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New Brunswick

Foreign Workers
Employer guide
Population Growth Division
Summer 2011
New Brunswick
Foreign Workers
Employer guide
Population Growth Division
Summer 2011
New Brunswick Temporary Foreign Workers
Employer guide

Population Growth Division

Summer 2011
Published by:

Province of New Brunswick While the Population Growth Division makes every
P.O. Box 6000 effort to present accurate and reliable information, we
hereby disclaim any liability for any errors, omissions or
Fredericton, New Brunswick inconsistencies in this Guide. Due to changes to policies
or programs after the guide is printed, information
Printed in New Brunswick included in this guide may not be current as of your
reading. Please check before using information
CNB 7554 contained in this Guide. Use of this Guide and its
contents is voluntary. The Population Growth Division
is in no way responsible for your use of the information
contained in this Guide or the results of that use.
Table of Contents

Introduction: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Benefits of hiring
temporary foreign workers: . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Temporary Foreign Worker Program: . . . . . . 2
Finding temporary foreign workers: . . . . . . 6
General information: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Support for temporary foreign workers: . . . 10
New Brunswick Provincial
Nominee Program: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
First day checklist for employers
of temporary foreign workers: . . . . . . . . 13
Resources: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Introduction: Benefits of hiring
Foreign workers are defined as temporary foreign workers:
individuals who come to Canada
specifically to work but remain citizens Most employers will discover that
of other countries. More than 90,000 temporary foreign workers bring added
foreign workers enter Canada annually to value to their company and can be
work temporarily for Canadian employers valuable assets. Temporary foreign
experiencing skills and labour market workers contribute:
shortages. In 2008, more than 6,000
• skills and knowledge unavailable in
temporary foreign workers came to the
local labour forces;
Atlantic region.
• international experience;
The hiring of temporary foreign workers • global networks (business, political and
can be an innovative solution to personal);
addressing staffing needs. We want them • knowledge of international markets
to experience a workplace that is healthy, and business practices;
safe and fair.
• language skills that may expand your
customer base and market reach;
As an employer of temporary foreign
workers, you must be aware that they • loyalty – a strong work ethic and a
are protected under New Brunswick’s desire to succeed in New Brunswick;
employment standards, workplace • access to new markets;
health and safety and workers’ • innovative ideas; and
compensation legislation; and that have • attitudes and experiences that cultivate
the same rights as other employees. a diverse and culturally friendly
This guide will help you better
understand the value of hiring foreign
workers and where to find temporary
ones. It also provides a step-by-step
guide to the Temporary Foreign Worker
Program and outlines services available
to your business and the temporary
foreign workers whom you will be

Although there may be additional costs

associated with hiring temporary foreign
workers, most employers will ultimately
have to devote additional resources to
recruiting and retaining qualified workers
in the increasingly competitive labour

New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide 1

Temporary Foreign Worker Program:
The federal government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program admits eligible foreign
workers to work in Canada for an authorized temporary period, typically ranging from
three months up to three or four years.

It usually takes three to four months from the original application date to the entry of
eligible temporary foreign workers. Processing times vary depending on the country
of origin and processing locations. They also vary considerably when applications are
incomplete or require additional information. It is, therefore, important for you, as a
New Brunswick employer interested in hiring a temporary foreign worker, to have a full
understanding of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Several federal government departments manage and deliver the program. Citizenship
and Immigration Canada and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada /
Service Canada are primarily responsible.

Any employers wishing to hire a temporary foreign worker must complete a process
that may at first glance seem complicated and lengthy, but it can ultimately be useful
and rewarding. This process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Determine if a Citizenship and Immigration Canada

operates temporary foreign worker units,
Labour Market Opinion
which provide guidance to employers
(LMO) is required and provide opinions on whether
A Labour Marker Opinion (LMO) is an employment positions are LMO exempt.
opinion provided by Human Resources
and Skills Development Canada / Service • Moncton Temporary Foreign Worker
Canada to employers. This assesses Unit:
the projected impact that hiring the 506-851-2664; fax, 506-851-3238
requested foreign worker(s) may have on e-mail:
the Canadian labour market.
You can also determine whether you
Pursuant to standard government require a LMO or if you are exempt, by
policy and international agreements, visiting:
such as the North American Free Trade
Agreement and the General Agreement • Citizenship and Immigration Canada:
on Trade in Services, certain categories of
work do not require a LMO while others who-permit.asp

