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Vol. No.1, Issue No.24 Mumbai: Friday, September 10, 2010 Rs.5/- RNI No. MAHENG/2010/32801

A Weekly Stirring up the Soul of Bharat

Bharat Nirman Yatra Manmohan Singh's

by Swami Ramdev last lap?
Dwarka, September 04, 2010: World was shown to kick start the yatra. Chandan Mitra, Editor, The Pioneer
famous Yog Guru and great Hindu saint Key Issues that are likely to be Delhi's grapevine says the sudden old sparring partners P Chidambaram and
Baba Ramdev began his Bharat Nirman raised during yatra, apart from Black drift in governance that we are witnessing Digvijay Singh were back in the ring for
Yatra from Gujarat’s Dwarka. Money and Corruption the biggest Enemy has been engineered to pave the way for another bout of fencing - this time over
Speaking at the beginning of his of Bharat, are: Rahul Gandhi's early accession to the the use of the term ‘saffron terror’.
yatra, Baba Ramdev said during the 1. Judiciary is giving judgments not throne So, embarrassed spokespersons
course of his yatra, he will focus on three justice. Judiciary , Education , Tax , Health Even as the Congress celebrates can only seek recourse in extolling the
major problems that the nation is facing systems need complete change. the unopposed ‘re-election’ of Ms Sonia virtues of legitimate inner-party dissent.
2. Education should be Gandhi for yet another term as party They have difficulty saying this with a
given in Indian languages. If president, it is somewhat paradoxical that straight face because the concept of
countries like Japan, China , the Government she controls (and Mr
Germany , France can do it India Manmohan Singh nominally heads) has
also can. India gave the world run into its roughest patch. This is ironic
the first language – Sanskrit. because during the first five years of this
3. Countries like UK and dyarchy there was a sense of purpose and
USA are planning to impose cohesion the Congress demonstrated
restrictions on Ayurveda after 11 despite commanding only 145 members
April 2011 because the high in the Lok Sabha and facing constant
quality and cheap treatment harassment from the Left. But now with
given by Ayurvedic medicines is 206 Lok Sabha MPs, no Left to bother with
threatening the business of and loads of CBI dossiers with which to
Global MNC who are selling whip Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mr Lalu
poisons in the name medicine. Prasad Yadav and Ms Mayawati into
4. Indian government is submission whenever needed, the
taking steps towards Government, however, is in a drift - often
popularizing Allopathy system by talking and working at cross-purposes,
reducing the certificate course indecisive and without a sense of
period to 3.5 years. Also direction.
government is taking steps to I am sure readers would immediately
destroy Ayurvedic system by recall enough examples of this drift without
increasing the certificate course my having to list them. What happened
duration to 7 years. in the Rajya Sabha on August 31, last day inner-party democracy is patently alien to
at present: black money, black laws and 5. Worldwide institutes are of the Monsoon Session (in which I was the Congress, which has alternately
corruption. interested in knowing how yog-pranayam- privileged to participate) was probably the prospered and withered under the
Bharat Nirman Yatra is launched ayurveda can cure diseases. But Indian most incredible example of a Government tutelage of the same family since
from 2nd September (Janmashtami) from government is all determined to destroy under siege not just from without, but most independence. Was it mere coincidence
Dwarika. Within 2 years Ramdev will travel the Indian heritage of Ayurveda. significantly from within. The fact that the that two efficient but standoffish Ministers
the whole country. The plans are ready 6. India made the world’s first ships. next day, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister - Mr Chidambaram and Mr Sibal - bore the
and main aim will be to spread awareness. Bapu Talpade (Mumbai) designed the sought to drape Congress MP Keshava brunt of Congress MPs’ wrath? Some
The yatra will also serve Bharat world’s first aircraft in 1894-1895 , 8 years Rao’s rebellion against Human Resource would like to believe that given Mr Keshava
Swabhiman movement’s membership before the Wright brothers. Development Minister Kapil Sibal with the Rao’s stature in the organisation hierarchy
drive. 7. India is not a Poor country, Indians cloak of “inner-party democracy” reveals and consequent access to 10 Janpath, the
Local BJP MLA of Dwarka, Shree are poor. the extent of the party bureaucracy’s rebellion must have been staged in the
Pabubha Manek, and many other local 8. If the black money outside the bewilderment. Later the same evening, (Continued on page 2)
dignitaries were present when green flag (Continued on page 2)

