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InfoSphere Industry Models

Voice-over Suggested on-screen visuals / text

1. show “data” morphing into recognizable, usable

What if IT could understand data from a information for the corporation….and various data
corporate perspective? forms morphing into a common field (or definition) ….
and data blending from various sources (M&As) into
… and view key metrics holistically? the corporate db….. ending with $$$ >>

What if there were common data


…and a better way to meet requirements

for compliance reporting

... and blend data from mergers and


...and truly optimize your business.

For successful operation of your data

warehouse, those “what-ifs” must occur.


Because data definitions and models IBM InfoSphere™ Industry Models

differ across industries, the IBM
InfoSphere Industry Models solution puts • Banking
a vertical lens on distinct industry models. • Financial market
• Health plan
Industry models provide integrated, • Insurance
interlinked and customized designs, or • Retail
blueprints, for the banking, financial • Telco
markets, health plan, insurance, retail
and telco industries.

IBM Industry Models
Each model is industry proven,
addressing the key business issues with IBM Industry Data Models
Integrated sets of Models with tight connection to IBM InfoSphere Stack
established terms and approaches to IBM Industry
IBM Industry

create information-led solutions. Conceptual

Model Requirements

DW Design Business
Model Vocabulary

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Your company can elect to focus on one
business issue at a time, each
complementing the prior solution, thus
eliminating redundancy while capitalizing
on an enterprise perspective of the issue.

More than just data models, today, IBM IBM InfoSphere™ Industry Models
InfoSphere Industry Models offer key
industry-specific designs for …Providing key industry-specific designs to
breakthrough productivity throughout the InfoSphere components
data warehouse life cycle. … and the way to breakthrough productivity