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Leather/Plastic Polish H-AC-0014

Carbopol EZ-2 polymer provides suspension of insoluble ingredients and stabilization of oils in this leather and plastic polish formulation.
These properties improve the overall stability and shelf life of the product.

Chemical Name, Trade Name Weight % Function Typical Product Properties:

Appearance: Opaque
A 1. Deionized Water 19.50 Diluent
® (1)
pH: 8.0 - 8.5
2. Carbopol EZ-2 Polymer 0.40 Rheology Modifier
Viscosity (mPa·s)*: 2,900 - 3,500
B 3. Deionized Water 50.00 Diluent
Stability: Pass 4 weeks @ 45°C
4. Renex™ 20 2.00 Solvent Pass 1 freeze/thaw cycle
5. Morpholine 1.00 Neutralizer
*Brookfield RVT @ 20 rpm, 25°C
® (3)
C 6. Silicone Fluid (350 cSt), SF96 5.00 Gloss / Shine
7. Oleic Acid 2.00 Emulsifier
8. Mineral Spirits, Isopar™ M 20.00 Solvent Supplier References:
® (5)
9. Kathon CG/ICP 0.10 Preservative
(1) Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
(2) Uniqema
Procedure: (3) GE Silicones
® (4) Exxon Mobil Corporation
1. Prepare Part A. In a separate vessel, sprinkle the Carbopol EZ-2 polymer (5) The Dow Chemical Company
onto surface of the water. Allow the polymer to self wet (about 10 minutes)
until no polymer is visible on the surface.
2. Prepare Part B. Dissolve the Renex™ 20 and morpholine in the water with Due to the level of mineral spirits in this formulation, it is
mild agitation. recommended that customers review the environmental and
regulatory requirements of the states and countries where
they wish to market this type of product to be certain they
3. Prepare Part C. Dissolve the silicone fluid and the oleic acid into the mineral are in compliance with the local VOC regulations.

4. Add Part C to Part B with good agitation.

5. Add Part A. Mix until homogenous.

Carbopol® is a registered trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation. H-AC-0014

Renex™ is a trademark of Uniqema. Edition: July 2011
SF96® is a registered trademark of GE Silicones. Previous Editions: June 2006 / July 2009
Isopar™ is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Original Edition: August 1998 (HIT-540)
Kathon™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company.

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