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How to Navigate this Ebook Like an Expert

This eBook was created to eliminate the long
Did you know that you can you can search for legitimate employment by focusing on
search a .pdf file just like a web companies that regularly hire home-based
page? workers and have a solid online reputation.

Thousands of hours of research and writing went into

the creation of this eBook – and our work is ongoing
+ F brings up a “Find Box” as we continue to seek out new virtual employers in
the teleservices field.

So, if you are looking for something Every effort has been made to assure that our
information on these employers is accurate and
special, use the “Find” function. complete. It’s important to note that salaries and
schedules often vary due to fluctuations in workload,
Examples of things to search for: supply and demand.

Please take the time to read through the introductory

• Part time chapters before you apply to any of the employers in
• W-2 this eBook – with the competitive nature of the
homeshoring job market, it’s imperative that you
• Kansas project professionalism to make sure that your job
• Benefits application stands out from the crowd.
• Military We wish you the ultimate success in your job hunt –
• Disabled please feel free to email us with suggestions,
questions, and success stories!
Also, keep your eyes open for these

= independent contractor
= W-2 employee
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Table of Contents
Section One – An Introduction to Work
from Home Virtual Call Center Jobs
The Importance of Doing Your Research
So, What is Homeshoring?
Who Hires Virtual Call Center Agents (and Why?)
The Sung (and Unsung) Benefits of Working at Home
The Pitfalls of Working for Virtual Call Centers
Preparing for the Virtual Application Process
Preparing Your Virtual Resume
Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for Virtual Call Center
The Virtual Call Center Checklist
Acing the Virtual Job Interview
Acing the Voice Audition

Section Two – Company Profiles

1-800-CONTACTS (Draper, Utah) 25
1-800-FLOWERS (Select Regions) 26
2 Places at 1 Time 27
A Plus Call Centers 28
AA Homeshoring Solutions 29
AAA Renewals / IntRep Renewals 30
Access Marketing 31
Accolade Support 32
AccountNow (Oakland, California) 33
AccuConference 34
ACD Direct 35
Advanis (US & Canada) 36
Advise Tech 37
Aetna (North Dakota) 38
Affiliated Computer Services 39
Affina (Select Regions) 40
AG Adjustments, Inc. 41
Ajilon Consulting 42
Alaska Airlines – (WA & AK) 43
Alpine Access 44
Americall Group – (California) NEW 45
American Airlines (Select Regions) 46
American Express Travel 47
American Kidney Fund Pickup (Georgia) 48

American Public University System - NEW 49
Anchor Careers 50
Ansafone 51
Answer Anytime / Worldwide Messaging 52
Answer One 53
APAC Customer Solutions (Green Bay, Wisconsin) 54
Applied Card Systems (Boca Raton, Florida) 55
Apptical 56
Arc’s Value Village (Minnesota) 57
Arise Virtual Services / Solutions 58
AR Recovery 59
ARO *Updated information 60
Ascend One Corporation – (Select Regions) NEW 61
Aspire Marketing / Sales Group 62
Audio Video Web 63
Auralog (Select Regions) 64
Baby2Bee 65
Beyond Marketing 66
Blue Zebra Appointment Setting 67
Brighten Employment 68
Brook Adams Research 69
Calacode 70
Call Center International - NEW 71
Call Desk 72
Capture ISG 73
Carlson Wagonlit Travel - NEW 74
Channel Blend (Idaho Training) 75
Cloud 10 Corporation 76
Compass Intelligence 77
Concierge at Large 78
Connection Call Center (Jamestown, NY Training & 79
Continental Airlines (Select Regions) 80
Convergys 81
Convertec Business Solutions 82
Cornerstone Business Support 83
Covenant Business Group 84
Coventry Health Care - NEW 85
Cox Communications (Arizona) 86 87
CSR, Inc. (Pennsylvania) 88
Customer Loyalty Concepts 89
Datacard Corporation (Minnesota) 90
Dealer’s Greatest Assets 91
Delta Corporate Communications 92
Derosa Communications / Checkleads / Phone Force 93 / 1-800-DIAPERS 94
Dow Jones (Spokane, Washington) - NEW 95
4 (Bellevue, Washington) 96
Eagle Eye Verification / Telecheck Delivery Verification 97
eCallogy 98
Edoc Marketing 99
Education Sales (Denver, Colorado) - NEW 100
Eleutian Technology 101
Entertainment Publications / EPI 102
Esurance (South Dakota) - NEW 103
Exclusive Car Service (Massachusetts) 104
Expert Biz Developers 105
Extended Presence 106
Finger Lakes Web Answering 107
First Advantage 108
Freedom Telework 109
Free & Clear 110
Frontline 4 Hire 111
Futura Executive Solutions 112
Galileo Processing (Utah) 113
GE Money USA (Select Regions) 114
Geeks by Minute 115
Gemstone Marketing Group 116
Go to Market Strategies 117
Greene Teleservices (DC Metro Area) 118
Grindstone 119
Higher 1 120
Hilton Reservations - NEW 121
Hiwired (Massachusetts) 122
Holland America (Seattle, Washington) 123
Home Shopping Network 124
Hudson Management Services (Missouri) 125
I Telesource 126
ICT Group 127
Idapted 128
IMS Technology Sales Specialists 129
Infocision 130
Initial Call 131
Int Rep 132
Intelemark 133
Intellicall / Answer2 (Florida) 134
Internet Merchandising Systems 135
Intuit 136
Jelly Bean Services 137
JetBlue (Utah or California) 138
JVM, Inc. 139
Kowal Associates - NEW 140
Life Alert 141
Life Made Simple / Order Corner 142
Live Ops 143
Lunar Pages 144
Maine Oil 145
Maranatha Group 146
Market Makers 147
Marriot Global Reservations (Nebraska) 148
Medco Health Solutions (Select Regions) - NEW 149
Micahtek (Oklahoma) 150
NEW Home Based CCR 151
Next Level Solutions 152
Nielson Media Research 153
Niteo Services 154
North American Publisher’s Service 155
Nucomm (Georgia) - NEW 156
Numbers, Inc. 157
Occurance (Utah) 158
Offsite Works 159
On Point at Home / On Point Advocacy 160
OPK Telemarketing 161
Outlook Amusements (Los Angeles, California) 162
Outrigger Hotels (Denver, Colorado) 163
Overflow USA 164
Oxford Media / Oxford SVI 165
Palm Coast Data (Palm Coast, Florida) 166
People Ready 167
Perceptis L.L.C. 168
Pioneer Staffing 169
Phone Magic 170
Pop-a-Lock 171
Prince Market Research 172
Productivity Essentials 173
Professional Dispatch Services 174
Public Opinion Research 175
Purple Heart Pick Up 176
Quest Diagnostics (Missouri) - NEW 177
Reditos Worldwide 178
Reserve America (Florida) 179
Rich Worldwide 180
SCI at Home 181
Service 800 182
Schlesinger Associates - NEW 183
Smart Circle International - NEW 184
Smart Office Solutions 185
Special Data Processing (Florida, Tampa Bay Area) 186
StandGuard Security - NEW 187
Staples (Rochester, NY) 188
Stewart Response Group 189
Superior Telemarketing 190
Sutherland Global Services - NEW 191
Tactical Sales Solutions 192
Talk2Rep Call Centers 193
TASC Business Solutions 194
Team Double Click 195
Teachers-Teachers (Select Regions) 196
Technology Sales Resource 197
Telecare Corporation (Florida) 198
Teleleads Online 199
Telelink / The Call Center, Inc. 200
Telereach 201
Teletech@Home 202
TeleXpertise 203
Telvisio Solutions 204
Time Communications (Minnesota) 205
Turner Consulting Group 206
Trigger Touch Marketing 207
Uhaul 208
Ultimate Fares 209
Validated Response 210
Verafast 211
Verety (North Dakota) 212
VIPDesk *Updated information 213
Virtuserve / CC Employment 214
VoiceLog LLC / BSG Clearing) 215
Web Tracer 216
West at Home 217
Westat Research Interviewing 218
Working Solutions 219
X Act Services 220

Canada-Only Homeshoring Companies 221

24-7 In Touch - NEW 222

Brand Revival - NEW 223
Catalog Teleservices Company 224
Fairmont Hotels and Resorts 225
Rural Ex - NEW 226
Siris at Home 227
Telantek Global Telecom - NEW 228
Telepros - NEW 229

Companies the Prefer Military Spouses, Vets, and Disabled 230

Affiliated Computer Services – See page 39

HomeBase USA - NEW 231
National Telecommuting Institute / NTI (Disabled and Veterans) 232
J. Lodge (Select Regions)
Room Service Anywhere 233

Resources Used for this Ebook 234

The Importance of Doing Your Research

With so many scams on the internet, it’s essential to find out if a company is reputable
before sending any personal information to an employer.

In the quest for work-at-home jobs online, the average internet user must wade through thousands
of scams, “business opportunities”, and other “offers” before even beginning to fill out a job
application or starting their follow-up research. In fact, according to, in 2005, work-at-
home scams were among the top 10 types of fraud reported by consumers, with the average
victim losing $1, 785 in their quest for legitimate home employment.

It’s a sad statistic – especially with the many opportunities that have developed with the trend
toward outsourcing. There are literally hundreds of legitimate call center employers – and
thousands of jobs – available to professionals that wish to move their career from brick-and-
mortar to the comfort of their home office.

We’ve included links to many BBB Reports, online forums, and media reports about the
companies listed in this eBook so that you can be comfortable with applying and providing them
with the research.

There are many fantastic work-from-home websites where member share information about
employers – mostly from word of mouth or elementary web searches. While

When looking for a work-from-home job, it is essential to have as much information as possible.
Don’t be timid about researching outside of the listings in this book. Use the BBB Reliability
Reports, visit the websites, and contact the companies listed if anything seems untoward.

Recommended Online Forums to use for Research and Discussion:

• Work at Home Forum:

• Work at Home Mom:
• Why Do Work:
• Homeworking:
• Work at Home Forum:
• Internet Based Moms:

Most of these forums require registration – and their members are

very active. Not only are these boards great to find out information
about a potential employer, they also are a great place to make new
friends and contacts in the telecommuting world.
So, What is Homeshoring?

H omeshoring, in its simplest definition, is the use of home-

based employees by businesses, big and small, to handle
their call center functions with the use of virtual
employees. Homeshoring companies have made the
decision to keep their call centers virtual – but within
their own parameters, country and control.

Most homeshoring employers are virtual call centers that

have moved their jobs out of high-overhead call centers
and into the homes of US workers, rather than out of the

Why do these businesses hire home-based workers? Homeshoring is an exciting

trend that is poised for
It’s a simple equation – they want to save money, and keep their explosive growth.
customer relationships. Homeshoring keeps callers happy and
budgets . How many times have you called your cell phone According to the Gartner
provider or credit card company, only to find that the agent on Group, 10% of all call centers
the other line has a language barrier or thick accent? in the US plan on employing
Homeshoring is the result of customer backlash and a desire to home-based agents in the near
cut costs, but not corners, when it comes to saving money and future. There are currently
creating valuable contacts with customers. 112,000 home-based agents in
the U.S., according to the
Many US companies have moved their call centers to countries research group IDC. By 2010,
such as India to cut costs. In the process, however, 330,000 virtual call center
communication differences have created a problem in customer agents are expected to be
relationships. Bad management decisions, poor service, and working in the US alone.
complaints from customers have caused the new homeshoring
trend – it’s always less expensive to keep an existing customer
than find a new one.

Companies that hire virtual workers save money on real

estate, toilet paper, and coffee supplies – in addition to other
normal brick and mortar expenses. They also can save by
hiring contractors instead of employees – eliminating the There’s going to be a lot of
obligation for health care and other human resources related folks out there working in
costs. Many new homeshoring jobs are independent contractor their fuzzy bunny slippers.
positions offered by outsourcing companies. The agents are (Don’t worry, they never run
responsible for their own health care, computer equipment, out of them on eBay.)
training, and occasionally, background checks.

Homeshoring also provides a flexible and adjustable workforce for companies that are often sent
into chaos with call overflow. Often, a virtual call center agent can schedule work shifts in time
periods as short as 15 minutes.

Who Hires Virtual Call

Center Agents? (& Why)

V irtual call center employers range from outsourcing

partners (such as Convergys and LiveOps) to large
corporations looking to save operating costs for their
call center components. Companies such as JetBlue send their
workers home and have an added benefit when weather
problems force call overflows – they can call on their home-
based workers to pick up the slack.

Other companies outsource their calls to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO's) firms such as
Alpine Access or LiveOps. The call centers then hire home-based workers or create independent
contractor agreements.

With home-based workers, companies are in control of call flow – and they can adjust schedules,
training, and other variables to fulfill their changing needs more quickly. If a companies’ needs
change due to a particularly effective television commercial or direct mail campaign, or even a
weather-related outage or technical problem, they have agents ready to pick up the slack. Many
companies utilize their ability to reach their contractors quickly – by sending a quick email blast
communication to agents with the needed skills. Homeshoring companies are capable of
increasing or decreasing callflow capacity to meet client needs by 300 to 500 percent – in a
fraction of the time it would take to train, recruit, and retain traditional call center employees.

Home-based workers are often happy workers- it’s not uncommon for a call center’s turnover to
decrease by 80 percent or more within a year of moving to a virtual call center. Home based
workers are also less likely to escalate “problem” calls – due to their independence and training,
almost 90 percent fewer calls are escalated. Home agents also tend to be more dedicated and
protective of their company and job – simply because they appreciate the flexibility of home-
based work. Many home-based employees, especially stay-at-home parents, appreciate the
ability to work from home part time and during the “off” hours, when their kids are fast asleep in
Some virtual call centers only hire home-based contractors with their
own business set-up, so that their workers can operate under their own
small corporations or LLC's.

Companies that require this set-up will walk you through the process
and usually state it plainly on their website. It’s important to know that
this arrangement will require fees such as business licensing and
incorporation costs. (Which, of course, you can later write off in your 11
The Sung (and Unsung)
Benefits of Working from

T he benefits of working at home are often plenty

especially for parents, caretakers, and persons with disabilities that limit their

physical mobility. Let’s face it; almost everyone would love to work in the place they
live. Who doesn’t want to spend more time with their family, keep an eye on their household,
and brew their own coffee in the morning? In addition to providing the traditional comforts of
home, however, there are also many unexpected benefits that home workers usually discover.

Your cost of living will decrease.

If you’ve been a commuter in the past, you can expect to save around $5000.00 a year
on gas and related expenses. Don’t be surprised when your car insurance rates drop as a result of
your home employment. Telecommuting workers, on average, save $750 per month by simply
not driving to and from work, not eating out for lunch, and other daily office workforce habits.
If you typically have to commute an hour or two a day, daily expenditures can easily add up. As
a home-based employee, you won’t need to pay for the extra child care hours caused by
commutes. You are free to schedule your work hours around your daily tasks, eliminating extra
gas mileage or extra childcare fees.

You’ll live a little healthier.

When you work from home, flu season may pass you by – without the
exposure to co-workers and shared equipment, you also decrease your
exposure to workplace bugs that often spread like wildfire. And, of
course, you’ll be able to control your work enfironment, a huge bonus for those of
us that suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies.

It doesn’t matter what you look like when you go to work.

Nobody sees you when you work from home. Your employers judge you
based on performance. If you have a visible disability, you won’t be treated
differently from your peers. The same goes if you have pink hair. You’ll
also be able to scrap your “work clothes” budget and dry cleaning fees. One
of the biggest benefits of working from home is the elimination of “prep time”
before going to work.

You’ll enjoy more flexibility than any typical office job.

As a home-based agent, you will have more flexibility in

your work schedule and duties than traditional employees.
Some companies allow you to schedule your work hours with
as little as 15 minutes at a time. Often, you will be able to
choose what clients you work for, as well as the type of calls you take or make.

Many homeshoring firms offer a variety of clients, hours, and shifts to work for. If you aren’t
comfortable taking outbound sales calls, you may be able to do inbound customer service calls
for another client. Most companies that hire independent contractors are not offended when you
pass over a client offer – they want you to work with confidence, and do what you’re best at.

You may be an actual employee – with benefits.

Many of the companies listed in this ebook do hire full-fledged employees,

complete with benefits, sick leave, and other corporate benefit perks.
Benefits kick in after an initial orientation period – but absenteeism often
dwindles with home-based work. As a home-based worker, you may find
yourself more willing to work when you or your child is ill, as long as you
are able to take much-needed breaks. You’ll still get paid and be able to
work comfortably as you stuff yourself with chicken noodle soup.

The Pitfalls of Working for Virtual Call

T here are some pitfalls of working for a company that hire at-home workers. Pay is not
necessarily calculated in a traditional manner, and you can’t dedicate your time to another
cause while you are working. (Most companies require absolute quiet when working.)
Many homeshoring jobs pay less than in-person jobs due to the decreased cost of living
associated with working from home. Here’s a breakdown of some key issues that come along
with the privilege to work at home.

If you become an independent contractor, you’ll need a record-

keeping system in place.

Many home-based agents are hired as independent contractors,

which means you will have to file your own taxes and cover your
own business expenses. . Sometimes, agents have to pay fees to the
agency for background checks and Web-based training. You’ll pay
your own Social Security taxes, but can also take tax deductions
related to the expenses of having a home-based office.

Becoming familiar with tax laws and write-offs is essential if you apply for a contract
position. You’ll want to keep receipts for office supplies and long distance bills. You
may also want to familiarize yourself with self-paid benefits such as health insurance,
medical savings plans, and retirement accounts, since you will typically be considered a
sole proprietor in the eyes of the IRS.

Home agents are paid in different ways – hourly, by the minute, and
sometimes, by the call.

While home agents earn more than their brick-and-mortar counterparts

(most earn $10 to $15 an hour without benefits vs. $7 to $9 with benefits
in a call center), they are paid in different ways than typical employees.
Some companies pay per appointment or actual talk time. Others pay a flat
hourly rate plus commission based on sales. Many companies ask you to
invoice them for the hours or talk time. Read information about pay rates and scheduling
carefully to make sure you understand exactly how, and when, you can expect to be paid.

When you are “at work”, you are “at work”.

When you are working, you are at work no matter what is

going on in another room. It isn’t reasonable to expect that
you can work while the kids are running around the house or
your grandmother requires special care. Employees with kids
at home or barking dogs must be able to keep their home
office distraction and noise-free. A parent or caretaker will
want to make sure that they schedule their work around their
other obligations effectively – by either taking shifts outside of normal hours or scheduling a few
hours of playtime at a family friend’s house.

You’ll pay and care for your own equipment.

Often, homeshoring companies will ask that you pay for your own
equipment, including a second phone line or headset. While it may
seem unfair, it’s what helps them keep their costs low and motivates
workers to stick with a job after their initial transition from brick-
and-mortar to home-based employment. The willingness to becoming
responsible for the care and maintenance of your equipment shows a
willingness to commit to your employer long-term.

Preparing for the
Virtual Application

W hen looking for a home-based job,

it’s important to always
remember: The desire to work
from home is NOT considered a skill by
potential employers.

Often, many work-at-home job seekers seem to

be under the impression that companies that
hire home-workers are actually desperate for
employees. (This is most likely because many
of the work-at-home scams advertise that
workers are need immediately and can make a
ton of money in a small period of time. These are
often the same companies that charge huge fees for
a list of URL’s or MLM companies.)

When dealing with legitimate home-based jobs, employers have more choices.

Companies that hire remote workers are picky – and they can afford to be. A majority of home-
based agents have some level of college education or years of real-world work experience. Poor
communicators or unprofessional applications are weeded through to get to the top notch
candidates – and there’s a lot for them to weed through! (Companies such as Alpine Access
receive close to 2,000 job applications per week.)

How can you make sure your application stands out from the crowd with such stiff

In order to stand out from the crowd, you’ll want to project professionalism throughout the
application process. Home agents require far more than a phone, an Internet connection, and
quiet space to be able to perform their work. Home agents need to be mature, motivated, and
disciplined. You’ll want to project this image throughout the interview process – in every form
of communication that you have your potential employers.

It’s important to note that your resume is just one component of your job application – and
you should be prepared to present it in different formats. (Some companies will ask that you
send a resume in plain text, while others simply have a job application that you can cut and paste
your resume into.) Consider any IM’s, emails, or other communication from your potential
employer to be part of the job application process, too.
Writing Your Virtual Resume
Writing a resume is sometimes a tedious task, but it doesn’t have
to be. Remember your excitement about your new career and the
skills that you’re eager to bring to the job. There are always a few
essential components you’ll want to include – here’s a breakdown
on how to tailor them to your virtual career.

Write your objective with the company in mind.

Your objective should be aligned with your potential employer’s objectives – keep this in mind.
Explain why you want to work for the company, not why you want to work from home. It’s okay
to mention that you want to use your skills and work independently – it’s not a good idea to
simply state that you want to find a work at home job. Try to mention specific experience you
have – such as retail, customer service, or hospitality experience.

Summarize your skills in an overview or summary.

This section should be a bulleted section which briefly outlines your skills. Try to highlight your
problem-solving skills, customer service abilities, and technical ability.

Detail your employment history.

This is where you highlight your relevant industry experience and the level of interaction,
independence, and maturity you performed for your previous employers. Action words and
attention to detail are key when describing your former positions.

Write your resume in chronological format, with the most recent position listed first. Make sure
to mention any successes, great or small – especially if you were assigned to new projects or
entered into additional training classes.

Specific industry experience is good to mention – for example, if you worked in an upscale
boutique, rather than a big-box retailer such as Walmart, make sure that you mention this.

Detail your educational background.

Outline your educational background, including any technology training courses you’ve taken. If
you have taken any coursework through distance learning, this is where you’ll want to mention it
– since most of the training virtual call centers use is online.

Your interests may be relevant – so include them.

An interest in technology, the web, and, of course, anything industry-related would be great to
list in this section. For example, if you enjoy fashion and keeping up with the latest trends, let
your potential employer know this – after all, they may have a client that needs your enthusiasm
and expertise.

You may also want to create a profile on LinkedIn ( – a

business-oriented networking site that is similar to MySpace. By creating a profile,
your work experience is complied and displayed to potential employers and you may
be able to approach potential employers through the website. You’ll also be able to search for
previous co-workers – and possibly glean a public recommendation from them. LinkedIn is a
very popular tool for professionals – in October 2007, they claimed over 15 million registered
users. A lot of the companies in this ebook have profiles on the site.