2 New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide

Step 2: Apply to Service For all other occupations, send your
application to:
Canada for a LMO (if required)
After having determined that you require • Edmundston and Grand Falls /
a LMO, you may obtain an application Campbellton and Restigouche /
online: Bathurst and Chaleur regions
Service Canada
• Human Resources and Skills Federal Building,
Development Canada: 22 Emmerson St., Edmundston, NB
foreign_workers/temp_workers.shtml E3V 1R7
506-739-0222; fax, 506-739-0228
Human Resources and Skills
Development Canada / Service Canada • Fredericton and Woodstock
processes all applications for LMOs, and Service Canada
it ensures that all necessary requirements Box 12000,
are met. Service Canada centres that Fredericton, NB
process foreign worker requests E3B 5G4
(e.g., LMO applications) are located 506-452-3823; fax, 506-465-2047
throughout the province.
• Moncton
If you are applying for academics Service Canada
(university professors), physicians or 95 Foundry St., Suite 310,
specialists, registered nurses, send your P.O. Box 5003,
application to: Moncton, NB
E1C 8R5
• Service Canada: 506-851-6718; fax, 506-851-6941
Temporary Foreign Worker – centre of
specialization, • Saint John and St. Stephen
1 Agar Place, P.O. Box 7000, Service Canada
Saint John, NB 1 Agar Place, P.O. Box 7000,
E2L 4V4 Saint John, NB
Fax: 1-866-585-7524 (toll-free) E2L 4V4
506-452-3823; fax, 506-465-2047

New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide 3

Positive LMOs: information that may affect the decision,
Service Canada will issue an employment they may submit the new information to
confirmation, and a response in the Service Canada centre indicated on
writing will be sent to the employer. the refusal letter. This request will be re-
This response along with a signed assessed with consideration given to the
job offer and employment contract new information.
(if applicable) should be forwarded to
the foreign worker, A positive LMO is
valid to support a foreign worker’s work Step 3: Work permit
permit application to Citizenship and application (if required)
Immigration Canada for a maximum of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and
six months after it is issued to ensure it its visa offices at Canadian embassies and
still reflects the labour market condition. high commissions and consulates are
responsible for processing work permit
Foreign workers may then apply for applications.
a work permit, either at a visa office
abroad, a port of entry, or from within Medical examinations are required for
Canada (if legally permitted to do so). certain occupations (such as medical or
food services).
For more information on work permits,
visit: In most cases, foreign workers are
required to apply for and obtain a permit
• Citizenship and Immigration Canada: to work temporarily in Canada. Some
1-888-242-2100 (toll-free) employment categories, however, are exempt from this requirement. Jobs that
do not require a work permit may be
A positive LMO does not guarantee that a found at:
work permit will be issued to the foreign
worker. Visa and Border Services officers • Citizenship and Immigration Canada:
can refuse work permit applications
and entry to Canada if they determine who-nopermit.asp
that the applicant does not meet the
qualifications required by the LMO or are To learn more about work permits,
otherwise inadmissible to Canada. consult Citizenship and Immigration
Canada’s temporary foreign worker guide
Negative LMOs: book:
Service Canada will inform applicants,
in writing, of any negative decisions. • Citizenship and Immigration Canada:
If applicants disagree with the Human
Resources Skills Development Canada publications/tfw-guide.asp
/ Service Canada decision, or have new

