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Despedida de Soltera

“Ultimate Send Off Party”

Venue: Pineda Residence, Hilltop, Brgy. 7, Nasipit, ADN

Time: 2pm-4pm
1. Darlettee
2. Lang2
3. Chryss
4. Claire
5. Lady
6. Riena
7. Vanessa
8. Ruth
9. Manelyn
10. Vernajean
11. Johara
12. Lian


1. Cake – c/o Darlettee

2. Drinks
3. Food (Pasta, Chicken, Salad)
4. Materials for Games (Yarn, Ice cream stick, pens, dry erase board, marker)

Contribution: P100 x 6pax = P600


12:30-1pm Arrival /Assembly Time at Pineda Residence

1-2pm Household Proper
1st Activity (Take Yarn, Tell a Yarn) – Getting to Know Each Other
2-4pm Shower Proper
Welcome Message - Darlettee
2nd Activity (Forbidden Word)
3rd Activity (Pictionary)
4th Activity (Bride Q&A)
5th Activity (What’s the Bride Wearing)
6th Activity (Pass the Boquet)
Message to the Bride/Honoring
7th Activity (Recipe for Love)
Photo Ops
Cake Ceremony
4pm Home Sweet Home
Take Yarn, Tell a Yarn
One of the best icebreakers around involves nothing more than a ball of ribbon or yarn. As your
guests arrive, give them the ball of ribbon and scissors and instruct them to cut off as much as
they think they’ll need—and remain mum when they inevitably ask, “Need for what?” As soon
as everyone is situated—absentmindedly playing with their lengths of ribbon—go around the
room and have each person talk about himself or herself for as long as it takes to wrap the piece
of yarn around a finger. The longer the string, the longer they talk—and the more you get to
know your guests!

1. Where was your first kiss?
2. What is his most annoying habit?
3. Lights on or lights off?
4. What was your most memorable date?
5. If you could burn one thing in your bride-to-be’s closet, what would it be,
6. What was the moment you knew she was the One,
7. Silk, Lace, or Leather?
8. If the bride could be any animal, what would she be?
9. What does the groom love most about the bride?
10. What is the bride’s idea of a horrible date?
11. What's his least-favorite word?
12. What was his childhood nickname?
13. Pajama or Nighties?
14. Who said "I Love You" first, and what were the circumstances?
15. How many children does he want?
16. Where is his most sensitive spot?
17. What is the groom's favorite physical feature about the bride?
18. What does the groom think is the bride's favorite physical feature on him?
19. Wet or dry?
20. What did you do on your first date?
21. What habit of the groom's is most annoying to the bride?
22. What was the first thing he gave her?
23. What is the first movie they watched together?
24. What is the bride’s shoe size?

Recipe For Love – Pass out wooden spoons and sharpies and ask the guests to write down
their best wedding advice for the bride and groom. Ask them not to sign it as this message is
supposed to be anonymous. Now for the fun part – collect the spoons once the guests have
completed their task and give them to the bride to read aloud. Have fun listening to the collection
of wedding wisdom. We guarantee they’ll be some blush worthy tips! Once every spoon has
been read allow the bride to choose her favorites and award the advisors a prize.
Bonus! Save the bride’s favorite’s spoons and frame them as a sentimental wedding gift. You’re
such a good bridesmaid!

Bridal Pictionary
This game is far from picture-perfect, but that’s half the fun! To get started, you’ll need a large
pad of paper or a dry erase board, markers, slips of paper and a bowl. Write down common
wedding-related sayings on each slip of paper and place in the bowl. Here are some great
examples: “going to the chapel,” “wedded bliss,” and “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”
Then, divide the guests into two teams. Each team—and team member—takes turns pulling a
piece of paper from the bowl. The person who pulls must be the artist for that round. He or she
draws the image (without writing words or letters) within a 60-second time limit. If the artist’s
team doesn’t guess the correct answer, the other team gets a shot. The team who guesses the
most sayings correctly wins.
What’s the Bride Wearing?
Pay attention! About 20 minutes into the bridal shower, test your guests’ observation skills with
this fun little game. Without letting on that they’ll be tested later, begin the party as planned.
Then, once everyone has had a chance to greet the bride and is just getting settled into the party,
have the bride leave the room. Give each guest a piece of paper and pencil and have them write
down everything they can possibly remember about what the bride is wearing, listing as many
details as possible. Bring the bride back in and have each person read his or her neighbor’s list
out loud. The guest that accurately lists the most items wins!

Pass the Presents

Who says the bride and groom should get all of the gifts? With this fast-paced, interactive game,
everyone has a shot! Before the shower, wrap two or three gifts in decorative wrapping paper.
When it’s game time, have everyone sit in a circle. Give each gift to a random person in the
circle—or for the young and spry, put the gifts in the center and have all guests grab for one on
the count of three.

Then, tell the guests to listen closely as you read them a special wedding story (feel free to
customize the example we’ve posted below). Each time they hear the word “right,” the guests
must pass the gifts one person to the right; when they hear “left,” the gifts move one person to
the left. The key to this game is to start reading at a normal storytelling pace. Then, as everyone
starts to get comfortable passing the gifts, speed up! The faster you go, the more frenetic and
hilarious the gift passing gets. Guests holding gifts at the end, win! Here’s the story:

“[Insert bride’s name] knew RIGHT away that she had found Mr. RIGHT and the RIGHT date
was set. Now seemed to be the RIGHT time to start so she LEFT RIGHT after lunch and went
RIGHT to her mother’s house. She LEFT in such a hurry that she LEFT her to do list RIGHT on
the living room table. But there was no time to turn back. She knew she needed to get started
RIGHT away to make sure nothing was LEFT undone.

With only 24 days until the wedding day, there seemed to be little time LEFT to spare and so
much LEFT to do. She asked her mother to WRITE down a guest list because she knew mom
would make sure no one was LEFT out. [Insert bride’s name] LEFT to find the RIGHT
invitations. On her way, she LEFT a message at the florist and then RIGHT into the bridal shop
she ran.

RIGHT in the window was the perfect dress. “Oh no, I LEFT my checkbook RIGHT in the car.”
“Hold that dress, I’ll be RIGHT back.” With that accomplished, she called Mr. RIGHT and
LEFT him a message to call her RIGHT back. She LEFT to meet the florist who had LEFT her a
message that they had the RIGHT flowers for her.

Mr. RIGHT called her RIGHT back and said he LEFT a message for the preacher RIGHT down
the road to call them RIGHT back and that he had just LEFT work and would be RIGHT over.
She LEFT the florist and ran RIGHT over to meet Mr. RIGHT. RIGHT away they discussed
what was LEFT to do. “Who will be the RIGHT best man?” She LEFT that up to Mr. RIGHT.
“I’ll get the RIGHT maid of Honor.”

RIGHT away they started shopping for the RIGHT rings. With that done, the next stop was to
order the RIGHT cake. Mr. RIGHT could clearly see his future Mrs. RIGHT was on the RIGHT

After a long day, they were both LEFT exhausted. All that was LEFT to do was get RIGHT
home to see if any messages were LEFT while they were out. Sure enough, Mom had LEFT a
message that the church RIGHT down the road was available so she requested it RIGHT away.
Now that was not LEFT to worry about. “Lets call it a day.” “Whatever is LEFT to do, can be
LEFT until tomorrow.” They agreed and with a kiss, he LEFT and she went RIGHT to bed…”

Give the story your own unique ending!