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Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Chlorine Bleach H-HS-0005

Carbopol® 676 polymer imparts vertical cling and increased contact time for the cleaner formulation. The product also provides
increased safety from reduced splashing. These features increase the performance of the formulation and provide convenience to the

Chemical Name, Trade Name Function Typical Product Properties:
1. Deionized Water 65.75 Diluent Appearance: Opaque
2. Carbopol® 676 Polymer (1) 1.25 Rheology Modifier pH: 12.5 - 13.0

3. Potassium Hydroxide (45%) 5.00 Neutralizer Viscosity (mPa·s)*: 1,800 - 2,600

4. Potassium Silicate (39%) 5.00 Builder / Buffer Pass 4 weeks at 40°C
Pass 1 freeze/thaw cycle
5. Potassium Carbonate 5.00 Builder
*Brookfield RVT @ 20 rpm, 25°C, #3 spindle
6. Sodium Hypochlorite (12.50% AvCl2) 8.00 Bleach
7. Chemoxide™ LO Surfactant 10.00 Surfactant

Supplier References:
1. Using moderate agitation (800 rpm) provided by a variable speed mixer and an (1) Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
impeller suitable for general mixing and blending operations, disperse or screen
the Carbopol® 676 polymer into the deionized water.

2. Mix the slurry for 15 minutes until homogeneous.

3. With constant agitation, add the potassium hydroxide until the desired pH is
obtained (>12.5 recommended for best stability). Add the potassium silicate and
mix until homogeneous.

4. Continue agitation and add the potassium carbonate, followed by the bleach.
For best stability, pH should be >12.5.

5. Add the amine oxide and mix until homogeneous.

6. Add color and fragrance, as desired. H-HS-0005
Edition: July 2011
Previous Editions: June 2006 / July 2009 /
November 2009
Original Edition: January 2000 (HIT-350)

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