Rebuilding Nalanda: Self coronation farce

GSK Menon
China dabbles to blunt India's knowledge edge The nation was treated to a it will become Congress Wealth Games.
congress sponsored farce of electing (in Kalmadi and other unknown congressmen
Sharad Mistry
reality self nominated and self elected) would have made themselves into
Nalanda University, India's famed would contribute more to raise India's Sonia Gandhi as congress president for trillionaires at the expense of the tax
ancient seat of Buddhist and international latent potential to compete with the best a fourth time. The stupid congressmen call payers of this country. That it is going to
in the world. it a record fourth continuous term. What be a mega flop show will be an
India vies with China for a prominent understatement.
place in the 21st century that has been A coterie of congress thugs and
accepted as being an Asian century. favoured bureaucrats would have milked
Reviving Nalanda with the help of funds from this country bone dry and the whole world
China and Japan among other nations will be laughing at us. Our Corruption
would only blunt India's edge in emerging ranking ratings is bound to zoom and
as a strong nation with internationally catapult us into the number one status
accepted education centre in Asia. among world nations.
Muslim Invaders under Bakhtiyar What then is this coronation drama
Khilji demolished in 1193-95 Nalanda for and for whom? Why is Rahul not
(built in the 4th century BC) the then cleaning up Commonwealth venues?
learning is now being usurped by China renowned seat of Buddhist and Why drama in Orissa and U.P.? In fact
along with Japan and few other nations. international studies. The libraries of record are they calling it ? Spineless and Mayawathi should take a broom to some
Reviving Nalanda University eight ancient Nalanda were so huge and corrupt congress fellows have ruined this Commonwealth stadium and start
centuries after its demolition by the packed with books of knowledge that after country. cleaning the debris. Naveen Patnaik and
Muslims should however be aimed at being set ablaze by the Muslim invaders The record fourth term is to be Buddhadeb can also join the debris
building a robust Indian education system the fire continued to burn for months. This celebrated by another farce called cleaning program. The boy will then get
- along with studies on Buddhism - that (Continued on page 2) Commonwealth Games, in another month the message.
National Spirit Vol. 1, Issue No. 24 Mumbai, September 10, 2010 Page 2
Bharat Nirman Yatraby Swami Ramdev Manmohan Singh's last lap?
(Continued from page 1) the rich richer and poor poorer. 8-10 lakh (Continued from page 1) since his mother apparently believes
country amounting to 300 lakh crore crore is spent on alcohol. 25 lakh crore confidence that no adverse consequences electoral endorsement is what’s kept the
comes back to India, the economic spend on medical treatment. would follow. And they didn’t. dynasty going. Congress strategists have
circulation will become equal to 3000 lakh 12. 108 villages will be covered in After all, the High Command is not calculated that if an election is held within
crore , nearly 18-20 Trillion dollar which the 1st phase of Bharat Nirman yatra and averse to administering periodic doses of the next 12 to 18 months, with Mr Rahul
is 3 times that of USA. they will be made healthy by promoting ego-deflating pills to keep in check Ministers Gandhi projected as Prime Minister, the
9. Half the country suffers from yog pranayam and practicing swadeshi. whose approval ratings have been high in party will win a majority on its own. This
floods and the other half from droughts. 13. Tremendous use of fertilizers is the public perception. This has long been could be a case of hopeless self-delusion,
10. If corruption and black money is rapidly making all fruits and vegetables the ruling dynasty’s way of keeping but many close associates of the prince
eradicated, then 50 crore people will get poisonous and making them disease everyone on tenterhooks. Mrs Indira Gandhi are said to be getting impatient with the
direct employment. causing in nature. used this tactic to devastating effect and her long wait. After all 2014 is almost four
11. Crores of poor people are 14. Indian Civilization is daughter-in-law seems to have mastered years away and Rahul would be a middle-
pushed into alcoholism and the money 1,96,08,73,110 years old. the skill to perfection. aged man by then, shorn of his boyish
they have is gained by big companies and 15. Inflation will not stop unless But some political pundits have charm and matrimonial eligibility!
hence the country’s GDP increase. proper agriculture techniques and most another take on the recent drift in UPA2 I cannot vouch for this complex
Looting poor people, spreading importantly Rain water harvesting policies and I think they might be right no matter formulation that presages impending
alcoholism, cutting down forest reserves, are implemented. Unless the agricultural how sinister it may sound. It is being palace intrigue. But it does seem that
exploitation of country’s natural resources production does not increase inflation will increasingly said that leaders have begun some seniors in the party are already
increases the country’s GDP. not come down. jockeying for the post-Manmohan and in positioning themselves for such an
Fertilizers are sold to farmers, 17. Government is not honest, has a sense post-Sonia era. With Rahul eventuality - Mr Digvijay Singh for one.
making them poor, and then people no responsibility and does not have any Gandhi’s mounting visibility, carefully Ever since he visited Azamgarh to
become sick by eating contaminated food sense of nationalism. calibrated by fawning sections of the empathise with the families of Batla House
and hence medical expenditure 18. People should control their diet media, Congress bigwigs know it is a inmates (all suspected terrorists), the
increases. and stop wasting food and save resources matter of time before the heir-apparent former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister
Hence GDP increases by making and think about the poor. takes direct charge. has been consistently making jholawallah-
Interestingly, it was observed that type noises befitting NGO honchos rather
Rebuilding Nalanda: most uncharacteristically, the Prime Minister than a veteran politician of his stature.
(Continued from page 1) initiative under the aegis of East Asia sat through all five hours of the Nuclear Significantly, he has also steadily targeted
event was primarily responsible for the Summit (EAS) held in Thailand in October Liability Bill debate in the Rajya Sabha. Mr Chidambaram who is clearly doing his
decline of Buddhism in India. last year. Congress MPs later complained they best to uphold the dignity and power of
On August 25, 2010, the Lok Sabha The library known as Dharma Gunj couldn’t even take coffee breaks because the Indian state. This is a philosophy
finally passed The Nalanda University Bill, (Mountain of Truth) or Dharmagañja it would have been improper to gad off while jholawallahs abhor.
2010, a legislation to re-establish a trans- (Treasury of Truth) had three main he sat on impassively. From this unusual If you have ever had the misfortune
national university at Nalanda in Bihar, buildings as high as nine stories tall, action it has been deduced by many that to read any of Arundhati Roy’s rambling
almost four years since the Ratnasagara (Sea of Jewels), Ratnodadhi Mr Manmohan Singh is in the final stage of rants that periodically appear in Outlook,
commencement of discussion on the (Ocean of Jewels), and Ratnarañjaka repaying his debt to Washington on the you would know that dilution and eventual
subject in 2006. Even as around $1 billion (Delighter of Jewels). nuclear issue. Having pushed the flawed dissolution of the Indian state is the
is expected to be spent on its revival, the The University's curriculum and civil nuclear agreement through in 2008, objective desired by the mother of India’s
new promoters of Nalanda University studies offered entire range of world the final consecration had to be completed anarchist movement. Her followers may
including Japan and China are said to be knowledge then available. Courses were with the signing of the nuclear liability Bill. be less articulate but share the same
currently scouting for $500 million. Sixteen drawn from both Buddhist and Hindu The final shape of the legislation may have conviction. As I see it, Rahul is building a
countries in East Asia are also partnering sacred and secular, foreign and native. been viciously criticised by Americans but jholawallah team around himself, some
in the re-establishment of the university. Students from across the world came here even they concede that some law is better inherited from his mother’s National
Surprisingly, the Nalanda revival to learn subjects like science, astronomy, than no law. Advisory Council, which now acts as a
panel is chaired by Nobel-winner Amartya medicine, and logic and they applied it Anyway, the larger point that super-Cabinet, and the rest drawn from
Sen and the list of panel members diligently to metaphysics, philosophy, emerges from the Prime Minister ’s tech-savvy bleeding hearts from across
includes Singapore's foreign minister, Samkhya, Yoga-shastra, the Veda, and prolonged presence in the Upper House the globe, potential British Labour Party
George Yeo, historian Sugata Bose, Lord the scriptures of Buddhism while also only during the nuclear Bill debate is that leader David Miliband included.
Meghnad Desai and the Chinese studying foreign philosophy too. he has neither any interest nor authority That probably explains the
academic Wang Banwei. Bihar governor In its march to prosperity and to handle subjects other than this one pet calculated and nuanced distancing by
is currently foisted as the temporary invincibility India surely needs to re-study obsession. So now that the nuclear deal many Congress leaders from the
Chancellor of NOU for a new foreign its own ancient knowledge base and grasp process is complete, Mr Manmohan Singh Manmohan Singh regime; that is why they
person would soon replace him. the advances in modern science too. may prefer to walk into the sunset once don’t think it’s important to listen to him
The presence of China in rebuilding However, in sharp contrast to the ancient US President Barack Obama’s visit any more. If that is indeed so, I would
India's new knowledge university Nalanda knowledge powerhouse of Nalanda, the happens in early November. rather have Mr Rahul Gandhi take over
University is sure to blunt India's famed new Nalanda Open University, Bihar Proponents of this prognosis believe right now than permit his ambitious
knowledge edge, rather disappointing at a seems to be a bland version of one of the that 2011 or latest 2012 will be the year of cohorts to inject chaos and disorder in
time when India is fast emerging as one of hundreds of other universities in the transition, when the prince waiting in the governance so that they can herald the
the most promising nations in Asia. In its country. This can be seen from the list of wings will finally be anointed king. After Crown Prince’s arrival into South Block
new avatar Nalanda would focus more on 'schools' the NOU boasts to have as under all he is not exactly young any more; at as the knight in shining armour destined
the Buddhist philosophy and supposedly * School of Computer and Information 40 his father had already become Prime to ‘rescue’ India from drift. Who knows,
modern learning and not the sharp, Sciences Minister. Some believe that a political maybe Ms Sonia Gandhi will time her
intelligence generating and spiritually alive * School of Economics, Commerce and crisis may be deliberately stirred so that ‘voluntary retirement’ to coincide with that
Management a fresh election has to be called to so daughter Priyanka begins a long stint
Sanatana Dharma or even the international
* School of Health and Environmental
studies that the ancient Nalanda University legitimise Mr Rahul Gandhi’s ascendancy as Congress president!
used to offer to over 10,000 students that * School of Indian and Foreign Languages
studied there annually. * School of Indology Lastly, NOU's aims and objectives agricultural, industrial and commercial
The new Nalanda would hardly be the * School of Journalism and Mass hardly give a fleeting glimpse its intended needs of people and design learning
international symbol of India's eminence Communication international status that Nalanda once material for improving socio-economic
in the field of knowledge that the ancient * School of Teacher's Education was. Among others these are its aims and condition of the masses.
* School of Library and Information objectives. - To create awareness for self-
Nalanda once was. This is because The Science
Nalanda University Bill, 2010, seeks to - To Provide educational sufficiency and equip people with
* School of Pure and Agricultural Science
resurrect the ancient seat of Buddhist opportunities to those who are unable to knowledge and higher qualification to
Given the centuries old opposition
learning at its original site in Rajgir to attract take up formal education and are still enable them to become suitable for new
to Sanatana Dharm and Hinduism per se,
students and faculty from across south and desirous to upgrade their educational job opportunities.
this new avatar of Buddhist NOU through
Southeast Asia and it will have Buddhist qualifications and acquire knowledge in During its existence, Nalanda saw
its School of Indology, offers BA and MA
studies, philosophy and comparative various fields of learning through the print the rise and fall of many empires and
level course in History and tourism while
religions, historical studies, international medium (correspondence course), emperors who contributed in the
offering certificate courses in Christian,
relations and peace studies, business contact programmes, study centres and development of Nalanda University and
Islamic, Jain, Sikh and even Hindu
management, languages and literature and mass media. gave the sheen of knowledge through
studies. And the Certificate Course in
ecology and environmental studies. - To provide special facilities to which it contributed in spreading
Hindu studies vie for attention of
Minister of State for External Affairs groups like, elderly people, in-service knowledge of peace and intelligence. It
prospective students also for HIV and
Preneet Kaur introducing the bill in the Lok personnel, housewives, people living in remains to be seen that the new NOU with
Family Education!
Sabha, five days after it was approved by remote areas, socially disadvantaged funds from China, Japan and other
As regards Post Graduate Degree
the Rajya Sabha, said: "The University people of the society and all others who countries would be able to emerge as
programs, NOU offer facilities to learn
would be established as a non-state, non- wish to upgrade their skill and acquire prominent as it was in the ancient times.
among other languages like Maghadhi,
profit, secular and self-governing higher academic qualification through Will the new Nalanda be what it
Urdu, Bhojpuri and Hindi but no Sanskrit.
international institute with a continental distance education. meant etymologically - 'insatiable in giving'
And there's PhD program in Hindi and
focus." It is being established as a regional - To provide course for rural, knowledge?
National Spirit Vol. 1, Issue No. 24 Mumbai, September 10, 2010 Page 3

