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Learning Experience Plan

Name: Glitter Germs Number of children and adults: 12


Curriculum Interest Area: Science Developmental Domain:

Science, Cognitive, Physical

Purpose/ Description of the activity: (What is the rationale for the lesson? Relevancy to student life?
Relevancy to study topic? What about the topic do you want children to learn? Real life application?)
This activity will fit the study theme of health teaching the children proper hand washing. The goal of this activity is to
show the children that a simple rinse will not get the glitter off their hands. The children will learn through their
observations how you need to properly wash your hands. The child will also learn that soap and water as well as
rubbing your hands is the way you remove germs.

Objective: (What learning objective to want children to practice or learn? What Wisconsin Model Early Learning
Standard/s will you address?) LIST WMELS HERE

1. C.EL. 1 Uses observation to gather information

2. A.EL. 1 Uses multi-sensory abilities to process information

Transition into the activity/ Introduction (Anticipatory Set): (Related to the activity- How will
you activate prior knowledge to increase child understanding?)
“Everyone put out there hands; I am going to spray some germs in your hands!
We need to wash off all these germs in the bathroom!”

Materials needed: (Specific list of items needed to conduct the activity)

-Small Spray Bottle

Procedure (Guided Practice): (Order of activity, in step by step detail. Include Input- What will the
teacher do and say? Modeling- bridging teacher directed and student directed participation together. What will the
children do and say?)
1. Introduce Activity
2. “Everyone put out there hands; I am going to spray some germs in your hands! We
need to wash off all these germs in the bathroom!”
3. Line all the children up by what color they are wearing, “If you are wearing pink
line up..”
4. Continue that until all the children are lined up
5. Have soap holder carry the soap to the bathroom
6. Walk to bathroom
7. Have children go to bathroom if needed, if not have them line up
8. Squirt soap in each of their hands
9. Have them scrub their hands
10. Allow children to rinse of soap in sink, show them if they did not scrub all the
“germs” off
11. Have them continue scrubbing until germs are all gone
12. Once they are all lined up tell them “It is a lot more work to get germs off then just
rinsing your hands huh!!”
13. Tell them you should scrub your hands with soap and sing “Happy Birthday” that is
how long it takes to get all the germs.
14. Walk back to room and eat snack

Transition from the activity/Closure: (What will you say or do to let the children know the activity is
done. This culminating activity should involve children recalling and reviewing information learned during the activity)
Once children are all lined up out of the bathroom tell them “It is a lot more work
to wash your hands than you thought? You have to scrub for a long time to get all
the germs off. “
“Maybe try singing Happy Birthday while you wash your hand, which is what I
Let’s walk back to the room and eat some snack!

Check for understanding: (How will you check to see if the WMELS objectives are met? What will you look
for, observe or ask about?)
Does the child use their senses, and wash all the glitter off?
Does the child observe the glitter and try to get it all off?