Things to Keep in Mind
When Applying for Virtual
Call Center Jobs

• Home based workers need to be able to work


Independence is important because when working at home a person has nobody watching
them and making sure they are getting their work done. Independence is more than
working alone in an office – it’s about problem solving, the ability to think on your feet,
and the ability to deal with an irate customer or confused prospect. Most of your calls will
be friendly, but the ones that aren’t are the ones that make or break a company. After all, it
takes a lot more effort to find a new customer than keep a regular one.

• You have excellent communication skills – make sure you use them.

As a virtual employee, you won’t have the luxury of face-to-face interaction. When
communicating with your potential employer, make sure that you are professional in every
manner. Emails, online applications, and telephone conversations should reflect your
personality and enthusiasm for the position you are applying for. Your resume should also
focus on these skills.

• Problem-solving skills are a key ingredient of home-based work.

Home-based workers have to be able to think on their feet and provide reasonable solutions
or answers to questions. You should be able to improvise without going outside of
company policies. When applying for a job, ask yourself - What are the customers'
expectations? What issues and opportunities will these calls focus on? What specific
backgrounds are necessary to speak with these customers? When you write your resume
and have deal with any follow-up communications, keep these questions in mind. If they
aren’t addressed in the company’s website, consider asking the recruiter when they contact
you for an interview.

• Show your loyalty and commitment to the employer, not just the job.

Potential employers want to know that you are familiar with what they do, and how they
want to do it. As a virtual worker, you will need to be trusted with the company’s image.
This means that you should agree with the goals and values of the company and show that
you have their mission in mind. Homeshoring companies want their recruits to act as true
extensions of their brand. Before applying for a job, take some time to become familiar
with the company and their clients, so that you can properly understand the image they
want to project to their customers. It will make all the difference if the question, “Do you
know what we do and who we work for?” comes up in the interview. (Although it may not
be asked so bluntly – your recruiter is looking for an eager, educated individual that took
the time to learn all they could to make sure that they are a perfect match for the company.)

• Show that you can meet deadlines, pay

attention, and follow directions.

If the website says, “no phone calls,” then don’t

call. The same goes for emails. (If they participate
in online forums or there is an ongoing thread
online about the company, it is linked to this
eBook. Go to the forums to ask questions.) It may
be perfectly reasonable to shoot off an email to the
HR people. “I was just wondering how long your
backlog currently is?” Just don’t have hurt feelings
if you get no response. After the interview, they
may ask you to send them follow-up questions if
you have any. This is the perfect time to ask questions about clients, pay rates, and other
important job factors. If you are assigned an online task, let them know when you will be
able to do it. They may ask you to do it immediately, which means that you’ll need to set
aside extra time for the job interview. Be flexible and communicate clearly if you have
some sort of obligation during the interview process that will prevent you from completing
something on time.

• Be yourself. Show your personality. And always smile!

If you are good with people and enjoy talking, then go ahead and use those persuasive
skills in your interactions with the employer – just don’t be excessive when it comes to talk
time. If they ask you about your experience with their company or within a certain
industry, go ahead and tell them. (For example, if you received a generous bouquet of roses
from 1-800-FLOWERS from your boyfriend who proposed, and you accepted, then let
them know that’s your experience.) Also, of course, mention any specific experience you
have in the industry they serve.

• Get familiar with essential work-at-home technology.

You should know how to work with a laptop, printer, and fax machine, for starters. This
means that you should also be able to troubleshoot when something goes wrong with your
equipment. If not, take a look through your user manuals and learn what to do when things
don’t work the right way. As a virtual worker, you should also have knowledge of basic
internet security - such as virus protection, firewalls, and spy removal software. You’ll
want to set it up to automatically update when you are not at work.

The Virtual Call Center Checklist

M ost employers have a technical questionnaire for their home workers to reference
before they ever even apply for a job. They will ask you the following kinds of
questions, so be prepared. (You should be able to answer yes to these questions before
you apply for a virtual call center job)

Is your workspace appropriate? Do you have a private workspace in your house with
a door, that provides the quiet you need to take and receive phone calls? Does your
home office have a desk, a PC, phone with mute/hold/conference, and a separate phone line that
can be dedicated to contact center calls? If not, will these things be easy for you to implement?

Are you technically capable of setting up and installing the hardware and
software required for your job? Normally, this requires no more than using the
installation disks that come with the equipment. However, will you be able to
troubleshoot before resorting to tech support? (For example, if the driver doesn’t install properly,
would you be the kind of person that goes online to seek out a new driver before calling tech
support? Or do you at least restart your system before calling? )

Do you have a reliable personal computer that meets the company’s defined
system requirements? Do you have broadband/DSL?

Are you comfortable with training online or through multimedia – such as

webinars, online classes, and conference calls? Are you a quick and accurate typist
who is comfortable communicating with online chat?

If you answer no to any of these questions – take stock of your resources. Do you have a
tech-savvy family member or friend that can walk you through some of the resources available?
Can you put your barking dog outside for several hours a day?

Getting comfortable with distance learning technology and different media formats is important
for many reasons – it’s part of your training and eventually your actual job.

Take some time to learn – even if you have to enlist the help of your teenagers, family, or
friends. You should be completely comfortable with internet basics such as virus protection and
firewalls, sending and receiving attachments, downloading and saving multimedia files, and
other tasks you will be expected to complete daily.

Acing the Virtual Job Interview

W hen doing your interview, it’s best to be alone in a very quiet part
of your house – preferably the home office you plan to work out
of. Background noise is one of the main reasons why many
potential home workers do not get hired.

Most homeshoring companies use telephone interviews that are either live or
recorded and last between 10 and 20 minutes. It’s natural to be nervous
during this part of the process. This is where your personality should shine –
and the best thing to remember your research, speak calmly and slowly, and
be prepared for creative interview questions.

If a company is recruiting for an online drug store, they may ask you how you feel about weight
loss products. If a client is a retail catalog, they may ask you specific questions about styles or
brands. Make sure you’ve looked at their client list if available. Brush up on any industry
experience that you may have highlighted in your resume, just in case they are screening for a
similar client.

Preparing for the interview

Schedule your interview for a time you will have complete silence. If, for some reason, the
timing isn’t convenient, don’t be afraid to ask for them to change it. When it comes time for the
interview, turn off your call waiting, and anything distracting – especially the stereo and

• Keep your resume on hand. It’s a great idea to have it easily accessible in case you
need to answer any questions about your previous jobs and functions.
• Keep a list of your accomplishments and other points you want to stress in view. For
example, your resume may not list specific customer interactions or anecdotes that are
relevant to the position – but there may be a few that you want to try and slip into the
• Have a pen and paper handy for note taking.

During the Interview:
• Confirm your interviewer’s name and position. Make note of the phone number in
case you have any follow up questions.
• Remember - the interviewer can't see you. This means he or she can’t see if you have
a pen and paper in your hand, a squishy stress ball, or are petting the cat.
• Pace the call. Let the interviewer speak without interruptions.
• Use the “mirroring” technique. What’s that? It’s the simple art of repeating or re-
phrasing questions as you answer them. It tells your interviewer that you listened
carefully, and gives you time to think about your answer.
• While you’re at it - avoid simple yes or no answers. Remember your personal selling
points (experience!) at every opportunity.

Acing the Voice Audition

voice test.
ost virtual call centers require applicants to audition or the job
by calling in to leave a message. Usually they will give you a
few scripts to practice and then randomly select one for your

What are they looking for? It’s a mixture of personality, voice tone, and
friendliness. If you’re nervous about a voice audition, it’s helpful to actually call a friend or two
and actually practice the script with them on the phone. When you call for your audition, make
sure that there is absolutely no background noise or interference with your call. (Make sure you
disable your call waiting when you call…) Speak slowly and clearly, and make sure you have an
actual smile on your face – that’s something your callers will always hear on the phone.

Using a voice-screening process, homeshoring recruiters typically assess how well applicants
follow directions, how clearly you speak, and the speed and tone of your conversations. Some
employers will require you to practice two or three paragraphs and will be chosen randomly for
you to be tested on.

If your voice audition consists of automated questions and answers, you may find it helpful to
call into the system from a different phone line, and write down the questions that are asked.

Emphasize your experience and skills, be yourself, and show that you have done your

(Draper, UT)

Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Service

Representatives. Agents receive, investigate and
In 1995, 1-800 CONTACTS respond to all inquiries regarding shipments, contact
was created by two lenses, and customer concerns.
entrepreneurs frustrated with
their inability to find Must work on-site for a minimum of 4 months
convenient, affordable contact before being granted a work-from-home position.
lenses. They created 1-800- (You apply for this job as a regular customer service
CONTACTS by acquiring a representative. ) W-2 employee status.
large inventory and setting out
to provide affordable prices
for all prescription strengths – Scheduling: Full time with varying shifts available.
and make them easy to stock The call center is open 24 hours.
and ship. 1-800-CONTACTS
prides themselves on their Training/Experience: Prefers 6 month customer
superior customer service and service experience.
easy ordering.
Compensation: $9.00 per hour plus bonus pay based
on performance. There are monthly performance
reviews, benefits, and a tuition reimbursement plan is
available to full time employees.

Additional Information Sources for 1-800-CONTACTS:

Home Work: Utah Firms Accommodate Employees' Schedules

Best Utah Companies to Work For:

(Select Regions)

Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: 1-800- Typical Openings: Home Agent Specialists to take

Flowers has been providing orders and provide customer service. Often hires part-
customers across the nation time seasonal workers to handle overflow calls as
with the fresh delivered well. Check the website to see if they are hiring in
flower arrangements, gift your region. W-2 employee status.
baskets, and other gourmet
gifts for the past 30 years. 1- Scheduling: The nature of the
800-Flowers offers same-day workload is dependent upon the number of
delivery and fresh hand- customers that are placing orders. Seasonal workers
picked flowers through its are needed during peaks periods such as
"Fresh From Our Growers" Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and
program. Mother’s Day. During this time, Home Agent
Specialists to work 8 – 10 hour shifts. Based on
Hires in AZ, FL, NM, OK, availability, there is a possibility that agents can work
OH, NY, TX, VA, and NV. significant hours during their “Gold Rush Period.”

Training/Experience: Prior call center experience

preferred. Paid training provided. Applicants must be
18 years of age or older and have a high school
diploma or GED to apply. Good typing, writing,
spelling and math skills, with strong communication
skills required. See website for technical requirements
as you must have a fully functional home office.

Compensation: $10.00 - $11.00 / an hour, based on


Additional Information Sources for 1-800-FLOWERS:

Cyber Agents: Work from Home

At Home Call Centers a Growing Trend:

2 Places at One Time
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Service. Hires

corporate concierge service and personal assistant
Two Places at One Time is a schedulers for individuals and businesses. Concierge
mobile concierge service that and Personal Assistants are mobile –
employs workers to schedule interacting by phone and then running errands.
and perform errands and other Customer service workers assist in coordinating
tasks for busy businesspeople concierge services to pick up dry cleaning, W-2
and executives. employee status.

2 Places tracks and stores Scheduling: Full time. Errand runners and customer
client data to make their service workers are typically scheduled Monday
customer experience through Friday between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
personalized and exemplary.
Corporate Concierge tasks Training / Experience: All employees must have
range from scheduling dry experience in customer service and many have
cleaning pick-ups to attended college. Training is provided, however,
performing vital personal experience in scheduling, travel planning, and
services for busy clients. other administrative tasks is a must. You must have
reliable transportation and attention
2Places has 70 offices in the to detail.
United States and Canada.
Compensation: Typical starting salary is $30,000 a
year, plus bonuses.

Additional Information Sources for 2 Places at 1 Time:

At Your Services

Concierge Service Saves Workers Time and Trouble:

A Plus Call Centers
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: APlus Typical Openings: Telephone Operators for

Call Centers provides after- Answering Service, Virtual Call Center Customer
hours answering service and Service. W-2 employees.
customer support to their base
of clients. Scheduling: After hours and weekends are typical.
Part time and full time hours.

Training/Experience: Training is provided

Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.

AA Homeshoring Solutions
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Independent

Website: Contractors/Customer Service

“At AA Homeshoring Scheduling: Must be willing to work at least 20 hours

Communications Services, we weekly
enable companies to enhance
the value of their relationships Training/Experience: Experienced at least 6 months
with customers. Our position working in a call center. Must be a college graduate.
as a member of customer
management industry Compensation: Undisclosed, claims “above average
provides organizations in a compensation.”
wide variety of industries a
quality of service through the
utilization of advanced
technology and professional
home-based workers.”

AAA Renewals / Intrep Renewals
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Renewal Specialists call on behalf

of AAA auto clubs across the country. All hires are
Intrep Auto Club Renewals W-2 employees.
was formed to exclusively
service AAA Clubs across the Scheduling: Monday-Friday 3:00-9:00 p.m., EST and
country to assist with every other Saturday
membership renewals and
other customer retention Training / Experience: Individuals with previous
services. work-at-home sales experience will be strongly
considered. Experience in outbound renewals and/or
Intrep has worked with customer service is preferred. Training is paid and
Fortune 1000 companies provided.
providing B to B inside sales
support for the last 10 years. Compensation: Pay starts at $12.00/hour plus
performance based bonuses. Renewal Specialists are
paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Access Marketing
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound and outbound projects.

No selling involved – normally work involves
Access Marketing is a surveys or customer care follow- up. Work varies by
Customer Relationship the project. Independent contractor status.
Management company,
focused on developing new Scheduling: Flexible based on your availability.
revenue streams for their Contractors on a project basis and week by
clients. They provide b2b week projects change. Full time hours are available
sales prospecting, and during peak periods you may have a
telemarketing and lead chance to work more than 40 hours per week.
generation, as well as
customer retention services. Training/Experience: Telemarketing or customer
service experience preferred. See technical
Access Marketing is the requirements on the website. The online calendar
exclusive telemarketing specifies when new interviews and training webinars
provider for are being held.
Compensation: Typically starts aeound $10/hour.

Accolade Support /
Tier 3 Support, Inc.
Employment Page:
Main Pages:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Remote agents, inbound.

Accolade Support provides Scheduling: Once hired, Accolade will request a

remote call center services for schedule of your available hours. When their
business clients of all sizes call volume rises during your available hours, they
with 100% U.S. based agents will contact you to take calls from your
and plans to fit the needs and home. Most positions start out as on-call so you can
budget of companies of all find flexibility with your hours.
sizes. Home agents provide
services such as processing Training / Experience: Training is provided, but
orders for catalog or online review the website for specific technical skills
sales, custom technical and home office equipment.
support, help desk, order
taking, order entry, Compensation: $7.25 to $10.00 per hour to start.
reservations, telesales, or Independent contractor status. Must be a US
customer service.” citizen and pass criminal background check.

Accolade is the sales and

marketing division of Tier 3
Support, Inc.

AccountNow (Oakland, California)
Employment Page: (Job ads are on Monster)
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home-based Customer Service

Based in Fort Worth,
Accuconference provides Scheduling: 20 or more hours a week, schedule
conference calling solutions varies between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm.
to companies across the
globe, and offers instant Training/Experience: Must have a minimum of 12
reach-ability to its client months previous customer contact experience
support staff. preferably working in a call center.

Their goal? “Delivering the Compensation: Pay Rate $10.00 - $15.00 per hour +
highest quality real-time S.T.A.R.S Bonus. Bonus ranges anywhere from
communication, cutting-edge
products based on client
needs, and versatile
customization to fit any
scenario and budget.” (From
the website)

Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
Company Blog:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home-based Customer Service

Agents. Independent contractor status.
Based in Fort Worth,
Accuconference provides Scheduling: Flexible based on your availability. Part
conference calling solutions time workers only.
to companies across the
globe, and offers instant Training/Experience: On-the-job training is available
reach-ability to its client for agents to regularly develop and fine-tune
support staff. their skills.

Their goal? “Delivering the Compensation: Typically starts around $10.00/hour.

highest quality real-time
communication, cutting-edge
products based on client
needs, and versatile
customization to fit any
scenario and budget.” (From
the website)

Additional Information Sources for Accuconference:

ABC News Story on Accuconference:

A Customer Talks About Accuconference:

ACD Direct
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound phone representatives.

Independent contractor status. Primarily
ACD Direct provides full pledge calls for PBS Stations but also smaller clients
service call center operations. that hire ACD Direct to take orders.
Client campaigns include
inbound and outbound Scheduling: Supplies an online tool allowing
campaigns, customer service, contractors to preview upcoming available shifts.
& tech support. It is typical for people sign up for 3 - 4 shifts in a row.
The bulk of the work is seasonal during
Clients and partners have PBS Pledge drives, which requires up to 180 agents.
included Public Broadcasting
Atlanta, Vermont Public Training/Experience: Provided. A short training is
Television, WTTW11 required before you can begin work for
Network Chicago. any client project. Shift supervisors are always
available via chatroom or IM.
ACD Direct works with
CallsWithoutWalls to manage Compensation: You will be paid per minute on the
hundreds of thousands of phone. They DO require a 30.00 fee for a
phone calls for PBS Stations background check; however, this company is a
across the United States. legitimate work at home resource and their jobs
are in high demand.

Note: There is often a backlog of applications and it

may take as long as six months for your
application to be considered (and ACD to contact

Additional Information Sources for ACD Direct:

Workplace at Home ACD Direct Forum:

WAHM ACD Direct Forum:

Advanis (US & Canada)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Telephone (outbound)

interviewers. Independent contractor.
Since 1990, Advanis has built
custom research capabilities Scheduling: 20 hours a week to 40 hours a week.
and specialized in quantitative Shifts typically available Monday through
market research. Friday 3 - 10 pm MST (5 - 12 pm EST) and Saturdays
10 - 5 pm MST (12 - 7 pm EST)
The company conducts
surveys with people in North Training/Experience: Fully paid training done
America on a wide range of remotely.
topics, including customer
service follow ups and Compensation: Hourly rate is normally published at
research into consumer trends. $10/hour to start for English representatives,
$11/hour for French representatives.
You can find many articles on
consumer behavior that quote
findings from their research.

Additional Information Sources for Advanis:

Advanis, Inc: Americans Demand Cheaper Movie Downloads

Survey Shows BPM Best Marketing Tool for Building Customer Relationships

Advise Tech
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Scheduling: Part time, daytime hours. Agents devote

2-6 hours per week to start. W-2 employee
AdviseTech is an IT solutions status.
provider that installs custom
IT solutions, provide training Training/Experience: Provided, however,
to customers, and assists in telemarketing/outbound calling experience is
outsourcing staffing preferred.
requirements to companies
across the United States. Compensation: They ask for you to email your salary
requirements with your resume.
Specific solutions include
24/7/365 network & systems
monitoring, wired or wireless
network security, disaster
recovery, off-site & on-site
data backup, e-mail archiving
and backup. They also offer a
variety of custom solutions.

Aetna (North Dakota)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound customer service

representatives. Search the state of North Dakota to
From find listings.

“Aetna, Inc.(NYSE: AET) is Scheduling: Required to rotate and work a variety of

an American diversified shifts between the hours of 8 am 8pm.
health care benefits company,
providing a range of Training/Experience: Paid training program – onsite
traditional and consumer in Bismarck ND. Once training is completed, qualified
directed health care insurance applicant can work from home.
products and related services,
including medical, pharmacy, Compensation: $25,600.00 - $28,640.00 based on
dental, behavioral health, experience. Full company benefits are available after
group life, long-term care, and probationary period.
disability plans, and medical
management capabilities. it is
a Fortune 100 member.”

Affiliated Computer Services
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Care Sales Executives

Scheduling: Full time position with some travel

From required.
Affiliated Computer
Services (ACS) Training/Experience: Bachelor’s degree or
(NYSE: ACS) is a Fortune equivalent experience required.
500 company that provides
information technology Compensation: Unpublished base plus commission.
services as well as business
process outsourcing solutions Participates in the Army Spouse Employment
to businesses, government Partnership.
agencies, and non-profit
organizations. ACS is based
in Dallas, Texas and the
current CEO is Lynn
Blodgett. ACS is ranked at
number 424 on the 2007
Fortune 500 list. Founded in
1988 by Darwin Deason, ACS
now operates in nearly 100
countries, generating over 5
billion dollars annually in
revenues. As of January 2008
ACS is 62,000 people strong
(per the company website).

As the name implies, ACS is

a conglomeration of
numerous loosely-related
businesses. For example, in
2003, ACS acquired
Lockheed Martin Information

Affina (Select Regions Only)
Career Page:
Main page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home Agent Customer Service

Representatives. (Employees)

Affina is a database Scheduling: Part-time and full-time positions with

management and marketing varying schedules, depending on the client.
research company. They have
been in existence for 34 year Training/Experience: 4 weeks paid on-site training
history, focusing on in Peoria, IL or Waterloo, IA. Customer Service
interactive solutions with experience preferred
customers through inbound
customer care, inbound sales Compensation: $8 - $10/hour to start.
and order taking, and

AG Adjustments, Inc.
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Sales Associates and Collections
AGA provides credit and Associates. W-2 employees.
collections services for a
variety of clients. Scheduling: Varies, normal telemarketing hours

From the website: “AGA's Training/Experience: Industry experience is

commitment to serving the preferred – training is provided and paid.
best interests of its clients is
second to none. AGA is Compensation: Competitive compensation and an
recognized worldwide for its excellent benefits package.
diversified industry expertise,
strength in the market place
and its broad range of services
to the credit professional.”

Ajilon Consulting
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Customer Service. W-2
Ajilon Consulting works with employees.
businesses to create IT
solutions for corporate Scheduling: Normal business hours.
infrastructures across many
business sectors. Training/Experience: Requires customer service
They have approximately
13,000 employees and 70 Compensation: Unpublished, however, fulltime
locations worldwide. employees are eligible for full benefits. .

