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(2) Presently, minimum qualification and experience prescribed for recruitment of Research Officer in Pay

level 10 in the Recruitment & Merit Assessment Rules, 2004 of the Institute are common for the both
Occupation Medicine and Occupation Hygiene/Physiology/ Biochemistry/Environmental Science. Since the
year 2004, NIMH has recruited 07 candidates of Medical Field (for Occupation Hygiene Health Department) as
well as of non-medical field (for Occupation Hygiene and Biochemistry Department) to the post of Research
Officer advertised through Advt. No. Nil dated 28.08.2004, Advt. No. Nil 01/2011, Advt. No. 03/2013 and Advt.
No. 02/2014 as per following details :-

(3) The institute is working in the field of Miner’s Health where principally two broad activities are carried out
i.e. health monitoring and environmental monitoring. The Vacancies of research Officer are thus advertised
either as Research Officer (Occupational Health) (Medical) or Research Officer (Occupational Hygiene) (Non-
Medical), depending upon the requirement if the institute.

(4) For health monitoring a qualified doctor is required and thus those having MBBS qualification and 03 years
experience in research/teaching experience in occupational Health/Hygiene/General Medicine/Preventive
social /Medicine/Public Health/Physiology related subject in a reputed Research Institute/Occupational Health
unit/College/ University/Industry or any other equivalent organization are recruited as per existing RMA rules.

(5) The essential criteria for Non-Medical Research Officer is M.Sc first class Chemistry, physics, Biology,
Biochemistry, Physiology or PG qualification related to Occupational Health & Hygiene experience is 05 years
Research /Teaching experience in any reputed Research Institute/Occupational Health
Unit/college/University/Industry or any other equivalent organization as per the existing RMA rules (Relevant
page of the RMA rules is Annexure-G).

(6) In view to the , above to avoid further legal disputed/controversy, the Institute Propose to clarify the
relevant eligibility criteria for the post of Research Officer by separately providing minimum qualification and
experience for Medicine and Occupation Hygiene Physiology/physiology/Biochemistry/Environmental Science
Posts as per enclosed Annexure-H.


It, is hereby submitted that necessary approval may please be accorded for inserting above clarification and
post facto approval may also be accorded to regularizes recruitment made vide Advt. No. Nil dated
28.08.2004, Advt.No. Nil dated 29.10.2005, Advt. No. 01/2011, Advt. No. 03/2013 and Advt. No. 02/2014 as
per above given details.