4 New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide

Or, contact: • Federal Department of Justice:
• Temporary Foreign Worker Unit, html
95 Foundry St., Suite 310,
P.O. Box 5003, To enter Canada, foreign workers must
Moncton, NB present the following documents to a
E1C 8R5 Visa and Border Services officer:
506-851-6718; fax, 506-851-6941
• passport or travel documents valid
During the overseas processing of work for the period of the authorized stay
permits, employers should maintain (unless they are citizens of the United
regular contact with recruited foreign States, residents of Greenland or St.
workers to remain to date on the status Pierre and Miquelon);
of their work permit applications. • a signed job offer and/or employment
• an authorization letter approving a
Step 4: Issuing of work permits work permit application issued by
Visa and Border Services officers are Citizenship and Immigration Canada (if
responsible for screening foreign workers applicable);
at all Canadian border crossings and
• a copy of Service Canada’s positive
airports prior to issuing work permits
LMO (if applicable);
and allowing entry into Canada. These
officers make all final decisions on • a copy of the confirmation by a
who may enter Canada. Officers can Citizenship and Immigration Canada
deny entry to foreign workers if they temporary foreign worker unit that the
believe the individual does not meet the job offer is exempt from a work permit
requirements of the Immigration and or LMO (if applicable);
Refugee Protection Act. • evidence of credentials (education,
professional and work experience, etc.);
The complete text of the Immigration and
and Refugee Protection Act, and • a temporary resident visa (if applicable)
accompanying manuals, are found at:

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

Employing foreign workers can help producers meet their labour needs during peak
agricultural periods.

The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) allows for the organized entry of
foreign workers for agricultural labourer occupations in Canada for up to eight months.
SAWP was developed by the federal government in co-operation with agricultural
producers and several foreign governments. For more information:

• Human Resources and Skills Development Canada:
New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide 5
Finding temporary foreign workers:
Following are suggestions for employers to find temporary foreign workers:

Post job opportunities *Keep in mind that as an employer, you

may have to apply for a LMO through the
on online databases:
Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
• NB Jobs
• Service Canada’s Job Bank
• Monster Immigrant-serving agencies
• Jobboom Community immigrant-serving agencies
• Workopolis work with companies to help temporary
foreign workers settle and adapt to life in
Inquire at your local immigrant-serving New Brunswick. The services available to
agencies (see Immigrant Serving temporary foreign workers may include:
Agencies, below):
• practical guidance on everyday living
Contact the labour force development and orientation to the community;
officer at your local enterprise agency: • referral to community resources (i.e.,
banks, housing, health, recreational);
• Enterprise Network • employment counselling;
• computer access centre;
Use the services of an employment
agency with international connections • social events;
or the service of a Canadian Society • language training; and
of Immigration Consultants approved • basic interpretation services.
immigration consultant (search the
Internet and check the yellow pages for Immigrant-serving agencies operating in
listings). New Brunswick:

Participate in international job fairs Acadian Peninsula:

abroad (contact the Population Growth • Centre d’accueil des nouveaux arrivants
Division of the Department of Post- de la Péninsule acadienne:
Secondary Education, Training and 506-727-0186
Labour for more details):
Carleton County area:
• Population Growth Division,
• Multicultural Association of Carleton
Department of Post-Secondary
Education, Training and Labour

6 New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide

Chaleur area: Moncton area:
• Multicultural Association of Chaleur • Centre d’accueil et d’accompagnement
Region Inc.: francophone des immigrants du Sud-
506-547-7651 Est du Nouveau-Brunswick (CAFI): 506-382-7494
Charlotte County area: • Multicultural Association of the Greater
• Multicultural Association of Charlotte Moncton Area:
County: 506-858-9659

Fredericton area: Restigouche County

• Multicultural Association of • Association Multiculturelle du
Fredericton: Restigouche:
506-454-8292 506-789-7747
Saint John area:
Miramichi area: • PRUDE (Pride, Race, Unity, Dignity,
• Miramichi Regional Multicultural Education) in Saint John:
Association: 506-634-3088
506-773-5272 • Saint John Multicultural and
Newcomers Resource Centre:
Madawaska County 506-642-4242
• Carrefour d’Immigration Rurale du
Nord-Ouest Inc.: • Saint John YMCA-YWCA:
506-423-3060 506-646-2389
• Centre de ressources pour nouveaux
arrivants au Nord-Ouest:

New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide 7

General information: Right to remain in Canada
Foreign workers are entitled to remain
in Canada for the full term of their work
Changing the conditions permit. Employers or employment
of a work permit agencies cannot force a foreign worker
Temporary foreign workers may apply to return home if his or her work contract
to extend their stay in Canada, change is terminated before the end of the work
the conditions of their stay, the status, permit; or if the foreign worker decides to
or correct problems with their status. find employment with another employer.
It is also important that temporary
foreign workers apply for a permit
renewal before their documentation Travel costs
expires. Applications for extension can For occupations requiring workers
be obtained at: with lower levels of formal training,
employers are required to pay round-
• Citizenship and Immigration Canada: trip airfare costs. Lower levels of formal
1-888-242-2100 (toll-free) training are defined as occupations that
typically require no more than a high
The application for extension of a work school diploma or two years of job-
permit should be simultaneous with a specific training (National Occupational
new LMO application by the employer Classification level C & D). No travel costs
if the employer wishes to continue may be recouped from the employee.
employing this same worker.