Chidambaram is mentall Govt. loot in Ayodhya

ill - Baba Ramdev Ram Mandir
Ahmedabad, 2 September, 2010: post, he should try to remove terrorism, August 31, 2010: As the nation times a day, besides being given the peda
World famous Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev Maoism and Naxalism from Kashmir and awaits the Allahabad High Court’s verdict bhog twice. This is followed by five aartis
today termed central Home minister rest of the country.” on the vexed Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri per day. The bhog is prepared with desi
P.Chidambaram as possible mental “Central minister is not able to see Masjid title suit with bated breath, the ghee. Even aarti is carried out with desi
patient, and advised that he should either terrorism or Naxalism. I think either pujaris of the makeshift Ram Lalla temple ghee. With prices of essential
practice Pranayam and Yoga. there is possibility that Chidambaram is have approached the authorities with their commodities skyrocketing, it is not
Baba Ramdev was in Dwarka on suffering from mental illness, or there is own woes. possible to manage the things anymore,”
Janmashtami, when he was asked about some trouble occurred in his vision. So The chief priest of the makeshift
his view on central Congress Home he should practice some Pranayam and temple at the Ram Janmabhoomi complex
minister P.Chidambaram’s recent “saffron Yoga,” Ramdevji added. - Satyendra Dass - has written to the
terrorism” remark – which is largely “He should not connect saffron colour Faizabad Commissioner to increase the
perceived as insult of Hindu dharma, and with terrorism. Saffron colour is our culture, maintenance amount for the temple and
glorious tradition of the country. dhrma, traditions, Ahimsa and truth’s sought a hike in the salaries of the priests.
Baba in his reply said, “our beloved colour. And saffron is part of our national “It is no longer possible to carry out
Home minister can not escape from his flag too. If he finds terrorism in saffron puja with Rs 43,600 per month. Prices of
responsibility just by using phrases like colour, then he should change national flag every thing - from desi ghee to flowers -
‘bhagava aatankvad’. He is on very higher first,” he concluded his answer. have gone up. The Commissioner should
increase the amount at the earliest,” Dass

ABVP sweeps told The Pioneer here on Tuesday.

The makeshift temple of Ram Lalla
was built at Ram Janmabhoomi complex
Dass said.
Interestingly, the maintenance
amount of Rs 43,600 is paid from the

DUSU polls in 1992. Since then, puja is being carried

out there on a regular basis.
The chief purohit gets a cheque of
donations collected in four daan paatras
(donation boxes) placed in the makeshift
temple. It is believed that almost Rs 1.50
New Delhi, September 04, 2010: recommendations, and administration Rs 43,600 per month from the Faizabad lakh is collected every month. This money
ABVP on Saturday swept Delhi University officials said the campaign was Commissioner who is also administrator goes to the Government treasury and
Students Union polls, winning 3 seats. satisfactory. of this makeshift temple. The money is every month the chief purohit gets a
President, Vice President and Secretary However, some sections were used for bhog of Ram Lalla and daily aarti. cheque of Rs 43,600.
seats were won by ABVP candidates. dissatisfied with what they termed the This money is also used to pay salaries It is not that the purohits are seeking
NSUI candidate was declared "blatant use of money and muscle power". to the temple staff that includes one chief a raise in their salaries and for running
winner for the post of joint secretary. The All India Students Federation purohit, four assistant purohits and four the temple administration for the first time.
A dismal 35 per cent of the students (AISF) in a complaint to the election office helpers. Dass admits that their salaries and
of the Delhi University turned out to vote said they had come across printed The chief purohit gets a salary of Rs maintenance amount is increased
to elect their new union on Friday, handbills being distributed by the NSUI 5,000 per month while the salaries of other periodically, and that last raise he got was
following an election campaign that was candidates. purohits and staff are between Rs 3,000 almost two years ago. “It is high time that
watered down and without much fervour. "For candidates like us, who do not and Rs 2,100. In a rough estimate, almost our salaries as well as maintenance
The voting that was held across the have so much backing, we look up to the Rs 23,000 goes into salaries per month. amount of the makeshift temple should
campus under tight security concluded at administration to ensure a level playing “Ram Lalla is offered bhog three increase,” Dass said.
7pm with the electorate from 51 DU field, and we depend on the fairness of
colleges sealing the fate of 41 candidates
for the four DUSU panel posts.
An estimated 35 per cent of the
the system. But we are disappointed that
violations have still taken place despite
norms put in place," said Aparajitha Raja,
Ram Temple at Birth
students cast their votes, Chief Returning
Officer J M Khurana said.
The year kept the record of dismal
the presidential candidate of AISF.
Chief Election Officer Gurmeet
Singh said his office had received some
place would be a
voting percentage intact. Last year too,
only 37 per cent had voted in the polls.
complaints and they would be looked into.
"We are properly examining the
National Pride: Dr. Jain
As many as 943 EVMs had been complaints that we have received during New Delhi, September 4, 2010. After President of the Sanatan Dharma
pressed into service for the election. While the election process," he said. independence, to define nationality and Pratinidhi sabha Maha-mandaleshwar
111 centres were set up for college elections, Posters, printed material and to rekindle national pride and cultural Swami Raghwanand ji said that Lord
130 were for the DUSU panel election. stickers were not allowed this time during revival, Ram Janm Bhoomi has its special Rama is the faith pillar of the country. He
A total of 11 candidates were the campaigning. The code of conduct contribution. Lord Ram’s temple at the labelled the temple at birthplace as
contesting for the post of DUSU president enforced a strict ban on using vehicles or birthplace should be made through an act Temple of the Nation and appealed to
in the election, while 30 other candidates animals for campaigning or loudspeakers. by Parliament to establish the true extent bring legislation without any further delay.
were vying for the three posts of Vice Among the candidates in fray are of Ramrajya. The workshop was organised by
President, Secretary and Joint Secretary. Harish Choudhary, a student of SGBT Addressing a workshop on 'Ram media division of Indraprastha Vishwa
Tight security arrangements were Khalsa College, who is NSUI's candidate Temple at birthplace - a symbol of national Hindu Parishad(IVHP). Its Media
made to ensure smooth and peaceful for the post of president, and Jitender pride’ national spokesperson of VHP Dr. Coordinator Vinod Bansal welcomed the
polling and police pickets were set up Choudhary of MA (Budhist Studies) from Surendra Jain also said that glorifying or august gathering of journalists and the
outside every college where centres were the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad. supporting any foreign robber like Babar president of organisation Swadesh Pal
located. While ABVP has fielded two girl or any symbol associated with him comes Gupta extended the vote of thanks to all.
Strict norms of election were in place students for the panel, National Students under the definition of treason. IVHP general secretary Satyendra
in line with the Lyngdoh committee Union of India (NSUI) has fielded one. Speaking as chief guest in Udaseen Mohan, organizing secretary Karuna
Ashram Paharganj New Delhi, editor of Prakash, co-media Coordinator Manish

Patanjali's works weekly Panchjanya Baldev Sharma said

that our country is known by Ram. A
glorious temple at the birthplace would
Rai, Secretary- Shri Hanumat Shakti
Jagran Samiti - Brij Mohan Sethi were
among the dignitaries present in the
translated into Arabic identify and recognize its cultural Identity. programme.