Alaska Airlines (WA & AK)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Customer Service. W-2
From Alaska employees – typically part time. Please note these
Airlines, (NYSE: ALK) is an positions ALL have the potential to work from home
airline based in SeaTac, and are not advertised as such.
Washington, United States [1] ,
between the cities of Seattle Scheduling: Variety of shifts available. Positions are
and Tacoma. It operates hubs typically part time to start.
at Seattle-Tacoma
International Airport, Ted Training/Experience: Must be able to participate in 5
Stevens Anchorage weeks of paid training in Seattle, WA or Anchorage,
International Airport and AK
Portland International Airport
with focus cities at Los Compensation: Base wage $10.40/hour, plus
Angeles International Airport
and San Francisco
International Airport.[2]

Alpine Access
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound customer service and

outbound calling agents. Alpine Access hires
Alpine Access is the premier employees rather than independent contractors.
provider of customer service
solutions using home-based Scheduling: Varies depending on the client project.
employees. Alpine has been Most shifts are scheduled Monday-Friday,
featured on many television 6a-6pm and Saturday and Sunday with limited hours.
shows including CNN Money Must be able to commit 20-30 hours per
and Good Morning America, week to taking calls.
highlighting the need for at-
home workers and the Training/Experience: Customer service and/or
potential for growth in the telephone experience is strongly preferred. Training is
virtual call center industry. paid and varies from three days to eighteen weeks
depends on the client. It includes employee
Competition for jobs is strong orientation, equipment training, and client-specific
– in 2005, Alpine Access training. All training is done with telephone
received an average of 1,000 conference calls and online web based learning.
job applications per week.
Compensation: Based on skills, typical positions start
at about $9.00 per hour. After three months of service,
employees are eligible for a voluntary benefit program
Additional Information with discounted rates on medical, dental and vision
Sources for Alpine Access:
Getting Hired: Getting hired with Alpine Access is a
WAHM Forum: 3-step process. Step 1 is applying online and filling out a technical evaluation that is scored by
m/forum_topics.asp?FID=9 their hiring system. Step 2 is a voice
7 audition that is recorded and evaluated by the HR
department. Step 3 is a person-to-person
Earning a Living Without interview over the phone. It typically takes at least one
Leaving the House week after the interview to find out if you are hired.
71 Note: Please read the employment paperwork
carefully – there IS a non-compete clause to be
aware of.

Americall Group (California)
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Work from home licensed
Americall is a subsidiary of insurance agents only. W-2 employees.
Teleperformance, which has
the largest global footprint in Scheduling: Variety of shifts available – must be able
the industry with 281 contact to work 25 hours minimum per week.
centers, presence in 45
countries, servicing over 75 Training/Experience: Must hold valid California
markets and 15 insurance license.
locations. Compensation: Base wage $9-10/hour, plus $3.00
hourly bonus available.
They are the fifth largest
provider of outbounds
teleservices in the United

American Airlines
(Within 50 miles of Cary, NC, Ft. Worth, TX, or Tucson, AZ)

Employment Page:

Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: American Typical Openings: Home-based Reservations

Airlines, a founding member Representatives. Reservations agents combine
of is the largest carrier in the customer service expertise with sales techniques,
world. providing schedules, fares, and flight
information. Candidates will report to the local
With its affiliates American Reservations Office periodically for training and
Eagle and team meetings. W-2 employee status.
American serves more than Scheduling: Part-time and full-time. The ability to
250 destinations. (Over 150 in work a variety of shifts, including nights,
the US and over 50 countries weekends, and holidays, is required.
across the globe.)
Training/Experience: Call center experience
The AAdvantage program, preferred but not required. Must be able to attend
started in 1981, was the first regional office team meetings and training sessions.
airline loyalty program.
Compensation: Not published but commensurate
with experience. The average American
Airlines reservation agent pay usually starts around $9
an hour.

Additional Information Sources for American Airlines:

Home Based Reservations

Home is Where the Rep Is

American Express Travel
Employment Page:,1641,1461,00.asp?us_nu=header
Search “virtual” as the keyword in the job engine.
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Travel Counselors, Business

Developers / Sales. W-2 employees.
This is the travel and
hospitality sector of American Scheduling: Varies, depending on position.
Compensation: Full salary and benefits of office
From employees.
American Express
(NYSE: AXP), sometimes
known as "AmEx" or
"Amex", is a diversified
global financial services
company, headquartered in
New York City. The company
is best known for its credit
card, charge card and
traveler's cheque businesses.

The company's common stock

trades on the New York Stock
Exchange under the ticker
symbol "AXP." It is one of
the 30 stocks that comprise
the Dow Jones Industrial
Average and is ranked as the
74th largest company by
Fortune. In 2007,
BusinessWeek and Interbrand
ranked American Express as
the 15th most valuable brand
in the world, estimating the
brand to be worth US$20.87

American Kidney Fund Pickup (Georgia)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Donation pickup schedulers.
From “The Independent contractors.
American Kidney Fund
(AKF) is a non-profit Scheduling: Choose which hours you work during
organization founded in 1971. normal telemarketing hours.

In 2006, the American Kidney Training/Experience: Provided. Outbound calling

Fund provided $81.9 million experience preferred.
in financial assistance to
65,000 dialysis and transplant Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.
patients in the United States.
This assistance took the form
of insurance co-payments, as
well as grants to cover
treatment-related expenses
that insurance would not

American Public University System
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work from home admissions

specialists and financial aid advisors.
From The
American Public University Scheduling: Varies, depending on position.
System (APUS) is a private,
for-profit online learning Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate plus bonuses.
university that includes
American Military University
and American Public
University. APUS maintains
corporate and academic
offices in Charles Town, West
Virginia and administrative
offices in Manassas, Virginia,
and offers online associate,
bachelor's, and master's
degrees. APUS is wholly
owned by American Public
Education, Inc., a publicly
traded corporation

Anchor Careers
Employment Page:
Unfortunately, this company is too new to have other sources of information
available online. We will update this entry once they have contacted us back.

Typical Openings: Inbound customer service,

Company Profile: Outbound calling. Independent contractors.
From the website: “Anchor Scheduling: Must commit to a 25-hour work week
Careers Customer Service within your selected shift window. Monday to Friday
Outsourcing is an innovative shifts available, typically between 9:00am- 2:30 or
customer service solution for 1:00pm-6:30pm.
companies of all sizes. While
providing top quality inbound Training/Experience: All training takes place in
and outbound call center and telephone conference calls and online. They provide
sales outsourcing services, instructions for “attending” the training classes and
Anchor has developed an showing your availability for work as you participate
exceptional business model to in 5 days to six weeks of training (according to the
improve the client and position you were hired for). Your recruiter and the
employee experience alike.” training team are there to support you every step of the
way. Once your training is complete, you will
graduate to your position as an agent and begin

Compensation: Averages $10.00 per hour or about

$500 per 2 weeks based on 25 hours per week. Pay is
sent every two weeks.

Employment Page:
Main Page: and
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home based Customer Service

Representatives and telemarketing Representatives

Offering a wide range of Scheduling: Flexible work Schedules – part or full

services, Ansafone time. Open 24 hours a day.
supports one of the most
diverse groups of clients Training/Experience: Experience in outbound or
in the industry. Services inbound calls expected. Training is also provided.
include bilingual
inbound/outbound Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate. Full
telemarketing, third party time employees are eligible for vacation
verification, direct and holidays, medical benefits, and 401K
response order-taking, plans.
catalog sales, seminar
reservations and
appointment setting,
database management,
direct mail, voice mail and
customized customer
service operations.

Answer Anytime / Worldwide Messaging
Employment Page: Unlisted, contact: 516-247-7277 or
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Answering inbound, after-hours

calls and taking messages.
Answer Anytime is a
professional worldwide Scheduling: After hours – full time and part time
answering messaging service schedules available. W-2 Employee status.
that offers after-hours
emergency service. Training/Experience: They provide extensive paid
training on their state-of-the-art systems.
After-hours service clients
include medical offices and Compensation: 7.00 /hour to start.
other essential personnel
around the clock.

Since 1987, Answer Anytime

has served over 35,000 clients
in the continental United
States and Canada.

Answer One
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound and outbound

teleservices representatives. W-2 Employee
Answer 1's Call Center positions.
provides live answering
services, remote receptionist Scheduling: Varies – after hours and during daytime
service, telemarketing service, hours.
telemessaging services and
other communication Training/Experience: Offers paid training done
services. remotely.

Answer1 has been in business Compensation: Not disclosed - provides competitive

for over 30 years and the benefits and pay.
recipient of the Association of
Teleservices International
awards - The Award of
Excellence and the Award of

Clients have included Rocky

Point Luxury Condos,
Bromont Group and Prostek

APAC Customer Services (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: At Home Customer Service

Founded in 1973, APAC
provides customer interaction Scheduling: Full time positions, W-2.
solutions for market leaders in
communications, financial Training/Experience: Provided and paid. Should
services, insurance, have a high school education and one or more years of
healthcare, logistics and travel customer service experience.
and hospitality.
Compensation: $8.00 to start, performance bonuses
They have been listed as Top of up to an additional $2 per hour. Health, dental and
Ten of Service Providers for vision insurance is available the first day of the month
more than 17 years by following your hire date.
Customer Interaction
Solutions magazine, and were
the recipient of 2005 and
2006 industry awards for
high-quality, results-oriented

Applied Card Systems / ACS(Boca Raton, FL
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Virtual Call Center Account
From the Website: “Applied Representatives. W-2 employee status.
Card Systems (ACS) was
founded in 1987 to provide Scheduling: Normal telemarketing hours.
credit card processing and
servicing resources to small - Training/Experience: Thorough understanding of the
and mid-sized financial Fair Debt Collection Practices Act required.
institutions. ACS has earned a
reputation as an industry Compensation: Undisclosed – hourly rate plus
leader and innovator in performance bonuses.
marketing and servicing a
variety of credit products.”

Employment Page: Main Page: search: apptical
Main Page:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Telephone Interviewers at

Website: “Apptical is a Apptical interact with customers and insurance agents
telephone inspection / to complete personal history interviews.
telephone interview service
provider recognized Scheduling: Minimum of 20 hours / week. Full time
nationally for audio enhanced hours available. Hours are usually between Mon-Fri
solutions that meet real-world 8:30am-10:30pm and Sat 10:00am-4:00pm. EST (No
risk management needs. From matter where you live in the U.S.)
life to long term care, insurers
of all types count on Apptical Training/Experience: Approximately 15-20 hours of
for answers that enable them training via phone and computer and on-the-job
to screen, manage risk, and training will be required before incentive pay begins
underwrite more efficiently (a standard hourly wage will be paid during training
and profitably.” hours).

Apptical has been featured on Compensation: Starts at $10.00 / hour.

ZDNet, Tech Republic, and
other news outlets for their
innovative use of technology
in the insurance industry.”

Arc’s Value Village (Minnesota)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Used Goods Pickup Service
Website: “Arc’s Value Customer Service Representative. W-2 Employee.
Village Thrift Stores carry
gently used and new clothing Scheduling: Normal telemarketing hours. Part time.
and household items: clothing
for every season, shoes, Training/Experience: Outbound calling experience
jewelry & handbags, house preferred but not required.
wares, small appliances,
linens & crafts, kids clothing Compensation: Undisclosed, hourly rate.
& toys, books, music &
movies, home décor &
accessories, art &

Arise Virtual Services / Solutions
Jobs Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Arise Certified Virtual

Professionals (Virtual Services Corporations)
Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc.
(formerly Willow CSN) As your own Virtual Services Corporation, you invest
provides virtual call center in your own certification courses and equipment.
solutions for businesses by Arise will walk you through the certification process.
employing home-based sales, As a corporation, you will also have the ability to take
customer service and on your own clients aside from Arise.
technical support.
Scheduling: Allows flexible scheduling options with
All Arise professionals are scheduled shifts as short as 30 minutes. To maintain
asked to incorporate their proficiency, Arise Certified Professionals service each
businesses. As virtual of their clients for no less than a minimum of 15 hours
contractors, Arise agents can each week. Each client’s minimum weekly hour
be matched to their clients requirement varies, however, many Arise Certified
based on specialties and Professionals work at least 25 hours each week.
Training/Experience The Admissions process can be
Arise has 42 corporate clients completed in as little as seven days. Certification for
including Walgreens, Virgin specific clients calls can take between 2 days
America and AAA. and several weeks.

With over 5,000 home-based Compensation: Virtual Services Corporations are

agents in 49 states (all but compensated twice monthly by Arise. Whether the
Hawaii), Arise will nearly rate is paid on a per-call, per-minute or per-hour basis,
double its roster of hourly rates average between $10 and $14 per hour.
representatives by the end of
2007, from 5,000 to 9,000
workers nationwide.

AR Recovery (Kansas City, MO)

Jobs Page:

Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: A/R Recovery Specialists –

independent contractors.
AR Recovery is one of the top
purchasers of consumer and Scheduling: Legal collection hours.
commercial charge offs in the
United States, and also Training/Experience: Experience in accounts
handles collections accounts receivable mandatory.
for clients throughout the US
in the medical field. Compensation: Base plus commission. As a
collection agent, it is important to note that AR
Most of their accounts Recovery does not negotiate with debtors and
include consumer health typically will make agreements for nothing less than
debt, medical supplier debt, 100% of the original payment; however, they do allow
and other health industry monthly payment plans for fulfilling debt. (Just no
collections work. settlements!)

Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: A variety of home-based positions

are available, including customer service, telephone
ARO is a virtual/remote auditors, sales representatives, and B2B telemarketing
contact center for some of the representatives. All positions are actual W-2 employee
nation’s leading corporations. positions and most are available on a full time basis.
ARO is a virtual provider of
inbound and outbound contact Scheduling: Varies according to client project.
center solutions for a wide
variety of industries such as Training/Experience: Normally 2 days to 4 weeks,
insurance, financial services, depending on client project. Supervisors are always
healthcare and available by contacting any CSR in the system just by
telecommunications. Agents dialing an extension number into the phone. The same
work for ARO obtaining is true for coaching and monitoring service calls for
benefit information, updating ongoing training and quality assurance. Accounting
medical history, and claim background preferred, but will train.
Compensation: Fixed hourly rates starting at $8.50 to
In recent years, the company $15.00 an hour for customer service.
also has added an insurance
services division that has
grown 300 percent – the role
of at-home representatives is Additional Information Sources for ARO:
conducting interviews with
health insurance Working from Home Pays Off for Firms
policyholders, obtaining, and
updating medical history pays-off-for-firms/20050808184609990018
Call Centers Tap People Who Want to Work at
The median age of most Home
ARO’s remote agents is 47
and the company can boast mily/20060113-workfamily.html
one of the lowest turnover
rates for its remote workers --
2 to 3 percent, which is
extraordinarily low compared
to industry standards that
typically hover between 30
and 60%.

ARO has been featured in the

Wall Street Journal Forbes 60
Ascend One (Select Regions)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Care Associates

(Virtual Team)
Ascend One Corporation and
its family of businesses are Scheduling: Varies – however, must be available to
committed to helping work evening and weekend hours.
consumers get out of debt,
strengthen their finances and Training/Experience: Two years of customer service
better manage their money. experience required. Must be able to work an
Based in Columbia, MD afternoon/evening and/or weekend schedule, and
Ascend One employs a staff attend training for 2-3 months in Columbia, MD or
of more than 400 team Atlanta, GA.
members who are dedicated to
developing innovative and Compensation: Unpublished hourly rate.
effective financial solutions
powered by cutting-edge

The cornerstone of any

solution offered by an Ascend
One Company is education.
Consumer debt is a complex
issue, and people need help in
understanding how to manage
their finances over time while
addressing their immediate
debt situation.

Aspire Marketing/Sales Group
Jobs Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: B2B Telemarketing, Appointment

Aspire Marketing Group is a Setting. W-2 employee status.
leading sales services firm.
They focus on the business- Scheduling: Available to work a minimum of 20
to-business sector, providing hours/week
telemarketing, lead generation
services, and appointment Training/Experience: 5+ years of B2B
setting and for small to Telemarketing experience
medium businesses.
Compensation: $10 per hour to start.
Aspire works primary in
insurance, commercial realty, Note: Typically advertises for openings via job sites
and other B2B industries. such as However, you can always inquire
about openings via their contact form.
Virtual Call Agents make cold
calls, set appointments and
generate leads. Call Agents
are located across the US and
turnover for this company is
quite low.

Audio Video Web
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Service

Representatives, Sales Representative LLC is
a worldwide communications Scheduling: Full time positions. W-2 employee
company delivering streaming status.
media hosting and
management services for both Training/Experience: Requires phone support and
live and on-demand. sales experience selling an intangible product.

Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate (plus

commission for sales reps.)

Aura Log (Select Regions Only)
Jobs Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Auralog Typical Openings: Customer Service

provides English-training Representatives. W-2 employee status.
software and learning
solutions in 8 different Scheduling: A variety of shifts are available on
languages with their TeLL me weekdays and weekends, EST.
More software.
Training/Experience After a training period, agents
TeLL me More Online offers are responsible for supporting Auralog 's customers
anyone the ability to improve concerning all the questions they may have on
significantly their language Auralog 's tools, their training program, their English
skills, either for professional Language Learning and on any technical problems
or personal reasons. they may encountered.

Hires workers in GA, PA, Compensation: $7 - $9/hr commensurate with

MD, VA, NC, NH, and AZ. experience.

Employment Page:
Main Page:
WAHM Baby2Bee Online Forum:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound telemarketers. (Send

resumes to OR fill out the is a company online form) *BabytoBee does not always list their
that offers new parents and employment opportunities on their website, but
parents-to-be coupons, regularly recruits via classified advertising. These are
samples, and discounts from W-2 positions.
their sponsor companies. New
parents or their friends or Scheduling: 30 hours per week, flexible schedule.
relatives sign the new parents
up to receive the offers. Training/Experience: Paid. Once hired, you will be
monitored for your initial 3 hours of calls. Employee

Compensation: $10.00/an hour to start, paid weekly.

Getting Hired: Prospective workers go through an

online interview and conference orientation call.

Beyond Marketing
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound Customer Service

Representatives CSR's, contacting customers on
Beyond Marketing specializes behalf of corporations upgrade their method of
in assisting a broad range of payment. Independent contractor positions.
companies throughout North
America, implementing Scheduling: CSR’s set their own hours, and are
Customer Retention allowed to work unlimited hours within their calling
Programs in the guidelines.
newspaper, and multi- Training/Experience: Must have excellent customer
media industries. service and communication skills with at least 5 years

Compensation: $15.00 to $30.00 per hour depending

on experience.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Cold Calling Appointment

Setters. W-2 employee positions.
Blue Zebra helps companies
increase sales by cold calling, Scheduling: Callers must work a minimum of 4
generating qualified sales hours per day or 6 hours per day from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00
leads, and setting qualified p.m. EST for 5 days per week for a total of 20
appointments. They specialize to 30 hours. Additional project hours in other areas
in producing results for may be available to supplement the cold calling and
appointment setting appointment setting, for a maximum of 40 hours per
campaigns, as well as B2B week.
lead generation programs.
Training/Experience: Have 2+ years of outbound,
They work with their clients business-to-business cold calling and appointment
to create a quality, custom- setting
designed campaigns that
produce results at affordable Compensation: $9-14 per hour, market
prices. compensation. They offer a 10% - 14% increase
. within 30 - 60 days of consistent top quality results.

Brighten Employment / Brighten
Communications / Clear Choice Solutions
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
Ripoff Report:
WAHM Forum on Brighten:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound telemarketers,

employee status.
From the website: “Clear
Choice Solutions is a business Scheduling: Brighten Communications gives you the
to business marketing firm opportunity to work whatever hours you want from 8
founded in 1997 by a group of a.m. east coast time through 5 p.m. west coast time.
industry veterans looking for You may work as few as 20 hours weekly or as many
a better way to generate sales. as 30-40. Hours available depend upon your stats and
Clear Choice's focus is Brighten's workload.
helping small and medium
size businesses more Training/Experience: Should have previous
effectively penetrate their telemarketing and cold calling experience. Pay rate is
target market through the use $10.00 / an hour for training sessions.
of new and unique tools
backed up by old fashioned Compensation: Pays $12-16 an hour
phone marketing. Providing
immediate return on Please see the RipOff report link above. Many
investment and trackable, employees have complained about their strict goal-
predictable, results, we help meeting requirements and lost their contracts.
businesses dramatically However, many employee reviews are mixed, so do
increase profit while reducing some research before you make your decision.
the overall cost per sale.”

Brooks Adams Research
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Brooks Typical Openings: Freelance telephone

Adams Research, LLC is a representatives. (Outbound interviewing.) Typically
full-service research firm these positions are part-time.
located in Richmond,
Virginia. Their research is Scheduling: Not available at the time of publication –
used in studying consumer however, legal telemarketing hours apply.
opinion and demographic
information for the aging Training/Experience: Must be able to work
baby boomer population, independently in a fast-paced environment. Only
including senior housing. candidates with computer skills (MS EXCEL, MS
WORD) and knowledge of Internet need apply.
Clients have included more
than 100 active adult and Compensation: Hourly rate - not available at the time
senior housing clients across of publication.
the country.

Calacode / Netbased Software Pty. Ltd.
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Independent Sales Contractors
Netbased Software Pty Ltd is and Customer Service Representatives
based in Australia, with a
USA sales/support office Scheduling: A minimum 20 hrs per week required,
located in Idaho. with a flexible schedule.

Since 1998, Calacode has Training/Experience: All training and documentation

been developing and is provided.
supporting the @Mail
software and continues to Compensation: pays a negotiable
develop leading edge monthly rate, and 5% commission on all software
software. products sold to clients.

Calacode supports thousands

of clients in over 70 countries.

From “@Mail

is a commercial webmail,
mail-server and groupware
solution designed by
Calacode, located in Sydney,
Australia. The software is
designed for UNIX and Linux
systems as an alternative to
Microsoft solutions. @Mail
supports over 13 million
active users. The software
includes the source-code
under a commercial license.”

Call Center International
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Independent Agents and
Call Center International Recruiters for both inbound and outbound campaigns.
(CCI) is a telemarketing
company that specializes in Scheduling: A minimum 20 hrs per week required,
both inbound and outbound with a flexible schedule.
sales and marketing. They
provide business processing Training/Experience: All training and documentation
solutions for both offshore is provided.
operations and homeshored
solutions. Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate..

Call Desk
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Call Desk Agents (inbound and

Provides contact center
solutions across a variety of Scheduling: Full-time or part-time. W-2 employees.
functions. From their website:
“We only hire US based Training/Experience: Provided, and paid for client
agents. We will never send projects.
your calls overseas. Our
mission is to help our clients Compensation: Hourly rate, undisclosed. Company
grow their businesses- our sponsored benefits.
success depends on it.”