Health insurance
Termination of employment If an employer is hiring temporary
As an employer, you need to remember foreign workers with lower levels of
that if a temporary worker does not meet formal training, they are responsible for
your expectations as outlined in the job providing health insurance at no cost
contract, you may terminate his or her until the worker is eligible for provincial
employment by giving him or her the health insurance. Temporary foreign
required notice or pay in lieu of notice. workers with a work permit of 12 months
For temporary foreign workers under the or more are eligible to apply for New
Pilot Project for Occupations Requiring Brunswick health care coverage (after a
Lower Levers of Former Education three-month mandatory waiting period).
(National Occupational Classification
level C & D), you are responsible for the
return airfare of the worker, regardless if
they are fired.

8 New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide

Reporting violations Work permit terms
It is illegal to threaten, to send or coerce and conditions
a temporary foreign worker to leave Applicants must meet all the terms
the country, or to prevent him or her and conditions of employment, as
from reporting a violation. Employers or agreed to in the application for a LMO,
employment agencies that engage in such the employee-employer contract
behaviour may be subject to prosecution (if applicable) and the subsequent
under the Criminal Code of Canada. confirmation issued by Service Canada.
Employers cannot, under any Foreign workers must also respect
circumstance, seize an employee’s all terms on their work permit, which
passport and/or retain travel documents may include restrictions on employer,
against an employee’s will. occupation and work location.

Contracting an • assistance with the immigration

employment agency
• assistance with credential recognition
New Brunswick employers planning
and professional certification;
to recruit temporary foreign workers,
through the Temporary Foreign Worker • travel and moving arrangements for
Program, may be considering using the selected candidates;
services of an employment agency. • settlement services (including
transportation, accommodation and
When selecting an employment agency, attainment of key documents); and
employers should insist on seeing the • follow-up with temporary foreign
agency’s proof of registration. This is workers.
good business practice before entering
into a contractual agreement. Should an employer choose to hire the
services of an employment agency, the
It is important that employers bear in employer remains responsible for the
mind that, while an agency is registered, accuracy of the information provided
there is no guarantee that it will meet its to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
contractual obligations or the regulatory Employers are also responsible for
requirements set out by the federal and confirming that the occupation, location,
provincial governments. and name of the employer specified on
the work permit correspond with the
Typical services provided by recruitment work required. For further information
agencies may include: about the use of employment agencies,
• overseas recruitment and screening of
potential employees; • Citizenship and Immigration Canada:
• arrangements for interviews by way of 1-888-242-2100 (toll-free)
webcam or similar services;
New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide 9
Support for temporary foreign workers:
It is important that employers take extra time to help temporary foreign workers settle
into the community and integrate into the workplace. Most new immigrants will face
challenges and frustrations. Foreign workers who do not adjust well to life in Atlantic
Canada may not ultimately remain in the region.

Employers are encouraged to provide settlement services to their temporary foreign

workers. The Population Growth Division of the Department of Post-Secondary
Education, Training and Labour has programs to help employers provide onsite
settlement services to foreign workers. To learn more about these programs, ask to
speak with a program consultant at:

• Population Growth Division

Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

Temporary foreign workers may also be able to obtain settlement services through
local immigrant-serving agencies operating in New Brunswick, and they should be
informed about these resources.