Works of Patanjali, founder of Yoga

and one of the greatest philosophers of
India who lived 1,500
Heritage (ADACH). The book consists of
195 proverbs divided into four chapters -
Yoga and its aims, Yoga and its practice,
years ago, have now
been translated into
Powers and Liberation. It is regarded as
a major document on the practice of yoga
in Spanish
Arabic. 'Kalima', the meditation, which is said to have many B U E N O S Indian epic, has been
Arabic translation of health benefits. AIRES, August 2010: translated into
the original works in The original works in Sanskrit were The Hastinapur Spanish.
Sanskrit, was done by first translated into English. It was titled Foundation of The translation
Abdul Wahab Al 'How to Know God: Yoga Aphorisms of Buenos Aires has in 639 pages was
Maqaleh, a professor Patanjali' by Swami Prabhavananda and published a Spanish done by Mr. Hugo
of translation at the Christopher Isherwood. Christopher version of Labate over a period
Faculty of Languages at Sanaa University, Isherwood had previously collaborated Mahabharata. This is of seven years. The
Yemen. with Prabhavananda in the translation of the first time that the book is available
The project was conducted by the 'Bhagavad-Gita: The Song of God' and full version of in bookstores in
Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and 'Shankara's Crest Jewel of Discrimination'. Mahabharata, the Buenos Aires.
National Spirit Vol. 1, Issue No. 24 Mumbai, September 10, 2010 Page 4

NATIONAL SPIRIT First Hinduism Summit

A Weekly Stirring up the Soul of Bharat in California
RNI No. MAHENG/2010/32801 Sunnyvale, California, USA, August Janajagruti Samiti website, spoke on
Vol. No.1, Issue No.24 Mumbai. Friday, September 10, 2010 30, 2010 : The first Hinduism Summit ‘Know denigration and preserve
(Hindu Dharma Sabha) in California Hinduism’.
concluded successfully on 28 August The next speaker, Shri. Amey
Editor & Publisher: P. Deivamuthu, B.Com., LL.B. 2010. The Dharma Sabha was held by the Ranade, a volunteer of the Spiritual
Asstt. Editor: Sharad Mistry Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA) and the Science Research Foundation (SSRF),
Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, with the illustrated SSRF’s research that shows
Regd. & Editorial Office: blessings of Hindu Saints worldwide, the spiritual dimension factors underlying
210 Abhinav, 2nd Floor, Teen Dongri including His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Hinduism concepts and Hindu issues.
Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400062 Ravishankar, His Holiness Pande
Tel: 022-28764460, 28764418, 09324728153 Baba and Her Holiness Mata
Email: Amritanandamayi (Amma).
Blogspot: The Dharma Sabha in typical
Subscription charges: Hindu tradition welcomed the
One year (52 issues) Rs.250/-; Three years (156 issues) Rs.700/- attendees by applying vermillion on the
Soft copy on PDF format via Email anywhere in the world - Rs.100/- for one year forehead and commenced with
Cheque/DD to be made favouring “National Spirit” & sent at the above address blowing of the conch shell by the
compere, Mrs. Mrunal Nanivadekar,
followed by recitation of Vedic mantras
“Saffron Terror” by the Temple priests and lighting of
the auspicious oil lamp by the Dharma
Where does the PM Stand? Sabha speakers.
The audience listened raptly as the The next speaker, Dr. Mihir Meghani,
speakers brought to attention various co-founder of Hindu American Foundation,
Addressing a press conference on 1st Sept, Home Minister P. Hindu issues and presented solutions. showed an enlightening video about the
Chidambaram is reported to have said, "these are religious fundamentalist The first speaker Shri. Rajan Zed, a need for advocacy of Hinduism, to ensure
groups. The message ought not to be lost in phrases and perhaps the use of Hindu and interfaith leader, spoke on that the voice of the Hindu community is
that phrase has brought the message home. So, the purpose, in a way, has maintaining a Hindu identity in America heard by public policy makers.
and urged the Hindus in America to be Shri. Easan Katir, the next speaker,
been served". He also said he had no patent on the phrase.
ambassadors of Hinduism by educating brought to attention the increasing
The remark of the Home Minister - Saffron Terror - is politically, others about Hinduism. atrocities on Hindu communities
linguistically, culturally and religiously wrong. He has been condemned for his Shri. Nilesh Shirodkar, an avid worldwide, including Sri Lanka,
reader and proponent of the Hindu Bangladesh, Kashmir.
remarks by many Hindu Sants, including Swami Ramdev. A Sant in
Ahmedabad has even gone to the Court demanding action against the minister
under IPC, and the Court has ordered the police to enquire into the matter.
Yet neither he nor the PM had thought it appropriate to apologize. What does
Army favours AFSPA
that indicate? Either the Congress purposely used ‘saffron’ terror to appease Leh, September 05, 2010: Jaswal, General Officer
Notwithstanding demands for its Commanding-in-Chief (GOC-in-C) of the
the Muslims or to give the impression that the Hindus are also involved in
scrapping, the Army favours continuation Army's Udhampur-based Northern
terrorism. of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act Command, said "when you act in special
Chidambaram’s statement was not a slip of the tongue. He was addressing (AFSPA) in Jammu and Kashmir citing circumstances, certain amount of
"special circumstances" in the state. immunity is imperative. That is when
the police chiefs and cautioning them to be vigil on ‘saffron’ terror, and was "For special circumstances you AFSPA comes into play. It empowers the
reading from a written statement. Chidambaram seems to think that he can require special laws. There are special Army to act firmly in certain circumstances
simply talk his way through. No wonder one of the Congress leaders accused circumstances in Jammu and Kashmir that exist in this case."
him of ‘intellectual arrogance’. But it seems that he is untruthful to gain votes. and that require special laws to deal with He said, "the government has
it," Army's Northern Command Chief cleared the AFSPA and any provision
When Chidambaram’s son - who is one of the trustees of the temple in Lieutenant General B S Jaswal said. extended by the government would
Siva Ganga - will hoist the temple ‘saffron’ flag, then Chidambaram must Appreciating the work of the Army remain at the realm of the government to
realize that his statement is directed against all temples with the saffron flags. personnel, he said, "My troops are the finest pursue it further or to remove it.
Are they centers of terrorists’ activities? So his son is a leader of such activities! in the world and whatever they do, they do "However, purely from the Army's
Chidambaram has abused and insulted all our sants and swamijis by that it with good intentions. And if that good point of view, as also stated by the Chief
intention is questioned time and again, that of Army Staff, it is very important for
reference to ‘saffron’ terror.
will make their function difficult. It is very very continuation of this provision keeping in
Without any fuss and with some humility he should apologize. Instead important that they have AFSPA." view the special situation in the state."
both he and the PM are silent and trying to ignore this. Does it mean that only "Some people call these provisions When asked to elaborate on the
of AFSPA as draconian. I would respond special circumstances in the state, the
votes count? Does it mean that consciences do not exist? Then where is
by saying that if you want to feel the heat, GOC-in-C said, "It is self explanatory. If
integrity and truth? Can these be bartered off for votes? How can one always be in it. When you function in these special Army has to get in to carry out searches,
refer to the PM as a man of integrity and honesty? To abet dishonesty and circumstances, you will realise that these etc, you have been seeing the ways they
corruption is equal to be dishonest and corrupt. laws become imperative for carrying out are taking on. In case we don't have this
smooth operation," the official said. tool for immunity, then who will act."
Chidambaram’s great bravado that he stands by ‘saffron terror’ goes to
reveal not only his intellectual arrogance but his intellectual dishonesty. To
barter away truth for votes is a clear sign of lack of integrity. How many saffron Hindu Voice
terrors can PC enumerate? Which scriptures or prophets they rely on? Which
holy book or dharmaguru they take inspiration from? On the other hand what THE HEARTBEAT OF NATIONALISTS
about the ‘green’ terror? What about the Islamists patent for jihadi terrorism?
A Monthly in English and Hindi, published
PC as Home minister is fully equipped with this intelligence input. But he for the last EIGHT years (since April 2002)
dare not state the truth because it will irk the Muslims and that may lead to
English Hindi
vote bank erosion. So right or wrong, truth and untruth all get blurred in the Hindu Voice
1 year - Rs.150/-;
1 year - Rs.200/-; Subscription
vote bank politics. And he claims ‘it has served its purpose’. Can he elaborate 3 years - Rs.500/- 3 years - Rs.400/-
on that? What purpose has it served? He as HM should not juggle with words Life Membership - Rs.2,000/- Life Membership - Rs.1,500/-
and phases to serve a purpose. Cheque/DD to be drawn favouring “Hindu Voice”
Well if it has served a purpose then why not withdraw it? A sign of Hindu Voice
greatness is the ability to display grace and humility. These two virtues are 210 Abhinav, Teen Dongri, Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400062
not assets of the Home Minister and so his party mate tagging him as Tel: 022-28764460, 28764418, 09324728153
intellectually arrogant is apt. But unfortunately that arrogance has blurred Email:
truth and judicious probity in public life. Where does the PM stand on these?
Hindu Voice and National Spirit are sister publications
(Contributed by: Dr. Mrs. Hilda Raja, Baroda)
National Spirit Vol. 1, Issue No. 24 Mumbai, September 10, 2010 Page 5

