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Hydrogen combustion
Hydrogen has several properties to become fuel combustion, those characteristics are:

1- High energy density.

It has energy density between 120 and 142 MJ/Kg, this mean in each 1 Kg has energy between
120 to 142 MJ.

2- It is highly flammable.

This mean the hydrogen it is easily to ignite, and it is easily to get good mixing for combustion,
it doesn’t need special equipment to prepare to burn.

3- Clean fuel.

Hydrogen has clean burning characteristics.

4-hydrogen fuel is cheaper than other fuel, because it is available.

5-high diffusivity

Hydrogen disperses quickly into air, to get good mixing with air.

6-low density

Hydrogen has low density this mean we don’t need convert the hydrogen to liquid.

Mechanism of hydrogen combustion

Hydrogen combustion is the process which hydrogen reacts with air (oxidizing agent) with
certain temperature and buns.

Hydrogen combustion is exothermic combustion, that’s mean it release heat and energy.

Combustion equation for hydrogen is:

2H2 (g) +O2 (g) → 2H2O (g) + energy

This means two molecules of hydrogen reacts with one molecule of oxygen to produce two
molecules of water and thermal energy.

This means there are no gases pollution will be produced from hydrogen combustion.
Use the hydrogen in internal combustion engine
We can use the hydrogen in automobiles instead of fuels by using additional equipments like:


2-elctrolysis unit

3-power supply (battery car)

4-control box

Control box containing mechanism to regulate and control in the current and voltage.

Working principle
The electricity will be transferred from the battery into the control box to get certain current
and voltage, the electricity flows into electrolysis unit which contain electrodes and water, then
the water is separated into oxygen and hydrogen gases.

Then the hydrogen will be sent into the engine to get the combustion after mixing process with
the air (oxygen).

We can produce the amount of hydrogen by using solar energy to produce electricity for water
analysis, then storage the hydrogen in high pressure tank in the car to get direct combustion
instead of producing it in the car to save hydrogen production time.

If we use the hydrogen fuel instead on gasoline, there are advantages like:

1- Combustion efficiency is increased.

2- Accumulated carbon deposits are cleaned away.

Compression between fuel cell and hydrogen combustion engine

1- fuel hydrogen contain chemical energy. That energy can be released by creating chemical
reaction. In the case of hydrogen engine, that chemical reaction is combustion. In a fuel cell
vehicle, the hydrogen is combined with oxygen.

2-in the combustion engine of hydrogen, the chemical reaction is converted into mechanical
energy, in a fuel cell the chemical reaction is converted into electrical energy.