Cultural competency training create welcoming workplaces. Employers

Introducing employees who come from can obtain cultural competency training
different cultural, religious and linguistic through the following organizations:
backgrounds may be a new experience
• New Brunswick Multicultural Council Inc.:
for many workforces. Employees may not
have previous experience with diversity,
and they may have concerns that will
need to be addressed. Building cultural • CompreCultures:
competency and awareness into the 506-639-8275
workplace, before new employees arrive,
is crucial to the successful integration and • Profiles Global:
retention of temporary foreign workers. 506-642-7722
To make workplaces more welcoming • Cross Cultural Training Associates:
to temporary foreign workers, many 506-529-3398
employers ask that their staff participate e-mail:
in cultural competency training exercises. • Diversis:
These teach employees about the 506-737-9600
positive aspects of a diverse workforce
and illustrate what steps can be taken to

10 New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide

Settling in New Brunswick
If you have questions about settling in
New Brunswick, settlement agencies
or other settlement related questions,

• Population Growth Division

Department of Post-Secondary
Education, Training and Labour

New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide 11

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program:
The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) can be a useful tool for
employers who wish to retain their temporary foreign workers. This program can help
these workers and their families become permanent residents in Canada.

A permanent solution Applications that meet PNP eligibility

criteria may be approved as provincial
to staffing needs
nominees. Permanent resident
The PNP, operated by the Government applications will be submitted to a
of New Brunswick in conjunction with Canadian visa post by the PNP officer.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada,
helps to accelerate the immigration Citizenship and Immigration Canada
process for qualified foreign workers in will screen the file for inaccuracies and
targeted occupations. arrange for health, criminal and security
checks following the approval of an
Through the PNP, employers can retain application. If these checks are passed,
their temporary foreign workers or the applicant will receive his or her
international graduates by offering them permanent residence status.
permanent employment and assisting
them in obtaining permanent resident Citizenship and Immigration Canada
status in Canada. This process involves will make the final decision on whether
the following steps: the individual qualifies for a permanent
resident visa.
• visit the to
review eligibility criteria and determine For more information:
the appropriate PNP category under
which to apply; • Provincial Nominee Program
• download and complete the PNP
application forms and gather all
supporting document; and
• mail a complete application to: Immigrate to New Brunswick
Population Growth Division If you have questions about working
Department of Post-Secondary in New Brunswick, the PNP or other
Eduction, Training and Labour immigration-related questions, contact:
P.O. Box 6000, Fredericton, NB
• Population Growth Division
E3B 5H1
Department of Post-Secondary
Education, Training and Labour

12 New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide

First day checklist for employers of
temporary foreign workers:
Review employee’s work permit for Workplace safety:
validity and accuracy – confirm employer
name, location of employment, ☐ discuss hazards of the job;
occupation, employee name and date of ☐ explain all other identified hazards of
birth. the workplace;
☐ tell employee about any required
Wage and payment of earnings: training and when it will take place;
☐ confirm rate of pay; ☐ show employee appropriate safety
equipment and how to use it properly;
☐ confirm how employee will be paid
and when; and ☐ tell employee with whom to speak
about health and safety;
☐ review payroll deductions.
☐ discuss what to do if injured on the
Hours of work and rest: job;
☐ review emergency procedures,
☐ specify employee’s hours of work including:
(including breaks). ☐ location of first aid kits;
Overtime and overtime pay: ☐ location of fire extinguishers; and
☐ evacuation plan.
☐ discuss overtime and payment
arrangements. Other:

Vacation, vacation pay and general ☐ contacting an immigrant-serving

holidays: agency;
☐ registering for New Brunswick health
☐ discuss vacation leave, approvals and insurance;
pay; and ☐ applying for a social insurance
☐ review general holiday entitlements. number.
☐ opening a bank account;
☐ obtaining a driver’s licence;
☐ accommodations, telephone, Internet
and utilities; and
☐ indicate where medical services can
be obtained.

New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide 13

New Brunswick Canada
• Employment standards: • Citizenship and Immigration Canada:
Department Post-Secondary Education, 1-888-242-2100 (toll-free)
Training and Labour
1-888-452-2687 (toll-free); • Service Canada:
• New Brunswick medicare card (public
health insurance):
• Population Growth Division
Department of Post-Secondary
Education, Training and Labour:
• New Brunswick Provincial Nominee
• SolutionsNB:
• Service New Brunswick:
1-888-762-8600 (toll-free within North
506-684-790 (outside of North
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to
1 p.m. (Atlantic time)
• WorkSafeNB:
1-800-222-9775 (toll-free),

14 New Brunswick Temporary foreign workers Employer guide