Hindu Temples Mumbai cops’ reason for

desecrated, Markets custody: Victim Muslim,
Looted accused Hindu
Tathagata Roy (
Mumbai, Sept. 04, 2010: Officers (48), who was heading for Malabar Hill on
September 07, 2010: Deganga is a When Hindus objected the digging from the Marine Drive police station on scooter with Abdul Jalil Sheikh (52), died
small market town in the district of North of the Temple passage, Muslims gathered Thursday told a magistrate's court that on the spot. Sheikh was admitted to Saifi
24-Parganas in West Bengal, situated on there in large number and started they needed the custody of a 30-year-old Hospital with severe back and leg injuries.
the highway between the district HQ of mayhem. Hindus informed the police. businessman arrested after he rammed The Marine Drive police told the
Barasat and the subdivisional town of Police came and they had to face the his car into a two-wheeler, killing one Metropolitan Magistrate's court while
Basirhat, some 50 kilometres from Kolkata. jihadi enthusiasm of the Muslims. Officer person, because, among other reasons, seeking Kothari's custody that if he was
On 6th September evening after Iftar, in Charge was injured at that time. Then the victim was a Muslim while the accused released on bail, there could be
Muslims assembled in the Deganga Muslims threatened that now Roja is going a Hindu. communal disharmony and riots. "Not only
Mosque (Basirhat Subdivision, North 24 on. After the end of Roja and taking Iftar, The court called the contention of will his bail flare up communal tensions
Parganas) and proceeded to a number of they will teach stern lesson to the Hindus. possible communal disharmony frivolous, in the area, but also the Muslim
Hindu areas, looted and ransacked many So, after afternoon, Hindus dared not to but remanded the accused in police community would stop believing in law,"
Hindu shops and Hindu temples, severely open their shops on the stretch between custody for further investigation. the remand application stated.
beat up many Hindus, torched 4 public Berachapa to Kadamgachhi on the Sushil Kothari, who runs a The magistrate turned down the
buses. The life of the whole stretch from Barasat – Basirhat Road. By this time, construction business, was sent in police police's claim and remanded Kothari in
Berachapa to Kadamgachi has been frozen. large contingent of police and RAF took custody till September 4. He was arrested police custody after observing that more
Shani Temple of Kartickpur and Kali position. Defying their presence, Muslims after he rammed his Honda Accord into a investigation was required in the case.
Temple of Deganga Biplabi Colony were gathered in large number in the Deganga scooter on Marine Drive around 1.30 am. "Communal tension is a frivolous claim to
desecrated and ransacked by the rioting Mosque and started looting and Nagpada resident Haji Zulfikar Qureshi grant custody," the court observed.
Muslims. destroying the Hindu shops, not in Chattal
Arup Ghosh, Officer in Charge of
Deganga police station is seriously injured
by the rampaging Muslims. His head and
Pally, but in the big markets of Beliaghata,
Deganga and Kartickpur. A big shop of Anil
Bangal, a Hindu, has been looted fully
Armed Police
hand have been fractured. Several other
policemen are also injured. Police had to
fire to control the Muslim mob, but with
among many other shops. Anil Bangal has
been seriously injured. More than 25
people have been injured.
accompany EB staff
no effect. Latest position is that Police is not
to take Meter Reading
On 6th Sept at 11 am, the dispute allowing the Hindus to come out of their Thiruvananthapuram, Sept. 01, of jihadi elements. It is the epicentre of
started when some fanatic Muslims homes so that they can enquire the 2010: Normally meter reading in any many criminal activities in the district
started to dig the passage of a Durga damage done by the Muslims and Muslims house in Kerala is taken by a person alone including fake CD Racket. Even govt
Temple in Chattal Pally village which is are roaming freely in front of police force. from Electricity department . But that is officials don't dare to enter this area even
situated just beside the Deganga Police Overall situation has been worsened. It is not the case near Beemappally Mosque for discharging their duty due to fear of
Station. This Durga Temple is at least 25 alleged that Maqbur Rehman, Mintu Sahaji in Thiruvananthapuram, Capital of Kerala. life.
year old. In the past, Muslims tried many led the Muslim rioters. It is also alleged that Meter reading of 300 Muslim houses A few days back, Anilkumar, an
times to stop the Durgapuja. Hindus one TMC Hindu leader Ms. Ratna in this locality could be done only with the employee in the electricity department
resisted their ill effort. This Chattal Pally Chowdhury is trying to pressurize police protection of a team of policemen from the Sreevaraham division was
and Deganga P.S. come under the district not to take strong steps to stop the Muslim comprising Poonthura Circle Inspector beaten up very badly for pointing out
of North 24 Parganas, and its rampaging mob. The new TMC M.P. Hazi and Sub Inspector. The ten member team electricity theft by tampering the meter.
Parliamentary constituency is Basirhat. In Nurul Islam allegedly influenced the police from the Electricity department included "Electricity theft by tampering the meter
2009 election, Hazi Nurul Islam of to remain inactive. Asst Ex.Engr Ajithkumar and Asst.Engr is widespread in this locality" said
Trinamool Congress won this Today’s violence in Deganga has K.Gopalan. Asst.Executive Engineer Anilkumar.
constituency defeating long time been reported only in the NE Bangla Beemappally is a notorious area in Even many days after the attack, the
Communist M.P. Ajay Chakraborty (C.P.I). channel of electronic media of West Trivandrum where there is a concentration police is unable to nab the culprits till date.
After this change of power, Hindus of the Bengal. All other channels including Star
whole area are facing all types of threat,
humiliation, torture and their religious
practices are in danger.
Ananda, as always they do, are mum and
suppressing the misdeeds of the fanatic
Communal clash during
Janmashtami, 8 injured
PK, KS protest against Ranchi (Jharkhand), September 2, Janmashtami here, police said Thursday.
2010: Eight people, including two The clash took place at Hindpiri

