of shows the murals that decorate the
coexistence in station's walls
British North
- Who were the

Britain’s How did the 222- 233 Lord Durham Report - Video - Exit Slip
Response response to
to the demands for TENTSE1EP7CH5PA1LE.html
Rebellions more democratic
government in
British North
America shape

The Act of - What pressures Jigsaw Activity

Union did First Nations - Divide class into Upper and Lower
face during the Canada and research what they asked
1840s? for, what they got and whether or not
- How did the the Act of Union resolve the issues of
Act of Union the rebellion
affect French-
English relations - Responsible Government video
in Canada?