Capture ISG
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home-based Interviewers and

Home-Based Multi-Lingual Interviewers. W-2
Capture ISG is a full-service employee positions.
marketing research firm
dedicated to helping their Scheduling: Part time -- day and evening shifts
clients keep in-the-know typically available.
about their customers and
prospects. Training/Experience: Prior interviewing or
comparable experience required.
At Capture, they have the full
arsenal of market research Compensation: Pays a fixed hourly rate, undisclosed
tools available to collect at time of publication.
exactly the data each client
needs - in the most efficient
way possible.

Capture ISG is listed in

Conde Naste Portfolio and
performs research for
companies in the US and
abroad. Their clients include
several regional Chambers of
Commerce branches for
which they provide
membership surveys.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Cruise Specialists, travel

Counselors, and Business Development Specialists
Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Associates is based in Scheduling: Schedules vary depending on location
Minneapolis, Minnesota, and and position.
is the full-service flagship
travel franchise brand from Training/Experience: Interest in cruises and
Travel Acquisitions Group. background in travel industry preferred. Training
Tours, cruises, escorted and provided.
independent travel - for
individuals and groups - are Compensation: Pays a fixed hourly rate, undisclosed
sold by the division's travel – with full benefits for full-time employees.
experts in all fifty states. The
retail division, a network of
company-owned and
independent Associate
locations, also manages
commercial travel accounts of
medium and small-sized

Channel Blend (Idaho Training)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
HR Contact:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound verification call agents.

Agents make telephone calls via auto-dialer to the
Channel Blend provides customers of their clients, verifying information with
contact center solutions to a them and matching them up with lenders. W-2
variety of clients, in an effort employee positions.
to strengthen and maintain
customer relationships. Scheduling: Normal telemarketing hours.

They provide multichannel Training/Experience: Agents usually spend about 2

solutions in an effort to reach weeks in the training center before soloing at home.
customers across every
available communication Compensation: Typically pays $9.00 per hour.
platform. They provide follow
up, lead generation, sales and
retention to their client base.

Cloud 10 Corporation
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound customer service

representative and outbound callers. All positions are
Cloud 10 couples home-based W-2.
professionals with leading
edge technology to market Scheduling: Varying shifts available – representatives
leading contact center receive an email where they specify which shifts they
solutions for clients in a wide want to work. Quick replies tend to ensure that you
variety of sectors, including can have the shifts you selected.
communications, financial
services, retail, travel and Training/Experience: Training and certification is
leisure, healthcare and provided. This company tends to be backed up after
technology. They also work your initial interview, with training starting about a
with the public sector. month after the job offer.

Cloud 10 also provides CRM Compensation: Hourly rate, typically $8-12 hour.
solutions, consulting, and
multilingual support.

Compass Intelligence
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Client Advocates/Customer
Channel Blend provides Support, Research Contractors/Sub-Contractors. W-2
contact center solutions to a employee and contract positions are typically
variety of clients, in an effort available.
to strengthen and maintain
customer relationships. Scheduling: Depends on position. Contractors can set
their own hours.
They provide multichannel
solutions in an effort to reach Training/Experience: Experience in
customers across every telecommunications, interviewing, and market
available communication research.
platform. They provide follow
up, lead generation, sales and Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate – depending
retention to their client base. on employee status and project. Benefits provided
include work-at-home virtual office, quarterly bonuses
and vacation/sick leave. Health benefits are also

Concierge at Large
Employment Page: http://www.concierge-at-
Main Page:
Podcast Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Corporate Concierges work our of

the home and perform or schedule errands for
Featured in Entrepreneur corporate clients. W-2 employee status.
Magazine, Concierge At
Large, Inc. is the nation's Scheduling: Full time positions. Business operating
premier provider of luxury hours.
and corporate concierge
services. Training/Experience: A minimum of one year
concierge experience and references are required.
Corporate concierges
coordinate an array of Compensation: Undisclosed, Generous compensation
services for busy clients, such provided.
as dry cleaning delivery,
shopping errands, and other
personal services .

Continental Airlines
(Select Regions Only)

Employment Page:

Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Remote reservations agents. W-2

employee status.

From Scheduling: Full time (40 hour) and Part time (30
Continental Airlines hour) positions are available at varying schedules. The
(NYSE: CAL) is a U.S. contact center is open 24 hours. Must be able to work
certificated air carrier. Based any shift in a 7-day work week including nights,
in Houston, Texas, it is the weekends and holidays.
fourth-largest airline in the
U.S.[1] and the eighth-largest Training/Experience: Provided on-site at a local
in the world by revenue call center. Must be able to attend full-time
passenger miles. Continental's reservations training as well as remote agent training;
marketing slogan, since 1998, training may be scheduled during any 8 1/2 hours in a
has been Work Hard, Fly 24 hour period and will be held at local call center.
Compensation: Starting salary for positions is
typically $6.75 per hour plus incentives and is based
on successful completion of training. Compensation
for initial three week training is $6.67 per hour.
Provides a comprehensive benefits package to all
employees upon completion of 6 months of service.

Connection Call Center
Jamestown, New York Training and Meeting Attendance)
Web Page:
Employment Page: Not published, please email
BBB Report:
Recruiter’s Page:,+Recruiter+NY

Company Profile: Typical Openings: STay-At-Home-RepS (STAHRS)

Inbound Customer Service Representatives. W-2
Employee Status.
In business for 26 years, The
Connection is a U.S.-based Scheduling: Varies, depending on client project. The
inbound and outbound call call center provides service 24 hours a day, 7
center service agency. days a week, 365 days a year including all holidays.

They have repeatedly been Training/Experience: Training is paid. Initial and

rated by Customer ongoing training is done on-site in Jamestown, as is
Inter@ction Solutions certification of agents. Once an agent is certified,
Magazine as one of the "Top they then are able to work from their home.
50" call centers in the US.
Compensation: Employees receive base pay, bonuses
The Connection works with and incentives. They are also eligible for
the a variety of clientele, health, dental and 401K benefits.
including the retail catalog
industry, telecommunications,
healthcare industry,
reservations and hospitality,
DRTV, and utility sales and
customer service.

Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Remote Call Center Agents.

Independent contractors.
( Scheduling: Must be able to commit to a regular full
Convergys): Convergys time or part time work schedule. Hours dependent on
(NYSE: CVG) is a multi- client project
national corporation that
provides management Training/Experience: Must be available for up to 80
consulting services, hours of training via distance learning.
outsourced billing, customer
care and employee care, and Compensation: Pays an average of 20 cents per talk
transaction management minute, with an average hourly rate of 7.25 to start -
software. Most of its clients though rates will vary by the complexity of the
are companies in the program, as will the required minimum number of
communications, financial hours worked.
services, technology, and
employee-care market.

The company grew from Additional Information Sources for Convergys:

Cincinnati Bell Information
Systems and MATRIXX, both Convergys on Forbes TV Network (video)
subsidiaries of Cincinnati
Bell, and AT&T Solutions ms_convergys081407&partner=yahootix
Customer Care (formerly
AT&T American Transtech), The Real Life of Home-Based Agents
which was sold to Cincinnati
Bell in 1998; an IPO in 1998 sp?ID=412
made it a fully independent
company. Since then,
Convergys has acquired
numerous companies and
expanded its business to
employ over 74,000 people in
40 countries around the
world. Its headquarters is in
Cincinnati, Ohio.”

Convertec Business Solutions / 3 Sigma
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound customer service,

independent contractors.
Founded in 2004, Convertec
Business Solutions, LLC Scheduling: Ability to commit an average of 20 – 30
provides business services to hours per week within the shift window you select.
a wide array of industries – Shifts vary according to client needs.
providing customer contact
solutions, customer Training/Experience: All training is done through a
relationship management, and home PC, through their web-based training
other direct-contact solutions. certification program.

Compensation: You are paid based on call processing

time (paid by the minute) which is further explained
upon submission of the application.

Cornerstone Business Support
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Regional Sales Managers,

Website: “CornerStone is a Business Support Associates, Foundation Assessment
group of honest and dedicated Associates (some positions require travel, see job
professionals, expert in descriptions…) W-2 positions.
stabilizing, growing and
making businesses profitable. Scheduling: Varies depending on openings and
Since 1987 we have assisted positions. All are full time.
hundreds of satisfied business
owners throughout the United Training/Experience: Provided. See individual job
States and Canada.” descriptions for information on experience required.

Compensation: Undisclosed.
Note: This is a “Christ-
centered” company.

Covenant Business Group
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Independent contractor status.

Outbound telemarketers.
Formerly known as Becker &
associates, Covenant Business Scheduling: 8-5 in the time zone specified.
Group is a business
development firm that assists Training/Experience: You will be given scripts,
companies in creating and letters, and provided all training and support by
carrying out their marketing Covenant Business Group, Inc. The online training
campaigns. program includes a handbook and almost 2 hours of
audio training. There is a test at the end of your
Covenant Business Group training that you must pass to begin work.
specializes in direct-contact
marketing. Compensation: The average pay is between $10-
$15/hr with bonuses of between $10-$50 per valid
held appointment that you set.

Coventry Health Care
Employment Page:
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
Online Forum
Main Page: for Workers:

Company Profile: From Typical Openings: RN remote case mangers.

Scheduling: Varies, during normal business hours.
Coventry Health Care, Inc.
(Coventry) (NYSE: CVH) is Training/Experience: RN license URAC approved
a managed health care certification (CCM, CDMS, COHN, etc) or ability to
company in the United States. obtain within nine months of employment Minimum 3
On February 8th of 2007 to 5 years clinical experience. Experience in Case
Coventry agreed to acquire Management and Workers' Compensation preferred
Concentra's Workers Ability to work independently (work-from-home)
Compensation Managed Care Excellent PC skills and ability to work with laptop
Services Businesses. computer. Local travel is also required.

Compensation: Undisclosed hourly, very competitive


Cox Communications (Arizona)
Employment Page: Advertises on (search “Cox Arizona”)
Main Page:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Home Based Customer Service
From “Cox Representatives W-2 employees.
Communications is a
privately owned subsidiary of Scheduling: Part-time and full time positions, check
Cox Enterprises providing Mosnter for current openings.
digital cable television and
telecommunications services Training/Experience: 6 months Customer Service or
in the United States. It is the Technical troubleshooting experience required. Four
third-largest[2] cable television weeks of on-site training, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday
provider in the United States, through Friday at I-17 and Pinnacle Peak Rd. On-the-
serving more than 5.9 million job training is required at their Mesa facility, which is
customers, including 2.9 located at Main St. and McDonald. Applicants will
million digital cable work at that location for a minimum of eight weeks
subscribers, 3.5 million and must meet all performance expectations prior to
Internet subscribers, and 2.2 transitioning home.
million digital telephone
subscribers.[3] Its animated Compensation: Competitive salary plus benefits.
spokesman is named Digital

Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home-Based Cruise Sales Agents

– Bilingual, Home-Based Online Support Agents –, Inc. is the largest Bilingual, Full-time and Part-Time Home-Based
web site specializing in Customer Service Agents
cruises on the Internet. They
have been in business since Scheduling: Depending on position, both part time
1998 and specialize in and full time careers are available. Full timers must be
advanced search and booking able to work a 35-hour, five day work week answering
technology, greater content calls on any shift and on weekends.
and discount prices.
Training/Experience: Experience in customer
This company has been service, sales and travel/tour industry highly desirable.
featured in many travel Paid training is provided and in some cases, special
publications, including equipment is needed.
Frommer’s Newsletter and
Yahoo News. Compensation: Undisclosed base salary plus top
commissions, travel benefits, vacation benefits, and

CSR Inc. (Wayne, PA)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Independent Contractors - Quality

Assurance and Customer Service.
Customer Service Review,
Inc. (CSR Inc.) specializes in Scheduling: You must be available Monday through
providing customized call Saturday and expect to work a minimum of 3-6 hours
center performance per day. Normal calling hours are between 8:30am and
improvement programs. 10:00pm, weekdays and weekends.
Services include QA,
retention, and training Training/Experience: Prior customer service, call
programs for front-line monitoring, or mystery shopping experience preferred.
employees and those who
support them. Compensation: Undisclosed. Compensation is based
on the degree of difficulty of each project.

Customer Loyalty Concepts
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound callers. Outbound

callers contact existing newspaper subscribers. There
Customer Loyalty Concepts is is no cold calling required. W-2 employee status.
a virtual company with all
employees, including Scheduling: Evening dialing is required. Typically
managers and owners, this is between 5pm to 9pm in each time zone. You
working from their homes. must be able to commit a minimum of 12 hours per
They work primarily with week.
customer retention for
newspapers and other Training/Experience: Provided. All callers will be
publishers and have paid $8.00 per hour for 36 hours of training (live
employees across more than dialing). Training is three weeks total. Your hours a
twenty-six states. limited in those weeks as they want you to use that
time to learn the system and what is expected of you.

Compensation: $8.00, Intermediate Level $10.00 and

Advanced Level $12.00. Calling pay depends on the
campaign. Your first $56 is not released to you until
you have completed 24 hours of live dialing, post-

Datacard Corporation (Minnesota)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Customer Care Representatives.

website: “Datacard Group is W-2 employee status.
a driving force in virtually
every major card program Scheduling: Full time, W-2 employees. Three shifts
around the world. Our secure available – call center open 24 hours.
ID and card personalization
solutions are used to issue Training/Experience: Provided, on-site at local
millions of financial cards and location. 2+ years in customer service or call center
identification documents each experience. Prefers some college.

Compensation: Full time salary, undisclosed.

Employee benefits include group medical, dental, and
life benefits. Sick leave, paid vacation and holidays.
Also has 401K, education reimbursement, and flexible
spending accounts.

Dealer’s Greatest Assets
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: DGA, Typical Openings: Customer Service

Inc. provides automotive sales Representatives. W-2 employee status.
and service follow-up
information to dealerships and Scheduling: Varies, during normal business hours.
manufacturers. Surveys rate
customer satisfaction, service Training/Experience: Provided, undisclosed.
quality, and other issues for
car and truck dealerships Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate. Email
across the United States. human resources for more information.

DGA provides an array of

services to compliment their
Customer Follow-up program.

Delta Corporate Communications
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound prospecting agents

(telemarketing), W-2 employees.
Delta Corporate
Communications is an Scheduling: 20-40 hours a week, 8:00am to 4:30pm,
outsourcing firm that provides Monday through Friday.
corporate prospecting service Training/Experience: Should have telemarketing/
for the Graphic prospecting experience. Training is provided
Communications industry.
Compensation: Undisclosed at time of publication.
They specialize in telephone
and email prospecting on
behalf of printing companies.

Derosa Communications / Check Leads /
Phone Force
Employment Page 1:
Employment Page 2:
Employment Page 3:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Telemarketing, lead generation

Since 1994, Derosa Scheduling: Part or full time, during normal

Communications has worked telemarketing hours.
with businesses on
development through lead Training/Experience: Prefers veteran business
generation and appointment professionals who have experience in a wide variety
setting services. of fields. Many clients need experienced professionals
with a background in technology, financial services,
They work with clients in medical sales and marketing.
technology, financial services,
medical sales, marketing, and Compensation: Undisclosed at time of publication.
advertising, and others B2B

93 / 1-800- Diapers
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound Customer Service

Representatives. W-2 employees. was founded to
give busy working parents an Scheduling: Must be able to work any of three 8-hour
affordable option to order shifts between 9am-9pm.
diaper and baby supplies.
Their 1-800 hotline quickly Training/Experience: College degree preferred. 4+
expanded to the web, and they years of experience in a customer service role,
generate millions in revenue preferably within a high-volume call center. Training
and they offer outstanding is provided.
deals for many harried parents
in search of bulk buying Compensation: Typically starts at $12.00 per hour

Dow Jones (Spokane, Washington)
Employment Page:
(Also advertises on When Searching their website, use “customer
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work from home customer

service representatives.
Scheduling: Full time positions.
“Dow Jones & Company is
an American publishing and Training/Experience: 18 months to 2 years
financial information firm. experience in a telephone based customer support
and/or sales environment involved with complex
The company was founded in products. Prefers bilingual applicants.
1882 by three reporters:
Charles Dow, Edward Jones, Compensation: Competitive compensation and
and Charles Bergstresser. benefits package, including Retirement Plans, Medical
Like The New York Times and and Dental Benefits, and Generous Vacation and
the Washington Post, the Personal Leave Time.
company was in recent years
publicly traded but privately
controlled. The company was
led by the Bancroft family,
which effectively controlled
64% of all voting stock,
before being acquired by
News Corporation.”

95 (Bellevue, Washington)
Employment Page: Advertises on Use in the search
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home Based Customer Service

Associates. W-2 employee status.
“ is an internet Scheduling: Several shifts available. Typically
pharmacy headquartered in positions are full-time.
Bellevue, Washington. Its
web operations were launched Training/Experience: After the initial fulltime 6 to 8
on February 24, 1999. week training program located in downtown Bellevue,
this position will be based out of your home. Previous
Partnerships with other customer service experience required.
companies allow customers to
pick up prescriptions at Rite Compensation: 12.50 - 12.50 USD /hour to start.
Aid stores, enables Offers a competitive compensation package and a to sell Rite Aid generous stock option plan for qualified employees
products, as well as vitamins
from retailer General
Nutrition Center (GNC). ended a
sourcing deal with in 2005.”

Eagle Eye Verification /Telecheck Delivery
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Service Representatives

/ Verification Specialists
Eagle Eye provides verification
services for independent Scheduling: Normal business hours.
yellow pages publishers.
Training/Experience: Customer service experience is
Their verifications assure that preferred. Training and scripts provided.
routes and delivery zone
receive books in a proper, Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.
professional manner.

Career Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
WAHM Forum Discussing eCallogy:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound Customer Service

Representatives. Independent contractors only.
eCallogy has created a user
friendly company that serves Scheduling: Shifts and schedules vary, depending on
the needs of their clients with client projects. Once chosen for a project, contactors
the dedicated care in a bid on upcoming shifts and hours. Once eCallogy
homeshored work receives your bid, you will be notified within 14 days
environment. whether your bid was accepted.

eCallogy’s innovative Training/Experience: A business license is highly

technology uses a bidding recommended and experience in a call center setting.
system to award work to Training is provided through a 3rd party (online) at the
independent contractors, cost of $20. Future projects may require additional
allowing clients access to trainings.
well-trained and mature in a
very professional Compensation: Depends on client project but
environment. typically starts at around an average of $9.00/hour.
Most projects are paid at a per-talk-minute rate. This
Ecallogy has been featured in company uses a bidding system to award contracts.
Conde Nast Portfolio, Contact You will be asked in your bid what rate you require
Professional Magazine, and for the project. You will submit an invoice bi-weekly
Computer World for their for your work completed on that project. Checks are
innovative approach to mailed the following week.
contact center outsourcing.

Additional Information Sources for eCallogy:

Contact Center Agent

Mission Critical Workforce Scheduling: Hosted Solutions are the Answer

Edoc Marketing
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report: http://cincinnati.e-

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work from Home Marketing

Team Associates and Managers. (Other administrative
Provides outsourced positions are often available.)
administrative and customer
relationship-oriented support Scheduling: Part-time only. 10-20 hours per week
across a variety of industries. during regular business hours.

Training/Experience: Unlisted

Compensation: Unpublished hourly rate.

Education Sales (Denver, Colorado)
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Education Textbook Sales

Education Sales is a division
of Sylvan Learning, the Scheduling: Must commit to a regular schedule.
department that sells
textbooks to education Training/Experience: Must have sales experience
entities. and train on-site prior to working at home.

Compensation: $14 - $22 per hour based upon


Eleutian Technology (Wyoming)
Main Page:
Employment Page:
Application Page:
Company Blog:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Online English Teachers, W-2

Eleutian Technology is a
young startup focused on Scheduling: Please keep in mind that all current
changing the way people learn teaching positions with Eleutian are part time
English in Asia by combining positions. Because of time differences between the
language learning software U.S. and Asia, teaching hours are typically 5:00 am to
and video conferencing with 8:00 am and 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Teachers can
native English speaking choose the hours they want to work within those
teachers. times.

With over 1,300 hours of Training/Experience: Experience in teaching ESL

instruction, the SpeakENG (English as a Second Language) preferred. College
program combines digital degree preferred.
audio and video, voice
recording, Role-play, and Compensation: $15 an hour to start.
native language support to
create an engaging
environment for every level of
English language training.

Entertainment Publications, Inc. / EPI
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report: http://detroit.e-

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Sales Support Representatives,

Advertising Account Executives, Inside Sales
Entertainment Publications is Executives. Positions are home-office (i.e. field-
the industry leader in 50% off based) unless otherwise noted in the job description.
consumer savings and W-2 employee status.
merchant promotions. They
are known for their popular Scheduling: Full time. Travel may be required.
Entertainment® book and its
industry leading Web site, Training/Experience: The ideal candidate has a minimum of 1 year of experience in a service related
position. Fundraising, educational sales, teaching,
The coupons offered give coaching and/or PTA volunteer experience would be
consumers up to 50% savings helpful.
on fine and casual dining,
movies, shopping, and Compensation: Undisclosed salary plus commission.
services. Millions of
memberships are sold

102 (South Dakota)
Employment Page: (also see where they typically advertise)
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound customer service

Scheduling: Full time. Must successfully complete
“Esurance was founded in training on-site for 30 days prior to taking job home.
1998 under the name of
SiliconSierra Holdings Inc. Training/Experience: Minimum of 1-year experience
Esurance launched its Web in a customer service environment
site and started writing
personal auto insurance in Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate, benefits for
December 1999. As of March fulltimers.
31, 2006, it has become one
of the fastest growing auto
insurance companies in
America, based on year-over-
year premium growth.

In 2000 Esurance was

acquired by Folksamerica
Holding Company, Inc. (a
subsidiary of White
Mountains Insurance Group).
Esurance is now a direct
subsidiary of White

Exclusive Car Service/ My Limo
(Massachusetts Only)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: ECS is Typical Openings: Work at Home reservationists and

the fastest growing limousine dispatchers. W-2 employees.
service in the Western
Massachusetts area providing Scheduling: Varying shifts.
airport delivery service and
luxury limousines for all Training/Experience: Provided, although experience
occasions. in reservations or dispatching is preferred.

