September 16, 2010 Bonnie Anderson, D.D.

The Episcopal Church The General Convention 815 Second Avenue New York, New York 10017-4503 Dear Bonnie, The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Pennsylvania is deeply grateful for your support for the people of the Diocese of Pennsylvania and for your willingness to be open and honest with your communications to Bishop Bennison, The Presiding Bishop, and the people of The Episcopal Church on the matters confronting us in Pennsylvania. Since it was made public that Charles Bennison would be returning as Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania after an inhibition of almost three years we as a Standing Committee have strived to be open, honest, and transparent with the people of our beloved diocese. The diocese is reeling with emotions and Bishop Bennison’s refusal to confront the truth of what has been determined concerning the findings of his Presentment continues to confuse and confound us. His most recent public communication, his response to your letter of September 1 to the witnesses in his Presentment, continues this pattern of disassociation with what has been determined. He states that “there is nothing in my forty-two-year ordained ministry to indicate that I have ever covered up or looked the other way when I have learned of sexual abuse” flies in the face of the fact that two courts have concluded that he was guilty of “conduct unbecoming a clergy person” in the case brought to light by the Presentment. This, added to his oft quoted remarks that he “has been vindicated,” along with his insistence that his actions at the time were “just about right,” concerns us greatly. He seems not to be able to grasp the reality that while his guilt is “unpunishable” two courts still concluded and stated that he was guilty. We appreciate your continued effort to bring to light the awful position in which the diocese has been placed. We wish to thank you for your prayers and your good words for us, and for your good and honest work in bringing to light the need for canonical change. Please let us know how we might aid and support you as you prepare for the 2012 General Convention, particularly as it has to do with the writing of resolutions dealing with the situation we face in the Diocese of Pennsylvania. In response to Bishop Bennison’s current letter to you we will, as he did, make this response available to Episcopal News Service. We will continue to respond to public statements made by Bishop Bennison that do not represent the truth but attempt to create an alternate reality. God bless you and, once again, thank you for your support and your prayers as we strive to be about the business of the Kingdom in this corner of the Garden. Faithfully, The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Pennsylvania

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