Autonomy to JK policemen, were injured in a communal colony late Wednesday over loudspeakers
clash at a function organised for being used on the occasion of Janmashtami.
Some Muslims opposed the loudspeaker
Hyderabad, Sept. 6, 2010: Panun in our own country for 21 years now! If we of the Valley.” being used at Tarabi, where the prayer
Kashmir (PK) and Kashmiri Samaj (KS) don’t throw stones, if we don’t spray The protest was also joined by few offered during Ramadan in the evening.
Hyderabad today organized a protest at bullets, will no one listen to us?” dignitaries from the Andhra Pradesh BJP Members of both the communities
Indira Park, Hyderabad, as a part of a The gathering out rightly rejected the unit, including the State President G accused each other of creating trouble in
series of international protests organized Prime Minister ’s consideration of Krishan Reddy and State General the area and pelted stones on each other
by Panun Kashmir that started on 18th providing Autonomy to the state of Jammu Secretary Advocate N Ramachander Rao. and fired gunshots. Two people were
August at Jammu and will culminate on and Kashmir. B.B Dhar, General Krishan Reddy assured the Kashmiri injured in the firing and six in the stone-
14th September, which is observed by the Secretary, Kashmiri Samaj Hyderabad, Pandits of complete support from BJP. He pelting, a police official said.
Kashmiri Pandit community as Martyrs Day unequivocally stated that any such step criticized the Government consideration of Police reached the spot to control
to commemorate the killing of Tika Lal will be the beginning of the end of Indian granting Autonomy to Kashmir. the situation. Two policemen were also
Taploo at the hands of terrorists in 1989. nation. “Granting autonomy to J&K will Ramachander Rao said “When we have injured in the stone-pelting.
“Government is treading a start its alienation from India. Soon more some pain in our body, we treat it, we do Inspector General of Police (Ranchi
dangerous terrain by allowing the states would follow the example. It will not cut it out. Kashmir is our head, we won’t zone) Rezi Dundung and Senior
separatists to run amok in the valley. have disastrous consequences for India. allow it to be ever cut away from us”. Superintendent of Police Praveen Kumar
There has been no action against clear We just can’t afford any more partitions.” The protestors also submitted a took command and the situation was brought
acts of treason by the self-styled Shail Razdan, representing Panun memorandum to the Governor of Andhra under control around 12.30 a.m. Thursday.
separatist leaders. There has been no Kashmir, stressed on the fact the peaceful Pradesh. They conveyed their message The injured were admitted to the
action against notorious terrorists like Bitta communities like Kashmiri Pandits are through the memorandum and lodged a Rajendra Institute of Medical Science and
Karate and Yasin Malik. This only always ignored. “Why does nobody care strong protest against granting of Seva Sadan.
encourages them to spit more venom and about a whole community being ethnically Autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir,

National Spirit
sway more and more people towards their cleansed from their aboriginal home? We modifying and diluting Armed Forces
absurd line of thinking”, said Samir Durani, have a 5000 year old history in the Valley, Special Powers Act (AFSPA), withdrawal
executive member of Kashmiri Samaj and we absolutely want our homeland of Security Forces from the Valley, ignoring is distributed by
Hyderabad. Joining in with his views, S.J there. Kashmiri Pandits along with Kashmiri Pandits’ demand for Homeland, Om Shraddha Publications
Dhar said “When we see the killers of our Dogras, Laddakhis, Gujjars, Bakkarwals, ignoring the geo-political urges and (Magazine Distributors & Suppliers)
fellow community folks roaming around as etc have complete rights to the State of aspirations of people of Jammu and
VIPs in the valley and rest of India, we J&K. Separatists cannot claim to be the Laddakh and holding of anti-India and pro- Tel: 09820107666 &
really feel that we belong to nowhere. Who representatives of the people of J&K. They Azadi demonstrations by Kashmiri Muslim 09969702060
cares that we have been living as refugees at best represent only the violence freaks Separatists at Delhi, Pune, and Jammu.
National Spirit Vol. 1, Issue No. 24 Mumbai, September 10, 2010 Page 6

Nepal Maoists sought Temple discovered

Chinese cash to 'buy' MPs? in Afghanistan
Kathmandu, Sept. 04, 2010: Nepal's 'trend' in Nepal?" Afghanistan, August 18, 2010: km (7.5 miles) in the Aynak region of Logar
opposition Maoist party has been dragged The man addressed as Mahara says Archaeologists in Afghanistan, where province just south of Kabul, where China
into a snowballing scandal with a leaked though his party has managed to woo an Taliban Islamists are fighting the Western- is mining copper ore as part of its multi-
audio tape indicating the former guerrillas additional 10-15 votes for Sunday's prime backed government, have uncovered billion dollar investments in the Central
sought NRS 500 million from Chinese ministerial election, it still needs around Buddhist-era remains in an area south of Asian country. Rasouli said the mining
"friends" to buy MPs' votes ahead of 50 more votes to pull off a win. Kabul, an official said on Tuesday.
Sunday's election to choose a new prime "You need additional 50?" the caller “There is a temple, stupas, beautiful
minister. asks. "And Mr Mahara, what kind of help rooms, big and small statues, two with
The furore was triggered by an audio could help you to get the extra seats?" the length of seven and nine meters,
tape aired by the Indian television channel The man addressed as Mahara then colorful frescos ornamented with gold
in Nepali, Nepal 1, on Friday night. says it is a difficult task because a section of and some coins,” said Mohammad
The nearly 20-minute tape has two MPs, referred to as the "south centre", is Nader Rasouli, head of the Afghan
conversations, allegedly between Krishna guided by others and needs to be neutralised. Archaeological Department.
Bahadur Mahara, former Maoist Apparently, it is a reference to the “Some of the relics date back to
information and communications minister, Terai MPs, who sat neutral in the earlier the fifth century (AD). We have come
who's currently the MP in charge of the five rounds of the election, causing the across signs that there are items maybe work had not harmed the sites — which
party's foreign affairs, and an unidentified poll to end in a fiasco with neither Maoist going back to the era before Christ or were known but had not been examined
male caller who, from the conversation, chairman and former prime minister prehistory,” he said. “We need foreign in detail — but smugglers managed to loot
seems to be a Chinese middleman. Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda nor his assistance to preserve these and their and destroy some relics before the
The caller begins the conversation challenger, Nepali Congress leader Ram expertise to help us with further excavations.” government excavation work began last
asking, "Mr Mahara, how is the (election) Chandra Poudel, winning. The excavation site extends over 12 year.
Government and foreign troops are
battling an insurgency led by the radical
Taliban movement which destroyed
Buddhist statues at Bamyan during its
five-year control of the mountainous
country from 1996 to 2001, viewing the
monuments as an affront to Islam. Many
antiquities and historical sites were
destroyed or pillaged during decades of
civil war and foreign interventions.
Now almost entirely Muslim,
Afghanistan has seen eras in its long
history when other faiths such as
Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism
were widely practiced. Rasouli said the
government did not have the resources
to move the relics from the remote area,
which has seen some clashes during the
insurgency, but hoped to build a museum
there instead.

lose PM's
race, blame
Kathmandu, Sept. 05, 2010: Nepal's
opposition Maoist party's manoeuvre to
divide the regional parties and ride to power
again on their support backfired badly on
Sunday when their chairman and former
prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal
Prachanda failed to win the prime ministerial
election, for the sixth time in a row.
Even before the controversial
election started, the former guerrillas
began blaming their current archenemy
India for the failure, accusing India's
external intelligence agency Research
and Analysis Wing (RAW) of plotting to
ensure Prachanda's failure in an election
already marred by charges of floor-
crossing, horse-trading and backstabbing.
The 55-year-old former revolutionary
listened wryly as the results of the election
were announced. Though his party is the
largest in parliament with 236 members,
Prachanda could poll only an additional
four votes from other parties, still falling
short of 60 more to become the 34th prime
minister of Nepal. While 101 MPs voted
against him, 163 stayed neutral. His lone
rival, Nepali Congress parliamentary party
chief Ram Chandra Poudel, received just
122 votes while 242 MPs voted against
him and 172 sat on the fence.
National Spirit Vol. 1, Issue No. 24 Mumbai, September 10, 2010 Page 7