Compensation: Reservationists: $10/hours plus

productivity bonuses, dispatcher: $10/hour plus
volume bonuses

Expert Biz Developers
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound appointment setters. W-

2 employees.
Expert Biz Developers
provides outbound calling Scheduling: Availability to work a minimum of 10
solutions to the B2B industry. hours per week. Additional hours are available for a
Their clients include the maximum of 30 hours per week. Normal B2B
banking industry, financial telemarketing hours.
vendors, and other
corporations across the US. Training/Experience: Requests 15 total years of solid
business experience, preferably in sales, management
or ownership.5 or more years serving the business-to-
business marketplace and/ or 3+ years of outbound,
business-to-business cold calling

Compensation: Typically starts around $12.50 per

hour, plus bonuses.

Extended Presence
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: B2B Telesales Professionals to

conduct outbound cold calling campaigns, for our
Extended Presence works technology clients. They hire both W-2 employees and
with Fortune 500 companies, independent contractors.
large technology companies
and exciting new startup Scheduling: Part-time (20-25 hours per week) or Full-
organizations to generate new time opportunities. Flexible work hours during
business opportunities and set normal telemarketing hours.
qualified sales appointments
for their direct sales teams.
Training/Experience: Extensive sales training
Clients of Extended Presence provided. B2B and/or outbound calling experience are
have included IBM, Sun mandatory.
Microsystems, and Thompson
Publishing, Compensation: $18 to $25+ per hour plus lead

Finger Lakes Web Answering
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound operators, outbound

callers. Independent contractors.
From the website: “Our
company was started in 2005 Scheduling: Normally contractors are assigned hours
as a LIVE web chat service. according to what they specified they were available
As we have grown we noticed for on the application.
a strong need for small
businesses to have additional Training/Experience: Paid, but only after 5 hours of
back office support for accepting. Training usually takes about 3 hours.
handling inbound and
outbound phone calls, e-mail Compensation: Pays $6.00 to $12 per hour based on
follow up, data collection and performance.
input, etc. We saw this need
and have taken the
opportunity of trying to put
our services into that need.”

First Advantage
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inside Sales Representatives/

Business Development Representatives / Screening
First Advantage is a leading Managers. When searching the Employment Page,
risk mitigation and business make sure you use the word “virtual” as the name of
solutions provider, with tens the city.
of thousands of clients
globally. They offer a variety Scheduling: Full time, W-2 virtual positions.
of high-tech loss prevention
solutions, infused with insight Training/Experience: Training is provided, however,
and enhanced by leading-edge 3+ years experience in an outbound sales environment
technologies. is preferred.

Compensation: Undisclosed – depends on position

and experience.

Freedom Telework
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound telephone sales and

inbound customer care – independent contractors.

Freedom TeleWork helps Scheduling: Must be willing to work at least 8 hours

businesses communicate more weekly.
effectively with customers,
donors, or constituents. They Training/Experience: Training is provided on each
provide both outbound client project.
solutions and online chat
services to businesses and Compensation: Varies, depending on your bid.
government sectors. Freedom TeleWork requires that you bid per client
Their customer agents work
with a bidding system,
allowing them to offer
competitive pricing and
valued experience to their

Additional Information Sources for Freedom Telework:

Video about Freedom Telework:

Call Center Solutions: How the World has Changed

Free and Clear
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Quit smoking coaches. W-2

Free & Clear helps people
succeed in overcoming their Scheduling: Part-time and full time positions, check
dependence on tobacco by website for current openings.
employing running the
tobacco quit lines for 16 states Training/Experience: Training is provided.
across the country and
contracts with more than 100 Compensation: Competitive salary plus benefits.
health plans and employers to
provide tobacco cessation

The Free & Clear Coaching

Center is the center of the
organization’s operation, as
the essence of its mission is
working with participants to
eliminate their tobacco habits.
It is staffed with 195 agents;
112 of whom work from

Frontline 4 Hire
Employment Page:
Main Page:
Owner’s Meetup Group (in Nebraska):

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Frontline Lead Generator /

Appointment Setters, Virtual receptionists, customer
Frontline4Hire is a service, Dispatchers. Independent contractors.
resourceful company bringing
modern operations to the front Scheduling: Varies depending on client’s needs.
lines of American businesses
by providing an alternative to Training/Experience: Provided per client project.
traditional and overseas
outsourcing. Compensation: Independent contractors and
employees propose their own hourly rates to clients.

Futura Executive Solutions
Employment Page:
Main Page: and

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Bilingual At-Home Agents.

Independent contractors.

Futura is the US-based branch Scheduling: Must commit an average of 20 – 30

of Ventana Call Centers and hours per week within the shift window you select.
only hires remote agents.
Training/Experience: Training that may take from
Futura specializes in five days to six weeks. All training is typically done
intellectual property via telephone conference calls and on-line web based
translations and remote learning.
bilingual call center solutions.
Compensation: Futura establishes pay rates based on
They specialize in working the skill sets needed for each of our clients and their
with legal clients from across programs. In general, that rate typically is about $7.50
the globe. per hour. Benefits and promotions are available to
employees after a probationary period.

Galileo Processing (Utah)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Care Representatives.

(W-2 hires.) At home agents must live in an (801) area
Galileo is a leader in prepaid code.
processing for debit cards,
prepaid cards, and credit
cards, developing card Scheduling: Flexible scheduling (open 5AM - 11PM)
processing programs for
businesses across the US. . Training/Experience: Paid training. In order to
qualify for this opportunity, agents must complete call
They have been featured in center training (6-8 weeks), and meet all productivity
Payment News Magazine, EE and attendance requirements. Training is completed
Times, and GPS world. onsite.

Compensation: Starting rate of $9.50 / hour.

GE Money USA (Select Regions Only)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Service Representatives

– employees. Search for “work at home” or “home-
From The based” in all locations. As a Customer Service
General Electric Company, Representative you handle inbound calls from stores
or GE (NYSE: GE) is a and customers regarding all facets of their Credit Card
multinational American Account.
technology and services
conglomerate incorporated in Scheduling: Varies. Both part time and full time jobs
the State of New York.[4]. In are available in various locations. The Tempe, Arizona
terms of market capitalization, location frequently advertises for home-based
GE is the world's second workers.
largest company and also
second in the BrandZ ranking. Training/Experience: Experience in call center or
In the 1960s, aspects of U.S. financial industry a plus. Must be located near a GE
tax laws and accounting location to go to training sessions. Training lasts two
practices led to a rise in the weeks and there is a mandatory monthly meeting
assembly of conglomerates.
GE, which was a Compensation: Commensurate with experience but
conglomerate long before the typical starting wages are normally between $9 and
term was coined, is arguably $12 per hour. Full time employees have access to all
the most successful of GE’s benefits.
organization of this type.”

GE Money is the financial

division of GE.

Geeks by Minute
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Typical Openings: Technical Support Agent

Company Profile:
(Independent Contractor)
Geeks by Minute provides
tech support to consumers on Scheduling: Shifts vary but Geeks by Minute is open
24 hours.
an as-needed basis. They
charge 1.99 per minute to
Training/Experience: 2+ Years Experience in PC
consumers for all of their
services. Troubleshooting

Compensation: $15 to $24 per hour + bonuses

Gemstone Marketing Group
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Typical Openings: Part-time appointment setting /

Company Profile: telemarketing. Independent contractors. Agents are
responsible for calling customers and offering great
Gemstone Marketing Group gift package for attending a fun and informative open
provides tours for consumers house presentation for Resorts and Vacation Clubs
interested in purchasing across the US.
vacation property.
Scheduling: Should be able to work 4 days or
more per week, evening hours (except on Saturdays).
3-5 hours a day.

Training/Experience: At least one year of previous

experience in a professional outbound call center.

Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate plus


Go to Market Strategies
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Telemarketing and customer

service representatives. Independent Contractor
Go-to-Market Strategies positions.
provides sales and marketing
solutions to small and large Scheduling: Part-time up to 20 hours per week, or
businesses, as well as full-time at 40 hours per week. Shifts are available
provides mentoring and between 8am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.
training solutions.

Training/Experience: Experience in telemarketing,

sales, or marketing preferred. Training is provided.

Compensation: Typically starts around $15 / an hour.

Green Teleservices (DC Metro area)
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: B2B Outbound callers only.

Employee / W-2 positions.

Founded in 1985, Greene Scheduling: Flexible during client business hours.

TeleServices specializes in Part time positions only.
providing outbound business-
to-business teleservices for Training/Experience: Prior experience in
commercial firms and for telemarketing, customer service, or other phone-
trade, industry, and related work is a plus.
membership associations.
Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.

Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound callers/telemarketers –

W-2 employees.
Grindstone provides
businesses with a team of Scheduling: Part time up to 25 hours/ week. Schedule
experienced B2B depends on client needs – standard telemarketing
professionals focused on hours apply.
business development through
lead generation and outbound Training/Experience: Prefers a minimum of three
calling. years successful sales/inside sales experience.
Training is provided.

Compensation: Starts at $12/hr with opportunity for


Higher 1
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home Agents (Customer Service)

* Pre-employment background and credit check
From the website: Higher One are required. Applicant must not have collection
provides refund management items including charge offs, judgments or liens.
services to higher education Bankruptcy items are excluded. All positions are W-2
institutions and banking employee status.
services to members of their
community through a card Scheduling: 20-40 hours per week between the hours
based solution. Higher One of 8am and 8pm EST
currently provides services for
250,000 active banking via Training/Experience: Paid and provided.
web and phone – all in a
virtual office environment,
eliminating costs and
paperwork for hundreds of
universities across the

They have been featured at

financial conferences and in
newspapers across the globe.
Higher One was ranked # 85
on 2007 Inc. 500 List of
Fastest Growing Companies
in the United States.

Hilton Reservations (Select Locations)
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work at home reservations


From Wikipedia: Scheduling: Typically part-time, depending on

“Hilton Hotels Corporation
is one of the leading global
hospitality companies. As of Training/Experience: Training provided locally. As
April 2007 there are 2,645 a part-time telecommuter, Hilton at Home team
hotels and 485,000 rooms members perform the same role as on-site
employing 101,000 people in Reservations and Services Specialists – handling
more than 80 countries. The customer requests..
company owns, manages or
franchises a portfolio of Compensation: Paid by the hour, typically $9-10 an
brands, including Hilton, hour to start.
Conrad Hotels, Doubletree,
Embassy Suites Hotels,
Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn &
Suites, Hilton Garden Inn,
Hilton Grand Vacations,
Homewood Suites by Hilton,
Scandic by Hilton and The
Waldorf-Astoria Collection. It
was founded by Conrad
Hilton in Cisco, Texas and
now has headquarters in
Beverly Hills, California.”

Hiwired (Massachusetts)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Support (Onsite, then

telecommute) and Remote Tech Support

HiWired of Needham Scheduling: Full time, W-2 . HiWired is open 24

provides consumers and small hours per day; 7 days per week so there are a variety
businesses with immediate of schedules available.
remotely delivered services
and support for personal Training/Experience: Minimum of 6 months
computers and any customer service experience in a call center
technology that integrates environment. Paid onsite training is provided.
with the PC, including
wireless networks, iPods, Compensation: Target annual salary is mid $30’s.
digital cameras, and smart Benefits include Health, Dental, 401K, Vacation, Sick,
phones. Personal, company paid holidays, and discounted
HiWired services.

Holland America (Seattle, Washington)
Employment Page: (They
frequently post on CareerBuilder, as well)
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Cruise Reservation/Sales Agents.

W-2 employee status.
Holland America is a cruise
company based in North Scheduling: Varying shifts available. Most positions
America. are full time.

From Wikipedia, “In addition Training/Experience: Reservation agents must work

to its fleet of cruise ships, on-site one week before they are allowed to work from
Holland America also owns home. Extensive training is provided on a system that
the Westmark hotel chain mimics the one they will have at home.
which operates in Alaska and
the Yukon, the bus companies Compensation: $10.26/hour to start. Offers full
Gray Line of Seattle and Gray timers medical and dental coverage; 401(k) plan;
Line of Alaska, and profit sharing; life insurance; accidental death and
Worldwide Shore Services, dismemberment coverage; long-term disability;
which provides warehouse vacation and personal time off; in-house training
and logistical support for the seminars; commuting subsidies; and tuition assistance.
company. HAL shares its After the completion of one year of employment,
headquarters in Seattle's employees become eligible for a free space-available
Lower Queen Anne district cruise.
with the above mentioned
subsidiaries. Finally, HAL
owns "Half Moon Cay" (its
own private island in the
Caribbean, officially known
as Little San Salvador Island);
nearly all of the line's cruises
through the region spend at
least a day there.”

Home Shopping Network
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound customer service

representatives. W-2 employees.
Scheduling: Hires home-based workers for part time
The Home Shopping positions only – usually 10-25 hours a week,
Network (HSN) is a mostly depending on business needs. Typical schedules are
24-hour shopping network 8:00AM - 2:00PM, 12:00PM - 6:00PM and 6:00PM -
that is seen on cable, satellite, 12:00AM.
and some terrestrial channels
in the United States. Training/Experience: Have 3-5 years in the business-
to-business marketplace and/or customer service
and/or have 1-2 years in business-to-business cold
calling and/or sales

Compensation: Start at $10.00/hour..

Hudson Management Services / HMS
(St Louis, MO area)

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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work from Home

Teleprospectors. W-2 employee status.
Hudson Management
Services provides sales Scheduling: Part-time
prospecting and appointment
setting for the sales efforts of Training/Experience: They provide paid training.
businesses in the St. Louis
Metro area. Compensation: Most positions start at $9.00 an hour.
HMS also pays telephone and software related

I Telesource
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Program Consultants, Lead

Generation Specialists (W-2 employee status)
iTelesource is a provider of
outsourced enterprise lead Scheduling: Ability to work 10 - 20+ hours per week
generation, lead qualification, during business hours
and channel marketing. Based
near Dallas, TX, iTelesource Training/Experience: 5+ years of telesales
serves clients across multiple experience preferred. Training will be provided on all
verticals who typically work client engagements.
in a complex sales
environment. Compensation: Up to $25/hr, based on project, skills,
and experience.

ICT Group
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Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Home Based Agents (HBAs)
From the website: “ICT handle a variety of inbound sales and customer service
GROUP [NASDAQ: ICTG] calls for ICT Group clients. Independent contractor
is a leading globally status.
integrated supplier of
customer relationship Scheduling: Varies, depending on client project.
management (CRM)
solutions. We provide a Training/Experience: HBAs receive extensive
comprehensive suite of sales, training and development at one of ICT Group's
service and marketing regional contact centers or by using the Company's
solutions designed to help web-based training facilities.
clients identify, acquire,
retain, service, measure and Compensation: Averages around 10.00/per hour,
maximize the lifetime value dependent on client projects. Some inbound projects
of their customer are paid per-minute. Others programs have a bonus or
relationships” incentive structure based on performance.

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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Idapted Trainers. (Independent

contractors) Idapted is not a telemarketing company.
All the students you will be serving are language
Idapted provides innovative learners who want to practice their language skills.
English teaching solutions to Independent contractor positions.
new English learners across
the country. Idapted Scheduling: Scheduling time is strictly up to each
empowers work-at-home Trainer. The only minimum call requirement for
trainers to be effective oral Idapted Trainers is that one call is taken within a 30
language trainers. All you day time period.
need is to be able to speak
like a native English speaker Training/Experience: Must speak fluent, clear
and enjoy talking to people on English.
the telephone.
Compensation: Starting pay rate is $8.00 per hour of
talk time. Depending on the quality of the service
provided, customer demand levels, and a period of
evaluation pay rate can increase up to $12.00 per hour.

IMS Technology Telesales Specialists
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Telesales specialists. Employee

Provides telesales services to
a variety of clients for Scheduling: Must work a minimum of 15 hours per
specialized industries such as week.
computer hardware, software,
networking and Training/Experience: Bachelor's degree or higher,
telecommunications. previous business-to-business or corporate sales
(Although they do work with experience or previous high tech experience. Training
other industries.) is paid and provided.

Compensation: Pay rate is a fixed $15.00/hr, with

occasional commissions in addition to base pay.

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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work-at-home Communicators.

These are W-2 positions that specialize in volunteer
A premier provider of call recruitment, Christian fundraising, sales and customer
center solutions, InfoCision care calls.
specializes in
political, Christian and
nonprofit fundraising, and Scheduling: Communicators are given a schedule at
sales and customer care. the beginning of their employment that can be
changed by contacting the personnel coordinator.
InfoCision raises more money Outbound campaigns are between the hours of 8 a.m.
over the phone for nonprofits and midnight. Any time between midnight and 8 a.m.,
than any other teleservices you can log in to "inbound only".
company in the world and has
been in existence for over 25 Training/Experience: Paid training that lasts four
years. days. The training site is always at a location near
you. Subsequent trainings are held on-line.
Subsequent trainings are held through a toll-free
conference line and a program called GoTo Meeting.

Compensation: Starts at $8.50 an hour. Employees

that work 30 hours a week for six months are eligible
for health benefits after 90 days of employment. After
six months, a full-time Communicator will have
earned about one week of paid vacation.

Initial Call
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Sales Managers and Lead

Generation Specialists. W-2 status.
Initial Call was founded in
November of 2002. They Scheduling: Seeking individuals for 10-30 hours
provide front-end selling work per week. All employees are part-time and
processes for high-tech telecommute from home.
service and product firms.
Since then, Initial Call has Training/Experience: Minimum of 3 successful years
grown considerably in its of experience in installing/implementing business
employees and client base, software packages, hi-tech recruiting, hi-tech field
catering to high-tech small to sales or hi-tech lead generation services. Training on
medium sized businesses. client projects is provided.

Compensation: Undisclosed, competitive base pay

and bonuses.

Int Rep
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Telephone Sales Consultants.

(independent contractors)
Intrep delivers complete,
customized B2B inside sales Scheduling: Flexible hours, depending on the client.
programs with a team of
professional U.S. home-based Training/Experience: An extensive sales and
sales consultants effectively marketing background and understanding of business-
executes a wide range of related software.
critical functions, including:
Compensation: Pay typically starts around 12 an hour
Intrep has been featured on plus commission.
ABC News and Good .
Morning America as a
legitimate work at home

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Company Profile: Typical Openings: B2B Appointment setters.

Intelemark specializes in Scheduling: M-F during standard business hours.

creating outbound
telemarketing and B2B sales Training/Experience: 2 years outbound calling
call for a variety of clients. experience.

Compensation: Pay is hourly plus incentives that

allow for a successful agent to make $13-$16 per

Intellicall / Answer2 (Florida)
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Typical Openings: Customer Service Representatives

Company Profile: IntelliCall – typically bilingual. Telemarketing Representatives.
has a diverse groups of clients W-2 employees.
ranging from small
entrepreneur to Fortune 100 Scheduling: Full and part time schedules available.
companies. Bilingual (English
/ Spanish) services include Training/Experience: Experience in a call center
inbound/outbound setting is preferred. Training provided.
telemarketing, overflow/after
hours customer service, third Compensation: Undisclosed.
party verification, direct
response order-taking, and
other direct customer contact

Internet Merchandising Systems
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Independent contractor positions –

Customer Support, Sales Associates
IMS creates and sells software
for Hotel and travel Scheduling: 5-25 hours per week (varies depending
reservations on websites. on scheduled installs/updates)
They provide both sales and
customer support to their Training/Experience: Part time customer Service
software clients. representatives. Should be fluent in HTML and have
experience in webmastery.

Compensation: Customer Service pays $10 – 15 US

per hour, depending on experience to begin. Sales
associates are commission only.

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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Remote Customer Service,

Remote Inbound and Outbound Sales, Remote Tech
Support, Remote Account Managers – all W-2 hires
From “Intuit
makes the popular personal Scheduling: Depends on position – most are full time.
finance programs Quicken
and TurboTax (and its Compensation: Competitive salary and full benefits
Canadian counterpart, after probationary period.
QuickTax), as well as the
small business accounting
program QuickBooks. In
addition, they produce
QuickBooks Point of Sale
solution for small retailers,
the market leading

Jelly Bean Services
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound telemarketers –

independent contractor.
Jellybean Services works one-
on-one with their clients, who Scheduling: A minimum 5-10 hours/week. Available
outsource a variety of tasks in the evenings when people are at home.
such as telemarketing,
research, and administrative Training/Experience: Asks for experience as a
projects. telemarketer.

Compensation: Typically $7-7.50/hour plus a

commission paid at after a sale is complete. Bonuses
may be offered depending on performance.

Note: If you cannot get started within 2 weeks, they

ask that you don’t submit an application.

Jet Blue (Utah or California)
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home based reservations crew.

(Most positions on the job search page are work-at-
home when it comes to the reservation department.)
From W-2 positions only.
“JetBlue Airways is a major
American low-cost airline Scheduling: Part time and full time openings. The
owned by JetBlue Airways average worker works about 24 hours, per week –
Corporation either three 8 hour shifts or four 6 hour shifts.
(NASDAQ: JBLU). The Representatives should be able to work a variety of
company is headquartered in shifts and travel to local office in case of technical
the Forest Hills neighborhood difficulties.
of the borough of Queens in
New York City. Its home Training/Experience: Previous reservation and/or
airport is John F. Kennedy call center experience preferred but not required.
International Airport. JetBlue Training is provided but you must go to an on-site
is a non-union airline. location. Training is a paid, five-week process. New
hires spend two weeks in classroom learning about the
In October, 2007, JetBlue was airline industry, the technology and the company
named the number one U.S. culture; for the remaining three weeks, they take calls
domestic airline by Conde under supervision.
Nast Traveler magazine's
"Readers' Choice Awards" for
the sixth year in a row.[1]” Compensation: Agents start at $8.50 per hour, with a
fixed 5 percent annual raise, medical coverage. During
weather events and holidays, agents can sign up for
voluntary overtime. Jet Blue does not pay overtime
unless the hours are requested by Jet Blue.

JVM Inc.
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Typical Openings: B2B Telemarketers. Independent

Company Profile: contractors. Please note that JVM requires a non-
compete clause that lasts 6 months after your initial
JV/M is a professional contract in the states of New Jersey, New York,
business-to-business Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, Washington
telemarketing company that DC, Virginia, Connecticut or Massachusetts.
specializes in generating
qualified sales leads and Scheduling: Normal business hours – part time hours.
appointments for industrial,
commercial and professional Training/Experience: Candidates with B2B
firms that sell into the experience and sales training. Must pass their initial
business market. skills assessment before employment commences.
JV/M provides research Compensation: Undisclosed – hourly rate included in
services, pre-qualification, contract.
cold calling, executive
appointment-setting and other
lead generation services.

