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Seven Signs of a Great Marine

1. When given a mission, the Marine just does it; (legally

and with integrity).
Leadership Guidance 2010
2. The Marine exhibits a sense of energy, urgency and
enthusiasm and/or determination in all that Marine does:

2D Marine
Attitude is everything!
3. The Marine places “we” ahead of “me”; it’s always
about the team.

4. Pride matters; the Marine is confident, respectful and
maintains his or her appearance and bearing.
5. The Marine continually seeks self-improvement and sets
individual and unit goals; he or she achieves the same.

M. G. Dana
6. When asked a question, the question is answered in a BGen, USMC
clear, concise, correct, and timely manner; when the answer Commanding General
is not known, the Marine simply says that and then finds the 2d Marine Logistics Group
7. The Marine defines the problem before developing W. T. Stables K. A. McNulty
solutions; this makes execution both efficient and effective. SgtMaj, USMC HMCM, USN
2d Marine Logistics Group 2d Marine Logistics Group

Warriors Sustaining Warriors

Commanding General’s Guidance 2d MLG Combat Awards
It is an absolute honor and privilege to serve as your Commanding Gen-
eral. I have been very impressed with you and your performance as we Capt Christopher E. Annunziata- Bronze Star Sergeant Major’s Guidance
prepare for our future deployment. I want you to know that our number We must be ready to deploy on short notice anywhere in the
one priority is preparing for the fight. Preparing for the fight requires
During the build of a combat
discipline, a positive attitude, challenging training, and teamwork. I want outpost at Khan Neshin castle, world. Discipline, attitude, training, and team work are vital to
to share with you what these terms mean to me and the 2d MLG. despite indiscriminate enemy small mission preparation and accomplishment. These four pillars of
arms fire and rocket propelled
grenades, he implemented deci- strength will help us foster and maintain a cohesive organization
Discipline is a 24/7 pattern-of-professional behavior that is always
evident in garrison, out in the field, or on liberty. 2d MLG Marines and sive force protection measures that where all hands can work in an environment of mutual respect,
Sailors will embrace discipline in order to make us tactically proficient enabled 2d Light Armored Recon- trust, and confidence. As your Sergeant Major I ask all of you to
and combat effective. Discipline will be instilled in the 2d MLG through naissance Battalion to maintain
demanding physical fitness programs, innovative training, and rigorous a steady coalition presence and focus on the Commanding General’s number one priority, “Pre-
enforcement of Marine standards. Marines and Sailors will never discredit establish secure conditions for the paring for the fight”. The 2d Marine Logistics Group is a profes-
themselves, their unit, or the Naval Service by foregoing discipline; disci- legitimate provincial government in sional organization, amateurs need not apply.
pline is the foundation of our warrior ethos. a former Taliban stronghold.
A positive attitude and can-do spirit are essential to self-improvement and CWO3 Chad E. Bacastow- Bronze Star William T. Stables
mission success. Sincerity, enthusiasm, and optimism facilitate teambuilding
and teamwork. Marines and Sailors with great attitudes build great teams With over 80 combat advisor con- Sergeant Major, 2d MLG
and attitude always drives accomplishment. Marines and Sailors with voys, traveling over 9,500 miles,
great attitudes treat others with dignity and respect and take care of their he demonstrated a high degree of Command Master Chief ’s Guidance
own. Attitude is everything! tactical proficiency while operat-
ing as the lead vehicle operator. One Team, One Fight! We must always be ready and train
Preparing for the fight will require meticulous preparation and hard work. On 16 November 2008, he was daily for that fight. We must maximize our mental and physical
Success is not a result of chance, but is instead a product of concentration, among the quick reaction force re-
preparation, and perseverance. Our training will emphasize “brilliance- toughness to handle the worst of scenarios whether deployed
sponders to a devastating suicide
in-the-basics” and instilling in Marines a bias-for-action in the absence of attack in the city of Jalulah, setting forward or in garrison. Intense focus on the Commanding Gen-
orders. We will “train like we’ll fight” and our training will be compre- security and contributing to stabili- eral’s priorities of discipline, attitude, training, and teamwork
hensive, challenging, and relevant. The complexity and lethality of today’s zation of the chaotic scene.
battlefield requires every Marine and Sailor in the MLG to focus on every will strengthen us all. Your steadfast dedication to the team and
aspect of unit and individual training; what you get out of pre-deployment your rigorous preparation for deployment will not only allow us
training will be a result of what you invest in that training. I need you to Gunnery Sgt. Eric J. Gonzalez- Bronze Star (with V)
invest in your training with conviction and purpose. to provide world class logistical services but it may also serve in
With total disregard for his per-
sonal welfare, Gunnery Sergeant saving the lives of fellow Marines and Sailors. Your individual
Our success in 2010 will be measured by the strength of the teams we Gonzalez regularly exposed leadership, integrity, and adherence to our ethos and Core Val-
build for the fight. This fall we will build teams that are tactically profi-
cient and organizationally sound. We will build teams that are ready to
himself to direct enemy fire and ues will ensure our team is a STRONG force to be reckoned with
deploy in harm’s way and who will provide world class logistics support to the potentially lethal effects of
the explosive devices he rendered on any battlefield.
safe. His actions on all Explosive
In closing I want every Marine and Sailor in the 2d Marine Logistics Group Ordnance Disposal calls ensured Kelly A. McNulty
to know that our success hinges on you. Your discipline, motivation, and the safety of countless Marines
and Sailors operating in his area Command Master Chief, 2d MLG
training will determine our future. Keep charging and Semper Fidelis.
of responsibility and provided
Michael G. Dana seasoned leadership during high
Commanding General, 2d MLG stress combat operations.