Towards Truth Close aide blows

and Justice whistle on Teesta
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja 'Teesta drafted affidavits, didn't divulge contents'
The past couple of days saw two to be brought to Ahmedabad at that point of Navin Upadhyay
news items flashed and these stand out time. Is it a crime to view the 59 as martyrs After petitioning the Special people who did not understand court
as headers for the media providing it with - these were poor devotees whose only Investigation Team (SIT) probing the post- procedures."
grist to grind for days to come. crime was that they happened to be kar Godhra riot case to record his statement Khan also pointed out that the CPJ
The coronation of Mrs Sonia Gandhi sevaks. Should the families not get at least on how social activist Teesta Setalvad had organised payments of Rs 1 lakh
as the President of the Congress for the that consolation of giving these ‘forgotten influenced riot witnesses to file affidavits each to 10 witnesses in various post-
fourth consecutive term: It is no small 59’ a fitting last journey and last rites? So before courts, her former close associate Godhra riot cases. The money came from
matter and goes to show her complete hold what was the alternative - to dispose of Rais Khan says any independent the CPI(M) relief fund and was distributed
over the party as well as the party’s these bodies in secret and allow the families investigation would prove his charge that months before the witnesses deposed in
complete loyalty towards her. A deeper to weep their eyes dry with absolutely no these affidavits were "doctored". courts, five years after the clashes took
analysis will also prove the Congress’ consolation from the government? Talking to The Pioneer on phone place. Four other eyewitnesses received
bankruptcy of leadership - its complete This led to the riots is the conclusion from Ahmedabad on Monday, Khan said Rs 50,000 each.
dependence on the Nehru-Gandhi family and hence Modi is guilt of the riots. Result these affidavits were drafted by Setalvad Khan said he feared for his life as
to survive. This is certainly no good sign of is that Modi must resign - his government and sent to him on his email he was receiving threatening calls that he
a party which calls itself the oldest political must be pulled down. It is towards this that ( by three and his family members would be
party and yet cannot throw up leaders the CBI was huffing and puffing. Let us different e-mail identities used by her. eliminated if he exposed the way the
capable of guiding and leading the party. hypothetically concede this. But then "The password of my e-mail identity affidavits were "doctored". He added,
It is no great credit to the Congress jurisprudence cannot be changed and was known to Teesta as well and, at one "Even on Monday, I received two calls
party to abet family and feudalistic/ twisted and justice cannot be one for Modi point in time when I fell out with her, she
and another for others. blocked my e-mails," Khan said, adding,
Compare this to the 1984 riots in "Any cyber forensic examination will show
which at least 3000 Sikhs were that Teesta used to send those affidavits
massacred. Was there a government at on my e-mail address from Mumbai."
New Delhi when the massacre and the Khan said as coordinator of Teesta's
rapes were ongoing for two days? We do Mumbai-based NGO Citizen for Peace
not need an empowered GoM to dig out and Justice (CPJ), one of his tasks was
records. It is obvious that Rajiv Gandhi to identify poor riot victims and inform her
was at the helm of affairs and his about their backgrounds and family
government simply and callously watched details. "Then those victims used to be
the massacre of a minority community and told that the CPJ will fight their cases and
even went to the extent of justifying it. get them justice if they become
Should not that government be put in the witnesses," he said.
dock? The Congress which allowed such Khan revealed that Teesta used to
genocide is guilty and stands indicted. But prepare affidavits on their behalf, without
the media suddenly looses its volume and them being aware of the contents, and mail
there is stunning silence. Why? these to him. "I would then call the witnesses
In another heart rending case -13000 to Teesta's advocates, where they would be
die and hundreds are still wheezing and asked to notarise the affidavits and affix their
dynastic regime. Some may think and say breathless, others are crippled and signatures. But in no case were the affidavits from unknown numbers at 12.37 pm and
that there is nothing wrong. Everything is handicapped. These are the poor victims either given to the witnesses or their 12.40 pm. I did not take the calls because
wrong in fostering such because it of the Bhopal gas tragedy - the biggest contents revealed to them," he said. I knew I would be threatened again."
negates democracy and the democratic global industrial disaster. But how coolly we "Let there be an investigation into Khan decided to place Teesta in the
spirit. A party which does not have inner view it? No sense of righteous anger at the what I am saying. Many of these witnesses dock after he himself faced allegations of
democracy cannot give the country a way the government went about it. So after will verify they were not aware of what the tampering with the affidavits of Nanumiya
vibrant democracy and nurture a robust some hue and cry the case was reopened. affidavits contained," he said, adding, Rasulmiya Malik, a star witness in the Naroda
democracy - a system of governance Mind you the Congress which was in power "Most of these witnesses were poor Gaum and Madina Banu rape cases.
which we the people had opted and at the Centre and the State has not been On September 1, he wrote to SIT
deliberately choose and on which the named and put in the dock. Arjun Singh part of its baggage. It is such a horrendous chief RK Raghavan and Supreme Court's
Constitution of India is anchored. breaks his silence and wheels into the Rajya crime which shook the world, but we have Justice DK Jain denying the allegations
The second news item - ‘Modi is in Sabha to tell the House of elders and the to believe that Rajiv Gandhi was unaware and said, "I wish to state that these
the dock’ announces the media gleefully. nation how helpless he was and now how of Warren Andherson’s free and safe affidavits were not prepared by me and
But the media had put Modi in the dock angry and outraged he is and how he is transit out of the country. Sounds were sent to me by Teesta Setalvad of CPJ
long ago and the CBI was laboring for keen on bringing Warren Andherson to ridiculous to say the least. from Mumbai for obtaining signature of
years to fix guilt on him. Towards this it justice! Is that not adding insult to injury? A In both the cases Rajiv Gandhi was witness Nanumiya. Nanumiya's allegation
looked that the CBI has only one State GoM is appointed (this is the mantra to buy innocent, asserts the Congress and the against me that I inserted certain
and one person to devote all its energies time and to negate justice) to look into the UPA2 government. Then the same can be paragraphs in his affidavit without his
and its strategies - turning witnesses into records which it naturally cannot find and applied to Modi too. If there is no probe for knowledge is totally false as I never made
approvers, suddenly reopening cases - no telephone transcript is found to nail Rajiv those two cases to fix the culprits, where any changes in his affidavit. Nanumiya has
grilling and recalling persons. Making it Gandhi. This is the result of the GoM’s is the need for a CBI probe in the Gujarat/ signed the affidavits sent by Teesta, under
amply evident the motive and the goal findings. So RG is innocent of all the Godhra riots? We do not need a CBI to dig whom I was working during that period."
towards which the CBI was working for. happenings. Is that not grave mis- and dig and spend all its time and energies
So actually it is no big news that ‘Modi is governance and a violation of constitutional in this State chasing the wild goose. If in
in the dock’. The former junior Minister for accountability? The solemn pledge taken both those cases Rajiv Gandhi can be Subscribe for
Home Zadaphia had told the Special at the time of assuming office to safeguard exonerated and proved to be innocent
Investigation Team(SIT) that the chief and act without fear or favor is thrown to the though in power, then why not apply the National Spirit
minister Modi was in complete control of winds? So the man at the helm of affairs is same yardstick to Modi? He is innocent of
the goings-on in the State after the Godhra soundly and innocently unaware of this the Godhra riots. Things happened beyond
One year (52 issues) Rs.250/-
train burning on Feb 27th 2002. It is global industrial disaster under his regime his control. It was a natural backlash. He Three years (156 issues) Rs.700/-
relevant to note that Zadaphia also told which took hundreds of lives and left lives cannot be put in the dock and the CBI Copies will be sent by post to
the SIT that he had met Mukul Sinha, the broken permanently? cannot be so outrageously used by the all subscribers. Posted every
advocate of the Jan Sangharsh Manch, Is it not a grave violation to allow a Centre to finish off Modi. Saturday.
who advised him that he could bring down foreigner to safe transit - he was escorted In the final analysis what is being put
the Modi government single handed! So by government officials and given even a forth is that there should not be double Subscription for PDF format, to be
that’s the motive to bring down the Modi government plane to Delhi from where he standards - two yard sticks - and Justice sent by email anywhere in the world -
government come what be. It is towards safely flies out of India as though after a need be upheld irrespective of the party Rs.100/- per year (52 issues)
this that the CBI is laboring on. Modi for picnic in this country. And poor Rajiv and the person. That is what our
that matter was put on trial by the media Gandhi is unaware of all this and hence Constitution is all about and that is what
Payment favouring
much earlier and also found guilty by it. proved innocent by his own party men. this country stands for. Truth and Justice “National Spirit”
The Godhra riots is all due to Modi. What a great travesty of justice. must be the hall marks of governance and 210 Abhinav, 2nd Floor, Teen Dongri
A cursory view of the whole system PV.Narasimha Roa becomes the let it not be felt and seen that injustice is Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West,
of governance will go to prove that there scape goat. He does not belong to a being carried out in the name of Justice. Mumbai 400062.
is a hierarchy and it is not always that the dynastic ruling family and hence it is The media has a great responsibility in Tel: 022-28764460, 09324728153
topmost person gives the order. Granted convenient in making him the culprit. But this regard and must be the watchdog and Email:
that Modi ordered the 59 charred bodies that does not absolve the Congress - it is not a partisan to petty party politics.
National Spirit is registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India. RNI No. MAHENG/2010/32801 - Postal Regn. No. MH/MR-NW-177/2010
National Spirit Vol. 1, Issue No. 24 Mumbai, September 10, 2010 Page 8