Kowal Associates
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Call Monitoring Associates (This

means you listen to and assess calls, rather than make
Kowal & Associates, Inc. them)
provides a variety of contact
center consulting services, Scheduling: Normal business hours – full time.
from strategic planning to in-
the-trenches implementation. Training/Experience: Experience monitoring calls in
a business call center environment.
Kowal & Associates has
worked with a wide variety of Compensation: Undisclosed – offers a strong benefit
clients across a number of package, including health, disability, and life
industries, including insurance, a 401-K plan, tuition reimbursement, T-
companies ranging in size pass, health club, and other benefits.
from Fortune 100 to local
Boston organizations. They
have worked for Pepsi,
Proctor and Gamble, and
Harvard University.

Life Alert
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Company Profile: This is Typical Openings: Inbound sales and outbound

the company that brought us follow-up. You are an independent contractor.
the infamous commercial,
“Help, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Scheduling: Set your own hours.
Get up!” They provide a
solution for the motion- Training/Experience: Telemarketing/Sales
impaired to make emergency experience helpful. All leads are provided.
calls in case of emergency.
Compensation: Undisclosed.

Life Made Simple / Order Corner
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LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile:
Typical Openings: Home-based telemarketers.
LifeMadeSimple, LLC, was Independent contractors.
established in July 2003 by
Jackie Bunn when she was Scheduling: As an independent telemarketer, hours
awarded the Central and are both negotiable and flexible. Part time or fulltime.
Northern New Jersey license
to market OrderCorner. Training/Experience: Provides initial and ongoing
OrderCorner is a rapidly training. A local market representative will be
growing online food ordering working along side of you and will be responsible for
service which enables people client visits and presentations.
to easily and efficiently order
meals for delivery to their Compensation: Hourly rate plus a commission
offices, homes or other structure based upon gross sales achieved. In addition,
meeting places from “best in telephone expenses will be reimbursed.
class” local restaurants and

Live Ops
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Company Profile: Note: LiveOps will require a $30 non refundable

check or money order to cover a routine background
LiveOps, founded in 2000, and credit check for all candidates indicating an
has 16,000 agents nationwide. interest in moving forward in the LiveOps
The company's chief Certification Process after the Virtual Business
executive officer, Maynard Presentation.
Webb, is the former chief
operating officer for eBay.
Typical Openings: Home based customer agents.
Independent contractors.

Scheduling: Set your own hours based on availability.

Additional Information LiveOps issues scheduling opportunities for new
Sources for LiveOps: agents twice a week. You must commit to half hour
time slots.
WAHM LiveOps Forum:
m/forum_topics.asp?FID=4 Training/Experience: Training on specific projects
1 for clients is provided. You will also receive
Online Interview with Chief immediate online support from supervisor’s real time
Technical Officer: via a chat room.
hp?option=com_content&ta Compensation: In most cases, Agents invoice
sk=view&id=83&Itemid=38 LiveOps per minute of talk time – which averages
anywhere between $7 and $20 per hour. Many clients
also issue performance bonuses for "upselling" a caller
to a more expensive product. Agents are graded on a
merit system, with the most experienced and best-
scoring agents getting the most lucrative calls. Agents
can log in to see their rankings at any time. Those at
the top of the ranks tend to be very busy. Fees are
calculated from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th
to the end of the month. Fees are paid (deposits made
and checks mailed) on the first business day following
the close of an invoice period.
Lunar Pages / Ad2Net, Inc.
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BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Service Representative

Lunarpages Web Hosting was I, Sales Representatives. W-2 positions.
born from Add2Net in 2000,
and has branched out from Scheduling: Open shifts for contract, telecommuting
simple shared hosting to positions are available for day, swing, and graveyard
include Windows, Dedicated, hours.
Reseller, and most recently,
VPS Hosting Plans. Training/Experience: Ability to use an HTML editor
a plus, Familiarity with file transfer via the Internet
LunarPages has been featured (FTP) a plus
in Web Host Industry Review,
HostSearch, and a many web Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate plus upsell
hosting review websites. bonuses.

Maine Oil
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Company Profile: The intent Typical Openings: B2B Telemarketers. Independent

of is to provide contractors.
the current heating oil and
kerosene prices as a resource Scheduling: Calls start between 8:00 - 8:30am. 2-3
for the people of Maine. hours a day 3-5 days a week.

80 percent of Maine residents Training/Experience: Telemarketing experience

heat their homes with oil, and preferred. Training and scripts provided.
the average resident burns
through about 850 gallons a Compensation: Pays $11.00 per hour. Also pays
season, according to the phone costs.
Maine Oil Dealers

Maranatha Group
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Typical Openings: Home based telemarketers.

Company Profile: Independent contractors.
Maranatha Group provides Scheduling: Normal telemarketing hours.
marketing services for a
variety of customers in the Training/Experience: Provided, unpaid. No
health benefits industry. experience necessary. Telemarketers are placed on a
trial period where they are closely monitored and
given assistance as needed.

Compensation: Undisclosed. Checks are paid one

month after the enrollment date on each and every
sale. This allows the Health Benefits Companies to
process the enrollments and pay Maranatha Group for
its marketing services. Maranatha Group will take an
additional week to mail all compensation checks out.

Market Makers
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound B2B telemarketers.

Independent contractors.
MarketMakers Group, Inc. is
a B2B telemarketing company Scheduling: Shifts and schedules vary but are very
that designs customized sales flexible. Part time and full time hours available.
lead generation programs
focused on measurable Training/Experience: College degree preferred.
results. Experience in a professional setting mandatory.

Founded in 1996, the Compensation: Competitive hourly rate plus

company employs highly incentives based on performance.
educated professionals who
train and work in dedicated
business development teams
depending on industry

Marriott Global Reservations (Nebraska)
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Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home based reservation agents.

Scheduling: A minimum of 15 hours a week is

From required. Shifts vary based on the hours you want to
Marriott International, Inc. work
(NYSE: MAR) is a worldwide
operator and franchisor of a
range of value and luxury Training/Experience: Paid. Must train on-site before
hotels and related lodging working at home. Monday-Friday from 8:30 A.M. to
facilities. Marriott currently 5:00 P.M. for 4 weeks or Monday-Friday from 6:00
has 2,300 accommodation P.M. to 11:00 P.M. for 5 weeks.
properties in North America
alone.[2] Compensation: 8.50 per hour to start. Shift
incentives after 6:00 PM ($.75 more per hour after
6:00 PM, training excluded, on weekdays and $2.75
more per hour after 6:00 PM on weekends.)

Medco Health Solutions (Select Regions)
Employment Page: keyword
search :home and see job descriptions for Customer Care
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Employs Home based Customer

Care, pharmacy technicians, nurses, and other medical
From specialists. Hires remote staff in Arizona and Ohio.

“Medco Health Solutions, Scheduling: Full time schedules. Shifts vary based on
Inc. (NYSE: MHS) is a the position, but typically hires for 3PM to midnight
leading pharmacy benefit shifts for home-based positions.
manager (PBM) company
based in Franklin Lakes, New
Jersey. The current chairman Training/Experience: Paid. Minimum 1 year of
is David Snow. The company customer service experience is required for customer
formed in August 2003 as a service positions. For clinical team, one (1) to three
spinoff from Merck & Co.. (3) years of experience in mail-service, retail, or
While under Merck control, community practice setting and valid license in the
the company was known as state of Arizona.
Merck-Medco Managed Care,
L.L.C; before that it was Compensation: To be determined. All full time
Medco Containment Services, employees are eligible for a Comprehensive health
Inc. Medco is a member of care coverage that begins the first of the month
the S&P 500. As of 2007, it
was ranked 54th on the
Fortune 500 list. It was named
one of Fortune magazine’s
2005 Most Admired
Companies. Medco operates
the nation’s largest mail-order
pharmacy operation. In 2005,
Medco managed 549 million

Micahtek (Oklahoma)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
Online Commercial:

Typical Openings: Inbound calls takers. Independent

Company Profile: contractor status.
From the website:
Scheduling: Contractors set their own hours,
“MicahTek, Inc. has been in
however, Micatek will inform them of periods in
the service industry since
which expected higher than normal call volumes.
1984 providing software
solutions to non-profit and
Training/Experience: One week in a classroom
commercial industries. Seeing
setting (unpaid) and one week on the telephones
a need to provide state-of-the-
(payable at the established per-minute rate for calls
art data management,
taken during the second week).
telecommunications and
fulfillment services, the vision
Compensation: Paid per completed telephone call,
of MicahTek was born”
based on the per-minute rate established by Micahtek.
The per-minute rate is subject to change at any time at
the Company's sole discretion. Paid bi-weekly basis
through direct deposit with the AHC's designated
financial institution.

New Home Based CCR
Employment Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home based inbound customer

service. W-2 positions.
From the website: “NEW is a
privately-held, independent Scheduling: Schedules are agreed upon at the time of
third-party administrator of hire. Representatives can work up to 40 hours per
extended service plans, buyer week. (Based on call volume, some shifts may not
protection services and require additional staffing.)
product support
programs. With headquarters Training/Experience: Paid. Training takes place in
in Dulles, Virginia, we centralized locations in a classroom setting. Training
operate seven contact centers varies by client, but ranges between a 2-week course
around the U.S. to as much as 5.

NEW is the nation’s leading Compensation: Starting rate of $9.00/hour. 6 paid

provider of extended service days off a year. Days off begin accruing on your very
plans and buyer protection first day and you will be able to utilize your accrued
programs. We deliver days after 3 months.
outstanding customer care on
behalf of the nation’s leading
retailers, manufacturers,
utilities and financial service

Next Level Solutions
Employment Page:
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BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Virtual telemarketers. All home-

based positions are Independent Contractor.
Next Level Solutions opened
their doors in 2003, offering Scheduling: Flexible schedules and contractors
almost 20 years of typically set own hours. You must be available a
telemarketing experience to minimum of 20 hours per week.
their clients.
Training/Experience: 1+ year of telephone
Next Level Solutions works sales/customer service preferred. Training is provided.
primarily with clients within
the newspaper industry, which Compensation: $7.50 per hour + 2.75 commissions
has been their core per hour at goal, some projects pay up to$12.00-
competency in growing their $16.00 per Hour for bilingual callers.

Nielson Media Research
Employment Page:
Search term: “work from home”
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Field Representatives,

website: “At Nielsen Media Membership Recruiters
Research, our reputation for
integrity, innovation and Scheduling: Full time, W-2 positions.
commitment to professional
development attracts the Training/Experience: Training is two weeks on site.
industry's top talent. As an It is paid and provided in Tampa, FL. The company
industry leader in media will pay for your hotel and travel costs.
information, we're just one
part of The Nielsen Company, Compensation: Field positions start around $28,3000
a global information and but vary according to regional differences. After a
media company with leading probationary period, full benefits are offered.
market positions and world-
renowned brands in other
industries as well. These
include marketing information
(ACNielsen), business
publications (Billboard and
The Hollywood Reporter
among others), and trade
shows. “

Nielsen Media Research was

rated as one of the most
diverse (Top 50 Companies
for Diversity, DiversityInc,
2005) and best places to work
(Top 100 IT firms,
ComputerWorld, 2004-06;
Best Computer Jobs in
America, 2002.

Niteo Services
Employment Page:
Main Page: and
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound Customer Service

From the website: “Niteo
Services, Inc. provides
integrated teleservices Scheduling: Varies, depending on client.
solutions utilizing a powerful
multi-channel, multimedia Training/Experience: Previous customer service
contact center solution and experience, preferably within a call center
highly qualified customer environment, is mandatory.
service professionals.”
Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.

North American Publishers Service
Company / NAPSI
Main Page:
Employment Page: Advertises on
BBB Report:

Typical Openings: Inbound and outbound customer

Company Profile: From the service. W-2 employees.
website, “North American
Publishers Service Company, Scheduling: 3PM-6PM Pacific Standard Time,
Inc. is an “Opt In” or Monday through Friday
“Permission Marketing”
based organization that Experience/Training: Customer service or sales
specializes in sales campaigns experience preferred. Training is paid and provided.
directed towards America's
“Special Interest Magazine” Compensation: $9.00/hr plus commission – some
readers. NAPSCI also top reps earn up to $22 / hour.
represents a variety of
additional consumer products
including Voicemail,
Shoppers Services, Roadside
Assistance Plans and Health
Benefit Programs. “

Nucomm (Lafayette, Georgia)
Main Page:
Employment Page:

Typical Openings: Inbound customer service. W-2

Company Profile: employees.

From Wikipedia, “NuComm Scheduling: Varies, depending on client project.

International is a Canadian-
based provider of customer Experience/Training: Customer service or sales
relationship and call center experience preferred. Training is paid and provided.
Compensation: Unlisted, however, employees are
Using the learnings and offered benefits.
efficiencies uncovered in
various career positions and
successes in dozens of call
centers, NuComm quickly
grew from a single office
located in historic Welland,
Ontario to an international
company now headquartered
in St. Catharines, Ontario,
employing over an estimated
4,000 people world wide.”

Numbers, Inc.
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Numbers, Typical Openings: Part-time Outbound

Inc assists clients with Telemarketers. Independent contractor status.
bookkeeping, financial
management, and financial Scheduling: Contractors set their own schedule
modeling on both a project during normal business hours
and interim basis.
Training/Experience: Sales and customer service
experience is a plus. Scripts are provided.

Compensation: A minimum of $10 per hour.

Ocurrance (Utah)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Part-time and full time employee
website: positions available. Inbound sales agents, customer
service, and outbound campaigns.
O'Currance Teleservices'
provides inbound and Scheduling: Inbound calls come in 24 hours a day, 7
outbound contact center days a week and schedules vary accordingly. Training
solutions for a variety of occurs during evenings and weekends.
Training/Experience: 6-8 weeks of onsite training,
then work at home.

Compensation: $9.00-18.00 per hour plus generous

commissions. Full time employees receive benefits
including medical and dental insurance, vacation and
sick leave, and 401K retirement plans.

Offsite Works / Office at Home
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: cuses on Typical Openings: Inbound calls and outbound calls.
contracts for outsourcing W-2 positions
projects to small businesses.
OffSite Works offers three Scheduling: Most work is part-time. Schedule
types of outsourcing depends on client.
contracts: on-call assistance,
project accounts, and work Training/Experience: Must travel to Nashville 3x a
force contracts. year for updated training meetings on-site. OffSite
Works rigid screening process considers each
Offsite works has been teleworker’s skills, industry background and systems.
featured in many newspapers
in the Tennessee area as well Compensation: Hourly - depends on client project.
as national publications,
including The City Paper, the
Nashville Business Journal,
and Computer User. Nashville

On Point at Home /Onpoint
Advocacy/Democracy Data &
Communications LLC
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Outbound Advocacy

website: “ OnPoint@Home is Coordinators. Independent Contractors.
the work-at-home division of
OnPoint Advocacy. Centrally Scheduling: Flexible work schedule. Every Advocacy
located just minutes from Coordinator has the flexibility to set his or her own
Washington, D.C., OnPoint is schedule between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. local
the premier grassroots time, Monday through Friday. A minimum of 25
communications firm in the hours per week is requested. Most projects last
nation. We develop between 2 and 12 weeks. At the end of each project,
innovative grassroots qualified Advocacy Coordinators will have the
strategies on behalf of our opportunity to sign up for a new project on a case-by-
clients.” case basis.

Training/Experience: Provided.

Compensation: Starts at $12 per hour and bonuses

are available for Advocacy Coordinators during peak
periods. Pays weekly.

OPK Telemarketing
Employment Page:
* Frequently advertises on Craig’s List when there are openings.
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: B2B Telemarketers. W-2

employee status.
OPK Telemarketing Services,
based in Denver, CO provides Scheduling: Flexible position allows you to choose
business to business your own daytime working hours as long as you are
telemarketing solutions for available for a minimum of 20 hours per week.
companies of all sizes.
Training/Experience: The ideal candidate will have
inside or outside sales or customer service experience.

Compensation: The starting pay rate is $10-$12 per


Outlook Amusements (Los Angeles, CA)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Service/Sales

Representatives. W-2 employees.
Outlook Amusements, Inc. is
an interactive marketing and Scheduling: Full time shifts. Schedules can be in the
media company in the early morning, late afternoon, and evening shifts. You
business of producing and must be available to work on the weekends.
distributing premium new
age, metaphysical and psychic Training/Experience: Prior experience working in a
entertainment services. sales oriented call center. Training is paid for and

Compensation: Up to $17 per hour with opportunity

for advancement. Benefits are available for those that
work 25 or more hours per week – including 100%
Employer paid healthcare, 100% Employer paid dental
and vision, Flex 125 plan with employer funding of
$550, Paid Vacation, Sick, Personal Time, 401K
w/company match, and holiday pay. You also get
access to free psychic readings.

*Must work on-site for a minimum for 60 days

before you can become a Work At Home Agent.

Outrigger Hotels (Denver, Colorado)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home based reservations agents.

From Wikipedia: Outrigger Scheduling: Part time hours at varying shifts.

Hotels is a Honolulu-based
hotel chain operating over 50 Training/Experience: Must have at least three years
properties and over 12,000 of customer service background. On site training is
rooms in Hawaii, Australia, paid and provided.
New Zealand, Fiji, French
Polynesia, Guam and Compensation: Starts at $10.97/hour
Indonesia. With 26 properties
in Hawaii, it is Hawaii's
largest hotel chain. It was also
a key player in Australia
before it sold its properties
there due to financial

Overflow USA
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Independent Virtual Call Center
website: “We are dedicated to Agents. IC status. To work for them, you must
providing quality call incorporate within 30 days.
completion services,
empowering persons with Scheduling: No minimum or maximum number of
disabilities and other qualified hours, but they do ask you work in blocks of 3 hours
individuals with independence or more. You set your schedule two weeks in advance.
while keeping jobs right here
in America.
Training/Experience: Onsite, 2 day trainings are held
Headquartered in Plainview, throughout New York, but non-local agents can be
New York we offer work-at- trained remotely.
home opportunities to persons
with disabilities, older mature Compensation: Paid on a per-call basis. The
adults, American Veterans minimum number of paid calls per hour is four. The
and other qualified home- rate per call will vary depending on the client
bound individuals. This keeps handled. Call rates are between $1.40 and $1.70.
jobs in America and employs
a previously untapped human

Oxford Media / OxfordSVI
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work from Home Customer

Service Agents. W-2 employee status.

Scheduling: Full time and part time schedules

Oxford SVI provides Video- available, and the call center is 24 hours.
On-Demand, Free-to-Guest
programming, High Speed Training/Experience: Paid 2-3 week training
Internet Access & program.
Surveillance System services
to hotels nationwide. Their Compensation: Undisclosed - competitive salary and
VOD and PPV entertainment benefit package.
systems offer hotel guests a
variety of video content on
demand, including the latest
first-run Hollywood movies,
while providing hotel owners
with a positive return on
investment from the systems.

OxfordSVI has a customer

base of over 2,400 hotels, of
which 1,970 hotels (160,000
rooms) provide VOD

Oxford Media / Oxford SVI is

a publicly traded company
and has been featured in
media across the globe.

Palm Coast Data (Palm Coast, FL)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Home Based Customer Service
website: “The relationship Representatives. W-2 employees.
between our clients and Palm
Coast Data’s Account Scheduling: Home-Reps are part-time, hourly paid
Managers is a very special employees of Palm Coast Data. Shifts are available
one. Part concierge, part within the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., during the
emissary, the number one week or on weekends.
priority of each PCD Account
Manager is turning client Training/Experience: If hired, you will participate in
directives into skillful six paid weeks of instruction and preparation, Monday
operational action.” through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at the
main Palm Coast Data facility.

Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.

PeopleReady /
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound appointment setters.

People Ready helps Scheduling: Part-time positions that require an

businesses redefine their average of 10-15 hours a week with potential for
value and maximize more. For setting appointments, this requires 2 -3
profitability by leveraging hours a day, 3 days a week
organizations human capital,
communications, leadership, Training/Experience: Provided. Outbound calling
organizational structure and experience is required.
Compensation: Competitive hourly rate, based on

Perceptis L.L.C.
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: PerceptIS Typical Opportunities: Inbound Customer Service

is a privately held Cleveland and Tech Support. Independent contractor status.
based firm that provides help
desk, call center and Scheduling: Clients may need services around the
information technology clock. When you apply, you will be asked to fill out a
services to the higher form specifying the shifts and schedules you can
education, non-for-profit and work. Your hours will be set against this schedule and
commercial markets. current needs.
Their call center currently
supports over 500,000 end Training/Experience: Depending on position,
users with technical help desk customer support and tech support experience may be
services. needed.

Most of PerptIS’s clients are Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.

universities, including the
University of Akron, the
University of Arizona, Case
Western Reserve University,
and dozens of other
educational institutions across
the country.

Phone Magic, Inc.
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
WAHM Forum on Phone Magic:

Typical Openings: New Business Development,

Company Profile: Phone outbound calling. Independent contractor.
Magic offers magazine
subscription services to Scheduling: Set your own schedule during normal
consumers on behalf of telemarketing hours.
publishers across the US.
Training/Experience: Provided. Outbound calling
experience is preferred.

Compensation: The rate your client will pay you is

$8.00 to $10.00 per hour.

*Please take a look at the BBB Report and WAHM

thread on this company. They have had several
unresolved issues with previous contractors that
were terminated from the company who were not

Pioneer Staffing
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Lead generators (part-time)

website: “Pioneer Staffing is a Outbound calling specialist (full-time). W-2 hires.
team of successful and
seasoned recruiters.” Scheduling: For Lead generators, one late night
required each week, and one Sunday night required
per month. Night/Evening shifts run from 7:30PM -
10:00PM. Must work at least 15 hours each week, in 2
or 3 hour shifts. Outbound calling specialists, work a 4
day week, Monday through Thursday with two
required late nights (Mon/Tue or Tue/Wed). At least
two Sunday nights required per month. Night/Evening
shift runs from 8:00PM - 10:30PM.

Training/Experience: A minimum of 2 years cold

calling and sales experience. Pioneer requires a
comprehensive 2 day training program. Only
experienced cold callers/telemarketers and sales
professionals are encouraged to apply.

