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Name of event: Cross Cultural Training - Mauritius

Target audience: Junior/Middle Management

Size of Audience: 6-8

Program Objectives
Objective: At the end of the program the participants will be able to:

Mauritius Cross Cultural Sensitivity and Travel Etiquette : 2 hours

Understanding the uniqueness of Mauritian culture and how to apply

the skills of cultural understanding helps one become more successful
in today’s global business environment. You will increase your
knowledge of Mauritian culture, working practices and etiquette as
well as learn how to interact in specific situations with the members of
this very unique culture.

 Historical/Geographical background
 Customs and traditions
 Perceptions, stereotypes and expectations
 Faux pas and other situations

Business Etiquette in Mauritius: 2 hours

In this very powerful workshop you will understand the importance of

creating a positive impression in Mauritius. The result of a successful
projection will always be positive as the effect ripples to all areas of
the business. This workshop will provide tips, tricks and tools to
improve your networking efforts in all sorts of situations.

 Business body language and non-verbal communication

 Effective introductions and greetings.
 The handshake – the correct way
 Exchange of business cards
 Gifting
 Seating protocol
 Key words and phrases
 Etiquette related to business entertaining and networking
 Business meal protocol

Duration Half Day (4 Hours)

Dates & Location Date: To be confirmed, Location: TIL Gurgaon

Trainer Name Suneeta Kanga

Trainer Organization Freelancer

Training Cost Rs. 25,000 (Including GST)

Trainer Profile  Ms. Suneeta Sodhi Kanga freelances as a corporate trainer,

mentor and coach in good grooming, international etiquette, fine
dining, wine appreciation, beauty and style etc.

 Suneeta has conducted innumerable workshops for senior

managers and executives in more than 200 companies in India
over the last 15 years which include prominent blue-chip Indian
and multinational corporates, banks, hotels, finishing schools and
individuals. She has trained and polished a vast number of
participants on skills of proper etiquette, manners, and
intercultural communication on various levels and spectrums.
From CEO’s to top management to junior management
employees – everyone has benefitted from her interventions.

 Passionate about her work Suneeta is registered with

innumerable companies as a vendor and thrives on repeat orders
and has a loyal following. She specializes in developing
customized training modules and has a team of very
hardworking, like minded and capable trainers who have been
trained meticulously under her supervision and shadow her fun
and interactive style of training.