Opposition looks Leicester’s First

askance at new CVC Female Hindu Priest
‘Brought in to cover up 2G scam, Leicester, UK, August 31, 2010: up her three daughters and pursued her
CW Games mess’ Women are becoming more and more career as a social worker.
prominent as worship leaders in all faiths Unable to forget her long standing
(Courtesy: Pioneer News Service) in England. And now a woman from ambition, Chanda approached her father,
New Delhi, Sept. 06, 2010: enlarge and revise the list, saying there Leicester is taking on the largely male who she describes as her guru, for his
Opposition BJP on Sunday objected to the were “many more better names” outside strong hold of Hindu priesthood. In her blessing to carry out her dream. With his
appointment of PJ Thomas, Telecom the panel’s suggestions which can now fifties Chanda Vyas achieved her agreement she was finally able to start
Secretary, as the new Central Vigilance be included for “this very significant and childhood dream, when she became the conducting Asian wedding ceremonies in
Commissioner, fearing the move was to important post”, he said, adding that this first female Hindu priest to conduct both English and Gujarati.
cover up the 2G spectrum scam and suggestion was also ignored by the weddings in the UK. Although Chanda conducts other
alleged irregularities in the committee. Although Chanda comes from a Hindu ceremonies her main focus is on
Commonwealth Games-related projects. At the end, she asked to postpone Brahmin family, where traditionally the wedding ceremony as she is able to
Thomas would replace Pratush Sinha on the meeting for another day, suggesting priesthood is practiced, but as a daughter interpret the scriptures in a way the
Monday. them to do “more homework” and decide no one expected her to learn the sacred younger generation are able to
A day after what could be the “best nomination” for mantras and texts. As a child she grew understand. Chanda might have expected
Thomas’s name the post, he said. “This was also ignored,” up with her male role-models all practicing some male priests to have been unhappy
was cleared for the Vijay said, adding, “What is the use of priesthood but was told it was culturally with her conducting religious ceremonies,
top job, the BJP inviting or having the Leader of Opposition unacceptable for a female to practice. but so far she said she has been accepted
described the move as a member of selection committee.” Chanda eventually put her childhood by the communities and feels she has
as “sad and Vijay said that the only reason that dream behind her, settled down, brought their support.
shocking” and Swaraj objected to Thomas’s appointment
“unacceptable” to the party. Party
spokesman Tarun Vijay told reporter that
the appointment was done in a “blatantly
was that “he had already been involved
in palm oil scam in Kerala when K Karunakaran
was the Chief Minister of the State”.
Sadhu sues Chidu over
hastily” manner despite “suggestions and
objections” by the Leader of Opposition
He said his party is aware of the fact
that Thomas’s name was cleared in the
‘saffron terror’ remark
(LoP) in Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj, who case after inquiry, but for the post of CVC, Ahmedabad, Sept. 07, 2010 : A In his complainant, Swami
was also a member of the selection a person who is completely blameless metropolitan court on Monday ordered a Nityanand Tirth, who runs an ashram in
committee. should be nominated. “It’s really shocking police inquiry into Union home minister P Radhanpur town, had referred to Home
“The recent appointment of the and surprising that how the Government Chidambaram's remark on "saffron Minister P. Chidambaram's remark of
Central Vigilance Commissioner in the insisted on just one name, that is of terrorism" to find out whether it was “saffron terrorism”.
blatantly hastily manner is the clear Thomas, and ignored the suggestion and defamatory or not. The Vatva GIDC police Nityanand Tirth has stated that the
indication that the Government wants to objection of the Leader of Opposition in station has been asked to inquire and saffron colour is associated with the saints
cover up the 2G spectrum scam,” Vijay the Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj. Hence, submit a report in three months. in India and by equating it to terrorism,
said, adding, “And not only that she recorded her dissent,” he said. A priest from Radhanpur in Patan Chidambaram has defamed all the
immediately after the Commonwealth Vijay said that the CBI is probing the district had filed a defamation suit against sadhus and saints in the country, including
Games, all the financial irregularities that 2G spectrum scam, but it may come to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram for him (Nityanand Tirth).
have been alleged will come to be inquired the CVC at a later stage for it being the using the words “saffron terrorism”. He said the saffron colour has also
into by the CVC.” “boss of the CBI”. He alleged that being The complainant had sought been associated with personalities like
The Rajya Sabha member said the the Telecom Secretary, Thomas has to appropriate action against Chidambaram Swami Vivekanand and Swami Dayanand
panel comprising Prime Minister defend A Raja, Minister of under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code. Saraswati.
Manmohan Singh, Home Minister P Telecommunications, and entire 2G
Chidambaram besides Swaraj had
proposed three names and the LoP in the
Lok Sabha had suggested the committee
spectrum scam.
“How will he probe the 2G spectrum
scam? And people will trust on it after he
A Day of Injured
to choose any one of the two names
except Thomas, but “it was ignored”.
assumes charge of CVC.... Such incidents
show the mentality of the Government in Govindas
Swaraj suggested the committee to a democracy,” he said. handi too
Mumbai, September 3, 2010: The
rush of injured “Govindas”– who form has been
India tests BrahMos human pyramids to reenact what Lord
Krishna’s butter theft - stunned doctors at
and people

cruise missile public hospitals in Mumbai on Thursday.

As many as 170 Govindas were taken to
emergency rooms in various civic
are taking
bigger risks.
We see the
Balasore, September 05, 2010: submarines, ships, aircraft and land based hospitals in the city. number of
Adding a new feather to India's missile Mobile Autonomous Launchers (MAL), a Doctors said dangerously high patients
prowess, 290-km range BrahMos cruise Defence Research Development handis (butter pots) this year - some up increasing
missile was today successfully test- Organisation (DRDO) official said. to 50 feet high – and requiring as many too,” said
fired as part of trials by the Army from One regiment of the 290-km as nine tiers of govinda pyramids, had Dr. Sameer
the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at range BrahMos-I variant, consisting contributed to the more-severe-than-usual Rege, Asst.
Chandipur off Orissa coast. of 67 missiles, five mobile cases this year. “With the prize money professor of
"User's trial of BrahMos autonomous launchers on 12x12 increasing every year, the height of the surgery in
conducted by the Indian Army was Tatra vehicles and two mobile KEM Hospital,
successful," ITR Director S P Dash command posts, among other training camps, without causing collateral Parel.
said after the missile blasted off from equipment, is already operational in damage.
a mobile launcher at around 11:35 AM the Army. BrahMos Block-II variant has been
from the launch complex-3 of the test Similarly, the Navy has started developed to take out a specific small National Spirit
range near here. inducting the first version of BrahMos target, with a low radar cross-section, in invites articles, letters, reviews and
The trial was conducted for missile system in all its frontline war a multi-target environment. comments from readers, on current
achieving the maximum range of 290 ships from 2005, defence sources The BrahMos missile is a two-stage affairs, politics, teleserials, editorials
km of the supersonic missile, he said. said. vehicle that has a solid propellant booster of newspapers, articles, news
The missile can fly at 2.8 times Army, on its part, is set to induct and a liquid propellant ram-jet system. reports, panel discussions in TVs,
the speed of sound carrying two more regiments of the BrahMos The first flight test of the BrahMos etc. Please send your critical
conventional warheads up to 300 kg Block-II land-attack cruise missiles was conducted on June 12, 2001 at the analysis, to:
for a range of 290 km and can (LACM), designed as "precision ITR at Chandipur in Orissa coast and the or National
effectively engage ground targets strike weapons" capable of hitting last trial of the naval version of BrahMos Spirit, 210 Abhinav, Teen Dongri,
from an altitude as low as 10 metres. small targets in cluttered urban was carried out in a vertical mode Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West,
Developed in a joint venture with environments, they said. successfully on March 21, 2010 from Mumbai 400062. Tel: 022-28764460,
Russia, the sophisticated BrahMos cruise BrahMos-II can potentially be used Indian navy ship INS Ranvir off Orissa 09324728153.
missile is capable of being launched from for "surgical strikes", including at terrorist coast.

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