Compensation: Lead generators are paid per

appointment. Full-time outbound calling specialists
are paid a Base Salary of $19,760 to $25,000 + and
quarterly bonuses.

Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Remote dispatchers for homes,

cars, and businesses. Independent contractors.
Pop-A-Lock® was founded Scheduling: Schedules are available 24 hours a day, 7
by former law enforcement days a week.
officers in Lafayette,
Training/Experience: Training provided. Call center
Louisiana in 1991, to create
experience preferred.
locksmith solutions that were
safe, efficient, and effective Compensation: Undisclosed rate – however, pays per
across the country. dispatched call.
They offer a variety of on-site
locksmith solutions, including
car door unlocking, basic lock
picking, and roadside
assistance which includes tire
changes, jumpstarting and re-

Pop-A-Lock is the country’s

largest group of franchise
locksmiths, providing 24-hour
locksmith services across

Prince Market Research / Market Tools,
Employment Page:
Application Page:
Main Page:
Article on PMR:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Home based interviews.

website: “For more than 20 Employee status.
years, PMR has been helping
management teams hear, Scheduling: Flexible, typical telemarketing hours. 15-
understand, and act on the 40 hours per week.
voice of their customers. We
are a full-service, custom Training/Experience: Provided. Telemarketing or
research firm providing calling experience is strongly preferred.
insights that reveal
competitive strengths and Compensation: Hourly wage – undisclosed.
weaknesses that highlight
valuable opportunities for
growth and improvement. “

Productivity Essentials
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
Owner is a member of the group:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound telemarketers.

From the website: Scheduling: Part time – typically 10-15 hours per
“PROductivity Essentials week. W-2 employee status.
LLC is a virtual
teleservices/CyberCorp Training/Experience: 2-5+ years experience in
company specializing in network marketing, direct sales, inside sales, and/or
business development virtual assisting/administrative support background.
consulting and automation, Training provided with initial 90-day contract
telemarketing, lead Compensation: $8 - $12/hour or straight commission
generation, appointment + monthly bonus- (your choice)
setting, customer service,
market research, and web

Professional Dispatch Services /
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
Employee Profile at Ryze:

Typical Openings: PDS Customer Service

Company Profile:
Representatives are responsible for providing service
solutions to clients who need facility service after-
hours. Inbound customer service. Independent
From the website: “PDS will
improve efficiency and cut
operational costs for you
Scheduling: After hours – part time or full time.
through a unique combination
Independent contractor position.
of technology and
personalized customer
Training and Experience: Must have 2 years
experience in facilities or rental
management/customer services.
We monitor contractor or
employee inefficiencies and
Compensation: Paid per work order. (There is an
consolidate your service
average of 10 to 50 work orders per day.) ($4.00 each
information in an Internet
to start; $5.00 each with experience.) PDS also offers
browser accessible database
incentives, compensation and bonuses for quality
so your tenants or employees
are able to view work order
status and reports.”

Public Opinion Research
Employment Page:
Web Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Contract Telephone Interviewers.

Since 1976, Public Opinion Scheduling: The normal calling hours are 5:30-9:30
Research, Inc., has been pm (EST), Monday through Friday, 10 am to 2 pm
providing survey and market (EST) on Saturday, and 12 to 9:30 pm (EST) on
research to over 300 Sunday.
corporations, non-profit
organizations, government Training/Experience: Outbound calling experience
agencies, public officials and requested.

Many political campaigns Compensation: Paid per interview completed. At this

credit their success to this point interviewers on the system are making $13.25 to
company. $25.00 per hour. The rate per interview varies depends
upon the length of the survey. For example, some
projects might pay you $5 per completed interview.
(Usually you will average 3 to 4 of these per hour.
Longer surveys may pay you 6,7, or 8 dollars, but you
may only be able to do 2 to 3 an hour.)

Purple Heart Pickup
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: From the Scheduling: During normal telemarketing hours. Set
website: “The Military Order your own hours.
of the Purple Heart of the
U.S.A. Inc. (MOPH) is a Typical Openings: Employee – outbound telephone
Congressionally chartered solicitors.
national veteran’s service
organization. The funding for Training/Experience: Paid and done remotely.
veterans services, welfare,
rehabilitation, and educational Compensation: Pays $11 per hour in training.
programs comes from the However, once agents graduate from the program,
Purple Heart Service they typically earn $17 - 22 per hour.
Foundation, Inc. Funds for
these programs are raised by
the sale of useable household
goods contributed.”

Quest Diagnostics (Missouri)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Scheduling: Typically should be available for the

following shifts: between Monday-Thursday 6:00pm-
From “Quest 11:00pm, Friday 6:00pm-9:00pm for two
Diagnostics Incorporated weeks.Hours: Monday 6:00pm-11:00pm, Pick two
(NYSE: DGX) is a United days (T, W, or R) 6:00pm-10:00pm, Friday 6:00pm-
States corporation which 9:00pm, every Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm or 12:00pm-
provides clinical laboratory 4:00pm.
services. The company has
operations in the United Typical Openings: Work from Home
Kingdom and Mexico, as well Teleinterviewers
as service locations located in
Brazil in addition to Training/Experience: High School Diploma or
collaborative agreements Equivalent required, some college courses preferred as
internationally with various well as experience with medical terminology. Full
hospitals and clinics. [1] Quest paid training must be completed onsite for 6 to 8
Diagnostics also has weeks.
operations in the US Territory
of Puerto Rico. [2] Compensation: Hourly, undisclosed

Quest Diagnostics is a
member of the Fortune 500
and the S&P 500. The
company's corporate
headquarters were previously
located in Teterboro, New
Jersey where the largest
business unit is located.
Currently, the corporate
headquarters are located in
Madison, New Jersey[3]
having moved there in
October 2007 from
Lyndhurst, New Jersey.”

Reditos Worldwide / RWI Marketing
Employment Page:
Main Page: and

Company Profile: RWI Typical Openings: Virtual Customer Service Agent.

Marketing Services provides Independent contractors.
inbound / outbound business-
to-business, business-to- Scheduling: All Virtual Agents will be required to
consumer marketing services work a weekend shift and have either day or evening
through outbound availability according to RWI needs.
telemarketing and inbound
customer service with virtual Training/Experience: Must have own business (EIN
agents throughout the U.S. number or Sole Proprietor) and must complete all
training provided by the VAC (Virtual Agent
Consultant) and resources provided on-line.

Compensation: You must submit a monthly invoice

to receive payment every 30 days. RWI will pay for
talk time (per minute) based on invoice submitted to
HR monthly. Schedule must be approved weekly by

Reserve America (Florida)
Employment Page: Typically advertises via
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work at home Reservation

“ReserveAmerica of Schedule: Full time, varying hours.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
is a company that provides Training / Experience: Paid, at local location.
online campsite reservation
processing for private, state Compensation: Training wage $7.15 an hour. Upon
and federal campgrounds in successful completion of training, $7.50 an hour.
the United States. They claim
to be the "#1 Access Point for
Outdoor Recreation",
processing more than 3.5
million camping reservations
per year, with more than
150,000 campsites available.”

ReserveAmerica is owned and

operated by Ticketmaster, an
operating business of IAC

Rich Worldwide
Employment Page:
Main Page:
Sample Lead forms, etc:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Governmental Marketing

Specialist, Business Marketing Specialist.
Independent contractors.
Rich Enterprises specializes
in lead generation and Scheduling: Contracts are for 10 to 40 hours per
appointment setting week.
services. They were
honored by the State of Training/Experience: Must have a strong business
Kansas as the 2007 Women background with emphasis in sales or a telemarketing
background and/or experience in cold calling,
Owned Services Business of prospecting, appointment setting, and lead generation.
the year. Client project training is provided.

Compensation: Typically pays starting at $10 per


SCI at Home / Secure Call Management/
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home Based Call Agents.

Independent contractors.
Secure Call's U.S.-based
contact centers are staffed Scheduling: A minimum of 4 hours per shift.
with highly trained English Contractors customize their shifts each day based on
and Spanish speaking availability. There is no maximum amount of hours.
operators who provide quality Shifts are scheduled either 1 week in advance or you
sales and support services 24 may reserve your hours in the morning for a same day
hours a day 7 days per week. work schedule.

They have been featured in Training/Experience: Prefers a background in

media across the country for customer service, data entry, inbound/outbound
their innovative contact center telemarketing, sales and client services. All training is
solutions. provided remotely.

Compensation: Typically pays $.20 cents per talk

minute. This usually averages out to between $9.00
and $12.00 / per hour. Contractors can receive their
payments via direct deposit, check, or a benefits card.

Service 800
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Satisfaction surveyors. W-2

From the Website: “Founded
in 1989, SERVICE 800 Scheduling: Ability to work a minimum of 20 hours
designs and administers real- per week during normal business hours of 8a - 5p
time customer satisfaction Monday through Friday
measurement programs,
helping service organizations Training/Experience: Provided. Experience in B2C
follow up with their communications and customer service preferred.
customers within hours or
days of service events. The Compensation: Starts at $9 hr.
company utilizes a distinctive
follow-up telephone interview
process along with e-mail,
web, and other follow-up
techniques to measure
customer satisfaction.”

In April 2006, the

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business
Journal ranked SERVICE
800, Inc. number one in the
category of largest market
research firms in the twin
cities. The privately held
company has approximately
400 full-time employees and
provides services to
companies in North America,
South America, Latin
America, Europe, the Middle
East and the Asia Pacific

Shlesinger Associates
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Telephone interviewers and

qualitative assistants.
From the Website: “For over
40 years, Schlesinger Scheduling: Full time and part time positions
Associates has provided data available during both day and evening hours.
collection services that help
companies understand their Training/Experience: Experience is useful but
potential influences in the training will be provided. .
marketplace. Over this time,
we have amassed the Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.
technical expertise and
extensive market knowledge
to provide clients with a
comprehensive range of
quantitative and qualitative
research services in desirable
markets. To do this, we
established high standards of
professional, courteous,
quality service - standards we
measure ourselves against on
every project.”

Smart Circle International
Employment Page: Advertises on (Search for Smart Circle)
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work from home appointment

setters and outside sales specialists.
From the Website: “With
nearly two decades of Scheduling: Full time and part time positions
experience in the direct sales available during both day and evening hours.
industry, Smart Circle
International has built a Training/Experience: Offers full paid training and
tremendous business support .
opportunity that has generated
billions of dollars in value to Compensation: $25,000-$30,000 a year base pay,
our customers and plus commissions.
Advertising Partners. We’ve
harnessed the power of
referral marketing to change
what consumers buy as well
as how they purchase.
Through our Public, Private
and Fundraising Networks,
our products are available to
consumers via direct, door-to-
door sales and online through
the company web site.”

Smart Office Solutions / SOS
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Smart Typical Openings: Customer Service

Office Solutions provides Representatives. Contract-to-hire teleworker positions.
inbound and outbound calling
solutions for their clients, Scheduling: Full time positions, temp to hire.
focused on providing quality
customer relationship Training/Experience: Provided and paid.
management solutions for
customers across a variety of Compensation: $8.50 to $9.50 per hour based on
industries. experience

Special Data Processing / National
Magazine Exchange (Florida - Tampa Bay area)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

See the Ripoff Report:

Typical Openings: Home Agent Sales Associates.

Company Profile: From the The Sales Associate offers the caller the opportunity
website: “Because of our to purchase over 200 magazine titles at extremely
long-standing affiliation with reduced rates. W-2 employee status.
major magazine publishers,
we are able to offer a wide Scheduling: Various schedules available. Not open on
variety of magazines to our Sunday.
customers. Our business is
rapidly growing and we have Training/Experience: Paid on-site training.
an immediate need for
competent and courteous Compensation: Undisclosed - commensurate with
representatives to answer our experience. Offers medical and dental benefits to full
in-bound calls.” time employees.

*Note: This company has a fair number of

unresolved consumer complaints with the BBB.
They have also been cited by the FTC for
fraudulent telemarketing practices. They also go by
the name “National Magazine Exchange”. Call
center employees have complained about being
shorted on their paychecks.

StandGuard Security
Employment Page: Advertises on (Search for StandGuard)
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Work from home telemarketers.

You don’t have to have a house line – a cell phone is
Standguard Security, okay!
a Monitronics authorized
dealer, provides monitored Scheduling: Flexible schedule including evenings and
security alarm systems for Saturdays.
residential and business
customers. Training/Experience: 1 + years related experience
and/or training in sales and telemarketing.
Monitonics, the nation’s third
largest alarm company, Compensation: Base pay, plus commissions.
monitors more than 490,000
customers. Monitronics
labeled security systems,
monitoring services,
installation, upgrade, and
repair services are available
through its nationwide
network of authorized dealers.
Monitronics Authorized
Dealers sell, service and
install security alarm systems
to homes and businesses.

Staples (Rochester, NY)
Employment Page: Advertises on (search “Staples, Rochester”)
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Helpdesk and customer service

representatives. W-2 employees.
From Staples,
Inc. NASDAQ: SPLS is the Scheduling: Part-time and full time positions, check
world's largest office supply Mosnter for current openings.
retail store chain, with over
1,962 stores worldwide, Training/Experience: You must complete a
including stores in the United minimum of 3 months of on site training in order
States, Canada (as Staples to be considered for this program and certain
Business Depot or Bureau en stipulations will apply.
Gros in Quebec), Belgium (as
Office Centre), Germany, Compensation: Competitive salary plus benefits.
Portugal, the Netherlands (as
Office Centre), Spain,
Sweden, the United Kingdom,
and soon India. …It also does
business via the Internet,
through, its

Stewart Response Group
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Opportunities: Virtual Sales Agents.

Independent contractor status.
Stewart Response Group
recruits, certifies and Scheduling: Clients may need services around the
contracts with sales agents clock. You will choose your own hours.
who form its virtual sales
team and do not work in one Training/Experience: Telephone sales experience is
central location. helpful, but not required.

The Stewart Response Group Compensation: Undisclosed.

management team has more
than 50 years of combined
experience in direct response
marketing and call center

Superior Telemarketing
Employment Page:
Main Page:
Company Blog:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Appointment Setting:

B2B/Residential. Independent contractor status.
Superior Telemarketing
(formerly Carisa Sanders Scheduling: Minimum of 20 hours per week. 9am
Marketing) provides B2B and EST till 12 midnight EST.
residential outbound
telemarketing for a variety of Training/Experience: Prefers 2-4 yrs business-to-
clientele. Their outbound business marketplace experience and/or outbound,
calling services are planned business-to-business cold calling. The first two weeks
and implemented for custom is a training period during which trainees make $8 per
solutions to each client’s hour, plus bonuses. Clients may request that you log in
specific needs. to a conference call weekly to discuss their campaign.

The company has been Compensation: Pays $9 - $12 an hour on a weekly

featured in New Jersey basis. Direct deposit or payment card available.
Business Online and Christian
Talk Radio. Past clients have
included Automated Post
Cards, Ocean Spray, and
Houston Golf Club.

Sutherland Global Services
Employment Page: (also check
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer Service, Lead

Generation Specialists, and Salespeople.
Sutherland is a large Business
Process Outsourcing firm Scheduling: Full time and part time jobs available,
with worldwide locations. depending on client projects.
They work in the financial,
retail, and health care sectors, Training/Experience: Sales requires 1 year of inside
as well as other industries or outside sales/lead generation management of
across the globe. In January, technical products or services. However, customer
2008, they won the Thought service positions appear to be entry level.
Leadership Award from the
Outsourcing Institute. Compensation: Pays base salary plus commission on
most projects. Most positions start between $9 and
$12 an hour.

Tactical Sales Solutions
Employment Page:
Main Page:
HR Contact:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Lead Setting Specialists,

Website: “Tactical Sales Appointment Setting Specialists. Independent
Solutions provides sales contractors.
intelligence to the high
technology industry. The Scheduling: 20-40 hours per week during normal
company was founded in business hours.
1993 to provide outsourced
marketing services and has Training/Experience: Cold calling and prospecting
evolved to specialize in experience preferred.
business-to-business lead
generation and sales Compensation: 15-24 $ hour, or 400-500 per
prospecting. Today our three appointment, based on position, skills and
key areas of focus are: performance.
Telemarketing Lead
Generation, Internet Based
Lead Tracking, and Web
Enabled Database Services.”

Talk2Rep Call Centers
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound and outbound customer

service, Appointment Setters. W-2 employees.
From the Website: .
“Headquartered in Tamarac , Scheduling: Full Time and Part Time Positions
Florida. Talk2Rep is a leading Available
call center and contact
management services Training/Experience: Comprehensive training
provider. Formed by former provided. Telephone experience is preferred.
AT&T Call Center
executives, Talk2Rep offers Compensation: $10.00 base salary plus bonuses and
fully integrated high quality incentives based upon program.
contact management services
for government agencies and
private industries in multiple
vertical industries such as
Healthcare, Financial, Retail,
Insurance, Technology,
Travel and
Telecommunications and
more.” They provide
telemarketing and customer
services, data collection and
market research.

Talk2Rep has been featured in

Inc. Magazine, Customer
Inter@ction Solutions, and for their
innovative contact center
outsourcing programs.

Tasc Business Solutions
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Marketing Associates – Inbound

Website: “t.a.s.c. BUSINESS and Outbound. Independent Contractor status.
SOLUTIONS is a professional
business development and Scheduling: Varies, depending on client project.
inside sales outsourcing Standard telemarketing hours apply.
company. We create business-
to-business selling Training/Experience: Have 3-5 years in the business-
opportunities and develop to-business marketplace and/or customer service
customer retention strategies and/or have 1-2 years in business-to-business cold
for our clients. Our client calling and/or sales
focused, honest and
professional based company Compensation: Pays $10.00 - $14.00 per hour.
seeks experienced, highly
motivated, professional
Marketing Associates. We
consistently take care of our
team as well as our clients.

Team Double Click
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Marketing Associates – Inbound

Website: “t.a.s.c. BUSINESS and Outbound. Independent Contractor status.
SOLUTIONS is a professional
business development and Scheduling: Varies, depending on client project.
inside sales outsourcing Standard telemarketing hours apply.
company. We create business-
to-business selling Training/Experience: Have 3-5 years in the business-
opportunities and develop to-business marketplace and/or customer service
customer retention strategies and/or have 1-2 years in business-to-business cold
for our clients. Our client calling and/or sales
focused, honest and
professional based company Compensation: Pays $10.00 - $14.00 per hour.
seeks experienced, highly
motivated, professional
Marketing Associates. We
consistently take care of our
team as well as our clients.”

Teachers-Teachers (Select Regions Only)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Candidate Recruitment

Website: “Teachers- Specialists, Client Services Managers (select regions is the nation’s only)
leading teacher employment
and recruitment website, Scheduling: Full time employees, some travel
working with over 2,000 required to on-site locations.
school systems across the
country to help them find and Training/Experience: At least three years of
hire the best and brightest customer service, training, or sales experience.
teachers. All of our Training is provided.
employees work from home
offices and enjoy the benefits Compensation: Base compensation is $34K-$36K
of telecommuting. We’re depending on position, with potential bonuses. We
proud to be an efficient and also cover Internet, phone, travel, mailing expenses,
energy conscious company and offer a competitive benefits package.
that provides a high quality of
life for our employees.”

Technology Sales Resource
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Clients have been HP, Sony Typical Openings: Lead Generation/Telesales

Business Solutions, as well as Specialists.
others, across a myriad of
industries. Scheduling: Part time (15-20 hours/week) or full time
(30 to 35 hours/week.) W-2 employees.
Technology Sales Resource is
a national consulting Training/Experience: 1-3 years or more experience
organization that helps in telesales.
technology companies of all
sizes build marketing and Compensation: Undisclosed – hourly rate.
business development
strategies quickly and
effectively. TSRI provides
high tech firms with access to
its proven suite of sales
solutions – each of which

Telecare Corporation (Florida)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Fully bilingual English/Spanish

candidates only telephone satisfaction survey agents.
Telecare Corporation (Outbound interviewing) Independent contractors.
specializes in outbound
telephone survey campaigns Scheduling: Full or part time schedules normally
across a span of industries. available between 9am and 5pm in the customer’s
time zone. Minimum of 20 hours/week.
Located in Boca Raton,
Florida, they provide services Training/Experience: Onsite training in the Boca
throughout the U.S., Canada Raton office for 1-2 weeks as needed depending on
and Mexico to a wide range of the projects. Training is paid.
clientele from small
entrepreneurs to international Compensation: Independent contractor. $9.00-
leaders such as Motorola. $10.00 per hour with room for growth.

Teleleads Online / Client Acquisition
Partners / C.A.P.
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Typical Openings: Home-based telemarketing

Company Profile: From the professionals. (CAP Agents) Independent contractor
website: “CAP Agents work status.
from home-based locations.
Agents have to pass an Scheduling: Flexible, during normal telemarketing
aptitude test before being hours.
awarded the position of
Independent Contractor for Training/Experience: CAP Agents require a
CAP. We have access to minimum of three (3) years experience in a lead
hundreds of home-based generation/appointment setting and or sales
agents, all talented marketers environment
ready to represent your
company. “ Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.

Telelink /The Call Center Inc. / Live-
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Business Development

Associates, Customer Service Representatives.
Telelink provides both b2b Contract and employee status.
and b2c call center services to
a variety of clients across Scheduling: Employees are expected to be available
North America. for scheduled shifts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Telelink has more than 600 Training/Experience: Education that is directly
domestic and international related to expertise in call centre industry dealing with
customers, including clients in Sales and Marketing. Training is provided.
over 40 American cities. Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate.
Based in Canada, they hire
throughout North America.

They have been recipients of

The Association of
Teleservices International
(ATSI) conferred four call
centers with the Gold 24/7
Call Center Certification

Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Appointment setters /

telemarketers. B2B only. W-2 employees.
TeleReach specializes in
business development, Scheduling: A minimum of 15 hours per week is
appointment setting, lead required. Flexible Part Time or Full Time Hours.
generation and information Daytime Monday through Friday, 8 – 5pm, during the
gathering company. business work week.

Clients are Fortune 100 client Training/Experience: Ideal candidates would have
businesses that require B2B experience in one or more of the
callers. following: cold calling, telemarketing, call center or
sales experience. Training is paid during the training
period. There are also ongoing company training
meetings each month as well as performance bonuses

Compensation: $12 to $25 per hour. Full time

employees qualify for company benefits after 90 days.

Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
WAHM Online Forum for Teletech:

Company Profile: Typical Openings:TeleTech@Home Associates.

Inbound call takers. W-2 employee status.

TeleTech is a leading global Scheduling: Associates are considered part-time

business process outsourcing employees and are expected to work a minimum of 20
(BPO) company that provides hours per week. Associates have the ability to choose
a full range of front- to back- from a wide variety of scheduling options that vary by
office outsourced solutions client program.
for over 200 businesses.

Teletech has been featured in Training/Experience: Provided and paid. Training

the Business Journal, CNN is followed by assessment tests. Some of the
Money, Forbes Magazine, and assessments provide a realistic job preview that may
dozens of other news outlets be helpful to you to ensure that the @Home
throughout North America. A opportunity is the right fit for you.
major client of theirs is
Verizon Online. Compensation: Paid by the hour. After 6 months of
employment, you are eligible for benefits, including a
$50/month HRA (Health Reimbursement Account),
Matching 401(k) plan, and employee discounts with
TeleTech's partners and clients. (Including Dell and
Apple Computers, and Ford Motor Company cars.)

TeleXpertise /
Call Center Mystery Shopping
Employment Page 1:
Employment Page 2:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound B2B "cold" callers,

TeleXpertise provides outbound mystery telephone shoppers. Some
“mystery shopping” telephone positions require that you reside in the Denver, CO
services to businesses to help metro center.
improve customer satisfaction
and provide quality assurance. Scheduling: Part-time hours, based on client needs.
Mystery shoppers interact Independent contractors.
with the client’s customer
service department just as a Training/Experience: If you have previous call
"real" customer would. center management and/or consulting experience you
can rely more on your established network and
TeleXpertise has been "contacts influential."
featured in several industry
publications for its innovative
approach to Quality Compensation: Varies, however, callers are paid for
Assurance, including Call the amount of talk time versus an hourly rate.
Center Magazine.

Telvisio Solutions
Employment Page:
Main Page:
Founder’s LinkedIn Profile: (Do not contact
for job inquiries!)

Company Profile: Telvisio Typical Openings: Technical Support Agents

offers live technical support (Independent Contractors)
around the clock, tailored to
clients needs. They assist with Scheduling: Must be able to work consistently 30
help desk service solution hours a week. Shifts and schedules vary according to
design and outsourced call volume fluctuations.
workforce staffing.
Training/Experience: 2+ Years Experience in PC
Troubleshooting (Windows, LAN setup,
configuration, and troubleshooting) Other training is

Compensation: $12 to $16 per hour

Time Communications (Minnesota)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
Employment hotline: 1-651-298-1332

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound and outbound customer

service. W-2 employee positions.
Time Communications
provides call center services Scheduling: Varies depending on client needs – it is a
24/7 and has been in business 24 hour call center.
since 1972.
Training/Experience: Experience in customer service
They cater to both large and is essential. Paid training is provided.
small businesses, providing
call center services, live Compensation: $8-$10 per hour commensurate with
answering services, and order experience. Benefits are available after 90 days to full
taking for a variety of time employees.

Turner Consulting Group / Ryan Works at
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Sales consultants (high end). W-

employee status.
From the Website: “Turner
Consulting Group specializes Scheduling: Full time, normal business hours.
in delivering high quality,
individually tailored e- Training/Experience: You must be technically
Government and e-Business proficient, with a strong background in
solutions. Headquartered in consulting/solution sales. Knowledge of Web design
Washington, DC, TCG is a and applications development experience a plus.
small business that has
successfully conceived, Compensation: Targeted compensation of
created, integrated, and $110,000+, including base salary plus benefits
secured interactive package with 401(K).
environments since 1994.”

TCG was one of the fastest-

growing privately-held
companies in the United
States in 2001, as ranked by
Inc. magazine, and has been
on Washington Technology's
Fast 50.

Clients have included the

National Institute of General
Medical Science, National
Cancer Institute, U.S.
Department of Agriculture

Trigger Touch Marketing
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home-based, independently

contracted outbound callers.
Trigger Touch Multi-Channel
Marketing provides Scheduling: B2B is generally 8:00 am to 5:00 pm M-
telephone, internet, and direct Th and B2C M-Th 3:30-9:00 + Sat 9:00 – 1:00 pm
mail solutions for a variety of PST.
Training/Experience: Trigger Touch associates are
required to have college and 5 + years successful,
documented and verifiable marketing experience.

Compensation: Pays $25 per lead. (Most marketers

average $25 per hour, with their lower performers
averaging $15 per hour. Top is $85 per hour.)

Employment Page: (Use the words
“telecommuting or “tele-commuting” in the job search engine. )
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Tele-commuting Emergency

Road Service Dispatch. Take customer calls at home
From “U- to route maintenance trucks to people with mechanical
Haul International, Inc. is a issues.
North American equipment
rental company, based in Scheduling: Part-time. Flexible work schedules. The
Phoenix, Arizona, that has Emergency Road Service/ Customer Service
been in operation since 1945. Department are open 24 hours per day, seven days per
The company was founded by week. Must be available to work Saturday and Sunday
Leonard Shoen (1916-1999)
in Ridgefield, Washington, Training/Experience: Paid training.
who began it in the garage
owned by his wife's family, Compensation: Starting pay is $7.00/per hour, must
and expanded through have reliable cable or DSL broadband Internet
franchising with gas stations.” Connection. Must purchase your own multimedia

Ultimate Fares
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Worldspan Air At-Home

Reservation Agents. W-2 employee status.
From the Website: “Ultimate
Fares Inc. is a leading force in Scheduling: Shifts are flexible and available 24 hours.
the online travel industry.
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Training/Experience: Experience working in a travel
NV with call centers located department. Three years GDS air ticketing (SABRE
in Michigan, Miami, Texas, and/or AMADEUS software)
Phoenix and Los Angeles, its
award winning user friendly Compensation: 10.00 - 15.65 USD /hour based on
web site experience.
has become a company

Ultimate Fares is widely

recognized for its success,
having been ranked #1 ease of
use web site by the Online
World; and having won the
Editor's Choice award in
2005. “

Validated Response / Responsive Data,
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Lead verification and follow-up

positions. Independent contractors.
Responsive Data delivers
custom solutions for on-line Scheduling: Must be able to work part time 20-30
lead generation for a broad hours per week. Varying shifts and hours.
spectrum of companies.
Training/Experience: Provided and paid.
Validated Response provides
personal qualification of Compensation: Compensation based on experience
online requests. satisfaction. and skills. $8-15 per hour and bonuses.

Responsive Data, LLC owns

a host of lead generation
websites, including
. They also have dozens of
lead partners across the US.

Verafast / V Data on Demand
Employment Page:
Main Page: or
LinkedIn Profile:
BBB Report:
WAHM Forum on Verafast:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound customer service

callers. Independent contractors..
Ver-A-Fast Corporation is
one of the largest verification Scheduling: 20 or more hours per week in the evening
companies in the world, or on the weekend
making over fifteen million
calls annually. They work Training/Experience: Experience with telephone
with over 150 newspapers work desired. Training is provided.
across the country, and
conduct over 550 usage Compensation: Pay varies dependent on available
studies/audits annually. work and speed. Paid per contact - typically.21 cents
per contact plus bonuses. Check the work at home
mom forum for information as it seems that
compensation and work seems to fluctuate.

Verety (North Dakota)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
LinkedIn Profile:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Remote Order Specialists that
website: “Verety’s innovative take drive-thru orders for fast-food restaurants across
remote order service (ROS) the country. W-2 positions.
helps restaurants enhance
speed of service, order Scheduling: Verety is a 24x7 operation, so there are a
accuracy, and customer variety of shifts available. Associates schedule
satisfaction by streamlining themselves in shifts ranging from two to ten hours,
drive-thru operations. and split shifts are also available.

One reason Verety is able to Training/Experience: Provides paid, on-site training

deliver consistent, quality at a North Dakota facility.
service is our unique
workforce: all of our agents Compensation: Undisclosed hourly rate; associates
work from their homes.” are paid bi-weekly via direct deposit into their bank
accounts. Provides associates with all of the gear they
need to get started- including a computer and
software, Internet/DSL connection, and headset.

VIP Desk
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home Based Brand Ambassadors,

Home Based Screeners (Recruiters), Home Based
VIPDesk's online concierge Concierges. Brand Ambassadors are dedicated to a
service has quickly single client program per shift (no blending of
distinguished itself from queues), although they can undergo certification for
others because it offers a multiple programs.
"live" connection to personal
assistants. Customers have Scheduling: Varies – depending on the amount of
real-time exchanges with hours you decide to work for the week, the call
concierges via e-mail, instant- volume, and client program. 20 to 40 hours a week
message or telephone.
Training/Experience: Paid - using the VIPDesk
In 2007, VIPDesk announced Connect Certification Program will be done online and
that they are slated for major over the phone similar to online college courses. Some
growth – with plans to grow Certification modules on systems are self-paced.
from about 300 Brand Initial training will last 8-10 business days. The
Ambassadors to over 1000 in Certification Program is done through conference call
early 2008. from the comfort of your home and 100% attendance
is required.

Compensation: Concierge compensation ranges from

$14-$20 per hour. (Most make between $20,000 to

Virtuserve / CC Employment
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Inbound and outbound callers.

Contact center does telemarketing, customer service,
Virtuserve e provides and market research for a variety of clientele. Most
personal qualification of jobs require outbound calling.
online requests through
inbound and outbound calling Scheduling: Part time hours - usually minimum of 16
campaigns. They provide hours a week. The call center is open 24-7 and shifts
complete, hosted contact are scheduled in blocks of time.
center solutions.
Training/Experience: Training is paid and provided.
Customer service and outbound calling experience are
highly desirable.

Compensation: Undisclosed rate - paid hourly.

Voice Log LLC / BSG Clearing
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Scheduling: Able to work a minimum of 15 hours a

week – either day, evening, or weekend hours.
VoiceLog provides third VoiceLog allows you to work around your own
party verification services, schedule and choose your scheduled shifts
call recording and quality accordingly.
monitoring to a host of clients
across several industries. Typical Openings: At-Home Telephone Verification
They have been in business Agents, QA Monitors, Live Operators. Independent
since 1996. They have over contractors.
300 clients in Europe, the
U.S. and Canada.
Training/Experience: Provided and paid. Experience
in telephone work is preferred.

Compensation: English-only pay begins at $8.25 per

hour. Bilingual (English/Spanish) data collectors start
at $10.25 per hour. Data collectors working weekend
hours (Saturday and Sunday) receive an additional
$2.00 per hour.

Web Tracer
Employment Page:
(application form)
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Independent contractor skip

tracers / collection agents.
WebTracer is an international
search firm specializing in the Scheduling: Both independent contractor and W-2
business of locating the positions are available.
current address, telephone
number and place of Training/Experience: One year in skip tracing
employment of missing (collections)
Compensation: Salary plus performance bonuses.

West at Home / Work at Home Agent /
West TeleServices
Employment Page:
Main Page:
Yahoo Group for Agents:
WAHM Forum for West:

Company Profile: From Typical Openings: West, or Work At Home Agent “West (WAHA), is an inbound, call-taking, work at home
Corporation (formerly West opportunity.
TeleServices) provides
outsourced customer Scheduling: Depending on client projects that you
relationship management work - some people work up to 100 hours a week.
(CRM) services based in the Available shifts are posted by West. It is up to the
United States. West contractor to monitor the schedule and pick up hours
Corporation is headquartered they want to work.
in Omaha, Nebraska. and
currently employs upwards of Training/Experience: Training is unpaid and
29,000 people. The company provided for every client project you work on.
has locations spread widely
throughout North America, Compensation: Pay rate is usually in "talk time",
Europe, and Asia.” which means by the minute. The per minute rate can
range from .17c to .30c a minute. A Full Time (30-
40hr) contractor could expect to make $200-500 a
week depending on call volume. West At Home
employees are paid on a biweekly basis and Direct
Deposit and/or Pay Card options are available

Westat Research Interviewing
Employment Page:
Main Page:
Online Westat Forum:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Telephone data collectors. W-2

Scheduling: Able to work a minimum of 15 hours a
“Westat is an employee- week – either day, evening, or weekend hours.
owned research corporation
centered in Rockville, Training/Experience: Outbound calling experience
Maryland. It serves most is preferred.
agencies of the United States
Government as well as many Compensation: English-speaking data collectors start
other businesses, foundations, at $8.25 per hour. Bilingual (English/Spanish) data
universities, and state and collectors start at $10.25 per hour. Data collectors
local governments. Since its working weekend hours (Saturday and Sunday)
founding in 1961, Westat has receive an additional $2.00 per hour.
been one of the foremost
contract research
organizations in the United

The word Westat is a

contraction, coming from the
phrase "Western Statistics."

Westat has contracts with a

large variety of clientele
including NASA, the
Department of Health and
Human Services and the
Center for Economic
Opportunity in New York

Working Solutions
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:
WAHM Working Solutions Forum:

Company Profile: From the Typical Openings: Inbound and outbound callers.
website: “Thanks to advances Independent contractors.
in technology, and a whole lot
of business savvy, Working Scheduling: You can work as much as you want and
Solutions is able to screen, hours are typically available.
train and manage home-based
freelance agents all across the Training/Experience: Training is done remotely.
U.S. The workers are able to Working Solutions' Distance Learning OnDemand
work from home, with engages the agent in action-oriented learning methods
flexible scheduling; doing a that require a high degree of interaction and
job that maximizes their participation.
customer service skills. To
date, Working Solutions has a Compensation: Working Solutions pays its
database of 72,000 contractors $10 to $15 per hour in 15-minute
professionals qualified to increments. Client estimates of call volume determine
serve as agents. how many agents are assigned.

Working Solutions has been Getting Hired: Working Solutions has an extremely
featured in USA Today, and long backlog of applications – from three months to
hundreds of other news three years. Patience is key when applying for
venues across the U.S. for its available jobs.
homeshoring solutions.

X Act Services
Employment Page:
Main Page: or
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home Based Customer Service


XACT TeleSolutions is one of Scheduling: The shifts are straight hours just like an
the nation's leading providers on-site job. The call center is open from 24 hours; 7
of contact center solutions and days a week and schedules for various clients are
other teleservices, available according.
specializing in the customized
design, development, and Training/Experience: Experience in customer service
delivery of complex call and/or university degree preferred. Training is paid
handling solutions for over and available through a distance learning software
30,000 customers package to train agents around the country. There is
nationwide. also a "chat lounge" where remote agents
communicate with one another, read tips, tap into an
During peak periods, XACT e-bulletin board containing account information and
employs up to 400 agents, access an internal knowledge base. Training involves
many of whom work from a basic call processing training, as well as specialized
home. Agents are located in training for new applications. At the end of the course,
27 states and the Philippines. a test is given and automatically scored then
forwarded to the trainer or supervisor.
Turnover for all shifts is next
to nothing (less than 10 Compensation: Starts at $8.00 / hour, depending on
percent). client program and experience.

Canada-Only Homeshoring Companies

24-7 In Touch
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Remote Associates for Inbound

Customer Service. W-2 employees.
24-7 INtouch offers 24/7
voice, chat, and email Scheduling: Full and part time employee positions.
support.24-7 INtouch’s
primary offering includes Training/Experience: Paid training and experience in
inbound call center services a contact center environment preferred.
such as telesales, order taking,
customer service and web Compensation: Undisclosed at this time.
based customer support
solutions such as live web
chat and email response.

Brand Revival
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home Based Telemarketers

Scheduling: Flexible shifts available, normal

From the website: telemarketing hours apply.

“BrainFood Partners Inc., Training/Experience: Experience in sales and/or

Brand Revival Dot Net's telemarketing preferred. Training and scripts provided.
founder has produced and
managed public and private Compensation: Undisclosed at time of publication.
events to large and small
business audiences for ten
years. In 2006, we are
celebrating our 10th
Anniversary. BrainFood is
committed to delivering
authentic value to its
executive audiences around
the globe on-line and in
person at our various events.
We are BrainFood because
our sole purpose is to feed

Catalog TeleServices Company
Employment Page:
Main Pages: or
Linked Profile:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Remote Associates for Inbound

Sales Positions. W-2 employees.
Catalog TeleServices provides
services for Newport News Scheduling: Full and part time employee positions.
and Spiegel Catalogue.
Each brand management Training/Experience: Paid, lasts 4 to 6 weeks.
team fulfills the lifestyle
needs of a growing base of Compensation: Starts at $8.00/ hour plus incentives
targeted, high-potential Also offers (for full-time employees) retirement
consumers with high-quality savings and pension plan, dental/medical/vision plan
apparel, home furnishings and coverage, life insurance and yearly performance
other specialized products. reviews. Employees also receive catalog discounts.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts (New
Brunswick, Canada)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home Based Reservations

Agents. W-2 employee status.
“Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Scheduling: Shifts are available between 10:00am
is a Toronto, Ontario based and 2:00am. Most positions are full time.
owner/operator of luxury
hotels and resorts in Canada, Training/Experience: On-site - 3 week training
the United States, Mexico, program held in Moncton.
Bermuda, Barbados, United
Kingdom, Monaco, Germany, Compensation: Undisclosed salary plus company
Switzerland, Kenya, Zanzibar benefits.
and the United Arab Emirates.

Fairmont is known in Canada

for its famous historic hotels
and resorts such as the
Empress Hotel (Victoria) and
Hotel Vancouver in British
Columbia, the Royal York in
Toronto, Banff Springs in
Alberta and Château
Frontenac in Quebec City.”

Rural Experts
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Home Based telemarketers and

customer service representatives.
RuralEx Telephone Services
Inc. (RuralEx) was founded Scheduling: Varies, depending on client project.
in 2007 by Dan & Garnette
Weber, Ernst & Young Training/Experience: Training is provided. All
Entrepreneur of the Year Communication Experts have excellent
award winners in 2001 and communication skills, a focus on providing
owners of Interactive outstanding support, a minimum typing speed of 30
Tracking Systems Inc. WPM
(Itracks), one of
Saskatchewan’s Top Ten Compensation: Undisclosed salary.

Siris at Home
Main Page:
Employment Page:

Company Profile: From the Scheduling: Majority of the work available is in the
Website: “SIRIS is the evening - guaranteed weekly hours (full or part time.)
leading provider of donor
relationship services for Typical Openings: Fundraising Consultants – full or
Canada's top charities and part time. Direct hires.
foundations. Our group of
Fundraising Professionals Training/Experience: Paid and provided.
work hard everyday to reach
out and help causes that are Compensation: 12-$16/hour, depending on
important to raise the funds so experience and client.
that these charities can
continue their valuable work.

SIRIS is a leading provider of

Direct Response Solutions to
American and Canadian
Charities and Foundations.”

Main Page:
Employment Page:

Company Profile: Scheduling: Dependent on client projects.

Typical Openings: Market research agents.

TMR offers phone-based (outbound)
survey research services that
allow clients to identify Training/Experience: Unpaid, provided online. .
customer needs, market
trends, and public opinions. Compensation: Pays $10/an hour.

TMR also offers customer

service solutions and
outsource sales services that
can boost business sales and
customer satisfaction.

Companies that Prefer Military Spouses,
Disabled, and Veterans

J.Lodge (Select Regions Only)
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Part Time Sales Agents, Part time
call analysts.
J.Lodge opened its doors in
1999 and has since become Scheduling: 20 to 30 hours per week
the recognized leader in the
science of call monitoring and Training/Experience: Initial and ongoing training is
analysis. provided via webinars, conference calls and daily
contact with your team lead. Virtual team meetings
Within a few short years, are held daily.
J.Lodge clients have captured
multiple highly recognized Compensation: Undisclosed
industry awards for customer
service and customer
satisfaction Prefers to hire .
physically disabled

This company has been

featured in the New York
Times and Call Center

Hires in: AZ, OH, WI, MA,


Homebase USA
Employment Page:
Main Page:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Outbound appointment setters.

Home-Base USA sales agents work with clients to call
From the website: into business executives from a list provided and
“Home-Base USA's schedule qualified appointments.
appointment setting system
will allow your sales team to Scheduling: Part time or full time.
be on the road more often
meeting with prospective Training/Experience: Training is provided.
customers and, as a result,
increase your sales. It is Compensation: Payroll is bi-weekly and is comprised
expensive to have your sales of a guaranteed hourly pay plus commission bonuses.
team making cold calls when
they could spend that time
closing deals. By partnering .
with Home-Base USA you
can outsource your
appointment setting. As a
result, you will be able to
maximize the strengths of
your sales team to negotiate
and close sales generating
more revenue for your

National Telecommuting Institute
(Disabled and Veterans)
Main Page & Employment Page:
BBB Report:
Online Interview with NTI:

Company Profile: Typical Openings: Customer service, inbound callers,

outbound calling agents.
NTI prepares qualified
individuals with disabilities Scheduling: Varies, depending on clients. Most
primarily for work as companies hire independent contractors.
customer service
representatives, but also as Training/Experience: Provided remotely.
technical support agents and
medical transcriptionists. Compensation The number of positions and their
Equipped with voice and compensation varies by opportunity. Compensation
computer connections, NTI typically is $8.00 - $15.00 per hour
employees have provided
service for customers of
organizations and companies
such as the Internal Revenue
Service and AAA Roadside

Room Service Anywhere
Employment Page:
Main Page:
BBB Report:

Company Profile: Prefers to work with veterans, whether disabled or

able-bodied; with the spouses of serving members
Room Service Anywhere! of the Armed Forces; and with retired police
delivers the fine products of officers. If you're in one of these categories, let
local suppliers to customers in them know.
the local community. They
provide personal and Typical Openings: Room Service Anywhere!
concierge services such as dry Responders. Employee status. Coordinate local
cleaning delivery, dinner deliveries. As a responder, you answer the phone,
pick-up, and ticket enter some details on a computer, and call a courier.
acquisition. The courier does the delivery.

Scheduling: Set your own work hours mad provide

your own equipment.

Training/Experience: Provided. Customer service

experience is a plus.

Compensation: You can expect to make about

$30,000 a year working 240 8-hour shifts.

Resources Used for this eBook
Special thanks to Google for their excellent search query options. Many of the case studies used
to compile the information this eBook were found using Google Filetype Search. (Specifically,
searching for .pdf files - Hooray!)

All information for this eBook, including salaries, training information, and schedule
information, was gathered from each company’s respective URL’s (included in the profile) as
well as the following resources:

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